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Openings of 2009
Archive Listings

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———— January 2009 Openings ——————

As Much As You Can

Ida L Rhem, Kevane La’Marr Coleman, Brian Mackey
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Paul Oakley Stovall
Direction by Antonio T.J. Johnson
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Jesse returns home to Chicago for his brother’s wedding, bringing his Swedish boyfriend, Christian. Jesse’s half-sister Ronnie is supportive and wants the family to fully the couple. Younger brother Tony, conquers his initial homophobia, however, resists welcoming a white man into their African-American family. Deeply religious sister Evy thinks Jesse betrays the memory of their deceased parents by “choosing” what she considers a sinful, unnatural lifestyle. Through card games, language lessons, and literature, they all strive to live, love, and give as much as they can.

Cast includes: Kevane La’Marr Coleman, Patrick Kelly, Brian Mackey, Leticia Martinez, Melissa Coleman Reed, Ida L. Rhem.

January 8, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Down the Rabbit Hole

Erin Jividen
photo: Milcho  

Written and performed by Erin Jividen
Direction by Bryan Rassmussen
Produced by James H.Gomez

12 of our most beloved female fairy tale characters speak the truth about their lives as real women living in today’s world. Finally free to tell the truth, these women shock with their whimsical, unexpected, heart wrenching, and life-affirming fairy tales, such as you have never heard before. They reveal that, sometimes, “happily ever after” is not quite as simple as our childhood illusions lead us to believe.

Written entirely in Def-Jam poetry, spoken word, music and verse, the show has toured, including playing at the Whitefire Theatre (Los Angeles), The Henry Strater Theater (Durango, Colorado), and The Onxy Theater (Las Vegas).

January 9, 2009
Wings Theater, New York, New York

The Keith, Melissa & Tom Show

Melissa Kolczynski, Keith Kaczorowski, Tom Wilson Weinberg
photo: Rachel Taylor Brown  

Written, directed and piano accompaniment by Tom Wilson Weinberg
Produced by David Alan Perkiss

A humor-filled, quirky and sometimes serious look at the work of lesbian and gay composers, which features the work of Cole Porter, Leonard Bernstein, Laura Nyro, Meg Christian, Cris Williamson, Stephen Sondheim, Lesley Gore, Noel Coward, Ned Rorem, Billy Strayhorn, Gian Carlo Menotti, and Tom Wilson Weinberg.

Keith and Melissa were both featured in Weinberg’s “Sixty Years With Bruhs and Gean.” Keith, a member of The Philadelphia Gay Men’s Chorus, has also appeared with Tom in “The Keith and Tom Show” and “Foot Locker” for the Philly Fringe 2008.

Melissa appeared in her one-woman show “Round Midnight” for Philly Fringe, as well as in Tom’s “The Teachings of Chairman Rick.” She also appeared with Peter Nero and the Philly Pops, and recently was seen in the Arden Theatre’s “Candide.”

Cast includes: Tom Wilson Weinberg, Melissa Koczynski, Keith Kaczorowski.

This show is a benefit for the William Way LGBT Community Center. This is the community’s first major event of 2009 and includes a tribute to our president-elect who takes office four days later.

January 16, 2009
Willie Way Cabaret, William Way LGBT Community Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pope Joan
photo: ??  

Written by Christopher Moore
Direction by Bo Crowell
Produced by Michael Butler

During the 9th century, a legend formed about the rise and fall of the only female pope. Joan and a trinity of romances influenced her life: God, the powerful and dangerous King Louis of France, and Lucius, a young, sheltered Vatican librarian. Because Joan was disguised as “John,” her relationships both defy and transcend gender. Set against the backdrop of the pageantry and ritual of the Vatican, Joan longs, in both words and actions, for a meaningful spiritual experience.

Presented with a live, six-piece orchestra, using period and ecclesiastical accents to flavor a pop score. Produced by Michael Butler, the original producer of Broadway’s HAIR, this musical extravaganza unleashes a story of controversy and a tale about a women in power.

Cast includes: Whitney Avalon, Douglas Barry, Cristina Dohmen, Suzanne Nichols, Bryce Blue, Allie Costa, Fernando Orozco, Jr., Anthony Gruppuso.

January 16, 2009
Stella Adler Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Battle Hymn

Suzy Jane Hunt
photo: Ross McKenzie  

Written by Jim Leonard
Direction by John Langs
Produced by Circle X Theatre Co. in cooperation with the Los Angeles County Arts Commission/Ford Theatres

On the eve of the Civil War, 16-year-old Martha finds herself pregnant and ostracized. As Martha travels through, and fights, in the Civil War, she settles on one incontrovertible fact: she will not raise her baby in a blood-soaked, violent country. Martha stays pregnant for more than a century, until she arrives in San Francisco in 1967. For a moment Martha thinks she’s landed in heaven, but before she knows it, half the world is at war once again. From the mud and the blood of Fort Sumter, to singing cows and the “summer of love,” Martha’s journey embodies the tragedy, humor and hope that have shaped the last 150 years of U.S. history. A take on sociopolitical and gender-based stereotypes.

“In my country you can marry whoever you want - love is all you need. Girls, boys, cows, people, trees, water, grass, sky, red, yellow, purple, blue. Everything is everything. And everything is equal. All love is holy.” - Battle Hymn

Cast includes: Bill Heck, Suzy Jane Hunt, Robert Manning, Jr., William Salyers, John Short.

January 17, 2009
[Inside] the Ford, Hollywood, California

The Choir

Nik Drake, Philip Honeywell, Jason Marc-Williams,
Leejay Townsend, Matthew Barksby
photo: Prav Menon-Johansson  

Written by Errol Bray
Direction by Prav Menon-Johansson
Produced by Peter Bull for Shamelessboyz resident company at Above the Stag

At a boys’ dormitory in a State Orphanage, seven boys prepare for the annual interstate choir competition. While the boys deal with their loves, aspirations, and regrets, the Choir screams a howl of protest at the stifling of young minds by ignorance and bigotry in this disturbing homo-erotic play.

Cast includes: Matthew Barksby, Nik Drake, Philip Honeywell, Jason Marc-Williams, Rowan Schlosberg, Graham Townsend, Leejay Townsend.

January 20, 2009
Above the Stag Theatre, London, U.K.

Cornbury: The Queen’s Governor

Christian Pedersen, Ashley Bryant,
Lord Cornbury,
Eugene the Poogene, Bianca Leigh
photo: Darien Bates
painting: N.Y. Historical Society
design: Chris Kalb  

Written by William M. Hoffman and Anthony Holland
Direction by Tim Cusack
Produced by Theatre Askew

Edward Hyde, aka Lord Cornbury, was the British governor of colonial New York. Rumors were spread that the English Governor would wear women’s clothes in court, and that he claimed he was most able to represent the queen — his first cousin, Queen Anne — by appearing as a woman. This unusual behavior, paired with his lavish spending and corrupt politics, were central to the argument against Cornbury as his opponents sought to remove him from power.

With wit, beautiful language, and lots of heart, this riotous historical romp raises important questions about the early days of New York, and the nature of American society.

Cast includes: Tara Bast, Ashley Bryant, Julia Campanelli, Eugene the Poogene, David Greenspan, Ken Kliban, Bianca Leigh, Christian Pedersen, Everett Quinton, Erik Sherr, Nomi Tichman, Jenne Vath.

William M. Hoffman’s 1985 play about the AIDS epidemic, “As Is,” won a Drama Desk Award, an Obie and nominations for a Tony and a Pulitzer nomination.

January 24, 2009
Hudson Guild Theatre, New York, New York

Ulterior Motives

art: Randolph Huebsch  

Written and directed by Kevin Berry, Gwen Baer, George Bistransin, Bill Koch, K.S. Stevens, Andrew Velez
Produced by Village Playwrights

A showcase of short plays about less-than-straightforward characters, written and produced by members of the Village Playwrights, New York’s Lesbian and Gay playwrights collective.

  • “Twenty-five” by Kevin Berry
    Joe and Jenny invite themselves to a surprise birthday party for their younger brother, only to find they are the ones who are surprised.

  • “"Break Up"” by K.S. Stevens
    An undergrad seeks advice about how to break up with her boyfriend and stumbles into new complications.

  • “Jumbo Shrinp” by George Bistransin
    Discontented movie extras mix bad food and sharp barbs while “coaching” a closeted gay star actor.

