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Openings of 2006
Archive Listings

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覧覧 January 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Walking the Dead

Bernadette Quattrone
photo: Dale Albright  

Written by Keith Curran
Directed by Jeffrey Hoffman
Produced by theatre Q

Six people attend a memorial service for Veronica, a lesbian who had a sex change operation to become Homer. More than dealing with the tragic death of a transgendered person, this show is a real memorial service to Veronica.

This serio-comic show is focused on examining stereotypes, and the lengths to which one is willing to go to stay true to oneself.

Cast includes: Greg Ayers, Kevin Copps, Skyler Cooper, Bernadette Quattrone, Ryan Tasker, Mark Vogler, Maggie Ziomek.

January 6, 2006
Berkeley City Club, Berkeley, California

Candy and Dorothy

Sloane Shelton, Vince Gatton
photo: Rahav Segev/  

Written by David Johnston
Directed by Kevin Newbury
Porduced by Candy and Dorothy Productions

Candy Darling, Warhol factory superstar, died in 1974. Dorothy Day, radical left-wing Catholic activist, died in 1980. Tamara, librarian, is alive, and not-quite-well, and living on the Lower East Side. And Candy and Dorothy just showed up in her apartment.

Acclaimed playwright David Johnston, author of 釘usted Jesus Comix, presents a sweeping comedy about death, life, glamour, sacrifice, loneliness, joy, love, and work.

Cast includes: Sloane Shelton, Vince Gatton, Brian Fuqua, Nell Gwynn, Amir Arison

January 6-9, 12-14, 16, 19-23, 26-28, 2005
Thursday-Saturdays - 8pm; Sundays and Mondays - 7pm
Theater Three, New York, New York

The Boy Next Door
Written and directed by Christopher Jenkins
Performed by Joey Landwehr
Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros

He痴 adorable, touching, and funny. What more could you ask for? This song cycle runs the gamut from hysterically funny - to poignantly touching.

Songs include: 鄭nswering Machine (trying to fit in an entire life story before the beep), and 鉄ession with a Therapist (confessing his crush on the animated character Aladdin).

January 7, 2006
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California


Becca A. Lewis, Karen 溺al Malme
photo: Renee C. Farster  

Written by Jess Martin
Directed by Renee C. Farster
Produced by Queer Soup Theater

A family痴 faith is rocked upon the death-bed revelation that the minister痴 grandfather was born biologically a female. Minister Lulu Edwards lashes out at her family over the secret her grandfather kept from her. However, her grandfather only identified as a man, and so, how can his gender identity be considered hidden? Complicating this revelation, Lulu learns that her new love interest, Kai, is a professional drag king.

What does it take to make a man? God, testosterone, anatomy, or some elusive all-natural, male scent? This play explores a wide spectrum of gender, while balancing a blend of the comic and dramatic.

Cast includes: Toni Amato, Becca A. Lewis, Karen 溺al Malme, Cheryl Singleton.

Jess Martin was a Massachusetts Cultural Council 2005 Artist Grant Recipient.

January 13, 2006
Plaza Black Box Theater, Boston Center for the Arts, Boston, Massachusetts

Kiss of The Spider Woman

Katherine Lynne Condit, Ryan Lanning
photo: David Zak  
poster: Jessie Martinez  

Written by by Terrence McNally
Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Directed by Susan Finque
Produced by: Bailiwick Arts Center

An unusual tale of love and friendship. In the late night darkness of a Latin American prison cell, Molina, a gay window dresser spins a fantastic yarn of romance and intrigue centered around the 鉄pider Woman. The tale allows him and his cell mate to escape their surroundings and withstand daily torture. Gradually, circumstances force them both to each undergo an unexpected transformation and draw even closer, finally forming a remarkably touching bond of fraternal love and self-sacrifice.

Cast includes: Katherine Lynne Condit, Ryan Lanning,Stan Q. Wash,Kate Garassino, Maria Campos, Danny Bernardo, Anthony Apodaca, Ben Asaykwee, Baron Clay, Marchelllo Lee, Chip Payos, Clay Sanderson, Greg Silva, Manny Sosa, and Randolph Johnson.

January 13, 2006
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Burn This

Daniel Lee, Megan Biolchini
photo: Lois Tema  

Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center

An accidental death of a gay dancer impacts the lives of his surviving roommates, uprooting their lives as they confront personal passions and unexpected desires. Their grieving is interrupted by the arrival of the dead man痴 manic, intoxicated brother; an explosive catalyst.

A funny and electrifying drama by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Lanford Wilson.

Cast includes: Megan Biolchini, Benjamin Fritz, Daniel Lee, Nate Levine.

January 13, 2006
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Men In Lycra Rowing Shorts [and other Fantasies]

Adrian Corbett, Ben Stringer, Cameron Hartley,
Sean Gunn, Adam Ford
photo: Steven Dawson  

Written and directed by Steven Dawson
Produced by Out Cast Theatre

The stories about falling in love with straight men, married men lusting after gay men, killer drag queens, men loving too much or too little, as well as the search for answers, hope, and getting a bit on the side.

Tales of decadence, daring, confrontation, controversy, outrageousness lust, and redemption. Contains gratuitous nudity and smutty innuendo.

Cast includes: Adrian Corbett, Ben Stringer, Cameron Hartley, Sean Gunn, Adam Ford.

January 17, 2006
Mechanics Institute Performing Arts Centre, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Judy at the Stonewall Inn

Amanda Abel, Michael Taylor Gray
photo: David Elzer  

Written by Thomas O誰eil
Directed by Derek Charles Livingston
Produced by Celebration Theatre

Some historians believe the Stonewall riots, in June 1969, began when a drag queen fought back against police harassment on the day of Judy Garland痴 New York City funeral. That drag queen was the world痴 worst Judy Garland impersonator.

Cast includes: Amanda Abel, Michael Taylor Gray, Stephen Marshall, Keith E. Wright, Jon Powell, Billy Briggs, Johnny Debut.

January 20, 2006
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California

See a Review of this play.

Blowing Whistles

Peter McNicholl
photo: Richard Turgoose  

Written by Matthew Todd
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre and The Butterfly Club

Nigel loves his hedonistic lifestyle. He has a long-term boyfriend, goes clubbing, and has lots of sex in their open relationship. Jamie, his 10-year partner isn稚 sure things are so great. The night before Pride Day, the couple communicate with 鼎umboy_17 on a gay dating Web site. They plan for a night of casual sex, however, their young guest has a very different agenda.

Blowing Whistles is a blusteringly honest account of a modern gay lifestyle. An acclaimed drama about searing love, sex, and gay pride.

Hosted by Anton Enus with Peter McNicholl and Christopher Pender.

的 was blown away. This is possibly the most moving and engrossing gay play since 腺eautiful Thing. - Mark St Andrews, Boyz

典his play is so fantastically tough and tender that it often feels as if someone has got you in a painful arm-lock, only to give you the sweetest, softest kiss. - Julie Burchill, The Times

January 21, 2006
The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Take Me For A Ride Cute Girl!

Karole Langlois and friends
photo: David Wilson  

Written and performed by Karole Langlois
Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros

The amazing conclusion of 典ake me for a ride cute girl!, The Rhino痴 hit lesbian, one-act of 2005, takes you behind the scenes of an all-girl cast at the world痴 longest running queer theater to show you what really happens backstage, during rehearsal, at the bar, and in a couple of bathrooms.

January 26, 2006
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California


Michael Phillis
photo: Lois Tema  

Written and performed by Michael Phillis
Directed by Andrew Nance
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center

An imaginative tale that examines adolescence in all its charmingly awkward glory. Alternately comical and poignant, we are brought back to the days when our imaginations were unleashed, our dark sides were tucked away in closets, and our possibilities were limitless.

January 26, 2006
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Theater District

P.A. Cooley, George Quick
photo: Lois Tema  

Written by Richard Kramer
Directed by Dennis M. Lickteig
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center

16-year-old Wesley moves in with his aloof father, Kenny, and Kenny痴 doting boyfriend George. Wesley is swept away by the warm sophistication of George痴 bustling 46th St. 鍍heater district restaurant crowd. For Wesley, growing up means leaving his bubble of safety and affection, and soon he, and his many parents, stand in the light of their own shortcomings.

A warm, wry and witty play by award-winning writer of 徹nce and Again, 鍍hirtysomething, and 溺y So-Called Life.

Cast includes: P.A. Cooley, George Quick, Sam Garber, Cynthia Myers, Scott Alexander, Joe Carrig, Joseph Holmes.

January 27, 2006
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

The Master痴 Boy

Mark Lee, director
photo: ?  

Written by Phil Willmott
Directed by Mark Lee
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre and The Butterfly Club

For a few chaotic days in 1926, Britain痴 working class went on strike. Upper-class youths took over the abandoned jobs. Amongst the filth and grease of a depot at midnight, a blistering sexual power struggle ensued between a striker and the wealthy young man attempting to drive his bus.

This play is a fascinating period piece, and an exploration of gay lust and love as a weapon of subjugation. Echoing the simmering, obsessive lust of Strindberg痴 Miss Julie for her serving man, Jean, award-winning author Phil Willmott has produced a sultry, gay master/servant encounter.

Cast to be announced.

Director Mark Lee starred in the Australian film 敵allipoli.

January 28, 2006
The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

覧覧 February 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Barefoot Boy with Shoes On

Ray Oriel, Nick Salamone
photo: Ed Kreiger  

Written by Edwin Sanchez
Directed by Jon Lawrence Rivera
Produced by DIJO Productions

Rosario Cortez will do anything to provide a better life for his soon-to-be-born son. The only challenges standing in his way are his porn-addicted father, his senile grandfather, his pregnant girlfriend who denies that he is the father his controlling therapist, and an older gentlemen who wants more than just Rosario痴 friendship.

Cast includes: Toneey Acevedo, Gil Bernardy, Diana Burbano, Alex Luria, Ray Oriel, Jerry Oshinsky, Nick Salamone, Minvera Vier.

February 2, 2006
The Underground Theatre, Hollywood, California

Taken In

Phil Price, Gareth Watkins
photo: Peter Bull  

Written by John W. Lowell
Directed by Peter Kosta
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company

A chance encounter brings two people of vastly different backgrounds together in a journey of the heart. Even the most generous man may still be capable of fooling himself, but at what price?

A funny, poignant and revealing story of looking for love in all the wrong places, as well as love, trust, understanding, and the unexpected connection between two people.

Cast includes: Phil Price, Gareth Watkins.

鏑owell offers some yummy brain candy here in a poignant, illuminating script that asks questions yet doesn稚 mind not providing all the answers. Lowell痴 words fun, fresh also capture the universality of relationships and the co-dependency that often sprouts from well-watered neurotic soil. - Greg Archer, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz, California

典he emotional complexities of the plot are explosive, and the play moves through these with care and poignancy, exploring the men痴 individual motivations and the intricacies of their relationship with fine balance. - Ann Bennett, Santa Cruz Sentinel, California

滴is dialogue between the actors is so believable and realistic that you leave the theater wondering which character really has a fear of intimacy. - Steve Moore, Style Weekly, Richmond, Virginia

February 7, 2006
Barons Court Theatre, London, U.K.

Good News

Brian Chenoweth
photo: ?  

Written directed and performed by Brian Chenoweth
Produced by Open at the Top

At 15, Brian learns he will burn in hell for having crushes on boys instead of girls. The Exodus organization promises to rescue him from the shackles of homosexuality, and deliver him to 都traight-dom. Do they succeed, or does Brian experience a different kind of miracle?

Brian Chenoweth tells his Bible belt story with 70s songs, dance, and a lot of humor.

迭ising well above the glut of mediocre solo shows, Brian Chenoweth痴 賎ood News is a serious delight. Brian is a deeply engaging performer who draws us right into the personal realities behind the gay rights culture wars. 賎ood News is a wonderful night of hilarious, compelling and solidly theatrical personal storytelling. - Lisa Kron, one of the 擢ive Lesbian Brothers

See our mini-review: Los Angeles Scene: February 2006 by Bill Kaiser

February 9, 2006
The NoHo Arts Center/Studio Theatre, North Hollywood, California

Women Behind Bars
Written by Tom Eyen
Directed and produced by Joe Watts

A classic, camp women痴 prison drama, which spoofs the women痴 prison movies of the 50s.

Cast includes: Glen Lambert, Nathan Adams, Taavi Mark, Ronnie Williams, Tara Stevens, Melrose Fougere, Lisa Marie DAugherty, Julie Oliver, Richard Solis, Candyce Prince, Joseph Richards.

Special Benefit performance for the GLBT Community Center
February 8, 2006
Rich痴, Houston, Texas

Febuary 10, 2006
Theatre New West, at Club Resurrection, Houston, Texas

BareNaked Lads in the Great Outdoors

Raquel Marmor, Keith Stoneking
Scott Thomas
Brook Robertson
Mark Wax
Greg Poljacik
photo: David Zak  

September Cast:
Brook Robertson, Keith Stoneking,
Greg Poljacik, John Cardone
photo: David Zak  

Written by Andy Eninger
Music by Michael S. Mahler
Additional music by Dan Martin and Michael Biello
Directed by David Zak
Musical direction by Gary Edward
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory

Presented au naturel for your consideration:
The Barenaked Lads, the world痴 most popular singing group, A real 渡aked chef, A married couple on a beach in Provincetown, A gonzo personal trainer on Montrose Beach, Grade school children who get an unexpected lesson at the zoo, The Chicago Polar Bear Club, Troop Randolph, the glamorous 30s Hollywood star whose mansion and pool overflow with male beauty.

A naked musical comedy review, featuring a colorful gallery of characters.

Original cast included: Raquel Marmor, John Cardone, Greg Poljacik, Brook Robertson, Keith Stoneking, Scott Thomas, and Mark Wax.

September cast includes: John Cardone, Priscilla Parchia, Greg Poljacik, Keith Stoneking, Scott Thomas, David Zizic, Jack Ryan.

February 11, 2006
100th performance celebration: October 6, 2006
Barenaked Lads Save Christmas New Year痴 Eve performance - December 31, 2006
Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois


Nicholas Lazzaro, Nick Mathews, Justin D. Quackenbush
photo: Evan Sung  

Written and directed by Frank J. Avella
Music by Joe Morse
Produced by

A group of friends gather on the eve of their 10-year high school reunion, following a comrade痴 suicide. The dead man痴 spirit is highly agitated. Haunted by their inner demons, as well as apparitions and phantoms, each friend deals with chilling realities about their own life. Some confront more other-worldly issues.

