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Openings of 2005
Archive Listings

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覧覧 January 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Confessions of a Mormon Boy
Written and performed by Steven Fales
photo: ?  

Directed by Jack Hofsiss
Presented by Bailiwick Repertory

In his autobiographical one-man play, Fales (a sixth generation Mormon) tells the story of his failed attempt to overcome his same-sex attraction through 途eparative therapy which resulted in his divorce and excommunication from the Mormon church. Told with warmth and humor, he illuminates the dilemma of those struggling to reconcile their dreams of becoming straight with the realities of being gay and what it costs to accept or deny that truth, especially when children are involved.

Fales plays many characters from his highly distinctive life痴 journey as a gay Mormon, a Boy Scout, husband, father, and Manhattan escort. Fales tells what it took to leave the world of prostitution and drugs, reestablish a life of integrity, and reclaim his 泥onny Osmond smile.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

January 5, 2005
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, IL

The Kvetching Continues
written and performed by Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman
photo: Bruce Glikas  

Directed by Michael Schiralli
Produced by Jon Imparato
Presented by Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

適vetching skewers everything from show-biz legends such as Bernadette Peters, Mary Tyler Moore, gay parents, Eurotrash, to Hoffman痴 own Broadway debut in 滴airspray. Along with skyscraping rants, Hoffman also offers a handful of original, satirical songs.

適vetching holds the record as the longest running show in the history of New York痴 Joe痴 Pub cabaret venue, where it garnered ecstatic reviews and sold out crowds.

典he tribulations of Broadway stardom well, near stardom, anyway are the subject of Jackie Hoffman痴 endearingly bitter, explosively funny solo show. Clearly, this is a world class kvetch. Attention must be paid! - Variety

January 7, 2005
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Renberg Theatre, Hollywood, Calif.

Gehri Dosti: 5 Short Plays with a South Asian Bent by Paul Knox
Directed by Paul Knox
Presented by Circle East

Explores same-sex love, including marriage, AIDS, and violence against women. This stylistic and emotional journey across cultures offers a glimpse into a world of individuals marginalized by their sexuality.

  • Loving Japamala
    An Indian nun and a gay man discover common ground in a South Bronx soup kitchen.
  • Eating Jain
    On a train bound from Kolkata to Puri, an American man compromises the security of his Indian lover with a public display of affection.
  • I Am Mou
    Based on real letters, this short play details the violent repression of a lesbian.
  • Two Men in Shoulder Stand
    A searing look at coping with HIV in a homophobic culture.
  • Tara Tara Didi
    Shakespearean verse melds with Indian legends in this farcical Bollywood spoof examining same-sex love.
Cast includes: Bobby Abid, Sharbari Ahmed, Michael Ellison, Mousa Kraish, Mohan Kulasingam, Robert Maisonett, Nina Mehta, Sam Morjaria, Shruti Shah and Brenden Varma. Choreography by Sudarshan Belsare.

Gehri Dosti was workshopped in numerous festivals that took place in New York, Cape Town, South Africa, and elsewhere. It premiered in the fall of 2004 at Harvard University.

Paul Knox is a co-recipient of the United Nations Society of Writers Award for his exchange work with the Russian Academy of Theater Arts. He is also co-founded the Tides Foundation - India Fund, an organization which supports education and community building efforts among gay groups in South Asia.

January 7, 2005
Bernie West Theater, Baruch College, New York, New York

Gaveston: Favourite of the King
Libretto and Lyrics by Ken Prestininzi
Music by Christopher Winslow
Directed by Derek Charles Livingston
Musical Direction by Darryl Archibald
Presented by Celebration Theatre

Edward II becomes King, and calls to court his banished lover, Gaveston. Their reunion becomes the focus of political intrigue, emotional manipulation and finally, civil upheaval before its inevitable climax. Gaveston is based on the real life 14th-Century relationship of King Edward II and Piers Daniel Gaveston.

Cast includes: Beau Puckett, Charles Alan, Jack Harding, Susan Asbjornson, Blanche Ramirez, Gregory Franklin, Barry O誰eil, Johnny Byrne, Elke V. Kummerow, and James Kyson Lee.

January 12, 2005
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

Falling so Slowly by Steve Willis
photo: Steve Ashmore  

Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Russell Sims, Grant Scicluna, Christopher Pender, Brian Davison
Presented by Fly-on-the-Wall, part of 2005 Midsumma Festival

Bobby, a good looking, young Caucasian man recently moved from Alabama to NYC. Grant, an African-American musician from Philadelphia has lived in Manhattan for several years. Bobby and Grant meet in a bar and quickly connect sexually, but struggle in their efforts to share other parts of themselves. Bobby is full of insecurity, yet seems to always land on his feet. Grant masks his artist痴 soul with a wry sense of humor. As Bobby痴 secrets are revealed, Grant opens as well, and they discover a unique and meaningful rapport.

Falling won the 2004 Carolina Contemporary Playwrights Competition, U.S. Playwright Steve Willis will be attend this world premiere.

Contains nudity, sexual content.

January 18, 2005
St. Martin痴 Theatre, South Yarra 3141 Australia

Aloha Oy!

Jeffrey Vause
photo: Karen Greene  

Written and performed by Jeffrey Vause
Directed by Gregg Bellon
Produced by Proud Image Productions and the production collective

Actor Joey Lange just moved to New York City from Hawaii, when his agent got him the audition of the year: a new Broadway play about an actor from Hawaii who has moved to New York. Perfect casting? At the audition, there is no script. The director only wants Joey to talk about his life, to know all about Joey, and what makes him tick.

A semi-autobiographical, multi-character, one-man show about the life of a gay performer just trying to find his way in the world.

January 19, 2005
Abingdon Theatre, Stage 2, New York, New York

An Evening with Greg Walloch by Greg Walloch

Greg Walloch
photo: Bryan Ockert  

New, semi-autobiographical monologues about life and love in the urban jungle. A follow up to his original solo work 展hite Disabled Talent.

On a bare stage, stripped down and unplugged, the power of Walloch痴 work is simply his story.

徹ne of the most profound pieces of comedy in the most truthful way. Just wonderful! - Jerry Stiller

釘eautiful Truly sublime. - Lily Tomlin

釘oyishly mischievous performer. Utterly endearing. Brave, welcoming and playfully conspiratorial, but tinged with an undercurrent of danger. Especially funny. Simultaneously tough and disarmingly sweet. - Stephen Holden, New York Times

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

January 20, 2005
Ars Nova Theater, New York, New York

Women痴 Bodies, Women痴 Lives
photo: Cat Cheng  

Presented by That Uppity Theatre Company

A series of short performance pieces was collaboratively created with Joan Lipkin, artistic director of That Uppity Theatre Company, and an ensemble of some of St Louis leading choreographers, dancers, and performers. They created a series of scenarios affecting women痴 experiences, including work environments, aging, pregnancy, gender roles, sexuality, and body image.

Cast includes: Wendy Ballard, Summer Beasley, Kendra Eliott, Beth Hill, Louise Hung, Dawn Karlovsky, Tamara Kelly, Ashley Nanney, and Mary Ann Rund.

The performance was in conjunction with the opening of the art exhibit 的nside Out Loud: Visualizing Women痴 Health in Contemporary Art. The exhibit consists of 51 art works on loan from across the country by 30 artists. Painting, sculpture, photography, installation, video, digital, and performance art are represented by Jenny Holzer, Barbara Kruger, Tony Oursler, and Cindy Sherman, Nina Katchadourian, Victoria Vesna, and others.