  • “Now What?” by Andrew Velez
    A glimpse into a married couple’s bedroom on a seemingly ordinary evening that turns incendiary.

  • “Roommates” by Bill Koch
    Two men find their long, loving relationship upended by addiction and impending death.

  • “Edgy in da House” by Gwen Baer
    A lesbian stand-up comedian makes Lenny Bruce sound like Mary Poppins.

  • “Last Call” by George Bistransin
    In a sleazy gay bar at the end of the night, three guys have traffic problems sorting out who’s picking up whom.
Cast includes: Stephen Dexter, Tara Henderson, Susanne Nelson, Matthew Naclerio, Jordan Lewis, Brian Soliwicki, Benjamin Lynn.

January 27, 2009
Wings Theatre, New York, New York

———— February 2009 Openings ——————

Love Today, come what may …

Anti-Prop 8 poster
photo: Shawn Smith  

Written, directed and produced by Phyliss Navidad

While Valentines Day has usually been a day to celebrate your love, this cabaret and comedy show wishes to bring together a community of loving individuals in an Anti-Valentines Day benefit. Along with a three-course, upscale dinner comes some of the LGBT community’s most up-and-coming personalities.

A benefit for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center and, which had hoped to defeat the anti-gay, anti-marriage voter proposition.

Cast includes: Selene Luna, Jackie Beat, Ian Harvie, Jer Ber Jones, Phyliss Navidad, Barbie Q, Tammie Brown.

February 15, 2009
Numbers Restaurant, West Hollywood, California

The Bad Seed

Joe Plambeck
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Maxwell Anderson
Direction by Joe Bailey
Produced by Who Wants Cake?

Eight-year-old Rhoda Penmark is perfect on the outside, and rotten to the core within. She sports perfect blonde braids, wears frilly dresses, and curtsies like a perfect little lady. She’s also a psychotic killer whose mother must make a decision tougher than Sophie’s Choice in order to stop her murderous rampage.

This campy, newfangled version of the classic play has many wild twists and turns. Featuring two Wilde Award winners: Joe Plambeck (as the evil Rhoda), and Laurel Huffano (as both the ever-drunk Mrs. Daigle and her husband).

Cast includes: Joe Plambeck, Jamie Warrow, Laruel Huffano, Jon Ager, Dan Morrison, Christa Coulter, Melissa Beckwith.

February 20, 2009
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

Bruising for Besos

Adelina Anthony
photo: Nancy Martin Chargualaf; poster: Allison Moon  

Written and performed by Adelina Anthony
Direction by Rose Marcario
Produced by The LA Gay & Lesbian Center’s Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

Solo Chicana performer Adelina Anthony tempers an exploration of domestic violence in same-sex relationships with doses of good humor and reflection. The play gazes deeply into a mirror that reveals uncharted landscapes of experience and understanding.

February 20, 2009
Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Hollywood, California


Fiely A. Matias
photo: Eric Esteban (Orlando, FL)  

Written and performed by Dennis T. Giacino and Fiely A. Matias
Direction by Dennis T. Giacino
Produced by Fiely A. Matias

Twisted music, naughty comedy and an outrageous, X-rated 3D finale. An award-winning spoof of cheesy cabaret artists, with original songs about fetishes, love triangles, sex change operations and fag hags.

An “Official Comedy Event” at the 2009 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras.

February 25, 2009
AB Hotel, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

The Little Dog Laughed

Corey Macon Long, Brenton C. Lengel
photo: Michael J. Drury  

Written by Douglas Carter Beane
Direction by Michael J. Drury
Produced by Michael J. Drury for Pandora Productions

If he can keep himself in the closet, a red-hot movie idol is up for the role of his career. His calculatingly crude and controlling agent says, “He has a slight recurring case of homosexuality.” The idol has engaged a can’t-help-but-adore-him hustler, who, by the way, has a girlfriend. Bawdy, brash and tender all at once, this frenetically funny fable voyeuristically peeks into the tumultuous world of Hollywood celebrity, unveiling, literally, the peaks and valleys of fame.

Cast includes: Carol Williams, Brenton C. Lengel, Corey Macon Long, Laura Ellis.

February 26, 2009
Henry Clay Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky

———— March 2009 Openings ——————


Fiely A. Matias
photo: Eric Esteban (Orlando, FL)  

Written and performed by Dennis T. Giacino and Fiely A. Matias
Direction by Dennis T. Giacino
Produced by Fiely A. Matias

Twisted music, naughty comedy and an outrageous, X-rated 3D finale. An award-winning spoof of cheesy cabaret artists, with original songs about fetishes, love triangles, sex change operations and fag hags.

A featured act at Fly Entertainment’s Lah Mardi Gras Festival in Singapore.

March 14, 2009 - 8pm
Bellini Grande, Singapore

Facing East
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Carol Lynn Pearson
Direction by Marybeth Bielawski-Deleo
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Ruth and Alex McCormick are an upstanding Mormon couple reeling from the suicide of their gay son. They are stuck between the comfort of their faith and the unfamiliarity of their new reality when they meet their son’s partner, Marcus, for the first time.

A play for those of any faith, a family, who has felt the pain of loss, and has hope for change.

Cast includes: Dana Hooley, John Polak, Scott Striegel.

March 19, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California


Christy Mullins, Holly Lucas
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Patricia Kane
Direction by John Knapp
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

A noir parody of lesbian pulp fiction novels of the 1950s. Join the ladies at The Well, a bar for “people of a certain ilk,” in this stylistic, fast-paced, original comedy with music.

Cast includes: Jeanie Rule, Christy Mullins, Renee Coates, Amy Henderson, Holly Lucas.

March 25, 2009
Gay Community Center of Richmond, Richmond, Virginia

Walking from Rumania

Sylvia Milo, Amanda Yachechak
photo: Barbara Kahn  

Written and directed by Barbara Kahn
Produced by Theater for the New City

In 1899, groups of women “fusgeyers” (pedestrians) walked across Rumania to escape hardship and discrimination. Five women in a small village prepare to join a larger group soon leaving a nearby city. Two of the women are drawn to each other and plan to stay together in America. A pogrom (deadly and destruction rampages against Jewish people) brings tragedy and greater impetus for the women to risk the journey. With hope, the fusgeyers begin their daring escape.

Throughout the story, two Gypsies function as a Greek chorus, with folk tales and music.

Cast includes: Zina Anaplioti, Michelle Cohen, David Dotterer, Robert Gonzales, Jr., Jenny Grace, Sylvia Milo, Natalie Reder, Nate Rubin, Kevyn Settle, Steph Van Vlack, Amanda Yachechak.

March 26, 2009
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

The Prodigal Father

Max Gail, Allain Rochel, Joe Rose
photo: Larry Dean Harris  

Written by Larry Dean Harris
Direction by Michael Matthews
Produced by Playwrights 6 and Celebration Theatre

Earl and Jamey Sanders are father and son. They are disparate personalities, thrown together, along with Jamey’s lover, in a Chicago loft. Earl’s Alzheimer’s propels the narrative as scenes and characters shift instantly from present to past. A unique theatrical experience of comedy and drama.

Cast includes: Max Gail, Josette DiCarlo, Joe Rose, Allain Rochel, Truly Magyar.

March 27, 2009
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

Rainbow Book Fair

Written and directed by Perry Brass, Francine L. Trevens
Produced by D. Kitchen and Perry Brass
Sponsored by the Greater New York Independent Publishers Assocation

Several New York authors will read, including poet and novelist Perry Brass who will read from his novel Carnal Sacraments, which is about a forbidden relationship between two men in the year 2075.

Poet, author, and dramatist Francine L. Trevens will read from Imagics, which contains a story about a lesbian whose dying mother condemns homosexuality.

Among the Books at the Fair:

  • If This Isn’t Love
    a play by Sidney Morris about a 20-year relationship that encompasses the time of Stonewall and first gay pride marches in NYC.
  • Chasin Jason
    a futuristic novel by Jane Chambers about the second coming of Christ who claims God is unconcerned by sex or gender, that all God wants is for each person to attain his or her own true essence.

Besides the readings, there are tables of books, many at bargains prices.