An exploration of death, suicide, and the concept of the afterlife which eschews Judeo-Christian teaching, and opts for more controversial hypotheses.

Cast includes: Joe Pistone, Patrick Allen, Lisa Marie Gargione, Wind Klaison, Nicholas Lazzaro, Nick Mathews, Jennifer Nehila, Justin D. Quackenbush.

February 14, 2006
The Bank Street Theatre, New York City, NY

Southern Baptist Sissies
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Del Shores
Directed by Shon M. Stacy
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

Gay, sissie Mark, from the Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas, sets out to change the world while he challenges the preacher, his mother, and ultimately himself, in this blast of a comedy. Along the way there are country divas, entertaining alcoholics and other engaging sissies.

Cast includes: Timothy Bambara, Elliot Lau, Drew Lichvar, Joseph Papa, Ted Boelt, Kirk Morton, Nancy McMahon, Tim Brewster, Kathy Parker.

February 15, 2006
Fielden痴 Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia


Tim Miller
photo: John Aigner  

Written and performed by Tim Miller
Presented by Consolidated Works

A fast, funny and furious re-thinking of the broadway musical as inspiration for radical politics and queer identity. Exploring such issues as gay marriage, exile and the injustices lesbian and gay people face in the USA, 填S continues in the classic Tim Miller tradition: a funny, sassy, pissed-off exploration of the crazy-making contradictions in America痴 tortured attitudes toward LGBT people.

US was nominated for the 2004-2005 Drama Desk Award for Best Solo Performance.

Tim Miller is an internationally acclaimed performance artist. His creative work as a performer and writer explores the artistic, spiritual, and political topography of his identity as a gay man. Hailed for his humor and passion, Miller has written 鏑ive Boys (1981-created with John Bernd), 撤ostwar (1982), 鼎ost of Living (1983), 泥emocracy in America (1984), 釘uddy Systems (1985-created with Doug Sadownick), 鉄ome Golden States (1987), 鉄tretch Marks (1989), 鉄ex/Love/Stories (1991), 溺y Queer Body (1992), 哲aked Breath (1994), 擢ruit Cocktail (1996), 鉄hirts and Skin (1997), 釘ody Blows (2002), 敵lory Box (1999) and 填s (2003). Miller has performed all over North America, Europe, and Japan.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

February 16, 2006
Consolidated Works, Seattle, Washington

Boston Marriage

Kate Eastwood Norris, Jennifer Deal
photo: Ray Gniewek  

Written by David Mamet
Directed by Jeffrey Johnson
Produced by Actors Theatre of Washington

A sharp-tongued, quick-witted Victorian parlour piece with lesbians Claire and Anna at the center in Wildean comic style.

Cast includes: Kate Eastwood Norris, Jennifer Deal, Elizabeth Simmons, Lauren Aycock, Rachel Anne Warren.

徹ne of Mamet痴 most satisfying and accomplished plays, and one of the funniest American comedies in years. - New York Post

展ickedly, wittily entertaining. What makes the play such brilliant fun is its marriage of glittering artifice and contemporary frankness. - the Boston Phoenix

February 17, 2006
Source Theatre, Washington, D.C.

Kiss of the Spider Woman

Written by Terrence McNally
Music by John Kander
Lyrics by Fred Ebb
Directed by Greg Allen
Produced by Gwen Ricks-Spencer/4th Wall Theatre

A musical about two prison cell mates: Valentin, a tough revolutionary undergoing torture, and Molina, a open gay man serving eight years for 電eviant behavior. They are trapped, not only by the walls of their Argentine prison, but by the oppression of politics and society.

Kiss of the Spider Woman is based on the novel by Manuel Puig.

Cast includes: Jason Tamashausky, Alex Kanter, Roxanna Arrojo, Frank Malvasi, Joan Ludwig, Dorothy Dobkowski, Mike Levine, Bruce McCandless, Richard Colonna, Todd Squitieri, John Rice, David Seda, Desiree Caro, Brigitte Decaudain, Anthony DiBella.

February 17, 2006
12 Miles West Performing Arts Center, Bloomfield, New Jersey

Do You Know the Way to Ballarat?

David Forster
photo: ?  

Written and performed by David Forster
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Dave, in Adelaide, falls in love with Ben, in Ballarat. First love is difficult enough, but add to that the tyranny of distance. Then, for good measure, the two lovers just learning that they are gay. The classic city-guy meets country-boy story gets turned on its head in this hilarious and poignant love romp across the border.

David Forster relives his first love affair with the help of old friends Dionne, Dannii, ABBA, Simon and Garfunkel in this not-so-innocent cabaret. Nine songs, two characters, one actor, and a deodorant can tell the tale of two tragically turned on teens. Do you remember your first love? Do you remember the songs, places, and moments? Do you know the way to Ballarat?

February 23, 2006
The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Throw Like a Girl

Francis Aquino
photo: Roger Fojas  

Written and directed by Bill Becker
Produced by ToBe Entertainment

As an effeminate 17-year-old, Zandor is overwhelmed by his abusive father and alcoholic mother. Ten years later, Zandor undergoes surgery and becomes Zana. She still lives with her father, who has become even more abusive.

Zana痴 mother has gone, however, her 15-year-old nephew, Danny, is left their care for the weekend. His mother is drug-addict, and she disappears as Dany痴 stay turns into months.

Production contains nudity.

Cast includes: Francis Aquino, Paul Marshall Jr., J.D. Lee, Damon Preston, Teresa Huang.

February 24, 2006
Actors Group Theatre, North Hollywood, California

Wagging Tales: Stories from the Stonewall Generation

Larry Rubinstein, Eric Gordon, Greg Goodheart, Don Paul
photo: Bob Baker  

Adapted by Bob Baker
from stories written by Greg Goodheart, Eric Gordon, Don Paul, Larry Rubinstein
Directed and produced by Bob Baker

Four gay male elders disclose significant events they experienced as children and young adults, as well as revelations about their present lives in Los Angeles. A theatrical memoir that is honest, funny, and poignant.

Cast includes: Greg Goodheart, Eric Gordon, Don Paul, Larry Rubinstein.

The script grew from the stories gathered at a series of oral history workshops. Baker previously adapted and directed the 2004 theater piece, 鉄tories to Tell, which used a similar process. See our article: 典urning Oral Histories into Performance by Bob Baker.

See our mini-review: Los Angeles Scene: February 2006 by Bill Kaiser

February 24, 2006
Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California

Taken In

Daniel D. Hughes, Michael Olavson
photo: JM Photography  

Written by John W. Lowell
Directed by Brian Spencer
Produced by S.E.E. Theatre in association with Actors Theatre

A chance encounter brings two people of vastly different backgrounds together in a treacherous journey of the heart. Even the most generous man may still be capable of fooling himself, but at what price? A play about love, trust, understanding and the unexpected connection between two people.

Cast includes: Michael Olavson, Daniel D. Hughes.

鏑owell offers some yummy brain candy here in a poignant, illuminating script that asks questions yet doesn稚 mind not providing all the answers. Lowell痴 words fun, fresh also capture the universality of relationships and the co-dependency that often sprouts from well-watered neurotic soil. - Greg Archer, Good Times Weekly, Santa Cruz, California

典he emotional complexities of the plot are explosive, and the play moves through these with care and poignancy, exploring the men痴 individual motivations and the intricacies of their relationship with fine balance. - Ann Bennett, Santa Cruz Sentinel, California

滴is dialogue between the actors is so believable and realistic that you leave the theater wondering which character really has a fear of intimacy. - Steve Moore, Style Weekly, Richmond, Virginia

February 24, 2006
Actors Theatre, Santa Cruz, California

覧覧 March 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Angels in America: Millenium Approaches and Peristroika

Written by Tony Kushner
Directed by Sean Graney
Produced by The Hypocrites and Bailiwick Repertory

Helpless characters seek signs of hope to survive in the face of hopelessness. At times so grand the text shouts from mountain tops, and at times so personal it subtly whispers in your ear.

A graphic, epical look at the early days of the AIDS epidemic, the politics of America in the 80s, and how they intertwined. Many of the issues of government sponsored sexual bigotry ring just as frighteningly true today.

Cast includes: Cliff London, Donna McGough, J.B. Waterman, Jennifer Grace, Kurt Ehrmann, Mechelle Moe, Scott Bradley, Steve Wilson.

溺illenium Approaches runs three weeks, 撤eristroika one week, then both shows in rep for four weeks.

March 2, 2006
Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois

Family Jewels: The Making of Veronica Klaus

Veronica Klaus
photo: Kent Taylor  

Written by Veronica Klaus and Jeffrey Hartgraves
Performed by Veronica Klaus
Directed by John Fisher
Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros

A comprehensive account of Veronica痴 life adventure using story and song to illustrate the humor, passion and human drama of her unique journey. A wacky, moving view of transsexual Veronica Klaus life of change.

March 2, 2006
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

How Green Was My Ballot
The True Story of My Run for Congress

Terry Baum
photo: Greg Badger  

Written and performed by Terry Baum
Directed by Carolyn Myers
Produced by Workmen痴 Circle

In 2004, Terry Baum slightly world-renowned lesbian playwright campaigned as a Green for U.S. Congress in San Francisco. Running because she believed there must be a peace candidate, Baum faced impossible odds, including a fight to get her name on the ballot. This one-woman comedy is the tale of someone with the courage to practice democracy.

Critics have called her solo play about this experience 殿 compelling story told with warm-hearted wit, and 笛ust the ticket for laughs!

典he lesbian Woody Allen - San Francisco Chronicle

March 5, 2006
Workmen痴 Circle, Los Angeles, California
Terry Baum痴 campaign site

Matthew Bourne痴 Swan Lake

Matthew Bourne Dancers
photo: Bill Cooper  

Written, directed, and choreographed by Matthew Bourne
Music by Peter Tchaikovsky
Performed by the Matthew Bourne Dancers
Presented by Center Theatre Group

Matthew Bourne blends ballet, style, humor, spectacle, character comedy, and mime to create a passionate love story, and powerful contemporary version of the beloved Swan Lake ballet.

Swan Lake has been acclaimed as a landmark achievement on the international stage. Since the 1997 American premiere at the Ahmanson Theatre, Swan Lake has dazzled audiences throughout Britain, across Europe, and in Tokyo. It has collected more than thirty international theater awards, including three Tony Awards.

The Los Angeles engagement utilizes a live orchestra for all performances.

March 7, 2006
Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center, Los Angeles, California

Shotgun Wedding

Paul Joseph
photo: Stephanie Court  

Written and directed by Chris Garcia Peak
Presented by Collision Theatre Company

A dark comedy about a society where a religious zealot maintains total control. Loose women, singles, and gay people have been outlawed. The extremists have ruined the nation. One family intends to get their lesbian daughter married to prevent her from being sent to a 田onversion therapy camp.

Cast includes: Paul Joseph, Kerri Van Auken, Maggie Graham, Marjorie Powell, Dan Muck, Kate Cares, Mary Grill, Lloyd Young, Stephen Anderson, Sara Charmoli, Stephanie Court.

March 8, 2006
National Pastime Theater, Chicago, Illinois

Long Time Passing

Alexandra Gutierrez, Karla Bruning
photo: ?  

Written and directed by Barbara Kahn
Presented by Theater for the New City

A fable, set in the ruins of Central Park during an endless war. No side or political view is taken, we only see the story of war痴 devastation on all living things, both human and animal. The play dramatically expresses endless hope in this endless war.

Cast includes: Evan Bass, Karla Bruning, Alexandra Gutierrez, Maria Hansen, Brian Morvant, Matthew Rappaport, Erin Leigh Schmoyer, Steph Van Vlack.

Barbara Kahn was recognized with a Torch of Hope Award, recognition for lifetime achievement.

March 9, 2006
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

Bite your lip

Marýa Wethers, Lily Baldwin
photo: Hedia Maron  

Concept and Choreography by Faye Driscoll
Directed by Faye Driscoll
Film created in collaboration with Hedia Maron
Produced by BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange

BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange Dance Artist in Residence Faye Driscoll combines live performance, video and an art installation for 釘ite your lip, an unnerving, mixed-medium glimpse into movement and physical sensation.

• 摘yes, Eyes, Eyes - A fast-paced, twitchy work that explores dance as an aggressive, raw-nerve outlet. A premiere.
• 鼎old Blooded Old Time - An investigation the contradictions and tensions between public personas and private breakdowns.
• 鏑ez Side Story - Female gangs battle for turf when a forbidden love gets in the way. A queer take on a legendary tale. This video collaboration with Hedia Maron was shot in a minimalist space that loosely mimics an urban environment.

Cast includes: Lily Baldwin, Erin Owen, Toni Melaas and Marýa Wethers.

March 10, 2006
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, NY

Dame Edna: Back With a Vengeance!

Dame Edna aka Barry Humphries
photo: Greg Gorman  

Written, directed, and performed by Barry Humphries
Presented by Center Theatre Group

Incomparable, international housewife, mega-star, and guru, Dame Edna presents her all new extravaganza.

The Dame asserts, 的 don稚 do shows, I make history. My shows are events.

Joining Dame Edna onstage will be 典he Gorgeous Ednaettes, scrumptious girl dancers in stunning costumes that the men folk will really appreciate if they ever can take their eyes off the Dame.

March 28, 2006
Ahmanson Theatre at the Music Center, Los Angeles, California

By Request

Andrew Trelfall
photo: ?  

Written by Robert Chuter and Andrew Trelfall
Performed by Andrew Trelfall
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Andrew Trefall sings ballards, pop, and more, with a difference! He offers themes from TV soaps and serials like 撤risoner, 鉄kippy: The Bush Kangaroo, 哲eighbours, 敵illigan's Island, 典he Addams Family, 典he Patty Duke Show, and many others. To request a song, see the back of your ticket.

Australian Trefall is known for his solo, gay cabaret performances in 鉄oft Centres at the Midsumma Festival, as well as for 釘oyband, 徹ut on a Limb, and 典he Boy Who Knew Everything.

March 30, 2006
The Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia


Phil Price, Graham Townsend
photo: Adam Blake  

Written by Jack Heifner
Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company/Uncommon Theatre Company

A rent boy, sailor, handyman, student, professor, businessman, teenager, writer, actor, producer, are all skilled in the art of seduction.

The British Shamelessboyz company seduces Wisconsin in this raunchy, modern gay interpretation of Schnitzler痴 鏑a Ronde.

