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Openings of 2010
Archive Listings

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覧覧 January 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Oh My Godmother!

Kate Holland, Amy Holt, Sara Renaur
photo: Michael J. Drury  

Written by Ron Lytle
Directed by Michael J. Drury
Produced by Michael J. Drury for Pandora Productions

Albert, a love-struck, gay teen in San Francisco, has a haughty, homophobic stepmother, two odious stepsisters, and a drag-loving Godmother. At the same time, the leading queens of Castro Street worry about their adopted son, Prince, who, through a twist of fate, is questioning his own sexuality.

Songs include: 鼎inder-Albert, 鉄omebody for Everybody, 擢abulous!, 徹ld Fashioned Commitment Ceremony, 釘itch, and 的t痴 a Boy.

Cast includes: Amy Holt, Kate Holland, Sara Renauer, Jacob Isaac, Brent Gettelfinger, Rusty Henle, Russ Dunlap, Jason Cooper, Laura Ellis, Taylor Schultz, Gary White, Robbie Smith, Joe Hatfield, Dan Canon.

January 7, 2010
Henry Clay Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky

Circus Welt

Sam Rhodes, Dustin Saied, Doug Oliphant
photo: Daniel Cerny  

Written, directed and produced by Pavel Cerny

Clowns Tilly and Polly, a gay male couple, and Maria, a Jewish lion tamer, conceal themselves from the Nazis in 1933 Berlin through their work as circus performers. They, along with the blacks and communists, hope that if they do not get involved, the storm will blow over. One day, a mysterious stranger asks to be a clown. His arrival becomes the catalyst in this epic story of love, hate, life, and death.

鼎ircus Welt is loosely based on Leonid Andreyev痴 1915 classic 滴e Who Gets Slapped.

Cast includes: Lee Biolos, Ed Brigadier, Adam Christopher, Dijanne Cornell, Jeffrey Daniel, Tanya Goott, Joshua Grenrock, Kurt Hargan, Justin J.W. Hertner, Stephanie Keefer, Patrick Koffel, Ben Mitchell, Doug Oliphant, Sam Rhodes, Dustin Saied, Edwin Simon, Jeff Williams.

January 10, 2010
Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California

The Jamb

Brad C. Wilcox, Garrett Liggett, Kerr Seth Lordygan
photo: Susan Lee  

Written by J. Stephen Brantley
Directed by Susan Lee
Produced by The Eclectic Company Theatre in association with Life On Its Side Productions

Two pals are approaching age forty and hate the fact. Joined by a 20-year-old, the gay trio leave NYC on a spiritual quest to New Mexico. A gay romantic triangle.

Cast includes: Kenlyn Kanouse, Garrett Liggett, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Brad C. Wilcox.

January 15, 2010
The Eclectic Company Theatre, Valley Village, California

Based on a Totally True Story

Vince Kelley, Jeff Bobick
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Directed by Joe Bailey
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre

Twenty-something, New Yorker Ethan Keene is a nearly successful comic book writer of 典he Flash and unproduced playwright. A veteran Hollywood producer decides she wants to use one of Ethan痴 plays as basis for a big-budget horror movie starring Nicole Kidman. With his head in the clouds, Ethan struggles to be a loving and supportive partner to his boyfriend Michael Sullivan, a Village Voice reporter and budding novelist. That痴 when Ethan痴 lovable dad announces that he is leaving Ethan痴 mom for a married woman, and can he please stay with Ethan and Michael until he finds a new place to live?

Cast includes: Dyan Bailey, Jeff Bobick, Vince Kelley, Dan Morrison, Geoff Pearson.

January 16, 2010
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

Naked in the Tropics

Carlos Morenoi, Daniel Rivera
photo: Michael Helms  

Written by Odalys Nanin
Directed by Odalys Nanin and Ivone Coll
Produced by Macha Theatre/Films and Odalys Nanin

A bisexual young Latino is set up to take the fall for a drug bust by a gay male porn star. Though born in the U.S., the young Latino somehow risks deportation. But his mother痴 lesbian lover is a top-flight immigration attorney. To the rescue! Features full male nudity, a lesbian sex scene, plus original musical numbers.

Cast includes: Odalys Nanin, Natalie Salins, Carlos Moreno, Daniel Rivera, Jean St. James, Gabrielle Abitol, Castille Landon, Victor Dante, Mar Castro, Tony Melson, Ivette Corvea.

January 16, 2010
Macha Theatre, West Hollywood, California

Six Degrees of Fornication

Carolyn Ratteray, Kalimba Bennett
photo: Jennifer May for Reel Sessions  

Written and directed by David Wally
Produced by David Wally with Bryan Rasmussen and the Whitefire Theatre

Lesbian and bisexual characters are present in all their carnal combinations.

A La Ronde-style sex comedy from David Wally who was a producer for 滴ostage and 溺eet Joe Black.

Cast includes: Carolyn Ratteray, Michael Rubenstone, Kalimba Bennett, Sally Hall, Gerald Downey, Judd Laurance, Frank Payne, Sarah Schreiber, Billy Snow, Lauren Glazier, Ashley Lane Adams, Jay Bingham, Gregg Lawrence, Gregor Manns.

January 28, 2010
Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California

Die Mommie Die

Margo Caprice
photo: Troy Freund  

Written by Charles Busch
Directed by Mark Hooker
Produced by Brazen Theatre Company

Faded pop singer, Angela Arden, is trapped in a corrosive marriage to film producer, Sol Sussman. In her attempt to find happiness with her younger lover, an out-of-work TV star, Angela murders her husband with the aid of a poisoned suppository. Angela痴 resentful daughter, Edith, convinces Angela痴 emotionally disturbed son, Lance, to avenge their father痴 death by killing their mother. Lance, demanding proof of Angela痴 crime, slips some LSD into her after-dinner coffee, triggering a wild acid trip that exposes all of Angela痴 dark secrets.

This comic melodrama evokes the 1960s movie thrillers and a plot that reflects both Greek tragedy as well as Hollywood folklore.

Cast includes: Sandra Thomas, John Egan, Kara Greshwalk, Eric Cohen, Stuart Holland, Margo Caprice.

January 29, 2010
Minneahaha/Spirit UCC Basement Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

Throw Like a Girl

Mark Motyl, Ror Rodriguez
photo: Bill Becker  

Written and directed by Bill Becker
Produced by Sunset Gardner Entertainment

Seventeen-year-old Zandor is tossed between his homophobic father, his understanding, alcoholic mother and his uncontrollable obsession to be female. Ten years later, his mother disappears and, through surgery, Zandor becomes Zana. Still living with her unbearable father, Zana痴 drug-addicted sister leaves her 15-year-old son to visit for a few days which turns into months.

Cast includes: Ror Rodriguez, Mark Motyl, Ryan Higdon, Wendi Hammock, Steven Briggs.