January 21, 2005
Mildred Lane Kemper Art Museum, St. Louis, Missouri

Naked Will by Blair Fell
Directed by David Letch
Produced by Fly-on-the-Wall Theatre [Performing Arts Productions Australia]
Reading - part of the 2005 Midsumma Festival

In hopes of discovering their secret meaning, Oscar Wilde goes on a passionate academic quest inside Shakespeare痴 Sonnets. He finds himself lost in the story of Shakespeare痴 love triangle with the 溺ysterious Dark Lady, and with the young actor, Willy Hughes. Willy, a young actor so beautiful and talented that he inspired the roles of Juliet and Desdemona. Loosely based on Wilde痴 short story 典he Portrait of W.H., Naked Will asks the questions: 滴ow has the historian痴 own sexuality and prejudice colored history and literary theory? and 展hy does knowing the sexuality of historical heroes validate our own hearts? A romantic, historical mystery.

January 22, 2004
Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Australia

Somebody Else痴 Life written and performed by Jerry Rabushka
photo: jeff schoenfeld  

Directed by Greg Hunsaker
Produced by Ragged Blade

You down with the blond, big boy? Sometimes it痴 all about the hair. The blond head on the grocery bagger. The black 痴tache on the cowboy. Sometimes it痴 enough to make you wish you could be someone else. Or at least, have somebody else痴 life.

On the corner of 81st and Yale in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a man realizes that, even though he cannot be someone else, he can at least go out with him. This chilling comedy explores, among other things, what happens when marriage loses its sanctity. It asks, can a gay couple and a straight couple live next door to each other if there isn稚 enough sanctity to go around?

Part of a double bill with Icons, by Jade Esteban Estrada.

January 26, 2005 - preview
Theatre at St. John痴, St. Louis, Missouri
January 28, 2005
Nightingale Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Texas Homos by Jan Buttram
photo: ?  

Directed by Melvin Bernhardt

Texas Homos reveals the seriously comical aftermath of a police sting operation involving three 妬nnocent citizens of Tyler, Texas. While the story is about to hit the local paper, a prominent doctor, a Methodist preacher and a young wannabe-superstar dispute the true details as their lawyer and his secretary prepare them for arraignment.

Cast includes: Richard Bekins, Reed Birney, Michael Busillo, Karen Culp and David Van Pelt. All Actors Equity Association members.

A huge hit in its development workshop last year, Texas Homos returns, updated, for a world premiere.

January 28, 2005
June Havoc Theatre, Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, New York, N.Y.

William & James by Robert Tsonos
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-on-the-Wall Theatre [Performing Arts Productions Australia]
Reading - part of the 2005 Midsumma Festival

Young, handsome William, and middle-aged James, two aristocrats in Victorian England, become locked in a struggle for power and control. One night of sex propels them into a bizarre living arrangement that totters between prostitution and a business. An intriguing and provocative tale examining the complexities of relationships and the definitions of love.

January 29, 2004
Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Australia

覧覧 February 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Breathe by Dan Martin and Michael Biello

Matt Beyer, Donna Coghill
Maggie Roop, Matt Shofner, Fernando Rivadeniera
photo: John MacLellan  

Directed by Ted Boelt
Musical direction by Timothy Brewster
Choreography by Ann Easterling
Presented by Richmond Triangle Players

Celebrating the human spirit in everyone, a collection of seven musical stories that celebrate the gay and lesbian experience. A series of musical 途ituals prepare for each story, with a theme melody suggesting circles. Musical skits include: two guys living and working together, trying to maintain their lifestyle while satisfying the needs of their business and customers; a lesbian couple decides to have a baby; illness, death, and growing older. The stories are honest, exhilarating, sad, hopeful, and the music will make spirits soar.

Cast includes: Matt Beyer, Donna Coghill, Fernando Rivadeniera, Maggie Roop and Matt Shofner.

February 2, 2005
Fieldens Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia

Hardcore by Jonathan Hall
Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Fly-on-the-Wall Theatre [Performing Arts Productions Australia]
Reading - part of the 2005 Midsumma Festival

Four guys try to make it big in the bizarre, blackly comic world of British gay porn. Robert, approaching 25, sees being in porn as one of those things that you have to do by the time your thirty along with paragliding before it痴 too late. To Kevin, a committed, struggling actor, it痴 just work and a way of showing dramatic versatility. As he sees it, what could be more versatile than being a straight man working in the gay porn industry? Martin sees it all as a bit of a laugh, with a shag thrown in for free. Veteran porn star Craig, puts them right, and dispel their illusions about the raunch and glamour. He preps the boys for the huge gulf between the watching and the making of gay porn.

February 5, 2004
Butterfly Club, South Melbourne, Australia

An Evening with Robert Patrick
photo by Andrew Caldwall

Presented by the Alliance of Los Angeles Playwrights

Robert Patrick is the award-winning author of 適ennedy痴 Children, 典he Haunted Host, and 典emple Slave, among many other works. Robert is regarded as one of the founders of both the off-off-Broadway scene and modern gay theatre, and was described by Samuel French as 哲ew York痴 most-produced playwright of the 1960s. He is also an entertaining raconteur, offering many stories and opinions about the last forty years of American theatre. The evening includes an audience question and answer period as well a following reception.

February 7, 2005
Sacred Fools Theatre Company, Los Angeles, Calif.

Two Boys in a Bed on a Cold Winter痴 Night by James Edwin Parker
Directed by Tom Caruso
Presented by Rattlestick Theatre

A one night stand forever changes the lives of two gay men in the West Village. An intimate portrait of two veterans of the gay 80s searching for warmth in the 90s.

Cast includes: David Drake, Asa Somers, and Noam Rubin.

A benefit reading for Rattlestick. Two Boys was the first play ever produced at Rattlestick. It had a five month run, and subsequently enjoyed productions throughout the world.

鄭 sharp-eyed exploration of emotional intimacy. - the New Yorker

February 7, 2005
Rattlestick Theatre, New York, NY

Seduction by Jack Heifner
Directed by Tim McArthur
Produced by Peter Bull and Juhani Naukkarinen

Rent boy, sailor, handyman, student, professor, businessman, teenager, writer, actor, producer all skilled in the art of seduction!

Cast includes: Adam Blake, Richard Gee, Phil Price, Peter Sundby, Gareth Watkins.

A gay interpretation of 鏑a Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler. Based on the same source material as 典he Blue Room, this sexy and raunchy all-male, gay interpretation wowed audiences when it first opened in San Francisco and proved to be even more titillating and entertaining in it痴 European premiere at Barons Court Theatre in London late 2004.

Note: production contains nudity.

Jack Heifner previous hits include 天anities, 適ey West, and the Tony Award nominated Broadway musical 'Leader of the Pack. Part of Winter Pride in Brighton and Hove.

典autly directed by cabaret star Tim McArthur sexually it痴 as full-blooded as a randy bull on Viagra. What more could you want? See it now! - QX Magazine

February 8 proceeds to Pride in Brighton & Hove

February 7, 2005
Revenge, Brighton, UK

Insurrection: Holding History by Robert O辿ara

Phillip James Brannon, Brandon Anthony Prather
photo: John Bridges  

Directed by Phyllis E. Griffin
Produced by the Theatre School Showcase, DePaul University

Ron Porter, a young, gay African-American graduate student, travels back to 1831 and participates in Nat Turner痴 slave rebellion. Guided by his ancestor on a mystical journey through time and history, he confronts his own misconceptions and stereotypes, as well as his understanding of what it is to be gay and black in our modern world.

