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Touring Performers
Gay and Lesbian Performances Brought to Your City

To be included in this Touring article, please send the following to Demian, associate editor:
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Performer or Agent’s Address, Phone, E-Mail, Brief Description of Show, Praising Quotes and/or Awards for Shows, Tour Dates and Places

Kimball Allen
Contact: 907-342-9213;; Seattle, WA

Kimball Allen
photo: Metaphor Media  
“Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon”

Written and performed by Kimball Allen

Growing up in rural Idaho, young Kimball Allen was warned by his mother, “boys don’t kiss boys.” Confused, he would hide under his sister’s bed to play with her toys and would fantasize about growing up in a family where he could be himself.

Rebelling against his family, religion, and community, Kimball was often left alone, and, at 13, experienced an event so traumatic – it stole his innocence and led him down a dark turbulent path towards adulthood lined with betrayal, alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Meanwhile, Kimball continued to keep up appearances as the exemplary Mormon boy his family expected him to be while developing a keen expertise in living a double life. This skill would prove invaluable to Kimball as he became an adult, and would allow him to use relationships, money, and secrecy for his personal gain — ultimately landing him in a jail cell.

In “Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon,” Kimball recounts these pivotal events, and how he is able to reclaim his life and reconnect with the family and innocence he lost all those years ago.


“Playwright, actor, and subject matter Kimball Allen posses the assets of colorful material in his life story, a gift for story-telling, and a charisma that drew in the audience from beginning to end.” - Dagney Velazquez, Kansas City Spirituality Examiner

“It is a harrowing narrative, and he (Kimball Allen) is to be commended for his skill and courage in bringing it to the public. … ‘Secrets’ is a fascinating and engrossing story. It is a confessional, an act of contrition and a warning.” - Kelly Luck, KC Stage Blog

“I have not enjoyed a one-man play so much since I saw ‘Deep in a Dream of You.’ … You’re brave and wonderful and touched us all.” - Lori, audience member e-mail, July 30, 2012

2012 Tour Dates:
Kansas City Fringe Festival, MO
      July 21, 27 - 9:30pm
      July 28 - 6:30pm
O’ahu Fringe Festival, Honolulu, HI
      November 8-10, 2012
New Orleans Fringe Festival, LA
      November 14-18, 2012

Michael Bach
USA 917-623-9896; Canada 416-889-5626; fax 514-656-0244;

Christian Jeffries aka Wilma Holhurt
photo: Douglas Copp  
“The Wilma Holehurt Show”

Written by Michael Bach
Directed by Les Porter
Michael Bach, executive producer

“Stand Back! It’s Gonna Get Ugly.”

Stand Back is a musical comedy dragtravaganza that examines the past, present and future of Wilma Holhurt, a combo southern belle, and Broadway baby.

It features stories about Wilma’s life, intermixed with live singing (not lip sinked), including songs from the pop, country, soul, R&B, and disco genres. Included are audience participation segments, and three multi-media presentations.

Christian Jeffries, who plays Wilma Holhurt, is a professionally trained actor and singer. He has appeared in many theatrical productions, including “Grease,” “Chess,” and “Evita,” as well as in film and television in such shows as “Soldiers Girl,” and “Queer as Folk.”


“She’s [Wilma’s] funny, sassy, and when she sings, it’s like an angel from heaven. Outstanding!” - Next Magazine

“An exceptional show stopper.” - Ambush Magazine

Christian Jeffries, Michael Bach
photo: Douglas Copp  

The Wilma Holehurt Show” was formerly “The Daisy and Wilma Show”.

For the “The Daisy and Wilma Show,” Michael Bach played Daisy Chain, and Christian Jeffries played Wilma Holhurt.


“Ms. Daisy Chain sings and dances and heats up the stage with her sultry Southern charm in a one-woman extravaganza. … Every song is a show stopper. The lovely Daisy delivers each line like she’s ‘been there, done that’ and got the scars and the pipes to prove it.” - Provincetown Banner

Bathhouse: The Musical!

?, ?, ?, Tim Evanicki
photo: ?  
Written by Esther Daack and Tim Evanicki
Additional materials by Ryan Beck, Jason Wetzel, and Katie Tricamo
Directed by Esther Daack
Produced by Daack-Evanicki Productions

Billy ventures into the bathhouse for the very first time. He is looking for true love, but soon realizes that the other patrons are there for more temporary rewards.
A rib-tickling, ass-slapping, toe-tapping all-male musical revue that is carousing and rousing. Songs include: “Friendly Neighborhood Bathhouse,” “Bathhouse ABCs,” “Steam,” “Penises are Like Snowflakes,” “Christmas at the Baths,” “Hottie Revival,” “Clickin’ for Dick,” “Bear Chaser.”

The show runs 1 hour, 20 minutes, and requires a piano.

Kane Prestenback, Karl Anderson, Tim Evanicki, Jerry Jobe Jr.
in the July 2006 production
photo: Justin Dyal  

“One of the ‘can’t miss’ shows of this year’s Fringe.” - Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

“Provides a very generous amount of hilariously campy humor and catchy, foot-tapping tunes to be well worth taking in.” - Michael W. Freeman, TimeOut, Orlando

Paul Bonin-Rodgriguez
110 Blue Star, San Antonio TX 78204

“Memory’s Caretaker”

Written and performed by Paul Bonin-Rodgriguez

A uniquely south Texas tale of multigenerational border crossings. Paul is available for residencies and workshops including presenting “Cooling off the Melting Pot,” a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic workshop.

Le Boudoir
Contact: Miriam Ginestier,, or David King,

Sasha Van Bon Bon
photo: Sasha Brunelle  
“Le Boudoir”
Written by the collective
Directed by Miriam Ginestier
Produced by Mim Productions and OUT Productions

A francophile magical evening of retro entertainment, silent films, circus acts, dance and physical theater, which was inspired by early forms of Burlesque, Vaudeville and turn-of-the-century Music Hall.

Le Boudoir has had a decade of sold-out performances in Montreal, and was seen at Toronto’s “Hysteria Festival” in October 2005.