鉄exy, immoral powerful performances. - received 5 Stars on

鼎leverly efficient modular scenery deft work on lighting consistently incisive direction extremely talented British cast. -

Cast includes: Adam Blake, Richard Gee, Phil Price, Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins. (During the run Josh Schumaker replaced Richard Gee.)

March 31, 2006
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

覧覧 April 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

New York Minutes: the songs of John Wallowitch
poster: Davis Stern  

Written and directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs and Doric Wilson for TOSOS II

Songs about swank parties, dimly lit dives, late night gatherings where strangers become lifelong friends, and love arrives and departs all in a New York Minute. A revue of the songs by gay, cabaret icon John Wallowitch.

Cast includes: Jolie Meshbesher, Robert Locke, Chris Weikel.

April 1, 2006
The Duplex Cabaret Theater, New York City, New York

Hate Mail
Written by Jack Heifner
Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company and Uncommon Theatre Company

A lifelong correspondence between Daniel and Penny as they trade news and insults about their increasingly dysfunctional lives.

This is a world premiere, with homage to A.R. Gurney.

Cast includes: Mark Hooker, Sandra Stark.

April 7, 2006
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Dutch Love

Tim Spires, Chris Babiarz
Pam Adams, Katy Conley, Kelly Kiorpes
photo: Steve Noll  

Written by Claudia Allen
Directed by Tara Ayres
Produced by StageQ

Hal and Leonora, married for more than twenty years, raised a daughter, Cass, who is the apple of their eyes. Along the way, the family has coped with Hal痴 extramarital dalliances, that is, until Lenora decides that what is good for the gander cannot be bad for the goose. Dutch, dedicated to arousing the passion of neglected women, sweeps Leonora off her feet. When Dutch arrives at the house for Easter dinner and meets Cass, things get hotter than Dutch love in a haymow.

Full of unexpected twists, turns and delightful insights, Dutch Love provides an hilarious look at all kinds of love, and all types of family. A rousing comedy featuring a nuclear family that is about to explode.

Cast includes: Katy Conley, Kelly Kiorpes, Pam Adams, Tim Spires, Chris Babiarz.

April 7, 2006
Bartell Theater, Madison, Wisconsin

Taken In

Gareth Watkins, Phil Price
photo: Robert Stemson  

Written by John W. Lowell
Directed by Peter Kosta
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company and Uncommon Theatre Company

A chance encounter brings two people of vastly different backgrounds together in a journey of the heart. Even the most generous man may still be capable of fooling himself, but at what price?

A play about love, trust, understanding, and the unexpected connection between two people. It exposes humanity痴 raw desire to love and be loved. A funny, poignant, and revealing story of looking for love in all the wrong places.

Cast includes: Phil Price, Gareth Watkins.

April 8 2006 - 2pm
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Madness of Lady Bright

Michael Lynch
photo: Doric Wilson  

Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs and Doric Wilson for TOSOS II

On a hot afternoon in the city, with only a telephone for company, Leslie Bright is going slowly, but steadily, mad. A stunningly theatrical examination of a lonely and desperate gay man痴 struggle to maintain his hold on some semblance of reality.

Originally produced at the legendary Cafe Cino in 1967.

Cast includes: Michael Lynch, Melissa Center, Marlon Hurt.

April 11, 2006
The Duplex Cabaret Theater, New York City, New York

Killing of Karma

Written by Anthony Garcia-Copian
Directed by Kim Moore
Produced by Guilford Technical Community College

Two boys meet, one of whom is psychic. He foresees that the other boy is going to blow up an underground train in a London station sometime in the future. He attempts to convince the boy that it will not happen he will not become a killer if he agrees to a kiss on the lips.

April 13, 2006
Guilford Technical Fine Arts Theatre, Jamestown, North Carolina

The Stops

Steve Boschen, Todd Minnich, Kirk Morton
photo: John MacLellan  

Written by Eric Lane Barnes and Drew Emery
Directed by: John Knapp
Produced by the Richmond Triangle Players

Three ladies of NALOG (North American Lady Organists Guild) spread the gospel, touring as 典he Stops, an Andrews Sisters-esque trio of different faiths united in their love of song. Ginny, Euglena and Rose kibbutz, schmooze, and regale us with the musical rep of their mentor, recently outed Dale Meadows, whose church songs run the comedy gamut from 的t痴 Raining Amen, and 鄭 Bossa Nova for Jehovah, to 滴allelujah Aloha, and 典he Fundamental.

The Stops takes Christian fundamentalism and turns it on its head, all the while serving up heaping portions of wicked fun and honest-to-God joy.

Cast includes: Steve Boschen, Todd Minnich, Kirk Morton.

April 19, 2006
Fielden痴 Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia

Becoming George

poster: Christi Stewart-Brown  

Book and lyrics by Patti McKenny and Doug Frew
Music by Linda Eisenstein
Directed by Brett Smock
Produced by MetroStage

Paris, 1870. Radical cross-dressing grandmother and world-famous bisexual author George Sand comes out of retirement to confront a repressive French government, a war, and her new protégé Sarah Bernhardt.

A musical exploration of the role of women, artists, and citizens. How does one become an extraordinary woman? In what ways must one dare, do, love, and engage? A look at Sand痴 life as a model of hope, humor, and healing in times of war, terror, and world change.

Cast includes: Kat Taylor, Meegan Midkiff, Greg Violand, Brian Childers, Mary Jayne Raleigh, Jason Hentrich.

April 19, 2006
MetroStage, Alexandria, Virginia

Written, directed and produced by John Fisher

During Hollywood痴 Golden Era, wisecracking Oscar Levant begins music lessons with legendary iconoclast composer Arnold Schönberg. What impact could the story of these polar opposites have on a contemporary gay man? What is it about opposites that attract? What in us is drawn to self-destruction, adventure, and eventual self-defeat?

Cast includes: John Fisher, Stephanie Goldstein, Matthew Martin, Michael Vega, Maryssa Wanlass, Matt Weimer.

April 20, 2006
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

覧覧 May 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Sum of Us

Ryan Tasker, Peter Cieply
photo: Dale Albright  

Written by David Stevens
Directed by Dale Albright
Produced by theatre Q

Australian, gay plumber, Jeff Mitchell, shares a home with his widowed father, Harry. Brought closer by their loss, both men start to pursue new love interests while including each other in the process. Harry finds it difficult to tell Joyce, his new romantic interest, that Jeff is seeking 溺r. Right, and Jeff wonders if it痴 really a good idea to bring Greg home to meet a father that is overly supportive of his son finding a life mate.

Do Jeff痴 desire for an old fashioned, romantic relationship, and Harry痴 delightfully honest acceptance of his son痴 orientation, add up to a new equation for a happy, healthy family constellation Will father and son realize the strength of their relationship before it痴 too late?

Cast includes: Peter Cieply, Ryan Tasker, Scott Cox, Sylvia Kratins.

May 4, 2006
Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Knight Stage, Walnut Creek, California

Clocks and Whistles

David Mawhinney, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, Meghan Andrews
photo: John Quilty  

Written by Samuel Adamson
Directed by Talya Klein
Produced by Origin Theatre Company, with Elizabeth Vardin Newman Productions

Henry, a quiet, gay man in his 20s, makes his first, tentative steps toward coming out of the closet. He remains infatuated with his best friend, Anne, an ambitious, aspiring actress who is as outgoing and colorful as Henry is shy. Henry is attraction to the promiscuous, free-wheeling, bisexual Trevor. The two men see each other, until Trevor meets Anne and begins a secret affair. Henry is shattered by the betrayal, and the three become enmeshed in an emotionally-charged blurring of friendship, love, and sexual orientation.

Cast includes: Meghan Andrews, Christopher Randolph, Catherine Eaton, Jerzy Gwiazdowski, David Mawhinney.

May 4, 2006
Chashama Theatre, New York, New York

Suck Sale and Other Indulgences

Brian Ferrari
photo: David Slone  

Written, directed, and produced by Evan Laurence

Two one-act plays:

Suck Sale
A seemingly clueless, 50s housewife gathers vacuum cleaner salesmen for a contest to win $1,000. Her underlying reasoning has more to do with life痴 lessons and love.

Four Better or Worse?
An experiment in the spiritually absurd. A fast-moving Beckett-esque, French farce-like romp, complete with alien life and spirit possession. The improv segments feature cult puppet heroine, and holocaust survivor, 摘dith the Head.

Cast includes: Evan Laurence, Brian Ferrari, Tanya Everett, Andie Cartwright, David Slone, Lindsay Brill, Dan Almekinder, Wendy Charles.

May 4, 2006
Theater for the New City, New York, New York


Liv Kellgren, Jo Anne Glover, Jennifer Eve Thorn
photo: Barron Henzel  

Book and lyrics by Patricia Kane
Music by Amy Warren and Andre Pluess
Directed by Delicia Turner Sonnenburg
Produced by Diversionary Theatre and MOXIE Theatre

An irreverent, musical comedy that is an homage to the sultry, jazzy, lesbian pulp fiction of the 50s. With smart, sexy, delicious characters, and period music, the play is fueled by heat, hormones, and whiskey.

Cast includes: Jo Anne Glover, Jessica John, Liv Kellgren, Terri Park, Jennifer Eve Thorn.

May 12, 2006
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Keeping Faith: One Man痴 Journey into Motherhood

Alex Peabody
photo: Gar Campbell  

Written and performed by Alex Peabody
Directed by Elizabeth Hyer Rose
Produced by Andrew Ebert

Alex spends his days dreaming of baby booties. Parenthood seems like an impossibility for him and his committed partner David. Everything changes one night, and Alexis suddenly on the roller coaster of adoption anxieties, raging hormones, and dangerous quantities of 鼎hubby Hubby.箱Along the way, he discovers the unexpected joy of one of life痴 most elemental journeys.

A deft exploration of the challenges of adoption by a gay man, in a world where the definition of 吐amily remains pigeonholed as 鄭dam and Eve, not Adam and Steve. Peabody speaks honestly, and grippingly, about his essential, personal desire to parent, not just as a gay man, but as a human being. An unusual story about courage.

May 12, 2006
Pacific Resident Theatre, Venice, California

I Didn稚 Break a Leg

Mario Marchiaro
photo: Ken Dorr  

Written and directed by Ken Dorr and Mario Marchiaro
Produced by Kenario

Chandalier痴 travels take her from her small town of birth to Rome, Berlin, and America. Slides and videos help tell the story. Plus, Chandalier plays the accordion live. A polka, of course.

A tongue-in-cheek, solo, musical comedy about a determined drag queen dancing her way from Italy to America.

Cast: Mario Marchiaro.

Chandalier has been performing internationally to sell-out crowds with her dynamic and outrages live show. She represents America in August 2006, on the main stage, at Wigstockholm in Stockholm, Sweden.

May 13, 2006
Heaven, Palm Springs, California

The David Dance

Don Scimé
photo: Dave McCracken  

Written by Don Scimé
Directed by Vincent Worthington
Produced by Trumpet Vine Theatre Company

David, the host of a local, gay radio show, doubts his ability to be a good parent when his sister asks him to be the father figure for her soon-to-be-adopted child.

鄭n earnest and moving exploration of the extraordinary relationship between a gay man and his older sister. -

鄭 beautiful story Don Scimé has written a wonderful play. - FringeNYC 2003 Review, NewYorkTheatre.Com

典ouching and funny A remarkable achievement See it now. - New York Blade

May 18, 2006
Theater on the Run, Arlington, Virginia

Elizabeth Rex

from the top: Jay Willick, Karesa McElheny,
David H. Ferguson, James Lunsford
photo: Robert Douglas  

Written by Timothy Findlay
Directed by Robert Mammana
Produced by Open At The Top

It is the eve of the execution of the Earl of Essex, Queen Elizabeth the First痴 former lover, To ease her grief, the Queen summons a Shakespearean troupe to perform a comedy, after which she seeks further distraction with the troupe痴 斗eading lady, the male actor, Ned Lowenscroft.

Cast includes: Jay Willick, Karesa McElheny, David H. Ferguson, James Lunsford.

May 19, 2006
The NoHo Arts Center, North Hollywood, California

The 8th Annual Funny Girlz: A Smorgasbord of Women痴 Humor

Lisa Geduldig
photo: Steve Savage  

Carol Leifer
photo: ?  

Shazia Mirza
photo: Steve Ullathorne  

Tanyalee Davis
photo: Sarel Jansen  

photo: ?  

Produced by Kung Pao Kosher Comedy Presents

A diverse line-up of funny, female comedians. They are internationally, nationally and locally known, Muslim, Jewish, African American, lesbian, straight, short, and tall.

In 1999, Lisa Geduldig, stand-up comic and comedy producer, started taking inventory of the stage time being given to women at mainstream comedy clubs. To this day, even in San Francisco, it is minimal, although there is no shortage of funny female comics on the circuit. Here is a modest example of the extraordinary female talent that is available.

Talent includes: Carol Leifer, Shazia Mirza, Luenell, Tanyalee Davis, Lisa Geduldig.

• Carol Leifer was the head writer for 鉄einfeld and is a regular on the 泥avid Letterman Show.

• Shazia Mirza is a British, Pakistani, Muslim comic from London who has been featured on 60 Minutes.

• Luenell appeared on BET痴 鼎omic View, and has opened for Sinbad, Dave Attel, and Jamie Foxx.

• Tanyalee Davis measuring 3'6" has appeared several times on the 溺aury Povich Show, and was featured at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

• Lisa Geduldig is the producer and MC of 擢unny Girlz, 適ung Pao Kosher Comedy, and 典he George Bush Going Away Party, and is based in San Francisco.

May 20, 2006
Herbst Theatre, San Francisco, California


Michael Sainte-Andress, Gregory Ford, Donald Burch III,
Talmach White, Ronald King, Joseph Kelliebrew,
Christopher S. Prince, Ben Morgan, David Lamont Wilson
photo: Alan Sharpe  

Written by Alan Sharpe
Directed by Alan Sharpe
Produced by the African-American Collective Theater

Despite the current climate of candor about even the most intimate activities among brothers 妬n the life, one subject remains almost totally taboo.

African-American Collective Theater examines that subject in its 8th Annual D.C. Black Gay Pride Weekend Staged Reading. A benefit for ACT痴 OUTreach program of touring performances promoting positive, affirming BLGBT images.

Cast includes: Gregory Ford, Talmach White, Donald Burch III, J. Aundré Clinton, Ronald King, Joseph Kelliebrew, Brock 敵. McClung, Ben Morgan, Christopher S. Prince, Michael Sainte-Andress, David Lamont Wilson, Monte J. Wolfe.

