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Los Angeles Scene
by Bill Kaiser
November 2010
The cooler weather has heated up our theatre scene in Southern California.

“Take Me Out”

Michael A. Sheppard’s Celebration Theatre now in its 28th year is presenting “Take Me Out,” the Tony-winning play by Richard Greenberg. The play works well in CT’s intimate in the round setting and is masterfully directed by Michael Matthews who has become their premier director having done “The Women of Brewster Place: The Musical,” “Haram Iran,” and “The Bacchae,” among others.

The ensemble “Take Me Out” cast, brilliantly led by Ary Katz (Darren Lemming) and Thomas James O’Leary (Mason Marzac), brings together the world of life, baseball, and homophobia. This is a not-to-be-missed show which has been extended into December.

The next shows at Celebration are “The New Fairy Tale” by Brian Pugach followed by “Bash’d,” a gay rap opera by Chris Craddock and Matthew Cuckow with music by Aaron Macri.

David Campbell - “On Broadway”

David Campbell

Australian singing sensation David Campbell has a great new CD, “On Broadway,” which is now available.

He will be appearing at The Catalina Jazz Club in Hollywood November 23-24, 2010.

I included him here because I like his singing, appearance and because anything Broadway is of interest to me.

“What Are Tuesdays Like?”

What Are Tuesdays Like?

“ ‘What Are Tuesdays Like?’ is a small epic set entirely in the waiting room of a New York AIDS clinic. In scenes long and short, Victor Bumbalo follows a handful of human beings—male and female, white and black, gay and straight—over the course of a deadly year. Nobody has shown more strongly how adversity can drive good people apart and how courage and heart are needed to bring them back together. Bumbalo’s drama is tough yet tender, lean yet spacious, as clear as water yet heartbreakingly powerful. It is a miraculous play.”
- Christopher Bram (author of “Gods And Monsters” and “Exiles in America”

Playwright Victor Bumbalo’s moving AIDS play, “What Are Tuesdays Like?” has been published and is available from Broadway Play Publishing.

ONE Culture Series

The ONE Culture Series ends the year with a bang as The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence host
“Archiving the Sisters” - a holiday event.
December 19, 2010 - 2pm
ONE Archives building, 909 W. Adams, Los Angeles, California
Information: 213-741-0094

Other shows this fall were:
“Cologne, or the Ways Evil Enters the World”

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: T. Abatemarco  

“Cologne” by Tony Abatemarco performed by the one and only Harry Hart-Browne. The show was performed a decade or so ago by Abatemarco and is a coming-of-age story for a gay young man in Long Island, New York. Hart-Browne recreates the solo show beautifully.

It has poignant relevance today, considering the bullying and violence against our people now on the rise. The music of the late 60s is delightful, and the hope and promise of the Stonewall riot is inspiring.

There will be an extended run of the show next year at the Skylight Theatre in Los Feliz, California.
January 15-February 19, 2011.
Information: 702-582-5857

“Making Paradise: The West Hollywood Musical”

Making Paradise
photo: John C. Luker  

The “Making Paradise” book is by Tom Jacobson (The Twentieth Century Way), music by Deborah Wicks, and lyrics by Shishir Kurup.

The show is in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the founding of the “creative city,” West Hollywood. The conflicts and joys of the seniors, gay men, lesbians, and progressives are expressed in song and dance.

It is produced by the Cornerstone Theatre at the Fiesta Hall in West Hollywood, California.


Matthew Scott Montgomery, Luke McClure
photo: Brian Putnam  

“Yellow” by Del Shores, a poignant drama, also has a gay subplot. It forcefully addresses outsiders of “normal society,” especially in the conformity of the 50s.

“In his newest play, ‘Yellow,’ making its debut at the Coast Playhouse, the laughs still are there but mainly to lull us into a false sense of security. Shores has written a darker play than usual, sadder in its view of human folly but wiser in its openness to the forgiveness and generosity of spirit that often make life tolerable. As always with this accomplished playwright, there’s never a dull moment onstage.”
- Jay Reiner, The Hollywood Reporter

“Yellow” plays at The Coast Playhouse.

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