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Openings of 2007
Archive Listings

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———— January 2007 Openings ——————

1001 Beds

Written and performed by Tim Miller
Produced by Rude Guerrilla Theater Company

A raucous, rowdy exploration of Miller’s travels through love, politics and art. From a gay teen’s head-on collision with life in a sleazy hotel across the street from the Hollywood Bowl, to an ecstatic vision of a sex-positive future on a mattress in a police holding cell, the play is a fiercely funny, sexy, and inspiring story about the transforming power of art, and the richness of gay identity lived out loud.

January 5, 2007
Rude Guerrilla Theater Company, Santa Ana, California

Tammy Faye Starlite’s Born Again Again!

T. Debra Lang
photo: Michael Wakefield  

Written by T. Debra Lang
Directed by Michael Schiralli
Produced by The Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center and The Illyria Theatre

A blend of over-the-top political comedy, and lyrical satire that transforms the pious family values of red-state America into an hilarious world of incest, philandering, and hypocrisy.

Actress and New York native Tammy Lang channels her comic character and alter ego, Tammy Faye Starlite, in an irreverent send-up of country music and conservative values. A west coast premiere.

“If Pia Zadora and John Waters had a love child, she’d likely be Tammy Faye Starlite. … She is pure comic genius — a sweet-tempered take on the hypocrisy of the Religious Right that’s delightfully subversive. Amen, sister Tammy!” - Boston Herald

Cast includes: T. Debra Lang, Jeff Ward, Keith Hartel.

January 11, 2007
Renberg Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Happy Endings are Extra

Michael Purvis
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Ashraf Johaardien
Directed by Rosina Reynolds
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

In Cape Town, South Africa, Gabriel and Chantelle, are to be married. Chantelle pretends to be unconcerned with Gabriel’s bi-sexual interests. However, when Gabriel meets Chris, an underage rent boy, he falls in love with him.

Desires and sharp, confounding shifts in perspective, are evoked by this lyrical, sensual exploration of sexual identity. The play contains nudity.

Cast includes: Michael Purvis, Claudio Raygoza, Anahid Shahrik.

January 19, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

The Object of Desire

Gerry Sont
photo: Robert Chuter  

Written by Julia Britton
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Gay artist Duncan Grant endeared everyone to him; famous artists, writers and intellectuals. Men and women fought for his personal and professional favors. Among them were essayist Lytton Strachey, artist Vanessa Bell, economist Maynard Keynes, and novelist David Garnett.

Duncan was a brilliant and talented man, an artist, who dared to be different without trying. He was beautiful, charming, talented, loving, and promiscuous. Some called him a “darling of the gods.”

Cast includes: Paul Cousins, David Forster, Sam Shore, Robynne Kelly, Chris Roberts, Phil Roberts, Jonathan Dyer, David Kamouris, Christopher Pender, Fabienne Parr, Gerry Sont.

Part of the 2007 Midsumma Gay & Lesbian Festival, Melbourne, Australia

January 22-February 11, 2007
Wednesdays and Sundays - 6.30pm; Thursdays and Saturdays - 8pm
La Mama Theatre, Carlton, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Sympathetic Magic

Steve Kubick, Carlos Gonzalez, El Tahra Ibrahim
Frederick Mead, Tony Fennelly, T.J. Toups, Lisa Davis
photo: Glenn Mench  

Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Don McDonald
Produced by To Do Productions

A group of gay and straight friends, live together as a family in San francisco in the late 1990s. They know little about the world they live in, and the people they live with, but each of them has a chaotic internal universe waiting to be found and released. An exploration of the mysteries of the universe and of human and artistic creation.

Cast includes: Steve Kubick, T.J. Toups, lisa Davis, Lewis Routh, El Tahra Ibrahim, Tony Fennelly, Carlos Gonzales, Frederick Mead.

January 26, 2007
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana


Sophie Vonlanthen, Benoît Carre
Cyril Dubreuil, Sophie-Charlotte Husson
photo: Fred Goudon  

Written and directed by Jordan Beswick
Produced by Manufacture des Abbesses

Eric, a gay man, and Mary, a lesbian, are two best friends who have chosen to create a life and raise a family together. As his new family is being formed, Eric is haunted by the family he thought he’d left behind. Especially his beloved, homophobic, sister, Cindy.

Cast includes: Benoît Carre, Cyril Dubreuil, Sophie-Charlotte Husson, Sophie Vonlanthen.

January 29, 2007
Manufacture des Abbesses, Paris, France

———— February 2007 Openings ——————

Thrill Me: The Leopold & Loeb Story

Elliott Lau, Chris Hester
photo/poster: ?  

Script and music written by Stephen Dolginoff
Directed by John Knapp
Music Direction by Tim Gillham
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Nathan Leopold has passionate about Richard Loeb, who was passionate about excitement and crimes, such as murder. Their “perfect” crime was discovered due to a careless mistake — which may have been deliberate.

A chilling, true story of emotions and events which took place in 1924, in Chicago. The play has music as wonderful as the story is horrible.

Cast includes: Chris Hester, Elliott Lau.

February 7, 2007
Fieldens Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia

Frau Dracula (That Prussian She-Bitch from Hell)

Cynthia Granville
photo: Kymm Zuckert  

Written by J.D. Klein
Directed by Le Wilhelm
Produced by LCP

Homoeroticism, camp, and genuine horror are featured in this new adaptation of the classic tale in which a female Van Helsing faces off against the “Queen of the Damned” in 1930s Europe.

Cast includes: Kristin Carter, Philip Galbraith, Nick Giello, Cynthia Granville, A.C. Jermyn, Rachel Lande, Megan Sambataro, Gregg David Shore, Al Smith, Kirsten Walsh.

February 14, 2007
Beckmann Theatre at American Theatre of Actors, New York, New York


Becca A. Lewis, Toni Amato
photo: Renee C. Farster  

Written by Jess Martin
Directed by Renee C. Farster
Produced by Queer Soup Theater

A family’s faith is rocked with the death-bed revelation that the minister’s grandfather was born biologically female.

Cast includes: Toni Amato, Becca A. Lewis, Karen “Mal” Malme, Cheryl Singleton.

“Home” was nominated for “Best New Play” by the Independent Reviewers of New England. It is hoped that the Boston performance will raise the necessary funds to cover tour expenses as Queer Soup is dedicated to touring, regardless of the ability to pay.

February 19, 2007
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Torch Song Trilogy

Tomas Theriot
photo: Dale Albright  

Written by Harvey Fierstein
Directed by Mike Ward
Produced by theatre Q

Arnold, a professional drag queen, in pre-AIDS New York, faces three important challenges: searching for love, wrestling with love’s complications, and defining “family” for a jewish, gay man.

A universal story of love, loss and eyelashes, opened off-Broadway in 1982 and became commercially successful. The work is the combination of three one-act plays that Fierstein had previously produced in the late 70s in New York: “The International Stud,” “Fugue in a Nursery,” and “Widows and Children First.”

Cast includes: Tomas Theriot, Caleb Hoffert, Amanda Mitchell, Matthew Lowe, Vincent Palo, Katie Chaidez.

February 22, 2007
Mountain View Center for the Performing Arts, Mountain View, California


Gareth Watkins
photo: Jamie  

Written by Howard Walters
Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company

A staged reading of a thought-provoking, explosive new play which controversially dares to acknowledge and challenge the forbidden subject of “bug chasers” — gay men who actively seek to contract the HIV virus.

“People stopped being scared, no one even wears red ribbons anymore. People wear yellow rubber bracelets instead.” - Dominick, from “Chaser”

Cast includes: Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins.

A discussion with the author follows the readings.

“Shamelessboyz continue to reinforce their position as the premier gay theatre company producing new material on the London fringe today.” - October 2006

February 25, 2007
Barons Court Theatre, London, U.K.

The 24-Hour PlayFest

Produced by Woman’s Will Seven female playwrights, seven female directors, and 35 actors (of various persuasions) are given a surprise topic for all the plays on Sunday, February 25th at 10pm. From then on, it is a race against the clock to write, rehearse, memorize, and perform seven brand-new plays within 24 hours. The results of their collaboration is a live, uncensored, seat-of-the-pants performance, at which anything can happen.

Past topics have included the Seven Deadly Sins, the Seven Dwarves, and the Seven Seas, and the shows are always lively, lovely and wild.

Writer include: Cat Callejas, Sharon Eberhardt, Judy Juanita, Judith Offer, Marisela Orta, Maria Rokas, Anne-E. Wood.

Directors include: Wilma Bonet, Debble Lynn Carriger, Lisa Edsall-Giglio, Monique Dawn Williams, Gemma Whelan. Two more are pending.

PlayFest 2006
Leslie Einhorn, Tom Darci, Mary Saudargas, Laura Derry

photo: Erin Merritt  

Woman’s Will, the Bay Area all-female Shakespeare company, produces PlayFest, and two full productions each year. Woman’s Will is a multi-ethnic company practicing a strict policy of non-discrimination, and designs programs everyone can reach, afford, and to which they can relate.

February 26, 2007
Julia Morgan Center for the Arts, Berkeley, California

———— March 2007 Openings ——————

The Naked Truth, a Musical

David Dang, Rafael X. Ortiz Jr.,
Billy Castro, Edisol Dotson
photo: EyeCandy Photography  

Written by Bill Becker
Music by Weslie Brown
Directed by Bill Becker
Produced by ToBe Entertainment

Stanis (actor/writer/producer) is enamored with Jerry (actor) — who is after Eric (actor) — who likes Stanis. Felix (former Broadway and film star) loves all the young actors. Fantasia (the transvestite stage manager) keeps the cast focused on their jobs. Ulrich (the theater owner’s son) has a deep secret. Underneath it all is The Naked Truth. A backstage, singing, dancing, naked, musical romp.

Cast includes: Edisol Dotson, Jimmy Hsu, Rafael X. Ortiz Jr., Billy Castro, David Dang, John Cannizzaro.