May 28, 2006
Warehouse Theater, Washington, DC

覧覧 June 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Top and Bottom

Mark Gaddis, Dudley Beene, David Clark Smith,
Orion Simprini, Francis Aquino
photo: Francis Aquino  

Written and directed by Kevin Michael West
Produced by Dust Bunny Productions

Two one-act comedies.

Top and Bottom
A young man responds to a personals ad and meets the world痴 most socially awkward leather top.

A Fairy痴 Tale
What might have happened if the characters in 鼎inderella and 釘eauty and The Beast were gay men.

Cast includes: Francis Aquino, Dudley Beene, Mark Gaddis, Orion Simprini, David Clark Smith.

Adult situations, male nudity. No one under 18 admitted.

Noticed favorably in our June 2006 鏑os Angeles Scene article.

June 1, 2006
The Complex, Hollywood, California

Greatest Snips

Scott Montgomery
photo: Scott Montgomery  

Written by Scott Montgomery
Directed by Dan Stetzel
Produced by Davenport痴 Piano Bar and Cabaret

Scott Montgomery sings favorite songs from 都ix shows of silly, with Dan Stetzel on piano.

Cast includes: Dan Stetzel, Scott Montgomery.

June 2, 2006
Davenport痴 Comedy Cabaret, Chicago, Illinois


Stephanie Torres, Lisa Lehua Taylor
photo: Prime Productions  

Written by Luke Lehman and Deborah Kassner
Directed and produced by Deborah Kassner

A gorgeous black, female songwriter, on the mend after breaking up with a guy, falls for a hot female rocker.

A multimedia, tour-de-force rock musical, weaving 19 original songs through a story of love, ambition, inspiration, desperation, sex, drugs, and great rock n roll. Alternately heart-wrenching, ironic, passionate, funny, and sexy, Prime explodes on stage in an innovative and joyous celebration.

Cast includes: Lisa Lehua Taylor, Stephanie Torres, Luke Lehman, Deborah Kassner.

June 8, 2006
El Portal, North Hollywood, California

Play it Cool

Jessica Sheridan, Katie Campbell,
Steven Janji, Andrew Pandaleon, Michael Craig Shapiro
photo: Alan Weissman  

Written by Larry Dean Harris
Music by Phillip Swann
Lyrics by Mark Winkler
Directed by Sharon Rosen
Choreography by Marvin Tunney
Produced by Allain Rochel

A jazz musical set in 1953 Hollywood where gay life was a world of shadows, innuendo, and fear, but at Mary痴 Hideaway, a stiff gin, a wink, and a hot jazz number made it all worthwhile.

Cast includes: Michael Craig Shapiro, Jessica Sheridan, Katie Campbell, Steven Janji, Andrew Pandaleon.

典he wonderful cast inhales the specialized score and Marvin Tunney痴 choreography with plush assurance, repeatedly stopping the show. Tart, tuneful and trenchant in unexpected ways. Play it Cool generates sizzling heat and not just for Blue Note devotees. - LA Times

展e get solid jazz from five fine actor-singers who deliver lyricist Mark Winkler痴 music in a delightful evening. - LA Weekly

典he amalgam of swinging jazz ditties, comic numbers and torch songs result in a suberb score. Jessica Sheridan is a powerhouse in the focal role. Andrew Pandaleon is a breakout star - Backstage West

Please see the Purple Circuit Review of Play it Cool.

June 9, 2006
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

The Id and Bob

Adam Huss, Ken Barnett, Rex Lee
photo: Michael Lamont  

Written by Jed Seidel
Directed by Joe Salazar
Produced by Lawrin Goulston Salazar

Matt struggles with his unconscious impulses as he attempts to find a romantic boyfriend in New York City. If only the many voices in his head came with a mute button.

Cast includes: Cecelia Antoinette, Ken Barnett, Nate Clark, Brad DeLima, Wyatt Fenner, Stephanie Denise Griffin, Adam Huss, Rex Lee, Rob Kirkland, Chris Prinzo, Jessica Randle, Paul Tigue, Blaine Vedros.

Noticed favorably in our June 2006 鏑os Angeles Scene article.

June 15, 2006
The Lillian Theatre, Hollywood, California

Nude on Stool

Dane Hereford, Sam Mak, Todd Kenyon
photo: Leopard Images  

Written and directed by Bill Becker
Produced by ToBe Entertainment

Successful artist Thadeus Quinn struggles to overcome a life-changing tragedy as he works on a commissioned male nude painting. Thad痴 attraction for his model, Jonpaul, is noticed by houseboy, Zachary, who supresses his own desire for the model.

Cast includes: Jake Epstine, Sam Mak, Dane Hereford, Todd Kenyon.

June 16, 2006
Working Stage Theater, West Hollywood, California

Kings & Queens of NYC: A Drag Summit

Flawless Sabrina
photo: Johnny Dynell  

Produced by the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center

An event that will bringing together some of drag痴 best-known names and legends. A trans-generational congress, moderated by drag historian Joe E. Jeffreys, that will reflect on the legacy of drag in New York City.

There will be a multi-media discussion, performance, and exhibit exploring male and female impersonation. It is anticipated that the audience will constitute a living history of drag performance in NYC, furthering the panel痴 discussion and reflections.

Display cases of drag ephemera from the library痴 collection will be on display outside the auditorium.

Participants include: Storme DeLarverie, Flawless Sabrina, Murray Hill, Sade Pendavis, DIYAA (f.k.a. Dred), Taylor Mac, Joe E. Jeffreys plus special surprise appearances.

June 17, 2006
Bruno Walter Auditorium, NY Public Library for the Performing Arts at Lincoln Center, New York, New York

Hercules on Normandie

poster image: ?  

Written and directed by James Eric and Mark Kemble
Music by Mario Padilla and Gordon Glor
Produced by Molly Miles for Greenway Arts Alliance

A Kentucky, gay, hip-hop artist is on the run in the mean streets of L.A. One of a trio of activists protesting the war in Iraq. He is pursued by cops and homophobes.

Cast includes: Adam Schmalholz (a.k.a. InQ), and 21 others.

June 23, 2006
Greenway Court Theatre, Los Angeles, California


Gareth Watkins, Graham Townsend
photo: Robert Stemson  

Written by Jack Heifner
Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company and Bailiwick Repertory

A rent boy, sailor, handyman, student, professor, businessman, teenager, writer, actor, producer, all skilled in the art of seduction.

A raunchy, erotic gay update of Schnitzler痴 鏑a Ronde.

British cast includes: Piers Burnell, Matt Firth, Phil Price, Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins

鉄exually it痴 as full blooded as a randy bull on Viagra! - QX Magazine, London

June 27, 2006
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Baum for Peace - or - The Astonishing & Terrifying Adventures of
the Slightly World-Renowned Lesbian Playwright Who Ran for Congress

Terry Baum
photo: ?  

Written by Terry Baum
Songs by Scrumbly Koldewyn and David Hyman
Directed by Bobbi Ausubel
Produced by Terry Baum and The Marsh SF

A (mostly) solo show featuring the adventures of San Francisco lesbian playwright Terry Baum, who ran for U.S. Congress in 2004. As Green Party candidate, Baum faced impossible odds, beginning with a fight to get her name on the ballot, and appealing all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. Baum uses farce, song, and self-mockery in her tale of her pursuit of democracy.

Scrumbly Koldewyn, who has written songs for the Cockettes, accompanies on the piano and occassionally duets with Terry.

Cast includes: Terry Baum, Scrumbly Koldewyn.

典he lesbian Woody Allen - San Francisco Chronicle

June 29, 2006
The Marsh SF, San Francisco, California

覧覧 July 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Bathhouse: The Musical!

Kane Prestenback, Karl Anderson, Tim Evanicki, Jerry Jobe Jr.
photo: Justin Dyal  

Written by Esther Daack and Tim Evanicki
Directed by Esther Daack
Produced by Air-O-Dynamic Design and Production

Billy ventures into the bathhouse for the very first time. He is looking for true love, but soon realizes that the other patrons are there for more temporary rewards.

徹ne of the 祖an稚 miss shows of this year痴 Fringe. - Roger Moore, Orlando Sentinel

Cast includes: Karl Anderson, Tim Evanicki, Kyle Harden, Kevin Kelly, Kane Prestenback.

July 1, 2006
Parliament House Footlight Theater, Orlando, Florida

My Yolanda Love

Kim Hoff, Sara Jones, Karen 溺al Malme
photo: Jess Martin  

Written by Jess Martin
Directed by Sheriden Thomas and Susan Corso
Produced by Queer Soup Theater

Far from her Texas home in a pink motel room off Route 66, former beauty queen and aspiring poet, Mitsy, finds herself in a downward spiral of passion and scheming. A surreal and electrifying atmosphere of kidnappings, spells, and a self-destructive love affair pervades, as she and her childhood friends confront her professor (and lover) in this bizarre, pink comedy.

Cast includes: Sara Jones, Sonya Joyner, Kim Hoff, Karen 溺al Malme.

July 6, 2006
Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Rice Kugel

Written by Chas Belov
Directed by John Ferreira
Produced by Playwrights Center of San Francisco

Chinese-American Richard Wong is converting to Judaism. So why is he keeping it a secret from his friends, his family, and his new white, Jewish boyfriend Bill Leibovitz?

Cast includes: Steven Blum, Puay Kua, Mick Mize, Hawlan Ng, Jery Rosas, Elaine Pinto.

A staged reading, which contains explicit sexual dialog. There will be an audience talkback session after the performance.

July 11, 2006 - 7:30pm
Off-Market Theater, San Francisco, California

Top and Bottom

Mark Gaddis, Francis Aquino
photo: Francis Aquino  

Written and directed by Kevin West
Produced by Post Office Cabaret

What happens when a young man responds to a personals ad, and meets the world痴 most socially awkward leather top? An hilarious play about trying to be something you are not, and ultimately about self-acceptance.

Cast includes: Francis Aquino, Mark Gaddis.

After a successful run in Los Angeles, the original cast will recreate their roles for the east coast premiere.

July 17, 2006
Post Office Cabaret, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Why D馳a Make Me Wear This, Joe?

Cheryl Liebert, Amanda Weeden
photo: Kristin Dolan  

Written by Vanda
Directed by Melissa Attebery
Produced by Fresh Fruit Festival, Vanda Productions, and Emerging Artists Theatre

Aubra is a house bound, Fifth Avenue opera diva, whose career collapsed when she was crippled in the polio epidemic of 1931. Charlie is a projectionist at the Flatbush Cinema, with dreams of becoming a movie producer. In 1940, Charlie痴 and Aubra痴 fiancés are sent to fight in the Second World War, and Charlie is put in charge of caring for Aubra. The women fall desperately in love. When the war ends they must decide between their love for each other, and their responsibilities to their men.

Cast includes: Cheryl Leibert, Amanda Weeden, Wayne Asbury, Jimmy Maize, Eileen Lacy, Sean Cates.

July 18, 2006

Abingdon Theatre Complex, New York, New York

My Mother Told Me I was Different: Voices from the Stonewall Rebellion

Bruce Eyster, Mary Murphy, Aaron King,
Ryan G. Metzger, Marc Bonan, Trip Langley, Jeff Hubbard
photo: Sanford Kaplan  

Written by Carol Polcovar
Directed by David Gaard
Produced by Produced by New Village Productions

On June 27, 1969, a routine police raid on a Greenwich Village gay bar sparked a spontaneous series of events that forever changed the lives of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. This is the story of that night in the words of the people who lived it.

Cast includes: Alex Alper, Michael Arian, Chad Austin, Robert Axel, Bruce Eyster, Roy Fialkow, Jenn Zarine Habeck, Walker Hare, Christian Hartwig, Jeff Hubbard, Aaron King, Dolores Kenan, Trip Langley, Nick May, Mary Murphy, James Ferra Rella, Michael R. Rosete, Ken Schwarz, Joseph Jude Zito.

July 21, 2006
Abingdon Theatre, New York, New York

The File on Ryan Carter

Written and directed by David Gaard
Produced by Fresh Fruit Fesitval

One lover is a successful actor, the other a screenwriter in McCarthy Era Hollywood. A subpoena from the House on Un-American Activities Committee has the potential to shatter their relationship and their lives.

Cast includes: Daniel Koenig, Ryan G. Metzger, Bruce Eyster.

July 22, 2006
Abingdon Theatre, New York, New York

Beverly Winwood Presents the Actors Workshop

Written by the cast
Directed by Tony Sepulveda
Produced by Allison Kingsley and Jon Imparato

Classic scenes from stage and film are earnestly performed, shedding new light on familiar material. Many sketches feature gay characters and goofs on items such as 典he Color Purple.

Following the performance, VIP ticket-holders will be treated to a rare opportunity to discuss career possibilities at a catered reception with the actors.

Cast includes: Carrie Aizley, Tim Bagley, Jordan Black, Patrick Bristow, Jennifer Coolidge, Nat Faxon, Cheryl Hines, Michael Hitchcock, Phil LaMarr, Karen Maruyama, Jim Rash, Mary Jo Smith, Antoinette Spolar-Levine, Lynne Marie Stewart, Christen Sussin, Susan Yeagley.

July 23, 2006
Renberg Theatre, Hollywood, California

San Diego Playwrights Readings

Directed by Sarah Rasmussen
Produced by Emigrant Theater

Catching Flight
Written by Lila Rose Kaplan

Two sisters meet at three moments in time, over a 26-year period, in Rodin痴 sculpture garden in Paris. Clare, the pragmatist, and her younger sister, Emma, the painter, discover how difficult it is to connect, even to those who are closest.

Water Street
Written by Alex Lewin

Bobby, a midwest transplant, and Martin, a jaded New Yorker, are poised for a one-night stand. However, there, on that lower Manhattan fire escape, their martinis get the better of them, and the men reveal a little too much information about themselves.

Cast includes: Kristen Bush, Maren Bush, Mark Emerson, Ron Menzel.

July 24, 2006
Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, Minnesota

When Pigs Fly

Eric Vest, Eric Sunquist, Anthony Randall,
Omri Schein, Matt Weeden, Trevor Peringer
photo: Barron Henzel  

Concept by Howard Crabtree and Mark Waldrop
Sketches and lyrics by Mark Waldrop
Music by Dick Gallagher
Directed by Rick Simas
Musical direction by Rayme Sciaroni
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A gay musical revue that takes mundane items, such as a shower hose, toilet plungers, vanity tables預nd turns them into fabulous costumes, resulting in a fun-filled evening of great music, uproarious laughter, and high camp.