January 29, 2010
Sunset Gardner Stages, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 February 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

What Once We Felt

Patricia Kane, Charin Alvarez
photo: Mike Brosilow  

Written by Ann Marie Healy
Directed by Krissy Vanderwarker
Produced by About Face Theatre

Populated only by women in a city by the river, society divides along the lines of imperfect DNA, trashy bestsellers and downloadable babies. Macy O. Blonsky, author of 鍍he last print published novel ever, must decide how far she will go to bring her creation into the world.

Cast includes: Charine Alvarez*, Laura Fisher*, Patricia Kane*, Elizabeth Laidlaw*, Ana Sferruzza*, Rebecca Sohn. (*Actors Equity Association members)

February 3, 2010
Hoover-Leppen Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

True Love Lies

Steve Bullitt, Jonathan McVay
photo: Theater LaB Houston  

Written by Brad Fraser
Directed by Jimmy Phillips
Produced by Gerald LaBita

Mom and the teenage children discover a male lover from the father痴 past. Life is not what it had seemed, and their fashionable lifestyle falls around their ears. A witty, fast-paced comedy about a nuclear family and long held secrets.

Cast includes: Jonathan McVay, Steve Bullitt, Mary Hooper, Chelsea McCurdy, Mark Ivy.

February 10, 2010
Theater LaB Houston, Houston, Texas

The Marriage Bed

Dr Slaman, Dana Hooley
photo: Daren Scott  

Written by Nona Shepphard
Directed by Rosina Reynolds
Produced by Diversionary Theatre Val loves Jeni and Jeni loves Val. But should one get married when she she may not be over her ex-husband, and the other is not out to her family? Irony creates a comedic undertone in contemplating being pronounced wife and wife.

Cast includes: Dana Hooley, Dr Slaman.

February 11, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Best Feeding

Written, produced and performed by Martha Rynberg
Directed by W. Kamau Bell

Martha is sure that breast-feeding is the right thing to do. Absolutely positive. Even if it involves synthetic hormones, New Zealand pharmacies, and giant sucking machines. It feels so good to get it right - for a change.

From the outside Martha is an average, run of the mill, young, transracially adoptive lesbian mother - with a dash of abuse baggage from her childhood. If she痴 not careful she can spend an awful amount of time in 鍍he pit watching the painful home videos she痴 created in her head. Ultimately, Martha inadvertently finds herself, and more importantly, figures out who she wants to be.

Martha Rynberg is able to find the humor among hard truths, and she shines brightly in what could otherwise be a dark story. Vibrant and surprising, 釘est Feeding invites you into an internal world, which offers universal insight.

February 12, 2010
Stage Werx Theatre, San Francisco, California


Bobby Steggert, Ivan Hernandez
photo: Daren Scott  

Written by Joe and David Zellnik
Directed by Igor Goldin
Produced by York Theatre Company

During World War II, Stu, a photographer for Yank! magazine, and Mitch, an Army private, fall in love and struggle to survive where the odds are stacked against them.

An homage to Hollywood痴 it-takes-one-of-every-kind platoon movies, and to 1940s Broadway. With a lively score, Yank! explores prejudice and courage, while capturing the spirit and exuberance of an era.

Cast includes: Nancy Anderson, Jeffry Denman, Ivan Hernandez, Bobby Steggert, Andrew Durand, Zak Edwards, Todd Faulkner, Denis Lambert, Joseph Medeiros, David Perlman, Christopher Ruth, Tally Sessions.

Febuary 16, 2010 York Theater, New York, New York

覧覧 March 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Speech and Debate

Kevin Koppman-Gue, Rachael Van Wormer, Markuz Rodriguez.
photo: Ken Jacques  

Book and score by Stephen Karam
Directed by Jason Southerland
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Three teenage misfits discover they are linked by a sex scandal that rocks their little town of Salem, Oregon. Has it something to do with Howie, recently moved to Salem, who is openly gay since 10, and sexually active through hook-ups via computer chat rooms? When one of three sets out to expose the truth, secrets become currency, and the stakes get higher, in this searching, fiercely funny, dark comedy with music.

Cast includes: Kevin Koppman-Gue, Markuz Rodriguez, Rachael VanWormer, Wendy Waddell.

鉄avvy comedy bristling with vitality, wicked humor, terrific dialogue and a direct pipeline into the zeitgeist of contemporary youth. Karam has a keen ear for how teens talk, move and think, how they view each other and the adult world and uses both the advantages and perils of cyberspace to make amusing, original points. - Variety

March 25, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 April 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

The Spring and Fall of Eve Adams

Martha Lee, Steph Van Vlack
photo: Calico Studio  

Written and directed by Barbara Kahn
Produced by Theater for the New City

In 1926, Eve Adams, a Jewish lesbian from Poland, was proprietor of Eve痴 Hangout, a tearoom at 129 Macdougal Street in New York City, where local poets, musicians and actors congregated and shared their work in salon evenings. Her haven of artistic and sexual freedom was soon threatened by religious and governmental authorities, leading to her arrest, imprisonment and deportation.

Progressive and reactionary forces collide as the characters attempt to live and love free from discrimination. This is a true story of an extraordinary woman, who was a victim of homophobia and anti-immigrant hysteria that ultimately led to her death.

Cast includes: Michelle Cohen, Jon Dalin, Jimmy Heyworth, Micha Lazare, Martha Lee, Marisa Petsakos, Anna Podolak, Steph Van Vlack.

Barbara Kahn is an award-winning playwright, director, and actor. She was recognized for lifetime achievement with the Torch of Hope Award (1995) and awarded Arch and Bruce Brown Foundation production grants in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2007, and 2008.

April 15, 2010
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

The Women of Brewster Place

Charlene Modeste, Christine Horn,Kim Yarbrough, Julanne Chidi Hill
Lisa Tharps, Cheridah Best, Kelly M. Jenrette
photo: David Elzer  

Book, Music, Lyrics by Tim Acito
Directed by Michael Matthews
Produced by David Tarlow

Using an original score of R&B, pop, disco and old school funk, the musical tells the individual stories of eight very different African American women in a 1970s housing project who struggle with identity, poverty, hope, love and loss. At one point, elementary school teacher Lorraine moves in with her lover, Tee.

Simultaneously comic and heartbreaking, wise and shortsighted, noble and flawed, each of the women must ultimately face the largest question of all - where does one痴 individual story end, and the story of one痴 community begin?

Based on Gloria Naylor痴 beloved award winning collection of stories.

Cast includes: Lisa Tharps, Christine Horn, Kim Yarbrough, Kelly M. Jenrette, Charlene Modeste, Cheridah Best, Erica Ash, Julanne Chidi Hill.

See review by Bill Kaiser: The Women of Brewster Place: The Musical by Tim Acito

April 23, 2010
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California


Sal Lopez, Ralph Cole Jr.
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written by Evelina Fernandez
Directed by Jose Luis Valenzuela
Produced by Latino Theater Company

Moe, a man in the last stages of AIDS, invites those nearest and dearest to him to a 敵oing Away for Good party. Then his ex-wife shows up.