March 9, 2007
Gardner Stages III, West Hollywood, California

Written by Joe Godfrey
Directed by Melissa Attebery
Produced by Emerging Artists Theatre

Young novitiate, Maria — in reality a young man, Mario, hiding his sexuality and feelings — is sent to the von Krapps of Salzburg as a governess. Captain George (pronounced Gay-org) von Krapp — who occasionally cross-dresses and spends much time in all-male cabarets — falls in love with her/him. In the course of this 45 minute comedy, 46 musical comedies are obliquely parodied, as the family and Maria/Mario make their escape to Switzerland and America.

Cast includes: Amy Bizjak, Laura Dillman, Steve Hauck, Hershey Miller, Courter Simmons, Christopher Voeller.

March 13, 2007
Theatre 5, New York, NY

Tenn By Three

Kieth Launey, Don McCoy, Phillip Gordon, T.J. Toups,
Rikki Gee, Frederick Mead, Mandi Turner

photo: Glenn Meche  

Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Glenn Meche
Produced by Tim Holt - Marigny Theatre

Three One Acts:

The Fat Man’s Wife
A wealthy married couple, disillusioned with each other, dabble in the prospects of new love on New Years Eve, only to find the bond between them is too strong to break.

Adam and Eve on a Ferry
A young woman visits a sex therapist seeking to learn why she can’t remember the details of a chance encounter on a ferry one afternoon.

Tell Sad Tales of the Death of Queens
A middle-aged “queen” picks up a dangerous hustler in the New Orleans French Quarter, and attempts to set up housekeeping, only to find the hustler is not the marrying kind.

Cast includes: Kieth Launey, Don McCoy, Phillip Gordon, T.J. Toups, Rikki Gee, Frederick Mead, Mandi Turner.

March 16, 2007
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana

Ice Queens: The Faggot War

Michael Burke
photo: Ricardo Muniz/Coquichulo Images  

Written by Michael Burke
Directed and performed by Michael Burke
Produced by Dixon Place

Performance artist Michael Burke obsesses over forgotten history through an exploration of the “Battle of the Brians” (Boitano and Orser) during the 1988 Winter Olympics. While many dismissed their “battle” as mere homo figure skater rivalry, Burke proves that the influence of Orser’s slip during his triple flip, still affects everything from the perils of the queer community, to the 2006 political climate. Highlights include neurotic “channeling” of both of Brians, pop culture musings, and as always, the showing of lots of skin.

The show is a “Money of the Month” Club benefit for Dixon Place’s theater completion.

March 22, 2007
Dixon Place, New York, New York

The Long Christmas Ride Home

Crystal Verdon, Chris Buess, Amanda Cooley Davi
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Paula Vogel
Puppets by Puppetry Center of San Diego
Music by Andrew Jacobs
Dance choreographed by Peter Kalivas (PGK Project)
Directed by Lisa Berger
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

Past, present and future collide on a snowy Christmas Eve for a troubled family of five. One of the family members, Stephen, is gay and passes away from Aids. The flashback scenes show the children and events that lead up to their lives as grownups. Humorous, heart-wrenching, and proof that magic can be found in the simplest breaths of life.

Cast includes: Chris Buess, Ozzie Carnan, Amanda Cooley Davis, Dana Hooley, John Rosen and Crystal Verdon.

Paula Vogel is a Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright.

March 23, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Emperor Norton: the Musical

Peter Doty, Jeff Trescott, Steffanos X

Laura Malouf-Renning, Nancy Bower, Maura Sipila
photos: Max Kellenberger  

Written by Kim Ohanneson
Music by Marty Axelrod
Directed by David Stein
Produced by Marty Axelrod, Kim Ohanneson, David Stein
Presented by Third Child Productions

Failed businessman Joshua Norton became the first self-appointed “Emperor” of the United States. Just like his adopted city by the Bay, Norton transformed himself and in doing so, captured the heart and the imagination of all San Francisco. The certainty and conviction of Emperor Norton’s benevolent pronouncements astonish, and the brilliance and breadth of his vision captures the imagination. Even today, Emperor Norton inspires us to dream big, to live life grandly. If Norton can be emperor, so can you.

The show features four women — Lotta Crabtree, Lola Montez, the Galloping Cow, and the Dancing Heifer — that are based on real performers from 19th century Barbary Coast. These women were early feminists, never married, and completely in control of their own careers for their entire lives.

The musical is a rollicking, heartfelt tribute to Joshua Norton.

Cast includes: Jeff Trescott, Peter Doty, Steffanos X, Maura Sipila, Nancy Bower, Laura Malouf-Renning, Ben Knoll, Damien Chacona, Kimberly Chong, Arthur Keng, Sadie Lune, John Harrison, Don Wood, David Stein.

A benefit for the Imperial Council of San Francisco, Inc. The Council is an international gay and lesbian fundraising organization that spans three countries and raises millions of dollars for many worthy charitable causes specific to the gay, lesbian, bi and trans community. The Imperial Council was started more than 40 years ago by the ground breaking female impersonator, Jose Sarria, who dubbed herself the “Widow” of Emperor Norton.

March 23-April, 1 2007
Shelton Theater, San Franciso, California

Barenaked Lads Take Off Broadway

Brigette Lehmkuhl, Jared Irwin, Brook Robertson,
John Cardone, Keith Stoneking, Scott Thomas

photo: David G. Zak  

Written by Andy Eninger
Music by Michael Mahler, Dan Martin, Michael Biello, and others
Directed by John Cardone
Choreography by Heidi Malnar
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory

From small-town dreams of Broadway, to the years of Starbucks slinging and yoga studying, Barenaked provides a delightful evening of original material.

Bailiwick’s Barenaked Lads tackle all things theatrical in this new, naked comedy with music that is the third of these reviews.

Cast includes: John Cardone, Keith Stoneking, Scott Thomas, Brook Robertson, Brigitte Lehmkuhl, and Jared Irwin.

March 26, 2007 - an ongoing, long-running event
September 7, 2007 - Naked Night - the audience will also be naked
December 31, 2007 - features additional cabaret songs, comedy
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Lust in Space

Lori Dean Vincent, Jeffrey Wylie, Amber Kloss,
Derreck Reed, Joseph Tamayo
Karen Zumsteg, Michael Gerard, Davey Lee,
Liz Bennett, Chip Carter

photo: David Graham  

Written by David Graham and Jerry Blackburn
Lyric parodies by David Graham
Directed by David Graham
Produced by Jerry Blackburn

The Robertson family and a friendly robot, traveling through space on the Jupiter 3, have been marooned on a deserted planet. Their survival is threatened by a weird pair of aliens.

An adult, musical parody of the popular 60s TV show “Lost In Space,” but with a gay/bi/trans twist.

Cast includes: Liz Bennett, Chip Carter, Michael Gerard, Amber Kloss, Davey Lee, Derreck Reed, Joseph Tamayo, Lori Dean Vincent, Jeffrey Wylie, Karen Zumsteg.

March 30, 2007
Cavern Club Theater (Casita Del Campo Restaurant), Silverlake, California

———— April 2007 Openings ——————

1918: A House Divided

Victoria Lavington, Kelly Scanlon
photo: Joe Bly  

Written by Barbara Kahn and Allison Tartalia
Music and musical direction by Allison Tartalia
Directed by Barbara Kahn
Produced by Theater for the New City

The play depicts an era in New York City of an hotly debated war, legislation branding dissenters as unpatriotic, anti-foreigner inspired anti-immigration laws, families torn apart by generational conflicts, lesbians and gay men finding each other in Greenwich Village, and a flourishing music and art scene.

1918 uses original patriotic tunes, Yiddish flavored melodies, and ragtime, in an artist co-op sketch class, a Macdougal Street “bohemian” club, and at a Webster Hall drag ball.

Cast includes: Robert Gonzales, Jr, Andrew Fitzgerald Graham, Victoria Lavington, Dan Leeds, Victoria Levin, Matthew Naclerio, Rick Redondo, Kelly Scanlon, Erin Leigh Schmoyer, Laura Jean Smith, Jeanie Tse, Tina Ward, Faith Wu.

April 5, 2007
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

Infinite Black Suitcase

Eric Bunton, Jerry Pappas
photo: Jeff Ellingson  

Written by EM Lewis
Directed by Danny Parker-Lopes
Produced by TheSpyAnts

In rural Oregon, several families face the death of a loved one. Dan doesn’t have much longer to live. And his partner’s sister brings frightening news. Jake and Anne make final arrangements for their cemetery plot, and discover there isn’t enough room for three where Jake’s first wife is buried. The day of a funeral finds Stan trying to make his brother, Kal, stop asking questions about how their brother died.

Through the interwoven storylines, an amazing journey is taken which shows how love, courage, and the human spirit must triumph.

Cast includes: Ken Arquelio, Eric Bunton, Ryan Churchill, Kim Estes, Addi Gaash, Darcy Halsey, Linc Hand, Tammy Kaitz, Anita Khanzadian, Dawn Merkel, Marina Mouhibian, Jerry Pappas, Hal Perry, Bill Stevens, Rich Williams.

April 6, 2007
Lillian Theater, Hollywood, California

A Language of Their Own

Dennis Tong, Nghia Luu, David Clark Smith, Ruffy Landayan
poster: Jay Michael Fraley  

Written by Chay Yew
Directed by Aurelio Locsin
Produced by Sonja Berggren and Rude Guerrilla Theater Company

Chinese-born Oscar contracts AIDS, which breaks up his four-year relationship with American-born Ming. Subsequently, Oscar begins a relationship with Daniel, a Filipino, while Ming falls in love with Robert, a Caucasian. The four men engage in a lyrical, dramatic meditation on the nature of love, desire, sexuality, and self-definition.

Cast includes: Ruffy Landayan, Nghia Luu, David Clark Smith, Dennis Tong.

Production contains nudity and explicit sexual situations.

April 6, 2007
Empire Theater, Santa Ana, California

Five Women Wearing The Same Dress

Chandra O. Hopkins, Monica Dionysiou
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Alan Ball
Directed by Noreen Barnes
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Thrown together as bridesmaids at a lavish, southern, wedding reception, five women hide out in an upstairs bedroom. A crisp social satire, set in the early 1990s.