Hailed at its 1996 premiere as bold, intimate and overflowing with theatrical invention, Insurrection is filled with comedy, poetry, and pure chutzpah.

鄭 gorgeous, fresh and vital play from a very exciting playwright. - Tony Kushner

Cast includes: Tracey Bonner, Desmin Borges, Phillip James Brannon, Keith Daniel Gallagher, Nichole Green, Amy Lauren Griffin, John Lewis, Vergia Siovhan Norris, and Brandon Anthony Prather.

February 9, 2005
DePaul痴 Merle Reskin Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant
by Rainer Werner Fassbinder
Petra, a mother, divorcee, and widow, has unprecedented success in the world of fashion and is also dependant upon her mute maid, Marlene. Petra falls obsessively in love with Karin, an alluring young woman without money, education, or sense. While Petra痴 family and friends do not approve, Petra persists pursuing Karin to tragic results.

A stunning play which Fassbinder later turned into a film of th same title. He also directed 典he Marriage of Maria Braun, 轍uerelle, and many other important films.

February 10, 2005
Last Planet Theatre, San Francisco, California

Well by Lisa Kron
Directed by Leigh Silverman
Produced by American Conservatory Theater

Kron connects her extended stay in a Chicago allergy clinic at 19, and her upbringing in a mixed-race neighborhood in 60s Lansing, Michigan. As she reflects on her tumultuous upbringing, an irreverent stage coup détat breaks out. The company of actors critique the script, and she quickly loses control, with her mother inserting her own hilarious commentary on the play. A comical and brazen deconstruction of theater, the dynamics of health, family, and Kron痴 attempts to understand it all.

Cast includes Lisa Kron and Jane Houdyshell, who plays the mother.

鉄omething magical. [One of the two] best new plays of the season. - New York Times

West coast premiere - ran off-Broadway in March 2004
February 11, 2005
Geary Theater, San Francisco, California

Othello by William Shakespeare

Marissa Keltie, Skyler Cooper
photo: Chshire Dave  

Directed by Melissa Hillman
Presented by Impact Theatre

Othello is a dark-skinned African-American lesbian whose battlefield genius has earned her a position of power within the American military. Iago is a light-skinned African-American ensign whose ability to please and assimilate has won him the nickname 滴onest Iago. but whose rage, jealousy, and thirst for power bubble just beneath the surface. Controversy begins when Othello first promotes the inexperienced Cassio over Iago and then elopes with the beautiful young daughter of a conservative senator. When the troops are sent overseas, Iago begins a course of action that will tear Othello痴 world apart.

Cast includes: Skyler Cooper, Casey Jackson, and Marissa Keltie.

February 11, 2005
La Val痴 Subterranean Theatre, Berkeley, California

The World of John Wallowitch

Chris Weikel, Heather Olt, Robert Locke
photo: ?  

Conceived and directed by Mark Finley
Musical direction by Jason Loffredo
Produced by Barry Childs and Doric Wilson
and TOSOS II in association with Out Professionals

How we live, learn and love in the big city, as told in the words and music of legendary New York cabaret icon John Wallowitch.

Cast includes: Robert Locke, Heather Olt*, and Chris Weikel* - *Actor痴 Equity members.

Songwriter John Wallowitch began at the Juilliard School of Music where his classical training led to his New York debut at Carnegie Recital Hall, followed by a concert tour of the continent under the aegis of the U.S. State Department. His more than 1,000 songs are recorded by, or in the repertory of, a long list of singers including: Karen Akers, Tony Bennett, Dixie Carter, Julius La Rosa, Doc Severinsen, and Margaret Whiting.

In 1984, John Wallowitch joined Bertram Ross in a program of arcane American song by the great composers, appearing throughout the United States, in Switzerland and at 撤izza on the Park in their beloved London, and in New York at the White Barn. Their CD 展allowitch and Ross is available on the Miranda Music label, and 展allowitch and Ross: This Moment, a film by Richard Morris is available on VHS and DVD through A new CD, 釘ertram痴 Songs with John Wallowitch singing and playing songs he wrote for Bertram Ross will be out later in 2005. Last September, Dixie Carter and John Wallowitch opened the 50th Anniversary Season at the Cafe Carlyle for a four week engagement.

展hile Noel Coward is no longer around to set the standards for a certain kind of sophisticated songwriting sensibility, Mr. Wallowitch nimbly carries the torch. - Stephen Holden, New York Times

Presented as the second installment of the 溺usically Speaking series; part of the Billy Blackwell Musical Theater Project, Igor Goldin, director.

February 17, 2005
Duplex Cabaret Theater, New York, New York

Tennessee in Hollywood

Tennessee Williams

Presented by Antrobus Group

An evening that celebrates Tennessee Williams work, from the ridiculous to the sublime.

  • Talk to Me Like the Rain by Tennessee Williams
    Directed by Dan Oliverio
    A couple lost in the tiny wasteland of their relationship.
  • The Case of the Crushed Petunias by Tennessee Williams
    Directed by Che坦ae Adams
    A woman is beckoned to leave the security of her notions shop to explore the great wide world.
  • Something I Smoked Last Summer by Anna Baum
    Directed by Dan Oliverio
    A spoof of all our favorite Williams clichés and stereotypes.
Cast includes: Christine Krench, David Moses, Nicolas Pavlos, Dianne J. Scheider, Wendy Worthington.

Tennessee Williams is one of America痴 greatest playwrights. He also wrote fiction and motion picture screenplays. His best known plays, for which he won Pulitzer Prizes, are 鄭 Streetcar Named Desire (1948), and 鼎at On A Hot Tin Roof (1955).

February 17, 2005
Elephant Lab Theater, Los Angeles, California

The Ballad of Baxter Street by Barbara Kahn

Jocelyn Adams, Andi Hogan

Directed by Barbara Kahn and Sean Seibert
Original music by Nicola Barber
Musical direction by Sean Seibert

In the notorious Five Points lower Manhattan neighborhood of 1855, street vendors sell everything from sand to hand-sewn shirts. An Irishman and a free-born African-American woman cross a social and racial divide to marry. An orphan, tricked into marriage to a far older policeman, falls in love with her husband痴 daughter. A famous, touring French actress, Rachel Felix, helps the two women.

Steeped in diversity and volatile prejudices, the play shows the place where 都lumming was invented, as well as the rich Broadway theatrical life of magicians, musicians and melodramas.

Cast includes: Stephanie Abbinanti, Jocelyn Adams, Evan Bass, Sansan Fibri, Andi Hogan, Robert Marlowe, Dan McVey, Collette Porteous, Kelsey Robinson, Sean Seibert, Taniya Sen.

Barbara Kahn received the 1995 Torch of Hope Award for lifetime achievement. Her plays have been produced in the U.S., France and Germany.

February 24, 2005
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

Judy & Bea by Peter Mac

John Schaefer, Peter Mac
photo: Craig Hamrick  

Directed by Peter Mac
Musical director Rachel Kaufman
Produced in association with Joseph John Productions and Gumm Frankel Associates

This new, musical cabaret show features Peter Mac as Judy Garland and John Schaefer as Bea Arthur performing songs and stories from the career days of the women. Two Dorothy痴 reunited for the first time. Songs include 纏ing Went The Strings of My Heart, and 典he Man in the Moon.

Peter Mac first impersonated Garland in his autobiographical play 笛udy and Me. John Schaefer impersonated Arthur in the hit 典he Golden Girls: Live! When not performing, Peter Mac and John Schaefer are an off-stage couple.

