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Openings of 2016
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覧覧 January 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

Angels in America, Part 1: Millennium Approaches

Daniel Gutierrez, Nick Edwards

Written by Tony Kushner
Directed by Jim Strait
Produced by Desert Rose Productions, Inc.

In the late 1980s, the story of two troubled couples one a male-male couple, the other a male and a female couple, struggle with their relationships.

When Prior Walter tells his partner, Louis Ironson, that he has contracted AIDS, Louis panics. He tries to care for Prior, but soon realizes he cannot stand the strain and fear.

Mormon lawyer Joe Pitt is offered a job in the Justice Department by Attorney Roy Cohn, his right-wing, bigoted mentor and friend. Joe痴 wife, Harper, who is a Valium-addicted agoraphobic, suffers anxiety and hallucinations, and does not want to move to Washington. Joe is further conflicted by his loyalties towards the corrupt Roy, and his own blossoming homosexual feelings.

This internationally acclaimed play is profoundly moving, yet falling-down funny. This theatrical and literary play has been called one of the greatest plays of the 20th Century. It has won two Tony Awards, the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, the Drama Desk Award, and numerous other accolades.

Cast includes: Nick Edwards, Allison Feist, Loren Freeman, Eliott Goretsky, Daniel Gutierrez, Adina Lawson, Robert Ramirez, Alex Updike.

Desert Rose Productions, Inc. is a live stage company producing and presenting the finest in LGBT and Gay Positive plays, musicals and attractions in an intimate professional setting.

January 15-February 21, 2016 - Friday, Saturdays 8pm; Sundays 2pm
The Desert Rose Playhouse, 69620 Hwy 111, Rancho Mirage, California
Wheelchair accessible
Information: 760-202-3000;

Forever House

James Liebman, Elyse Mirto, Michael Rubenstone
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written by Tony Abatemarco
Directed by Elizabeth Swain
Produced by Gary Grossman

Jack and Ben are buying their first home, a 吐orever house, which happens to be where Jack was born. But, from the day they close, a host of unleashed demons seem to invade their lives, testing the strength of their bond, and bringing new meaning to the limits of square footage.

With social respectability, and a first mortgage, what could possibly go wrong for this 30-something gay couple?

Says playwright Tony Abatemarco: 哲ow what? Renegade no more, we池e challenged to assimilate, buy a house, raise a family, and fit in. Maybe it was easier being an outlaw."

Cast includes: Michael Rubenstone, James Liebman, Elyse Mirto, Joel Swetow, Dale Raoul.

January 23, 2016
The Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Information/reservation: 213-761-7061

覧覧 February 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

覧覧 March 2016 Openings 覧覧覧


Phylicia Mason, Stephen McMillan, Robert Rancano
image: Desert Rose Productions, Inc.  

Written by Mike Bartlett
Directed by Jim Strait
Produced by Desert Rose Productions, Inc.

John has been in a stable relationship with his boyfriend for a number of years. When they take 殿 break, he falls in love with a woman. Torn between his gay boyfriend and straight girlfriend and filled with guilt and conflicting emotions John doesn稚 know which way to turn.

Both his lovers are willing to wait for him to make a decision, and both are prepared to fight to keep him. As the pressure mounts, a dinner party with both parties is arranged. The boyfriend痴 father appears to 途eferee the face-off, while everyone wants to know: Who is John? What is he? And what will his decision be?

鼎ock is an internationally acclaimed comedy that takes a lively and candid look at one man痴 sexuality. Its been called uproariously funny, exhilarating, and a 釘attle Royale of wit and persuasion. 鼎ock premiered at London痴 Royal Court Theatre in November 2009.

Cast includes: Stephen McMillan, Robert Rancano, Phylicia Mason, Terry Huber.

