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Supporting Civil Marriage and Religious Freedom
San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee
Adopted on April 12, 2005

WHEREAS: Civil marriage is a legal institution recognized by the state in order to promote stable relationships and to protect individuals who are in those relationships; to provide important protections for the families of those who are married; but the gender-specific definition of marriage that the Legislature previously adopted specifically discriminates in favor of different-sex couples and, consequently, discriminates against same-sex couples.

WHEREAS: The California Democratic Party has an interest in encouraging stable relationships regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the partners; our party must recognize that benefits that accrue to marriage accrue regardless of the gender or sexual orientation of the partners; and our party must support efforts to end the pernicious practice of marriage discrimination in California while upholding guarantees of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and of Section 4 of Article I of the California Constitution to free exercise of religion and enjoyment of religion without discrimination or preference.

WHEREAS: Throughout American history, California Democrats have been early at the lead against discrimination and for the protection of the rights and liberties of the American people, and our state democratic party most recently took a strong position against amending the Constitution of the United States to single out groups of Americans for discrimination.

Be it Resolved that the California Democratic Party stands against discrimination in any form and in support of equal rights for gays and lesbians and their families;

Be it further Resolved that the California Democratic Party meeting in convention in Los Angeles, April 15-17, 2005 supports public policy guaranteeing civil marriage equality for all people who choose to make a marriage commitment as a couple with full rights, responsibilities, privileges and protections that are conveyed by full legal marital status within the marriage license requirements.

Orginally posted to the official San Diego County Democratic Party Central Committee Web site:

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