撤eter Mac痴 Judy Garland is not merely impersonation; it is a knowing and affectionate portrayal of the woman and the artist, a Judy that is both funny and touching. - Roy Sander, critic

鉄chaefer plays so deftly that if you are sitting in the back of the room, you may just believe that the previously-incomparable Bea Arthur herself is on stage. - Uproar Magazine

Nancy Barrett also appeared with stories and songs relevant to her experiences on 泥ark Shadows.

February 25, 2005
Helen痴 Hideaway Room, New York, New York

覧覧 March 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Rescue and Recovery by Steve Murray
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Part of the New Conservatory Theatre Center Pride Season Ten: 展e Are Family

Recovering alcohol and drug addict Cameron falls head-over-heels for Mark, an indecisive bank teller who has more skeletons than he does closets. Cameron痴 ex-wife watches the whole debacle from the sidelines, waiting to say 的 told you so! This quirky, dark comedy, takes an honest look at what it really means to be in love, and what it really takes to get over it.

Cast includes: Joseph Barham, Jennifer Dean, Javier Galitó-Cava, Noah Kelly, Bill Olson.

March 2005
The New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Talking a Blue Streak
Written and performed by Kate Clinton

Kate Clinton
Photo: Irene Young  

Produced by 塗ere!
in association with the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center and Autonomy

Kate Clinton痴 scorchingly funny take on America痴 insane politics, crazy families, and the sometimes crazy-making experience of being gay in America. Acclaimed as one of the hippest, smartest, most outspoken, and funniest comedians working today, she has played to sold-out crowds in concert halls nationwide.

Kate Clinton is a faith-based, tax paying, America loving political humorist, and family entertainer. She has worked through economic booms and busts, Disneyfication and Walmartization, gay movements, gay markets, lesbian chic, and ten presidential inaugurals. She still believes that humor gets us through peacetime, wartime, and scoundrel time.

The show is a first comedy special she will tape for 塗ere! It is also a benefit for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

塗ere! offers original films and series, recent theatrical and video releases and a wide range of programming targeting gay and lesbian viewers. 塗ere! is available nationwide on satellite providers DirecTV and Dish. here! is also available on Adelphia, Time Warner, RCN, and Starpower cable systems.

March 2, 2005
The Renberg Theatre, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Los Angeles

Written and performed by Dan Rothenberg
Directed by Louie Liberti

After dating for six months, Dan has decided that Steph is the woman he wants to marry. But before posing the question, Dan needs to tell Steph one little thing. Nothing big, just that he had a couple of gay sexual experiences. Well, three years worth. This one-man, autobiographical show is an hilarious exploration of the fluidity of sexuality, and how it effects those caught in the middle.

滴is honesty, affability and good timing have made him a favorite. - Jane Ganahl, San Francisco Examiner

March 4, 2005
Phoenix Arts Association Theater, San Francisco, California

Female Transport by Steve Gooch
photo: Ken Friedman  

Directed by Anne Kauffman
Produced by American Conservatory Theater MFA Program

Six women convicts are confined below deck on a transport vessel for the six-month journey from England to the new penal colony of Australia. As the women face the challenges of surviving captivity, disease, and oppression at the hands of a sadistic crew, they forge unlikely alliances and discover moments of humanity and hope within captivity.

Cast includes: Steven Anthony Jones, Gwynne Flanagan, Colleen Harris, Anna Moore, Reid Morgan, Sarayu Rao, Peter Allen Stone, Jomar Tagatac, Allison White, and Alexandra Wilson.

March 9, 2005
Zeum Theater, San Francisco, California

Beyond Therapy by Chris Durang
Directed by Jean Shelton
Produced by the Shelton Theater

Therapists and patients are unsettled by a bad singles-ad matchup of Prudence, an existentially morose 30-year-old writer, and Bruce, an aging preppy with bisexual leanings. The play exposes the continuing American neurotic crisis that defies psychotherapy, and laughs at the premise of any logical hope for 都tandard American values such as is exemplified by today痴 moral grandstanding in politics. We are reminded that sanity and all of life is relative and subjective.

鏑isa Lennox and Chris Zezza are delightful as the romantic couple. They have good chemistry together. Ms. Lennox is a striking actress who is completely professional with an excellent theatre voice. Her timing is impeccable. Zezza gives a beautiful portrayal of a confused male, underplaying the roles marvelously. Matt Martinez, as the male lover Bob, captures the essence of the frustrated and bitchy gay character. However, you can稚 help feeling sorry for him. - Richard Connema,

March 10, 2005
Shelton Theater, San Francisco, California

Lilies or The Revival of a Romantic Drama by Michel Marc Bouchard

Clayton B. Hodges, Stephen Strobel
photo: David Wilson  

Directed by Serge Denoncourt
Translation by Linda Gaboriau
Produced by American Conservatory Theater MFA Program
in Association with Theater Rhinoceros

Lyric, erotic, and complex, Lilies unfolds as a play-within-a-play when inmates of a Quebec prison re-enact the devastating tale of an impassioned love between two young men at a Catholic boys school in rural Canada in 1912.

Cast includes: Gregory Wallace, Will Huddleston, Tim Hendrixson, Steve Irish, Andy Butterfield, Clayton B. Hodges, Kevin Crook, Andrew Jackson, Kraig Kehrer, and Steven Strobel.

March 13, 2005
Zeum Theater, San Francisco, California

BOOM! The Music of Catastrophe
The San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom Band

Conducted by the Band痴 artistic director Jadine Louie

The colorful, exciting, and sometimes humorous musical depictions of both natural and human-created disasters. One of the pieces, 敵odzilla Eats Las Vegas! by Composer Eric Whitacre, will grab you and won稚 let go.

This is the first installment of the 2005 Community Concert Series of the Band, which is the first openly 敵LBTIQQ music organization in the world, and the 徹fficial Band of the City of San Francisco.

典he San Francisco Lesbian/Gay Freedom band absolutely sparkled. - San Francisco Bay Times

March 18, 2005
    James Lick Middle School Auditorium, San Francisco, California
March 19, 2005
    John Swett High School Auditorium, Crockett, California

Color Blind by Adam Siegel
Directed by David Silverstein

A humorous look at one family as it reunites in celebration of their mother痴 last birthday. Unknown to the others, the son plans to bring his boyfriend, whom no one else has met. As parents and children clash over religious, political, and sexual issues, alliances within the family keep shifting, until one family member makes a powerful decision.

Cast includes: ?

Reading on March 21, 2005
FirstStage, Los Angeles, California

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove by Jane Chambers

Libby West (from earlier production), Nicole Marcks
photo: Sue Hamilton  

Directed by Sue Hamilton
Produced by Jon Imparato
Presented by LIT! (Lesbians in Theater), L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center
Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

Eight women, at an out-of-the-way Long Island vacation spot in 1980, encounter awakening, love and personal tragedy. Eva, newly separated from her husband, stumbles onto the enclave without knowing its special nature. She is befriended by Lil, who harbors a secret. The summer unfolds as the women laugh, love, and say good-bye. The women are flawed, funny, and, ultimately, a family.

Cast includes: Alison Arngrim, Laura Philbin Coyle, Peggy Goss, Cathy Ladman, Nicole Marcks, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, CB Spencer and Leslie Upson.

鄭ll the performers hit the right comedic notes in Act I, and the ensemble work is exceptionally strong in Act II. Recommended! - L.A. Weekly

Extended run from October 22, 2004.