鄭 terrific comedy with an unprintable name! Hypnotic and utterly contemporary. - New York Times

填proariously funny! 舛ock is a rite of spring you shouldn't miss! - New York Magazine

摘xhilarating! Robust and rollicking 舛ock crackles and pops - The New Yorker

鄭n impressive package. - London Evening Standard

March 11, 2016
The Desert Rose Playhouse, Rancho Mirage, California
Information: 760-202-3000;

The Three-Mile Limit

Robert Gonzales, Jr., Micha Lazare, Danielle Aziza
photo: Joe Bly  

Written by Barbara Kahn
Directed by Robert Gonzales Jr. and Barbara Kahn
Produced by Theater for the New City

Onboard a transatlantic ocean liner in 1927, real-life and fictional characters reflect the diversity of the passengers and crew. Conflicts resulting from class and ethnic differences, race relations and sexual identity.

The passenger list includes: Alla Nazimova, famous lesbian star of stage and film; Florence Mills, African-American singer, dancer and actress returning from a triumphant European tour; Beniamino Gigli, popular Italian tenor looking forward to playing New York痴 Carnegie Hall; a young woman from Russia wondering if her husband from an arranged marriage (who had emigrated five years earlier) will meet her on arrival; an American crew member who has been living a lie; and a wealthy Southerner traveling with his mistress (who still hopes for marriage and respectability). The interaction of these characters, along with the memories of Walter Winchell, Louella Parsons and Dolly Wilde, reveals deep conflicts and prejudices.

Cast includes: Kendra Augustin, Danielle Aziza, Steve Barkman, Robert Gonzales Jr., Ruby Hankey, Robert Homeyer, Micha Lazare, Sarah Teed, Steph Van Vlack.

March 17, 2016
Theater for the New City, New York, New York
Information: 212-254-1109;

覧覧 April 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

Salve Regina: A Coming of Gay Story

Javier Rivera
photo: ?  

Written by Javier Rivera
Directed by Jeremy Ohringer
Produced by Desert Rose Productions, Inc.

Born in Puerto Rico to an ultra-religious mother and a domineering father is not easy, especially when it痴 likely you are a big Queen. There are not enough novenas to pray, or candles to be lit.

In this situation, only a miracle will do, or better yet, a holy intervention. Thank God for Madonna.

Javier Rivera guides us through his one-man show, which is filled with humor and serious intensions.

Recommended for high school, colleges, teenagers, adults, the theater, LGBTQ, and the Latino communities.

April 16, 2016
The Desert Rose Playhouse, Rancho Mirage, California
Information: 760-202-3000;

覧覧 May 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board

Donna Peckett, Danielle Dresden
photo: Glenn Trudel  

Written by Danielle Dresden
Directed by Stephen F. Murray
Produced by TAPIT/New Works Ensemble Theater

A high school instructor teaches that Baron von Steuben, the Revolutionary War hero, was gay.
Conservative School Board members plot changes in district policies, and conflict erupts.

Ben Franklin and Baron von Steuben are compelled to step in to set the record straight, so to speak.
What happens when history speaks up for itself?

Cast Includes: Francisco Torres, Krystal Lonsdale, Liz Light, Issac Brieske, Donna Peckett, Danielle Dresden.

May 6, 2016
TAPIT/New Works Theater, Madison, Wisconsin
Information/Reservation: 608-244-2938

覧覧 June 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

Get Used To It!

Patrick Dogerty, Aaron Jackson, Mickey Daniel DaGuisi
photo: H. Lee Gable  

Music and lyrics by Tom Wilson Weinberg
Directed by H. Lee Gable
Musical director: Mickey Daniel DaGuisi
Pianist: Alex Tang
Produced by Rainbow Theatre Project

This musical revue highlights the struggles LGBTQ people face in searching for freedom, equality and love.

Tom Wilson Weinberg offers 18 songs, which range from the romantic 展ho Did Langston Love? the intense 釘at Boy, the whimsical 典hree-Letter Word, the outrageous 擢launting It! to the political 溺eans to an End.

This Off-Broadway musical revue was timely when first produced in 1992, and has become even more relevant today, given the nation痴 political and social polarization.

Cast includes: Mickey Daniel DaGuisi, Patrick Dogerty, Aaron Jackson.

