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Openings of 2012
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覧覧 January 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

2 Boys in a Bed on a Cold Winter痴 Night

Nicholas Wilder, Nick Baldock
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by James Edwin Parker
Directed by Justin Amellio
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Daryl and Peter met earlier that evening in a bar. It痴 5am, winter of 87, in a spare, well-appointed apartment in Greenwich Village. They know nothing about each other, except that they share an attraction, and that they just had some great sex.

Chatty Daryl, seeking a boyfriend, wants to discuss relationships, jobs, and determine their compatibility. Rugged and taciturn Peter wants to sleep. He only wants a good time. They sexually, verbally and emotionally joust with each other in what becomes a poignant, frightening, intimate, yet frequently humorous encounter.

Cast includes: Nicholas Wilder, Nick Baldock.

Show contains nudity.

January 11, 2012
Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, Richmond, Virginia


Joel Smith
Liz Casebolt
photo: Jeff D. Larson  

Written, directed, performed and produced by Liz Casebolt and Joel Smith

Performance duo Casebolt and Smith deconstruct their creative process in a fast-paced, intricately layered, meta-theatrical evening of brash humor, quick repartee and imaginative choreography. A demonstration of what they can, can稚 and won稚 do as dancers.

Relying on their friendship and shared sense of humor, the pair reveals their choreographic methods and collaborative rapport to analyze gender and sexuality politics, as well as the overly serious traditions of modern dance. They speak directly to the audience, sing while dancing, and layer the performance with pop culture references, offering a complex and hilarious glimpse into the minds and pants of the performers.

January 13, 2012
Actors Company Theatre, West Hollywood, California

Next Fall

Patrick Heusinger, Patrick Breen
photo: Shandon Youngclaus  

Written by Geoffrey Nauffts
Directed by Bart DeLorenzo
Produced Susan A. Loewenberg

Two men in love, two parents in denial, and two friends on speed dial. Luke believes in God, Adam believes in everything else. When an accident changes everything, Adam must turn to Luke痴 family and friends for support and answers.

L.A. Theatre Works offers a live, recorded for radio performance of Geoffrey Nauffts hit play.

Cast includes: Patrick Breen, Patrick Heusinger, Jeremy Webb, Julie White, Maddie Corman, Sam McMurray.

January 19, 2012
L.A. Theater Works - James Bridges Theatre, UCLA School of Theatre, Film, Television, Los Angeles, California

Fairy Tale Theatre: 18 and Over

J. Michael Feldman, puppeteer Jess McKay
photo: Stephen Rowan  

Written by J. Michael Feldman
Directed by Annie McVey
Produced by Daniel Shoenman, Elliot Shoenman

Percy Rutherford takes over, where other less-able social know-it-alls leave off, in this comedic mash-up of folklore, fables, and folly. Among the tales he tells we find one about the gay termites Ryan and Steve, who are newly married due to the Insect Marriage Act. The guys uncover a shocking secret, but learn an important lesson, naturally, through a fairy tale.

Some stories are told using hand puppets.

Cast includes: J. Michael Feldman, Courtney Pauroso, Corey Podell, Kimrie Davis, Eileen Mullane, Jess McKay, Matt Cook, Tina Huang.

January 20, 2012
The Matrix Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Hermetically Sealed

Julia Prud檀omme, Gigi Bermingham

Written by Kathryn Graf
Directed by Joel Polis
Produced by Gary Grossman, Katselas Theatre Company

Tessie May, begins her work in the kitchen at dawn. Her son Jimmy, who is gay, arrives home from partying at that time. Her younger son, Colin, wakes to conquer opponents in familiar video games. Their daily routines keep them isolated from small town prejudices, and not needing to face their unspeakable, secret pain. This evening, however, their carefully balanced life may become undone.

Cast includes: Gigi Bermingham, Julia Prud檀omme, Nicholas Podany, Brendan Patrick Conner, Wolfie Trausch.

Opened October 22, 2011 - Extended run began: January 20, 2012
Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 February 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

The Gay Hist-Orgy! pt. 1 & 2

Ian MacKinnon
photo: Don Tinling  

Written, produced and performed by Ian MacKinnon
Directed by Wendell Jones

With his cyber-sexual time traveling hot pants, and his sexy Genie guide, performance artist Ian MacKinnon takes a porn-o-storical journey through thousands of years of homo history cruising a plethora of Gay icons.

Featuring hot histo-graphic hookups with Plato, Rumi, Lincoln, Melville, Fredrick the Great, Edward Carpenter, da Vinci, Michelangelo, Karl Ulrichs, Ginsberg, Socrates, Whitman, Hafiz, Ganymede, Alexander, Hadrian, Zeami, Bayard Rustin, and more.

Performed in 敵ay Love-O-Vision!

敵ay Hist-Orgy, is a smart, smutty crash course in homo history. The avant-garde production not only recounts our culture痴 journey through the centuries, but also proposes the existential questions, 糎ho are we as a people, and why are we here?但s a seasoned performance artist/gay activist, MacKinnon utilizes myriad sources from a diverse spectrum of time periods in his quest to answer these queries. More importantly, he approaches the subject with humor and a raging libido. - Frontiers Magazine

的an MacKinnon is a pleasant, bearded guy in his mid-30s, whose relentlessly vivacious, salacious one-man lecture/carny act, Ian MacKinnon痴 Gay Hist-Orgy! Part 1 & 2, is dedicated to the proposition that art and ideas are more enduring, and useful, than children. - Steven Leigh Morris, LA Weekly

Reasons to see The Gay Hist-Orgy!

  1. It痴 good for you. (Like eating sexy fun gay vegetables, take your Vitamin Gay!)
  2. Gay History is hot and makes you powerful.
  3. Ian will show his bare ass.
  4. Lots of erotic gay images will be projected - from Ancient China to the turn of the century.
  5. You will lean something. You can impress friends later and spread the gay knowledge.
  6. If you have seen it already, Ian offers a discount to see it again. Just e-mail him:
  7. It痴 an antidote to the hetero-dominated world we are forced to live in.
  8. There is usually good cruising in the audience.
  9. Ian worked really, really hard on it.
  10. It empowers you to live your gay destiny.
February 18, 2012
Moving Arts, Los Angeles, California

Special Delivery

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written and performed by Harry Hart-Browne
Directed by Mark Bringelson
Produced by Mark Bringelson and Katselas Theatre Company

A 20-character, one-man-play about a lifetime on Earth, and a gay actor trapped in his role.