March 25, 2005
The Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Hollywood, California

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc

Carolyn Gage
photo: Linda K. Russell  

Written, directed and performed by Carolyn Gage

Joan shares her story with contemporary women. She tells of her experiences with the highest levels of church, state, and military, and unmasks the brutal misogyny behind male institutions.

The Second Coming of Joan of Arc was nominated as a national finalist for the Lambda Literary Award in Drama. The collection includes seven, one-act plays, which show us the real women behind the sterile patriarchal stereotypes: the angry teenage lesbian Joan of Arc, the alcoholic butch Calamity Jane, the Louisa May Alcott with repressed incest memories, the political prisoner known as 典yphoid Mary, and the lesbian Jane Addams. The title work was featured on National Public Radio, and has been produced in Rio and Sao Paolo, Brazil.

典his is great theatre daring, heartbreaking, principled, bitter, and often very funny. Women痴 mental health would improve instantly, were they able to see these plays performed. - Phyllis Chesler

March 11, 2005
    A.P.E., Thorne痴 Market, Northampton, Massachusetts
Sponsored in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council

March 22, 2005
    Minsky Auditorium, U. Maine, Orono, Maine

March 26, 2005
17th Gulf Coast Sister Camp (formerly Festival) March 24-27, 2005
Camp Sister Spirit

Miss Coco Peru is Undaunted!

Coco Peru

Written, performed and directed by Clinton Leupp
Presented by New Conservatory Theatre Center

A solo cabaret show full of real stories, intelligent satire, and songs by drag artist Clinton Leupp.

Clinton Leupp, as Miss Coco Peru, is the wild and sassy star of stage and screen who has been featured in 典o Wong Foo, 典rick, 釘oy Meets Boy, 展ill and Grace, 典he Tragic Life of the Singing Nun, 溺iss Coco Peru痴 Glorious Wounds She痴 Damaged, and 敵irls Will Be Girls.

典he fabulous Miss Coco Peru, drag queen extraordinaire, can bend our ears and our perceptions anytime. Miss Coco is a heavenly hoot, a svelte diva with a belt voice, and a Bronx accent. - Los Angeles Times

March 12, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

覧覧 April 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

My Boyfriend the Stripper

Jody Lanclos, Rene Alvarado
photo: Greg Grosh  

Written by Joe Bailey and Ronnie Larsen
Directed by Ronnie Larsen
Presented by Caryn Horwitz

A romp through today痴 gay urban experience, and an exploration of how the possibility of love can come, even though thoroughly unexpected.

Cast includes: Parker Williams, Jody Lanclos, Rene Alvarado, and others.

April 6, 2005
Adams Ave Theatre, San Diego, California

The Kvetching Continues
written and performed by Jackie Hoffman

Jackie Hoffman
photo: Bruce Glikas  

Directed by Michael Schiralli
Produced by Jon Imparato
Presented by Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

適vetching skewers everything from show-biz legends such as Bernadette Peters, Mary Tyler Moore, gay parents, Eurotrash, to Hoffman痴 own Broadway debut in 滴airspray. Along with skyscraping rants, Hoffman also offers a handful of original, satirical songs.

適vetching holds the record as the longest running show in the history of New York痴 Joe痴 Pub cabaret venue, where it garnered ecstatic reviews and sold out crowds.

典he tribulations of Broadway stardom well, near stardom, anyway are the subject of Jackie Hoffman痴 endearingly bitter, explosively funny solo show. Clearly, this is a world class kvetch. Attention must be paid! - Variety

April 8, 2005
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center Renberg Theatre, Hollywood, California

written and performed by Michael Z. Keamy

Directed by Curt Miller
Presented by Electric Productions

Using his own body as a filter, Michael puzzles his way through body language, the fitness craze, yoga, art, sex, and death, in a fascinating, funny search for wholeness. A highly physical, comedic and dramatic performance piece detailing one man痴 search for balance mind, soul, and body within a culture in desperate need of integration.

Playwright and actor Michael Z.Keamy graduated from Emerson College and the A.R.T. at Harvard. He was a featured performer with Triangle Theatre Company with leading roles in 釘ent, 典he Lisbon Traviata, and the Boston Premiere of 鄭dam and the Experts. He has also performed with Centastage, Threshold Theatre and The Provincetown Repertory Theatre. He is the writer and director of 填nlaunch壇 Voices: an evening with Walt Whitman, which is currently being performed nationally.

Body/Works premiered at The Provicetown Theater, August 2004.

April 28, 2005
The Theatre at Machine, 1254 Boylston St., Boston, Massachusetts

覧覧 May 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

The Mermaid
By Mark Finley

Nathan Johnson, Derek Staranowski
Photo: Doric Wilson  

Directed by Barry Childs
Produced by Marlon Hurt and Doric Wilson

Judith begins her career as an actress at an Indiana college in 1962. Martin and his partner Ken prepare, in 1998, to adopt a child in Manhattan. Two stories, simultaneously told, reveal how the actions we take influence people we may never know.

Cast includes: Paul Caiola, Gail Dennison, Nathan Johnson, Rachel Eve Moses, Karen Stanion, Derek Staranowski, Joe Tuttle.

May 5, 2005
Where Eagles Dare Theatre, New York, New York

Making Porn
By Ronnie Larsen

Preston Britton, Sean Davis, Matthew Rush
Photos: Dean Keefer  

Directed by Ronnie Larsen
Produced by Caryn Horwitz

An examination of the lives of six people making porn, while exploring the 妬ns and 登uts of the gay adult porn business.

Cast includes: Preston Britton, Sean Davis, Matthew Rush, and others.

May 11, 2005
Baltimore Theatre Project, Baltimore, Maryland

Vox Femina Los Angeles and the Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers

Experience the joy, vibrancy and life of African American choral music, from its rich and deep historical rooots to its modern innovative expression.

Saturday May 12, 2005 - 8pm
Wilshire United Methodist Church, Los Angeles, California

Planet of the Bisexuals
Written and performed by David Chapman
Poster: Diana Chapman  

Directed by Michael Fosberg
Produced by The Bailiwick Repertory Theatre

Voyaging from the core of the sun to the outermost TNOs (Trans-Neptunian Objects, or perhaps Terrifying Naked Orgies), David attempts to discover what it means to be not one, not the other, and not both. An hilarious portrayal of the Solar System as a sexual identity obstacle course. Was Mercury that hot soccer player at summer camp? Wasn稚 Venus the sultry vegetarian you dated in high school? Who cares about gender, when you are being bombarded by asteroids? Space helmets not provided.

May 17, 2005
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Sunrize: The Musical
Written and performed by Joseph Ritsch

Joseph Ritsch
Photo: Ron Lasko/Spin Cycle  

Directed by Billy Mitchell
Produced by Sunrize Productions

A rare, intimate, live concert evening which tells the story of Ms. Sunrize Highway痴 life in 典he Biz. The show features unique renditions of showstoppers from Broadway and beyond, interspersed with Ms. Highway痴 whimsical reflections, winsome musings, sage advice, cautionary tales, and insightful showbiz stories.

Sunrize Highway is a loving satire of the great divas of contemporary musical theater, and is the creation of New York native, Joseph Ritsch. The character of Sunrize Highway, a rising musical theater ingenue, has appeared in four full-length solo shows and has been presented at venues including FEZ, The Duplex, Don稚 Tell Mama, Judy痴, and The Lounge at elmo in NYC, as well as Fire Island痴 Ice Palace and The Tides, Toronto痴 Buddies in Bad Times Theater, and for four summer seasons aboard the Martha Jefferson Cruise Line.