鄭 joyous statement for all generations of gay culture. 敵et Used To It! tackles sex, love and relationships, politics, religion and AIDS in a funny, serious and always thought-provoking manner. - Terry, Helbing, The New York Native

鄭 prolific and highly talented songwriter, it痴 Weinberg at his best, hashing out issues via wonderful lyrics and melodies. From the tyranny of religious intolerance to outing, guaranteed to irk the fundies. - Tommi Avicolli Mecca, First Hand

展einberg covers a wide range of subjects using anger, humor and love to create a roller-coaster of a revue. - Wayne Hoffman, The Washington Blade

June 10, 2016
Flash Point Theatre, Washington, D.C.

Gay Pride and Prejudice

LGBTQ Stories, staged readings of short plays to celebrate Gay Pride at the LGBT Community Center.

Produced by Village Playwrights

I Don稚 by Jeffrey Vause
It痴 2006 and at the wedding reception of a cousin痴 daughter, Morty (in a relationship with Colin for 8 years) wonders why they can稚 marry too.

Jeffrey Vause

Jeffrey Vause is an actor-playwright who wrote, produced and performed his one-man multi-character play 鄭loha Oy! at Abingdon Theater.
As an actor he was recently featured in 哲othing But Trash at Theater for the New City portraying three different characters.
As an author, his other plays, all in various stages of development, include: 鼎ocktails And Cruellers, 鏑eft To My Own Devices, 典omorrow We Love and 典he Marriage Equality Plays (of which 的 Don稚 is a part).

Ditmas by Glenn Alterman
After Sharon drunkenly falls off a bar stool, she is rescued by a kind stranger, whom, she discovers, she has a great deal in common with.

Glenn Alterman

Glenn is the author of 29 theater-related books, including 10 books of original monologues, and is listed in the Guinness Book of World Records and as 典he Author Of The Most Published Original Monologues for Actors.
His plays have won more than 60 playwriting awards, including the Arts and Letters Award in Drama and the Bloomington Playwrights Award, Reva Shiner Award, and has been a five-time finalists at The Actors Theater of Louisville (Heinneman).
He痴 been awarded two international arts grants.

His plays and monologues have appeared in more than 25 釘est Plays and 釘est Monologues anthologies.
Glenn痴 short play 鄭fter was in the Village Playwrights 2015 celebration of Gay Pride 迭einventing Family.

Look, It痴 Kevin Bacon! by Raymond Banacki
A movie-star obsessed Gay man is sure that he痴 spotted Kevin Bacon sunbathing on a nude beach.

Raymond Banacki

Raymond Banacki is the author of several full-length plays and several one-act plays.
His farce, 典he Nitty Gritty or Getting Hitched in Brooklyn Heights was produced by the Stonewall Repertory Theater at the Courtyard Playhouse.
Written before its time, it concerned two young men who fell in love and then decided to get married.
Mr. Banacki is also the author of several plays that were published by Dialogus Play Service & Publishing.

Blue into Black by Jeffery James Keyes
A young man steps out on the middle of the George Washington Bridge and meets a friend who knows his situation all too well.

Jeffery James Keyes

Jeffrey James Keyes is a recent graduate of Columbia University痴 MFA Playwriting Program.
His plays have been developed or featured at SoHo Playhouse, the Samuel French Festival, the Old Vic in London, 59E59, the Ensemble Studio Theatre, the Rogue Machine Theatre in Los Angeles, and the Prologue Theatre in Chicago.
He additionally worked as a Producer on 迭evealing for the Sundance channel and MTV痴 典rue Life.
He additionally writes for Metrosource and Passport magazines and co-authored the upcoming novella 適iller Chef with James Patterson for the Hachette Book Group and Little, Brown and Company.
His play 填niforms will be part of the upcoming Samuel French OOB Festival later this summer.

Proud of Us by Wesley Taylor
A father, actively tries to accept his son痴 probable homosexuality before he痴 even hit puberty by building a stage in the backyard.

