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Openings of 2011
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覧覧 January 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

The Bigger Picture

David Mills
photo: David Windmill  

Written by David Mills
Directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe
Accompanist David Buuck
Produced by The Visible Theater

London-based solo artist Mills mixes cutting social commentary, hilarious pop re-inventions, interpretive dance, and gospel ecstasy into an acid-tongued, hysterical rant. A cabaret meltdown with a distinctly queer sensibility.

Blending apocalyptic visions with self-help diatribes and blistering one-liners, 典he Bigger Picture is a sharp rebuke to our dazed submission to underwear plays, Glee, Sondheim, coming out stories, and gay marriage weepies. Mills takes aim at everything from Hollywood-to-same-sex marriage leaving nothing unscathed.

Cabaret for the near future. Comedy for dark times.

Cast includes: David Mills, David Buuck.

滴is talent for whip-cracking one-liners is audaciously thrilling. - Time Out London

泥ark, sadistic and wicked ... Mills delivery is spot on, dripping with insincerity, and his comic timing is perfect, each pause and grimace held perfectly to wring the laughter out of each nasty line. - Gaydar Nation

January 1, 2011
Stage Werx, San Francisco, California


Ian Verdun, Gerald McCullouch, Dan Via
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written by Dan Via
Directed by Rick Sparks
Produced by Racquel Lehrman

Colin has always been the 堵olden boy, a hometown celebrity with a knack for bedding the bi-curious hotties in his soccer league. Tee, a bright, intense man half Colin痴 age, sweeps Colin off his feet. Stew, Colin痴 long time friend, thinks Colin has lost his mind. Convinced the increasingly erratic younger man might be dangerous, Stew forces a confrontation that will forever change all their lives.

Daddy offers a provocative, humorous, and sometimes dark look at love, loyalty, and the consequences of our actions in a culture without marriage equality.

Cast includes: Gerald McCulloch, Dan Via, Ian Verdun.

天ia has written a play that maps the human heart. McCullouch is a revelation! - Show Business Weekly

敵enuinely involving absorbing McCullouch is wholly convincing. Variety

鄭n emotional powder keg Via and McCullouch bring well-honed rapport to Rick Sparks adept staging. - LA Times

January 5, 2011
Hudson Mainstage, Los Angeles, California

The GLBTQ Youth Project

Written by Kevin Del Principe, Michael J. Drury
Directed by Michael J. Drury
Produced by Michael J. Drury, Pandora Productions

An evening highlighting issues and concerns faced by GLBTQ Youth. Staged readings that were created via meetings, conversations, and writing workshops with participating youth members of the Louisville Youth Group, and students from the University of Louisville Office for LGBT Services. Cast includes: Jacob Isaac, Jennifer Thompson, Robbie Lewis, Kevin Doyle, Lauren Hack, Jill Sullivan.

January 6, 2011
Walden Theatre, Payne St., Louisville, Kentucky

This Beautiful City

Tarneé Kendell Hudson, Lanaya Burnette, Andrew Hamm,
Scott Melton, Jason Campbell, Christy Mullins
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Steve Cosson and Jim Lewis
Music and lyrics by Michael Friedman
Directed by John Knapp
Musical direction by Kim Fox
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

As the theater group The Civilians conducted interviews with Colorado Springs residents who were involved with or affected by the growth of the mega-church movement, and the battle raging over same-sex marriage, the scandal broke about New Life Church pastor Ted Haggard. This event shook the entire city.

The play痴 creators were provided with an unprecedented opportunity to capture an important event as it was taking place, and provided the people of Colorado Springs the opportunity to express their opinions and concerns. This Beautiful City is a fascinating and timely look at faith and how it affects the American landscape.

Cast includes: Tarneé Kendell Hudson, Lanaya Burnette, Christy Mullins, Scott Melton, Jason Campbell, Andrew Hamm.

鄭n engaging, inquisitive and moving work of theater. - New York Times

January 12, 2011
Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, Richmond, Virginia

Cologne, or the Ways Evil Enters the World

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: Dan McCleary  

Written and directed by Tony Abatemarco
Produced by Katselas Theatre Company

In Long Island during the 60s, an adolescent boy suffers when he tries to avoid suspicion about his sexual orientation by arranging for the bashing of another boy with whom he壇 been involved.