添ou値l laugh so hard tears will roll down your cheeks! - New York Newsday

May 26, 2005
The Alibi Bar & Cabaret, Provincetown, Massachusetts

Written by Alan Sharpe

Brock 敵. McClung, Monte J. Wolfe, Eric Nicholson
David Richardson, Marlon Anthony Russ               
Photo: Alan Sharpe  

A reading, directed and produced by Alan Sharpe
Presented by African-American Collective Theater

Homophobic violence on a respected, 塗istorically Black college campus threatens the academic and personal lives of a young, gay, professor and the endangered freshman victim he attempts to empower.

Cast includes: Monte J. Wolfe, David Richardson, Marlon Eric Nicholson, Marlon Anthony Russ, Brock 敵. McClung.

Presented in observance of 15th annual D.C. Black Lesbian and Gay Pride Weekend. HIV+, playwright and director Alan Sharpe痴 play has been selected for Juneteenth Legacy Theatre痴 笛amboree Festival of New Plays, June 10, 2005 in Louisville, Kentucky

May 29, 2005
Round House Theater, Silver Spring, Maryland

覧覧 June 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Hush Up, Sweet Charlotte
An adaptation, collaboratively written

Matthew Martin
Photo source: ?  

Directed by Matthew Martin
Produced by Steve Murray
Presented by Make It So Productions

A larger-than-life production staring two of the (literally) biggest drag personalities working today. A side-spliting parody of the original book and cult film 滴ushHush, Sweet Charlotte (1964), staring Bette Davis and Olivia DeHavilland.

Matthew Martin plays Charlotte. Jeffery Roberson (Varla Jean Merman) plays Miriam.

Cast also includes: André C. Andrée, Michael Sousa, Sandra Schlechter, Erika Atkinson, Vince Calabrese, Kai Brothers.

June 1, 2005
Lorainne Hansberry, San Francisco, California

Written and performed by Jeanie Antolini

Jeanie Antolini
Graphic: Jeanie Antolini  

Destiny or predisposition? At the moment of conception, did the Supreme Being spin the giant 展heel of Misfortune and I ended up with the consolation prize? What triggered my early onset of dykness? How do you explain a little girl痴 penchant for Hai Karate cologne? If I could do it again, what would my choice be? A 1.5 woman show, that explores sexuality.

Cast includes: Jeanie Antolini, Ruth Wyand

泥ykapalooza has been selected to be performed at the New York International Fringe Festival in August 2005.

June 3, 2005
The Blackbox at Monmouth Piano, Neptune, New Jersey

Draw! Dance! and Die!
Written by Bill Bryant and Joshua Q. Lubarr

Cadry Nelson, Andy Bakkum, Kelly Grete Ehlert
Photo: Mayze James  

Directed by Jessica Schroeder
Produced by Outlaw Style Thrance Co.

A wild west, genderbent tale of a female gunslinger, her family, and the fight to take over the little town of Shakespeare, New Mexico.

Cast includes: Andy Bakkum, Kelly Grete Ehlert, Cadry Nelson, Melinda Kramer, Andrew Hernon, Joseph Beck, Victor Isaac, Konima Parkinson-Jones, Michelle O誰eil, Courtney Berlo.

June 3, 2005
Studio/Stage, Los Angeles, Calif.

Elizabeth Rex
Written by Timothy Findley

Elizabeth Rex
from the show痴 poster by John Eue  

Directed by Robin Johnson
Produced by The New Place

In 1601, the first Queen Elizabeth, visits William Shakespeare痴 acting troupe for distraction on the eve of her lover痴 death. William also faces losing a man he loves. Ned Lowenscoft, a gay actor who specializes in playing women, is dying. Ned and the queen must come to terms with who they truly are, and how they will cope with the inevitable. To do so, the Queen strikes a bargain: 的f you will teach me how to be a woman, I will teach you how to be a man.

Cast includes: Robin Johnson, Jeff Huset, Bob Webster, Michael R. Mikula, H. Wesley McClain, Joanne Voves, Craig Anderson, Isabel Nelson, Geoffrey Frethem, Korey Houska, Randy Kapelke, Benjamin Latz, Keith Reed, Daniel Sassenberg, Mary Jo Andrusko.

的t is a moment of peerless clarity, one that can happen only, as playwright Findley has again shown us, on the stage. - Time Magazine

典he unmasking of queen and actor makes for powerful drama. - Variety

June 9, 2005
Anne Simley Theatre, Hamline University, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Street Theater
Written by Doric Wilson

Steve Soto, Justin Hilt, Brandon St. John
Photo: Danny Ducello  

Directed by Danny P. Ducello
Produced by George Kessinger, Terry Norman, Georgie痴 Alibi

Street Theater is a graphical farce about life on the streets of Greenwich Village in the hours just prior to the raid on the Stonewall Inn and the ensuing riots in June of 1969.

Cast includes: Justin Hilt, John Hernandez, Kim Colangelo, Kelly Klingman, Sam Yazbeck, Jason Basilico, Brandon St. John, Steve Soto, Danny Ducello, Tom Lacey, Sean Muldoon, Sean Davis, Atilla Mathé

June 9, 2005
Gay and Lesbian Community Center of South Florida, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Talking a Blue Streak
Written and performed by Kate Clinton (The Lesbian Jon Stewart)

Kate Clinton
Photo: Irene Young  

Produced by Brava Theater Center

Kate riffs from the trenches of her U.S.O. (Utah Seems Odd) Tour, from the tiny island nation of New York City, to her favorite blue and red states, including the permanent vegetative state of Florida. She encounters blue state folks with such a level of post-traumatic-stress they could use a pill the size of a hubcap. Meanwhile, red state folks celebrate the return of the original girlie-man to the White House, Mr. Karen Hughes, who is all set to co-produce 摘xtreme Makeover: the International Edition with Condi Rice.

On the Pope front, Kate was shocked to find she wasn稚 even mentioned in the will, given her role as Irreverend of a Queer Nation that has proven to be the quintessential wedgie issue. That痴 right, queers are the butt thong between the cheek of the church and the cheek of the state.

June 10, 2005
Brava Theater Center, San Francisco, California

Writen and directed by Alan Sharpe

Brock 敵. McClung, Monte J. Wolfe, Eric Nicholson
David Richardson, Marlon Anthony Russ               
Photo: Alan Sharpe  

Produced by Lorna Littleway / Juneteenth Legacy Theatre

Homophobic violence on a respected, 滴istorically Black college campus threatens both the academic and personal lives of a young, gay, professor and the endangered freshman victim he attempts to empower.

Cast includes: Monte J. Wolfe, David Richardson, Eric Nicholson, Marlon Anthony Russ, Brock 敵. McClung

The African-American Collective Theater (ACT) of Washington, DC, performs in Louisville, as a featured selection of Juneteenth Legacy Theatre痴 6th Anniversary 笛uneteenth Jamboree.

June 10, 2005
Actors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville, KY

Watch me Shine
Book and lyrics by Adam Sandel
Music by Richard Link

Arthur Scappaticci, Estelle Mays, Kieleil De Leon
Paige Boston, Nick Kealy
Photo: Kent Taylor  

Directed and produced by Adam Sandel and Richard Link

An irreverent, 80-year history and social evolution musical revue of the gay and lesbian experience, which takes place in about an hour.

An official event of San Francisco Pride 2005.