Wesley Taylor

Wesley Taylor is an award-winning actor/writer who has worked on Broadway and Television.
He is the co-creator/writer/star of the Hulu series, 的t Could Be Worse.
His one-acts have been produced at New World Stages and Manhattan Repertory Theatre, featuring the likes of Stockard Channing, Nathan Lane, and Debra Messing.
He痴 recently inked a writing deal with Anonymous Content in Los Angeles.


June 22, 2016
LGBT Community Center, 208 W. 13th St., New York, New York
Information: 614-285-2515;


Miguel Arballo, Jason Hull, Jacob Betts, Allan Jensen, John Fryer, Kam Sisco, Robbie Wayne
image: Jim Strait  

Written by David Dillon
Directed by Jim Strait
Produced by Desert Rose Productions

A group of gay men get together for their regular evening of drinks and games. Tonite, the game is a gay version of 典ruth or Dare called "Fact, Fiction or Fantasy."

True life stories are shared, fictional encounters related and fantasies often require the player to remove his clothing. By the end of the evening, everyone is nude and laughing together in a great show of brotherhood.

Playwright Dillon: 善arty is not about flesh, but celebrates the fact that, as a group, we are positive and honest about our sexuality and free from a lot of the inhibitions and hang ups that exist in other groups.

Cast includes: Jason Hull, Allan Jensen, Kam Sisco, Robbie Wayne, John Fryer, Miguel Arballo, Jacob Butts.

June 24, 2016
The Desert Rose Playhouse, Rancho Mirage, California

覧覧 July 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

覧覧 August 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

The West Street Gang

poster by: Howard Cruse  

Written by Doric Wilson
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs

A dark, comic look at The Chain Gang痴 patrons, and their attempts to defend it from both physical attacks as well as political attempts to close it.

敵ay bars have always been a haven for queers; and they致e always been targets for people who hate queers - playwright Doric Wilson (1939-2011)

Wilson痴 play, originally produced at The Spike, was written three years before the Ramrod leather bar massacre in November, 1980, in which a man armed with a machine gun shot eight people, killing two.

Cast includes: Josh Kenney, Brock Yurick, Marc Castle, Patrick Porter, Desmond Dutcher, Christopher Borg, Chris Weikel, Ron Bopst, J.Stephen Brantley, James Whelan, Elizabeth Bell, Chris Andersson, Rick Hinkson, Gail Dennison.

The reading will be an immersive experience; most of the audience will be standing, and the actors will move among them, playing characters at The Chain Gang, ranging from leather daddies to drag queens to an anti-gay activist/singer (suspiciously reminiscent of Anita Bryant).

For those who require seating, limited seats will be available. Please e-mail to arrange for a seat prior to the reading.

August 1, 2016
The EagleNYC, New York, New York
No admission fee: 100 percent of all donations made at the reading will be directed to OneOrlando
Information: 917-697-3344;

The Further Adventures Of

Tim Burke, Mark Finley, Jamie Heinlein
image: Katrina Del Mar  

Written by Kathleen Warnock
Directed by Eric Chase
Produced by Barry Childs

Tune in again for The Further Adventures of and follow Maggie Day as she uncovers the story of Commander Zoron and Prince Kal in the 50s sci-fi serial, 鄭tlantis, 1 Million Years B.C. Maggie studies the actors who portrayed Zoron and Kal, Drake Darling and Frank Gallagher, and follows their paths from the classic sci-fi show, to the age of the internet, revealing hidden secrets, lost loves, and the things people couldn稚 say then (and maybe even now?)

Maggie has a feeling that the stars of the TV show are gay, and were in love with each other which was true and, by watching the show, she discovers that she is attracted to women.

Cast includes: Tim Burke*, Mark Finley, Jamie Heinlein* (*Actors Equity)

August 12, 2016
Teatro LATEA at the Clemente, New York, New York
Information: 917-697-3344;

That痴 Miss Fits, to You!

Dusty Lynn Childers
image: Brett Lindell  

Written by Todd 典if Fernandez
Directed by Jonathan Warman
Produced by Giovani Miranda

In this queer, musical mystery, magical tale of trans-poly-gender awareness, Miss Fits, a spirit guide, has mysteriously disappeared on the eve of the annual holiday extravaganza. Retracing her life through the Stonewall Riots, to Rosa Parks Bus Boycott, the investigation into MISS FITS' life reveals the liberation spirit alive in each of us.