With boundless endurance, the adventure unfolds through the comedic, and heartfelt ingenuity of award winning Harry Hart-Browne, whose recent drama 鼎ologne (about teen boy relationships) won critical acclaim in Los Angeles.

February 20, 2012
Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California


Alex Kirschner, Soren Santos
photo: Lois Tema  

Written by Roger Parsley and Andy Graham
Directed by George McGuire
Produced by David Beery, Norm Abramson, and The Anderson Prize Foundation

Clive, an aristocratic Englishman with a life of privilege, shocks his close friend Maurice by declaring his love for him. This declaration was not only brazen, but, because homosexuality was outlawed in Great Britain before World War I, was also highly dangerous.

The play is based on E.M. Forster痴 suppressed 1914 novel, 溺aurice, which was only published after his death.

Cast includes: John Hurst, Alex Kirschner, Soren Santes, Lindsay Murray, Andrew Nolan, Hilary Hyatt.

February 24, 2012
New Conservatory Theatre Center, Decker Theater, San Francisco, California

覧覧 March 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Male Matriarch

Amir Levi
photo: David Silva  

Written by Amir Levi
Directed by Shauna Horn
Produced by Alive Theatre and Inventing Room Productions

When Amir痴 first relationship crumbles, dashing his boyhood dreams, he quickly finds that the fairy tale courtships of his beloved matriarchs seem nowhere to be found.

An autobiographical story which challenges postmodern gay identity through Amir痴 cultural desire to create a nuclear family based on traditional values. Strongly influenced by the love stories of his mother and grandmother, Amir shares his Builla痴 rhythm, his mother痴 taste in curly-haired men, and thinks he痴 destined to be the next matriarch of his Mexican-Israeli-Jewish-American family.

Cast includes: Amir Levi, Willie Fortes.

March 6, 2012
Longbeach Playhouse, Studio Theatre, Long Beach, California

Busted: The Musical

Bianca Leigh
photo: Michael Wakefield  

Written and performed by Bianca Leigh
Songs by Jeff Domoto, William TN Hall, Taylor Mac, Ellen Maddow, Isam Rum and Matty Pritchard, Super Buddha, and Jeff Whitty
Directed by Tim Cusack
Produced by Theatre Askew

During the stock market crash of 1987, Bianca cools her 6-inch heels in the clink awaiting arraignment on a charge of solicitation. Looking back, she tries to make sense of how a skinny Jersey boy with dreams of becoming a great Shakespearean actress ended up as a high-priced dominatrix.

In a tour-de-force performance, both hilarious and moving, Bianca revisits her past as a young transwoman in early transition, and brings to vivid life more than a dozen characters; from her disappointed mother, to the sadistic corrections officer who enacts the ultimate humiliation.

March 8, 2012
Laurie Beechman, New York, New York

Naked Before God

Written and directed by Leo Geter
Presented by Circle X Theatre Company

Kristen Burrows has hit upon a brilliant way to transform the sins of her youth into lots of cash: she痴 going to combine her adult film past with a born-again future. However, things get more than a little out of hand when she invites a Christian radio talk show host to dinner and meets her family, including her teenage son Duncan, who has just embarked on a career as a gay porno performer.

What do a porn star, a stripper and a soldier have in common with a Christian, a Muslim and a Mormon? They all want to get naked before god. What痴 left to reveal, once they致e bared it all?

This wild and darkly comic romp is R-rated - for mature audiences 17+.

Cast includes: Larry Clarke, Christopher Foley, Jen Kays, Aly Mawji, Morgan McClellan, William Salyers, Jennifer A. Skinner.

March 24, 2012
[Inside] the Ford, Hollywood, California

The Boomerang Effect

Jonathan Slavin, Emerson Collins
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written by Matthew Leavitt
Directed by D疥aso Rodriguez
Produced by Del Shores, Linda Toliver, Gary Guidinger

Five bedrooms, five couples, and one same-sex marriage face the ultimate test.

典he Boomerang Effect comedically explores the cause-and-effect principle. From playwrite Leavitt: 典he concept of one single principle being utilized so differently by so many different fields made me think about the play痴 five couples and the universal complications in their sexual relationships despite the differences in scenario and detail. But really, it痴 a comedy about sex.

Cast includes: Joel Bryant, Jonathan Slavin, Kimberly Hamilton, Tiffany Lonesdale-Hands, Charles Howerton, Liza de Weerd, Katherine Bailess, Will Christoferson, Emerson Collins, Luke McClure.

March 24, 2012
Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Stupid Kids

Courtney McCotter, Kerry McGee
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by John C. Russell
Directed by Jason Campbell
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Four students at Joe McCarthy High School make their way from first-through-eighth period and beyond, struggling with fears, frustrations, and longings. Jim is the new guy in town, sexy, a rebel. Judy is the popular blonde cheerleader. Neechee and Kimberly are the resident outcasts, both of whom are secretly gay. Will Jim become popular? Will Judy hook up with Jim? Will Neechee and Kimberly come out? Rapid, stylized, music video-like scenes, astonishingly reveal the hearts and minds of contemporary youth.

Cast includes: Courtney McCotter, Joe Winters, Kerry McGee, Alexander Gerber.

March 28, 2012
Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, Richmond, Virginia

覧覧 April 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Caffé Cino: Birthplace of Gay theatre

Robert Patrick
photo: Robert Patrick  

Written, directed, produced and performed by Robert Patrick

Pioneer, gay playwright Robert Patrick, appears with a unique collection of large photographs, and tells of the creation of gay theater at New York痴 Caffé Cino (1958-1968).

He will tell stories of the caffé痴 farsighted producer Joe Cino, his lover Johnny (who connected the Caffé Cino to the subway electrical supply), and such world-famed artists as writers Lanford wilson, John Guare, Tom Eyen (泥reamgirls), William M. Hoffman (鄭s Is), Tom O辿organ (滴air, 笛esus Christ Superstar), Bernadette Peters, Tiny Tim, and Al Pacino, who got their start there.

The hour-long illustrated talk will be followed by a 轍 & A hour with Mr. Patrick. The event is sponsored by Bruce Vilanch.