Cast includes: Paige Boston, Kieleil de Leon, Nick Kealy, Estelle Mays, Arthur Scappaticci, Jeffrey van Dyke.

June 15, 2005
Michael痴 Octavia Lounge, San Francisco, California

Written and performed by Tim Miller

Tim Miller
Photo: John Aigner  

Producer: Jon Imparato/Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

A fast, funny and furious re-thinking of the broadway musical as inspiration for radical politics and queer identity. Exploring such issues as gay marriage, exile and the injustices lesbian and gay people face in the USA, 填S continues in the classic Tim Miller tradition: a funny, sassy, pissed-off exploration of the crazy-making contradictions in America痴 tortured attitudes toward LGBT people.

Nominated for the 2004-2005 Drama Desk Award for Best Solo Performance.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

June 17, 2005
Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Hollywood, California

Mommie Queerest
Written by Jamie Morris

Brooks Braselman, Jamie Morris
Photo: Mitch Soileau; Poster: Dustin Woehrmann  

Directed by Christopher Kenney
Produced by Tom Whitman and Joe Everett Michaels

Featuring an all-male cast, 溺ommie Queerest tells the now-famous story of movie star Joan Crawford and her tumultuous relationship with adopted daughter Christina.

But what if all those years Joan was really a man? And not just any man in drag, but the true Queen of Hollywood. For years she fooled the studio, her fans, her kids, and the world. That is until Christina finds out, plots her revenge, and publishes a scathing tell-all entitled 泥addy Dearest. Even then, it痴 Joan who has the last laugh.

Cast includes: *Brooks Braselman, *Jamie Morris, *Bradley Griffith, and Brian Rooney. [* original L.A. cast members]

2004 LA WEEKLY THEATER AWARDS for 溺ommie Queerest
      Best Direction (Comedy) - Christopher Kenney
      Best Comedy Performance - Brooks Braselman
      Best Comedy Performance - Jamie Morris
      Best Adaptation - Jamie Morris

June 17, 2005
Hudson Backstage Theatre, Hollywood, California

Jeb & Dash
Written by Michael Conley

Nick Scarnati (Jeb), Jerry Gibson (Dash)
Photo: Ken Terrell  

Directed by Ken Terrell
Produced by the Curan Repertory Company (NYC)

During the 20s and 30s, seven gay men in Washington, D.C. join to create their own vision of 吐amily. A true story of gay pioneers, presented to coincide with the lesbian and gay pride celebrations in New York City.

Based on the book of the same title by Ina Russell. The playwright, San Diego-based Michael Conley, will be in New York for the entire week.)

Cast includes: Cassandra Cruz, Brandon deSpain, Jerry Gibson, Terron Jones, Christopher Lococo, Alvaro Manrique, Yosvany Reyes, Nick Scarnati, Brian Shaer, Virginia Stringel

June 22, 2005
American Theatre of Actors, New York, New York

The Temperamentals
Written by Jon Marans

Mattachine Society Founding Members, c.1951
Harry Harry (top)
Dale Jennings, Rudi Gernrich, Stan Witt, Bob Hull,
Chuck Rowland (wearing glasses),

Paul Benard (often misspelled 釘ernard)
Photo: Jim Gruber  

Directed by Mark Ramont
Produced by The Moral Values Festival at the Brick Theater

Young, communist Harry Hay and the Viennese refugee Rudi Gernreich fall in love. They combine forces to build the first gay, political organization in America, an unprecedented, and highly dangerous undertaking.

典emperamental was a code word for a gay person during the 50s. This is a reading of Marans play. He wrote 徹ld Wicked Songs, a Pulitizer Prize finalist.

Cast includes: Arnie Burton, Tom Beckett, Andrew Nelson, Matthew Schneck, and Michael Urie.

June 25, 2005
Brick Theater, Williamsburg, New York

覧覧 July 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Le Boudoir - 12th Edition
Written and directed by Miriam Ginestier and Nathalie Claude

Tap Rockettes from 2002
Photo: Marik Boudreau  

Produced by OUT Productions

= Meow Mix pre-party
July 1, 2005
With Lesbians on Ecstasy and guest DJ
La Sala Rossa, Montreal, QC, Canada

= Le Boudoir
July 2, 2005 - 9pm
A magical evening of retro entertainment, silent films, circus acts, and dance in a magnificent restored theatre. Inspired by early forms of Burlesque, Vaudeville and turn-of-the-century Music Hall, Le Boudoir echoes an artistic period of innovation and subversion in an historic, glamorous environment. A mainstay of the underground cultural scene, Montreal痴 hottest sapphic event has been dazzling audiences for 12 years. Surrounding the main event are a pre-party on Friday night, and an all-day brunch social on Sunday afternoon.

Cast includes the Harlem Shake (San Francisco), Les Walkyries, La Flor de la Canela, the Tap Rockettes, Sasha Van Bon Bon and Christopher Noelle.

La Flor de la Canela from 2004
Photo: Sasha Brunelle  
Nathalie Claude痴 latest Vaudeville-musical, 鏑es Mauvaises Filles, features Suzanne Lemoine, Alexis O辿ara and Leni Parker, and renowned ragtime pianist, Mimi Blais.

After-party event with disk jockey Denise Benson

Corona Theatre, Montreal, QC, Canada
Information: 514-409-BOUT;

= All-day Vegetarian Brunch
July 3, 2005
Café Esperanza, Montreal, QC, Canada

Stories Mostly About Sex!
Written and directed by Greg Walloch

Greg Walloch
Photo: ?  

Produced by Dixon Place

Greg Walloch appears for this one night stand to turn up the heat.

Walloch痴 work consists of semi-autobiographical 斗ife and times monologues on a bare stage, in a style characterized by humor, poignancy, and sexuality. The power of his work is simply his story.

This performance is a Dixon Place exclusive, part of the HOT Festival痴 Veteran Series.

Walloch has appeared in Moscow, Toronto, Vancouver, London, Australia, Ireland, Germany, and across the United States in such places as the Mark Taper Forum, Guggenheim Soho, The Public Theater, Westbeth Theater Center, New York Theater Workshop, The Knitting Factory, Catch A Rising Star, Caroline痴 Comedy Club, Stand-Up NY, Ps 122, Gotham Comedy Club, The Comic Strip, and The Howard Stern Show.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

July 6, 2005
The Marquee, New York, New York

The Importance of Being Dolly
Written by Lily Sauvage

Lily Sauvage
Photo: ?  

Directed by Tom Groenwald
Produced by Bill Kaiser/The Purple Circuit

Down-on-her-luck L.A. actress Marguerite Davis hasn稚 had a juicy part for a year, so she creates one for herself in the form of a fabulously, tragic, one-woman show based on the life of Oscar Wilde痴 heartbreaking niece Dolly. Brilliant, sexy, drug-addicted, and famously gay Dolly promises to be the break-through role of Marguerite痴 career. But on the night of final dress rehearsal Marguerite has a break through of a very different kind.

Cast includes: Joey Bell, Marie Benoit, Kimberly Crowe, Tom Groenwald, Barry Saltzman, Lily Sauvage, Ursula Schmidt, Bibi Tinsley. Stage directions read by Ela Marin.

July 9, 2005
ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, California

Dress Up
Written and performed by Carole Cook

Directed by Tom Troupe and David Galligan
Produced by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

Carole Cooke recalls her life growing up in Texas, and her legendary career. Stories, songs and humor all collide in an hilarious evening, with Cook all dressed up, and making the most of it.

Stage, film, and television actress Cooke痴 performance has been hailed as a 登ne woman 舛horus Line.

