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Los Angeles Scene
by Bill Kaiser
February 2009
Celebration Theatre started 2009 in a big with two fascinating solo shows.

Missionary Position

“Missionary Position” is the second part of Steven Fales’ Mormon trilogy. While “Angels in America” used Mormon characters in an epic way, Fales personalizes it within an autobiographical approach. We really learn much about the Mormon way of life, which is revealing as the church has been a major adversary to gay rights, especially here in California with their financial support of the campaign to end same-sex marriage.

Fales is a gifted storyteller, as well as singer, interspersing Mormon hymns with his story. The show has been extended through February.


Celebration also brought in Jeffrey Solomon’s “Mother/Son” for two performances. Solomon’s show has been wowing audiences since he was the sensation at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in 2002 where he also had a hit with his other solo piece, “Santa Claus Comes Out,” which is going to the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival this year.

“Mother/Son” shows Solomon’s versatility playing both a mother and the son who comes out to her. This piece is a favorite with PFLAG audiences but it has a universality that captivates everyone. It is funny and touching.

Hopefully Celebration can bring both of Solomon’s shows back for extended runs.

AD Michael Sheppard deserves kudos during his short tenure at CT. Not only is he bringing quality shows to the theatre but he is reaching out to other communities. Last December he started children’s theater for LGBT audiences with “The Daddy Machine” by Patricia Loughrey and Rayme Sciaroni, and, monthly, Lesbian events and a late night program where also scheduled.

Celebration Theatre
7051 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Information: 323-957-1884;

Elsewhere in LA:

Pope Joan

January marked the world premiere of the musical Pope Joan by Christopher Moore. The excitement intensified as the producer of the show is the legendary producer of “HAIR,” Michael Butler.

Pope Joan stars Whitney Avalon as the woman disguised as a priest who ascends to the papacy in what the church calls a fable. The story is fascinating, the ensemble impressive and production values high. The action is muddled but the show is definitely worth attending.

through March 22, 2009
Stella Adler Theatre, 6773 Hollywood Boulevard, 2nd Floor, Los Angeles, California
Tickets: 323-960-4412

Other upcoming events in Los Angeles area include:

Naked Creatures

A weekend of solo and group queer performers expose, employ, and rejoice in the naked human body curated by Ian Mackinnon.

Plays on February 6 and 7, 2009
1651 18th Street, Santa Monica
Information: 310-315-1459;

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

An adaptation by Jason Moyer.

begins March 6, 2009
Celebration Theatre
7051 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Information: 323-957-1884;

Prove It On Me

A hit lesbian musical by Dee Jae Cox with songs by Michele Weiss. Produced by The LA Women’s Theatre Project.

April 4, 2009
Annenberg Theater, Palm Springs, California

LA Women’s Theatre Project
10061 Riverside Dr., #528, Toluca Lake, California

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