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Openings of 2018
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———— January 2018 Openings ——————

Fifth of July

Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by James Strait
Produced by Desert Rose Productions, Inc.

During the 70s, a sprawling farmhouse in Lebanon, Missouri is owned by Ken Talley, a disabled, gay, Viet Nam veteran, which he shares with his botanist lover, Jed. They are visited by Ken’s sister, June, and her precocious teenage daughter Shirley, as well as by Gwen, a hard-living, pill-popping heiress, who aspires to be a rock star, and John, her wary-eyed husband and manager. All are old friends from their rebellious U.C. Berkeley College days in the 60s where they were protesters and political activists, who worked for what they hoped would be a better world.

Past affiliations are discussed, as well as discussions both sharp and funny. Through them we hear about their lost hopes and dreams, and the lingering bitterness that must be conquered to perceive the good that life can offer.

Playwright Wilson was one of the pioneers of LGBT theater in New York City, and went on to a Pulitzer-Prize winning career with many Broadway and film credits.

Cast includes: Brent Anderson, Jason Hull, Ann Van Haney, Michael Pacas, Monique Burke, Alden West, James Owens, Melanie Blue.

Previous Desert Rose Productions' Gay Heritage shows include “The Boys in the Band,” “Love! Valour! Compassion!” and “Angels in America - Part One - Millennium Approaches.”

January 12, 2018
The Desert Rose Playhouse, Rancho Mirage, California
Information/Reservation: 760-202-3000

Heroes: Fighting In the AIDS Trenches

Marcie Hall, Michael Perry
image: Demian   

Written and directed by Michael Shayne
Produced by Ed Sparan, World AIDS Museum & Educational Center

Two one-act solo plays.

“The Cemetery Angel” is about Ruth Coker Burks who in the 80s and 90s took care of hundreds of men dying from AIDS when their families rejected them. After dying, she buried 50 in her family cemetery when their own families refused to do so.

“Standing On My Shoulders” is about the late Vito Russo the author of the seminal book, “The Celluloid Closet” on how gay men and lesbians were treated in commercial movies. He was also a gay and AIDS activist. Russo was a founding member of GLAAD and ACT UP.

Cast includes: Marcie Hall, Michael Perry.

January 19, 2018
The Auditorium at Broward County Central Library, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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The Village Playwrights

The Village Playwrights was founded out of the need of lesbian and gay writers to have a venue in which they could present their works without fear of being harshly criticized, or dismissed because of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

We take pride in critiquing works solely on their merit, and not on their sometimes sensitive subject matter.
This allows each writer to find his or her voice as a creative individual. To speak freely is to be empowered.

“This is a place to speak from the heart. This is a place to find one’s voice. This is a place to take risks.”

The Village Playwrights meet at 8pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St., New York, New York

Participation is open to all playwrights, screenwriters, directors and actors.
Beginners are encouraged and helped.

Information: 614-285-2515;

*QComedy - Monday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy - See Web site for GLBT comedy listings in San Francisco, as well as worldwide.

QComedy Showcase occurs on the first Monday of each month.
Mama Calizo’s, 1519 Mission St., San Francisco, California
Wheelchair accessible
Information and comedy bookings: Nick Leonard, 415-533-9133;

Ian MacKinnon

Just about every month, Ian presents a show, by himself, or with others, and they all are about gay male culture.
He often includes several centuries of such culture all at the same time.

Ian MacKinnon is a GLAAD Award-nominated performance artist who has been working in Los Angeles since 2005.
His solo show series “The Gay Hist-Orgy” toured throughout California at theaters and universities.
He curates many “queer” performance events including the annual Adonis Project, as well as the monthly LGBT experimental performance event “Planet Queer.”
Ian has been leading his “Get More Gay Performance Workshops” in Los Angeles since 2012.

Ian MacKinnon,

“8” the Play

Written by Dustin Lance Black

A chronicle of the historic trial in the federal constitutional challenge to California’s Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of the right to legally marry their partner.

Usually produced as a staged reading, the play allows an audience to witness the Proposition 8 trial.
Witness inequality and discrimination unequivocally rejected in a court of law, where truth and facts matter.
Hear the testimonies which clarify that marriage equality is a basic constitutional right.

Vimeo: " ‘8’ the play" - trailer 4:27

Writer Dustin Lance Black won an Academy Award in 2009 for his script of “Milk.”
He is also a founding member of American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which was the sole sponsor of Perry v. Schwarzenegger (now known as Hollingsworth v Perry), the successful federal suit to nullify California’s Proposition 8.

This play has multiple performances around the country.
Information on current productions and how to produce it yourself: “8” the Play

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