Cast includes: Jenny Jones Hundley, Staphanie Dray, Amanda Durst, Chandra O. Hopkins, Monica Dionysiou, Danny Devlin.

Writer Alan Ball, created “American Beauty” and “Six Feet Under.”

April 11, 2007
Fieldens Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia

Night of 100 Nellies

Terrence Michael, Nora Burns, John Cantwell
photo: Scott Ashton  

Written, directed and produced by The Nellie Olesons

The original renegade homo punks of sketch comedy.

Cast includes: Nora Burns, John Cantwell, Terrence Michael.

“Fast, smart, good-natured, ribald to say the least and inarguably hilarious.” - New York Times

“Clearly, nothing is off limits for this raucous comedy group. … Twisted enough to keep the audience happily offended.” - Entertainment Weekly

April 14, 2007
Cavern Club Theater at Casita Del Campo Restaurant, Silverlake, California

Hard As Nails

America Young, Brendan Broms
photo: ?  

Written by Jon Osbaldeston
Directed by Paul Nicolai Stein
Produced by Moving Arts and Michael Kearns

Manicurist and aspiring singer, Bunty, HIV counselor, Shyla, and major drug company senior executive, Jennifer, find themselves unwittingly connected as their lives collide through ambitions and activism. Are they tough enough, and what would they be willing to sacrifice?

While primarily focused on how women are affected by HIV/AIDS, one of the characters is a gay male who dies of an AIDS-related illness.

Cast includes: Brendan Broms, Elizabeth Harris, Evie Hammer, America Young.

“Hard as Nails” won the 2001 London Writers’ Competition for Best New Play.

April 14, 2007
Lyric Hyperion Theatre Café, Silverlake, California


Joseph Bembridge
photo: Bryn Symonds  

Written by Bryn Symonds and Joseph Bembridge
Performed by Joseph Bembridge
Directed and produced by Bryn Symonds

One Friday night, Nick, without aforethought, works his way through sex as lust, self-worth, self-destruction, status, and failure. His past and future come together in the present: David.

April 25, 2207
Théâtre Sainte-Catherine, Montreal, Quebec

As You Like It

Abigail Rose Solomon
photo: ?  

Written by “Billy The Bard” Shakespeare
Directed by Lisa Wolpe
Produced by LA Women’s Shakespeare Company and Rosalind Productions

An all-girl wild west version of Shakespeare’s funniest romantic comedy. Featuring a live, bluegrass band, rambunctious gunslingers, love-crazed cowboys, and sexy saloon gals!

Cast includes: Lisa Wolpe, Abigail Rose Solomon.

April 26, 2007
Matrix Theatre, Hollywood, California

Terre Haute

Elias Escobedo, John Hutchinson
photo: Stephanie Temple  

Written by Edmund White
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Produced by The New Conservatory Theatre Center

A young, virginal, poor, friendless man is on death row for a violent, political crime. Just before his execution, he is visited, by an older man who is a celebrated, rich, well-connected homosexual patrician writer. Both men face death and worry about their legacy. The criminal wants the writer to be a Homer to his Achilles, in hopes that the writer can justify his violent acts, and the writer is attracted to the young man’s ideas, as well as to his looks. Political conviction and personal remorse intertwine with sexual tension, to result in an unexpected form of intimacy between the two men.

Cast includes: Elias Escobedo, John Hutchinson.

April 30, 2007
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

———— May 2007 Openings ——————

Penchants and Fantasies: A Light Look at Lesbian Love

“Personal Penchants” written by Barbara Lhota
“The List” written by Linda Suzuki
Directed by L.M. Attea
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory

What do we really need, want, and desire in our relationships? How well do we know ourselves, and our partners? What are we really afraid of?

These plays — “Personal Penchants” and “The List” — contain playfulness, sarcasm, and humor; a loving exploration of the personal penchants and lesbian desires and fears in our own encounters.

Cast includes: Deanna Boyd, Lisa Herceg, Cat Kusch, Cyra Polizzi.

May 3, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory, Illinois

Hyde in Hollywood

Steve Key, Michael Dailey
photo: Janna Giacoppo  

Written by Peter Parnell
Directed by Andrea J. Dymond
Produced by Shattered Globe Theatre

Everyone has a secret in 1930s Hollywood, and the unrelenting gossip columnist, Mr. Hollywood Confidential, is determined to reveal them all. He especially desires to expose Tinsel Town’s leading director and actor, Julian Hyde. Using his celebrity status and fairy tale marriage to his leading lady, Lida Todd, Hyde conceals his homosexuality, a truth which could destroy his marriage, reputation, and career. Desperate to keep Mr. Confidential from revealing his secret, Hyde draws him into an epic battle in which the glitz of film and fame become deadly weapons. A noir thriller.

Cast includes: Steve Key, Brian McCaskill, David Bendena, Don Blair, Michael Dailey, Nick Lewis, Niall McGinty, Stesha Merle, Helen Sadler, Walter Thon, Kevin Viol and Eva Wilhelm.

May 10, 2007
Victory Gardens Greenhouse Theater, Chicago, Illinois

The Jocker

Jason Alan Griffin, Nick Mathews
photo: Carol Rosegg  

Written by Clint Jefferies
Directed by Jeffery Corrick
Produced by Wings Theatre Company

In a 1931 hobo jungle, the jealousy and desperation of an abused young runaway leaves the lives of all around him changed forever.

Cast includes: Stephen Cabral, Jason Alan Griffin, Michael Lazar, Nick Mathews, David Tacheny, Stephen Tyrone Williams.

May 11, 2007
Wings Theatre, New York, New York


David McBean
photo: Barron Henzel  

Written by Tom Jacobson
Directed by Esther Emery
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A serious play for trivial people. An Oscar Wilde offstage character from “The Importance of Being Earnest” comes to life and inadvertently changes the ending of several classic plays, including “A Streetcar Named Desire,” “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf” and “Waiting for Godot.”

Cast includes: David McBean, Diane Addis, Chris Buess, Melissa Fernandes, Aaron Marcotte, John Rosen, Wendy Waddell, Tom Zohar.

May 18, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Facing East

Jay Perry
photo: Jennifer “Z” Zornow  

Written by Carol Lynn Pearson
Directed by Jerry Rapier
Produced by Plan-B Theatre Company

Ruth and Alex McCormick, an upstanding Mormon couple, are reeling from the suicide of their gay son. Stuck between their faith and their new reality, they encounter their son’s partner, Marcus, for the first time.

Cast includes: Charles Lynn Frost, Jayne Luke, Jay Perry.

Facing East first ran in November 2006 in Salt Lake City, Utah, where it will run again in April 19-May 6 2007. This N.Y. run has the entire original Utah cast and production team. Following the off-Broadway run, it will play in San Francisco for three weeks in August 2007.

May 25, 2007
Atlantic Theatre Company, Stage 2, New York, New York

The File on Ryan Carter

Ryan G. Metzger, Daniel Koenig
photo: Sanford Kaplan  

Written by David Gaard
Directed by David Gaard
Produced by The Entertainment Agora

A conservative college jock and a radical political activist meet at a small midwestern liberal arts college during the last years of the Great Depression. Through World War II their friendship deepens, and they discover they are physically attracted to each other. In post-war Hollywood, their personal lives are constrained by a rigid, moral double-standard. With their professional lives on the cusp of major success, they summon the courage to accept their feelings for each other. The House Un-American Activities Committee subpoenas one of the men, with the implication he must point an accusatory finger at the other. A dramatic comedy about two unlikely lovers.

Cast includes: Ryan G. Metzger, Daniel Koenig, Cody Andrus, Jamey Nicholas.

May 25, 2007
The Sanford Meisner Theater, New York, New York

Walk Like a Man: The play
poster: Marion Designs  

Written, directed and produced by Laurinda D. Brown

An all-female cast spotlights issues and stereotypes in the lesbian community, such as same-sex domestic violence, “don’t ask, don’t tell,” emotional infidelity, gender identification, homophobia, dom, and butch and femme labels. Effectively uniting gender studies and erotica, this play uses dramatic monologues to promote cultural diversity.

Cast includes: Akinke Lucas, Angelica Brooks, Andrea McPherson, ColeT “Cole” Thomas, Danielle Taylor, Jay E. Morrow, Juana Rodriguez, LaTashia J. Davis, Olivia Reynolds, Rhonda Cammon, Rhonda “Rah” Johnson, Robin Lynn, Sabrina “TazMajik” Hawkins, Shauntice Wyatt.

The play is based on the book “Walk Like A Man” by Laurinda D. Brown, a 2007 Lambda Literary Award finalist for “Best Lesbian Erotica.”

May 26, 2007
Rosslyn Spectrum Theatre, Rosslyn, Virginia
Information: 404-539-6953;

Tour Schedule
    May 26, 27, 2007, Rosslyn, VA
    June 23, 2007 - Atlanta, GA
    July 21 - Miami, FL
    July 29 - Detroit, MI
    August 10-12 - New York, NY
    September 1, 2 - Atlanta, GA
    October 27 - Nashville, TN

———— June 2007 Openings ——————

Southern Baptist Sissies

Joe Drake, Joe Plambeck, Steven West, Chad Hetzel
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Del Shores
Directed by Joe Bailey
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Theatre

Four boys grow up gay in Texas. One of them, tries to create a world of love and acceptance in the church and clubs of Dallas, while desperately trying to find a place to put his own pain and rage. Religion clashes with sexuality, resulting in an edgy, funny, and raw look at social norms.

Cast includes: Melissa Beckwith, Connie Cowper, Joe Drake, Chad Hetzel, Bill McCarthy, Joe Plambeck, Jamie Richards, Steven West.

June 1, 2007
The Ringwald, Ferndale, Michigan

And Now Ladies and Gentlemen, Miss Judy Garland
image: ?  

Adapted from “Judy Speaks” and directed by Tony McLean
Pianist Tim Evans
Produced by Backyard Productions, Inc.

A unique insight into the woman, the human being, the star, the gay icon so closely associated with Stonewall and the gay rights movement, and her songs.