Hosted by Nathalie Claude, with Mimi “Queen of Rag” Blais on piano.

The show requires 4-5 people to help with a local production, a video projector, and local participation. Each local host finds performers for two of the pieces in the show, as well as add a couple of local acts.


“A bawdy, cheeky, flirty, just-a-teensy-bit dirty, summer lesbian vaudeville event.” - Outlooks Magazine

“A cabaret burlesque institution in Montreal, where ‘high’ meets ‘low’ art in a lush, sexy romp.” – Toronto X-Tra!

“For a wickedly fun evening’s entertainment in the big city to the north, it might be well worth a trip to Le Boudoir.” –

“What happens on stage is where Le Boudoir’s creativity truly shines and becomes the time when the audience gets the rowdiest.” – In Newsweekly

Lucas Brooks
347-699-0845;, New York City

Lucas Brooks
photo: Cameron Cole  
Lucas Brooks is an author, actor and professional sex educator.

He holds a BA in the Arts from Eugene Lang College, The New School for Liberal Arts.

Lucas created and writes for the blog, where he analyzes gay culture and sexuality.

Lucas’ YouTube channel: “Top TV!” - many reviews of marital devices for men.

2013 Tour Dates:

Toronto Fringe Festival, July 3-14, 2013

“VGL 5'4" Top”

Sick and tired of short jokes and snobbery within the gay population, Lucas, a sexually frustrated and vertically challenged young top, is ready to fight back. Armed with only a laptop and a quick wit, our gallant hero addresses the loaded topic of sex and how it divides us, rather than unites us, in a time of need.


“Twenty-six-year-old author-actor Lucas Brooks is also a professional sex educator, so it’s no wonder that his first one-man show, “VGL 5’4” Top,” would survey the subject of his fellow gay men and their amorous adventures. If Brooks’ critique of the ways sex can divide the gay community can at times sound familiar in its observations and complaints, it still entertains, thanks to the tart wit of his script and the sexy charm of his delivery.” - Erik Haagensen, Backstage

“Clad only in a pair of briefs, Brooks manages to keep the audience’s attention above his crotch with his strong storytelling skills, laser-sharp wit, and appealing personality.” - George Heymont, My Cultural Landscape

“ ‘VGL’ shows how easy it is we disregard someone who might be too tall, too old, too short, too hairy, too Latin, too religious or too poor. Sure, especially men, we rely on looks to attract a partner or date, but Brooks reminds us that there’s more to chemistry than just boxes we check on an online dating site. The 5'4'' top made a big impression. I walked away thinking a lot about the boxes I check, and the way I look at people. Very thought provoking.” - Kevin Thomas, The Examiner

“Fame Whore”

After being denied a Glammy Award nomination and living in the shadows of all the other gay bloggers, Lucas Brooks (author of Top to Bottom) is fed up with being unknown among the gay community that he struggles so hard to please. This show is a chronicle of his battle with his Kathy Griffin complex, his quest for social acceptance, and his search for someone who will finally take him to Fire Island. Actually, its a commentary on the common gay man’s obsession with glamour and celebrity, and our culture’s glorification of idiots, and neglect of real talent. Seriously. It is.

This sparkling and chic, new, one-man show is ready to push a few more gay buttons.

Julie Brown
Agent: Michael Warwick, 310-993-5524;

Julie Brown
photo: ?  
“Smell the Glamour”
Julie Brown’s live show, “Smell the Glamour” is an insane combination of songs, comedy and videos featuring her brand new hit “I Want to be Gay” and her cult classic, “The Homecoming Queen’s Got a Gun!”

The show includes Julie’s “Festival of Wigs” during which she plays famous women — from Mary Kate Olsen to Frieda Kahlo — and includes an impersonation of Madonna singing “Party in my Pants” and “Vague.” Other show highlights include revealing what Paris Hilton is really like backstage, and what Sharon Stone would look like doing a Depends commercial on the set of “Basic Instinct 5.”

“Smell the Glamour” is not for children. (Julie won’t let her own son see this act.)

Michael Cross Burke
47 Great Jones, 4th fl, New York, New York 10012

Michael Cross Burke
photo: Krys Fox  
Michael Cross Burke

While Michael is NYC-based, his award-winning queer performance repertory of sexy, edgy, political and humorous solo pieces have been presented nationally.

Michael won a “Best Performance” award from All Out Arts & New Village Productions in 2003.

Michael’s film credits include: “Bulldog in the White House,” “Between Something and Nothing,” “XX,” “Vortex,” “Skull & Bones,” and he had the principle role in “Dirtyglitter: 1 Damien.”

Michael is the Director of the Trinity/La MaMa Performing Arts Program, has been a professor at Trinity College since 2001, and regular guest artist at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. He was a dance curator for Dixon Place, and resident artist at Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Dixon Place, The New Britain Museum of Art and SUNY Purchase.


“Burke’s powerful delivery and undiluted message is awe-inspiring.” - Andrew Bottomly, The Hartford Courant

“I love Michael Burke! His honesty and naughty Tin Tin-meets-Candide queer narratives are a joy. He performs with an unflinching honesty about the complexities and em-bare-ass-ments of homo life! A thorough pleasure.” - Tim Miller, Performance Artist

“Michael Burke has a stand-up’s timing and a dancer’s grace.” - Patrick Rapa, Philadelphia City Paper

“A slick and edgy performance artist to watch out for. It is amazing how much he can accomplish in just one hour.” - Bill Kaiser, The Purple Circuit

Michael Cline

Fan page:
Internet Movie Database:

Michael Cline
photo: ?  
“Open Mike”

“Open Mike” is a solo musical about a life that could have easily gone astray, or ended early due to dying-twice, schizophrenia, Bible abuse, Chippendales, Broadway, Hollywood, H.I.V., daddy complexes and plastic surgery. For this moving, yet often hilarious, tale for all audiences, Michael lays himself bare and, with his sharp wit, fast pacing, music and engaging presence, keeps a high level of entertainment.