Cast includes: Sal Lopez, Ralph Cole Jr., Geoffrey Rivas, Lucy Rodriguez, Evelina Fernandez, Danny De La Paz, Esperanza America Ibarra.

April 29, 2010
Los Angeles Theatre Center, Theatre 3, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 May 2010 Openings 覧覧覧


Topping, Butch
photo: ?  

Written, directed, performed by Topping and Butch
Produced by Topping and Butch Productions

With songs and one liners that would melt granite, this pair have created a whole new genre of show.

典his is Topping and Butch at their best; they look as if they池e having a ball. The audience certainly are. Here the level sinks to crotch height and stays there until we池e satisfied. They get graphic and we giggle; they get ruder and we roar. It is a joy to see these two talented, funny men behaving badly and they do it so well. - The Scotsman

Part of the Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin - May 3-16, 2010.

May 3, 2010
Break For the Border, Lower Stephen痴 Street, Dublin, Ireland

The Timekeepers

Roy Horovitz, Pinhas Mittelman
photo: ?  

Written by Dan Clancy
Music and sound by Daniel Salomon
Directed by Lee Gilat
Produced by Lee Gilat and Uri Ofir, Ocean of Sugar

Two watch menders are thrown together in a concentration camp. Outrageous Hans wears the pink triangle, the Nazi signification that he is homosexual, and elderly Benjamin wears the Nazi痴 yellow star ndicating he is Jewish. Working together, repairing watches for the Nazis under the tyrannical eye of the Capo, suspicion, prejudice, mistrust, and indifference slowly give way to a touching and warm friendship.

Cast includes: Roy Horovitz, Pinhas Mittelman, Omer Etzion.

的t痴 a truly heart warming tale Ultimately it痴 a brilliant slice of human endaevour and survival, with brilliant acting on the parts of all three of the cast. A marvellous play and a credit to the Festival. - 5 Stars from the British Theatre Guide

Part of the Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin - May 3-16, 2010.

Ocean of Sugar, of Tel-Aviv Israeli, is on a world tour with this production.

May 3, 2010
Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland


John Whitley, Kevin Koppman-Gue
photo: Ken Jacques  

Written by Nick Salamone
Music by Maury R. McIntyre
Directed by Ira Spector
Musical direction by Patrick Marion
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Jon, a scholarly playwright who has lost many loved ones to AIDS and has retreated into cerebral celibacy. Luke, a sexually needy male hustler who lives solely for the next fleshly encounter. Matt, a shy virgin, who struggles to balance the conflicting urges of love and lust. All three, trapped in limbo, uncertain if they are alive or dead, become emotionally embroiled. To cope they stage a musical production of Chekhov痴 典he Three Sisters.

A compelling fusion of music, emotion, melancholy and lust.

Cast includes: Angelo D但gostino, Kevin Koppman-Gue, John Whitley.

鄭 timely tribute to the redemptive powers of art, a reminder that even the most apparently hopeless lives can be transformed through the unifying fellowship of the theater. - The L.A. Times

Moscow won the top honor at the Edinburgh Festival in 1998.

May 6, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Barbra and Liza Live

Steven Brinberg, Rick Skye
photo: ?  

Written by Steven Brinberg, Rick Skye, Michael Darton, Michael Ferreri
Directed by Rick Skye
Musical Director: Michael Ferreri
Produced by Michael Darton

A spectacular mix of comedy, musical performance and a good dollop of gossip too. Skye impersonates Liza with unsurpassed energy and comedy, while Brinberg pays hilarious homage to leading lady Barbra Streisand.

Cast includes: Steven Brinberg, Rick Skye.

Part of the Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin - May 3-16, 2010.

May 10, 2010
Smock Alley Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin, Ireland

Die! Mommie! Die!

Joe Bailey
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Charles Busch
Directed by Joe Plambeck
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre

Faded pop singer Angela Arden is trapped in a corrosive marriage to film producer Sol Sussman. In pursuit of happiness with her young bisexual TV star lover, Angela schemes to murder her husband. Will a resentful daughter, a hyper-sexual gay son, and a botched acid trip expose all of Angela痴 deep, dark secrets?

A campy melodrama evoking the 1960s 撤sycho-Biddy thrillers that featured aging cinematic icons suach as Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, and Lana Turner.

Cast includes: Joe Bailey, Melissa Beckwith, Suzan M. Jacokes, Vince Kelley, Bryan Lark, Alan Madlane.

May 14, 2010
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

My Big Gay Italian Wedding

Anthony J. Wilkinson, Daniel Robinson
photo: Carol Rosegg  

original cast
Reichen Lehmkuhl, Anthony Wilkinson
photo: Carol Rosegg  

original cast
Erick Ranson, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Anthony Wilkinson,
Randi Kaplan, Joe Scanio
photo: Carol Rosegg  
Written by Anthonay Wilkinson
Directed by Teresa A. Cicala
Music and lyrics by David James Boyd
Produced by Dina Manzo

Andrew and Anthony are getting married and everyone wants to help; as long as it is done their way. From a saboteur ex-boyfriend to a loud, opinionated, outspoken Italian mother personalities and culture collide in a music and dance-filled extravaganza. Planning a wedding can be hell, but planning to ruin a wedding can be a hell of a lot of fun.

Cast includes: Daniel Robinson, Anthony J. Wilkinson, Brett Douglas, Randi Kaplan, Joe Scanio, Tricia Burns Carla-Marie Mercun, Fabio Taliercio, Liz Gerecitano, Meagan Robar, Adam Zelasko, Bryan Anthony, Erik Ransom, Chad Kessler, Kevin McIntyre, Leah Gerstel. Originally included Reichen Lehmkuhl.

May 22, 2010
St. Luke痴 Theatre, New York, New York

Small Craft Warnings

Elizabeth Karr, Barry Jenner
photo: Tia Hoberman  

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Michael Murray
Produced by Classical Theatre Lab, Elizabeth Karr

The lives of both gay and straight characters are observed in a rundown beach town on the Southern California coast. Their hopes, desperations, and dreams surface as this group of obscure outcasts grasp at a sense of community in a world that has rejected them. Every evening they gather at Monk痴 place for solace and shelter. Each one has a story to tell: The alcoholic abortion doctor, the gay screen writer with a young pick up, the angry, sex-addicted beautician mourning the anniversary of the death of her gay brother, her live-in boyfriend, the drunken, weepy waif, the dissolute short order cook, and the affable bartender, Monk.

Cast includes: Paul Bond, Robert Dolan, Kevin Fabian, Barry Jenner, Elizabeth Karr, Gina Manziello, Norman Scott, Alex Smith, Alex Wells.

Note: At one point, during the run of the original 1972 production, author Williams played the doctor.