This musical taps all the gender-bending arts, from lip-sync, to a live drag extravaganza! As Radical Faeries rattle your fashion!

Cast includes: Ursula Anderman, Kimberlyn Avon*, Walter Battistini, Christopher Borg*, Paloma Carrera, Dusty Lynn Childers, Todd 典if Fernandez, Kevin Garcia, Brandon Leonard, Michael Lynch*, Darren Polito, Michael Teger, Eduardo Uribe, Dennis Williams. (*Actors Equity)

August 13, 2016
SoHo Playhouse, New York, New York

Drama Queens From Hell

Written by Peter Lefcourt
Directed by Terri Hanauer
Produced by Theatre Planners

A washed up TV actress, a former Blaxploitation bit player, and a pre-op transgender woman compete for the role of Norma Desmond in a remake of Sunset Boulevard.

A rollicking, outrageous farce that skewers Hollywood, ageism, political correctness and everything else in its path, from Emmy Award-winner PeterLefcourt.

Cast includes: Christopher Callen, Dee Freeman, David Starzyk, Rick Podell, Paul Galliano, Andrew Diego

August 13, 2016
Odyssey Theatre, West Los Angeles, California
Wheelchair accessible
Information/Reservation: 323-960-7787

At The Flash

David Leeper
image: At The Flash  

Written by David Leeper and Sean Chandler
Directed by David Zak
Produced by NY International Fringe Festival

Five decades of gay history is seen through the story of one gay bar, known as The Flash.

In the present day, as Rod prepares for the grand reopening of The Flash. Traveling back to 1965, The Flash is an unassuming hole-in-the-wall. Richard, a husband and father of three, struggles with his sexual identity amid a raid. In 1979, Miss Sparkle, an aging drag queen, recounts the significance, struggle, and lessons of Stonewall.

In 1989, Derrick dances, drinks, and drugs the night away, while waiting for the results of an HIV test. In 1996, Mona fights an uphill against the Defense of Marriage Act to lay the groundwork for recent strides in the LGBTQ community.

Cast: David Leeper

One of just 32 FringeNYC shows chosen for publication by Indie Theater Now, 鄭t The Flash examines the importance of remembering where we致e been, where we are, and where we need to go.

摘very generation can take something from this play, and every generation should see it. - Jake Webb, WeHo News

August 13, 2016
Under St. Mark痴, New York, New York

覧覧 September 2016 Openings 覧覧覧


Cameron August, Ian Whitt
image: John David West  

Written by Frank J. Avella
Directed by Rod Kaats
Produced by Impetus Ensemble/Dream Up Festival at Theater for the New City

A Russian hate group attacks a young gay man. Repercussions follow.

Based on real events, 鏑ured brutally depicts how vigilantes lure and entrap LGBTQ people, humiliating and sometimes torturing them on camera.
This timely play shows how hate is taught.

Cast includes: Cameron August, John Ball, Carlotta Brentan, Cali Gilman, Brian Patterson, Dave Stishan, Ian Whitt.

September 5, 2016
Theater for the New City, New York City, New York
Wheelchair accessible
Information: 973-715-2356;

覧覧 October 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

Oscar Wilde Birthday Celebration

Oscar Wilde
image enhancement: Demian  

Written by Bill Kaiser
Produced by The Purple Circuit

Oscar Wilde痴 circle of family and friends is the theme for the 162th birthday of this gay icon.

Tea and cucumber sandwiches will be served, followed by Oscar痴 favorite, 撤rincess Cake.

Cast includes: Deborah Lissner, John Hale, Joe Filippone, Guy Perry, David Trudell, Bill Kaiser.

October 16, 2016 - 5pm
Antebellum Art Gallery, 1643 N Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, California
Wheelchair accessible
$15 donation
Information: 323-856-0677;

覧覧 November 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

The Super Variety Match Bonus Round!