Scene one: Miss Garland’s London hotel suite, November 1964, when she tapes her memoirs for an autobiography that was never published. Scene two: Miss Garland in concert performing some of here greatest hits including “By Myself,” “I’m Always Chasing Rainbows,” “The Trolley Song,” “The Man That Got Away,” “Chicago,” and “Over The Rainbow.”

Kathy St. George, a highly accomplished actor and singer, performs all the material live.

Cast includes: Kathy St. George.

June 8, 2007
Lyric Stage, Boston, Massachusetts

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom
        - and -

Sleeping Beauty or Coma

Brandon Kaspar, Jay Fraley, Scott Barber
photo: Dave Barton  

Written by Charles Busch
Directed by Dave Barton
Produced by Rude Guerrilla Theater Company

In Vampire, a nubile virgin sacrifice is seduced by a hard-boiled succubus and left for dead in the desert of ancient Sodom. Vowing revenge, the spunky virgin chases the succubus throughout history, from 1920s Hollywood, to 1990s Las Vegas. One of the longest-running Off-Broadway shows in history.

Sleeping Beauty witnesses the glorious rise of Enid Wetwhistle from giddy receptionist to world-famous supermodel in swinging 60s London. A parody of the classic fairy tale.

Cast includes: Peter Balgoyen, Scott Barber, Jay Michael Fraley, Jami McCoy, Jessica Woodard, Alex Dorman, Brandon Kaspar, Stephen Wagner.

June 8, 2007
Rude Guerrilla Theater Company, Santa Ana, California

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Written by John Cameron Mitchell
Music and lyrics written by Stephen Trask
Produced by The Horatio Theater

Hansel, an East German “slip of a girly-boy” who loves philosophy and rock music, meets Luther, a U.S. soldier who falls in love with Hansel and they marry. In order to be married, the couple must consist of a man and a woman, so Hansel’s mother, Hedwig, gives her child her name, a passport, and finds a doctor to perform a sex change operation. The surgery is botched leaving Hansel/Hedwig with a dysfunctional one-inch mound of flesh.

Hear the songs and the stories of Hedwig, an “internationally ignored song-stylist,” in this mix of sadness, yearning, humor, and a dash of Platonic philosophy.

Cast includes: Rusty Jones, Jonnie Monroe, Patrick Mackinnon, Kenny Alton, Devon Rocketship, Pondscum.

June 15, 2007
SOTA Theatre, Tacoma, Washington

Patience and Sarah - A pioneering love story
image: Giselle Ampuero  

Libretto by Wende Persons
Score by Paula M. Kimper
Directed and produced by Kim Rankin

Patience and Sarah meet, fall in love, and resolve to devote their lives to each other. The two young women face opposition from their families and their culture, and overcome all odds to begin a new life together.

Based on Isabel Miller’s 1969 novel, which was inspired by the true story of two 19th-century women. This production is a limited staging, concert version of the opera.

Cast includes: Andrea Fullington, Tara Generalovich, Victoria Jensen, Robert Mittman, Andrew Morgan, Kate Rowland, Jonathan Spencer.

“A soaring affirmation … of the transcendent beauty of life and love.” - New York Times, 1998

“Rapturous and soaring arias.” - New York Post, 1998

“The opera bubbles with glorious vocal writing.” - Opera News, 1998

June 15, 16, 2007 - 8pm
First Unitarian Church of Oakland, Oakland, California


Graham Townsend, Jon R. Harrison, Gareth Watkins
David Paisley, Phil Price, Daniel Ewing
photo: Shamelessboyz  

Written by Tom Smith
Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company / Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

Marcus’s boyfriend has been caught cheating with Jason, a young gym trainer. Angered, Marcus prompts his friend and confidante Alexander Valmont to sleep with Jason, thus humiliating his boyfriend and claiming revenge. Alexander agrees, noting that he, himself, is trying to win the affections of Trevor, a not yet ordained priest. A dangerous game of love, lust, seduction and betrayal.

A modern, gay interpretation of “Les Liaisons Dangereuses” by Pierre Choderlos de Laclos. Show contains nudity.

Cast includes: Daniel Ewing, Elliott Fredland, Jon R. Harrison, David Paisley, Phil Price, Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins.

“Shamelessboyz continue to reinforce their position as the premier gay theatre company producing new material on the London fringe today” -

June 19, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

SF Boylesque

Elliott Gittelsohn
photo: Gary Castille  

Written by Cory McDaniel
Directed by Larry Baumiller
Produced by Cory McDaniel

Ten exotic young men, and one exquisite young diva, take center stage in this groundbreaking piece of musical theater.

Presented as a male burlesque show, this spectacular pageantry will tantalize and delight with provocative dance, comedy, as well as awe-inspiring circus acts.

Cast includes: Kristen Jones, Brian Sterling, Elliott Gittelsohn, Sky Connely, Ron Esquejo, A.J. Arias, John Segundo, Charles Kusuma, Norm Munoz, Alex Craig, Tim Hanson, Bryce Erickson, Thomas Wiley, Patrick Myers, Mike Witbeck, Jasper Patterson.

[Note from editor Demian: The original Burlesque, in the 1800s, combined musical theater that mocked upper class conventions by showcasing women and men in drag, with variety acts by male comedians. During its heyday, in the early 1900s, commercialization prompted use of scantily-clad women as the central lure, and many of the male comedians left to work in vaudeville if they could. Boylesque shows were usually all performed by men, with a sensibility some might call “gay.”]

June 22, 2007
Jon Sims Center for the Performing Arts, San Francisco, California

Gay and Lesbian Grimms

Written by Ted Sod
Music by Dan Martin
Lyrics by Michael Biello
Directed by Michael Bush
Produced by Philadelphia Gay and Lesbian Festival

Cousins Leon Grimm and Jackie Grimm adapt their ancestors’ beloved stories, and add a “queer” sensibility to them. Jackie is a celebrated lesbian composer and solo artist. Strange and magical things happen as their version of the tales come to life; including a mysterious and surprising twist to their creative collaboration.

A staged reading. This musical was a finalist in the Stages 2007 competition in Chicago.

Cast includes: Rachel Coloff, Alicia Irving, Jillian Louis, Austin Murphy, Randy Redd, Jana Robbins, James Stovall.

June 23, 2006
Arden Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Lost & Found: The anniversary series

poster: Renee C. Farster  

Written by Betsy Phillips, Lyralen Kaye, Ginger Lazarus, Renee C. Farster, Mal Malme, Jess Martin, Kathy Wittman
Directed by Renee C. Farster
Produced by Queer Soup Theater

Subject mater includes: Hurricane Katrina, a proposal, sobriety, birthdays, 9/11, mini-golf, kooky queer theater, and anniversaries.

As we celebrate five years together, we asked our favorite playwrights and artists to bring an anniversary to life. And like any milestone worth celebrating, there is laughter, tears and a six-foot silver dog-walking alien.

Cast includes: Becca A. Lewis, Cheryl Singleton, Kathy Wittman, Mal Malme, Paul Dixon.

June 28, 2007
Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

———— July 2007 Openings ——————

Just Say Love

Nathan Cann, Todd Aiello
photo: David Zak  

Written by David J. Mauriello
Directed by Mike Gillett
Produced by David Zak

When Guy and Doug meet on a park bench, it looks like their relationship can go nowhere but into bed. However, forces beyond their control have something else in mind.

Cast includes: Todd Aiello, Nathan Cann.

July 7, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinios

The Break Up Notebook: The Lesbian Musical

Chrissy Burns, Mei-Ling Downey, Jeannine Marquie
Tori Roze, Beth Malone, Molly Lahr, Andy Collins
photo: Ken Jacques Photography  

Written by Patricia Cotter
Music and lyrics by Lori Scarlett
Directed by Peter Schneider
Musical direction by G. Scott Lacy
Choreography by Christine Kellogg
Produced by Diversionary Theatre and Rose Marcario

Helen Hill is a 33-year-old lesbian who has recently been dumped. She is heartbroken, stunned, and determined to go out and do it all over again. So with the support of her best gay boyfriend, Bob and her butch/femme gal pals, Monica and Joanie, she jumps back into the dating pool. She finds two-stepping-12-steppers, anxiety-prone lawyers, a dominatrix,, dental dams, grrrl bands, rebound bad dates, rebound great dates, hot girl-on-girl action, and maybe — just maybe — she might find the girl of her dreams.

Cast includes: Beth Malone, Chrissy Burns, Andy Collins, Mei-Ling Downey, Melissa Fernandes, Molly Lahr, Jeannine Marquie, Tori Roze.

July 12-August 12, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Look Inside and Listen

Gregory L. Payne, Erin Lane, Robert Ertel
in How to Ruin Love
photo: David Zak  

Written by Jake Jay
Directed by Betsey Cassell
Produced by David Zak

A pair of interrelated one acts:

How to Ruin Love is the story of two middle-aged men struggling for intimacy in contemporary L.A.

The Lady Who Loved is an homage to the women who have given nearly three decades of support to the gay men suffering from AIDS.

Cast includes: Erin Lane, Gregory L. Payne, Robert Ertel, Robert A. Lynch, Pamela M. White-Raines, Keta Roth.

July 12, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinios

Sharps, Flats and Other Alterations

Written and performed by Mikel Murphy
Directed by Brian LaDuca
Produced by David Zak

A gay man struggle to protect those closest to him when he is compelled to lie about the true. Tthe strands of his childhood faith unravel while he invents distractions whenever friends and family become suspicious. A comedic and heartbreaking one-man musical about a journey into self-realization.

World premiere.

July 16, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinios

A Bitter Taste

Topher Reed, Ian Daniel McClaren
photo: David Zak  

Written by Kevin Christopher Snipes
Directed by Matt Trucano
Produced by David Zak

Nothing can be assumed safe regarding men, sex, and frienship.

Cast includes: Topher Reed, Ian Daniel McClaren, Jeff Reuther.