May 22, 2010
Fiesta Hall, West Hollywood, California

In Honor of Our DreamSpeakers 2010

Jill Togawa
photo: Theresa Thandani  

Written, directed and performed by Jill Togawa
Produced by Purple Moon Dance Project in association with the National Queer Arts Festival

3rd biennial celebration, and a gala performance honoring the lives and contributions of women artists, particularly lesbians and women of color, whose work has inspired social change, peace and healing. This year honors five artists who do amazing and inspiring work:

    Avotcja - poet, musician, radio host
    Brenda Wong Aoki of First Voice - performance artist
    Stephanie Anne Johnson - lighting designer, mixed materials/installation artist and sculptor
    Judith Smith of AXIS Dance Company - artistic director, dancer/choreographer
    Penina Ava Taesali - writer, poet, teacher, founder of API Youth Promoting Advocacy
        and Leadership, Talking Roots Arts Collective and Pacific Islander Kie Association

These women use poetry, music, performance art, storytelling, lighting, visual art, spoken word and dance to encompass the essence of what keeps our cultures alive, telling stories we don稚 otherwise hear, honoring our ancestors, and supporting our communities.

The mission of Purple Moon Dance Project is to increase the visibility of lesbians and women of color and to encourage social change, peace and healing in our society through the medium of dance. Purple Moon痴 work is 電iversity made physical! May 26, 2010
Buriel Clay Theater - AAACC, San Francisco, California

Something Borrowed, Something Blue

Monte J. Wolfe, Kris Broadway, David Richardson, Donald
Burch III, Sampson, Kendell K. Lee, David Lamont Wilson
photo: Omar Miguel  

Written and directed by Alan Sharpe
Produced by African-American Collective Theater (ACT)

The first June following the District of Columbia痴 legalization of same-sex marriage, two young black men encounter unexpected twists and turns along their bumpy road to the altar.

A staged reading. This production is a Memorial Day and DC Black Pride celebration tradition, which ACT began in 1992.

Cast includes: Monte J. Wolfe, David Lamont Wilson, Donald Burch III, David Richardson, Kendell K. Lee, Sampson, Kris Broadway, Jason Evan Barrett.

May 30, 2010
Warehouse Theater, Washington DC

覧覧 June 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Ryan O辰onnor Eats His Feelings

Ryan O辰onnor, Graham LaBass
Lucas Coatney
photo: K.C. Perry  

Written, directed and produced by Ryan O辰onnor
Songs written by William Finn, Ani DiFranco, Katie Thompson, Scott Alan, Randy Blair
Musical direction by Gregory Nabours

Ryan takes us on a dynamic, hilarious, candid, and oddly touching musical journey. He tells us of his childhood and adolescence in conservative Arizona; his tribulations as a New York City and Hollywood actor; his relationship with Graham LaBass, his (Mormon, ex-college football star, and proud chubby-chaser) boyfriend; and his lusts for theater and food. Ryan O辰onnor is an actor, singer, comedian, blogger and YouTube video producer, who describes himself as a big, gay, singing Kathy Griffin.

Also along for the ride, is his best friend, (American Idol) Lucas Coatney, who plays back-up singer and on-stage sidekick.

Cast includes: Ryan O辰onnor, Lucas Coatney.

Ryan痴 Tour:
    June 7, 2010 - The Rrazz Room, San Francisco, California
    June 9, 2010 Julia痴 On Broadway, Seattle, Washington - with pianist: Shelly Bort
    June 13, 2010 - The Onyx Theatre, Las Vegas, Nevada
    June 17, 2010 - Stagebrush Theatre, Phoenix, Arizona
    June 20, 2010 - Lannie痴 Clocktower Cabaret, Denver, Colorado
    June 23, 2010 - Contemporary Theatre of Dallas, Texas
    June 28, 2010 - Le Petit Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana
    July 1, 2010 - Mixx Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia
    July 3, 2010 - The Stage at Two Elle, Nashville, Tennessee
    July 7, 8, 2010 - Davenport痴 Piano Bar, Chicago, Illinois
    July 11, 2010 - Harlan痴 Cabaret, New Hope, Pennsylvania
    July 19, 2010 - Joe痴 Pub, New York, New York

Taking Issues

Jeff Kozel, William Mullin, Ryan Wrigh
from 的n Sickness and In Health
photo: Ed Lindquist  

Written by Ross Hewitt, Jim Piazza, George Bistransin, J. Stephen Brantley, Debbra Liverman, Dahn, Hiuni, Gwen Baer, Emanuel Gavales
Directed by George Bistransin
Produced by Village Playwrights

Eight short, fully produced plays dealing with issues facing today痴 LGBTQ community.

      by Ross Hewitt
      An examination of the medical and emotional effects of crystal meth in the gay community.

      Modern Screen
      by Jim Piazza
      After thirty years of dealing with life through movies, the reality of cancer strains a gay relationship.

      Transference by Any Other Name
      by Gwen Baer
      A comedy about the futility of dating, the awesomeness of Jennifer Beals, and the vagaries of the patient-therapist relationship.

      In Sickness and In Health
      George Bistransin
      Examines what happens when the honeymoon is over for a gay couple who have a surrogate child.

      Shiny Pair of Complications
      J. Stephen Brantley
      Kevin痴 wedding is days away and his Dad needs a decent tuxedo. But before making their final purchases, the two have a few things to get straight.

      One Man Show
      by Dahn Hiuni
      A Jewish artist returns to his childhood Poland. He is distracted by ancestral ghosts and his local assistant痴 unexpected crush.

      by Debbra Liverman
      Explores the pro and cons of having a sex change operation.

      by Emanuel Gavales
      Tracing the mercurial nature of modern gay relationships while waiting outside a Chelsea restaurant.

Cast includes: Tym Moss, Emily Frail, Jeff Kozel, William Mullin, Ryan Wright, David Dotterer, Jere Williams.

June 11, 2010
Room 310, LGBT Community Center, New York, New York

The Pink Chat Room

Written by June Vertucci and Trudy Ardizzone
Music and lyrics by June Vertucci
Directed by Corky Dominguez
Produced by Josefina Lopez, Casa 0101 Theatre, and Patricia Zamarano

Jane is down-on-her-luck Latina lesbian looking for love on the internet. While chat rooms and dating sites become an exciting distraction from her loneliness, her online exploits turn into a big, expensive, real-world mess.

Cast includes: Julie Evans, Ve Magni, Gabriel Gonzalez, Lena Marie Aguirre, Michelle Castillo.

June 18, 2010
Casa 0101, Los Angeles, California

Fucking Men

Christian Kain Blackburn, Ryan Lanning

Written by Joe DiPietro
Directed by Tom Mullen
Produced by Bailiwick Chicago

Ten men, from all walks of life, negotiate the before and after of lust, love, betrayal and the pursuit of sex and emotional connections. Funny, poignant, sometimes dramatic; always provocative and sexy.

An observation of the sex lives of the modern urban gay American male. Conceived as a noir-riff on Arthur Schnitzler痴 19th century play, 鏑a Ronde.

Cast includes: Thad Anzur, Karmann Bajuyo, Christian Kain Blackburn, Armand Fields, Beau Forbes, Cameron Harms, Cameron Johnson, Ryan Lanning, Arthur Luis Soria, Norman Woodel. Understudies: Tom Chiola, Michael Harnichar, Jake Szczepaniak.