During it’s world premier in Hollywood in 2014, “Open Mike” garnered rave reviews, won an “Encore! Producers’ Award,” and then “Atlantis Events” booked him in the Mediterranean along side Cheyenne Jack and Courtney Act.

“Open Mike” is written and performed by Michael Cline. The pre-recorded music (to which Michael sings live) comes from various composers, all covered under an ASCAP blanket license.

"Open Mike" is appropriate for most size venues under 300. Set consists of two chairs and a box set, and can be performed in both 60 and 75 minute versions.


     “Mike creates a tour de force performance, seamlessly weaving between characters, story and song,
     creating a beautifully acted, funny and meaningful musical. … Not a dull moment.” - Times Square Chronicles

     “Mike combines song, dance and character portrayal in a funny and moving autobiography that will at
     one moment touch you deeply and the next, roar with laughter.” - The Edge

“Open Mike” Preview Reel:

Michael’s Appearances:

        “Dreamgirls,” “Legally Blonde,” “Sabrina,” “Quiz Show,” “Undercurrent”

          “Sex and the City,” “Oz,” “Gunrunner Billy Kane,” “All My Children,” “The Street”

     Broadway and national tours:
     “Me and My Girl,” “Singing in the Rain,” “Falsettos,” “Jesus Christ Superstar,” “42nd Street,” “Fiddler on the Roof”

     “To Whom It May Concern,” “Of The Fields Lately”

George Contini

George Contini
image: John Kundert-Gibbs  
“Put It in the Scrapbook”
Written, produced and performed by George Contini
Directed by Kristin Kundert-Gibbs

Julian Eltinge (born William Julian Dalton) was the highest paid performer in the United States, as Vaudeville’s most famous female impersonator. A Broadway theater was built and named for him. The building is now known as the AMC Empire.

This play is based on Julian’s scrapbooks and brings us into his run-down dressing room before his final performance in October, 1941. Facing debt and obscurity, an aging Eltinge recalls his career in Vaudeville, Broadway, and silent film, while the world begins to view him more as a perversion than artist. By the end of his career, he was playing at the The Rendezvous, an L.A. club for “undesirables” (the current term for homosexuals), at a time when it was prohibited by law to perform in women’s clothing.

Presenting the first re-creation of Eltinge’s stage routines and rare archival footage, this multi-media performance examines the dark and confusing fluidity of Eltinge’s sexual persona, and its ability to ultimately offer him salvation. This play re-introduces a forgotten queer theatrical legend to modern GLBTQ audiences.


“A deeply moving one man (uh, woman?) show.” - Alison Fensterstock, Times-Picayune, New Orleans

“A fascinating, heart breaking, and heroic account of an artist’s professional demise, as well as a case study of early 20th century gender politics.” - Amy Louise Whisenhunt, Flagpole Magazine

View Excerpts:

Part One:
Part Two:

2012 Tour Dates:

August 30-September 9
(August 30 - 8:30pm; September 1 - 5:30pm; September 2 - 1pm; September 6 - 7pm; September 7 - 8:30pm; September 8 - 2:30pm; September 9 - 4pm)
Chicago Fringe Festival, Dream Theatre, 556 West 18th St., Chicago, Illinois

Kimberly Dark
PO Box 632865, San Diego, CA 92163

Kimberly Dark
photo: Kina Williams  
Raves for Kimbery Dark’s acting:

“Dark's powerful feminine stage presence and poetic style held the audience transfixed from start to finish.” - Nouveau Queer Montreal

“Combines the best of spoken word performance, storytelling, humor and social activism.” - Zenger’s Newsmagazine

“Exhibits all of the qualities an inquiring mind that can’t be still and pushed the limits of social constructs around gender identity.” - Just Out

“One of the Top 25 "Best of the Best" LGBT speakers, performers who raises awareness of inclusion, visibility on college campuses” - Campus Pride

“Dark doesn’t shy away from provocative, incendiary statements, but don’t expect a rant. Her shows, leavened with humor, are more likely to explore how small everyday moments can inform the arc of our lives.” - Salt Lake Tribune

“Dark’s skill as a storyteller gets to your heart by exposing hers.” - High Plains Reader
Written and performed by Kimberly Dark

A funny, touching and erotic game of gender dodge ball. A comic-erotic-drama for adults.

This is a performance for everyone who has gender - examined or not. Dark narrates a tale of modern gender confusion from the perspective of the gender-normative female lover. What does sexual orientation mean when gender shifts? What did it ever mean in the context of masculine lives in female-sexed bodies? Dark’s hilarious interactions with the audience regarding her confusion with dating are interspersed with her signature poetic stories — tightly crafted, highly moving social snapshots.

“Dykeotomy” was an Intercultural Dialogue Award finalist at the 2010 International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.
Curve Magazine named Dykeotomy one of the top 10 LGBT theater productions of 2009.


“ ‘Dykeotomy’ is thought-provoking, moving, sexy and wry; her embodied performance marries great story-telling skills with wonderful, strong stage presence.” - Carol Queen, PhD, director, Center for Sex and Culture

“Complicated Courtesies”
Written and performed by Kimberly Dark

Have you learned to embrace your own complexities? We all have them: aspects of our personalities that we don’t bring out in every kind of company. Do you handle your various “selves” with panache and profundity? Or do you try to pretend you’re only what you show a certain audience?

Explore how to become a courteous chimera — the kind of multi-faceted, fantastical creature that has many fearsome and fantastic features and yet, remains friendly to all. If we learn to embrace our inner diversity, maybe loving the diversity in others won’t be so hard.


“This piece weaves together politeness in all its gendered majesty, how to live with fullness and integrity, facing our own many ‘faces,’ and healing ourselves and others with the power of dignity.” - Carol Plummer, Ph.D., Associate Professor, University of Hawaii, Manoa

Jade Esteban Estrada
Jade Fan Club:

Jade Esteban Estrada - One-man musical comedies

Jade Esteban Estrada is a playwright, composer, singer, actor, choreographer and director. From 1996 to 2000, he was chief choreographer to Latin TV star Charo. He founded and is artistic director for the Experiencia Dance Company, New York.

“Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1”

Jade Esteban Estrada
photo: John MacLellan  
Written and performed by Jade Esteban Estrada
Directed by Jeff Wills
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Produced by Vicarious Productions

Meet Sappho, Michelangelo, Oscar, Gertrude, Sylvia, and Ellen. One day, they decided to make history. From the island of Lesbos — to the Sistine Chapel — to the Stonewall Inn — to “Yep, I’m Gay” on the cover of Time Magazine, Jade Esteban Estrada takes his audience on a whirlwind tour. Vol. 1 debuted September 12, 2002 at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in Columbus, Ohio.


“An irreverent, funny and moving solo musical. A feel-good session for gay people” - Tom Sime, Dallas Morning News

“Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 2”

Jade Esteban Estrada as Billie Jean King
photo: Angel Hess  
Written and performed by Jade Esteban Estrada
Directed by David Miguel Estrada
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Produced by Vicarious Productions

A musical journey of LGBT history using the voices of Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Jean King, Harvey Milk and 9/11 hero Mark Bingham.


“Estrada takes his audiences on a hilarious whirlwind tour!” - New York Times

Won the “Audience Favorite Award” in Solo Performance at the 2004 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival.

Steven Fales

Steven Fales
photo: Dorothy Shi  
“Confessions of a Mormon Boy”
Written by Steven Fales
Directed by Jack Hofsiss

In his autobiographical one-man play, Fales (a sixth generation Mormon) tells the story of his failed attempt to overcome his same-sex attraction through “reparative therapy” which resulted in his divorce and excommunication from the Mormon church. Told with warmth and humor, he illuminates the dilemma of those struggling to reconcile their dreams of becoming straight with the realities of being gay and what it costs to accept or deny that truth, especially when children are involved.

Shortly after coming out, he moved to New York City where he entered the gay underworld of escorting in a free-for-all period he calls his “gay adolescence.” The play shows what it took for him to leave prostitution, reclaim a life of integrity, and get back his “Donny Osmond” smile.


“When one can be so moved as to laugh till your jaw hurts, wince with a sorry recognition at the pain distorted religion can inflict, cheer with unashamed abandon at an enviable and inspiring bravery so rarely expressed in the face of certain banishment and ridicule, you know you have had a thrilling and emotionally fulfilling theatrical experience.” - Lucie Arnaz, actress and activist

Carolyn Gage
160 Dartmouth St., #1, Portland, ME 04103

Carolyn Gage
photo: Emily Weir  

Carolyn Gage
photo: Linda K. Russell  
“The Second Coming of Joan of Arc”

An explosive performance of a teenage cross-dressing, runaway, lesbian Joan of Arc who has returned from the dead to share her experiences of patriarchal betrayal with contemporary audiences. Gage, performing in her own play, electrifying audiences as “a living manifestation of the power of articulate anger.” The play was a smash hit in Brazil, has been featured on NPR, and was a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in drama.

Workshops and Lectures:

Gage also offers lectures on lesbian theatre history and on lesbian sexuality, and holds workshops on non-traditional roles for women and “shifting the paradigm.”

Gage has authored five books on lesbian theatre, and has written fifty plays.


“This is great theatre … daring, heartbreaking, principled, bitter, and often very funny … Women’s mental health would improve instantly, were they able to see these plays performed.” - Phyllis Chesler

Ugly Ducklings Campaign:

The Ugly Ducklings Campaign is a national campaign to prevent lesbian and gay teen suicide. The project is based around production of Carolyn Gage’s play “Ugly Ducklings,” which focuses on homophobic harassment and its devastating effects at a girls’ summer camp.

Heather Gold
Bookings: 415-717-1309;

Heather Gold
photo: Mark Glaser  
“I Look Like an Egg, but I Identify as a Cookie”
An interactive baking comedy
Written and performed by Heather Gold

Heather makes chocolate chip cookies with the audience through her own hilarious and provocative exploration of the “Recipe:” heterosexuality (dry), lesbianism (wet), the Left (mix), and other tasty 80s tunes and secret ingredients.

Heather searches for her whole self as she sifts through the complexities of sexuality and identity with the simple truths of baking.

While “I Look … Cookie” follows a recipe, it involves the audience in the heart of the mix, letting Heather’s gift for extemporaneous comedy and insight fly.

Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon
Contacts they gave us are no longer active.

Robin Greenspan, Lacie Harmon
photo: ?  
“Real Girls” - a comedy

Clip of their movie “Girl Play” on Wolfe Distribution.
Their movie “Girl Play” on Amazon.
“Girl Play” principles Robin Greenspan and Lacie Harmon interview by Sarah Warn, March 31, 2005, on After Ellen.


“A terrific evening spent with two of the swellest girls in town - really. Truthful, funny, touching and entertaining.” - Meg Donivan, Nitelife Magazine

Harry Hart-Browne

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: Shanee Stopinsky  
“Special Delivery”
Written and performed by Harry Hart-Browne
A 20-Character, One-Man Play About Remembering the Spirit While Doing the Earth Gig.

Harry is excited because a director just offered him a role in a new play. The director, however, is his “higher self,” and the play is “this lifetime on earth.” Will Harry get trapped in his role, or will he remember his Spirit?

Harry received two LA Weekly Awards, two AGLA Awards, and seven other theater awards for excellence in acting. This hilarious and thought-provoking, powerful adventure of one gay man’s spiritual journey tours nationwide.


