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Out-of-print books may be found at used book stores or libraries. Availability and costs change often, so it’s best to contact distributors before ordering.

—— Books ——

4 Steps to Financial Security for Lesbian and Gay Couples
by Harold L. Lustig, (1999), $14, Fawcett Paperback Books (Ballentine/Random House).
A financial planner with an MBA gives invaluable, detailed advice to reducing your tax burden, increasing wealth and protecting your family.

Estate Planning for Same-Sex Couples
by Joan M. Burda (2004), $59, American Bar Association Publishing, 321 N. Clark St., Chicago, Illinois.
Largely a compendium of issues for lawyers wishing to support same-sex couple clients, the book also serves as an excellent list of legal issues raised when denied legal marriage. Contains a data CD of legal forms and documents.

Everyday Law for Gays and Lesbians and Those Who Care About Them
by Anthony C. Infanti (2008), $29 paperback, Paradigm Publishers.
A combination of narrative and detailed legal analysis, including marriage and its alternatives, bias crimes, the military, education, employment, housing, medical and tax planning, and parenting. Provides legal and non-legal strategies for coping with and effecting positive change in laws that affects the lives of lesbians and gay men.

How to Change Your Name in California
by Lisa Sedano, Emily Doskow (11th ed. January 2006), $25.49 +shipping, Nolo Press, 950 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94710; 800-728-3555.
Reflects the latest rules and regulations stemming from the Patriot Act and the rise of identity theft, and provides the latest forms as tear-outs.

Legal Affairs: Essential Advice for Same Sex Couples
by Frederick Hertz, (1998), $17.95, Henry Holt (Owl Books), 115 West 18th St., New York, N.Y 10011.
Excellent compendium of advice on a wide range of affairs. Read this before you need it.

A Legal Guide for Lesbian & Gay Couples
by Hayden Curry, Denis Clifford, Frederick Hertz (13th ed. April 2005), $29.74 +shipping, Nolo Press, 950 Parker St., Berkeley, CA 94710; 800-728-3555.
Complete, accessible guide with detailed methods and forms.

Lesbian (Out)law: Survival under the rule of law
by Ruthann Robson (1992), $9.95 +$2 p&h, Firebrand Books, 141 The Commons, Ithaca, NY 14850, 607-272-0000.
Legal analysis includes discussion of forced separation from lovers, domestic violence and child custody.

Life Planning: Legal documents and protections for lesbians and gay men
(1992), $7.50, Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, 120 Wall St., #1500, New York, NY 10005; 212-995-8585;
Vital information on wills, power of attorneys, cohabitation and parenting agreements, and funeral arrangements.

Living Our Lives: Living together agreements for lesbian, gay and unmarried heterosexual couples in Oregon
by Cynthia Cumfer, J.D. (1990), $9.95 +$1.50 p&h, Cynthia Cumfer, P.O. Box 42281, Portland, OR 97242.
Includes sample agreements.

New Jersey Domestic Partners: A Legal Guide
by Stephen J. Hyland, Esq. (2005), $24.95, 202 Carnegie Center, Princeton, New Jersey 08543.
An exhaustive, in-depth look at the Domestic Partnership Law; the protections, rights, responsibilities and limitations. Contains extensive legal information and forms vital for protecting your relationship.

Partnership Protection Documents
(1992), $5, National Center for Lesbian Rights, 870 Market St., #570, San Francisco, CA 94102-3012; 415-392-6257.
Durable powers of attorney, physician’s directive, guardianship of minors, etc.

Preserving and Protecting the Families of Lesbians and Gay Men
(1991), $7.50, National Center for Lesbian Rights, 870 Market St., #570, San Francisco, CA 94102-3012; 415-392-6257.
Child custody, visitation rights, partnership benefits, same-sex marriages.

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