撤ungent insight infiltrates 詮ucking Men. - The Los Angeles Times

敵enuinely provocative. - The London Times

June 18, 2010
Theatre Building Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

覧覧 July 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Falling for Eve

Written by Joe DiPietro
Music by Bret Simmons
Lyrics by David Howard
Directed by Larry Raben
Music direction by Kim Steiner
Produced by The York Theatre Company and 1113 Productions

Creation is going perfectly. Eve, curious about what lies beyond the Garden of Eden, and obsessed with the notion that something is forbidden, bites the infamous apple. Then Adam doesn稚. How will they get together to create the human race?

A fresh, unconventional retelling of the most famous romance of all time, filled with unexpected twists and turns as Eve and Adam realize that 菟aradise may not be a place after all. Female Independence is a theme throughout. Based on 鄭dam Alone by David Howard.

Cast includes: Jennifer Blood, Krystal Joy Brown, Nehal Joshi, Adam Kantor, Jose Llana, Sasha Sloan.

July 6, 2010
The York Theatre - The Theatre at Saint Peter痴, New York, New York

[title of show]

Tom Zohar,
Karson St. John, Heather Paton, Tony Houck
photo: Ken Jacques  

Book by Hunter Bell
Music and lyrics by Jeff Bowen
Directed by James Vasquez
Musical Direction by Tim McKnight
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Jeff and Hunter are two struggling young, gay writers who create a new musical about two struggling young writers creating a new musical.

A postmodern homage to the grand tradition of backstage musicals like 釘abes in Arms, 適iss Me, Kate, and 鄭 Chorus Line. A zesty, sweet and charming new musical. A love letter to musical theatre and to the joy of collaboration.

Story behind the play: Authors Jeff Bowen and Hunter Bell decided to submit a play for the 2004 New York Musical Theatre Festival just three weeks before the deadline. They chronicled their own process, and crafted an original story that just happens to be with some artistic license taken autobiographical. The show debuted at the New York Musical Theatre Festival in 2004, ran Off-Broadway run at the Vineyard Theatre in 2006, and ran on Broadway in 2008.

鄭 zesty, sweet and charming new musical. Delectable entertainment. - The New York Times

摘mmensly likeable. - The New Yorker

Cast includes: Tony Houck, Heather Paton, Karson St. John, Tom Zohar.

July 8, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Sordid Lives: It's a Drag!

Melissa Beckwith
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Del Shores
Directed by Jamie Richards and Joe Plambeck
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre

Peggy Ingram, the matriarch of a culturally challenged Texas family dies by artificial legs. It is a blow to her extended, dysfunctional, white trash clan, causing tension during the two days before her funeral. Her family members include her nicotine-addicted sister, a snooty, uptight daughter, a hell-raising daughter, a transvestite son, and a closeted grandson. Peggy痴 lover is the man with the lethal wooden legs. Others include his pistol-packin wife, and a nympho therapist. All roles are played by actors of the opposite sex.

Cast includes: Melissa Beckwith, Lauren Bickers, Christa Coulter, Suzan M. Jacokes, Vince Kelley, Matt Naas, Ricard Payton, Joe Plambeck, Jamie Richards, Marke Sobolewski, Cara Trautman.

July 10, 2010
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

In & Out: The US of Alienation

Kalimba Bennett, Michelle Bernard
photo: Jennifer May/Reel Sessions  

Written, directed and produced by David Wally

A lesbian couple planning a romantic weekend finds their circumstances drastically altered.

Cast includes: Kalimba Bennet, Michelle Bernard, Jay Bingham, David M. Edelstien, Anne Marie Howard, Gregor Manns, Devon Ogden, Jesse Pilchen, Juan Pope, Sarah Schreiber, Billy Snow, Lilah Wally, Stella V. Wilkins.

July 13, 2010
Whitefire Theatre, Sherman Oaks, California

Dr. Cerberus
source image: ?  

Written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa
Directed by Bart DeLorenzo
Produced by Susan Albert Loewenberg

Thirteen-year-old Franklin Robertson痴 parents don稚 understand him, his brother torments him, he has no friends, and he痴 more interested in the high school quarterback than any girl. He lives for the glow of the black-and-white TV in his parents basement, where he worships at the altar of the Saturday Night Horror Movie, hosted by the eerie Dr. Cerberus. Franklin is convinced that only by going on the show will his life be redeemed by the good doctor.

All performances are recorded to air on L.A. Theatre Works syndicated radio theater series, which broadcasts weekly on public radio stations nationwide and can be streamed on demand at

Cast includes: Simon Helberg, Rodney Steven Culp, Jarrett Sleeper.

July 14, 2010
Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Cyma痴 Story

Barbara Kahn
photo: Phyllis Pautrat  

Written by Barbara Kahn
Directed by Lisa Marjorie Barnes
Produced by Fresh Fruit Festival

Barbara Kahn re-defines the American west of 1939 as she portrays the world of a Jewish, lesbian immigrant, in Wyoming.

Cast includes: Barbara Kahn.

July 18, 2010
Cherry Lane Studio, New York, New York


Justin Okin, Andy Hirsch
photo: John Flynn  
poster: Bruce Zinda  
Written by Joshua Conkel
Directed by Matthew Elkins
Produced by John Perrin Flynn, Jen Riley, Brennan Parks, Kristina Harrison, Matthew Elkins

Emory is an effeminate 11-year-old boy who lives on a farm with his chain-smoking Nanna and his only friend, a depressed chicken about to be processed. Nanna wishes Emory would get his head out of the clouds, stop choreographing ribbon stick dance numbers, and be more like Elliot, the boy down the road with a penchant for burning things. But Emory and Elliot have a relationship of which Nanna would not expect or approve.

Absurd, poignant dialog and brutal characterizations, a bitterly funny exploration of gender, sexuality, life, death, and the human body. Not appropriate for children.

Rogue Machine痴 徹ff the Clock late-night series first 2010 season show.

Cast includes: Andy Hirsch, Tracie Lockwood, Justin Okin, Sharron Shayne, Hollace Starr.

July 30, 2010
Rogue Machine, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 August 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

覧覧 September 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

De Profundis

Iker Ortiz de Zarate

Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed and performed by Iker Ortiz de Zarate
Produced by Basque Company of Dance Theatre

De Profundis was a long letter the great author Wilde wrote while in Reading Gaol prison which describes his spiritual journey. He wrote it to his lover, Lord Alfred Douglas. While not allowed to mail it, he was able to carry it out after serving two years at hard labor on charges of gross indecency with men. Iker gives dramatic voice to Wilde in this deep, touching, hard, and beautiful portrait of life, love, and hope.

September 14, 2010
The Cord House, Vitoria Gasteiz, Spain

Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Groom
photo source: ?  

Written, directed and performed by Robin Tyler
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A multi-media, comedic romp through LGBT history, including the Marriage Equality movement. From Marches-on-Washington to not-so-pretty breakups with ex-lovers, Robin痴 show exposes three decades of lesbian and gay history. Through comedy, and, at times, tragedy, we are lead up to Robin and her (now legally married spouse) Diane Olson痴, historic California Supreme Court marriage case.