A May 15, 2010 version of Mr. Patrick痴 lecture is available on DVD:
    Caffé Cino: Cradle of Gay Theatre

A sample of Robert Patrick痴 60 published plays:
    The Haunted Host (1964)
    Salvation Army (1969)
    Camera Obscura (1969)
    Kennedy痴 Children (1974)
    T-Shirts (1979)

Collections and Anthologies:
    Gay Plays: A First Collection
    The Mammoth Book of Gay Short Stories
    Flesh and the Word, 2 & 3
    Best Gay Erotica, 2009, 2010

    Ghost Story (TV) (1972)
    High-Tide (TV) (1990)
    Robin痴 Hoods (TV) (1994)

Also, see our articles by Robert Patrick:
    Playhouse Anecdotes - How it all began
    The Gay Ghost - Gay for pay
    Ghost on the Coast - Spooky profession confession
        List of Robert Patrick痴 plays with gay content.

April 4, 2012
Davidson/Valentini Theatre, The Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Hollywood, California

覧覧 May 2012 Openings 覧覧覧


George A. Peters II as 展esley
photo: Jon-Sesrie Goff  

Written by George A. Peters II with B. Fontenont Johnson
Directed and performed by George A. Peters II
Produced by George A. Peters II and Veer Gordan

A one-man show that explores the challenges faced by every man through its portrayal of seven male characters. One of the characters is Wesley, a gay artist rejected by his parents, uses his art as an escape from the frustration he feels towards the stereotypical constraints of manhood. Another character is Willie, an angry young man abandoned by his father and damned by his mother, who rages anger at women while desperately seeking their attention.

May 17, 2012
The Poet痴 Den Gallery and Theater, New York, New York


Rob Brownstein
Joanna Strapp
photo: Ed Kriger  

Written by Tony Abatemarco
Directed by Jenny Sullivan
Produced by Gary Grossman

In the spring of 1969, gay hairdresser Mike痴 opening day gets off to an unexpected start. The beautiful, but dour, young Republican, Candy, stumbles in to his Massachusetts beauty parlor looking for anything but a change of hairdo. But change it he does, and the subsequent years of loyal trips back to Mike痴 chair prove that a professional relationship such as these two share goes way beyond curing split ends. True friends emerge in a most unlikely place, with the sights and sounds of the last forty years as backdrop to their bonding.

Cast includes: Karen Austin, Rob Brownstein, Joanna Strapp.

May 25-July 1, 2012 - Friday, Saturday 8pm; Sundays 2pm
The Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 June 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

In Heat in Hollywood

David Trudell
photo: Christopher Glenn Hertrich  

Written and performed by David Trudell
Directed by Michael Kearns
Produced by Katselas Theatre Company

An autobiographical comedy about a small town boy who moves to Hollywood and plunges into the choppy waters of coming out, absurd hookups, Sunday night clubs, 9-to-5 office drudgery, and facing his own mortality; all while trying to find his 堵low and maintain his dignity at the Hollywood/Wilcox police station.

David is a writer, actor, comedian, originally from upstate New York, and has lived in Los Angeles for more than 23 years. He has studied with Michael Kearns, the Lee Strasberg Theatre, and the Film Institute in West Hollywood.

This is the premiere production of 的n Heat In Hollywood.

June 17, 2012
Skylab at The Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Living on the Real

Michael Lynch
photo: Pepper Negron  

Written by Michael Lynch and Steve Kaufman
Music by Steve Kaufman and Jimmy Camichi
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs

A one-man musical narrative of Michael Lynch痴 personal journey, from growing up in the 1960s south, to the 70s Bronx as an 殿lways out kid.

Part rock concert, gospel service and s饌nce, Michael shares the history of his youth, which was filled with homophobia, self-doubt, and family conflict. Bringing us through the 80s and 90s, he shows us how he came to fervently embrace his hard-earned philosophy: 的 am me, in being free.

Cast includes: Michael Lynch, Steve Kaufman (on keyboard).

June 22, 2012
Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance, Bronx, New York

Street Theater

Street Theater show poster
image: Howard Cruse  

Written by Doric Wilson
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs

A panorama of drags, dykes, leather men, flower children, vice cops and cruisers; the innocent and not-so-innocent bystanders who would turn June 28, 1969 into Stonewall, the D-day of gay history.

Doric Wilson wrote Street Theater as participant in the Stonewall Uprising, not so much as a history of the event, but as a record of the people he knew and the incidents he witnessed. It is a personal record of the tone of the times leading up to the night gays fought back, which became the catalyst for the modern gay liberation movement.

Cast includes: Chris Andersson, Christopher Borg, Johnathan Cedano, Desmond Dutcher, Jeremy Lawrence, Michael Lynch, Rebecca Nyahay, Ben Strothmann, Bradley Wells.

Click here for a article by Doric Wilson on 鉄treet Theater.

June 28, 2012 - 7:30pm
The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center, New York, New York

A Missionary Position

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine
photo: Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine  

Written, directed and performed by Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine

Uganda痴 LGBT community is revealed through the eyes of a Ugandan government official, a transgender sex worker, a gay priest, and a lesbian activist. Author and actor Ntare creates a complex investigation of the burgeoning resistance to state-generated oppression.

鄭 Missionary Position is a searing response to the rampant homophobia now gripping Uganda. Ntare incorporates raw video footage and still photography, gathered on the front lines of Uganda痴 LGBT movement, and layers this with his portrayal of riveting figures drawn from in-person interviews.

Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine toured with his internationally heralded one-man show 釘iro, about the eponymous HIV-positive Ugandan who illegally entered the United States to seek treatment. He produced 釘eware Of Time, a documentary about the lives of HIV positive Ugandans, and the crimes of a brutal war ravaging northern Uganda. He has contributed footage to 鼎all Me Kuchu, a documentary film on the life and death of David Kato, Uganda痴 first openly gay man, which won the Teddy Award for Best Documentary Film at the 2012 Berlin International Film Festival.

June 28, 2012
Redcat, Los Angeles, California

Bain-Sauna: le musical! / Bathhouse: The Musical!

Bain-Sauna: le musical!
image: Simon Cot  

Written by St駱hane Turgeon
Music and Lyrics by Tim Evanicki and Esther Daack
Directed by Davyn Ryall
Musical Direction by Jeff Louch
Choreography by Nadia Verrucci
Orchestrations by Don Hopkinson
Produced by Productions Village Scene

Join Billy as he visits his friendly neighbourhood bathhouse for the first time. He痴 looking for love, but soon realizes that the other patrons such as your favorite bathhouse icons Maurice, David, and Teddy are looking for something else; something a little more temporary.