Cast: Harry Hart-Browne

滴arry Hart-Browne ... has brought this show once again wonderfully alive. Abatemarco's play is riveting, engrossing ... Hart-Browne is heart-breaking ... makes the most of the storyline, bringing all of us into his sphere. Bravos for this work, from director to actor to playwright. -

鄭batemarco can be seen at the peak of his craft in 舛ologne, or the Ways Evil Enters the World, a daring, savagely incisive one-man play about a gay youth痴 sexual coming of age in the 1960s. - F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

鉄trikingly sensuous. - New York Times

鄭n affirmation of individualism and tolerance. - LA Weekly

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

Friday performances include an informal, post-performance chat.

January 14, 2011
Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Me, As a Penguin

Mina Badie, Craig T. Young, Johnny Giacalone
photo: Claudia Unger  

Written by Tom Wells
Directed by John Pleshette
Produced by Lynn Pleshette

Stitch, a young man from a tiny village in East Yorkshire, leaves behind the comforts of his job in his mum痴 knitting shop, in search of bright city lights and the gay scene of Hull. Mark, his pregnant sister Liz痴 partner, introduces him to Mad Dave, whereupon Stitch encounters complications, an overdose of kelp, and the fate of one lonely penguin hangs in the balance.

Cast includes: Mina Badie, Brendan Hunt, James Donovan, Craig T. Young, Johnny Giacalone.

January 14, 2011
Lost Studio, Los Angeles, California

Loving Repeating

Written by Gertrude Stein
Music by Stephen Flaherty
Lyrics adapted by Frank Galati
Directed by Caryn Desai
Produced International City Theatre

An exploration of Gertrude Stein痴 capricious love affair with language, self-expression, and her lifelong companion, Alice B. Toklas. A perplexing, exhilarating, hilarious, and emotionally giddy musical as unique as Stein herself.

Cast includes: Cheryl David, Shannon Warne, Melissa Lyons Caldretti.

January 18, 2011
International City Theatre, Long Beach, California

覧覧 February 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Fair Use

Amanda Sitton, Wendy Maples
photo: Ken Jacques  

Written by Sarah Gubbins
Directed by James Vasquez
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Sy, a clever lesbian lawyer, and Chris, a dim male colleague, both fall for the same woman, Madi, another attorney who痴 assisting them on a high-profile plagiarism case. Madi rejects Sy痴 advances, Chris makes a move, and before you know it, Sy痴 writing the love letters that Madi thinks are coming from Chris.

Cast includes: Amanda Sitton, Jacque Wilke, Wendy Maples, Wyatt Ellison, Stephen Schmitz.

典he play savors the pleasures of language, sensuality and rich debate over such elusive concepts as intellectual property. - Creative Loafing/Atlanta, Top 10 Plays of 2009

February 24, 2011
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 March 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Birds on Fire

Robert Gonzales, Jr.
Gusta Johnson, Anna Podolak
photo: TNC  

Written by Barbara Kahn
Music and lyrics by Allison Tartalia
Directed by Barbara Kahn
Musical direction by Robert Gonzales, Jr.
Produced by Theater for the New City

In 1911, a lesbian couple, childhood friends from Eastern Europe in America five years, have dreams of a better life beyond their work in the Triangle Factory in Greenwich Village, New York. They help a recent immigrant adjust to her new and difficult life in America. The young Italian seaman, who helped her on the dock, jumps ship to find this woman he loved 殿t first sight.

The lives of these four converge as they share their hopes, dreams and love. The tragic fire at the Triangle, steals from them their future as well as their past.

Cast includes: Zoe Anastassiou, Robert Gonzales, Jr., Gusta Johnson, Tommy Kearney, Benjamin Pike, Anna Podolak, Sarah Shankman, Noelle Tate, Brian F. Waite, Amanda Yachechak.

March 17, 2011
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

And Then I Wrote a Song About It

Nick Cearley
photo: Steven Lawler  

Book by Eric H. Weinberger
Music by Daniel S. Acquisto
Lyrics by Sammy Buck
Directed by Igor Goldin Produced by: Diversionary Theatre

Set to the rhythm of the disco era and beyond, this earnest yet uproarious musical breaks new ground with its tour-de-force cast of one. The musical follow the adventures of a perspiring actor-singer-songwriter-dancer-secretary as he searches for love and fame in the early 1980s.

Cast: Nick Cearley.

March 25, 2011
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Devil Boys from Beyond

Kevin Cisek, Trey Harrison, Ryan Bechard, Tommy Callen,
Bill Brock, Thomas Cunningham, Steve Moore, Timothy Goad
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliott
Directed by James Alexander Bond
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Flying saucers! Back stabbing bitches! Muscle hunks and men in pumps! A deliriously campy Sci-fi spoof that is naughty, gleeful fun, recalling not only the paranoid world of the 1950s, but the legendary drag romps of Charles Ludlam and Charles Busch. Wake up and smell the alien invasion.