July 18, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinios

Natural Born Hooker

Konrad Product
photo: Sam Chen  

Written by Konrad Product
Directed by Michael Hauser
Produced by Konrad Product and Darcey Leonard

We witness a male prostitute’s life journey through Times Square, porn, five star hotels, and Hollywood. It is also the story of gay culture at the beginning of the AIDS epidemic, and one boy’s search for love, acceptance, and belonging.

Drawing material from a diary chronicling ten years of sex work, this one-man show examines the intersection of commerce and sexual politics in stories of class, spirituality, and the transactional nature of relationships in Hollywood.

Cast includes: Aaron Orr.

A portion of proceeds benefit the St. James Infirmary.

July 19, 2007
CounterPULSE!, San Francisco, California

    Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach
    The History of Gay Theatre in Something More than 60 Seconds

Darius Rose, Lee Kociela
in The History of Gay Theatre …
photo: Darcy Lythgoe  

Produced by Theatre Out

Two late-night, one-act comedies that aim to please and titillate.

Mr. Charles, Currently of Palm Beach
Written by Paul Rudnick
Directed by David C. Carnevale

A politically incorrect look at gay culture hosted by the recently exiled Mr. Charles. He tackles everything from gay marriage to “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” with assistance from his youthful ward, Shane.

The History of Gay Theatre in Something More than 60 Seconds
Written and directed by Michael Van Duzer

An irreverent romp through the history of theatre as interpreted by Michael and his troupe of actors. The Greeks, fops, and the repressed boy next door make cameo appearances to prove that theatre is, indeed, totally gay.

Cast includes: Lee Kociela, Janet McGregor, Jack Millis, Chuck Murphy, Michael Van Duzer.

July 27, 2007
Theatre Out at The Hunger Artists Theatre Company, Fullerton, California

———— August 2007 Openings ——————

Facing East

Charles Lynn Frost, Jayne Luke, Jay Perry
photo: Julie Stark  

Written by Carol Lynn Pearson
Directed by Jerry Rapier
Produced by Plan-B Theatre Company

Ruth and Alex McCormick, an upstanding Mormon couple are reeling from the suicide of their gay son. Stuck between their faith and their new reality, they encounter their son’s partner, Marcus, for the first time. An eloquent and multifaceted portrayal of a family grappling with unspeakable loss.

Cast includes: Charles Lynn Frost, Jayne Luke, Jay Perry.

Post-show discussions with the playwright will be held on August 11 and 18. The play recently ran off-Broadway to critical acclaim, and sold-out runs in Salt Lake City.

August 10, 2007
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

Top and Bottom

David Clark Smith, Orion Simprini
photo: Kevin West  

Written and directed by Kevin Michael West
Produced by Dust Bunny Productions

A submissive bottom “boy” answers a bondage personals advertisement and ends up meeting the world’s most socially awkward leather male top.

This moving comedy played in Los Angeles and Provincetown in 2006. Nudity.

Cast includes: David Clark Smith, Orion Simprini.

“A lot of fun for this very entertaining evening.” - Bill Kaiser, Purple Circuit

Sometime during August 11-August 27 - date and time TBA
NYC International Fringe Festival, New York, New York

Lazarus Syndrome

Jim Jorgensen, Bill Hamlin,
Michael Kramer, Kevin Boggs
photo: Dan Covey  

Written by Bruce Ward
Directed by Paul-Douglas Michnewicz
Produced by Theater Alliance

Elliott, a long-term HIV survivor, has not left his NYC apartment in 9 days. His partner, his father, and his brother arrive to assess Elliott’s physical and emotional health, to share a home-cooked meal, and to coax him towards the world outside. A play about heritage, resilience, and the meaning of family.

Cast includes: Kevin Boggs, Bill Hamlin, Jim Jorgensen, Michael Kramer.

Lazarus Syndrome was the 2nd place winner of the 2007 VSA Arts Jean Kennedy Smith Playwriting Award, a part of the Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Michael Kanin Playwriting Awards Program.

August 16, 2007
Theater Alliance, H Street Playhouse, Washington D.C.

Hollywood at Sunset

Christopher Slavik, Andrew Kain Miller
photo: Johnny Knight  

Written by Robert Patrick
Directed by Madrid St. Angelo
Produced by People’s Theater of Chicago and The Legacy Project as part of Curious Theatre Branch’s Annual Rhinoceros Festival

In a tiny apartment on Hollywood Boulevard — where it’s always sunset — an ambitious pair of lovers grapple with their possibilities within the constrictions of the celluloid closet. Life and love, with all the ups and downs.

Cast includes: Andrew Kain Miller, Christopher Slavik.

August 27, 2007
Prop Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Naked Boys Singing

Marshall Harris, Julius Dietz, Gary Rosenblatt,
Jason George, Phillip Gordon, Bryan Wagman
photo: Glenn Meche  

Conceived by Robert Schrock
Directed by Jonne Dendinger
Produced by To Do Productions and Marigny Theatre

An all male, all nude musical comedy review.

Cast includes: Bryan Wagner, Jason George, Gary Rosebblatt, Phillip Gorden, Julius Dietz, Marshall Harris.

August 31, 2007
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana

———— September 2007 Openings ——————
Auntie Mayhem

Jason Luna Flores, Moe Bertran, Carl Ka-Ho Li
Andre Darnell Myers
photo: Michael Wakefield  

Written by David Pumo
Directed by Donna Jean Fogel
Produced by Wings Theatre Company and Gato Flaco Productions

A Manhattan gay male couple in their 30s accidentally become foster parents to three runaway gay teenagers. Unlike the Brady Bunch, this sexy, street-smart comedy is about a family with its own set of value, adding a new voice to the “what makes a family” debate.

Cast includes: Moe Bertran, Ivan Davila, Mark Finley, Jason Luna Flores, Carl Ka-Ho Li, Andre Darnell Myers.

“A grand celebration of humanity in all its flavors.” - NY Theatre Experience

“Howlingly funny and touching without getting sappy.” -Off Off Broadway Review

September 6, 2007
Wings Theatre, New York, New York

I Was A Teenage Homo!

Tripp Pickell, Thomas Crawford, Michael Merton
photo: Jeff Scott  

Book and Lyrics By Bill Fagan and Jeff Scott
Music By Jeff Scott
Directed by Mary McGuire
Produced by the Theatre Neo team of Karla Karanza, David Cheaney, David St. James

The sweet students of Straightville, USA, are being terrorized by an unknown “serial stylist” hellbent on forcing make-overs on the teens, and redecorating their entire town. It is 1978, the height of disco and wide lapels. Beware, the freedom to swish!

A scary fairy tale musical parody of the 50s werewolf “B-movies.”

Cast includes: Tripp Pickell, Marci Goldman, Alexandra Raines, Rita Renee, Thomas Crawford, Michael Merton, Thomas Crawford, James Knudsen, Wendy Worthington, Michael Miranda, Caerley Hill, Christine Krench, David Garry.

September 7, 2007
The Secret Rose Theatre, North Hollywood, California

The OH! Show: Old & Horny

Monica Palacios
photo: Sunny Bak  

Written, directed and produced by Monica Palacios

You’re in the mood for love, but, first you have to take a nap. That’s sad. Middle-age sex and middle-age flab are just a few topics tackled by one of the most respected queer Chicana soloist working today.

This performance evening is part of a the “Tongue to Tongue: Provoking Critical Dialogues Among Queer Women of Color” conference — September 7, 8, 9, 2007 — featuring workshops, lectures, speakers, visual art, films, and performances. Tongue aims to deepen analysis and dialogue, as well as instigate response to the critical issues that grow out of the intersection of race, class, gender, sexuality, citizenship, and nationalism.

Cast includes: Monica Palacios, Ryka Aoki de la Cruz, Wildflower, D’lo, Traeh, Ami Mattison, Jennifer Jiries, Chueh Jun-fung, Tatiana de la Tierra.

September 8, 2007
Renberg Theatre @ The Village, The Gay & Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, California

Sex on Broadway

Ben Asaykwee, Sarah Ball, Priscilla Parchia
photo: Anderson Tehlor  

Written and directed by Ben Asaykwee and Priscilla Parchia
Produced by Mistahque Artistry

A new cabaret celebrating all that is sexual on the “Great White Way.” With songs from favorite old and new Broadway shows, audiences are spun through almost every imaginable situation regarding the horizontal mambo and its many complications. Topics include: married life sex, lesbianism, one night stands, porn stars, and gay male sexuality.

Cast includes: Ben Asaykwee, Sarah Ball, Priscilla Parchia, accompanist Molly Zanderlaan.

September 13, 2007
Davenport’s Piano Bar and Cabaret, Chicago, Illinois

Lesbian Shorts IV

Sara Thompson
Jillian Courtney
Dana Cianciotto
photo: Patrick Young  

Written by Linda Suzuki, Kathy Anderson, Mary Woods, and Ruby Berlin
Directed by Ry Herman
Produced by The Bloody Unicorn Theater Company

Featuring plays ranging from slapstick-to-realistic drama-to-avant-garde weirdness; all with the common thread of a lesbian character, or relationship, as a central element. This year’s festival premieres four shows, along with a special guest performer each night.

    Their First Outing Since Their Last by Mary Woods
        A look at what happens between two old friends when
        everything suddenly changes for one of them.
    Issues & Baggage by Ruby Berlin
        A wild play about dysfunctional relationships,
        ex-girlfriends, dogs, and vibrators.
    The List by Linda Suzuki
        A chronicle of the sometimes complex territory of fantasy,
        fulfillment, and threesomes with prostitutes.
    Incoming by Kathy Anderson.
        A woman has to decide what to do about her girlfriend, who is pregnant, her
        father, who is dying, and her ex-lover, who is trapped underneath a bed.

Cast includes: Dana Cianciotto, Jillian Courtney, Richard Chaney, Krista Lehman, Gary McGaha, Teresa Simone, Dave Sewell, Sara Thompson.