Songs include: 擢riendly Neighborhood Bathhouse, 釘athhouse ABCs, 典he Steam Room, 鼎licking for Dick, 典he Workout, 的n the Shower, 典he Seduction Tango, and 滴ottie Revival.

Everything you ever wanted to know about the BoYces Bathhouse but were afraid to ask. Come out and see what goes on behind those doors. This rib-tickling, ass-slapping, toe-tapping, all-male, burlesque, musical, high camp comedy promises to be a rousing, carousing, musical montage with plenty of scantily clad men.

The Play contains adult themes and is for mature audiences with a high tolerance of being offended.

Cast includes: Bryan Libero, Hugo Charland, Martin Provost, S饕astien Neault, St駱hane Turgeon, Victor Antonio Contreras.

Village Scene Productions celebrates their 10th year of producing original queer-themed, bilingual theatre.

釘ain-Sauna: le musical! is presented in French in June and August.
釘athhouse: The Musical! is presented in English in August.

June 28, 2012
Au Chats des Artistes - Ateliers Cr饌tif, Montr饌l, Quebec, Canada

覧覧 July 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

The Irish Curse

Joe Pacheco, Patrick Quinlan,
Austin H饕ert, Scott Conte, Shaun O辿agan
photo: ?  

Written by Martin Casella
Directed by Andrew Barnicle
Produced by Beth Hogan and Craig Zehms

A group of Irish-American men meet weekly in the basement of a Catholic church. The focus of their self-help group is an anatomical shortcoming, which is an alleged Irish trait they all feel has ruined their lives.

The support groupies include: Father Kevin Shaunessy, the genial Brooklyn resident who opens up his Manhattan church for the group痴 meetings; Joseph, a tightly wound 40-something attorney whose wife has recently left him; Stephen, a tough, jaded, openly gay Bronx cop; Rick, a 23-year-old sports medicine student from Staten Island; and Kieran, an Irish immigrant living in Queens who joins the support group on the eve of his wedding.

In this wicked, rollicking, very funny play, size matters and is explored through blistering language and a brutally honest look at sex and body image. These guys, with their 登ne tiny problem, reveal how men, and society, define masculinity and sexuality.

鄭 savvy mixture of laughs and seriousness a very human and even humane play. Associated Press.

Cast includes: Scott Conte, Austin H饕ert, Shaun O辿agan, Joe Pacheco, Patrick Quinlan.

A hit at the Dublin International Gay Theatre Festival, this is a California premiere.

July 7, 2012
The Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Heterosexuals - or - The War Over Jane Fonda
image: Andrew Adam Caldwell  

Written by Robert Patrick
Directed by Carol Polcovar
Produced by Fresh Fruit Festival

Burned-out gay hippie and pacifist, Bud, loses his shop in 1990 New York and must stay with his 溺ary Kay dealer sister, Sis, and his brother-in-law, Bil, a former bombardier, in tiny Flatwater, California.

Bud says, 的 haven稚 been alone among heterosexuals in thirty years. He is appalled by what the 1960s did to America. He arrives just in time for Desert Storm to open festering wounds in his, Sis, and Bil痴 hearts.

Cast includes: Kevin Huelbig, James Martinelli, Ann Parker

A premiere production of Heterosexuals.

Robert Patrick is the author of 適enendy痴 Children, 典he Haunted Host," 典-Shirts, and 典emple Slave. For a list of Robert痴 other gay-themed plays, please see Robert Patrick

July 19, 2012
The Wild Project, New York, New York

Secrets of a Gay Mormon Felon

Kimball Allen
photo: Metaphor Media  

Written and performed by Kimball Allen

Growing up in rural Idaho, young Kimball Allen was warned by his mother, 澱oys don稚 kiss boys. Confused, he would hide under his sister痴 bed to play with her toys and would fantasize about growing up in a family where he could be himself.

Rebelling against his family, religion, and community, Kimball was often left alone, and, at 13, experienced an event so traumatic it stole his innocence and led him down a dark turbulent path towards adulthood lined with betrayal, alcohol, drugs, and sex.

Meanwhile, Kimball continued to keep up appearances as the exemplary Mormon boy his family expected him to be while developing a keen expertise in living a double life. This skill would prove invaluable to Kimball as he became an adult, and would allow him to use relationships, money, and secrecy for his personal gain ultimately landing him in a jail cell.

In 鉄ecrets of a Gay Mormon Felon, Kimball recounts these pivotal events, and how he is able to reclaim his life and reconnect with the family and innocence he lost all those years ago.

撤laywright, actor, and subject matter Kimball Allen posses the assets of colorful material in his life story, a gift for story-telling, and a charisma that drew in the audience from beginning to end. - Dagney Velazquez, Kansas City Spirituality Examiner

的t is a harrowing narrative, and he (Kimball Allen) is to be commended for his skill and courage in bringing it to the public. 全ecrets is a fascinating and engrossing story. It is a confessional, an act of contrition and a warning. - Kelly Luck, KC Stage Blog

的 have not enjoyed a one-man play so much since I saw 船eep in a Dream of You. You池e brave and wonderful and touched us all. - Lori, audience member e-mail, July 30, 2012

Also see Kimball Allen痴 listing in our Touring Performers article.

Tour Dates:

Kansas City Fringe Festival, MO
July 21, 2012

O誕hu Fringe Festival, Honolulu, HI
November 8, 2012

New Orleans Fringe Festival, LA
November 14, 2012

Information: 907-342-9213;

覧覧 August 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Caffe Cino: Birthplace of Gay Theatre
photo: Robert Patrick  

Written, directed and lecture by Robert Patrick
Produced by Vash Boddie

Pioneer gay playwright Robert Patrick displays 300 rare photographs which traces from its rise through revolutionary drama, to its fall from success and drugs the story of the Caffe Cino where the creators of 滴air, 笛esus Christ, Superstar, 泥reamgirls, 典alley痴 Folly, 適ennedy痴 Children, and 鉄ix Degrees of Separation first worked.

Actors like Al Pacino, Bernadette Peters, and Sam Shepard trained there. And there was a magical fairyland of Bohemian eccentrics who were stars and celebrities in an Oz-like land called 徹ff-Off Broadway. They changed theatre forever.

Coffee and casual conversation with Robert Patrick follows the 1 hour lecture.