This outrageous comedy was nominated for 2010 GLAAD award, and was a recent off-Broadway success.

Cast includes: Steve Moore, Tim Goad, Tommy Callan, Thomas Cunningham, Bill Brock.

March 30, 2011
Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, Richmond, Virginia

覧覧 April 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Silent Sky
graphic: ?  

Written by Lauren Gunderson
Directed by Anne Justine D短mura
Produced by South Coast Repertory

She stared at the heavens, and what she saw there changed the course of astronomy. But when Henrietta Leavitt arrives at the Harvard Observatory in the early 1900s, she isn稚 allowed to touch a telescope, or even express an idea. Instead, she joins a group of women 田omputers, charting the stars for an astronomer who calculates projects in 堵irl hours and has no time for Henrietta痴 probing theories. But as she measures the light of distant stars, she must also take the measure of her life on earth, answer questions of love, family and the hope of heaven.

Silent Sky mingles science and history with a dose of feminism and romantic love. It痴 the story of Henrietta Leavitt, a Massachusetts pastor痴 daughter who leaves her home and beloved sister for a job at Harvard University痴 Observatory. There she maps the night sky through photographic plates and meets the head astronomer痴 apprentice, who makes her re-think her vow never to marry. Silent is an homage to the beauty of the earth and the glory of the skies.

Cast includes: Erin Cottrell, Colette Kilroy, Monette Magrath, Nick Toren, Amelia White.

April 1, 2011
South Coast Repertory, Costa Mesa, California

Mercury Fur

Vince Kelley
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Philip Ridley
Directed by Joe Plambeck
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre

In a lawless, ravaged city, Elliot, his transvestite girlfriend, Lola, and Elliot痴 brother Darren plan a party. The team survive by realizing their clients darkest fantasies. But as the light fades, and the event spirals out of control, it becomes clear the success of this party will guarantee, not just their safety, but their salvation.

溺ercury Fur is funny, bleak, unsettling, and utterly unforgettable.

溺ercury Fur, Philip Ridley痴 fifth play, premiered in 2005 at London痴 Menier Chocolate Factory. Many audience members thought the play so shocking that they walked out. Ridley痴 publishers for decades, Faber and Faber, refused to publish the text. It set critics at odds with one another, with some calling it 泥egraded while others called it 鄭 play you need to see.

Cast includes: Jon Ager, Nico Ager, Patrick O辰onnor Cronin, Alex D. Hill, Vince Kelley, David Legato, Cassandra McCarthy, Scott Wilding.

April 2, 2011
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

Passion Play

Jacob Cribbs, Justin Liszanckie
photo: Anna Kaminska  

Written by Sarah Ruhl
Directed by Jon Wai-keung Lowe
Produced by Actors Ensemble of Berkeley

Three amateur acting troupes across four centuries struggle to reconcile their personal lives with their onstage roles as they present the Passion of Christ.

The first troupe, under the shadow of Queen Elizabeth痴 war on the Catholic Church, deals with the unexpected pregnancy of the actress playing the Virgin Mary.

For the second troupe, a woodcarver痴 son must choose between his growing love for a foot soldier of the Third Reich and fulfilling his father痴 legacy in the titular role of the Passion.

In the third troupe, a Vietnam war veteran and native of South Dakota comes to a new understanding of responsibility and penance in his role as Pontius Pilate.

Two-time Pulitzer finalist Sarah Ruhl dazzles with satirical slapstick and Kushnerian outrage.

Cast includes: Scott Ayres, Jacob Cribbs, Justin Liszanckie, Meryn MacDougall, Norman Macleod, Gene Mocsy, Eric Reid, Elena Ruggiero, Addie Ulrey, Lisa Wang.

April 22, 2011
Live Oak Theater, Berkeley, California

Standing on Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays

Peri Gilpin (May 9 cast member)
photo: Chuck Green  

Writters: Jordan Harrison, Jeffrey Hatcher, Mois駸 Kaufman, Joe Keenan, Neil LaBute, Wendy McLeod, Jos Rivera, Paul Rudnick, Doug Wright
Conceived and directed by Brian Schnipper
Produced by Joan Stein, Stuart Ross

The Plays:

  • The Revision by Jordan Harrison
    An amusing look at how two men might rewrite their vows to more accurately reflect the limited options available to a same-sex couple.
  • White Marriage by Jeffery Hatcher
    A wife and husband discuss his 堵ay sense of humor.
  • London Mosquitoes by Mois駸 Kaufmann
    A widower tries to make sense of the loss of his long-time lover.
  • This Marriage is Saved by Joe Keenan
    A satiric vignette in which a disgraced evangelist and his wife insist that his fling with a male prostitute has strengthened their marriage.
  • Strange Fruit by Neil LaBute
    The story of two men in love whose plans to get married 鍍he old-fashioned way are stymied when reality rears its ugly head.
  • This Flight Tonight by Wendy MacLeod
    Is there any hope for happiness when a lesbian marriage begins in Iowa?
  • Pablo and Andrew at the Altar of Words by Jos Rivera
    Two men use their marriage vows to 都ay the things we never really say.
  • The Gay Agenda by Paul Rudnick
    A sadly hilarious plea for understanding by an Ohio homemaker and member of Focus on the Family.
  • On Facebook by Doug Wright
    Adapted from a real Facebook thread that chronicles one long fight among friends on the issue of same-sex marriage.
A funny, provocative evening of nine, new, short plays by award-winning playwrights on marriage equality. Shows are read with scripts, and a different guest cast for each performance.

Cast for April 25, includes: Rachael Harris, Harriet Harris, John Getz, Peter Paige, Cynthia Stevenson.

Cast for May 9, includes: Peri Gilpin, Julie Hagerty, Rachael Harris, John Rubinstein, Jon Tenney.

The audience is invited to a 努edding reception following every performance.

A portion of all proceeds goes to support the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center痴 Vote for Equality program.

鄭 most memorable evening enyoying a set of original plays performed by extrordinarily gifted actors. - Carl Reiner

展hen Diane and I saw SOC, we laughed and we cried and we cheered and gave it a standing ovation, as did the rest of the packed house. No one will be able to walk away from this play, and not support marriage equality between same-sex couples. - Robin Tyler and Diane Olson, (original plaintiffs, California same-sex marriage suit)

April 25, 2011
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center - Renberg Theatre, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 May 2011 Openings 覧覧覧


Beth Robbins, Susan Sommer, Jane Hajduk
photo: Lindsey Arnold  

Written and directed by Laura Black
Produced by Playwrights 6 and Open Fist

Peggy, an ambitious woman, is involved in a near-fatal car accident. She attempts to piece together what actually occurred, and cope with the life-changing aftermath. She is assisted by Agnes and Estelle, her best friends, who are a lesbian couple.

See Agnes and Estelle (played by Susan Sommer and Beth Robbins) describe their likes and otherwise:

Part tragedy, comedy, and jarring dream, Drive examines in a surreal, jarring fashion the themes of deconstruction and reconstruction, denial and guilt, and, ultimately, forgiveness.

Cast includes: Jane Hajduk, Beth Robbins, Susan Sommer, Barry Saltzman, AlgeRita Wynn, Allison Mattox, Coronado Romero, Joseph Beck.

May 4, 2011
Open Fist Theatre, Los Angeles, California


Robert Borzych, Shaun Tuazon
photo: Ken Jacques  

Written by William di Canzio
Directed by Cynthia Stokes
Original score by Blair Robert Nelson
Produced by: Diversionary Theatre

In 1954, Doctor Tom Dooley, a young gay charismatic Navy officer, finds his life痴 work in the stark reality of the Cold War and the refugee camps of South East Asia. Based on historic fact, this play tells the remarkable story of humanitarian Tom Dooley, whose career was derailed by the threat of exposing his sexuality long before 泥on稚 Ask Don稚 Tell. With rich theatrical magic this cross-cultural epic transports us to a world as complex and contradictory as the man himself; torn between fear and idealism, selfishness and self-denial, hypocrisy and valor, crassness and mysticism.

CAST: Robert Borzych, Noah Longton, Jesse MacKinnon, Terril Miller, Charlie Riendeau, Allison Riley, Shaun Tuazon, Reed Willard.

Financial support from The James Irvine Foundation and Carlos Malamud.

May 5, 2011
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

[title of show]

Chris Hester, Lanaya Burnette,
Georgia Rogers Farmer, Daniel Cimo
photo: John MacLellan  

Book by Hunter Bell
Music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen
Directed by Justin Amellio
Music direction by Timothy Brewster
Produced by: Richmond Triangle Players

Jeff and Hunter, two struggling, gay writers, hear about a new musical theatre festival. However, the deadline for submissions is a mere three weeks away. With nothing to lose, the pair decides to try to create something new with the help of their actress friends Susan and Heidi, and Larry, a musician. Jeff suggests they write about what to write about. They make a pact to write up until the festival deadline and dream about the show changing their lives. In the span of 90 minutes they write and perform their show at the festival and learn lessons about themselves as people, friends and artists. [title of show] is, above all, a love letter to the musical theatre a uniquely American art form and to the joy of collaboration.