Written by Deb Hiett
Directed by Cameron Watson
Produced by Rogue Machine Theatre

A very modern androgynous kid, with no vowels in his/her name, rents a bedroom in the home of a small-town older Texas couple, while attending a big desert music festival weekend. The couple is struggling with grief and how to find a safe place in the big scary, rapidly changing world. The kid decides to help. Like a fairy tale come true the couple suddenly find themselves in a 1970s-era TV game show where the stakes are life itself, and the prize is a new beginning, during this thrill ride of a comedy.

Cast includes: Bonnie Bailey-Reed, Paula Christensen, Victoria Ortiz, Mark L. Taylor.

Playwright Deb Hiett won New York University痴 Herbert Rubin Creative Writing Award. Her play 溺iss Keller Has No Second Book was recently selected for Gulfshore Playhouse痴 New Works Festival, and was also a Semifinalist in the 2016 O誰eill National Playwrights Conference, the 2016 PlayPenn New Play Workshop, the 2016 Princess Grace Playwrights Fellowship, and was a Finalist in Chicago痴 Route 66 New Play Workshop.

Director Cameron Watson was recently heralded by the Los Angeles Times as 登ne of our finest contemporary directors. He wrote, directed, and produced the independent feature film, 徹ur Very Own. His theater directing credits include: the west coast premiere of Mike Bartlett痴 鼎ock at Rogue Machine Theatre, which won the Ovation Award for Rebecca Mozo and the LA Drama Critics Circle Award for Patrick Stafford and Best Ensemble; and the revival of Caryl Churchill痴 典op Girls at Anteaus, noted by Charles McNulty as one of the 典OP TEN Stage Productions of 2014.

November 12, 2016
Rogue Machine Theatre, 1089 N Oxford Ave., Los Angeles, California


Maria Blaney
image: Brian Merriman  

Written and directed by Brian Merriman
Produced by TOSOS

Irish nurse Elizabeth O巽arrell was airbrushed out of the 1916 surrender photograph. A century later, the hidden lesbian and gay heroes of 1916 return to discuss their place in modern Ireland. This is a revolutionary story of love and courage, challenging history to complete the identity of the heroism of 1916, and challenging us to hear it today.

Full of humour, pathos and actual testimony, 摘irebrushed explores, and claims, the pinkwashed history of the gay and lesbian heroes and heroines of the Rebellion. The play records their words used in inspirational poetry and speeches, as they struggled to create a society where, as the Proclamation promised, "No minority would be subject to the will of the majority."

Cast includes: Maria Blaney, Flo McSweeney, John Kelly, Stephen Gorman.

Writer and director Brian Merriman is the founding artistic director of the International Dublin Gay Theatre Festival. He one of Ireland痴 leading producer/directors, and an accomplished actor, writer and singer in music and theatre at home and abroad. In all, he has more than 360 productions to his credit.

November 15, 2016
Downtown Art, 70 East 4th St., New York, New York
Information: 917-697-3344;

Oscar Wilde Death Day Observance

Oscar Wilde
image enhancement: Demian  

Alla Nazimova
in 鉄alom髞 1923

Written by Bill Kaiser
Produced by The Purple Circuit

In honor of Oscar Wilde痴 Death Day, there will be a brief presentation on 展ilde and The Occult.

Also, there will be a screening of the 1923 silent film of 鉄alom髞 directed by Charles Bryant and starring Alla Nazimova.

November 30, 2016 - 5pm
Antebellum Art Gallery, 1643 N Las Palmas Ave., Hollywood, California
Wheelchair accessible
$15 donation
Information: 323-856-0677;

覧覧 December 2016 Openings 覧覧覧

57th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration

L.A. Gay Men痴 Chorus
photo: Gennia Cui  

Vox Femina, L.A.
photo: Ed Krieger  
images curtesy:  

Produced by Los Angeles County Arts Commission

The Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles and Vox Femina Los Angeles return to the Emmy Award-winning 57th Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration. Cast includes: more than 20 music ensembles, choirs and dance companies from diverse neighborhoods throughout L.A., including:

    Gay Men痴 Chorus of L.A.
    Vox Femina Los Angeles
    Grandeza Mexicana Folk Ballet Company - features a folklrico dance from Tabasco, Mexico
    Harmonic Bronze Handbell Ensemble - perform a classical handbell piece that celebrates Christmas and Hanukkah
    Palmdale High School Choral Union and Sunday Night Singers
    Southern California Brass Consortium, a 26-member brass ensemble from Long Beach
    California Feetwarmers - Grammy-nominated ragtime, Dixieland blues and early swing band performs holiday favorites
    Cuba L.A. - performing Latin jazz renditions of holiday standards
    Kayamanan Ng Lahi, Filipino dance company performs festive dances from the provincial lowland/coastal region of the Philippines
    Los Angeles Chamber Choir - sings the 16th century advent hymn 鏑o, How a Rose E弾r Blooming
    QVLN (Q-Violin) - bringing his 釘razil-meets-Jimi Hendrix on an electric violin stylings to perform a Latin fusion of the 鏑ittle Drummer Boy
    Las Colibr - all-female mariachi performs innovative interpretations of sones, huapangos and rancheras, incorporating jazz, rock, oldies and R&B;.

December 24, 2016 - 3pm
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, 135 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, California
Wheelchair accessible
    Note: Broadcast live on PBS SoCal KOCE and via on December 24 - 3pm-6pm
              Re-broadcast December 24 - 9pm卜idnight, and on December 25 - noon.
Information: 213-972-3099;

覧覧 2016 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

The Village Playwrights

The Village Playwrights was founded out of the need of lesbian and gay writers to have a venue in which they could present their works without fear of being harshly criticized, or dismissed because of their sexual orientation or gender identification.

We take pride in critiquing works solely on their merit, and not on their sometimes sensitive subject matter.
This allows each writer to find his or her voice as a creative individual. To speak freely is to be empowered.

典his is a place to speak from the heart. This is a place to find one痴 voice. This is a place to take risks.

The Village Playwrights meet at 8pm on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month.
LGBT Center, 208 W. 13th St., New York, New York

Participation is open to all playwrights, screenwriters, directors and actors.
Beginners are encouraged and helped.

Information: 614-285-2515;

*QComedy - Monday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy - See Web site for GLBT comedy listings in San Francisco, as well as worldwide.

QComedy Showcase occurs on the first Monday of each month.
Mama Calizo痴, 1519 Mission St., San Francisco, California
Wheelchair accessible
Information and comedy bookings: Nick Leonard, 415-533-9133;

Ian MacKinnon

Just about every month, Ian presents a show, by himself, or with others, and they all are about gay male culture.
He often includes several centuries of such culture all at the same time.

Ian MacKinnon is a GLAAD Award-nominated performance artist who has been working in Los Angeles since 2005.
His solo show series 典he Gay Hist-Orgy toured throughout California at theaters and universities.
He curates many 賭ueer performance events including the annual Adonis Project, as well as the monthly LGBT experimental performance event 撤lanet Queer.
Ian has been leading his 敵et More Gay Performance Workshops in Los Angeles since 2012.

Ian MacKinnon,

8 the Play

Written by Dustin Lance Black

A chronicle of the historic trial in the federal constitutional challenge to California痴 Proposition 8, which stripped same-sex couples of the right to legally marry their partner.

Usually produced as a staged reading, the play allows an audience to witness the Proposition 8 trial.
Witness inequality and discrimination unequivocally rejected in a court of law, where truth and facts matter.
Hear the testimonies which clarify that marriage equality is a basic constitutional right.

Vimeo: " 8 the play" - trailer 4:27

Writer Dustin Lance Black won an Academy Award in 2009 for his script of 溺ilk.
He is also a founding member of American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which was the sole sponsor of Perry v. Schwarzenegger (now known as Hollingsworth v Perry), the successful federal suit to nullify California痴 Proposition 8.

This play has multiple performances around the country.
Information on current productions and how to produce it yourself: 8 the Play

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