August 1, 2012
Genesis, Los Angeles, California

Nobody Likes Jews When They池e Winning

Maia Madison, Jonathan Goldstein
photo: Ehrin Marlow  

Written by Maia Madison
Directed by Diana Basmajian
Original Music by Lindsay Jones
Produced by Maia Madison, Laetitia Leon, Diana Basmajian

An interfaith couple want to marry and live happily ever after, so long as her Jewish family doesn稚 find out. This sparks the main character to go on a quest to seek the real meaning of her Jewish identity, and the real meaning of family.

This comedy tackles the issue of the misogyny found in all religions. And while not a specifically gay plot or theme, it is a coming-out story, in that the lovers go to their parents knowing that they may turn their backs on them forever.

Cast includes: John Bobek, Jacque Lynn Colton*, David Downs*, Daniel Escobar*, Adam George, Jonathan Goldstein*, Jeremy Guskin*, Conor Lane, Laetitia Leon, Maia Madison*, Mary Linda Phillips*, Rod Sell*, Amanda Weier. (* Actor's Equity)

迭emarkable. Edgy insight into the conundrum of religiosity for any group. Extraordinarily intelligent. - Tovah Feldshuh,

August 9, 2012
The Open Fist Theater, Los Angeles, California

Put It in the Scrapbook
image: John Kundert-Gibbs  

Written, produced and performed by George Contini
Directed by Kristin Kundert-Gibbs

Julian Eltinge (born William Julian Dalton) was the highest paid performer in the United States, as Vaudeville痴 most famous female impersonator. A Broadway theater was built and named for him. The building is now known as the AMC Empire.

This play is based on Julian痴 scrapbooks and brings us into his run-down dressing room before his final performance in October, 1941. Facing debt and obscurity, an aging Eltinge recalls his career in Vaudeville, Broadway, and silent film, while the world begins to view him more as a perversion than artist. By the end of his career, he was playing at the The Rendezvous, an L.A. club for 砥ndesirables (the current term for homosexuals), at a time when it was prohibited by law to perform in women痴 clothing.

Presenting the first re-creation of Eltinge痴 stage routines and rare archival footage, this multi-media performance examines the dark and confusing fluidity of Eltinge痴 sexual persona, and its ability to ultimately offer him salvation. This play re-introduces a forgotten queer theatrical legend to modern GLBTQ audiences.

鄭 deeply moving one man (uh, woman?) show. - Alison Fensterstock, Times-Picayune, New Orleans

鄭 fascinating, heart breaking, and heroic account of an artist痴 professional demise, as well as a case study of early 20th century gender politics. - Amy Louise Whisenhunt, Flagpole Magazine

Excerpt - Part One:
Excerpt - Part Two:

Also see George Contini痴 listing in our Touring Performers article.

August 30, 2012
Chicago Fringe Festival, Dream Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

覧覧 September 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

50 Things I Love About Frank

Gaspare DiBlasi, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Christian Castro
photo: ???  

Written by Gaspare DiBlasi
Directed by Jesse Marchese
Produced by Theater for the New City

Frank Stampoli can稚 catch a break between freshman year business class, dance callbacks, and coming out. When he tells his family he has a boyfriend, his mother blames it on the fact that he hasn稚 found the right Italian girl. His father doesn稚 know what to say. And then there痴 Anthony and those 50 things he loves about Frank.

An Italian-American, Brooklyn born-and-bred story about family, friendship, first boyfriends and pasta sauce.

Cast includes: Gaspare DiBlasi*, Margo Singaliese*, Tommaso DiBlasi,Vince Bandille, Christian Castro, Alyson Leigh Rosenfeld, Seth Grugle*. (* Actors Equity)

September 1, 2012
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

Hard Times

Almeria Campbell
photo: Steven Simring  

Written by Larry Kirwan
Songs by Stephen Foster, Larry Kirwan
Directed by Kira Simring
Produced by the cell

In 1863, New York City saw clashing Irish and Afro-American cultures, while the Civil War draft riots raged on.

The play is a soulful, musical exploration featuring the creation of tap dance, as well as an exploration of Stephen Foster痴 songs and the troubled life and sexual orientation of the 吐ather of American music.

Cast includes: Phil Callen*, Almeria Campbell*, Stephane Duret, John Charles McLaughlin, Jed Peterson*, Erin West*. (*Actorsエ Equity)

September 13, 2012
the cell, New York, New York

8 The Play

Robert Garcia, Justin Rudd
photo: Henry Josefsberg  

Written by Dustin Lance Black
Directed and produced by Denis McCourt

In November 2008, Proposition 8 re-wrote the California state constitution to ban marriage for same-sex couples. In response, two couples, Sandy Stier and Kristin Perry, and Jeff Zarrillo and Paul Katami, filed suit against Proposition 8 in Federal Court. Representing them were Ted Olson and David Boies, most famous for representing the opposing sides in Bush v. Gore.

Olson and Boies argued in favor of broadcasting the trial live, and Republican-appointed Chief Judge Vaughn Walker agreed. Opponents of marriage equality filed an emergency appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court, which blocked broadcasting.

This play begins on June 16, 2010, during the closing arguments of Perry v. Schwarzenegger. To challenge the legality of Proposition 8, the so-called 溺arriage Protection Act, which eliminated an entire cass of citizens from constitutional protections, and reversed the rights of same-sex couples to marry in California.

These court testimonies uncover the truth about marriage for gay and lesbian Americans, and demystifies the debate around marriage equality. They give the historical context of marriage, and the human cost of discrimination. They expose the arguments used to justify bans on marriage for same-sex couples.

Using the actual court transcripts from the landmark federal trial of California痴 Prop. 8, and first-hand interviews, 8 lays bare both sides of the legal arguments in a moving 90-minute play.

A staged reading.

Cast includes: Richard Lewis Warren, Cheryl Turner, Alan Mandell, Ben Vereen, David Birney, David Fox-Brenton, Rober Garcia, Justin Rudd, Lisa Glass, Linda Slade, Toni Attell, Jonelle Allen, Joshua Gray, Chacko Vadaketh, Marcy Goldman, Paul Wong, Lyle Kanouse, Anthony Gruppuso.

Playwright Dustin Lance Black is an the screenwriter of 溺ilk which won awards from the Academy Awards (Best Original Screenplay), Writers Guild of America (Best Original Screenplay), Writers Guild of America (Paul Selwin Civil Rights Award), American Film Institute Awards, and Film Independent痴 Spirit Awards.