March 28, 2009
Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center, New York, New York

———— April 2009 Openings ——————

Mr P and Ms V: A Comedy of Eros
collage: Demian  

Written by George Hansel, Susan Pelligrini, Anne Berkowitz, Marjorie Conn, John Buckingham, Ku’uipo Latonio-Radice, Thom Radice, Katheryn White, Patricia Florio, Vivian Taormino, Shareen Knight, John Leslie Martin, Chris Shaw Swanson, the Emmerts, Carol MacAllister, Chocolate Waters, Susan Marco
Directed by Marjorie Conn
Produced by Provincetown Fringe Festival in Asbury Park

Each performance features two mix-and-match actors and actresses. You might see a woman in drag playing the men’s parts, or a man in drag playing the women’s parts, or two women, or two men and even a man and a woman. Anything goes. All original material written by local writers.

Cast includes: Ku’uip Latonia-Radice, Matt Levine, Thom Radice, Marjorie Conn, Christine Emmert.

April 5, 2009
Restaurant Plan B, Asbury Park, New Jersey

L.A. Views II: Tales of Present Past

Written by Damon Chua, Leon Martell, Jamison Newlander, Henry Ong, S. Vasanti Saxena, Lilly Thomassian, Brenda Varda, Kyle T. Wilson
Direction by Tony Gatto, Jamison Newlander, Lui Sanchez, Nurit Siegel
Executive producer Marlene Forte

This collection of short plays are inspired by the silent era movie stars associated with the then-glamorous Alexandria Hotel, where Company of Angels — where the show will take place — now makes its home.

Plays include:

Fresh Cream Pie by Damon Chua
     (inspired by Mabel Normand)
Do You Not Know by Leon Martell
     (inspired by Rudolph Valentino)
Goodbye, Mary Pickford
     by Jamison Newlander (inspired by Mary Pickford)
Seppuku! by Henry Ong
     (inspired by Sessue Hayakawa) LGBT content
Weekend Getaway
     by S. Vasanti Saxena (inspired by Alla Nazimova) LGBT content
Pan Troglodytes
     by Lilly Thomassian (inspired by Enrico Caruso)
What Pola Wants
     by Brenda Varda (inspired by Pola Negri)
El Conquistador
     by Kyle T. Wilson (inspired by the very gay Ramon Novarro) LGBT content
Cast includes: Karen Anzoategui, Juanita Chase, Maurice Compte, Marissa Garcia, Jessica Kochu, Curtis Krick, Darrell Kunitomi, Jonathon Lamer, Joshua Lamont, Joyce F. Liu, Eric Martig, Xavi Moreno, Onyay Pheori, Mel Rodriguez, Brian Rohan, Sarah Rosenberg, Tarta Smitheman, Marco Tazioli.

April 17, 2009
The April 26, 7pm performance is “LGBT Night” with a post-show special “meet and greet.”
Company of Angels Inside the Black Box @ The Alexandria, Los Angeles, California

Dear Harvey

Written by Patricia Loughrey
Composer: Thomas Hodges
Direction by Dan Kirsch
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

The play is based on interviews with Tom Ammiano, Toni Atkins, Jackie Grover, Cleve Jones, Christine Kehoe, Anne Kronenberg, John Laird, Stuart Milk, Nicole Murray-Ramirez, Daniel Nicoletta, Mary Stockton, Robin Tyler, Dottie Wine, and others. The play also uses historical materials from the Harvey Milk Archives-Scott Smith Collection, James C. Hormel Gay and Lesbian Center, San Francisco Public Library, and materials and excerpts from the Bay Area Reporter, including Milk’s weekly column, the Milk Forum, published from the summer of 1975 until his death in November 1978. Also used are many photos by Daniel Nicoletta.

“These stories about Harvey Milk are from the people he knew and the lives he changed. I’ve had the remarkable privilege of talking with people close to him, and it’s exciting to be able to share these intimate, sometimes surprising, stories with our community. We lost Harvey too soon, but in these stories, we get to hear the impact of his love and courage.” - Patricia Loughrey

Cast includes: John Garcia, Tony Houck, Aaron Marcotte, Jerusha Matsen Neal, Carla Nell, Kim Strassburger and Scott Striegel.

April 18, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California


photo: Daniel Norton  

Written and directed by Robb Leigh Davis
Produced by Robb Leigh Davis and Nicholas Petraccaro, Blakkaprikorn Productions

A gay black man auditions for a casting call, and, with each question thrown his way, suddenly discovers he has forgotten how to breathe. Is his identity being called into question, or are his perceptions a result of a fantasy?

A journey through the labyrinth of sexuality, ethnicity, and identity in the land of the free. A view of America as it struggles through the present, remains unsure of the future and, in a willfully ignorant fashion, turns a blind eye to the past.

Cast includes: Neil Dawson, David A. Rudd, Nysheva-Starr, Jenn Wehrung.

April 23, 2009
The Tank, New York, New York

The Laramie Project
poster: Darcy Hogan  

Written by Moises Kaufman and Members of Tectonic Theater Project
Direction by Darcy Hogan
Produced by Theatre Out

Constructed from more than 200 interviews, the play explores the kidnapping, beating and death of Matthew Shepard through the eyes of a place struggling to maintain its small-town identity while being thrust into the national spot light. An exploration of the depths to which humanity can sink and the heights of compassion of which we are capable.

Cast includes: Natalie Brooks, Kevin Cordova, Richard DeVicariis, Anthony Galleran, Judy Gish, Chase Hinton, Ted Leib, MaryAnne Mosher, Jennifer Pearce, Randi Tahara, Robert M. Tully, Maile Walker, Tim Woods.

“One of the ten best plays of the year. A pioneering work of theatrical reportage and a powerful stage event.” - Time Magazine

April 24, 2009
The Hunger Artists Theatre, Fullerton, California

Book of Revolutions

Written and directed by Anthony Garcia-Copian
Produced by the LGBT Center, N.C. State University, Raleigh

A journey through time and a view of the lives of various gay people during historic revolutions.

Presented as a staged reading.

Cast includes: George Kaiser, Joey Shea, Curt Kirkhoff, Olga Radislova, Tiffany Alemany, Scott Richardson, Spike Meyer, Jesse Triplett, Deborah Kaiser.

Book of Revolutions won the Larry Corse International Playwright Award for 2009. It will be produced in Atlanta, on November 2009, as part of the Atlanta Queer Literary Festival.

April 27, 2009, 8pm
Stewart Theatre, Raleigh, North Carolina

———— May 2009 Openings ——————

The Little Dog Laughed

Bryan Bertone, Brian Mackey
photo: Ken Jacques  

Written by Douglas Carter Beane
Direction by Robert Barry Fleming
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A spin-doctor agent, a rising movie star, a sexy “rent-boy” and his naïve, needy girlfriend mix in the scandalous world of Hollywood celebrities. When snoopy photographers crave to capture the latest celebrity gossip, a compromising photo can make or break careers.

This fast-paced farce asks if there is an escape from Hollywood’s glass closet, or is it safer to keep firmly closeted?

Adult content, brief nudity.

Cast includes: Karson St. John, Brian Mackey, Bryan Bertone, Kelly Iverson.

May 7, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Songs from an Unmade Bed

Jamie Richards
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Lyrics by Mark Campbell
Music by Debra Barsha, Mark Bennett, Peter Foley, Jenny Giering, Peter Golub, Jake Heggie, Stephen Hoffman, Lance Horn, Gihieh Lee, Steven Lutvak, Steve Marzullo, Brendan Milburn, Chris Miller, Greg Pliska, Duncan Sheik, Kim D. Sherman, Jeffrey Stock, Joseph Thalken
Direction by Joe Plambeck
Produced by Who Wants Cake?

A solo work that propels a smart, resilient, wry, and ultimately romantic gay New Yorker through the heartaches and triumphs of love in the big city. One lyricist and 18 composers create a unique musical experience.

Cast includes: Jamie Richards.

May 9, 2009
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan

Minor Gods

Written by Charles Forbes
Directed by Tony Speciale
Produced by John Arthur Pinckard in association with Peter Bull

Hours prior to testifying before a Washington Senate sub-committee on his “life’s work,” Henry, a prominent geneticist, hires Felix, a rent boy. As the night unfolds, a life-long connection that has haunted these two men since childhood reveals itself. Henry asks Felix, if he could, would he erase the source of alienation he faces in life. Teetering between ethics and genetics, love and lust, these two men must confront their pasts, their desires, and their deepest fears before Henry announces his devastating discovery to the world.

Cast includes: Chad Lindsey, Brian Patacca.