“The most exciting piece I’ve seen all year! Once again, this performance art pioneer reinvents theatre with a unique mixture of heart and art.” - Robert Patrick, playwright, author

“When you watch a performer give everything he's got, delivering the goods with overwhelming joy, you're watching Harry. And damned lucky." - Billy Gray, actor

“Here is a one-man-show that is a delight, written and acted by a fine and sensitive being named Harry Hart-Browne. It is a treat. See for yourself, and enjoy!” - Anne Francis, actress, author

"You're the best! I just wanted to tell you how magical and amazing that I thought your performance was at Asilomar. I was so touched by your creative spirit and the gift you gave us by sharing it. You must be seen! - Pamela Sue Martin, actress, author

“Theatrically savvy … A charming and enlightening evening … He builds the magic and then captures us totally … This is a deceptively deep show, and this actor truly deserves his standing ovations.” - Frontiers Magazine

“Hart-Browne has an ingenuous warmth. The show has a genuine charm. He has enough energy and enough gift with character voices to fill any sized stage all by himself. ‘Special Delivery’ is heartfelt … it contains a sincere spiritual understanding.” - Frances Baum Nicholson, Pasadena Star-News

“I found myself laughing, crying, and changed.” - Rev. Ken Murdock

“Treat yourself to an insightful night out.” - The Messenger

2009 Tour Dates:

March 28, April 25, May 30, - 2pm - The Camarillo Center for Spiritual Living
May 3, 2009 - 6pm - Granada Hills Young Adults, Granada Hills Church of Religious Science
October 10 - 5pm dinner / 6:30pm performance - Center for Spiritual Living-La Crescenta
November 14, 2009 - 8pm - presented by the Center for Spiritual Living

Houses on the Moon Theatre Co.

Houses on the Moon Theater Company
Touring plays and workshops for communities seeking creative paths to change.

Carlo D’Amore, Emily Weiner
photo: Amy Elliott  
“Building Houses on the Moon”
Written and directed by Jeffrey Solomon

A remarkable mosaic of stories that evoke the isolation, as well as the courage and hopefulness of youth on the frontier of inclusion.

Inspired by internet posts from lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth, the play has been embraced by student groups and educators as a powerful tool for change. It was featured at the National 2003 GLSEN “Teaching Respect for All” conference. This production won the Awards for “Best Playwright” and “Best Male and Female Performance for an Ensemble” at the 2004 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival.

Cast includes: Carlo D’Amore and Emily Weiner


“Thoughtful, at times funny, and often extraordinary theater piece!” - Inside Out

Aundré Chin, Jeffrey Solomon
photo: Ryan Jensen  
“Tara’s Crossing”
Written by Jeffrey Solomon
Directed by Steve Satta

A transgender refugee from Guyana mounts an uphill battle to prove her claims of persecution from within the confines of a U.S. Immigration detention center. The play is one of the first to deal with political asylum for sexual minority refugees, and was inspired by interviews with asylum-seekers from around the world.

Cast includes: Aundré Chin, Emily Weiner, Ian Eaton, Nysheva-Star and Jeffrey Solomon.


“Revealing and Tender” - The Village Voice

“Remarkable, Moving and Captivating” -

“A marvelously poignant story. … This one deserves a big audience!” - Kate Bornstein

Susan Jeremy
Brooklyn, New York

Susan Jeremy
photo: Gary Wexler  
“P.S. 69”

Susan Jeremy plays 24 characters in a school, culminating in a lesbian salsa with sex-filled tension and hilarity.

Rich Kiamco

Rich Kiamco
photo: Geoffrey Goodridge  
Written and performed by Rich Kiamco
Directed by Dan Bacalzo

An autobiographical decathlon of laughter and tears. This romp exposes how a queer, Filipino boy escapes the cornfields of Illinois to the streets of New York City, and embarks on a global odyssey among fashionistas, millionaires, and con artists, in search of love, enlightenment, and the perfect shade of beige.

Jennifer Lanier
Many Horses Productions, PO Box 1959, Pahoa, Hawaii 96778

Jennifer Lanier
photo: John Mozo  
“None of the Above”
Performed by Jennifer Lanier
Written by Jennifer Lanier and Robert Moyer
Directed by Robert Moyer

A 90-minute solo, comic roller coaster ride through the racial, gay-straight, and gender identity eyes of a tail-end baby-boomer. Her impersonations are done without props, utilizing only body language and voice modulations. Lanier’s distinctly recognizable characters include: first grade teacher Mrs. Wiseman, with her perfect posture and elocution; chain smoking Aunt Vera offering up the sweet potato pie, unconditional love, and simple insights that every misunderstood child craves; Daddy the Colonel and Momma with her “issues;” and Dr. Machemer, Austrian psychiatrist extraordinaire.


“A flash of beauty and inspiration … Jennifer Lanier, who had come from Hawaii to perform in the Road Show, delivered a rollicking monologue.” - Erika Kinetz, New York Times

“Told in a multiplicity of voices, Lanier switches between these roles as easily as slipping off one pair of shoes and putting on another.” - Julie Mitchell, Hawaii Island Journal

“ ‘None of the Above’ touches on issues which resonate with young and old, white, black and in-between, gay, straight and bisexual. … She approaches sensitive issues with forthrightness and humor that draws the audience in. Her personal charisma and storytelling skills make for an extremely entertaining event.” - Lauren Whitaker, Director of Student Activities, North Carolina School of the Arts

“It’s so funny, I forgot my shoes!” - patron, Bear’s Place, Durham, NC

Bob Lawson

Bob Lawson and his life partner Mark Sutton
photo: Gregory F. Kaspar  
Bob Lawson’s Mind Gaymes

Bob Lawson is the world’s first mentalist to have designed his show exclusivley for the gay audience. Mind Gaymes is an audience participation, mind-reading show that makes the audience the star. It is fun and funny, with lots of gay humor keeping the show light.

Bob Lawson has read minds since 1986, and been out of the closet since 2001. His Mind Gaymes performance utilizes his gay experience for an exciting and unusual show.

Mind Gaymes has been presented on Atlantis Cruises, at many Gay Pride festivals, and at gay clubs and events. Bob has also performed at fundraising events for gay organizations such as the Sarasota Gay Men’s Chorus, AMFAR, and the Francis House, Tampa, Florida.