September 16, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California


Written by Debbra Liverman
Directed by Fredric Michaels
Produced by Yanal Severe and Baxlicorp

Peaches, the owner of a club which caters to clients with 殿lternative lifestyles, forges ahead with a sex change operation in order to break out of his cocoon and become the butterfly he always dreamed about. Not even his closeted boyfriend can stop him.

Cast includes: Gregory Lamar, Tyme Moss, Emily Frailemm, Tony Kane, Yanel Severe.

September 18, 2010 - 1pm, 4pm, 8pm
Producers Club, 358 West 44 St., New York, New York
Wheelie access with obstacles
Information/reservation: 347-557-2317

from the poster by Henzel Design  

Written by Nicolas Reveles
Direction by Cynthia Stokes
Musical direction by Steve Schwarz
Choreography by Peter G. Kalivas
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Answering the question 展hat do Walt Whitman, the rapture, and a gay bath house have in common? Sextet sheds light on aspects of gay desire. This musical approach to gay male desire explors community, power, acceptance, family, sex and love.

Nicolas Reveles is The Geisel Director of Education and Outreach for the San Diego Opera.
Cynthia Stokes recently directed Romeo and Juliet for the San Diego Opera.

Cast includes: Abdiel Gonzalez, Noah Longton, David McBean, Will Earl Spanheimer, Matthew Starkey, Enrique Toral.

September 30, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 October 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

After the Ball: Memories of the Depression and WWII

Marjorie Conn
photo: Marian Roth  

Written and directed by Christine Emmert and Marjorie Conn
Musical direction by Jack Balke
Produced by Provincetown Fringe Festival in Asbury Park

The Depression and World War II are two of the great turning points in United States history. The richness of this time was expressed in the lives of Franklin Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Lorena Hickok. Three people whose joys and sorrows closely intertwined with the nation痴.

Cast includes: Marjorie Conn, Christine Emmert, Joel Ruhl, Jack Balke.

October 9, 2010
Stephen Crane House, Asbury Park, New Jersey

Kidnapped by Craigslist: The Graveyard Shift

Brett Mack
photo: Baron Norris  

Written by Katie Goan
Created by Katie Goan and Nitra Gutierrez
Directed by Lori Evans Taylor
Choreography by Scott Hislop
Produced by TheSpyAnts Theater Company

True stories that are locked inside an online community that have shaped and inspired today痴 internet generation. There痴 a place here for everyone: straight, gay, lesbian, bisexual transgender or questioning. We all have a dark side, you know.

An eerie and risqu comedy that explores the carnivalesque, cult-like phenomenon that is Craigslist. Actual postings are brought to life.

Cast includes: Eric Bunton, Jennifer Etienne Eckert, David Goryl, Patrick Hancock, Florian Klein, Brett Mack, Mari Marks, Dawn Merkel, John Charles Meyer, Amy Motta, Marina Mouhibian, Christopher Mur, Danny Parker-Lopes, C.B. Spencer, Alison Zatta.

October 16, 2010
Elephant Lab Theater, Hollywood, California

Oscar Wilde Birthday Celebration

Oscar Wilde
image: Demian  

OSCARMANIA, A Celebration of his American Tour and the 156th anniversary of his birth.
His actual birthday is on October 16.

Cast includes: Kevin Dulude, Ron Edwards, Jesse Merlin - all of whom played Oscar or had been in plays written by him. Following the event, there will be a little tea, cucumber sandwiches and princess cake.

Part of the ONE Culture Series.

October 17, 2010
The One Archives building, Los Angeles, California

Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins

Dylan Hoffinger
photo source: Eric Scot  

Written by Brian Christopher Williams
Direction by Shana Wride
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

15-year-old Horace Poore tries to make sense of the tumultuous events of 1977. An era of energy crisis and civil rights fights surround him. Within him, his sexual awakening is hastened by images of Olympic swimmer Mark Spitz and anti-gay crusader Anita Bryant.

Cast includes: Dylan Hoffinger, Beth Gallagher, Tyler Herdklotz, Dana Hooley, Tony Houck, Don Pugh, Dylan Seaton, Jacque Wilke.

October 28, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 November 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Groundlings Goes Gay for a Good Cause

Directed by Karen Murayama
Produced by

An hilarious night of gay-themed sketches and improv supporting the ongoing fight against Proposition 8.

Cast includes: Tim Bagley, Jordan Black, Patrick Bristow, Stephanie Courtney, Rachael Harris, Mike Hitchcock, David Jahn, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Charlotte Newhouse, Jeremy Rowley, Lisa Schurga, Mitch Silpa, Alex Staggs.

All benefit proceeds go directly to the American Foundation for Equal Rights. The American Foundation for Equal Rights is dedicated to protecting and advancing equal rights, for every American. Through its groundbreaking federal court case against California痴 Proposition 8, The Foundation is leading the fight for marriage equality and equality under the law for every American.

The Groundlings improvisation and sketch comedy theater has been entertaining LA audiences for more than 36 years. It bacame a non-profit in 1974. It also opperates a comedy-training school.

November 2, 2010
Groundlings Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Devil Boys From Beyond

Everett Quinton, Paul Pecorino
photo source: Dixie Sheridan  

Written by Buddy Thomas and Kenneth Elliot
Direction by Kenneth Elliot
Produced by David J. Foster

The summer of 1957 is a scorcher and something strange is going on in the swamps of Lizard Lick, Florida. With rumors of missing people and giant spaceships running rampant, NYC star reporter Mattie Van Buren races down in search of her next Pulitzer. With her is her booze-hound ex-husband, Gregory Graham, with her arch-enemy, Lucinda Marsh hot on her heels to scoop her story. Flying saucers, backstabbing bitches, muscle hunks and men in pumps complete the scene.

Cast includes: Everett Quinton, Andy Halliday, Paul Pecorino, Chris Dell'Armo, Peter Cormican, Robert Berliner, Jacques Mitchell, Jeff Riberdy.

擢ast, tawdry and very funny. It痴 a marvel to see them turn low comedy into such a high. It痴 all about watching the actors especially the ones in drag gleefully throw themselves into their, ahem, art the no-holds-barred fun of downtown camp. - Elisabeth Vincentelli, New York Post

This production marks an unprecedented collaboration between key artists from the seminal downtown theatre companies Theatre-in-Limbo (Kenneth Elliott, Andy Halliday, Vivien Leone, B.T. Whitehill) and the Ridiculous Theatrical Company (Everett Quinton).

November 3, 2010
New World Stages, New York, New York

Cologne, or the Ways Evil Enters the World

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: Dan McCleary  

Written and directed by Tony Abatemarco
Produced by Santa Monica Playhouse Benefit Series

In Long Island during the 60s, an adolescent boy suffers when he tries to avoid suspicion about his sexual orientation by arranging for the bashing of another boy with whom he壇 been involved.