September 21, 2012
The Ernest Borgnine Theater, Scottish Rite Event Center, Long Beach, California

Justin Love

Tyler Ledon, Adam Huss
photo: Michael Lamont  

Book by Patricia Cotter and David Elzer
Music by Lori Scarlett and David Manning Lyrics by Lori Scarlett
Directed by Michael Matthews
Musical direction by Gregory Nabours
Produced by Demand PRoductions, Peter Schneider and Celebration Theatre

Justin Rush is Hollywood痴 biggest movie star. He has it all; a beautiful, devoted wife, more money than he knows what to do with, and a huge summer action blockbuster about to open. However, he finds it hard to keep his secrets in our celebrity-obsessed culture.

Justin痴 wife Amanda, is rumored to be under some sort of 田ontract, and getting frustrated by the growing questioning of her husband痴 sexuality. When Chris Andrews, his publicist痴 assistant and Mitchell Matthews, her old high school sweetheart (and now tabloid photojournalist), enter their lives, things get complicated.

What if the hottest movie star had a big secret? What if the rumors were true? Will any major movie star ever come out, or will they hide in the closet? Someone has to go first. Will it be Justin Rush?

Cast includes: Adam Huss, Grant Jordan, Tyler Ledon, Ciaran McCarthy, Sabrina Miller, Alfton Quast, Adam Joseph Reich, Terrance Spencer, Carrie St.Louis, Alet Taylor, Gina Torrecilla.

September 21, 2012
Celebration Theatre, 7051B Santa Monica Blvd., Hollywood, California

覧覧 October 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Bathhouse: The Musical! / Bain-Sauna: Le Musical!

Tops: S饕astien Neault, Hugo Charland
Bottoms: Bryan Libero, Martin Provost
photo: Davyn Ryall  

Music and lyrics by Tim Evanicki and Esther Daack
Original French Translation by Baptiste Duval
Additional Text Translation by St駱hane Turgeon 
 Choreography by Nadia Verrucci
Musical Direction and key board by Jeff Louch
Directed by Davyn Ryall
Produced by Village Scene Productions

Join Benjy as he visits his friendly, neighbourhood bathhouse for the first time. There he meets your favorite bathhouse icons: Maurice, David, and Teddy, among others. While he is seeks love, he soon realizes that the other patrons are looking for something a little more temporary.

Here is everything you ever wanted to know about the bathhouse boys, but were afraid to ask. See what goes on behind those closed doors. A rib-tickling, ass-slapping, toe-tapping, high camp, all-male burlesque musical, with plenty of scantily clad men.

Songs include: 擢riendly Neighborhood Bathhouse, 釘athhouse ABCs, 典he Steam Room, 鼎licking For Dick, 典he Workout, 的n The Shower, 典he Seduction Tango, and 滴ottie Revival.

Cast includes: Hugo Charland, Bryan Libero, S饕astien Neault, Martin Provost, Ricky Smith, St駱hane Turgeon.

Adult themes, partial nudity. For mature audiences with a high tolerance of being offended.

en Fran軋is: October 3, 2012
in English: October 7, 2012
Salle Paul Buissonneau - Art Neuf at the Centre Culturel Calixa-Lavall馥, 3819, rue Calixa-Lavall馥 Montr饌l, Quebec, Canada

Once Upon a Pole

Rick Andreoli

Written and directed by Kelly Maglia
Produced by Kelly Maglia Vertical Theatre

Inspired by classic fairytales in which the very gay 擢ool helps guide his best gal pal. She takes on the identities of several iconic fairytale characters in her search for love and self.

Part cabaret, musical, and rock concert, 徹nce Upon a Pole uses high-flying acrobatic pole dance as a primary story-telling device with singers, dancers, aerialists and actors.

Cast includes: Rick Andreoli and Kelly Maglia.

October 12, 2012
Club Fais Do Do, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 November 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Avenue Q

Trekkie Monster, Lucy the Slut
photo: Doma Theatre  

Written by Jeff Whitty
Music and lyrics by Robert Lopez and Jeff Marx
Directed by Richard Israel
Musical direction by Chris Raymond
Produced by Doma Theatre Company

The place is New York City and the street is Avenue Q, the only address you can afford when you池e fresh out of college, or out of a job, or just trying to find your way in life. On this street singing puppets, and their human neighbors, tackle life痴 most vexing issues: love, sex, money, race and how to tell your roommate he痴 gay.

An irreverent take on the joys and travails of making it on one痴 own, Avenue Q is a musical for grown-ups. After a run lasting more than six years and 2,534 performances, the Broadway production of Avenue Q ranks in the top 25 longest running shows in Broadway history. The only Tony Award-winning musical ever to proclaim, 的t sucks to be us.

Cast includes: Benai Boyd, Janelle Dote, Danielle Judovits, Chris Kauffmann, Chris Kerrigan, Libby Letlow, Mark Whitten.

November 9, 2012
MET Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Dirty Little Showtunes!

Cast of Dirty Little Showtunes!
photo: ?  

Written by Tom Orr
Directed by Jim Strait
Produced by: Desert Rose Productions, Inc.

A six-man musical sweet, smart, sassy, sexy, and satirical parody, that has been called 吐unny and sharp as well as 兎xtravagantly clever and 妬nspired lunacy.

泥irty Little Showtunes! marries Broadway痴 greatest melodies with the lyrics of matchless parodist Tom Orr for a rollicking look at gay life, love, and lust.

Cast includes: Ryan Dominguez, Terry Huber, Tom Orr, Ben Reece, Raul Valenzuela, Tom Warrick.

November 9, 2012
Desert Rose Playhouse at The Commissary, Rancho Mirage, California

I知 The Daddy & I have Candy Tour

Jason Stuart
photo: Shannon Youngclaus  

Written, directed, produced, and performance by Jason Stuart

Jason Stuart provides an evening of laugh out loud, stand-up comedy.

Since 1983, he was the first openly gay comedian to headline mainstream comedy clubs in the USA. Jason came out publicly in 1993 on the 敵eraldo show, in an episode called 填nconventional Comedians.

Jason has been in more than 150 film and TV shows, and starred in his own hour special called 笛ason Stuart: Making It to the Middle on the Gay Network. For two decades, he has headlined clubs all over the country.

Jason is the national chairperson for the 鉄AG AFTRA LGBT Committee. He is the comedy chair for 鏑ifeworks at the Los Angeles Gay Lesbian Center, producing and performing in their annual benefits in Hollywood where Jason also mentors gay youth.

