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The Couples Chronicles
Interviews of Same-Sex Couples
© January 7, 2018, Demian

The following interviews with couples were conducted by Demian, usually via telephone, with editorial collaboration from Steve Bryant. They were first released in the no longer published ďPartners Newsletter for Gay and Lesbian CouplesĒ and ďPartners MagazineĒ from December 1986 to the Spring of 1993. All interviews are copyrighted, and may not be reprinted, by any means, without expressed permission.
  1. Lesbian Parents Find Support & Joy
    Roxanne and Margarette
          College teacher and scientist birth raise a child

  2. Building a Life Together
    Tom Conway and Hil Simpkins [also see Interview #32]
          Social workers in a loving relationship for 14 years

  3. Yours, Mine, Ours
    Jan Sudak and Cindy Moors
          Buying a house together

  4. Lives Wrapped Around Each Other
    Richard Merk and Brad Peyton
          10-year couple; supporting each other through career changes

  5. That Little Twinge in My Heart
    Patty Carlisle and Karen Jensen
          Retaining individuality; living and working together

  6. The Couple Who Created The Wedding
    Walter L. Wheeler and J. Carey Junkin
          Mixing their relationship with politics

  7. Everyone Needs Someone to Love
    Justine Michaud and Meg Bachtel
          Sorting communication styles, redefining sex

  8. Devastated: Surviving a Relationship Breakup
          The difficulty of leaving an abusive relationship

  9. The Rest of Our Lives
    Bruce MacDonald and Sam Shimabukuro
          Interracial relationship; dealing with serious illness

  10. Living Together Forever
    Chris Pasinski and Nancy Smiegowski
          Similar spiritual aspirations

  11. I Love Him and He Loves Me
    Dale and David
          Religious, sexually open seven-year couple

  12. Something Very Special
    Rhonda and Ellen
          Balancing professional life and raising three kids

  13. Until Death Divides Us
          Two men and their big church wedding
          Interview removed for career considerations

  14. Iíve Become an Activist and Feminist
    Karen Thompson
          Attempting to care for her disabled partner, Sharon Kowalski

  15. The Ultimate Act of Loving
    Peter Shalit and Andy Wilks
          Lived apart the first five years

  16. I Fell Head Over Heals in Love with Her
    Marguerite Scroggie and Kala Payne
          No models from youth, forging a relationship

  17. Always a Listening Ear and a Welcoming Hug
    Alan Hultquist and Brendan Hadash
          Spent their first year trying to change each other

  18. I Canít Imagine a Life without Both of Them
    Bob and Mark and Don
          A male trio

  19. I Canít Think of Anybody in the World Iíd Rather Parent With
    Two women
          Interview removed for career considerations

  20. There is Something Good in Continuing to Empower this
    Relationship, Even Though It Causes Me Great Pain

    Jim Crotty and Michael Lane
          The guys who publish Monk Magazine

  21. Iím Incredibly Happy with This Relationship
    Elaine Mikels and Jean Tait
          31 years age difference

  22. The Thought of Loosing Charley and Carl
    at the Same Time was Just Unbearable

    Carl and Tim
          Parenting partners ó not lovers

  23. Delores Has Come to Me Freely ó That Makes It Real Sweet
    Jeanne McCamish and Dolores Anselment
          Partner was a nun and her teacher

  24. The Best Thing in My Life
    Gary and Bob
          In business together

  25. Because I Love Her So Much
    Celeste and Sharane
          Second parent adoption

  26. A Very Satisfying 16 Years
    Gerry Blunt and Ed Fortier
          11 year age difference; dealing with stress

  27. To Meet Both of Our Dreams
    Carol duBois and Michele duBois
          Different religions; alternative insemination

  28. So Grateful to be Next to Him Every Night
    Frank Mapson and Ken Mondshine
          17 year couple; one partner is physically disabled

  29. Itís Never Going to Break Up
    Sonny Rivera and Pam
          Different races; planned for parenting

  30. I Love Him More Today Then I Ever Have
    Bill Urban and Charlie Mueller
          Living and working together; AIDS and no medical insurance

  31. I Canít See Myself Being Anywhere But in this Relationship
    Barbara Grier and Donna J. McBride
          Living and working together; publishers

  32. Thereís No Better Place to Be
    Tom Conway and Hil Simpkins [also see Interview #2]
          17 year male couple; counseling to stay together

  33. Bonded Together as Friends
    Nancy Hugman and Sandy Stelter
          15 year couple; oppression from relatives; planning for kids

More interviews will be forthcoming as they are formatted.

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