“Mind Gaymes is the show that steps outside of the gay stereotype” - Syracuse Pink Paper

“The future of gay entertainment” - The Village Voice

2013 Tour Dates:
January - MIM Gay Group Cruise
June 9 - Philadelphia Pride

2014 Tour Dates:
MIM Gay Cruise

Fiely A. Matias and Dennis T. Giacino
Bookings: 407-625-8743;
Music Samples
Photos and Press Information

Fiely A. Matias
photo: Roberto Gonzales  

Fiely A. Matias is “Lounge-Zilla!”
Dennis T. Giacino is “Scary Manilow.”

“Lounge-Zilla!” is the internationally-touring, award-winning “Armageddon of Queer Cabaret” that features an atomic blast of twisted music, naughty comedy, and an outrageous 3D finale that must be seen to be believed.

A “bad boy” cabaret, “Lounge-Zilla!” gleefully rifles through hilariously off-beat and bawdy original tunes about such taboo topics as fetishes, threesomes, stalking, love triangles, sex change operations and fag hags.

The show has performed throughout the Caribbean for gay cruise companies, was the “Official Comedy Event” at Gay Days in Orlando and was also the only U.S. act featured at Camp Comedy 2006, Singapore’s first gay comedy festival.


“Best Comedy” and “Best Musical” at the Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival
“Best of Fest” and “Best Cabaret” at the San Francisco Fringe Festival
“Best of Fest” at the Orlando International Fringe Festival
“Best Comedy” at the Ottawa Fringe Theatre Festival
“Best of Fest” at the Saskatoon Fringe Theatre Festival
“Best of Venue/Fringe Hit!” at the Halifax Fringe Festival

Fiely A. Matias
photo: Eric Esteban  

“A+! Perfect! … An act that rivals Bette Midler’s ‘Vickie Edie.’ Move over ‘Just Jack,’ the most out-of-control cabaret act in town is here … so be prepared to laugh.” - Edge Boston

“5 stars … Screamingly funny … Fiely is an original, one of the funniest gay comedians you’ll ever meet.” - Edmonton Sun, Canada

“Laugh so hard you nearly wet your pants! Deliriously funny.” - Seattle Gay News

“5 stars … bawdy and deliciously inappropriate … no-apologies entertainment at its best … you must see this show.” - StarPhoenix, Saskatoon, Canada

“Savagely funny … Matias has impeccable comic timing … a funny, intelligent hour of revelry.” - Orlando Weekly

“A clever show! Lounge-zilla! incorporates cartoonish hyperbole, masterful subtlety, strong singing, insult humor, interactive shtick, amusing props, outrageous costumes, partial nudity, and a truly monstrous X-rated finale that can’t be described in a family newspaper. Hilarious.” - Columbus Dispatch

2009 Tour Date samples:
January - Under St. Marks Theater, New York City
February - 2009 Sydney New Mardi Gras
March - The Butterfly Club, Melbourne, VIC, Australia

Dennis T. Giacino, Fiely A. Matias
photo: Roberto Gonzales  

Tim Miller
Highways Performance Space, 1651 - 18th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Tim Miller
photo: John Aigner  
Tim Miller

Performer, teacher, activist, writer, internationally acclaimed performance artist Miller explores the artistic, spiritual and political topography of his identity as a gay man.

Hailed for his humor and passion, he has written:
Live Boys (1981-created with John Bernd)
Postwar (1982)
Cost of Living (1983)
Democracy in America (1984)
Buddy Systems (1985-created with Doug Sadownick)
Some Golden States (1987)
Stretch Marks (1989)
Sex/Love/Stories (1991)
My Queer Body (1992)
Naked Breath (1994)
Fruit Cocktail (1996)
Shirts & Skin (1997)
Glory Box (1999)
Us (2003)
Miller’s performances have toured throughout North America and Europe. He is the author of the books “Shirts & Skin” and “Body Blows.” His solo theater works have been published in the play collections “O Solo Homo” and “Sharing the Delirium.”

Rob Nash

Rob Nash
photo: ?  
“Holy Cross Sucks!”

A one-man, tragic-comical tour-de-force about high school life set in the 80s. Three heroes, Johnny (the punk), George (the loser) and Ben (the homosexual), go through four years of a semi-fictitious Houston Jesuit high school. Themes explored include: guns, abortion, date rape, gay bashing, loss of father figures, trans-generational love, teen, sex, alienation, frustration, love and true friendship.

Nash’s previous works include:
      “12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional You”,
      “12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas”
      “12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Family”

Nash also appeared on VH1’s “Stand-up Spotlight with Rosie O’Donnell” and Comedy Central’s “Out There in Hollywood.”

Alan Palmer
Agent: James Carter c/o BerliQue Inc. 4343 San Rafael Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90042; 323-259-5713;

Alan Palmer
photo: Josef Riter  
“Fabulous Divas of Broadway”

Written, directed and performed by Alan Palmer
Costume design by C. Bucky
Piano accompaniment by Curtis Jerome

On this unique, comic journey, actor/singer/storyteller Alan Palmer offers backstage tales of his life in “the business” while portraying larger-than-life stars as the show’s guides. This fasted-paced ride gives audiences 32 divas (and one divo!) performing 20 songs in only 85 minutes.

A fast-paced musical journey of one man’s love of the theater, and the amazing ladies that inspired him along the way. In rapid succession – and a non-stop turnover of gorgeous costumes – he performs as Christine Ebersole, Patti LuPone, Ellen Greene, Sutton Foster and Kristin Chenoweth, and brings to life such legends as Ethel Merman, Carol Channing, Liza Minnelli, Angela Lansbury, Julie Andrews, Judy Garland, and Chita Rivera, while performing songs in each lady’s singular style.

Palmer is a Los Angeles director and choreographer, whose credits include the 50th anniversary production of “Oklahoma!,” the west coast premiere of the musical “It’s a Wonderful Life,” the original production of “Inaccurate Information” (LA Garland Award: Best Director), tours of “Forever Plaid: An Evening of Andrew Lloyd Webber” and “Godspell” (Applause Award: Best Director). He has written several musical revues, and the award-winning “Songs the Girls Sang” (ADA Award: Best Choreography, and Ovation Award nomination for Book). As a performer, Palmer won an LA Weekly Award for his performance as Gerard Damiano in “Lovelace.” He has appeared as Freddie in “The Pirates of Penzance,” Danny in “Grease,” Joseph in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat,” and Anthony in “Sweeney Todd.”