Cast: Harry Hart-Browne

鄭batemarco can be seen at the peak of his craft in 舛ologne, or the Ways Evil Enters the World, a daring, savagely incisive one-man play about a gay youth痴 sexual coming of age in the 1960s. - F. Kathleen Foley, LA Times

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 12, 2010
Santa Monica Playhouse, Santa Monica, California

覧覧 December 2010 Openings 覧覧覧

Horatio痴 Rise

Robbie Tann, Brandon T. Chinn
photo: Darien Bates  

Written and directed by Jason Jacobs
Produced by Theatre Askew

John, an inner-city high school teacher, catches one of his most promising students, Alberto, plagiarizing a term paper. He takes it upon himself to instill positive values in the young man by exposing him to the life and work of the Victorian boys novelist, Horatio Alger. Alberto reluctantly begins reading Alger痴 most famous book, 迭agged Dick, which comes to theatrical life before his eyes.

Gradually, Alger痴 own fraught history with adolescent boys is revealed, and painful truths overwhelm the pleasures of fiction. Examining the delicate territory of a teacher/student relationship, characterized by both eroticized control and a genuine desire to help a struggling teen, Horatio痴 Rise asks what ultimately constitutes a 都uccess story and who gets to tell it.

Cast includes: Brandon T. Chinn, Tim Cusack, Eric Percival, Alex Runnells, Richard Sheinmel, Robbie Tann, Matt Wray.

December 1, 2010
The Cell, New York, New York

Santa Claus is Coming Out

Jeffrey Solomon, Jeffrey Solomon, Jeffrey Solomon
photo: ?  

Written, directed and performed by Jeffrey Solomon
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

It starts when a little boy asks Santa for a doll, gets a truck, and thinks he痴 been bad. The child痴 quiet letter of complaint shakes St. Nick to the soul as he recalls his fearful youth during the middle ages (when homosexuals were torn to pieces), and regrets the promotional deals he made with Coca-Cola that force him to stay in the closet.

This theatrical mock-u-mentary reveals the secret romantic life of the beloved childhood icon, and of the scandal that rocks the world when the truth leaks out.

鼎harming and hilarious, thought-provoking and genuinely moving.

典his isn稚 a clumsy parody, but a sensitive, imaginative tale that really is about a boy痴 realization that he is different. Mr. Solomon portrays an amazing range of characters, all of them beautifully. New York Times

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

December 4, 2010
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Measure for Pleasure

Lucas Adams, Leah Roberts, Zachary Burrell
photo: Michael J. Drury  

Written by David Grimm
Directed by Michael J. Drury
Produced by Michael J. Drury, Pandora Productions

Set in 1751, this randy play features the romantic couplings of nobles and servants, including Sir Peter Lustforth who, having had enough of his wife痴 amorous ways, casts his wandering eye on the virginal Hermione. This sets off a series of chaotic chases and couplings amongst a womanizer, transvestite hooker, puritanical dame, and a helplessly romantic gay valet.

While a restoration-style romp, it is punctuated with madcap 21st Century pop culture references, and is richly endowed with mistaken identities, abundant verbal delights, and offers a saucy, silly, filthy treat. Author Grimm offers clever wordplay, frequently resulting in mischievous, risqu double-entendres.

Not for children.

Cast includes: Joseph Hatfield, Mike Slaton, Leah Roberts, Zachary Burrell, Lucas Adams, Greylyn Gregory, Nancy Hoover.

December 9, 2010
Actors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky


Jade Esteban Estrada
photo: Christine Cain-Weidner  

Written and directed by Jade Esteban Estrada
Produced by Vortex Repertory Company

Estrada brings his unique brand of hilarious, gender-swapping songs about his personal experiences of life on the road, and run-ins with the rich and infamous, in a post-gay, post-Hispanic world. The show is a combination of stand-up comedy and Broadway-musical.

Singer, comedian, actress, model, Mexican Jade Esteban Estrada has appeared on Comedy Central and Bravo TV.

Special appearances by the hottest names in Burlesque.

Cast includes: Jade Esteban Estrada, burlesque dancers.

摘strada takes his audiences on a hilarious whirlwind tour! - New York Times

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

December 30, 2010
The Vortex, Austin, Texas

覧覧 2010 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin

May 3-16, 2010

Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin

The Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin aims to develop all concepts of gay theater by promoting, commissioning and showcasing new writing on gay-related theater and music which in turn will promote the value of arts in our society.

Absolut Laughter
hosted by SONIA KELLY with performers Sue Collins, Gearoid Farrelly and Simon O狸eeffe
Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin (IRE)

Barbra & Liza Live
by Steven Brinberg and Rick Skye
AGTFD in association with Michael Darton (New York, USA)

Far from Kansas: Oklahomo!
Simon Sharp, musical director London Gay Men痴 Chorus (London, UK)

by Topping and Butch
Topping & Butch Productions (London, UK)

Gala Celebration & Absolut Awards
2010 Gala Concert and Absolut Awards Ceremony
Absolut Gay Theatre Festival Dublin (IRE)

I値l Tell It Tomorrow
by Johan Goossens
Goossens Productions (Amsterdam, Holand)

Lord Arthur Savile痴 Crime
by Oscar Wilde, adapted by Martin Harris
Rocket Theatre (Manchester, UK)

Manny Quinn: the Musical
by Robert Lanigan and Jenny McCabe
Rolan Productions (Dublin, IRE)

Mother / Son
by Jeffrey Solomon
Solomon Productions (Jackson Heights, USA)

Naked Homo
by Martin Lewton
Theatre North (Brighton, UK)

Slaughterhouse Swan
by Elizabeth Moynihan
Eala Productions (in association with Focus Theatre)

Tennessee Suite
(The Travelling Companion, The Chalky White Substance)
by Tennessee Williams
Provincetown Theatre Festival (MA. USA)

The Myth of Andrew & Jo
by Gideon van Eeden
Artscape New Writing Programme (Cape Town, RSA)

The Timekeepers
by Dan Clancy
Ocean of Sugar (Tel-Aviv, Israel)

Two Loves
by John Martin Stevens
Dreamshed Productions (Worcester, UK)

Viva la Diva
by Kristin Kapelli
Kristin Kapelli Productions (Dublin, IRE)

Water Street
by Patricia Reilly Giff
University of Florida (Gainesville, USA)

by Chris Goode
Performance Anxiety (Lincoln, UK)

GPS (Gay Play Series)

June 25-27, 2010

Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre the first of a yearly event series.

Earlier this in 2010, Who Wants Cake? called for new, short, gay-themed plays. Five were chosen from 22 submittions.

by Dave DeChristopher
directed by Scott Myers

The Single Life
by Megan Buckley
directed by Katie Galazka

My Dull Friend
by Margaret Edwartowski
directed by Gary Lehman

by Audra Lord
directed by Matthew Turner Shelton

He Hit Me (It Felt Like a Kiss)
by Kristian O辿are
directed by Courtney Burkett

June 25, 2010 - 8pm
A staged reading of the gay cult Valley of the Dolls (based on the novel by Jacqueline Susann)
Cast includes: Jon Ager, Melissa Beckwith, Christa Coulter, Kate Peckham, Bryan Lark, Dave Davies, Dyan Bailey, Mark Sobolewski, Vince Kelley, Joe Bailey, Laurel Hufano.