Cast includes: Lanaya Burnette, Daniel Cimo, Georgia Rogers Farmer, Chris Hester.

May 11, 2011
Richmond Triangle Players Theatre, Richmond, Virginia

No Word in Guyanese for Me

Anna Khaja
photo: Carla Barnett; wall graphics: Olivia Weissblum  

Written by Wendy Graf
Directed by Anita Khanzadian
Produced by Hatikvah Productions

Forced to choose between her identity, her family, and her precious faith, there痴 no word to describe Hanna Jokhoe in her native Guyanese dialect. A lesbian Muslim immigrant, Hanna must reconcile her faith with her sexuality.

The play explores Hanna痴 childhood in the small Caribbean nation of Guyana on the north coast of South America, and with her 駑igr family in Queens, New York. Experiencing her sexual awakening and a disastrous arranged marriage, Hanna is tested by faith and family.

Cast includes: Anna Khaja.

May 12, 2011
Sidewalk Studio Theatre, Burbank, California

Zanna Don't

Book, music and lyrics by Tim Acito
Additional book and lyrics by Alexander Dinelaris
Directed and produced by Michael J. Drury

At Heartsville High, boys fall in love with boys, girls with girls, and heterosexual affairs are disgusting. It痴 a new school year and matchmaker Zanna and his magic wand are matching up couples to make sure that no one suffers from extra love, but things go tragically wrong when the school痴 two closeted heterosexuals realize their feelings for each other. Knowing that their forbidden love will make them outcasts, they turn to Zanna for help, and Zanna is forced to put his own happiness on the line to make the world safe for those he loves.

Cast includes: Robbie Lewis, Lauren McCombs, Lamont O'Neal, Jill Sullivan, Zachary Burrell, Ben Gierhart, Sara Renauer, Patrick Brophy, Laura Ellis, Kate Holland, Gerry Robertson, J.C. Nixon.

May 19, 2011
Bingham Theatre @ Actors Theatre Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

覧覧 June 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

The Blue Moon Chronicles

Colin O鱈eary
photo: Jeffrey Kagan-McCann  

Written, directed, produced by Jeffrey Kagan-McCann

Eric Callahan, a young, ambitious, uptight, Jewish-Catholic, gay lawyer from New Haven, Connecticut, just broke up with his partner, Connor, after being together three years. Eric takes a self-evaluation vacation in Cape Cod where he meets an irreverent, young, house painter and artist, Jason Davis, who changes his life, and helps to open his heart and love again.

Now together for almost year, Jason asks Eric to marry him. Reluctantly, Eric agrees, and the two men are barraged with conflicting advice from family, friends and the ex-boyfriend. As the date grows closer, Eric feels overwhelmed by doubts about the wedding and his commitment, which endanger his and Jason痴 relationship.

Cast includes: Colin O鱈eary, Sean Senior, Denis Fontaine, Coleen Roy, Andrea Carr, Erin Curren, Michael Lynch, Jackie Oliveri.

The Blue Moon Chronicles is a humorous look at gay life, consisting of Kagan-McCann痴 徹nce In A Blue Moon, which was first workshopped in Hartford, Connecticut, and the farcical companion piece, 溺y Gay Son痴 Wedding, which premiered in Seattle.

June 9, 2011
Lucid Stage, Portland, Maine

Taking Pride!

Written by Teresa Willis, Lindsay Halladay, Ingrid Graham, Gertrude Stein
Directed by and performed by Laura James, Ingrid Graham, Lindsay Halladay, Teresa Willis
Produced by the Los Angeles Women痴 Theatre Festival

Matinee of four short pieces for Pride Month which depict lesbian and bisexual women.
In honor of the 25th Anniversary of West Hollywood.


Lindsay Halladay

Written and performed by Lindsay Halladay (AKA 典he Lindz)

This poet contributes relationship-related, socially conscious, goofy, insightful, sardonic, and riotous performance poety.
溺s. Furr and Ms. Skeene

Laura James

Written by Gertrude Stein, performed by Laura James

Stein痴 portrait of two women, written about 1910, featured the sly repetition of the word GAY, used with sexual intent for one of the first times in linguistic history.

Ingrid Graham

Choreographed and performed by Ingrid Graham

This dance piece is named after the Greek goddess.
摘enie Meenie

Teresa Willis

Written and performed by Teresa Willis

A young woman recounts her introduction to race differences that include the first time she meets an African America, while she invites the audience to look at their own experiences with racism.

