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Civil Ceremony from Denmark
© 1998, Partners Task Force

In Denmark, as in Greenland, Iceland, The Netherlands, Norway, and Sweden, citizens are able to obtain “Registered Partnerships.” They offer a separate, but not equal, approach to gaining many of the benefits triggered by legal marriage.
Text recited when a couple signs up for a “Registered Partnership.”

As you have made an application to the Copenhagen city hall in order to get your partnership lawfully registered, your wish will now be fulfilled.

With this registration you will — with few exceptions — obtain the same social security as married people in Danish society.

Before performing the registration, the municipality wishes to remind you of the meaning and importance of the promise you are giving each other.

Registered partnership implies in general a pledge to live together in mutual affection, helpfulness and tolerance.

In recognition of this, the municipality expresses the wish that throughout your partnership, with all its changes, you will preserve the good intentions, to live together in a harmonious and meaningful fellowship.

I ask you [Name1], do you take [Name2] to be your lawful partner?

Likewise, I ask you [Name2], do you take [Name1] to be your lawful registered partner?

After you now solemnly declared your desire to enter into registered partnership with each other, I hereby ask you to sign.

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