Cast includes: Trevor Peringer, Anthony Randall, Omri Schein, Erick Sunquist, Eric Vest and Matthew Weeden. Main accompanist, Steve Withers.

July 21, 2006
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

Civil Sex: The Life of Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin speaking at the
March on Washington, August 28, 1963

Written by Brian Freeman
Directed by James Furlong
Music direction by Corinna Manetto
Produced by Hudson Guild Theatre Company

The life of Bayard Rustin is examined through many divergent perspectives from the people who knew him throughout his life: his lovers, friends, and foes.

Rustin conceived, and was the prime organizer behind, the famous March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in August 1963, at which Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his unforgettable 的 Have a Dream speech. Just a few weeks prior to the March, Rustin was denounced on the floor of the United States Senate by Strom Thurmond, for the charge of 都ex perversion stemming from a lewd vagrancy arrest ten years earlier. Despite such attacks, Rustin remained extraordinarily open about, and comfortable with, his sexual orientation throughout his adult life.

During the turbulent years of 1940-87, Rustin was one of the most important leaders in the American civil rights movement, but he received comparatively little media attention for his monumental work. His gay identity and early communist affiliation meant that his contribution to the civil rights and peace movements would never be fully acknowledged.

Cast includes: Corinna Manetto, Henry Stanley, George Vlachos*, David Appleman, Valerie O地eal, Frederic Ross-Wilmoth, Marie Echegaray, David King, Bashir Solebo, Marlene Harding, Rick Strausser, Edward Burke*, Fay Greenbaum, Amy Mccarthy, Eddie Acevedo, Esteban Montalvo, Gretchen Maclane*, David King, Michael Donaldson, Florence Dent-Hunter, Miriam Stovall.
*Equity Members

July 28, 2006
Hudson Guild Theatre, New York, New York

覧覧 August 2006 Openings 覧覧覧


Written by Doreen Perrine
Directed by Miriam Eusebio
Produced by Miriam Eusebio Projects: Sponsored Organization of the Field

A depiction of the depth of the suffering as well as of the courageous spirit experienced by those suffering attacks on their personal identity. While fictional, the scenes are rooted in real hate crimes, and are presented as a triptych of three, one-act plays.

Cast to be announced.

August 1, 2006
Manhattan Theatre Source, New York, New York

The Tina Dance

Jon Powell, Corey Saucier
photo: Zack Goldberg  

Written by collective effort
Directed by Michael Kearns
Produced by Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

A presentation of true-to-life stories in which the actors play themselves and deliver incisive, compelling, and often comedic vignettes on the way crystal known colloquially as 鍍ina has affected their lives. A powerful, collectively written drama that focuses on the impact of crystal meth on the gay community.

Cast includes: Bill Chrisley, Gil Ferrales, Stephen Levine, Jon Powell, Chris Rodriguez, Corey Saucier, and Ian McKinnon

A Q&A with experts in the field follows each performance. Light refreshments provided.

[For a review by Bill Kaiser of a work by Michael Kearns, please see: Make Love Not War]

August 3, 2006
Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Hollywood, California

A Sophisticated Evening with Jeff Stryker

Jeff Stryker

Written by Bruce Vilanch
Directed by Bruce Vilanch
Produced by Jeff Stryker and Bruce Vilanch

A comedy about the funny life of leading porn star Jeff Stryker. It has the trademark frontal nudity that only Jeff Stryker can provide.

Cast: Jeff Stryker.

溺r. Stryker has enormous talent. - Mr. Vilanch

August 3, 2006
Celebration Theater, West Hollywood, California

Love, Sex, Death and Art

Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth M. Stephens
photo: Lois Tema  

Written by Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth M. Stephens
Directed by Neon Weiss
Produced by New Conservatory Theatre Center

A multi-media performance and artistic response to the violence of war, and the anti-gay marriage movement, while exploring lesbian courtship, artificial insemination, queer weddings, breast cancer, and more.

Annie Sprinkle is a former porn actor and performance artist. Elizabeth Stephens is a professor and experimental artist. When they fell madly, and passionately, in love, they made a seven-year commitment to explore, generate, and share their love through their art, ultimately aiming to promote peace and equal rights. They named their project the Love Art Laboratory.

This particular performance piece is a big part of their project, and it evolves as their lives unfold. Mixing elements of pleasure, pain, passion, and juice, these 斗ove artists stimulate the senses and crack hearts open.

Cast includes: Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth M. Stephens, and Tina Takemoto.

August 10, 2006
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Vile Affections
poster: Horacio Molina  

Written by Vanda
Directed by Franka Fiala
Produced by The Present Company
Presented by the NY International Fringe Festival

In Pescia, Italy, during the 17th century, the very popular nun Benedetta Carlini is charged with being a false mystic. The investigators uncover the first written record of a lesbian relationship. Based on a true story.

Cast includes: Osa Wallander, Scott Michael Kelly, Kate Hettesheimer, Carol Mennie, Jacqueline Sydney, Gene Ruffini, Stephanie Iannarino.

August 12, 2006
Linhart Theatre, New York, NY


Dean Howell, Joe Gill in the August production
photo: Zack Goldberg  

Joe Gill, Michael Kearns in the September production
photo: Zo Harris  

Written by Robert Chesley
Directed by Michael Kearns
Produced by Space & Mijo Productions

A love affair in twenty phone calls many of them dirty.

The 20th anniversary production of Robert Chesley痴 legendary two-man play.

Cast for August includes: Joe Gill, Dean Howell.

Cast for September includes: Joe Gill, Michael Kearns.

適earns and Gill are transcendent, mining the graphic poetry for its wit and pathos with devastating control. - David C. Nichols, LA Times

迭obert Chesley was one of the most significant gay playwrights of his time. 遷erker remains to this day one of the most important pieces of gay theater ever created. - Mark Thompson

[See Bill Kaiser痴 article on Michael Kearn痴 溺ake Love Not War.]

August 18, 2006
Moving Arts, Silverlake, California

Corpus Christi

James Brandon
photo: Mikki Willis  

Written by Terrence McNally
Directed by Nic Arnzen
Produced by Metropolitan Community Church in the Valley

Jesus is a gay man living in 1950s Corpus Christi, Texas.

The play treats the subject matter with great respect, and with the universal message of love for humanity. Typically performed by thirteen young men, this production celebrates the play痴 message of embracing diversity by casting both men and women of a wide range of ages.

Cast includes: Jan Ambler, Sheilagh Brooks, James Brandon, Steve Callahan, Elizabeth Cava, Mark Colbert, Paul Denniston, Todd Heughens, Molly O鱈eary, Chris Payne, David Pevsner, Austen Rey, Suzanne Santos, Devin Sidell.

Originally opened in 1998 to bomb threats and protests, launched by those who had never seen the play.
[See the article: 鼎ensorship of Gay Plays: An All American Tradition by Demian]

August 25, 2006
Zephyr Theatre, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 September 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Thrill Me - The Leopold and Loeb Musical

Lee Kociela, Jason Lythgoe
photo: Bill Boland  

Book, music and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff
Directed by Jack Millis
Music direction and pianist: Deb Barker-Garcia
Produced by Theatre Out

In 1924, Nathan Leopold and Richard Loeb plot to commit the perfect crime, which they apparently do not for money or power, but for thrills. An exploration of the relationship between these childhood friends and their fascination with Friedrich Nietzsche痴 concept of the superior man.

The 2005 Off-Broadway production received Drama Desk Award nominations for 釘est Musical and 釘est Music. It was also nominated for 釘est Off-Broadway Musical by the Outer Critics Circle.

September 1, 2006
Fullerton, California

Thrill Me - The Leopold and Loeb Story

Scott Gryder, Eric Martin
photo: David Zak  

Book, music and lyrics by Stephen Dolginoff
Directed by Lee Peters
Music direction by Gary Edward
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

Musical adaptation of the shocking 1924 murder case and the mysterious relationship of it痴 masterminds.

Cast includes: Scott Gryder, Eric Martin.

September 6, 2006
Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois


Dan Guerrero
photo: ?  

Written and performed by Dan Guerrero
Directed by Diane Rodriquez
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A father/son relationship and a treasured boyhood friendship drive Dan Guerrero痴 solo show through decades of Chicano history and the gay experience. From Mariachi to Merman, Sondheim to Cesar Chavez, the show is a journey in story and song from East L.A. in the 50s to New York痴 Great White Way in the 60s and 70s and back to Hollywood. Show tunes and cancíones en español. Self-discovery, self-identity and acceptance are the universal themes in this play with music that is witty and poignant and all true. Gay, Chicano, proud, and funny!

September 8, 2006
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California


Casey Chapman, Byron Abalos
photo: Eliza Photography / poster: Albert Ellenich  

Written by Robert Chesley
Directed by Madrid St. Angelo
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

What begins as a series of late night phone sex conversatons soon turns into an exposé of the human heart, and the need two men have for one another.

Cast includes: Byron Abalos, Casey Chapman, Carlos Diaz, Ross Travis.

September 11, 2006
Bailiwick Repertory Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

An Evening With Alec Mapa

Alec Mapa
photo: ?  

Written, directed, and performed by Alec Mapa
Produced by Jon Imparato for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

An evening of comedy that takes on gay married life, the burden of celebrity (poor baby), and his favorite subject himself! America痴 敵aysian Sweetheart in his first, new solo show in four years.

September 29, 2006
Renberg Theatre, Hollywood, California

覧覧 October 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

The Madness of Lady Bright

Melissa Center, Marlon Hurt
Michael Lynch
photo: Doric Wilson  

Written by Lanford Wilson
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs and Doric Wilson

On a hot afternoon in the city with only a telephone for company Leslie Bright is going slowly but steadily mad.

This stunningly theatrical examination of a lonely, desperate gay man struggling to maintain his hold on some semblance of reality was originally produced in 1964 at the legendary Caffe Cino.

Cast includes: Melissa Center, Marlon Hurt, Michael Lynch.

溺ichael Lynch is grand, Melissa Center and Marlon Hurt are superb you will not want to miss The Madness of Lady Bright - Denton, nytheatre

October 7, 2006
Duplex Cabaret Theatre, New York, New York

Take Me Out

poster/photo: ?  

Written by Richard Greenberg
Directed by David Blue
Produced by Raving Theatre

Darren Lemming, the star centre fielder of the world champion New York Empires, is young, rich, famous, talented, handsome, casually announces that he is gay. Friends, fans and teammates react with ambivalence, and when the slipping Empires call up the young Shane Mungitt to close their games, the ambivalence turns to violence. Angry, lonely, guilt-ridden and confused, Darren finds some unlikely solace in the form of friendship with his new business manager, Mason Marzac, who, as everyone around him copes with disenchantment, blooms in the ecstatic discovery of baseball.

Cast includes: Chris Currie, Robert Duncan, Ryan Cowie, Jeff Deglow, James Wilson, Nelson Carter-Leis, Sean Cummings, Nelson Kyle, Leon Hanson, Steven Street, James Dai.

October 11, 2006
Waterfront Theatre, Vanocuver, B.C. Canada

Boys Plays - two homo-erotic tales of hero worship

Phil Price, Graham Townsend
photo: Adam Blake  

Written by Jack Heifner and Howard Walters
Directed by John Pinckard and Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company

      • Boys Play
      Written by Jack Heifner, directed by John Pinckard

      Two teenagers camp in the woods on a night that
      will change their lives forever. European premiere.

      • Extra Virgin
      Written by Howard Walters, directed by Peter Bull

      A chance meeting on the internet erupts into a
      sexually explosive night of raw lust, passion,
      sex and guilt. European premiere.

Casts include: Matt Firth, Phil Price, Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins.

October 17, 2006
Barons Court Theatre, London W14 9HR, England


Fiely A. Matias
photo: Eric Esteban  

Written by Dennis T. Giacino and Fiely A. Matias
Composer and pianist: Dennis T. Giacino
Directed by Dennis T. Giacino
Produced by Fiely A. Matias

A self-proclaimed gay diva of cheesy lounge acts, warbles his comically warped tunes, spoofing bad cabaret and lounge acts. Accompaniment provided by composer Scary Manilow (Dennis T. Giacino), the guy who writes songs that make the whole world cringe. A crowd-pleasing hour of twisted music, politically incorrect comedy, and an outrageous 3-D finale.

Winner of 釘est Comedy and 釘est Musical at the Columbus National GLBT Theatre Festival, and 釘est of the Fest at the San Francisco, Orlando and Halifax Canada Fringe Festivals.

滴elluva lot of fun! -, NYC

擢ull-out hysterical, offensive comedy -, San Francisco

鏑augh-out-loud funny - Orlando Sentinel

Cast includes: Fiely A. Matias; Dennis T. Giacino

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

October 20, 2006
Don稚 Tell Mama Cabaret, New York, New York

The Nellie Olesons - Night of 100 Nellies

Nora Burns, Terrence Michael, John Cantwell
photo: Tom Ackerman  

Written by Nora Burns and Terrence Michael
Directed by [to be announced]
Produced by John Cantwell

The original renegade homo punks of sketch comedy present more than 50 characters in their latest show featuring wacky dance numbers, edgy sketch routines, and pageantry.

Cast includes: Nora Burns, John Cantwell and Terrence Michael.

October 26, 2006
Cavern Club Theater, Silverlake, California

覧覧 November 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

Through November Moonlight

photo: ?  

Written by Jean-Paul DeVellard
Directed by Cynthia Granville
Produced by Blueberry Pond Theatre Ensemble

Taffy persuades her longtime friend, Rankin, to travel with her to her Westchester estate. She pretends she is leaving her husband, Cal, and needs his help. Rankin, a gay male nurse who lives in his post-Katrina New Orleans home, finds old conflicts with the aggressively macho, career military Cal, while Taffy痴 true agenda awaits uncovering. A romantic drama with dialogue that moves from rapid-fire humor, to heartfelt poetry.

Cast includes: Bruce Barton, Jill Maynard, Nick Raio.

November 3, 2006
Blueberry Pond Theatre Ensemble, Ossining, New York

Now She Dances

Written by Doric Wilson
Directed by Steve Patrick
Produced by To Do Productions

A fantasia on the life of Oscar Wilde, which connects the history of gay liberation movement via characters from Wilde痴 plays.

Cast includes: Bridget Erin, Chris Schumbrecht, Jennifer Growden, Michael Martin, Carrie Rosenbergen, David Fuller, Steve Kubick.

November 3, 2006
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana

Why Does It Sting When I Pee?