Festival Mission: The Los Angeles Women痴 Theatre Festival was organized to provide a vehicle for the development of women artists utilizing theatre to educate, enlighten and empower solo artists, audiences and volunteers. We celebrate and reflect the diversity of women痴 voices while focusing on the oneness of women痴 experiences.

June 25, 2011
Kings Road Park, 1000 N. Kings Road, West Hollywood, California

覧覧 July 2011 Openings 覧覧覧


Micah McCain, Amanda Kaschak, Will Beinbrink
photo: Michael Lamont  

Written by David L. Ray
Directed by Nick DeGruccio
Produced by: Jason Loh

Kenneth and Troy, a committed gay couple in Los Angeles, receive an unexpected visit from Kenneth痴 estranged, culturally-conservative sister, Darlene, and her daughter Krystal, a few days before their marriage day.

Caught is a contemporary play which examines the contentious debate about same-sex marriage through the life of one American family.

Cast includes: Will Beinbrink, Jason Dechert, Richard Jenik, Amanda Kaschak, Micah McCain, Deborah Puette.

敵O! a scintillating domestic comedy - LA Weekly

典his is the word-of-mouth show to see. It will feed your mind, make you laugh and break your heart all at once - Frontiers Magazine

鉄uperb an emotional roller-coaster - The Advocate

敵ets its comic spark from the familiar spectacle of a culture clash. Directed with polish! - The Los Angeles Times

July 8, 2011
Zephyr Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Lavender Shore
image: Scott Williams  

Written by Lawson Caldwell
Directed by Lenny Leibowitz
Produced by: Richard Manichello and Lawson Caldwell

Daphane March has just married up-and-coming businessman Thomas Darrow when she learns her first husband, Harrison Anderson, has been found alive on a deserted island where he and his butler, Gerald, have been marooned for five years. During that time, Harrison and Gerald have fallen in love. Harrison is pressured to return to his wife, who never bothered to divorce him, and Gerald to resume his servant position.

Daphane痴 best friend, Gwendolyn Langsford, was involved with both Harrison and Thomas before they married Daphane, and seems to know more about Harrison痴 sudden reappearance than she cares to tell. Can 鍍he love that dare not speak its name survive in a world where rules and convention are all that matter?

Cast includes: Colleen Kennedy*, Katie Yamulla*, Markus Potter*, Marc Geller*, Rachel Claire*, Colin Pritchard*, Alison Phillips, Patrick James Lynch. (*Actors Equity)

July 27, 2011
MainStage Theater, New York, New York

覧覧 August 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Damage Control

Justin Fair, Marty Pree
photo: Omar Miguel  

Written and directed by Alan Sharpe
Produced by: African-American Collective Theater

The budding relationship between Lorenzo Cherry, an R&B teen heartthrob, and P-Money, an up-and-coming rapper, is threatened by long-hidden secrets from their respective pasts. Further complications are generated by a hip-hop music mogul, a domineering stage mother/manager, and the closeted, gospel superstar pastor of a homophobic, Atlanta mega-church.

Cast includes: Marty Pree, Justin Fair, Jivon Lee Jackson, Sheila Cutchlow, Talmach White, Monte J. Wolfe, Alona Sistrunk, Reginald Richard.

August 8, 2011
Warehouse Theater, Washington, DC

覧覧 September 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Richard III

Katrinka Wolfson, Lisa Wolpe
photo: Tom Zasadzinski  

Written by William Shakespeare
Directed by Lisa Wolpe
Produced by: Southern California Shakespeare Festival

Multiple roles are cast in gender-bending ways in this production of the history play about the murderous king, played by Lisa Wolpe.

Cast includes: Lisa Wolpe, Michael Kachingwe, Linda Bisesti, Nathaniel Akstin-Johnson, Job Barnett, Chandra Brenner, Nicholas Ferreira, Adriana Flores, Jorge Flores, Jack Grigoli, Carole Kelley, Joe Martone, Alicia Santos, Robert Shields, Sean Sterns, Kim Stone, Daniella Tarankow, Katrinka Wolfson.

September 10, 2011
Studio Theatre at Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, California

Mommie Queerest

Brooks Braselman, Jamie Morris
photo: Mitch Soileau; Poster: Dustin Woehrmann  

Written by Jamie Morris
Directed by Christopher Kenney
Produced by: Tom Whitman and Joe Everett Michaels

What if all those years movie star Joan was really a man? And not just any man in drag, but the true 轍ueen of Hollywood. For years she fooled the studio, her fans, her kids, and the world. That is, until her adopted daughter Christina finds out, plots her revenge, and publishes a scathing tell-all entitled 泥addy Dearest. Even then, it痴 Joan who has the last laugh.