June 26 - 8pm
All five one-act plays At the end, audiences will be asked to vote for their favorite play.

Sun, June 27 - 3pm
All five one-act plays At the end, audiences will be asked to vote for their favorite play.

June 28 - 8pm
1) Performance of the audience-selected play
2) Motown MisCast Cabaret men perform musical theater songs traditionally sung by women, and women perform songs traditionally sung by men.

MisCast Cabaret performers include: Joe Bailey, Courtney Burkett, Suzan M. Jacokes, Vince Kelley, Jeremy Ryan Mossman, Allyson Ortwein, Richard Payton, Joe Plambeck, Jamie Richards, with Jeff Bobick on piano.

The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan
GPS graphic: Joe Plambeck

Great Plays of Terrence McNally

August 29-October 24, 2010

A series of staged readings of plays by Terrence McNally.

Directors: Steve Scott, Andrew Souders, Jonathan Verge, Patrick Rybarczyk, John Nasca, Michael Laswell
Produced by Pride Films and Plays

Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont - and Mary痴 Attic, 5400 N. Clark St. - Chicago, Illinois
Wheelchair accessible
$10 / $5 students, industry professionals
Information: 773-250-3112;
Reservation: 800-838-3006 (brown paper tickets)

Some Men (2006)
directed by Andrew Souders
August 29, 7pm - Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont
Interlocking vignettes set between 1922-2007 that touch on the important events and themes in gay culture. With scenes considering long-term relationships and one night stands, the Army and AIDS, bathhouses and piano bars, and marriages of all kinds, McNally explores gay life and love against a background of some of the events that shaped the last century.
Lips Together, Teeth Apart (1991)
directed by Jonathan Verge
September 5, 6pm - Mary痴 Attic, 5400 N. Clark St.
Two straight couples lounge poolside, staring out to sea, in a house on Fire Island inherited from a gay brother who has died of AIDS. Amidst the seemingly mundane activities of Fourth of July weekend, the complex relationships among the quartet, and their attitude towards the gay neighbors partying on either side of them, becomes hilariously and painfully clear.
The Lisbon Traviata (1989)
directed by Steve Scott
September 12, 6pm - Mary痴 Attic, 5400 N. Clark St.
Mendy, a ferociously dedicated opera buff begs and cajoles his friend Stephen to let him borrow his copy of the pirated Maria Callas recording of La Traviata. Their hilarious banter becomes cold reality and reaches a climax of operatic proportion.
Love! Valour! Compassion! (1994)
directed by Michael Lasswell
September 19, 6pm at Mary痴 Attic, 5400 N. Clark St.
At a lakeside vacation house, eight gay friends celebrate Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day. Infidelity, flirtations, soul-searching, AIDS, truth-telling, and skinny-dipping, along with monumental questions about life and death, mix with a wacky dress rehearsal for Swan Lake performed in drag.
Corpus Christ (1998)
directed by Patrick Rybarczyk
September 26, 6pm - Mary痴 Attic, 5400 N. Clark St.
Joshua, a gay man comes of age in Corpus Christi, Texas, which bears amazing parallels to the story of Jesus birth, disciples, death, and resurrection.
The Ritz (1975)
directed by John Nasca
October 24, 7pm - Stage 773, 1225 W. Belmont
The rates are low, the decor is rococo, and the clientele is congenial. Gaetano Proclo reasons this all-male bathhouse is the perfect place to hide from his murder-minded, brother-in-law Carmine.

The Irving Variations

September 25, 26, 2010

The Second Annual Short Play Festival

All plays have the common theme of Irving the Greyhound, who aspires to be a poet.
All the playwrights direct their own plays.
Presented by The Provincetown Fringe Festival in Asbury Park, in conjunction with ArtsCap CityArts Weekend

by Marjorie Conn
    Emma takes a nap in a reclining chair in the yard of her home where she lives with her lover, Katy.
        Cast includes: Christine Emmert, Marjorie Conn

Clair de Lune (with Irving)
by Christine Emmert
    The time is a full moon, and, coincidentally, that is where this play takes place.
        Cast includes: Marjorie Conn, Christine Emmert

Going to the Dogs
by Pam Munson Steadman
    In the retirement Mecca of Discontent, the past disappointments and disillusionments are discussed over wine
    between two female neighbors, which are interpreted somewhat differently through the eyes of Irving, the Greyhound.
        Cast includes: Lynn Goldhammer, Thomas Bruno, Marjorie Conn

Irving Blue
by J.D. Ruhl
    A 1000-year rage separates and links the goddess Circe and her lover, whom she turned into a now-ailing greyhound, Irving.
        Cast includes: J.D. Ruhl, Doreen Noeltner

The Tin Cup Years
by Katheryn White
    A street of a once rich city, where a retired couple sell poems.
        Cast includes: Katheryn White, Garrett A. Lardiere, Esq, Marjorie Conn

by Miriam Devorah
    Takes place at a pinball arcade on a boardwalk by the ocean. Imagine pinball sounds throughout.
        Cast includes: Marjorie Conn, Gregory Brewington, Christine Emmet

When a Dog Becomes a Poet
by Rich Quatrone
    An open stage in some hell or heaven. No coordinates. Perhaps in Irving痴 dogmind.Yes, that痴 it,
    the play occurs in Irving痴 dogmind.In fact, dogmind might be the name of this play.
        Cast includes: Rich Quatrone, Eric Quatrone
September 25 - 3pm
The Lounge at Synaxis, 660 Cookman Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey

September 26 - 3pm
Chicoエs House of Jazz, 631 Lake Ave., Asbury Park, New Jersey

ONE Culture Series 2010

Events takes place on the third Sunday of the month, at 2pm

Free presentations by writers, archivists, performers, artists, and activists. These events take place in the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, which houses the world痴 largest research library on gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgendered heritage and concerns.

Produced by ONE Archives and Bill Kaiser, Culture Series chair

November 21, 2010 - 2pm
典he Role Of Gay and Transgender People for the 21st Century
Prof Walter L. Williams speaks about American Indian shamans, native Hawaiians, and his fieldwork in Thailand.

December 19, 2010 - 2pm
鄭rchiving The Sisters
Join us and the Los Angeles Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence for a special winter saturnalia, celebrate Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa and The Winter Solstice.

ONE Archives, 909 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelie accessible with obstacles
FREE - no reservations
Information: 213-741-0094;

QComedy - Monday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy - See Web site for GLBT comedy listings in San Francisco, as well as worldwide.

QComedy Showcase occurs on the first Monday of each month.
Mama Calizo痴, 1519 Mission St., San Francisco, California
Information and comedy bookings: Nick Leonard, 415-533-9133;

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