May 12, 2009
Above The Stag Theatre, London, U.K.

Good Songs for Tough Times

Melissa Kolczynski, Tom Wilson Weinberg, Keith Kaczorowski
photo: Liz Reasey  

Directed by Tom Wilson Weinberg
Produced by Liz Reasey

The fourth in a cabaret series — a stimulus package of funny and touching songs of the 1930s and other downturns, upturns and u-turns.

The show is a benefit for the William Way LGBT Community Center’s High School Bookmobile Project.

Cast includes: Keith Kaczorowski, Melissa Kolczynski, Tom Wilson Weinberg.

May 16, 2009
Willie Way Cabaret - William Way LGBT Community Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A Wilde Night
poster: Susan Lee  

Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Susan Lee
Produced by Life on Its Side Prods., in association with The Eclectic Company Theatre

Staged readings from the most famous gay writer of all time.

Readings include: “A Happy Prince,” “The Nightingale and the Rose,” “The Selfish Giant,” and selections from “De Profundis.”

Cast includes: Dean Bruggerman, Allie Costa, Kenlyn Kanouse, Kerr Seth Lordygan, Beth Ricketson, Albert Stroth, Erin Treanor.

May 21, 2009
The Eclectic Company Theatre, North Hollywood, California

Play Ball

L. Michael Gipson, Ricardo Frederick Evans,
Monte J. Wolfe, David Lamont Wilson
Christopher Pree, Nasir Powell
playwright Alan Sharpe
photo: Omar Miguel  

Twelve-year-old Travis Battle faces suicide due to relentless, homophobic bullying. His overworked mother, her homophobic, ex-con boyfriend, hostile neighbors and classmates, as well as an hypocritical pastor recruited to “lead him back to the straight and narrow” apply the pressure. His only allies are a gay uncle and his uncle’s partner try to provide some security and emotional support. When his mother announces her pregnancy and impending marriage to her boyfriend, his failed attempts to befriend a popular boy in his building leads to desperation and despair.

Presented as a staged reading, the play is a benefit for the African-American Collective Theater, which presents relevant BLGBT theater, as well as independent, internet video.

Cast includes: Nasir Powell, Sheila Cutchlow, David Lamont Wilson, Ricardo Frederick Evans, Monte J. Wolfe, Christopher Pree, L. Michael Gipson, Rashard Harrison.

May 24, 2009
Warehouse Theater - Mainstage, Washington, D.C.

Little Lamb

Written by Michael Whistler
Directed by Seth Rozin
Produced by InterAct Theatre Company

Partners Denny, who is white, and Jose, who is Hispanic, want to be daddies and adopt an African-American baby girl. Their adoption agent, Cathy, receives an unexpected visit from the birth mother, which forces Cathy to choose between her progressive values, her African-American heritage, and her devout Christian beliefs.

Cast includes: Cathy Simpson, Ames Adamson, Frank X, Kaci Fanin, Katrina Yvette Cooper.

May 28, 2009
InterAct Theatre Company, The Adrienne, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Stephen Hulsey, Darius Rose, Michelle Hernandez
photo: Darcy Hogan  

Written by John Cameron Mitchell
Music and lyrics by Stephen Trask
Directed by David C. Carnevale
Music direction by Stephen Hulsey
Produced by Theatre Out

Hedwig is ready to share her songs and tell her story of a young slip of a girly-boy who escapes East Berlin by leaving behind a little part of himself. In the search for true love, Hedwig becomes the international song stylist that the fans adore and critics ignore.

Cast includes: Stephen Hulsey, Darius Rose, Michelle Hernandez.

Winner of the 2001 Obie Award and Outer Circle Critics award for best Off-Broadway musical.

“The most exciting rock score written for the theater since, oh, ever!” - Time Magazine

May 29, 2009
The Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, California

———— June 2009 Openings ——————

Dirty Secrets
poster: Jason Steed  

Written by Joe Marshall
Directed by Scott O’Brien
Produced by Adrian Maynard

Tom is devastated because his partner of eight years has not been sexually faithful. Tom seeks consolation from gay friends Nick and Shane, who are a couple. Caught in the cross fire of a nasty breakup, the three men tangle in a seductive love triangle that is bound to please at least one of them.

A smart, gender-bent thriller that pokes fun at brainless gay stereotypes.

Cast includes: Matt Weaver, Jason Romas, Joe Marshall, Brian Pelaccio. June 4, 2009
Roy Arias Theatre, New York, New York

Facing East
poster: Jana Petrik  

Written by Carol Lynn Pearson
Directed and produced by Shashin Desai

Ruth and Alex McCormick are an upstanding Mormon couple reeling from the suicide of their excommunicated homosexual son. When they encounter their son's partner, Marcus, for the first time, the three must try to come to terms with their own inner demons and the love they lost. Along the way they discover the challenging intersections of faith, family, diversity and love.

Cast includes: Terry Davis, Daniel Kash, Christian Lebano.

June 9, 2009
International City Theatre, Long Beach Performing Arts Center, Long Beach, California

Gay & Lesbian Play Reading Festival

Produced by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP)

Plays include:

When Oprah Says Goodbye by Dan Berkowitz
The Cooking Gene by Jonathan Dorf
3 DB Inside by Cynthia Lewis Ferrell
The Homecoming by Garry Kluger
Hurricane Girls by Catherine Pelonero
Sheila’s Last Hayride by Mary Steelsmith
New gay plays by members of ALAP, made possible by grants from the City of West Hollywood’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Commission and the Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board.

June 10, 2009
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Cause and Effect

Ross Hewitt, Gene Berryman
in “Rumble in the Ramble”
photo: Greg Best  

Written and directed by Kevin Berry, Gwen Baer, George Bistransin, Emanuel Gavales, Andrew Velez, K.S. Stevens, William Henry Koch, Jr.
Produced by the Village Playwrights

An evening of seven new short plays concerning contemporary gay life by the Village Playwrights, New York’s LGBT playwrights collective.

Cast includes: Gene Berryman, Ross Hewitt, Charles Gould, John Philip, Ken Driesslein, Vincent Caruso, Colleen Benedict, Bridget Polk, Benjamin Lin.

The Village Playwrights have been meeting at the LGBT Center for many years. The group is open to all playwrights and screenwriters. It is a place where playwrights can take risks, find one’s voice and speak from the heart. The group is especially supportive to LGBT writers who feel the need to censor themselves in traditional writing groups. Productions have been presented since 2006.

Plays include:

“Twenty-Five” by Kevin Berry
A brother and sister attend a surprise birthday party for their younger brother; only to be ones surprised.

“Diner Talk” by Andrew Velez
Two longtime friends have a conversation about the sexuality of one of the men and how their lives will move on afterwards.

“Third Time’s a Charm” by K.S. Stevens
Two Lesbians argue over whether or not “coffee” is technically a date.

“Commerce Street Sonnata” by Emanuel Gavales
A young man struggles to stay away from his former boyfriend despite the financial and emotional advantages.

“Guess Who’s Not Bringing Oprah Home to Dinner” by Gwen Baer
A single Lesbian discusses dating possibilities, all hypothetical, from Bernie Madoff to Oprah, with her old fashioned Jewish mother.

“Tales from the Vienna Woods” by William Henry Koch, Jr.
A gay man tries to connect with his aged father who has Alzheimers.

“Rumble in the Ramble” by George Bistransin
Two straight men look for easy money in New York’s famed gay cruising grounds.

June 12, 2009
LGBT Community Center, New York, New York

Unspeakable Acts

Written by Mary F. Casey
Directed by Kathleen Cecchin Produced by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights (ALAP)

Lesbian physical education professor Martha Deane struggles to retain her position at UCLA, which is threatened by an ambitious dean with his own secrets. This real-life story is set in the repressive McCarthy era.

A reading presentation.

Cast includes: Pamela Forrest, Kathleen Cecchin, Ally Iseman, Keith Brush, Lilas Lane, Joseph Bell.

Unspeakable Acts is written by a member of ALAP, and made possible by grants from the City of West Hollywood’s Arts & Cultural Affairs Commission and the Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board.

June 17, 2009
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California

The Importance of Being Earnest

Charles Busch
photo: David Rodgers  

Written by Oscar Wilde
Directed by Michael Hackett
Produced by Susan Albert Loewenberg

Jack and Algernon are best friends, both wooing ladies who think their names are Ernest, “that name which inspires absolute confidence.”