“The evening was made for fun!” - The New York Times.

“If you’re looking for something fun to do, check out Fabulous Divas of Broadway!” - NY-1 News

“A treat for all lovers of Musical Theatre!” - New York Theatre Guide

Alan Palmer as
Angela, Liza, Mary, Patti, Ellen, Chita
photos: Josef Riter  
2009 Tour Date samples:
October 3 - The Loft, White Plains, NY
October 10 - Dragonfly Performing Arts Center, Cairo, NY
October 17 - Lexington Club Del Ray Beach, FL
October 29, 30 - Rose Wagner Performing Arts Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Miss Coco Peru
Agent: Michael Warwick, 310-993-5524;

Miss Coco Peru aka Clinton Leupp
photo: Palladino Images  
Storyteller and monologist, Miss Coco Peru (aka Clinton Leupp) has written, produced, directed, and starred in shows across the globe. Miss Coco has performed in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Reno, London, Lisbon, Mexico, aboard a yacht in the Mediterranean, and in Evansville, Indiana.

“Hilarious, inebriating and elegant all at the same time. … If there were an award for most girlish and glamorous, funniest, mouthiest diva/icon/trannie/comedian, the inimitable Miss Coco Peru would win hands down.” - L.A. Weekly

“Miss Coco is a heavenly hoot. … Wry and uncensored, the show is a hilarious exorcism, with music, no less. Hey, that’s entertainment.” - Los Angeles Times

      “Miss Coco Peru in My Goddamn Cabaret,”
      “Miss Coco Peru: A Legend in Progress”
          (1992 Manhattan Association of Cabaret (MAC) Award),
      “Miss Coco Peru’s Universe”
          (1998 GLAAD Media Award nomination),
      “Miss Coco Peru’s Glorious Wounds … She’s Damaged”
          (2001 GLAAD Media Award nomination), and
      “Miss Coco Peru is Undaunted”
          (2004 GLAAD Media Award for Best L.A. Theater).

      “To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar”
      “Trick,” and “Girls Will Be Girls”
      Voices Mamma Hippo in Disney’s “The Wild”

      “Will and Grace”
      “Arrested Development”

Richard Skipper
Elegant Diamond Productions: 845-365-0720

Richard Skipper
photo: Heather Sullivan  
“An Evening with Carol Channing”

Richard Skipper presents a fully-staged, audience-interactive, 90-minute musical montage celebrating the career and persona of this unique, theatrical legend. He sings in his own powerful, Broadway voice, blending Channing standards, such as, “Hello, Dolly,” with original material. The musical evening surveys Channing’s life with many stops along the way for Richard’s unique, riotous ad-lib interactions with the audience.


“This is the first time ever I have been shown with such love, respect and polish.” - Carol Channing

“Skipper sparkles with the glow of Channing’s charisma, but the extra shine you see on stage is a product of a diamond-like brilliance that is his alone.” - Backstage Magazine

Awards won by Richard Skipper:
• Recipient of the MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabaret and Clubs) Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Impersonation” in 2000 and 2002.
• Won the 1998 Back Stage Bistro award for “Outstanding Tribute to Carol Channing.”
• Named as one of the “Top Ten Cabaret Performers” by The Cabaret Hotline.
• Named “one of the Top of the Century Premiere Cabaret Acts” by Cabaret Scenes Magazine.
• Won the 2006 IGCITA (International Guild of Celebrity and Tribute Artists) Cloney Award for “Outstanding Achievement of an Impersonation of a Legend.”
• Selected by The Entertainment Network to be “Entertainer of the Month,” in October 2006.

Jeff Solomon

Jeffrey Solomon
Solo performances written by Jeffrey Solomon

“Santa Claus is Coming Out”

Jeffrey Solomon in Santa Claus is Coming Out
photo: Kaizaad Kotwal  
“Santa Claus is Coming Out”
Written and performed by Jeffrey Solomon
Directed by Emily Weiner

A mock-u-mentary about the secret life of the beloved childhood icon, and the scandal that rocks the world when the truth leaks out. Inspired by the latest salvo in the culture wars launched by America’s radical right wing: discussing homosexuality in the classroom.

Winner of the “Best of the 2002 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival.”


“Warm-hearted feel good romp!” - N.Y. Post

“Charming and hilarious” -


Jeffrey Solomon in MotherSON
photo: Paul Moffitt  
Written and performed by Jeffrey Solomon
Directed by David L. Carson

A solo play depicting a mother’s journey out of the closet as the parent of gay child. Mr. Solomon plays both roles of mother and son.

Winner of the “Best Solo Performer” and “Best Solo Playwright” at the 2002 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival


“So believable, we forget we’re watching only one actor.” - Chicago Free Press

“Universally moving” - In Theater Magazine

“Tour-de-truth!” - Chicago Tribune

Somewhere in Between Theater Group

Oren Dolfin, Gal Shalev, Haim vider, Nili Yitzhaki, Haim Tal
photo: Orli Shalev  
“Somewhere in Between”
Written by Ronny Almog
Directed by Issi Mamanov

Gender identity is the focus, and questions about sexual identity, religious belief, political orientation, and the individual in society are raised. The play exposes states of distress, pain, confusion, joy, and pleasure.

The play premiered during Pride Month 2003 in Tzavta Theater, Tel-Aviv. It continues to run regularly in Tel-Aviv and throughout Israel. Coming to San-Francisco in April 2005.


“Issi directed a young group of actors with extraordinary craftsmanship that reminded me of an exact, colorful and rich-in-details embroidery, in miniatures that add up to a big cloth that wraps the audience and hugs them. A few scenes will stay in my mind. One of them that is played wholly with the actors’ feet is splendid and sexy to the extreme.” - Zvi Goren, Y-Net

Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart
Jason Stuart

Jason is an actor, comedian in film and TV, lecturer, author and producer. He tours extensively offering comedy and gay-positive messages.