Features an all-male cast.

Cast includes: Jamie Morris, Brooks Braselman, Gavyn Michaels, Matt Crabtree.

2005, L.A. Weekly Theater Award nominations:
      Brooks Braselman and Jamie Morris for Comedy Performance
      Jamie Morris for Adaptation
      Christopher Kenney for Comedy Direction

See video promo:

September 22, 2011
Cabaret Ultra Suede, West Hollywood, California

Band O Plenty

The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band
photo: Chip Hoover  

Directed and produced by: Jadine Louie

A musical feast celebrating the season of harvest. This 2011-12 Community Concert season opener features a rich variety of music styles and colors; from Renaissance dance to woodwind tone poem, and from brass fanfare to modern variations on the 田akewalk dance.

Program includes:
• Courtly Airs and Dances by Ron Nelson
• Hennepin County Dawn by Samuel R. Hazo
• 7th Suite for Band: A Century of Flight by Alfred Reed
• Clash by Ryan Main
• Black River Overture by Thomas Doss
• Not Afraid to Dream by Brian Balmages
• Prelude in the Dorian Mode by Antonio de Cabezon
• Metamorphosis On An Original Cakewalk by Daniel Kallman
• Hymn for the Lost and Living, and a remembrance of 9/11.

Performers include: the San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band.

September 23, 2011
Ebenezer/Herchurch Lutheran, San Francisco, California
Reception follows in A Woman痴 Eye Gallery

覧覧 October 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

A Celebration of the Life of Doric Wilson

Doric Wilson
Caffe Cino, 1965

Doric Wilson
February 24, 1939 May 7, 2011

Wilson was an American playwright, director, producer, critic and gay rights activist.

Among those Friends and colleagues who will share memories and stories of his life include:
    Edward Albee
    William Hoffman
    Robert Patrick (in a recorded appearance)
    Robert Heide (Caffe Cino colleague)
    Charles Busch
    David Drake
    Joshua Conkel (Milk, Milk Lemonade)
    Donnetta Lavinia Grays (The New Normal)
    Daniel Talbott (Slipping)
    Chris Weikel (Penny Pennyworth)

October 10, 2011
Lucille Lortel Theater, New York, New York

For more information about Doric Wilson, please see our articles:
    Doric Wilson, Theater Great (1939-2011) by Patricia Nell Warren
    Doric Wilson - February 24, 1939邦ay 7, 2011 - An obituary by Demian

Hermetically Sealed

Julia Prud檀omme, Gigi Bermingham

Written by Kathryn Graf
Directed by Joel Polis
Produced by Gary Grossman, Katselas Theatre Company

Tessie May, begins her work in the kitchen at dawn. Her son Jimmy, who is gay, arrives home from partying at that time. Her younger son, Colin, wakes to conquer opponents in familiar video games. Their daily routines keep them isolated from small town prejudices, and not needing to face their unspeakable, secret pain. This evening, however, their carefully balanced life may become undone.

Cast includes: Gigi Bermingham, Julia Prud檀omme, Nicholas Podany, Brendan Patrick Conner, Wolfie Trausch.

October 22, 2011
Skylight Theatre, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 November 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Jerker, or the Helping Hand
photo: Jason Moyer  

Written by Robert Chesley
Directed by Glenn Kessler
Produced by Jason Moyer

In the early 1980s, a relationship develops between a disabled Vietnam veteran, J. R., and a businessman, Bert. The two gay men meet only through a series of telephone calls, which takes them from being phone sex buddies, to caring, emotionally entwined friends.

Jerker which premiered at the Celebration Theatre on October 26th, 1986 is subtitled 鄭 pornographic elegy with redeeming social value and a hymn to the queer men of San Francisco in twenty phone calls, many of them dirty.

To celebrate the play痴 25th Anniversary, the show has been mounted in an innovative, exciting and deconstructed way. Originally a solo performance, this production features the use of sound, video, movement, as well as multiple performers, to honor and showcase the piece in unexpected and beautiful ways.

Cast includes: Corey-Adam Affron, Gregory Allen, Gregory Barnett, Ben Cuevas, Parnell Damone, Sammy Murrian, Mike Rose.

November 4, 2011
Space 916, Los Angeles, California

Who痴 Your Daddy?

Johnny O辰allaghan

Written and performed by Johnny O辰allaghan
Directed by Tom Ormeny
Prouced by Maria Gobetti and Georganne Aldrich Heller

No one expected Johnny a single, gay man to ever become a father. But a documentary shoot in Africa becomes a nine-month adventure during which he finds a son, and discovers himself.