Actor, playwright, novelist, screenwriter, and director Charles Busch takes on the role of the irrepressible Lady Bracknell in Wilde’s stylish send-up of Victorian courtship and manners, complete with assumed names, mistaken lovers, and a lost handbag. Wilde’s effervescent wit, scathing social satire, and high farce make this one of the most cherished plays in the English language.

All performances are recorded to air on LA Theatre Works’ nationally syndicated radio theater series, which broadcasts weekly on 89.3 KPCC (Southern California Public Radio) and public radio stations nationwide, and are streamed from

Cast includes: Emily Bergl, Charles Busch.

June 17, 2009
Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, Californa

A Perfect Relationship
poster: Howard Cruse  

Written by Doric Wilson
Directed by Tony Lewis
Produced by MidTangent Productions of People’s Theater of Chicago

In the dawn of 1980, in the heart of the world’s largest gay ghetto, two men share a relationship during the heat of the gay liberation movement. While one man is into leather, and the other disco, they have a great thing going — until a one-night stand with a gorgeous stranger stirs things up.

A classically written work of comic genius.

Cast includes: Andrew Kain Miller, Thad Anzur, Bonnie Varner, Alex Polcyn.

June 18, 2009
Leather Archives & Museum, Chicago, Illinois

Carved in Stone

Leon Acord, Jesse Merlin
Curt Bonnem, Levi Damione, Kevin Remington
photo: Peter Solari  

Written by Jeffrey Hartgraves
Directed by John Pabros-Clark
Produced by Larilee Productions, in association. with Combined Artform

Tennessee Williams, Truman Capote, Oscar Wilde and Quentin Crisp welcome a young, straight writer to the afterlife. They are assisted by Judy Garland, Bette Davis, Alice B. Toklas, William Shakespeare, Frank Nelson, and Gertrude Stein.

Cast includes: Curt Bonnem, Leon Acord, Jesse Merlin, Kevin Remington, Levi Damione, Alex Egan, Amanda Abel.

June 19, 2009
Theatre Asylum, Hollywood, California

The State of Lesbian and Gay Theatre

Produced by The Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights

A panel discussion moderated by Sue Hamilton, co-founder of the Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Arts Center, and head of theater for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center for 6 years.

Panel includes: Alison Arngrim, Carlease Burke, Richard Israel, Michael Kearns, Terry Ray, Terri Sissman, George Weiss Vando, Ellen D. Williams, Lisa Wolpe.

June 23, 2009
Macha Theatre, West Hollywood, California

Gaylarious! An Evening of Lesbian and Gay Comedy

Written and performed by Suzanne Westenhoefer, Sandra Valls, and The Gay Mafia
Directed by Mike Player
Produced by the City of West Hollywood Lesbian and Gay Advisory Board and Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission

An evening of comedy.

June 24, 2009
Macha Theatre, West Hollywood, California

Stonewall: A Celebration in Song
poster: David C. Carnevale  

Directed by Joey Baital, Kevin Cordova
Produced by Theatre Out

Cast includes: Tara Pitt, Judy Gish, Michelle Hernandez, Jeffery Rockey, Dennis Bryan, Tim Woods, David LaMar, Israel Cortez-Ramos, Frankie Marone, The Jive Cats.

Special lobby display of historical documents archived by the Orange County Gay and Lesbian Timeline.

June 28, 2009
Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, California

———— July 2009 Openings ——————


Tom Zohar, Jacob Caltrider
David McBean
photo: Darren Scott  

Written by Gila Sand
Music by Paul Leschen
Additional music by Garrit Guadan and Gila Sand
Directed by James Vasquez
Musical direction by Tim McKnight
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Music. Dickens. Bondage.

Oliver is an attractive, young man searching for love in this gender-bending dark comedy with Victorian erotica. While a re-imaged version of Dickens’ famous “Oliver Twist,” it is outrageous, provocative, utilizes exquisite drag, arch wit, a bit of kink, as well as catchy, contemporary songs.

The show remains surprisingly true to Dickens, as it unfolds a coming-of-age tale of loneliness, craving, adventure, and finally, redemption.

Cast includes: Jacob Caltrider, Tom Zohar, David McBean, Jackie Cuccaro, Andy Collins, Tony Houck, Jimmy Latimer Jr., Benjamin Lopez, Amy Northcutt.

An official San Diego LGBT Pride event.

July 9, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Stop Kiss

Kristina Harrison, Deborah Puette
photo: John Flynn  

Written by Diana Son
Directed by Elina de Santos and Matthew Elkins
Produced by John Perrin Flynn and Rogue Machine

Callie meets Sara and an astonishing chain of events is set into motion.

An homage to life’s abrupt and unexpected transformations, to romance, and to the search for personal identity.

Cast includes: Deborah Puette, Kristina Harrison, Inger Tudor, Jeorge Watson, Justin Okin, Christian Anderson.

“Imposing work, well attuned…admirable” - Los Angeles Times

“An inventive and thought-provoking glimpse at the rewards and sacrifices of emotional growth … richly evocative performances.” - Backstage

“A compelling and gripping tale nested in all the elements of excellence … outstanding in their portrayals.” – “Pick of the Week”

“Stop Kiss” won the GLAAD Media Award for “Outstanding New York Production.” Diana Son was awarded a Barilla Kerr Award for playwrighting.

July 9, 2009
Theatre Theater, Los Angeles, California

The Twilight of the Golds
poster: Darcy Hogan  

Written by Jonathan Tolins
Directed by Jack Millis
Produced by Theatre Out

All is well when Suzanne Gold and her close New York family discover that she is pregnant, until a prenatal test reveals that the baby will most likely be homosexual. The news forces the entire Gold family to confront issues of bigotry, evolution, and the limits of love.

If your parents knew everything about you before you were born, would you be here?

Cast includes: Tim Woods, Jennifer Pearce, Karen Harris, Rick Kopps, Eric James.

“A marvelous achievement on all levels.” - USA Today

July 10, 2009
Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, California

Maidrid’s Bow, An Amazon Tale

Jason Jeremy, Nancy Bower
Ryan Hayes
photo: Bill Boice  

Written by Morgan Ludlow
Music by Kat Downs
Directed by David Stein
Produced by Wily West Productions

Drawn by a force she does not understand, the Amazon girl Maidrid secretly befriends Fars, a boy from across the river. They live on an island where women marry women, and men marry men. By law and custom, the sexes are forbidden to intermingle, except on a single night of the year when all fertile men and women must join in the frenzied sacred rites of Beltane.

Maidrid and Fars are hunted in a battle of the sexes that threatens the foundation of their society. Can young love survive the fury of the Goddess?

This play bridges gay and straight cultures by showing a straight couple prosecution and hated in the same way that same-sex couples are too often treated.

Cast includes: Nancy Bower, Stefin Collins, Monique Gonsalves, Ryan Hayes, Jason Jeremy, Nate Levine Gwyneth Richards, Mikayla Rosario, Celeste Russi, Lauren Umansky, Linda Wang.

Music played by Kat Downs, with Caius Van Nouhys on bass.

July 9, 2009
Stage Werx, San Francisco, California

Tres Gay
photo: Darcy Hogan  

Written by Kristina Leach, John Lane, Michael Van Duzer
Directed by Christopher Diehl, Michael Cibrario
Produced by Theatre Out

Tres Gay features three new plays. We all know the gay and lesbian community is fabulous - but did you know that it is super? These plays show the other side of life for gay and lesbian super heroes.

      P.O.S.H. by Kristina Leach
      Behind every super hero there is a spouse … with a lot of issues.

      Super Wannabes by John Lane
      Casting a reality television show designed to showcase the powers of a super heroe.

      Trattoria of Terror: A Triple Threat Adventure by Michael Van Duzer
      The adventures of mild-mannered Hugo, that unassuming guy you’d never notice in a
      crowd. But, as his alter-ego, “The Triple Threat,” he challenges villains, saves
      scantily clad young men, and fights a never-ending battle for “truth, Broadway and the
      American Musical.” Or, perhaps, he’s just insane.

Adult situations and nudity.

Cast includes: Paul Anderson, Ben Green, Andrew Kelley, Lori Kelley, Janet McGregor, Lisa Meyers, Benjamin Sagan, Michael A. Sasso.

July 17, 2009
Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, California

A Fag, A Hag, & A Drag

Written, directed and produced by Candy Churilla.