典his guy is lightly quick and very funny. - The Serious Comedy Site

笛ason Stuart has always been ahead of our time. He paved the road for gay entertainers in Hollywood and gave them courage to be themselves. - Los Angeles Times

Also see Jason Stuart痴 listing in our Touring Performers article.

November 17, 2012
Ice House Comedy Club, Pasadena, California

The Drunken City

David Marshall, Tyrone Davis, Jr.
photo: Joel Bischoff  

Written by Adam Bock
Directed by Misti B. Wills
Produced by: Jump for Joy Productions

In New York City, three brides-to-be in their 20s are on the bar crawl to end all crawls. They find their lives topsy-turvy when one of them questions her future after a chance encounter with a recently-jilted, handsome stranger.

Central to the story is a love story between two men in this wildly theatrical take on the mystique of marriage, and the ever-shifting nature of love and identity. Featured are tap-dancing, wing-man Eddie, and the girls boss, Bob the baker, in their own bumbling attempts to make a connection.

Cast includes: Samantha Payne Garland, Jen Ponton, Kelly Strandemo, Nicholas Cocchetto, David Marshall, Tyrone Davis, Jr.

November 30, 2012
Workshop Theater Main Stage, New York, New York

覧覧 December 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

In Heat in Hollywood Ho Ho Ho

David Trudell
photo: Christopher Glenn Hertrich  

Written and performed by David Trudell
Directed by Michael Kearns
Produced by Katselas Theatre Company

An autobiographical comedy about a small town boy who moves to Hollywood and plunges into the choppy waters of coming out, absurd hookups, Sunday night clubs, 9-to-5 office drudgery, and facing his own mortality; all while trying to find his 堵low and maintain his dignity at the Hollywood/Wilcox police station.

David is a writer, actor, comedian, originally from upstate New York, and has lived in Los Angeles for more than 23 years. He has studied with Michael Kearns, the Lee Strasberg Theatre, and the Film Institute in West Hollywood.

This is the premiere production of 的n Heat in Hollywood Ho Ho Ho.

December 1, 2012
Skylab at The Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

8 the Play

Written by Dustin Lance Black
Directed by Richard Waterhouse
Produced by Chandler Center for the Arts

A staged reading of a chronicle of the historic trial in the federal constitutional challenge to California痴 Proposition 8.

Witness what happened at the Proposition 8 trial. See inequality and discrimination unequivocally rejected in a court of law, where truth and facts matter. Hear the testimonies which clarify that marriage equality is a basic constitutional right.

Cast includes: Paul Arthaud, Dan Butler, Alan Gelfant, Andra Kisler, Jason Lorber, Justin Quackenbush, Suzanne Schon.

Writer Dustin Lance Black won an Academy Award in 2009 for his script of 溺ilk. He is also a founding member of American Foundation for Equal Rights (AFER), which was the sole sponsor of Perry v. Schwarzenegger (now known as Hollingsworth v Perry), the successful federal suit to nullify California痴 Proposition 8.

Under license from AFER and Broadway Impact (theater community and fans support of marriage equality), with cooperation from Vermont Freedom to Marry.

December 1, 2012
Chandler Center for the Arts, Randolph, Vermont

覧覧 December 2012 Openings 覧覧覧

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

John R. Lewis (Hedwig #2), Anastasia Bonaccorso (Hedwig #7)
photo: Peter Liu  

Written by John Cameron Mitchell
Music and lyrics by Stephen Trask
Directed by Nick Olivero
Produced by David Gluck and Nick Olivero

Hedwig, the front singer and would-be glam-rock star from East Germany, undergoes a botched gender change operation in order to escape from the Soviet bloc, only to watch the Berlin Wall come down on TV after being abandoned in a trailer park in middle America. Hedwig gets involved with Tommy, an adolescent boy who steals her songs and becomes a stadium-filling musical act. Suffering from a broken heart and a lust for revenge, she follows Tommy痴 tour, playing with her band (the Angry Inch) at tacky theme restaurants.

Since its opening night on December 5, 2012, this show has become a must-see, San Francisco theatrical cult classic, garnering a loyal cadre of fans who keep returning, often lip-synching with the cast. This is the production that has distinguished itself from all other revivals of Hedwig by featuring eight actors sharing the role of Hedwig at every performance: gay and straight, old and young, black, white, Latino and Asian, this rainbow cast turns the classic tale of 鍍his little slip of a girly-boy from communist East Berlin into a story about all of us.

Rotating cast includes: Arturo Galster, Jason Brock, Amy Lizardo, Teresa Attridge, Connie Champagne, CC Sheldon.

滴igh-spirited, ass-kicking, octave-twisting energy - Robert Sokol, SF Examiner

展orks beautifully one Hedwig takes over seamlessly from another it feels as if the show was meant to be done this way. - Buck Wolf, Weird News

December 5, 2012
Boxcar Theatre, San Francisco, California

53rd Annual L.A. County Holiday Celebration

Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
photo: Ed Krieger  

Vox Femina Los Angeles

Written by various composers and lyricists
Directed by Kenneth Shapiro
Produced by Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors

L.A.痴 biggest, Emmy-nominated holiday show. Representing the many neighborhoods and cultures of L.A., celebrating the holiday season in this free, three-hour extravaganza of pop, traditional and world music.

Christmas and Hanukkah songs and dances from more than 20 choirs, music ensembles and dance companies.


Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
        GMCLA sings for a future free from homophobia and all other discrimination.
Vox Femina Los Angeles
        40-women choir gives women voice through the performance of quality choral
        literature. Diverse in culture, age, race, belief and sexual identity, we
        are a chorus committed to commissioning new works and raising awareness about
        issues that affect us as a family of women. Through music, we aim to create a
        world that affirms the worth and dignity of every person.
Invertigo Dance Theatre
        Creating and building a pre-eminent reputation for dance theater that is
        exciting, thought-provoking and accessible.
Las Cafeteras
        Mexican folk and Afro-Caribbean rhythms - Building autonomy, community and
        solidarity through music.
Pacifico Dance Company
        Performance and preservation of traditional Mexican dance.
Shakti Dance Company
        Classical dance of southern India
Shin Dance Company
        Performing an authentic Korean Drum Dance.
        Shin is dedicated to promoting Chinese culture through the beauty of dance arts.
Spirit Chorale of Los Angeles
        Preserving music of African-American composers; especially the Negro spiritual.

