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   Our Mission
   The Majority of the Gay Community is Coupled
   Landmark Survey
   The First Video on Legal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples
   Awards Presented to this Web Site
   Publications in Which Our Writings Appear

•  Our Mission
Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples is an international resource for same-sex couples.

Partners is dedicated to the proposition that all families deserve equal treatment. Partners provides information, support, and advocacy for same-sex couples and those who serve them. Partners supports the diverse community of committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media.

Gay and lesbian couples are families who need and deserve the same rights and privileges accorded opposite-sex married couples. To that end, the Task Force asserts the right of same-sex couples to marry and to be recognized as domestic partners due equal benefits and treatment.

The Partners Web site contains more than 400 essays, surveys, legal articles and resources on legal marriage, ceremonies, domestic partner benefits, relationship tips, parenting, and immigration.

Since March 1995, the Task Force has placed extensive information on the Internet. More than 20 years of interviewing same-sex couples, news gathering, and survey research have shaped the ideology of the Task Force. These ideas are promoted through the Task Force’s electronic communications, publications, video productions, and frequent contact with the nation’s media.

While the primary contacts to Partners, via phone and e-mail, has been couples, Partners has also been frequently contacted by counselors, clergy, business personnel staff, reporters, researchers, students, and government officials.

Founded in 1986, The Task Force has primarily been the work of its founder/directors, Demian, who has a doctorate in education, and Steve Bryant. Steve and Demian are nationally recognized for their activism and educational work. They have frequently addressed same-sex couples’ issues on radio, television, as well as in the gay and mainstream press. Steve left the group in 2002, and Demian continues as director. Demian has been active in gay liberation politics since the early 70s.

•  The Majority of the Gay Community is Coupled

Several surveys conducted during the 90s concluded that more than 60 percent of the gay community was in a relationship.

In spite of this constituency, for decades, the gay and lesbian community paid little attention to its coupled members. Our media and organizations were largely singles-oriented. Family issues were considered the exclusive political turf of right-wing preachers.

It was within this context that Partners Newsletter for Gay and Lesbian Couples was created. The journal evolved into the quarterly Partners Magazine. After seven years, the periodical was discontinued and Partners focused on publishing special issues and videos.

•  Landmark Survey

In 1988, recognizing the lack of current, scientific data on same-sex couples, Partners conducted the first major national study of same-sex couples in a decade.
      [See the Survey Report]

Among the fascinating, myth-busting results from the survey:

  • Fully 71 percent of the couples had experienced some form of discrimination as a couple.
  • Parents and the church were the least supportive elements in their lives.
An academic presentation of key findings from this survey appears in a couples-oriented issue of the Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services (Vol. 1, #2, 1994) and in Social Services for Gay and Lesbian Couples (Lawrence Kurdick, ed., 1994), both from Haworth Press. Full results are available only from Partners.

•  The World’s First Video on Legal Marriage for Same-Sex Couples

In 1996, Partners produced The Right to Marry, a video documentary based on the dire need for equality that was revealed by our national survey. The video featured interviews with Rev. Mel White, Evan Wolfson, Phyllis Burke Richard Mohr, Kevin Cathcart, Faygele benMiriam, Benjamin Cable-McCarthy, Susan Reardon, Frances Fuchs, Tina Podlodowski and Chelle Mileur.

The original original VHS tape is out-of-print. The Right to Marry now available as a 69-minute DVD.

For information, images and 7-minute excerpt please see: The Right to Marry.

For purchase, please see: The Right to Marry - DVD from Amazon

It is also available as a different 7-min. excerpt on Demian’s Film & Video Projects - Archive DVD.

•  Awards Presented to this Web Site

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January 1996

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March 1996

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January 1997

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February 1999

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January 2000

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October 2000

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September 2003

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September 2003

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September 2003

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5 Star
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August 2004

Award of Excellence
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June 2006

4 Star Rating
“For Educational Value”

“Huge amount of information
… well organised”

January 2009

•  Publications in Which Our Writings Appear

Partners Task Force has been extensively quoted on issues such as legal marriage and domestic partner benefits in many newspapers (NY Newsday, Seattle Times, etc.) and journals (Personnel Journal, etc.). Our articles and lists have been reprinted in numerous journals (“Employee Benefits Practices” from the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, “Domestic Partner Benefits: An employer’s guide” from the Thompson Publishing Group).

Besides being cited in scores of books, magazine, research articles, and Web sites, Steve Bryant and Demian have contributed original articles to the following:

  • America’s Diverse Cultures edited by Jane Adams, August 2004; Kendall/Hunt Publishing, 4050 Westmark Drive, Box 1840, Dubuque, Iowa 52004; 563-589-1146; fx 563-589-1038
          Article: Most Compelling Reasons for Legal Marriage by Demian
  • Family and Friends Magazine, February 2000; A&P Publications, 1332 Whitewater, Memphis, TN 38117; 901-682-2669
          Article: Legal Precautions, page 49
  • Hero Magazine, issue #3, 1999; Hero Magazine, 8581 Santa Monica Blvd., #430, West Hollywood, CA, 90069; 800-464-9229
          Article: Marrying Aparteid, page 42
  • SIECUS Report, April 1998 (vol. 26, #4); SIECUS Report, 130 West 42nd St., #350, New York, NY 10036-7802; 212-819-9770 x314
          Article: Terms of Same-Sex Endearment:
          Language has the power to define the dream of equality
    , page 10
  • GoodLife: Mastering the art of everyday living, Utne Reader, edited by Helen Coredes, Jay Walljasper (1997), Utne Reader, 1624 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403; 800-880-8863
          Article: Marriages that Dare Not Speak Their Name, page 31
  • Journal of Gay and Lesbian Social Services, Vol. 1, #2, Lawrence Kurdick, ed. (1994); Haworth Press, 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580; 800-342-9678
          Article: Relationship Characteristics of American Gay and Lesbian Couples:
          Findings from a National Survey
    , page 101
          [Full survey results are available only from Partners Task Force.
  • Social Services for Gay and Lesbian Couples, Lawrence Kurdick, ed. (1994); Haworth Press, 10 Alice St., Binghamton, NY 13904-1580; 800-342-9678.
          Article: Relationship Characteristics of American Gay and Lesbian Couples:
          Findings from a National Survey
    , page 101
          [Full survey results are available only from Partners Task Force.
  • Lesbian and Gay Marriage: Private commitments, public ceremonies, edited by Suzanne Sherman (1992), Temple University Press, Philadelphia PA 19122
          Article on Steve Bryant and Demian’s relationship and politics, page 72
  • OutLook, National Lesbian & Gay Quarterly, #5 Summer, (1989); (journal now defunct), San Francisco, CA
          Article: Questions for Couples: the results, page 86
  • Utne Reader, #42 — The Case Against Divorce (Nov/Dec, 1990); Utne Reader, 1624 Harmon Place, Minneapolis, MN 55403; 800-880-8863
          Article: Are You Two Still Together?
  • 1991 New Age Sourcebook, (1991); New Age Journal, 342 Western Ave, Brighton, MA 02135; 617-787-2005
          Article: Coping in a Straight World, page 24
  • Human Behavior in the Social Environment: A Multidimensional Perspective (June 26, 2009) by Jose Ashford, Craig LeCroy; Cengage Learning
          Article: Focus on Multiculturalism: When Lesbian and Gay Couples Break Up, page 524

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