Ronn Vigh, (aka 98 Pounds of Fag), Candy Churilla (Pass Around Party Fag Hag), and Pippi Lovestocking (Sassy Drunken Drag Queen) appear for one night of fabulous stand-up comedy. These three Bay Area favorites have appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing.”

Cast includes: Ronn Vigh, Candy Churilla, Pippi Lovestocking.

July 26, 2009 - 9pm
Club 1220, Walnut Creek, California


Brian Pugach, West Liang
photo: John Perrin Flynn  

Written by Henry Murray
Directed by John Perrin Flynn
Produced by David Combs and Rogue Machine

Three teenagers survive in the Pacific Northwest, during a future drastically altered by global climate change. They keep their makeshift family unit together until the arrival of a stranger whose secret unhinges the life they knew, and the vestiges of civil behavior crumble.

A reexamination of how our culture sees and instills gender identity and definitions of family, even in a future world where these strictures hold no meaning.

Cast includes: West Liang, Brian Norris, Brian Pugach, Tania Verafield.

July 30, 2009
Theatre Theater, Los Angeles, California

———— August 2009 Openings ——————

Don’t Forget to Remember

Shelly Kurtz, Lisa Clifton, Trudy Forbes
photo: Ed Krieger  

Written by Patricia Parker
Directed by Kiff Scholl
Produced by Zeller Productions and Racquel Lehrman, Theatre Planners

A dedicated physician wants to marry her female lover, but her conservative Catholic mother is dead set against it. Meanwhile, her doting father is faced with progressive Alzheimer’s Disease.

World Premiere.

Cast includes: Lisa Clifton, Trudy Forbes, Shelly Kurtz.

“Don’t forget to Remember” was a semi-finalist for the Stanley Drama Award and the Kernodle New Play Competition, and was awarded honorable mention in the Writer’s Digest Writing Competition.

August 1, 2009
The Lounge Theatre, Hollywood, California

Where Moments Hung Before
poster: Joey Pelletier  

Written by Joey Pelletier
Directed by Danielle Leeber
Produced by Boston Actors Theater

Morgan decides to have her brother’s memorial service on the same night as her daughter Lucy’s birthday party hoping to fill everyone with a sense of happiness. Lucy thinks this a crummy idea, seeing everyone at the party stuck between their memories of her uncle Jasper and a future without him. Everyone grapples with the ever-changing landscape of AIDS, their own personal and sexual identities, and their understanding of a friend gone.

Cast includes: Joey Pelletier, Dave Lucas, Jennifer Reagan, Julia Specht, Babara Woodall, Adena Walker, Paul Ezzy, Elise Wulff, James Aitchison, Evelyn Howe, Mikey DiLoreto,

August 6, 2009
Boston Playwright’s Theater, Boston, Massachusetts


Shondra R. Tipler, Annie Reinholz
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Jonathan Larson
Directed by Jamie Richards
Produced by Who Wants Cake?

A struggling group of impoverished young artists and musicians in New York’s Lower East Side during the glory days of Bohemian Alphabet City strive to pay the rent. Their bonhomie is tempered by the specter of AIDS. A story of learning to survive, fall in love, find one’s voice, and live for today.

A rock opera based on Giacomo Puccini’s “La Boheme.”

Cast includes: Ashlee Armstrong, Nathaniel Cedroni, Christine Chemello, Jason Cooper, Vince Kelley, Patrick Kilbourn, PeggyAnn Lee, Yewande Odetoyinbo, Richard Payton, Annie Reinholz, Crystal Rhoney, Shondra R. Tipler, PJ Vasquez.

August 21, 2009
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, MI

Anita Bryant Died for Your Sins

Wyatt Fenner, Nick Niven
photo: Ty Donaldson  

Written by Brian Christopher
Directed by Richard Israel
Produced by West Coast Ensemble

In 1977, there is global recession, double-digit unemployment, and intolerant beauty queens. For 15-year-old Horace Poore, it was not a good time to come out.

Cast includes: Nick Ballard, Madelynn Fattibene, Wyatt Fenner, Nick Niven, Sean Owens, Tony Pandolfo, Jan Sheldrick, Sara J. Stuckey.

August 21, 2009
El Centro Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Devil Boys from Beyond

Jared Weiss, Paul Pecorino
photo: Jeff Eason  

Written by Buddy Thomas
Directed by Kenneth Elliott
Produced by MadCaP Productions

In the scorching hot summer of 1957, star NYC reporter, Mattie Van Buren, searches for her next Pulitzer. She races to the swamps of Lizard Lick, Florida, where strange rumors of missing people and giant spaceships run rampant. Mattie encounters flying saucers, back-stabbing bitches, muscle hunks, and men in pumps, with her booze-hound ex-husband, Gregory Graham in tow, and her arch-enemy, Lucinda Marsh, hot on her heels to scoop her story.

Presented as part of the 13th annual New York International Fringe Festival (Fringe NYC).

Cast includes: Everett Quinton, Paul Pecorino, Chris Dell’Armo.

August 23, 2009
Actors’ Playhouse, New York, New York

The Little Dog Laughed

David Hudson, Ryan Imhoff
photo: Jeanine Nicholas  

Written by Douglas Carter Beane
Directed by Dennis Beasley
Produced by Theatre Out

Mitchell, young heart-throb of the silver screen, meets and falls in love with a rent boy. Michael’s agent tries to keep them apart to prevent loosing the fleeting fame that is Hollywood, so he can play a gay man in his next film.

Cast includes: Nicole Erb, David Hudson, Ryan Imhoff, Beth Gardiner. Alison Plott at select performances.

August 28, 2009
The Empire Theatre, Santa Ana, California

———— September 2009 Openings ——————

Bathhouse: The Musical!

Gary Fakes, Frank Loman, Nic Gilder,
Nicolas Sagar, Jon R. Harrison
photo: Peter Bull  

Written by Esther Daack and Tim Evanicki
Directed by Tim McArthur
Produced by Above The Stag Theatre

Billy visits a bathhouse for the first time for love, but soon realizes that the other patrons are looking for something a little more temporary.

A musical comedy for mature audiences, with adult themes, language, and scantily clad men.

Cast includes: Nic Gilder, Gary Fakes, Jon Harrison, Frank Loman, Nicolas Sagar, and featuring the voice of Tony Slattery.

September 8, 2009
Above The Stag, London, U.K.

Oscar Remembered

Kevin Indovino
photo: WXXI-TV  

Written by Maxiim Mazumdar
Directed by Michael H. Arve
Produced by the Greater Rochester Repertory Companies

Lord Alfred Douglas tells the story of his relationship with Oscar Wilde, who was an indomitable wit, distinguished playwright, poet, and novelist. Oscar, loved Alfred above all others and presumably was the inspiration for Oscar’s popular “The Picture of Dorian Gray.” Sixteen years Oscar’s junior, Alfred was the catalyst behind the infamous legal hearings that jailed Oscar for the crime of “sodomy,” during which time the hard labor and poor conditions broke his spirit and his health.

The show offers a portrait of the growth of the relationship between the two men, which draws upon letters, Oscar’s published literature, and historical accounts. A man whose presence looms large in any account of Oscar Wilde’s life, but for whom history often has little to say. Until now.

Cast includes: Kevin Indovino.

September 10, 2009
MuCCC, Rochester, New York

The Rocky Horror Show

Mike Fryman, Christopher Cherry, Taylor Schultz
photo: Michael Taggart  

Written by Richard O’Brien
Directed by Michael J. Drury
Produced by Michael J. Drury for Pandora Productions

Let’s do The Time Warp again.

Brad and Janet, an ordinary, middle-class couple spend one unforgettable night at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist from the planet Transexual. They arrive on the very night that an Adonis-like humanoid (called Rocky) is created specifically for the release of the doctor’s tensions.

A non-stop, action-packed, twisted romance, complete with 16 songs including “Dammit Janet,” “Sweet Transvestite,” “Whatever Happened to Saturday Night?,” as well as “The Time Warp.” Cast includes: Christephor Cherry, Dan Canon, Laura Ellis, Susan Crocker, Ted Lesley, Lucas Adams, Robbie Smith, Mike Fryman, Taylor Schultz.

September 24, 2009
Henry Clay Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky

———— October 2009 Openings ——————

The New Century

Michael Hawke, Matt Hackman
in “Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach”
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Paul Rudnick
Directed by John Knapp
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Four short comedies, set in Manhattan.
Pride and Joy
A self-proclaimed “best mother of all time” details her pride and joy of raising three gay children.