Image by John Carbonella  

Written by Felipe Ossa
Music by Gabriel Desanctis
Directed by Tom Thornton
Produced by Felipe Ossa

Andrew, a gay actor whose joblessness, pending eviction, and struggle to play straight on stage push him to the brink. Living precariously and feeling emasculated, he embarks on a journey to find himself. He yearns to start fresh, but spends his days watching prison porn. Then it hits him; he needs to go to jail himself. His prayers are answered by a mercenary mother, her 13-year old son, and an actress friend hungry for a role on the TV show 鏑aw & Order.

Cast includes: Todd Cowdery, Janice Mann, Jesse Tendler, Mary Murphy, Tom Thornton, Ryan Victor Pierce*, Chauncey Gilbert*, Estelle Collins. (*Member of Actors Equity. Equity Approved Showcase.)

Felipe Ossa is a member of Times Square Playwrights and the Brooklyn Playwrights Collective. His plays have been presented at the John Houseman Theatre, the Williams Club, and the American Indian Community House.

November 8, 2006
Milagro Theater, New York, New York

All The Rage

poster/photo by: ?  

Written by Keith Redden
Directed by Brian Shnipper
Produced by James Carey

The effect of guns on the hands, heads, and hearts of ten people who are fool enough to possess them.

Cast includes: Ned Schmidke, Don Leslie, Reed Rudy, Kar Maschek, Therese McLaughlin, Kevin Fabian, Rachel Castillo, Daniel Jay Shore, Ross Mackenzie, Michael McGinness.

Rage premiered in 1997 at the Goodman Theatre in Chicago where it won three Joseph Jefferson awards including 釘est New Play. This production is the play痴 west coast premiere. Shnipper also directed the east coast premiere of Rage. Reddin wrote the screenplay to the movie retitled 的t痴 the Rage.

Beautiful Something

Written and directed by Joseph Graham
Produced by Bob Hawk

A rough and comic night-in-the-life of four gay men, told in a round-robin style of events repeated from each character痴 point of view, emphasizing isolation in the face of erotic connection.

A staged reading of a feature-length screenplay which contains intense sexual situations. The producers are especially seeking feedback from writers, and theater and film professionals.

Cast includes: Ryan Andrew, Alex Conde, Paul Guerior, Matt Klein, Alex Garcia, Denise Polt.

November 13, 2006
[Inside] the Ford, East Hollywood, California
Information/reservation: 415-652-8919;

November 10, 2006
The Attic Theatre & Film Center, Los Angeles, California

It痴 a Fabulous Life!

Zachary Bryant, Ole Kittleson
photo: Coast Highway Photography  

Written by David Sexton
Directed by David Brannen
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A young gay man wishes he hadn稚 been born gay, and an angel grants his wish.

While starting with the premise of the film 的t痴 a Wonderful Life, the show fills the stage with show boys, drag, dancing reindeer, and a gospel-singing dyke.

Cast includes: C.J. Altarejos, Zachary Bryant, Eric Dowdy, Tom Fitzpatrick, Barron Henzel, Aaron Marcotte, John Martin, Trevor Peringer, Victoria Roze, Jonathan Wexler, and Ole Kittleson.

November 17, 2006
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California


Written by Jonathan Hall
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

Four guys try to make it big in British gay porn. Robert sees being in an adult film as one of those things that you have to do by the time your 30. To the struggling actor Kevin, its just work. Martin sees it as a laugh with a free shag thrown in, and if Mr. Right sees it, all the better. It痴 left to charismatic, porn veteran Craig to show the guys the difference between watching, and the making of gay porn.

A rehearsed playreading; part of Adelaide痴 擢east: Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival.

Cast includes: David Forster, Christopher Pender, and others.

November 18, 2006
Fowler痴 Live, Adelaide, South Australia

Burning Blue

Ben Feathers, John Hernandez, Frank Rodriguez, Kevin Johnson
photo: ?  

Written by D.W. Greer
Directed by David Goldyn
Produced by Rising Action Theatre Company

In 1988, two naval officers in a Hong Kong gay disco trigger a military witch hunt.

Cast includes: Steve Woollett, John Hernandez, Frank Rodriquez, Ben Feathers, Monica Griffin, Gabriela Barbagallo, Charles Bonamy, Kevin Johnson.

November 18, 2006
Cinema Paradiso, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Half a Person: my life as told by the Smiths

David Forster
photo: Jake the Stripper  

Written by Alex Broun
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

William, 22, has three obsessions: very strong, long blacks; pining for his lost Salome; and listening to The Smiths. It is a time of confusion and upheaval for William, but one of discovery. He has a deep, emotional connection with an older friend, Rick, who is a gay playwright. A beautifully dark, funny, and moving play, set to the music of The Smiths and Morrissey, music that dictates William痴 early twenties, his 塗alf-life.

Part of Adelaide痴 擢east: Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival.

Cast: David Forster.

November 22, 2006
Fowler痴 Live, Adelaide, South Australia

Blowing Whistles

Written by Matthew Todd
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-On-The-Wall Theatre

On the eve of London痴 Gay Pride day, and their anniversary, sexy Nigel and demure Jamie, a thirty-something gay couple, log onto a dating Web site to celebrate with the gorgeous, mysterious 鼎umboy_17. As with so many online purchases, once delivered, the couple begin to question whether a night of hot, casual sex is exactly what their relationship needs.

A rehearsed playreading; part of Adelaide痴 擢east: Lesbian and Gay Cultural Festival.

Cast includes: David Forster, Christopher Pender.

November 25, 2006
Fowler痴 Live, Adelaide, South Australia

Fabulous Ride into the Unknown

Bruce Ward
photo: ?  

Written and performed by Bruce Ward
Directed by Rebecca Kendall
Produced by New York University

An 80-minute solo play that chronicles the lives of 10 men as they experience the emergence of the AIDS epidemic in the 80s. Accompanied by music and images that capture the essence of the decade.

鄭n extraordinary series of character sketches created with remarkable skill. A gallery of human faces through which our collective anxieties and fears are refracted and, finally, purged. A striking, angry, funny, touching, satiric and political work that puts the first decade of AIDS into a startling dramatic context. Ward痴 acting is virtuosic, transforming himself from character to character without ever missing a beat. Bay Windows, Boston

November 29, 2006
New York University痴 Palladium, New York, New York

Christmas Rush!

Lily Sauvage plays in 典he Polar Express
Chris Carver plays in 鼎hristmas Wish
photo: Lindsey Arnold  

Produced by Playwrights 6

A show of 11 monologues.
These three have gay content:

Danny痴 Christmas Wish - written by Jan O辰onnor
      Waiting in line to see Santa at a busy mall, a 6-year old gay
      boy-in-training tells us what he really wants for Christmas.

The Mistletoe Tales - written by Gib Wallis
      Immigrant Alfredo relives his first gay experience in the
      U.S. under the mistletoe.

Christmas Wish - written by G. Bruce Smith
      A young gay man in a small Southern town wants something
      big from Santa. So big, in fact, it痴 a little scary.

All Monologues

  • The Telescope by Nancy Beverly
    Directed by Nancy Beverly
  • A Blanched Christmas by Laura Black
    Directed by Laura Black
  • The Santa Plot by Troy Cardenas
    Director TBA
  • The Polar Express by T.S. Cook
    Directed by Laura Black
  • Twas the Night Before ... by Larry Dean Harris
    Directed by David Nathan Schwartz
  • Gabriel, Don稚 Screw This Up by Amy Heidish
    Directed by David Nathan Schwartz
  • Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas? by Robert R. Manning, Jr.
    Directed by Robert Manning, Jr
  • Danny痴 Christmas Wish by Jan O辰onnor
    Directed by Jan O辰onnor
  • Christmas Wish by G. Bruce Smith
    Directed by Jonathan Levit
  • For Jason by Amy Tofte
    Directed by David Watkins
  • The Mistletoe Tales by Gib Wallis
    Directed by David Nathan Schwartz
Cast includes: Chris Carver, Mona Eadington, Paula Fins, Darrel Guilbeau, Annmarie Hehir, Barry Saltzman, Lily Sauvage, Steven Stanley, Lisa Temple, Lori Allen Thomas, Alecs Vildosola.

November 29, 2006
Lillian Theatre, Hollywood, California

Keep the Yuletide Gay

Chloe Bronzan, Sara Elizabeth Janzen, Carlye Pollack,
Alan Kaiser, Connie Nelson, Safiya Arnaout, Caleb Hoffert
photo: Peter Cieply  

Written by Dale Albright
Directed by Peter Cieply
Produced by theatre Q

Holly and her best friends, known as the Single Belles, gather for their annual Christmas dinner. While all have been single, Holly has become engaged to a man that the other Belles do not like. Thinking she will save Holly from a bad marriage, her friend Fran hires a mystic to turn her other friend, Warren, straight. The legitimate mystic casts a real spell, turning Warren hetero. In the meantime, Warren had secretly invited his new boyfriend, Chad. The incredibly awkward Christmas party complete with an alcoholic witch, Lindsay Lohan perfume, warts, bloody Santa, burnt dinner, unexpected skirt chasing, and world痴 worst Christmas gift ultimately reminds us what it means to be a friend.

Cast includes: Chloe Bronzan, Sara Elizabeth Janzen, Alan Kaiser, Carlye Pollack, Connie Nelson, Safiya Arnoaout, Caleb Hoffert.

November 30, 2006
Dragon Theatre, Palo Alto, California

1001 Beds

Tim Miller
photo: ?  

Written and performed by Tim Miller

A raucous and rowdy exploration of Miller痴 adventures in a performer痴 life as he travels through love, politics and art. From a gay teen痴 head-on collision with life in a sleazy hotel across the street from the Hollywood Bowl, to an ecstatic vision of a sex-positive future on a mattress in a police holding cell. A funny, sexy, and inspiring story about the transforming power of art, and the richness of a gay identity.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 30, 2006
The Vortex, Austin, Texas

覧覧 December 2006 Openings 覧覧覧

The Eight Reindeer Monologues

Jason George, Lisa Davis, Mandy Turner, T.J. Toups
photo: Glenn Menche  

Written by Jeff Good
Directed by Glenn Menche
Produced by Tim Holt, Marigny Theatre Group

When Santa gets naughty, the reindeer rebel.

A series of monologues intended for mature audiences.

Cast includes: T.J. Toups, Jason George, Chris Schlimbrecht, Taryn Vinet, Ted Carter, Mandy Turner, Lisa Davis.

December 1, 2006
Marigny Theatre, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Santaland Diaries

John Michael Beck
poster/photo: ?  

Written by David Sedaris
Adapted for stage by Joe Mantello
Performed by John Michael Beck
Produced by Jon Imparato

Crumpet the elf deals with the chaos of screeching brats, pushy parents, flaky elves and apathetic Santas. A nightmare Christmas season working in Macy痴 鉄antaland.

徹ne of San Francisco痴 most talented comic actors John Michael Beck is marvelous in the role. -

Humorist David Sedaris also wrote 溺e Talk Pretty One Day, and 泥ress Your Family in Corduroy and Denim.

December 9, 2006
The Renberg Theater, Hollywood, California

Kitchen Duty After 11

Brian Healey, Robert Julian, Michael Reese, Mike Bell
photo: Patrick McGrew  

Written by Victor Bumbalo
Directed by Jim Strait
Produced by Arch Brown

A two-reel, way too real comedy that dares compare the 鍍rick from hell with the 塗ustler from Beaumont.

Cast includes: Mike Bell, Brian Healey, Robert Julian, Michael Rees.

December 28, 2006
Thorny Theater, 2500 N. Palm Canyon Drive, Palm Springs, California

A rock musical based on Dicken痴 徹liver Twist

pas de deux: Garrit Guadan, Reymundo Santiago
photo: Benjamin Correira  

Written by Gila Sand
Music by Paul Leschen
Directed by Gila Sand
Produced by Deep End Productions

Twist, an attractive young man with a taste for boys, is caned at the workhouse. He is strait jacketed at the undertakers. Eventually, he is picked up on the street by the wolfish Artful Dodger, who brings Twist home to his partner, a beautiful, dominant diva by the name of Fagin.

Here are glammed-out Victorian gay gentleman, all too happy to take in a young, lost Oliver. A sexy, amusing, and moving story, that is still 徹liver, but with rock music and a Twist.

Cast includes: Brian Charles Rooney, Luis Villabon, Garrit Guadan, Reymundo Santiago.

December 28, 2006
The Kraine, New York, New York
Information: 718-499-OUCH;

覧覧 2006 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

Play Reading and Short Film Festival
May 15-20, 2006
Presented by The OUT Theatre, Long Beach, California
Information: 562-252-8100;

May 15, 2006
Choices, 740 E Broadway

May 16, 2006
Choices, 740 E Broadway

May 17, 2006
Ripples, 5101 E Ocean Blvd.

May 18, 2006
Coffee Haven, 1708 E Broadway

May 19, 2006
Pheonix, 539 E Bixby Road

May 20, 2006
Paradise, 1800 E Broadway
All four plays written and directed by E.M. Lewis;

Sparks fly when a cop brings her work-partner home to meet her life-partner. What do you do when the two people you love most hate each other痴 guts?

If We Kissed
During rehearsals for a play, a staged kiss between a gay actor and a straight actor leads to a discussion of love, acting, and existentialism.

Martinis, Potatoes and Roast Beast
Robert痴 sister, Helen, visits with the determination to break up his relationship with Dan. Even before the main course is served, Dan considers strangling her.

The Edge of Ross Island
On a misty, cold night in Portland, Oregon, a cop tries to talk a jumper down from the Ross Island Bridge. The question of whether or not she can save him hinges on whether she can save herself.

Celebrating: New Works

A monthly, free series of readings of plays in development by
new playwrites, which take place the first Monday of every month,
except for January 2007痴, which is on the second Monday.

Celebration Theatre, 7051 Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, California
Wheelchair accessible
FREE readings
Information: 323-957-1884;
See Celebration痴 Web site for submission process.

● October 2, 2006

Manimal Crackers
Written by Felix Racelis
Directed by Peter Bedard

A lesbian Philipina-American zoo keeper prepares to undergo alternative insemination to have a baby. Just at that time, her Korean-American partner decides to undergo gender reassignment surgery and become a male. Can our zoo keeper turn for advice from her narcissistic, former fashion model mother, or from her gay uncle whose life revolves around leather?

Cast includes: Mari Endo, Janet Song, Patricia Thompson, Peter James Smith, Morris Nash.