Jason is one of the top, openly gay, male comics in the country, with more than 150 film and TV shows to his credit. He frequently performs, as a gay male comic, on college campuses. He has performed in LGBT events, the Montreal Comedy Festival, Broadway, Comedy Clubs and to 100,000 people at the April 2000 Millennium March in D.C.

He had his own hour cable special, “Jason Stuart: Making It to the Middle,” in addition to performing on One Night Stand Up, Wisecrack, and Comics Unleashed. As an actor, Jason’s TV appearances include: The Secret Life Of The American Teenager, House, Entourage, The Closer, Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Everybody Hates Chris, George Lopez, My Wife & Kids, Charmed, and Will & Grace.

On film, he’s been featured in “K11,” “Bearcity 2,” “Gia” (with Angelina Jolie), “A Day Without A Mexican,” “Coffee Date,” “Home Invasion,” James Franco’s “Holy Land” and “Love is Strange” (with Marisa Tomei, John Lithgow and Alfred Molina).

                Jason’ special message for straight people about same-sex marriage:
                      “If you let us marry each other, we will stop marrying you!”

Greg Walloch
Cultural Media Icons: 917-379-6528

Greg Walloch
photo: Catherine Nance  
“An evening with Greg Walloch”

“An Evening” intertwines new, semi-autobiographical, monologues about life and love in the urban jungle. A follow up to his original, acclaimed solo work “White Disabled Talent”. Greg Walloch’s show consists of life and times monologues. On a bare stage, stripped down and unplugged, the power of his work is simply his story.

Greg Walloch appeared in Moscow at The Mosfest “Breaking Down Barriers II,” and also performed to a sold out crowd at the Raindance Film Festival, London. Greg headlined at the 2004 Vancouver International Comedy Festival, and has appeared at The Garden Party, New York.

Featured appearances include: Mark Taper Forum, Guggenheim Soho, The Public Theater, Westbeth Theater Center, New York Theater Workshop, Cafe Largo, Arlene’s Grocery, Highways Performance Space, Joe’s Pub, The Knitting Factory, Sydney Mardi Gras Belvoir Street Theater (Australia), Arthouse (Ireland), Fez, Catch A Rising Star, Caroline’s Comedy Club, Stand-Up NY, Gotham Comedy Club, The Comic Strip, Trio: pop, culture, tv, and The Howard Stern Show.


“Boyishly mischievous performer … utterly endearing. Brave, welcoming and playfully conspiratorial, but tinged with an undercurrent of danger. … Simultaneously tough and disarmingly sweet.” - Stephen Holden, New York Times

Elizabeth Whitney

William Whitney, Elizabeth Whitney, Edward Whitney
photo: Diane Whitney  
“A Day without Sunshine”

Elizabeth Whitney’s latest solo performance about Florida family values, Anita Bryant, and saving the children.

Elizabeth’s performance work has been seen at festivals, theaters, galleries, colleges, universities, throughout the United States and Canada. She holds a Ph.D. in Performance Studies and Speech Communication, and moonlights as an academic. Elizabeth is available for workshops on “staging personal experience,” and “performance as activism.”


“Sure, Whitney is a skilled comedienne with a Kristen Chenowith voice and excellent timing, but she’s also thought provoking and insightful.” —

“Whitney deftly mixes incisive political satire with sheer campy fun” - HX Magazine, NYC

“Whitney is a skilled comedienne with a Kristin Chenoweth voice and excellent timing … thought-provoking and insightful.” -

“Among the most entertaining performance artists I’ve ever encountered.” - David Cuthbert, Times-Picayune, New Orleans

Previous solo performances include:

Elizabeth Whitney
photo: Eric Mehrlenberg  
“Wonder Woman the Musical”

Everyone’s favorite Amazon princess resigns from the U.S. military, leaves the gender separatism of Paradise Island, and goes on tour as a lounge singer to resurrect her career and talk candidly with audiences about invincibility, the myth of the magic lasso, and the real Major Steve Trevor.

“Pop Culture Princess”

Barbie reinvented herself as a postmodern, feminist performance artist and cultural critic. Pop was campy/queer journey through the recesses of our popular culture’s collective consciousness, an entertaining and provocative exploration of adolescence, compulsory heterosexuality, and femme subversion.

“Skinny Isn’t Sexy — or — Why I Never Had an Eating Disorder”

A humorous and relatable look at adolescence, sexuality, body image, and the torturous world of physical education.

Diana Yanez
      7336 Santa Monica Blvd. #722, West Hollywood, California 90046
      130 W 15 St., #4V, New York, New York 10011
      Jana Luker Agency - 310-441-2822
      CESD - 212-477-1666
      Jodi Solomon Speakers (speaking, stand up) - 617-266-3450

Diana Yanez
photo: Kurt Hall  
“Viva La Evolución!: An American Comedy of Cuban proportions”
(Don’t tell my mom about my one-woman show)

First generation Cuban-American comic, Diana Yanez makes “mojitos out of the limones” of her life in this one-woman comedy of misunderstandings, love and growing Cuban and queer in Miami.

Co-developed by Diana Yanez and Marjorie Duffield.
Directed by Marjorie Duffield.


“Critic’s Pick” - Time Out Magazine, NYC - 2010
“Overall Excellence Award” - New York International Fringe Festival 2010
“The Drama Queens Competition” - 2012 contest, Los Angeles

Television Credits:

Criminal Minds, The Shield, Boston Legal.


“Thanks to her naturally positive energy … the one hour show flies along, taking you with it. … It’s a fun and engrossing show.” - Judith Jarosz, NY

“Funny, witty, engaging and well-acted.” - Curtain Up, NYC

“Side-splitting jokes and heart-wrenching memories.” -

“If you've ever had a parent, you can relate.” - Berkshire Press

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