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach
Mr. Charles, a gay man prone to take an occasional “nelly break,” shows us on his public access TV show “Too Gay” why there is still room for flamboyant gay men.

A midwestern craftswoman and competitive cake baker shares her passion for crafts and her love for her gay son with the Junior Chamber of Commerce.

The New Century
A collision of all characters from the first three playlets gives hope and inspiration for tollerance in the 21st century.

Cast includes: Michael Hawke, Jacqueline Jones, Annie Zannetti, Matt Hackman, Colleen Walsh.

October 25, 2009
HATTheater, Richmond, Virginia

Special Delivery

Harry Hart-Browne
photo: Shanee Stopinsky  

Written, directed and performed by Harry Hart-Browne
Produced by the Center for Spiritual Living-LaCrescenta

A soul arrives on Earth as a gay man. His colorful escapades culminate in a dire crisis which jogs his memory: he is a spiritual being … having an Earthly visit.

A 20-character, one-man-play about remembering the Spirit while doing the Earth gig.

“The most exciting piece I’ve seen all year. Once again, this performance art pioneer reinvents theatre with a unique mixture of heart and art.” - Robert Patrick, playwright

October 10, 2009
Center for Spiritual Living-LaCrescenta, LaCrescenta, California

Made in Heaven: The Gay/Straight Conjoined Twins Comedy

Alex Anfanger, Kevin T. Collins
photo: Thomas Kaine  

Written by Jay Bernzweig
Directed by Andrew Shaifer
Produced by Barbara Ligeti, Victor Syrmis, Andrew Shaifer

Conjoined twins Max and Benjie share everything; a life, a career, and a single penis. When they plan to propose marriage to their mutual girlfriend, Benjie reveals a secret so big it threatens to tear the brothers apart. Family ties are put to the test in this irreverent comedy about love and the messy complications that invariably get in the way.

Cast includes: Alex Anfanger, Kevin T. Collins, Maia Madson, Matthew Bondy.

“Made in Heaven” won the “Outstanding Production of a Play” award at the 2009 Midtown International Theatre Festival, NYC.

“Irreverent, original, funny as hell. I implore you to go see it.” - Jane Pratt, Sassy and Jane Magazines.

October 22, 2009
SoHo Playhouse, New York, New York


Charlie Reuter, Michael Zlotnik
photo: ?  

Written by Martin Sherman
Directed by Claudio Raygoza and Glenn Paris
Produced by Diversionary Theatre and ion theatre

Yellow stars. Pink triangles. Dignity. Courage. Comfort. Survival.

A riveting story of love in the midst of the Holocaust. This 1979 play about gays under persecution by the Nazis took the world stage by storm. Profoundly universal and provocatively theatrical. An explosive, overpowering experience.

Cast includes: Chris Buess, Eric Dowdy, Philip John, Steven Lone, Charlie Reuter, Walter Ritter, Bobby Schiefer, Michael Zlotnik.

October 29, 2009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

———— November 2009 Openings ——————

Book of Revolutions

Written by Anthony Garcia-Copian
Directed by Hollis Smith
Produced by Larry Corse

Various gay people participate in historic revolutions before their lives are forever altered. Why we should fear the government because of being gay, and what happens if we don’t fight for our basic human rights.

The Book of Revolutions won the 2009 Larry Corse Playwriting Competition.

The play will be presented during the 2009 Atlanta Queer Literary Festival.

Cast to be announced.

November 3, 2009
First Existentialist Congregation, Decatur, Georgia

Parallel Lives: The Kathy & Mo Show

Written by Mo Gaffney and Kathy Najimy
Directed by Tim Kitchen and Corey Long
Produced by Michael J. Drury for Pandora Productions

In a montage of scenes a wide variety of characters, encompassing all ages, genders and back- grounds, are portrayed in a hilariously insightful commentary on everyday life. A montage of scenes, beginning with two supreme beings planning the beginning of the world, up to two actresses playing a man and woman in a country-western bar. The show is a celebration of the diversity of modern perspectives from a uniquely female point of view, as well as a playful satire and comedy.

This acclaimed comedy is based on the HBO special of the same name from writers Najimy and Gaffney.

Cast includes: Leah Roberts, Julia Leist, Carol Williams, Liz Vissing, Nancy Hoover, Mary Ann Johnson, Raquel Cecil.

November 5, 2009
Henry Clay Theatre, Louisville, Kentucky

To Be Straight with You

Ankur Bahl
photo: Matt Nettheim  

Conceived and directed by Lloyd Newson
Produced by DV8 Physical Theatre

DV8's Artistic Director Lloyd Newson leads a multi-ethnic cast in a poetic but unflinching exploration of tolerance, intolerance, religion and sexuality.

This production is based on hundreds of hours of audio interviews collected throughout the UK with people directly affected by these issues. It incorporates dance, text, documentary, animation, and film.

Cast includes: Ankur Bahl, Ermira Goro, Femi Oyewole, Hannes Langolf, Ira Mandela, Siobhan, Lee Davern, Rafael Pardillo, Sera Adetoun Akinbiyi.

The play won the Grand Prix de Danse, Syndicat Professionnel de la Critique de Théâtre, Musique et Danse (Paris 2009)

November 6-7, 2009 - 8pm
Royce Hall, Los Angeles, California

The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever
poster: ?  

Written and directed by Joe Marshall
Produced by Alternative Theatre Company and Actors’ Playhouse

A small gay community theater struggles to put together their annual holiday pageant. This is a holiday show with all the fixin’s — Santa, Jesus, wise men, an inn keeper, a militant black, a racist, and a fair share of drama queens — in the hopes of making this the best, gayest Christmas ever.

24 actors play more than 40 characters in this fast-paced comedic Christmas spectacular.

Cast includes: Kershel Anthony, Elyse Beyer, Jonathan Chang, Crystal Cotton, Ree Davis, Alexandra Dickson, Christopher Deignan, Chris von Hoffmann, Ben Jones, Kymberle Joseph, Dorian McGhee, Jamey Nicholas, Blaine Pennington, Alvaro Sena, Heather Shields, Jason Schmidt, Emily Schramel, Evan Schultz, James Stewart, John Paul Venuti, Adam Weinstock, Rachel Wright, Ryan Wright, Bryan Zoppi.

November 13, 2009
Actors Playhouse, New York, New York
Wheelchair accessible
$45 ($35 previews)
Reservation: 212-279-4200


Chelsea Asman, Jessica LeCheminant, Toby Karlin
photo: Joe Lambie  

Written by Laura Karlin, Sofia Klass and Invertigo Dance Theater
Directed by Laura Karlin
Produced by Invertigo Dance Theater

Dance, text and live music depict how people reel each other in. Features lesbian, gay and straight couples.

Cast includes: Chelsea Asman, Bahareh Ebrahimzadeh, F. Nicholas Factoran, SaraAnne Fahey, Jeremy Hahn, Jermaine F. Johnson, Jessica LeCheminant, Courtney Ozovek, Toby Karlin, Lucas Martinez, Najeeb Sabour.

November 14, 2009
Odyssey Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Scrooge in Rouge: The English Music Hall Christmas Carol

Lauren Leinhaas-Cook, Steve Boschen, Kirk Morton
image: John MacLellan  

Book and lyrics are by Ricky Graham
Additional material by Jeffery Roberson, Yvette Hargis
Music composed by Jefferson Turner
Directed by Shon M. Stacy
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

A Victorian-era music hall version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” in which 17 members of the Royal Music Hall, 20-Member Variety Players have taken ill from the cast party. It is up to Charlie Schmaltz, an animated character actor, Lottie Obligato, a bubbly, over-the-hill ingénue, and Vesta Virile, a male-impersonating diva, to play and sing all the male and female parts in the show.

Cast includes: Lauren Leinhaas-Cook, Steve Boschen, Kirk Morton.

November 18, 2009
Theatre Gym at the Empire Theatre complex, Richmond, Vurginia

Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde

Written by Moises Kaufman
Directed by Brendon Fox
Produced by Susan Albert Loewenberg

In three short months, Oscar Wilde, the most celebrated playwright and wit of Victorian England, was toppled into humiliation and ruin.

The play draws from trial documents, newspaper accounts, and the writings of George Bernard Shaw and Queen Victoria herself.