December 24, 2012 - 3-6pm
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion at the Music Center, 135 N. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, California
Wheelchair accessible
Free event, plus free on-site parking
Information: 213-972-3099


        Live on KCET TV 3-6 pm; re-broadcast 8-11 pm
        Streaming at Web site
        Live on KPFK 90.7 FM radio

覧覧 2012 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

Gay Play Weekend

Writers include: Sean Chandler, David Leeper, Adam Siegel, Dylan Costello, George Smart, Leo Schwartz
Directors include: John Nasca, Andrew Souders, David Zak, Derek Bertelsen
Produced by Pride Films and Plays

This is the second annual festival of enhanced staged readings of new works in the 敵reat Gay Play and Musical Contest.

Pride Films and Plays producers:
David Zak, executive director
John Nasca, Andrew Souders, artistic associates

Lost in History

Fred Tumas, Patrick Rybarczyk
photo: David Zak  
Written by Adam Siegel
Directed by Andrew Souders

Ben Goldfarb cares for his demanding father, who lives at a nursing home, while trying to have a baby through a surrogate. His father gets a new roommate, Isaac Strauss, a famous psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor. Ben will learn more about his father, Isaac, and himself in this powerful drama of family and history.

Cast includes: *Patrick Rybarczyk, Fred Tumas, Jerry Miller.

April 13, 2012 - 7:30pm

Mr. Teddy

Mark Boergers, Jude Hansen, Mark Smaglinski
photo: David Zak  
Written by George Smart
Directed by *Derek Bertelsen

An exploration of the sexy and complex dynamics of a long-term relationship between three men who are a part of the gay subculture where role playing is the norm and a way of life. 泥addies Alex and Marc have enjoyed 10 years together with their 都on Teddy, until their friend Joan confronts them and tests their definition of family.

Cast includes: *Jude Hansen, *Mark Smaglinski, Kyra Morris, Teddy Boone, Mark Boergers, Alex Wolking.

April 14, 2012 - 4:30pm

Hello Norma Jeane

Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, Chad Ryan, Rachel Payne
photo: David Zak  
Written by Dylan Costello
Directed by John Nasca

Joe痴 grandmother admits her deepest secret; she is, in fact, Marilyn Monroe, coming out 50 years after faking her death in 1962. Joe痴 search for the truth, his self-worth, and his love for his grandmother are tested to the limit in this funny drama that is full of surprises.

Cast includes: *Kris Hyland, *Michelle McKenzie-Voigt, *Chad Ryan, *Kelli Walker, Rachel Payne. David Geinosky.

April 14, 2012 - 7:30pm

At the Flash

Lee Wichman
photo: David Zak  
Written by Sean Chandler and David Leeper
Directed by David Zak

A fictitious gay bar called 典he Flash is seen through the eyes of five characters whose stories are told through a series of inter-woven scenes representing LGBT history from the 1960s. A solo tour-de-force performance.

Cast: *Lee Wichman.

April 15, 2012 - 1:30pm

Under a Rainbow Flag

Kris Hyland, John Landvick
Bobby Arnold, Nick Stockwell, Meghan Murphy,
Colin Sphar, Tom Chiola
photo: David Zak  
Written by Leo Schwartz
Directed by David Zak
Musical direction by Robert Ollis

From 1943-1951, Navy Medical Corpsman Jon Philips finds love, joy and loss in the company of other gay men, both stateside and on the battle field, during World War II.

This musical is based on real events in the life of Navy Corpsman, Jon Philips, resident of Evanston, Illinois, and is the first musical to be named a finalist in the 敵reat Gay Play and Musical Contest.

Cast includes: *Tom Chiola, *Kris Hyland, Bobby Arnold, Jon Landvick, Meghan Murphy, Colin Sphar, Nick Stockwell.

April 15, 2012 - 4:30

* indicates Artistic Ensemble Members

April 13-15, 2012
Pride Films and Plays
Hoover-Leppen Theater, Center on Halsted, 3656 N Halsted, Chicago, Illinois
Information: 773-250-3112;

Alliance of LA Playwrights Gay Play Reading Festival

Ann L. Gibbs
photo: Dan Berkowitz  

Produced by Alliance of LA Playwrights (ALAP)

Seven new gay-themed short plays and one new full-length, chosen by a panel of judges (including Bill Kaiser, editor/founder of the Purple Circuit).

Ann L. Gibbs is host and narrator for both programs.


   The Skanky Ho and Her Halfwit Brother
        Written and directed by Dan Berkowitz
        Cast: Dan Berkowitz, Ann Ryerson
        Written by Joe Godfrey
        Directed by Eva Minemar
        Cast: Dan Berkowitz, Gregory Zarian
   Significant Others
        Written by Susan C. Hunter
        Directed by Linda L. Rand
        Cast: Babbie Green, Nancy Lantis
   Coffee and Paul
        Written by B. V. Marshall
        Directed by Allison Bibicoff
        Cast: Elliott Goldwag, Charls Hall, Kelly Schumann, Gwen Van Dam
   Date誰 Switch
        Written by Felix Racelis
        Directed by Maggie Grant
        Cast: Samm Hill, Robert Keasler, Susan Sommer
   Moon Dancers
        Written by Mary Steelsmith
        Directed by Susan Stangl
        Cast: Clara Sao, Dana Vigran
   The Tao of Fruit
        Written by Lucy Wang
        Directed by Pamela Forrest
        Cast: Barika Croom, West Liang, Ken Narasaki, Jaime Tintor

Full-length Play

   In the Name of the Son
        Written and directed by Brian Raine
        Cast: Amanda Abel, Joseph Arellano, Barth Benedict, Michelle Faraone

June 18, 2012 (shorts)
June 23, 2012 (full-length play)
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California
Alliance Hotline: 323-696-2527

ONE Culture Series 2012

Events takes place on the third Sunday of the month, at 2pm

Free presentations by writers, archivists, performers, artists, and activists. These events take place in the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, which houses the world痴 largest research library on gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgendered heritage and concerns.

Produced by ONE Archives and Bill Kaiser, Culture Series chair

ONE Archives, 909 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelie accessible with obstacles
FREE - no reservations
Information: 213-741-0094;

QComedy - Monday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy - See Web site for GLBT comedy listings in San Francisco, as well as worldwide.

QComedy Showcase occurs on the first Monday of each month.
Mama Calizo痴, 1519 Mission St., San Francisco, California
Information and comedy bookings: Nick Leonard, 415-533-9133;

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