September 15, 2007
Entertainment Alley, Scottsdale, Arizona
September 21, 2007
Cabaret Theater, Temple of Music & Art, Tucson, Arizona

Half a Person: My life as told by the Smiths

David Forster
photo: Chris Kapa  

Written by Alex Broun
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

William exists to devour coffee, despise “people,” and worship the patron saint of wrist-slashing, Steven Patrick Morrissey of the music group “The Smiths.” Like his idol, the world William occupies is cruelly lonely. Searching for a companion, or maybe just a confidant, he runs headlong into Salome. She slithers her way into his addictive personality. Salome treats him like dirt, his best friend, Rick, is in love with him, and, on top of this, the Smiths have broken up. A beautifully dark, funny and touching play set to the music of The Smiths, the music that gives William a chance to be more than just “Half A Person.”

Cast includes: David Forster.

September 18, 2007
Newtown Theatre, Newtown South, NSW, Sydney, Australia

Zanna Don’t

Ira Spector
photo: David Zak  

Written by Tim Acito
Directed by Elisa Woodruff
Musical direction is Allison Hendrix
Choreography by D. Eric Woolweber
Produced by David Zak

Zanna is the high school’s magical matchmaker. She matches the unpopular quarterback of the football team, Steve, with the most popular guy , Mike, who is captain of the chess team. She matches part-time waitress Roberta, with over-achieving Kate, and romance blooms.

As the school year progresses, the kids create a musical which addresses the controversy over straights in the military. The leads, Kate and Steve soon realize that their on-stage chemistry is real, and vow to hide their forbidden, straight love from their classmates. Will Zanna be able to make the world safe for straights — as well as gays — everywhere, and at what cost?

Cast includes: Ira Spector, Erik Kaiko, Oliver Perry, Annie Fitch, Amber Coartney, Jay Reynolds, Jr., Jastine Dumlao, Stephane Duret.

September 26, 2007
Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Vagina Monologues

Vivian Taormina, Marie Cathleen, Anne Berkowitz
Susan Marco, Lesley Castellini, Christine Emmert
Cheryl Fitzmaurice, Anna Oleinik, Marjorie Conn
photo: Paul Newland  

Written by Eve Ensler
Directed by Marjorie Conn
Produced by Conn Artist Performance Event, Inc. and Provincetown Fringe Festival

An outrageous, humorous, complex, and realistic look at how women view their vaginas. Without sensationalizing, this open-minded, award-winning, and ground-breaking play delves into the forbidden zone at the heart of every woman.

Author Eve Ensler researched her play by talking to more than 200 women about their vaginas. She states that, at first women, were reluctant and shy to talk, but once they got going, they wouldn’t stop.

Cast includes: Anna Oleinik, Anne Berkowitz, Cheryl Fitzmaurice, Christine Emmert, Lesley Castellini, Marie Cathleen, Marjorie Conn, Susan Marco, Vivian Taormina.

September 28, 2007
Stephen Crane House, Asbury Park, New Jersey

———— October 2007 Openings ——————

Clean Irene & Dirty Maxine

Anna Chatterton, Evalyn Parry
photo: ?  

Written by Anna Chatterton and Evalyn Parry
Directed by Karin Randoja
Produced by OUT Productions

A modern, moral and morbid tale of obsession and demise, in which an alphabetical procession of distressed damsels meets their absurd and timely ends as victims of their fixations. Meet Arty Marty, Busy Lizzy, Clean Irene, Dirty Maxine, Efficient Millicent, and many more, on this cheeky, hilarious trek through the alphabet.

A highly physical, stylized black comedy written entirely in rhyme, the show delivers biting social commentary with dazzling speed, theatrical precision and playful charm.

Cast includes: Anna Chatterton, Evalyn Parry.

“Wickedly funny … great physicality, smart satire and snappy, spot on performances … ‘E’ is for excellent!” – NOW Magazine

“You’d be hard pressed to find a better pairing of performers on stage than Parry and Chatterton.” – Globe and Mail

Awards include:
“Best New Play” - Jury Prize, Summerworks Festival, Toronto, 2003
“Best Performance” - Ottawa Fringe 2003
“Best Production” - NOW Magazine, Toronto

October 3, 2007
Mainline Theatre, Montreal, Québec, Canada

The Busy World is Hushed

Aaron Marcotte, Barron Henzel
photo: ?  

Written by Keith Bunin
Directed by Dan Kirsch
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

An engaging drama about a loving mother, a troubled son, and the man who may be able to heal the breach between them. A complex look at why religion, faith, and the human heart can’t always be reconciled.

Cast includes: Barron Henzel, Aaron Marcotte, Jerusha Matsen Neal.

“Intricacies of faith — as well as issues of sexuality, love and loss — are addressed in this provocative and moving new play. … A refreshing take on the overlap between religion and homosexuality.” -

October 4, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Over the Rainbows

Michael Penny, Tim Barnard, Monique, Kevin Garofalo
photo: Derek Cousins  

Written and directed by Michael Penny
Produced by Ringside

A gay man with delusions of grandeur meets a crude, but sexually attractive, straight mechanic and attempts to transform him into his ideal, with catastrophic consequences.

Cast includes: Michael Penny, Tim Barnard, Kevin Garofalo, Monique.

October 12, 2007
Ringside, Durham, North Carolina

Vampire Lesbians of Sodom

Joe Bailey, Chad Hetzel
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Charles Busch
Directed by Joe Bailey
Produced by Who Wants Cake?

Two, fatally seductive female vampires first collide paths in ancient Sodom. Their bitter rivalry endures for 2,000 years, with stops along the way in 1920s Hollywood, and in a bitchin’ present day Las Vegas.

Cast includes: Joe Bailey, Melissa Beckwith, Chad Hetzel, Audra Lord, Joe Plambeck, Jamie Richards, James D Thomson.

October 12, 2007
The Ringwald, Ferndale, Michigan

Odd Girl at ONE: Honoring Lillian Faderman

Lillian Faderman
under the name “Gigi Frost” when
published in King magazine in 1959
photographer unknown  

Produced by T. Moore, C. Grosvenor, B. Kaiser

ONE National Gay and Lesbian Archives presents its “Culture Hero” award to author and historian Lillian Faderman. The program features comic Robin Tyler, folksinger Phranc, and pulp novelist Ann Bannon, who will help ONE celebrate Lillian’s many contributions to our culture. The program is preceded by a reception.

October 13, 2007
Gallery Theatre, Barnsdall Art Park, Hollywood, California

Sixty Years with Bruhs & Gean

Melissa Kolczynski, Keith Kaczorowski, Justin Damm
photo: Rachel Taylor Brown  

Written and directed by Tom Wilson Weinberg
Produced by David Alan Perkiss

A lively 90-minute musical that traces the remarkable relationship of Bruhs Mero and Gean Harwood, two gay icons who met in 1929 and remained together until Bruhs’ death in 1995. Both funny and touching, their story covers the breadth of 20th Century gay history, from the early closeted days of the Great Depression and World War II, into the McCarthy era, Stonewall and beyond.

Performances run from Oct 23-28, 2007, at The Ethical Society Building in Philadelphia, PA. Cast includes: Justin Damm, Keith Kaczorowski, Melissa Kolczynski

October 23-28, 2007 - 7pm
The Ethical Society Building, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Private Thoughts on Cumming Out
image: Breeze Vincinz  

Written, directed and produced by Joy A’Che

Three African-American lesbian love stories during some of the most poignant times in American history.

Cast includes: Thela Brown, Mary Robinson, Jackquelyn Sullivan, Lillie Carol Russ.

October 26, 2007
The Complex Theater, Los Angeles, California

———— November 2007 Openings ——————

A Day without Sunshine

William Whitney, Elizabeth Whitney, Edward Whitney
photo: Diane Whitney  

Written and performed by Elizabeth Whitney
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Dixon Place

About Florida family values, Anita Bryant, and saving the children.

“Sure, Whitney is a skilled comedienne with a Kristen Chenowith voice and excellent timing, but she’s also thought provoking and insightful.” —

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 1, 2007
Dixon Place, New York, New York

Betty’s Summer Vacation

Joe Bailey, Jamie Richards
photo: Colleen Scribner  

Written by Christopher Durang
Directed by Joe Plambeck
Produced by Who Wants Cake? Betty hopes for the ultimate summer vacation when she rents a room at a cozy beach house. However, her vacation turns surreal when the lives of other summer renters intrude, and peculiar sounds emanate from the walls.

A black comedy send up of America’s insatiable appetite for scandal and reality television. This is a merry romp featuring certain gay elements, murder, mutilation, and charades. Plus, there is the outrageous, loud mouth landlady, Mrs. Siezmagraff, who is played by a man.

Cast includes: Jon Ager, Joe Bailey, Daniel Brengel, Tony Gross, Chad Hetzel, Audra Lord, Melissa Beckwith, Jamie Warrow, Jamie Richards.

November 9, 2007
The Ringwald Theatre, Ferndale, Michigan


Shannon Williams, Carlos Gonzalez
photo: Glenn Meche  

Written by Paul Rudnick
Directed by Glenn Meche
Produced by To Do Productions

How people seek all the beautiful things in life, and the problems that ensue when they get all they wish for.

Cast includes: Shannon Williams, Keith Launey, Cammie West, Liz Mills, Chris Weaver, Carlos Gomzalez.

November 9, 2007
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Lightning Field

H. Ryan Clark, Cory Grant
photo: Chris Fanjul  

Written by David Ozanich
Directed by Jared Coseglia
Produced by Banner NY and Shamelessboyz

With the looming possibility of a marriage proposal, a gay, New York couple travel to Walter De Maria’s world-famous art installation in the New Mexico desert, called The Lightning Field. When they realize that their relationship mirrors that of their divorced parents, the resulting storm is an explosion of startling and raw emotions.

Cast includes: H. Ryan Clark, Cory Grant, Bekka Lindstrom.

“A rich production … nervy … tender … brilliant … a high-impact one-act played with exceptional wit and feeling.” - The New York Times

     “Best Play” - FringeNYC, 2005
     “Best Off-Off Broadway Play” - GLAAD, 2005
     “Top Ten Best Play” -, 2005

November 13, 2007
Oval House Theatre, London, UK

Torch Song Trilogy

Sidney Franklin, Matthew Weeden,
Barron Henzel, Amanda Sitton
photo: ?  