● November 6, 2006

Tying the Knot
Written by David Rush
Directed by Peter Bedard

Three same-sex couples, two male, and one female, relationships follow a similar path. They meet, fall in love, and create a family. Each couple faces tragedies which places them in harms way because their relationships are not legally recognized. The couples embody the struggles which are a direct result of the prohibition of legal marriage.

Chicago-based award-winning playwright and professor, David Rush, hopes his play will serve as a means for promoting discussions about this current political debate.

Cast includes: Michael Taylor Gray, David Tarlow, Michael O辿ara, Kecia Cooper, McKerrin Kelly.

● December 4, 2006

September 7-16, 2006
Columbus Performing Arts Center,
Nestor Auditorium, and
Club Diversity, Columbus, Ohio
Information/reservation: 614-263-9448
  • Does This Monologue Make Me Look Fat?
    Amy Salloway/Awkward Moment Productions (Minneapolis, MN)
    September 14 - 9pm
    September 15 and 16 - 8pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    Amy痴 uterus is rebelling, her perfect younger sister is destined for stardom, her boyfriend won稚 give her a kidney, and the body-image workshop she signs up for becomes a surreal lesbian adventure. Another night commiserating with pot pies, or can a single, spherical girl figure out where she fits?
    (Best Solo Performance of 2003 - Lavender Magazine)
    (鼎ritic痴 Pick of the 2005 Cincinnati Fringe)

  • Monday Night In Westerbork
    S. Bear Bergman (Northampton, MA)
    September 14 - 8pm
    September 15 - 7pm
    September 16 - 4pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    A difficult, funny, complex and joyous piece set at Westerbork concentration camp. Bergman investigates the intersection and impact of identity, art, persecution and resistance. PG-13
    (2002 and 2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • It Ain稚 Pretty Bein Easy
    CJ Productions (St. Louis, MO)
    September 12 - 7pm
    September 13 - 9:30pm
    September 14 - 8pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    An original, gay musical that tells the story of two friends that travel in and out various relationships, only to find that friendship triumphs over all.

  • Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface!
    Dan Bernitt (Lexington, KY)
    September 8 - 7:30pm
    September 9 - 2pm
    September 10 - 4pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Dan met his boyfriend at an audition for a reality TV show, his first college roommate is homophobic, and the entire checkout aisle knows he has scabies. After leaving his parents house, will this gay kid from Kentucky find a home?

  • Bait
    David Sisco (New York, NY)
    September 14 - 9pm
    September 15 - 7pm
    September 16 - 7pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Single for three years, Justin and Charlie attend a 敵ay Bait singles event hoping to find a match. They come to realize that finding 溺r. Right is slim. Charlie says: 的 knew there were a lot of freaks in New York City, but it痴 staggering how many are gay and in this room.
    (2002 Festival Award Winner)

  • Wonder Woman: The Musical
    Elizabeth Whitney (Boston, MA)
    September 14 - 7pm
    September 15 - 9pm
    September 16 - 8pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    The story of Princess Diana, better known as the 70s liberal feminist superheroine, Wonder Woman. In this campy cabaret, Diana chats with her audience during the last leg of her Magic Lasso Comeback Tour. She reads fan letters, and sings karaoke covers of standards such as 的知 Wonder Woman, Hear Me Roar to 鉄tand by Your Butch.
    (2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • Icons: The Gay and Lesbian History of the World, Volume 3
    Jade Esteban Estrada (Brooklyn, NY)
    September 11 - 9pm
    September 12 - 8:30pm
    September 13 - 7pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Solo performer, Jade Esteban Estrada, portrays gay community icons.
    (2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • None of the Above
    Jennifer Lanier/Many Horses Productions (Pahoa, Hawaii)
    September 14 - 6:30pm
    September 15 - 9:30pm
    September 16 - 2pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    Guided by her 都hrink-o-therapist and sage Aunt Vera, African-American-Indian, tail-end baby-boomer Jennifer talks about things most folks only whisper about. Who says existential crisis can稚 be fun?

  • Butches Stand Up Tour
    Journey Light (Anaheim, CA)
    September 9 - 8pm
    September 10 - 7pm
    September 11 - 8pm
    Club Diversity

    Stand-up comedy that is brilliant, raw, and quick-paced. Journey has audiences laughing on topics about butches and strap-ons, crazy straight women, and living during the Brokeback Mountain Era.
    (2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • Stripped and Teased: Scandalous Stories and Subversive Subplots
    Kimberly Dark (Pahoa, Hawaii)
    September 9 - 3:30pm
    September 10 - 8pm
    September 11 - 7:30pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Stories about strippers and lesbians, strippers and waitresses, strippers and soldiers. More like 都tand-up story-telling than traditional theater, the show is part poetry performance, story-telling, interactive and 100 percent political.

  • The Casual Sex Diary
    Matthew Crehan Higgins (Buffalo, NY)
    September 9 - 6:30pm
    September 10 - 6pm
    September 16 - 4pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    A young man痴 journey from prudent, gay teenager, to sex-positive adult. Matthew uses candid humor and unabashed candor in describing the story of people who touch one痴 life briefly.
    (2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • Pussy Trouble! The Secret History of Gilgamesh & Enkidu
    Michael Burke (Brooklyn, NY)
    September 9 - 4pm
    September 10 - 8pm
    September 11 - 7pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    Using the homoerotic relationship between the mythical doppelgangers Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Burke tackles topics including queer identity, homosexual 途eparative therapy, queer curiosities about heterosexual sex, objectification of the body, and voyeurism.

  • They Must Be Felt
    The Puppet-Queers (Columbus, OH)
    September 7 - 8pm
    September 8 - 9pm
    September 9 - 5 and 8pm
    September 13 - 8:30pm
    September 16 - 9pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Broadway show tunes with filthy lyrics, performed by life-sized puppets which are operated by queer puppeteers. A non-stop performance of songs, silliness and smut!
    (2002 and 2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • Somebody Else痴 Life
    Ragged Blade (St. Louis, MO)
    September 14 - 6pm
    September 15 - 8pm
    September 16 - 6pm
    Columbus Performance Arts Center

    Three vignettes exploring the Oklahoma actors relationships with a rodeo cowboy, a shy bag-boy, and a same-sex marriage.

  • The Stops
    Richmond Triangle Players (Richmond, VA)
    September 9 - 6pm
    September 10 - 6pm
    September 11 - 8:30pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    A fundamentally fabulous musical comedy that follows three ladies of The North American Lady Organists Guild. As they tour the country, they spread the gospel as they kibbutz, schmooze, and regale congregations with church songs such as 鄭 Bossa Nova for Jehovah, 的t痴 Raining Amen, and 典he Fundamental.
    (2004 Festival Award Winner)

  • What Happens When the Screen Door Breaks
    Ryka Aoki de la Cruz (Los Angeles, CA)
    September 7 - 7pm
    September 8 - 8pm
    September 9 - 3pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    Poetry, music, recollections, and movement are used to tell a story about negotiating life as a transgendered, Asian-American woman. Says Ryka: 溺y image of God and 都elf have changed as I try to realize my status as trans, queer, and abuse survivor.

  • Sunrize: The Musical
    Sunrize Productions (Upper Darby, PA)
    September 7 - 8pm
    September 8 - 7pm
    September 9 - 8pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    A rags-to-riches 殿utobiography. Unique renditions of show-stoppers, interspersed with Ms. Highway痴 whimsical reflections, winsome musings, sage advice, cautionary tales, and insightful show-biz stories. A loving satire on the great divas of contemporary musical theater, created by Joseph Ritsch.

  • Color Me Naked Vol. 2, Big, Black and Sassy
    Les Kurkendaal (Hollywood, CA)
    September 15 - 8pm
    September 16 - 6 and 8pm
    Club Diversity

    Storytelling and stand-up comedy tells how really stupid and ignorant are racism and homophobia.

  • Will Doesn稚 Live Here Anymore
    Will Davis (Dayton, OH)

    September 9 - 2pm
    September 13 - 9pm
    September 16 - 6pm
    Nestor Auditorium

    An offbeat, darkly funny lounge act which blends off-kilter arrangements of popular songs, with autobiographical vignettes, and biting political and social commentary.

  • Remember Who Made You
    Jeffrey Barnes (Indianapolis, IN)
    September 14 - 8pm
    September 15 - 9pm
    Club Diversity

    An intimate look at the struggles individuals face when confronting their sexuality in relation to their spirituality. Jeffrey portrays six characters who explore, with humor and drama, the myths, fears and joys of being gay and Christian. Issues include: salvation, ex-gay ministries, coming out, the Bible, internalized homophobia, and trans-phobia.

Cape Inc Theatre, Provincetown, Mass.

天agina Monologues

Maebush, Susan Spaniol, Marjorie Conn,
Jackie Levinson, Diana Fabbri, Margie Raitman
Patricia Toth, Betty 鼎ricket Comey
Written by Eve Ensler
Directed by Marjorie Conn

An open-minded creation of how women view their vaginas. Speaking with outrageous humor, complexities, and un-sensationalized realism, this very special cast spans six decades.

Author Ensler interviewed more than 200 women about their vaginas. She says that, at first, women were reluctant and shy, however, once they got going, you couldn稚 stop them. This is an award winning, ground breaking play into the forbidden zone at the heart of every woman.

Cast includes: Betty Comey, Diana Fabbri, Jackie Levinson, Maebush, Margie Raitman, Marjorie Conn, Patricia Toth, Susan Spaniol.

June 18, 2006

典wo by Tenn

Diana Fabbri, Marjorie Conn,
Karen Maloney, John Buckingham
Written by Tennessee Williams
Directed by Susan Grilli

A Perfect Analysis Given by a Parrot
Two fading, overdressed women hit town for an annual convention. In their search for boys and a high old time, they wind up in a third-rate bar trying hard to be cheerful. Each is soon finding fault with the other, and they are resigned to a miserable time until something unexpected happens.

Something Unspoken
Cornelia anxiously awaits the result of her possible election as Regent with the Confederate Daughters. At the same time, she confronts her companion and secretary, Grace, about their fifteen-year relationship. Something happened, long ago, which Grace denies talking about, despite Cornelia痴 insistence. Was the occurrence concerning a hidden sexuality? Besides a comedic tone, there is an underlying current of irony and horror.

Cast includes: Diana Fabbri, John Buckingham, Karen Maloney, Marjorie Conn.

June 19, 2006

撤otpourri of Poe: 3 Plays of Suspense Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

Patricia Toth, Ellen Mulroney, Marjorie Conn
Written by Aeleen Frsich, Dan Evans, and Elyse Nass
Directed by Julie Allen Hamilton

The Purloined Letter - set in the mid-30s.

Quoth, the Raven - set in 1845 - sparks fly when Poe and his pet raven collaborate on the poet痴 work.

Heartbeat - set in the present - a recent widow痴 obsession with her tenant痴 staring eye.

Cast includes: Ellen Mulroney, Marjorie Conn, Patricia Toth.

June 21, 2006

鼎ommunity Property

Written and directed by Ed Stevens

Eric brings his possessive new boyfriend to Provincetown, where he vacationed with quarrelsome ex-lover Adam several years before. Adam has chosen the same weekend for a getaway with his current partner. Eric and Adam rekindle their former flame, but sparks fly as they find themselves in the same altercations that ended their relationship the first time. With the abandoned boyfriends hot on their heels, Eric and Adam run off to pick up where they left off years before. In the farce that ensues, the four characters discover that as far as relationships go, all bets are off.

Cast includes: David Hall, Davion Robert, Donald Loupe, Kevin Burke.

June 22, 2006

鏑orena Hickok & Eleanor Roosevelt: A Love Story

Lorena, Eleanor
Written by Pat Bond

的 love you beyond words & ache to hold you close. - E.R. to Hick

A chronicle of the amazing 30-year relationship between the First Lady and the top woman journalist in the U.S., based on more than 2,000 letters written by Eleanor to her beloved Lorena, who actually lived in the White House. Lorena overcame sexism and familial abuse. Her life story is inspirational. She was president Roosevelt痴 confidential investigative reporter during the Great Depression. Her reports to FDR helped shape government policy.

Cast includes: Marjorie Conn.

July 15, 2006

徹ne Flea Spare

Written by Naomi Wallace
Directed by John Sefel
Presented by Ghostlight Theater Co. of New England

In 1665, five people are under quarantine, trapped together in a room for 28 days as the plague of the Black Death ravages London. Slowly the rules and strata of society edge away as humanity is corrupted, diseased, and ultimately reborn.

Cast includes: Neal Blaikock, Mari Keegan, Ryan Hagen, Kirk Torok, Bertie Payne-Strange.

July 22, 2006

鄭 Two Jew Review

Written and performed by Lori Ada Jaroslow and Fonda Feingold
Directed by John Sefel

Broadway actress/singer, Lori Ada Jaroslow and Polygram recording artist, Fonda Feingold team up to take a look at the ying and yang of life and death through tasty tunes, salty stories and wry rants. Content includes pieces on motherhood, in the hood, and other musings.

July 28, 2006

迭ed Rose

Written, directed, and performed by Christine Emmert
Presented by Wild Plum Productions

Revolutionary and feminist Rosa Luxemberg embraced her love of life at the turn of the last century when Europe was in turmoil. She died a martyr痴 death, but her joy was in trying to create a new world.

August 21, 2006

泥electable Delirious Delovely Dames

Written by Dorothy Parker, Harold Pinter, Linda Eisenstein, and Marjorie Conn
Directed by Ed Stevens

This provocative and funny theatrical collage, combining narrative, interview, monologue and sketch, contains words that highlight women痴 work, loves, sexuality, and strengths. Included in the mix are: 鉄pecial Offer by Harold Pinter, 鄭 Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker, and 鄭cme Temporary Services by Linda Eisenstein, as well as 展hat痴 Your Line?, 典elephone Sex, and 滴oliday Sick by Margorie Conn.

What do they all share in common? As Cole Porter痴 lyrics go: 的t痴 delightful, it痴 delicious, it痴 delectable, it痴 delirious, it痴 dilemma, it痴 de-limit, it痴 deluxe, it痴 de-lovely.

Cast includes: Marjorie Conn.

June 22, 2006

典he Words of Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie
Written by Rachel Corrie
Directed by Deborah Peabody

Rachel Corrie was a 23-year-old American peace activist from Olympia, Washington, who was crushed to death by an Israeli bulldozer on 16 March 2003. She was undertaking a nonviolent direct action to protect the home of a Palestinian doctor, his wife, and three children from demolition. The International Solidarity Movement, of which Corrie was apart, claimed that she was run over on purpose, but The Israeli Defense Forces claims it was an accident, that she was killed by falling debris. This play, based on a remarkable series of e-mails to her family, informs us why she risked her life.