Six years after adopting the three-year old orphan from Uganda, O辰allaghan now brings this world premiere, true story of an hilarious (and sometimes hair-raising) odyssey to the stage.

Johnny O辰allaghan痴 credits include:

    Stargate Atlantis
    The Gavin Crawford Show
    John Woo痴 Once a Thief
    Rum & Vodka (One Man Show)
    Real Life Stories of the Highway Patrol

    Gangs of New York
    Slaughter City
    Of Urban Myths & Other Stories
    The Serial Monogamist
    Awake at Dawn

New York Theater
    Bloomsday on Broadaway

Canadian Theater
    The Affairs of Anatol
    Ladies Night - The Live Full Monty

Regional Theater
    The Two Gentlemen of Verona

November 11, 2011
The Victory Theatre Center, Burbank, California

The Holiday Stops

Kirk Morton, Todd Minnich
Steve Boschen, Andrew Etheredge
photo: John MacLellan  

Book, music and lyrics by Eric Lane Barnes
Directed by John Knapp
Musical direction by Tim Gillham Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Our heroines, Rose, Ginny and Euglena, are presenting their Christmas show, and they have invited another National Ladies Organists League member to join the festivities. Too bad she is late. As always, the show must go on, despite Euglenaエs penchant for preaching, Ginnyエs love for her cocktails, and Roseエs newfound love for her fellow 努oman.

This sequal to 典he Stops includes the original Triangle cast (Steve, Kirk and Todd), and embraces the spirit of the season, displaying all the joy it contains.

Cast includes: Steve Boschen, Andrew Etheredge, Todd Minnich, Kirk Morton.

November 17, 2011
Richmond Triangle Players, Richmond, Virginia


Michael Kearns
photo: Michael Kearns  

Written and performed by Michael Kearns
Directed by Tony Abatemarco
Produced by INKubator @ KTC with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

An exploration the inevitabilities of aging on sexuality and sensuality, the body and the brain, the past and the future, the sacred and the profane.

This is artist and activist Michael Kearn痴 ninth solo show.

November 30, 2011
Skylab at the Skylight, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 December 2011 Openings 覧覧覧

Gays in Toyland

Mike Fryman, Patrick Brophy, Joseph Hatfield
Kate Holland, Jason Cooper
photo: Michael J. Drury  

Written by Jim Hesselman
Directed and produced by Michael J. Drury

As Christmas approaches, the owner of the Babes in Toyland toyshop collects discarded, old, and rejected toys. The shop owner meets Robert, who is looking for a job, and Noelle, a local club celebrity (until beginning the process of becoming a she). Acknowledging their differences, they join forces to find homes for misfit toys. The toys, themselves, enjoy a nice life together, singing, dancing, and performing skits until the day the toyshop is vandalized. The cruelties of the outside world threaten their very existence.

Cast includes: Mike Fryman, Joe Hatfield, Patrick Brophy, Julie Zielinski, Robbie Lewis, Susan Crocker, Laura Ellis, Alex Craig, Jason Cooper, Kate Holland.

December 1-11, 2011 - 7:30pm
Victor Jory Theatre at Actors Theatre Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky

Holiday Celebration

photo: ?  

Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
photo: Ed Krieger  

Produced by Los Angeles County Arts Commission

Since 1959, Los Angeles County has produced the yearly, free 滴oliday Celebration. Community and professional choirs, music ensembles, and dance companies representing the diverse cultures and holiday traditions of L.A. County perform before an audience and are broadcast on KCET.

This is the 52nd Celebration performance. More than 5,000 people attend the three-hour-long program each year, and about a million Southern Californian households tune into the live broadcast.

Cast includes: Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles, Adaawe (Liturgical, Afro-Cuban, all-women痴 drumming and song ensemble), plus scores of other performers.

December 24, 2011
Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, Los Angeles, California
Event is broadcast live on KCET

覧覧 2011 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

ONE Culture Series 2011

Events takes place on the third Sunday of the month, at 2pm

Free presentations by writers, archivists, performers, artists, and activists. These events take place in the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, which houses the world痴 largest research library on gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgendered heritage and concerns.

Produced by ONE Archives and Bill Kaiser, Culture Series chair

ONE Archives, 909 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelie accessible with obstacles
FREE - no reservations
Information: 213-741-0094;

QComedy - Monday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy - See Web site for GLBT comedy listings in San Francisco, as well as worldwide.

QComedy Showcase occurs on the first Monday of each month.
Mama Calizo痴, 1519 Mission St., San Francisco, California
Information and comedy bookings: Nick Leonard, 415-533-9133;

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