Written by Harvey Fierstein
Directed by Tim Irving
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

In pre-AIDS New York, professional drag queen Arnold Beckoff had an active sex life, a tragic love story, and a teenage foster son. He faces three important challenges: searching for love, wrestling with love’s complications, and re-defining “family” for an effeminate, Jewish, gay man.

At the height of the post-Stonewall “clone” era — without resorting to stereotypes — author Fierstein challenged both gay and straight audiences to champion an effeminate gay man’s longing for love and family.

Cast includes: Matthew Weeden, Jill Drexler, Sidney Franklin, Barron Henzel, Amanda Sitton, Tom Zohar, Amy Dalton.

November 15, 2007
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Some Men

Written by Terrence McNally
Directed by David Blue
Produced by Raving Theatre

Explores the evolution of gay relationships through the past hundred years; from clandestine affairs, to a present-day, same-sex marriage. An emotional roller coaster: from love, lust, self-hate, and doubt, to acceptance and fulfillment.

Cast includes: Kaare Anderson, Jeff Deglow, Michael Fera, Matthew Fedorowicz, Jason Flood, Nelson Kyle, Jeremy Leroux, Dana McInnis, Nathan Witte.

This is the Canadian premier of “Some Men.”

Terrence McNally, won a “Best Book of a Musical” 1993 Tony for “Kiss of the Spider Woman” (1992). In 1996, he won the “Best Play” Tony for “Master Class” (1995). He has also received two Guggenheim Fellowships, a Rockefeller Grant, the Lucille Lortel Award, the Hull-Warriner Award, and a citation from the American Academy of Arts and Letters.

November 21, 2007
Performance Works Theatre, Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Boyz Nite OUT
image: David King  

Written by Cabaret and Open Mic Collective
Coordinated by David Allan King
Produced by OUT Productions

Dance, spoken word, poetry, music, theater, and door prizes. A raunchy night where anything goes. A raw, no-holds-barred cabaret and open mic celebrating men, men, and more men. Featuring, in association with Playwrights’ Canada Press, a book launch for “Critical Perspectives: Queer Theatre in Canada.”

Hosts include John Custodio, of CKUT Radio’s Queercorps, and others from “King Size” a drag king group.

Cast includes: John Custodio, and many others.

November 29, 2007
Exact location to be announced, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Keep the Yuletide Gay

Tomas Theriot, Alison Plott, Caleb Hoffert,
Sara Elizabeth Jansen, Karen Offereins
Faith Aeryn, Connie Nelson
photo: Diahanna Davidson  

Written by Dale Albright
Directed by Diahanna Davidson
Produced by theatre Q

Five friends gather for their annual Christmas dinner and gift exchange. One of the friends hires a mystic to tell pretend she has turned one of the other guests, Warren, straight. As the mystic really can cast such spells, Warren becomes a hetero, which shocks and upsets Warren’s new boyfriend, who came along for the party. The awkward gathering, complete with an alcoholic witch, a bloody Santa, burnt dinner, the world’s worst Christmas gift, and some very unexpected skirt chasing, reminds one and all what it means to be a friend.

Cast includes: Faith Aeryn, Caleb Hoffert, Sara Elizabeth Jansen, Connie Nelson, Karen Offereins, Alison Plott, Tomas Theriot.

November 29, 2007
Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto, California

A Queer Carol

Charles Green, Mark S. King
photo: unknown  

Written by Joe Godfrey
Directed by Sonny Goff
Produced by Theater Decatur

Robert Cratchit works late at the sumptuous home office of Scrooge & Marley, Interior Design, late afternoon on Christmas Eve. Ben Scrooge, designer to the rich and famous, has become a bitter old man after the death of his lover, Jake Marley. As a result, he overworks Robert and does not provide health insurance. Ben is visited by the ghost of Jake, scaring the Dickens out of him.

A distinctly queer, yet familiar, cast of characters add new spice to a much-loved story.

“A realistic and sensitive depiction of gay life that honors Dickens’ message of love, goodwill and charity.” – Adrienne Onofri, Curtain Up

“A refreshing contemporary take on the classic story – full of laughter, but also full of heart! This adaptation is surprisingly effective, infusing the holiday classic with camp sensibility without losing the spirit and meaning of the story!” – Dan Bacalzo,

Cast includes: Mark S. King, Charles Green.

November 29, 2007
Theatre Decatur, Decatur, Georgia

———— December 2007 Openings ——————

Going In: Once Upon a Time in South Africa
photo: Tia Kearns  

Written by Michael Kearns
Produced by Highways Performance Space with Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS

A spoken memoir, chronicling a month that Micheal Kearns spent in Johanesburg with his daughter, working at an orphanage.

    “Like the bulk of my work, ‘Going In’ deals with issues of race, class, sexuality,
    HIV/AIDS, gender, and poverty. However, the lens provided by the
    day-to-day world of South Africa astounded me, and forced me into territories
    of the heart that I’d before dared to visit. To experience these revelations,
    often alongside my 12-year-old daughter, made each day in Johannesburg more luminous.”

A special, premiere performance in honor of World AIDS Day.

Cast includes: Michael Kearns, with photography by Tia Kearns and Mollie Lowery.

The LA Weekly dubbed Kearns “The Actorvist.” Both an artist and activist, he has amassed a body of work that addresses AIDS — spanning more than 30 years — that encompasses theater, film, television, and print. His productions include “Intimacies,” “AIDS/US,” “Rock,” “The Queen of Angels,” “Myron,” “Self Help,” “Tell-Tale Kisses,” “Complications,” “The Tina Dance,” and “Being Poz.”

December 1, 2007
Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California


Alexandra Billings, Brandon Ruckdashel
photo: Paul Storiale  

Book and lyrics by Gila Sand
Music by Paul Leschen, with Gila Sand
Additional Music by Garrit Guadan
Directed by Paul Storiale
Produced by Paul Storiale and Angela Nicholas

Oliver, an attractive young man, searches for love, but is driven by physical desire, as he journeys into the underworld of prostitutes and pickpockets. Whether submitting to punishment at the workhouse, or succumbing to the charms of the flirtatious Artful Dodger, Oliver is always begging for more. This late 1800s, shady, London society is ruled over by Fagin, a mean-tempered, male dominatrix.

An outrageous, provocative, and emotionally riveting weaving of Victorian erotica, dark comedy, gender-bending, exquisite drag, wit, kink, and a clever set of contemporary pop-rock songs.

Based on Charles Dickens’ “Oliver Twist,” this production was a 2007 Drama Desk nominated score, and is the Los Angeles premiere. Fagin is played by transgender actress Alexandra Billings.

Cast includes: Alexandra Billings, Brandon Ruckdashel, Chris Carlisle, Darrin Revitz, Justin Mortelliti, Angela Nicholas, Michael Mullen, Matt Stevens, Billy Thompson, Kelly Roberts, Justine Valdez, Brendan Brandt, Niki Vallarimo, Liam Smith.

December 1, 2007
Avery Schreiber Theatre, North Hollywood, California


Book and music by John Hartmere and Damon Intrabartolo
Directed and produced by David Zak

Peter and Jason find joy in each other’s companionship, but when their affair becomes public, a complex series of events spins their lives out of control.

Infused with energy and heartache, this dramatic musical is set in a Catholic boarding school, and explores the impact of family and church on American youth.

Cast includes: Don Denton, Jay Reynolds, Jr., Kathleen Gibson, Kristin Johnson, Courtney Crouse, Michele Cason, Erik Kaiko, Kristen O’Connor, John Taflan, Colleen Badtke, Yolanda Davis, Lise (Kat) Evans, Edward Fraim, Nancy Kolton, Ryan Lanning, Tom McGunn.

December 7, 2007

Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Lili Handel

Ivo Dimchev
image: Tamas Katko  

Created and performed by Ivo Dimchev
Produced by Flak, OUT Productions, and Studio 303

Bulgarian artist Ivo Dimchev performs his acclaimed physical performance “Lili Handel,” which is subtitled “Blood, poetry and music from the white whore’s boudoir,” is a visceral environment of movement and voice, in an interactive performance where the body is explored as an object of consumption.

Ivo Dimchev will also be teaching a physically intensive, master class for performers.

“Ivo Dimchev’s powerful solo exposes the body as a multi-expressive reality. It reminds us that the body is not merely a form, to be perceived mainly visually, but that it has a constitutive inside. Dimchev extends this interiority to the audience by all means, voice, movement, speech even his blood, and engages them viscerally.” - Gurur Ertem

“ ‘Lili Handel’ is the most elegant excessive creation and a very special physical performance of Ivo Dimchev. As special as the blood which the performer drains off of his body and offers it at auction to the audience to be able to estimate in money the merits of what they see and the one they see. The androgyny dancer meets you with a body which has fallen in one of the sweetest addictions — the joy and impotence of being itself.” - Eliza Mateeva, Egoist magazine

December 7, 2007
Studio 303, Montreal, Québec, Canada

Barenaked Lads 3

Brigette Lehmkuhl, Jared Irwin, Brook Robertson,
John Cardone, Keith Stoneking, Scott Thomas
from Barenaked Lads Take Off Broadway

photo: David G. Zak  

Written by Andy Eninger and others
Music by Michael Mahler, Dan Martin, Michael Biello, and others
Directed by John Cardone
Choreography by Heidi Malnar
Produced by David Zak, Bailiwick Repertory

The boys are back for this fun, entertaining show where the boys sing and dance in the buff!

Cast includes: Erik West, John Cardone, Jared Irwin, Mickey De Wayne Smith Jr., Corey Mills, Alison Logan.

December 7, 2007 - open run
December 31 - additional cabaret songs, comedy
Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Christmas with Capote

Written by Truman Capote
Directed by Marjorie Conn
Produced by The Provincetown Fringe Festival in Asbury Park

A reading of two stories:
      One Christmas
      A Christmas Memory

While Truman Capote was born in New Orleans in 1924, from four until he was 10, Capote lived with a family of distant and elderly cousins in a small town in rural Alabama. Both autobiographical stories take place during those years. Of special interest is his relationship with one of the cousins, a Miss Sook Faulk.