Cast includes: JB Blanc, Peter Paige, Julian Sands, Simon Templeman, John Vickery.

November 18, 2009
Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, California

Rustic Appeal

Marcus McGee, John Paul Karliak, Mark Gaddis, Jason Frazier
photo: Kevin Smith  

Written and directed by Kevin Michael West
Produced by Dust Bunny Productions

Four gay men in their 20s, long-term friends, go on a camping trip together. As the weekend progresses, secrets are revealed, long-buried passions are acted upon, and they all learn something important about themselves.

Rustic Appeal is a new play with mature content, and it is presented here as a staged reading. A feedback discussion will be held following the performance.

Cast includes: Mark Gaddis, Jason Frazier, Marcus McGee, JohnPaul Karliak.

Kevin Michael West’s gay-themed play “Top and Bottom” has played to sold out houses in Los Angeles, Provincetown, and off-Broadway in New York City.

November 22, 2009
The Complex, Los Angeles, California

———— December 2009 Openings ——————

SideSplit LOL!

Erin Foley, Scott Silverman, Jason Stuart

Produced by The Eclectic Company Theatre in association with Kerr Lordygan of KerrBahr Productions

Gay and lesbian comedians Erin Foley, Jason Stuart and Scott Silverman are included in the line-up in a night of comedy to benefit the non-profit Eclectic Company Theatre. They usually place parts of their gay lives under the surprise pink spotlight.

Erin Foley has performed in film and on TV and at numerous comedy clubs and festivals; including the Toyota Comedy Festival, Marshall’s Women in Comedy Festival, and the Montreal Comedy Festival (1999, 2005).

Jason Stuart has more than 100 film and TV credits. He has had recurring roles on the TV series “My Wife and Kids” and “Will & Grace.”

Scott Silverman appeared in “Out There 2,” a gay and lesbian comedy TV special, as well as in numerous other shows.

Cast includes: Erin Foley, Jason Stuart, Scott Silverman, Oded Gross, Wendy Liebman, Kira Soltanovich.

December 3, 2009
The Eclectic Company Theatre, Valley Village, California

The New Century

Phil Johnson, Stacey Hardke
Noah Longton, Jacque Wilke, Dana Hooley
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Paul Rudnick
Directed by Igor Goldin
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A Jewish matron, a flamboyant aging homosexual, and a midwestern craftswoman collide in this outrageous and poignant comedy. Adorned by gratuitous nudity.

Cast includes: Phil Johnson, Dana Hooley, Jacque Wilke, Noah Longton, Stacey Hardke.

“Building on time-honored traditions within gay and Jewish humor, Mr. Rudnick turns stereotypes into bullet-deflecting armor and jokes into an inexhaustible supply of ammunition.” - NY Times

December 3, 1009
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Full of Gin and Regret: An Evening with Leslie Jordan

Leslie Jordan, Alexandra Billings
photos: ?  

Written and directed by Leslie Jordan
Produced by Billy Martin

Emmy Award winner Leslie Jordan (for his role on “Will & Grace”) returns to the stage with an evening of comedic improvisations about his life, which often include GLBT subject matter.

Also appearing is singer Alexandra Billings, transgender actress and cabaret singer.

Leslie's recent TV work includes appearances on “Ugly Betty,” “Boston Legal” and “Privileged.” His recent film work includes appearing as Brother Boy in “Sordid Lives.” He has written the book “My Trip Down the Pink Carpet.”

Cast includes: Leslie Jordan, Alexandra Billings.

December 10, 2009
Renberg Theater @ LA Gay and Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, California

———— 2009 Ongoing Events ——————

20% New Works Festival

Ruth Otero, Sweet Baby J’ai
Colla-Vocé (Amanda Watson-Thompson, Stacy Victoria-Taylor)

Produced by Dee Jae Cox and The LA Women’s Theatre Project

The Festival is a three-day event showcasing women’s writing, acting and directing. From staged readings, comedy, and music to “Literature In Motion” — which are excerpts taken from lesbian-authored books and adapted for the stage.

With some of the hottest talent around, the Festival simultaneously supports the beauty of women, diversity, and the arts.

Friday night is a celebration of the 35th year anniversary of the Lesbian News.

The first Festival, in 2008, showcased more than 14 shows, with more than 70 writers, directors, and performers.

The “20%” stands for the percentage of women employed in theater. The LA Women’s Theatre Project’s is to create opportunities for women in the performing arts.


  • October 9
    Lesbian News 35th Anniversary Celebration
    Recipe for Hot Biscuits and Blues - written and directed by Sweet Baby J’ai

  • October 10
    Freed - written by Erica Bennett - directed by Tam Warner
    Short plays:
          Little Secrets - written by Jackie Kennedy, directed by Monique Fisher
          Happy & Gay - written by Mary Steelsmith, directed by Suzan Averitt
          Frida Kahlo - written and directed by Lisa Zion
          See You Sooner - written by Trish Ostroski, directed by Mary Burken
          Patti’s Place - written and directed by Debbie Rivas
    Handcrafted Healing - written by Nancy Beverly, directed by Armina LaManna
    Derailed - written by Dorothy Weston Stauch, directed by Sharon Williams
    Crazy is What Crazy Does - written by Ruth Otero (One Woman Show), directed by Mike Stutz
    Unlocking Desire - written by Barbara Neri, directed by Rachel Jenkins
    Colla Vocé - Musical group - Amanda Watson-Thompson, Stacy Victoria-Taylor

  • October 11
    Unspeakable Acts - written by Mary Casey, directed by Kathleen Cecchin
    This is War - written by Justine Warrington, directed by Jennie O’Donnell
    The Old Bird - written by Lynn Wells Nelson, directed by Caprice Rothe
    Literature in Motion - written and directed by Dee Jae Cox
October 9-11, 2009
Stella Adler Theatre, Hollywood, California

ONE Culture Series 2009

Events takes place on the third Sunday of the month, at 2pm

Free presentations by writers, archivists, performers, artists, and activists.
These events take place in the ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, which houses the world’s largest research library on gay, lesbian, bisexual,and transgendered heritage and concerns.

Produced by ONE Archives and Bill Kaiser, Culture Series chair

January 18, 2009
“British Gay Pioneer Edward Carpenter”
with Professor Sheila Rowbotham of the University of Manchester, speaking on her new biography

February 15, 2009
“Radical Faeries on its 30th Anniversary”
with Don Kilhefner and Mark Thompson

March 15, 2009
“An Afternoon with activist Ivy Bottini”
with Ivy Bottini

April 19, 2009
“Imru and other LGBT radio programs.”
with Rita Gonzales

May 17 2009
“Why Gay and Lesbian History and Preservation is Important to American Society”
with Jeffrey B. Samudio, founder of The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian History Project

June 21, 2009
“Caffe Cino: The Birth Place of Gay Theatre”
with Playwright Robert Patrick who will show and tell about his unique collection of Caffe Cino photos and posters

July 19, 2009
“Eyewitness Account of The Stonewall Rebellion and Events that Followed”
with John O’Brien, one of the three founders of the Gay Liberation Front
John will expose myths and offer lessons from that era’s militant movement which can be used by today’s gay and lesbian activists.

Aug 16, 2009
“A Lesbian Feminist Happening: Our Lives on The Page”
with poet and author Judy Grahn, who will speak about her poetry and lesbian feminism
Also publisher and journalist Jeanne Cordova will celebrate the unveiling of a new permanent art installation, “The Lesbian Legacy Wall,” a collage of historic covers of 40 lesbian publications from around the world.

October 16, 2009
“Oscar Wilde: Lord of Language”
a Wilde birthday celebration
with poet Arnold T.Schwab, and others, reciting poetry about and by Oscar and Bosie

November 15, 2009
“Exposing the Secret Shadow History of The Radical Faeries”
on their 30th anniversary
with Chris Kilbourne,Douglas Sadownick, Roger Kaufman and Wendell Jones

December 20, 2009
“Cowboys On The Cover of a Magazine”
with Public Historian Jeff Auer who traces the use of gay men as cowboys on the covers of American magazines from the 1950s to the present

ONE Archives, 909 W. Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelie accessible with obstacles
FREE - no reservations
Information: 213-741-0094;

QComedy - Sunday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy

2nd & 4th Sundays of the month - 8pm - ongoing series
Jon Sims Center, San Francisco, California

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