Cast includes: Marissa-Lena O辰onnor, Deborah Peabody, Chuck Cole.

June 20, 2006

La Récolte / Harvest
Le Festival de Théâtre International GLBT de Montréal
troisième saison

21 au 30 septembre 2006

De plus la saison 2006 de Productions Village Scène promet dêtre remplie dévénement et de productions du mai à décembre.

Ça monte et ça descend
Écrit par Christophe Mirambeau
Produite par Joseph Fowler (Paris, France)
Fidèle à des grands revuistes des années 20 l置nivers drôlatique de on réinvente le quotidien, du fait divers au fait de société, au filtre du strass et de la plume. Une reine du music-hall catapultée chez les nonnes, une droguée à l誕spirine touchée par la grâce divine, un show TV sauve le monde de la laideur. Pas de panique!

展hat痴 Your Problem?
Une revue musicale de Hector Coris et Paul L. Johnson (New York, New York)
Mise en scène par Collette Black
Cette amusante revue musicale-comédie, déjà primée a pour but de sauver l置nivers de la stupidité envahissante. Utilisant une variété de styles musicaux, cette revue 塗étéro-friendly présentes des chansons sur l檀omophobie 典here痴 a Pansy in the Garden et sur la vie après la mort 的n Heaven They Sing Nothing But Show Tunes. Un plaisir musical garanti.

Création et interprétation de Brad Hampton (Toronto, Ontario)
La quête d置n homme pour redéfinir sa diva intérieure. Accompagné par le mezzo-soprano canadien Jean Stilwell. Un spectacle de cabaret qui fuse la tradition avec le renouveau et qui est rempli de chansons sur le combat pour survivre aux nombreux visages de l誕mour et sur l誕venture qui s弾n suit pour en finir avec la honte.

迭adiant Vibes
Création et performance de Ro. and the Virtuous Villains (Montreal)
(Ro. and the Virtuous Villains, combinent de la musique Dance et une gestuelle les transformant en un mix house électro et rock, produisant des vibrations et des pulsations dignes d置ne piste de danse. Vous assisterez à une performance GlamRock qui inclura des drags, des mannequins érotiques et une ambiance de cirque avec des costumes élaborés. Exposez-vous pour une soirée seulement à ce trésor de vie. Une soirée de passion, d誕mour et de perfection.

鄭. Gender
Création et interprétation Joey Hateley
Trans Action Theatre Co. (Manchester, England)
Une immersion profonde dans un des derniers tabous de notre société. Les garçons peuvent être des filles et des filles peuvent être des garçons. Des hommes peuvent être des femmes et des femmes peuvent être des hommes, ou est-ce impossible? Un mélange de théâtre expérimental, de mouvements, de vidéo et de photographie, ce n弾st pas très typique, mais voici un très typique spectacle solo sur la masculinité féminine et les politiques de l段dentité. Audacieux et non conventionnel.

哲one of the Above
Écrit et joué par Jennifer Lanier
Many Horses Productions (Hawaii, USA)
Une comédie solo qui parle de foyers métisses, de létrangeté des ethnicités qui s誕ffrontent, des premiers amours avec un sexe ou l誕utre, de la création du mariage lesbien parfait et de sur quelle case cocher. Qui a dit que les crises existentielles ne pouvaient pas être amusantes?

鉄tripped & Teased
Écrit et joué par Kimberly Dark (Hawaii, USA)
Des histoires scandaleuses avec des intrigues subversives. Un discours interactif inspiré d檀istoires vraies et de personnes réelles. Une revue sur la vie de femmes, de lesbiennes, de strip-teaseuses et sur l誕bsurdité des stéréotypes, tout ça de manière humoristique, réfléchie et un peu provocante.

釘iss-Ous - Five one-acts - Écrit par Andrew Biss
Produit par Unwashed Grape (Montréal) Paul Hawkins et Laura Mitchell des enseignants du collàge Dawson travailleront ensemble une fois de plus pour combiner cinq pièces courtes du dramaturge britannique Andrew Biss en une seule.

• 鼎ocktail Conversation - sur les conquêtes sexuelles.
• 典he Replica - les réflexions d置ne épouse violentée.
• 典is Pity He痴 a Whore - la rencontre d置n garçon à louer et de son client.
• 展YWH - une mère hantèe par la mort de son fils.
• 典he Man Who Liked Dick - des voisins accueillants et les premières impressions.
Écrit par Bryn Symonds
Stewart Productions (Montréal)
Un 登ne man show explorant la création de personnage et des thématiques créant un garnement légèrement blasé, Nick, qui est sur le point de se comprendre lui-même et son environnement tout en racontant son escapade sexuelle dans une ruelle avec David.

典ristan and Calvin
Écrit par Robin Friedman et Jeffery Czerkawski
RedRaw Productions (Montréal)
Un homme homosexuel apparemment conservateur sans besoin particulier d'exhiber son orientation et un jeune homme doutant de sa sexualité ont une discussion enflammée durant laquelle font surface des révélations sur l段dentité, les stéréotypes, l弛rgueil sexuel et les choix que font les individus.

Montreal GLBT International Theatre Festival
3rd Edition

September 21-30, 2006

The Village Scene Productions 2006 season promises to be full of events and productions from May to December.

Ça monte et ça descend
Written by Christophe Mirambeau
Presented by Joseph Fowler (Paris, France)
True to the great revivalists of the 20s, reinventing the ordinary in true comedic fashion from facts to feathers. A Vaudeville queen is catapulted to the nuns, one is doped with aspirin and touched by divine grace, and a TV show saves the world of the from ugliness. Don稚 panic!

展hat痴 Your Problem?
A musical revue by Hector Coris and Paul L. Johnson (New York, New York)
Directed by Collette Black
The goal of this fun-filled, all original, award winning, musical comedy is to save the world from rampant stupidity. Using a variety of musical styles, this 塗etro-friendly revue features songs about homophobia 典here痴 a Pansy in the Garden and about the afterlife 的n Heaven They Sing Nothing But Show Tunes. A delicious tune-filled treat.

Created and performed by Brad Hampton (Toronto, Ontario)
One man痴 quest to redefine the inner diva. Accompanied by renowned Canadian mezzo-soprano Jean Stilwell. A cabaret performance that melds tradition with reinvention that is filled with songs about the struggle to survive the many faces of love and the subsequent journey to remove shame from life.

迭adiant Vibes
Created and performed by: Ro. and the Virtuous Villains (Montreal)
Ro. and the Virtuous Villains, combine song, dance, and movement into a playful mix of house, electro, and rock, producing pulsating vibes worthy of the dance floor. The night will be a glamrock performance with drag performers, erotic models, a circus atmosphere with elaborate costumes. Exposing oneself to a jewelled vault of life for one night only. An evening of passion, love and flawlessness.

鄭. Gender
Created and performed by Joey Hateley
Trans Action Theatre Co. (Manchester, England)
Delving deep into one of the last remaining taboos in our society. Boys can be girls. Girls can be boys. Men can be women. Women can be men. Or can they? Mixing experimental theatre, movement, video and photography this is a not so topical, yet very topical one-person show about female masculinity and the politics of identity. Bold and unconventional.

哲one of the Above
Written and performed by Jennifer Lanier
Many Horses Productions (Hawaii, USA)
A solo comedy on biracial homes, the weirdness of dueling ethnicities, first loves with any gender, creating the perfect lesbian wedding and figuring out which box to check. Who says existential crises can稚 be fun?

鉄tripped & Teased
Written and performed by Kimberly Dark (Hawaii, USA)
鉄candalous Stories with Subversive Subplots. An interactive spoken word by a performance artist based on real stories about real people. The examination of women痴 lives, lesbian lives, strippers lives and the absurdity of gender roles, all turn humerous, thought-provoking and somewhat shocking.

釘iss-Ous - Five one-acts written by Andrew Biss Presented by Unwashed Grape (Montreal)
Dawson College Professors Paul Hawkins and Laura Mitchell collaborate, once again.

• 鼎ocktail Conversation - on sexual conquests.
• 典he Replica - reflections of an abused wife.
• 典is Pity He痴 a Whore - an encounter between a rent boy and his client.
• 展YWH - a mother is haunted by the loss of her son.
• 典he Man Who Liked Dick - welcoming neighbours and first impressions.
Written by Bryn Symonds
Stewart Productions (Montreal)
A one man show exploring characterization and themes creating a slightly jaded and sympathetic brat called Nick, who is in the process of understanding himself and his environment. He tells the story of his sexual encounter with David in a back alley.

典ristan and Calvin
Written by Robin Friedman and Jeffery Czerkawski
RedRaw Productions (Montreal)
A conservative-seemingly gay man with no interest in flaunting his orientation and a beautiful boy of dubious sexuality have a heated discussion as revelations emerge on the subject of identity, stereotypes, sexual pride and individual choices.

La Récolte présente / Harvest presents
ScripTease - FUNraiser
Accueil par Tracey Trash de Cabaret Mado et animation par Davyn Ryall, directeur artistique de P.V.S., et Mama B et son groupe de musique-rock DD Swank. Invitée: Miss Gina. Au cours de cette soirée multimédia de style cabaret, haute en couleur et pleine dénergie, une mosaïque des spectacles du festival sera présentée par les artistes, des séances déchanges et plusieurs présentations auront lieu avec les auteurs et metteurs en scène.

Les invités du La Récolte incluent:

Brad Hampton, Shameless - Toronto
Léquipe de Biss-Ous - Montréal
Jennifer Lanier, None of the Above - Hawaii
Joseph Bembridge, David - Montréal
Léquipe de William & James - Montréal
Kimberly Dark, Stripped and Teased - Hawaii
Ro and the Virtuous Villains, Radiant Vibes - Montréal
Le programme du festival sera disponible et les passes ainsi que les billets seront mis en vente sur place ce soir-là. Une vente aux enchères aura lieu, des prix de présence et des tirages seront également de la partie lors de cette soirée 擢UNraiser pour le festival.

20 septembre 2006 de 19h30 à 21h30
Cabaret Mado, 1115 Ste-Catherine est. Montréal, Québec, Canada
L弾ntrée est gratuite mais les dons sont acceptés avec gratitude.
D段nformations: 450-550-7782;
Productions Village Scène
C.P. 142, Succ. C, Montréal, Qc. Canada H2L 2H0

Hosted by Cabaret Mado alumni Tracy Trash, with animation by V.S.P. artistic director Davyn Ryall and Mama B with the musical rock group DD Swank. Guest Miss Gina. Festival participants both local and international will present excerpts from their productions, feedback sessions with the playwrights and directors, variety acts and a special pre-show performance by DD Swank will round out this cabaret style soirée.

Harvest guests include:

Brad Hampton, Shameless - Toronto
The Cast of Biss-Ous - Montréal
Jennifer Lanier, None of the Above - Hawaii
Joseph Bembridge, David - Montréal
The cast of William & James - Montréal
Kimberly Dark, Stripped and Teased - Hawaii
Ro and the Virtuous Villains, Radiant Vibes - Montréal
The Festival program, passes and individual performance tickets will be available for purchase as well. An auction, raffle and door prizes will add to this 擢UNraising event for the Harvest festival.

September 20 - 19:30-21:30
Cabaret Mado, 1115 Ste-Catherine East, Montréal, Québec, Canada
Free, however, donations are gratefully appreciated
Information: 450-550-7782;
Village Scene Productions
P.O. Box 142, Station C, Montréal, Québec, Canada H2L 2H0

Lesbian Shorts III
Tthe Bloody Unicorn痴 third annual festival of one-act plays with a Sapphic slant.

Lisa Mae Roether, Kira Woodworth
photo: Patrick Young  

Plays written by E.M. Lewis, Barbara Kahn, Linda Suzuki, Larry Kunofsky, Andrea Lepcio, Phoebe Weiss, Scott Tobin, Ry Herman
Directed by Ry Herman
Produced by Bloody Unicorn Theater Company
Program A:
  • 10014 by Barbara Kahn
    Ronnie spots a beautiful woman, Pat planting flowers in her yard, and pretends to be a jogger so that she can run past again and again. Pat pretends to be an avid gardener so she has an excuse to be outside while the lovely Ronnie jogs by.
  • Struck by Scott Tobin
    In this comedy, Sylvia drives into roller-blader Jessica, knocking her unconscious.
  • Just Sex (Jazz Hands) by Linda Suzuki
    Six months after they broke up, a former partner makes an interesting proposal to her ex, who still harbors passionate feelings.
  • Here Come the Brides by Phoebe Weiss
    A variety of wedding guests all played by one woman inundate a pair of brides-to-be with advice, concerns, encouragement, objections, and the kind of general insanity that only family and friends feel entitled to share.
  • Hot Re-Strike by Linda Suzuki
    Six months prior to the above mentioned play, 笛ust Sex (Jazz Hands), one of the newly ex-partners drags the other to a bar to help her ex get over their recent breakup.
September 14, 16, 17, 2006 - 7:30pm
September 23, 24 - 2:30pm

Program B:
  • Second Kiss by Andrea Lepcio
    A 16-year-old girl does not share the same interest in making out held by everyone else. She attempts a date with a boy, however, she may finally figure out what all the fuss is about with the help of a 18-year-old girl.
  • The Edge of Ross Island by E.M. Lewis
    Policewoman Victoria 天ic Velasquez is troubled after witnessing a suicide attempt. Her police partner and her lover, Sarah attempt to talk her out of her funk.
  • gender by Larry Kunofsky
    Julie confronts her pal Dana about the actual gender of Dana痴 lover, Bob (played by a woman). But what of Julie痴 lover, Jane (played by a man)?
  • Man on Dog by Ry Herman
    Rachel falls into a three-way relationship with married couple Artemis and Jonathan Reilly. When she discovers they have been keeping a shocking secret from her, Rachel begs advice from her father, and confesses to a man, a stranger, she meets in a bar. Actions which could result in tragic consequences.
September 16, 17, - 2:30pm
September 22, 23, 24 - 7:30pm

Cast includes: Lisa Mae Roether, Jillian Courtney, Sara Thompson, Gary McGaha, Kira Woodworth, Martie van der Voort, Steve McKee.

Cabaret Theater, Temple of Music and Art, Tucson, Arizona

Sunday Night Gay Comedy
2nd & 4th Sundays of the month - 8pm - ongoing series

QComedy痴 鉄unday Night Gay Comedy is
San Francisco痴 only ongoing gay comedy showcase.
Jon Sims Center, San Francisco, California

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