Truman Capote (1924-1984) was an American writer whose stories, novels, plays, and non-fiction are recognized literary classics, including the novella “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” (1958) and “In Cold Blood” (1965), which he labelled a “non-fiction novel.” At least 20 films and TV dramas have been produced from his novels, stories and screenplays. Truman was openly gay in an era when it was rarely talked about.

Cast includes: Anne Berkowitz, Cheryl Fitzmaurice, Christine Emmert, Diane Jackson, Lesley Castellini, Marjorie Conn.

December 9, 2007
Stephen Crane House, Asbury Park, New Jersey

12 Steps to a More Dysfunctional Christmas

Rob Nash
photo: ?  

Written and directed by Rob Nash
Produced by The Vortex

A holiday show to which everyone and their dysfunctional families can relate.

Award-winning writer and performer Rob Nash brings his hilarious brand of comedy to life, revisiting this classic that first played at Christmas time in 1994. That show marked the beginning of a successful series of 18 of his one-man plays at The Vortex.

Cast includes: Rob Nash.

December 13, 2007
The Vortex, Austin, Texas

———— 2007 Ongoing Events ——————

La Récolte 2007 / Harvest 2007
Le Festival de Théâtre GLBT de Montréal
4è saison - 5 au 16 décembre, 2007

Théâtre MainLine, 3997 boul. St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada
Informations sur la programmation: Productions Village Scène
Billets disponibles dès maintenant: ou 514-848-9696
Ventes aux groupes: ou 514-656-3420

Le Festival La Récolte célèbre la riche contribution de la culture lesbian, gay, bisexual et transgender aux arts de la scène.

Un conte de Noël flyé (“A Queer Carol”)
de Joe Godfrey
Adaptation et mise en scène de Davyn Ryall
Traduction de Stephan Turgeon
5, 7, 9, 13, 15 décembre

Un conte de Noël Une collaboration artistique de Davyn Ryall et Jacqueline Van de Geer
Narration originale de Charles Dickens - Adaptation et mise en scène de Jacqueline Van de Geer
8, 9, 14, 15, 16 décembre

Simon a toujours aimé danser
Création et interprétation de Simon Boulerice
Mise en scène de Daniel Paquette, Sarah Berthiaume et Simon Boulerice
7, 11 décembre

Almost Pretty
Le numéro de Kelli Dunham promet d’être tordant!
Sélection officielle du Fresh Fruit Festival de New York
Réprésentations en anglais - December 11, 14

Montreal GLBT Theatre Festival
4th Edition - December 5-16, 2007

MainLine Theatre, 3997 blvd. St-Laurent, Montréal, Canada
Program information: Village Scene Productions
Tickets: or 514-848-9696
Group sales: or 514-656-3420

The Harvest Festival is a celebration of the rich contribution made by the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities to the performing arts.

A Queer Carol
by Joe Godfrey
Adapted and directed by Davyn Ryall
December 6, 8, 12, 14, 16

A Christmas Carol
Dickens’ book adapted and directed by Jacqueline Van de Geer
A Davyn Ryall and Jacqueline Van de Geer collaboration
December 8, 9, 14, 15, 16

Simon always liked to dance
Created and performed by Simon Boulerice
Realized by Daniel Paquette, Sarah Berthiaume, and Simon Boulerice
December 7, 11

Almost Pretty
Kelli Dunham’s performance promises to be a hoot!
Official selection of the NYC Fresh Fruit Festival
December 11, 14

ONE Culture Series 2007

Produced by ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives

Writers, archivists, performers, artists, and activists present on the third Sunday of each month. All events take place at 2pm.

  • May 20
    Louise Moore and Eloise Klein Healy, lesbian poets
  • June 17
    Robert Patrick, playwright: on gay theater
  • July 15
    Dr. Jennifer Abod, director of a film on Audre Lord: “The Edge of Each Other’s Battle”
  • August 19
    Craig Loftin, historian: his research on letters from gays and lesbians during the McCarthy Era
  • September 16
    Monica Palacios, hip, happening lezbo comic: Antojitos and Anecdotes - celebrate Mexican Independence Day experiencing avocado worship and the origin of guacamole
  • October 21
    Karen Ocamb, journalist: Eyewitness to History: How LGBT Activism Changed America
  • Nov 18
    Michael A. Shepperd, actor: Who am I Anyhow: Self-Empowerment Through the Arts for LGBT Teens
  • December 16
    Mike Oliveira, archivist and SPREE veterans: Retro Rocco: CSW, MCC, SPREE, GCSC, GGRC - a look at the 70s through the lens of Pat Rocco
Q&A and refreshments in the garden follow each event.

ONE Archives, 909 W Adams Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelchair accessible with obsticles
FREE - no reservations
Information: 213-741-0094;

The ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives houses the world’s largest research library on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual,and Transgendered heritage and concerns.

New Works by AAPEX Artists
Produced by
      the African-American Playwrights Exchange, and
      the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center
Performed by the African-American Collective Theater
November 13, 2007
Written by Owa
Directed by Aixa Kendrick
Cast includes: Topaz, Victor Denzell Ramsey
      While delivering a particularly edgy monologue, and actress is attacked by a priest.

Auld Lang Syne
Written and directed by Alan Sharpe
Cast includes: Talmach White, Ricardo Fredrick Evans, Monte J. Wolfe
      Lawrence Churchill’s plans to go to a New Year’s Eve party are foiled
      by a blizzard. Instead, he gets a visit from an “ex” with an agenda.

Lies of Handsome Men
Music and lyrics by Francesca Blumenthal
Cast includes: Topaz
      Francesca Blumenthal’s brilliant song has had many recordings.
      The legendary Topaz brings her own special genius to Francesca’s masterpiece.

Down There
Written by Julia Press Simmons
Directed by Passion
Cast includes: Pamela Monroe, Taqiyya Haden
      Two sisters discuss exactly what it takes to hold on to a man.

November 14, 2007
You’re Gettin Me Hot
written and directed by Fernando Manon
Cast includes: Staxx Cordero, Lawrence Floyd
      Getting into Hell isn’t as easy as it used to be.

Simple Majorities
Written by Ben Marshall
Directed by Abigail Ramsay
Cast includes: Duane Allen, Tobi Kanter. Mark Hamlet, Brian Deutsch, Dwayne A. Thomas
      A U.S. Senator, who backs an anti-gay, anti-marriage bill, scambles when
      his communications director is outed on the Internet by his ex-boyfriend.

Both nights - 6pm reception, 7pm readings
LGBT Community Center, 208 W. 13th St., New York, New York
No wheelie access
Information: 212-620-7310;

Ganymede Arts GLBT Fall Arts Festival

Produced by Ganymede Arts

Karen Black
photo: ?  

The Festival runs October 19-28, 2007

Ganymede Arts is dedicated to the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (glbt) experience. Our mission is to provide high-quality, professional theater and art — which includes dance, musical, poetry, and art shows — that fosters social and cultural awareness of and for the glbt community.

Ganymede has been hailed by readers in the Washington Blade’s 2007 “Best of D.C.” as the “Best Theatre Company.”

Karen Black, opens the Festival with a world premier of her one woman show. She has twice won a Golden Globe award, and has been nominated for an Academy Award and a “best actress” Drama Circle Critics award. She has played roles in “Easy Rider,” “Five Easy Pieces” “Family Plot,” “Nashville,” “The Great Gatsby,” “Day of the Locust,” “Come back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean”

Schedule includes:

  • October 19 - ?pm
    How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Sing the Song by Karen Black
        Opening Night Gala
  • October 20 - New GLBT Play Readings
    Yellow Lentils by Emily Solomon - 3pm
        A dinner party at Raji and Robert’s turns tragic as East Indian tradition clashes with western passion.
    Ghosts of Summer by Arthur Joseph Lundquist - 4:30pm
        A male AIDS nurse in the mid-90s, obsessed with the memories of his patients, attempts to
        revive the spectres haunting his summer home in this touching tragicomedy.
    Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday by E.M. Lewis - 7pm
        Lynn leaves home to deal with a her 30-something crisis by spending a year on an Alaskan fishing boat.
        Her family struggles to keep her home and uncover the secret of her crisis.
    The Loves of Mr. Lincoln by David Brendan Hopes - 8:30pm
        A depiction of Abraham Lincoln’s romance with a man.
  • October 21
    Art Exhibit - 11am-2pm
    Various musical events 2-7:45pm
    Potomac Fever by Gay Men’s Chorus - 8pm
    Lesbian and Gay Chorus of Washington DC - 8:45pm
  • October 22 - 7-10pm
    Instrumental Night
  • October 23 - 10:15pm
    A Lady and Her Other People’s Music by Special Agent Galactica
        A one woman, song and dance, lip-synch extravaganza.
        Also features Stefan Taske, Chaney Tullos, John Milosich
  • October 24 - 8-10pm
    Comedy Night hosted by Matt Henry
        Features: Joyce Rebar, Leon Bosman, Kat Wilderotter, Gary Walbridge
  • October 25 - 8pm
    Tainted Blood by Tom Jacobson
        In this reading of the play, Oscar Wilde, Bram Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle use logic and
        religion to fend off a seductive vampire in this fang-in-cheek thriller. “Pick of the Week”
        in the LA Weekly, and winner of seven Valley Theatre League Awards.
  • October 26
    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd’s classic rock in dance
        Choreography by Jeffrey Johnson and Giselle Alvarez
  • October 27
    GLBT Rock Folk Bands and Artists - 1–6pm
    Dark Side of the Moon - Pink Floyd’s classic rock in dance - 8pm
        Choreography by Jeffrey Johnson and Giselle Alvarez
  • October 28 - 11am-4pm
    Art Show with artists
Church Street Theatre, Washington, D.C.

QComedy - Sunday Night Gay Comedy

Produced by QComedy

2nd & 4th Sundays of the month - 8pm - ongoing series
Jon Sims Center, San Francisco, California

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