July 16, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Written and performed by Dan Rothenberg

Dan Rothenberg
Photo: ?  

Directed and produced by Dan Rothenberg

After dating for six months, Dan has decided that Steph is the woman he wants to marry. But before posing the question, Dan needs to tell Steph one little thing. Nothing big, just that he had a couple of gay sexual experiences. Well, three years worth.

This one-man, autobiographical show is an hilarious exploration of the fluidity of sexuality, and how it effects those caught in the middle.

滴is honesty, affability and good timing have made him a favorite. - Jane Ganahl, San Francisco Examiner

July 21, 2005
Phoenix Arts Association Theater, San Francisco, California

覧覧 August 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Street Theater
Written by Doric Wilson

Adam Hawkins, Rikki Red
Photo: Carlos Gonzalez  

Directed by Todd Blauvelt and Donald James
Produced by New Orleans Alliance of Pride, Acting Executive Producer

A farce about life in June 1969 Greenwich Village, New York, in the hours just prior to the raid on the Stonewall Inn, and during the ensuing 鉄tonewall Riots, which marked the birth of the modern gay and lesbian liberation movement.

Cast includes: Steven Patrick, Jamie Temple, Cammie West, Adam Hawkins, Jim Beeson, Winston Gray, Rommel Cummins, Dave Fuller, Ricki Redd, Michael Castrillio, Chris Schlumbrecht, Nancy Hammons, Carlos Gonzales, Michael Maggio.

August 4, 2005
Marigny Theater, New Orleans, Louisiana

Written by Jack Heifner

Peter Sundby, Richard Gee
Photo source: Juhani Naukkarinen  

Directed by Peter Bull
Produced by Shamelessboyz Theatre Company

A raunchy and erotic modern day gay interpretation of 鏑a Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler.

Cast includes: Adam Blake, Richard Gee, Phil Price, Peter Sundby, Graham Townsend, Gareth Watkins.

鉄exually, it痴 as full-blooded as a randy bull on Viagra! See it now! - QX Magazine

典he perfect balance between drama and comedy -

August 12, 2005
NY International Fringe Festival, New York, New York

Written, directed, and produced by Jeanie Antolini

Jeanie Antolini
Graphic: Jeanie Antolini  

Destiny or Pre-disposition? How do you explain a little girl痴 love for Hai karate cologne? If Jeanie Antolini could do it again, what would her choice be?

A New York City debut, Dykapalooza is part of the New York International Fringe Festival.

August 12, 2005
Ace of Clubs, New York, New York

Cucumber Dreams
Written and performed by Michael Burke
Directed by Mitchell Polin
Produced by The 4th Annual Single File Festival

Michael Burke
Photo: Aron Kantor  

Burke humorously explores queer identity, dating, prostitution, politics, pop culture, conspiracy theories, homosexual monkeys, and vegetables.

Highlights include a detailed account of Michael痴 worst date which involves cucumbers helpful gardening tips, and striptease galore.

釘urke has a stand-up痴 timing and a dancer痴 grace. - Patrick Rapa, Philadelphia City Paper

的 loved Cucumber Dreams! Burke痴 honesty and naughty Tin Tin meets Candide queer narratives are a joy. - Tim Miller

August 19, 2005
Breadline Theater, Chicago, Illinois

Mapplethorpe: The Opening
Written and performed by Brian Quirk

Directed by John Stix and associate director J. Clint Allen
Produced by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

Brian Quirk brings the art world to life depicting famous patrons, such as Diane Vreeland, Andy Warhol, and Patti Smith, as these figures from Robert Mappelthorpe痴 life respond to his graphic photographic work. The play leaves the audience inspired and assaulted but most of all, feeling like a VIP guest in the provocative world of the 70s downtown art scene.

This bold, solo piece was inspired by Mapplethorpe痴 first sex photography show.

August 27, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

覧覧 September 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Edward II
Written by Bertolt Brecht
Directed by Gabriel Shanks
Produced by Creative Mechanics Theatre Company

The play shows the rise and fall of the infamous, openly homosexual Plantagenet king of England, whose battles with a despotic and ambitious ruling class led to his deposition and murder.

Brecht casts a sharp and searing commentary on the nature of society and war.

Cast includes: Willie LeVasseur, Noshir Dalal, Janice Herndon, Frank Blocker, Joshua Marmer, Josh Billig, Oscar Castillo, John Dohrmann, Christian Felix, R.J. Foster, Avi Glickstein, Damian Houston, Jefferey James Keyes, Shannon Maddox, Christopher McAllister, and Matthew Trumbull.

September 8, 2005
Bank Street Theatre, New York, New York

The Mitchells

Greg Wolf, Larrs Jackson
Photo: G. Bruce Smith  

Written by G. Bruce Smith
Directed by Jonathan Levit
Produced by Ruskin Group Theatre and Playwrights 6

Young, gay Sean Mitchell needs to figure out how to come out to his conservative parents before being outed on a nationally broadcast Diane Sawyer TV news special.

The comedy is based on 鼎hristmas with the Mitchells, a one-act that was a finalist in the 2003 GLAAD L.A. Outstanding Theatre Awards.

Cast includes: Larrs Jackson, Morris Nash, Lisa Robert, Peter James Smith, Amy Tofte, Jamie Virostko and Greg Wolf.

September 11, 2005
Ruskin Group Theatre, Santa Monica, California

Older! Uglier! Meaner!

John Cantwell, Nora Burns, Terrence Michael
From the poster by David DeLeon  

Written, directed and produced by The Nellie Olesons

The Nellies satire everyone from pathetic office workers and orgasmic newscasters, to c*nt supreme Ann Coulter and political pawn Terri Schiavo. An hour of 23 sketches with bad wigs, sexy costumes, and high-heels galore.

Heavily influenced by music, dance and classic films like 撤sycho, 敵rey Gardens, and 溺ommie Dearest, the Nellies delve into a twisted and surreal world full of queeny choreography, and maybe even a glimpse of mangina (or two). Like a suburban dad who leaves his doting wife, and well-manicured lawn, to spend time with a dirty whore, a night with the Nellies will leave you exhausted and a little sore.

Cast includes: Nora Burns, John Cantwell and Terrence Michael.

The Nellies recently headlined L.A.痴 first gay and lesbian comedy festival, 徹utlaugh!, and, in June, inaugurated New York痴 hottest (literally) new performance space, Ace of Clubs.

September 15, 2005
Cavern Club Theater in the Casita Del Campo Mexican Restaurant, Silverlake, California

September 29, 2005
Davidson/Valentini Theater, Gay and Lesbian Center, Los Angeles, California
Joined by the real Nellie Oleson, actress/activist/gay icon, Alison Arngrim.

A Corner of the World
Poster: Ben Olson  

Written by: Bridget Carpenter, Julia Cho, Jordan Harrison, Itamar Moses, and Chay Yew
Directed by Jessica Finney
Produced by Emigrant Theater

A teenage Republican blogs in the Midwest. A Thai hustler makes ends meet. Strangers yearn for connection. In the aftermath of the tsunami, disparate lives intertwine in this commissioned collaboration by five of America痴 top playwrights.

Cast includes: Sasha Andreev, Katie Leo, Erik Pearson, Kendyl Joi Watson, Lina Wiksten

September 15, 2005
The Playwrights Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The House of Bernarda Alba

Katie Johnson
Photo: Jason Fleitz  

Written by Federico Garcia Lorca
Newly translated by Nilo Cruz and Karin Coonrod
Directed by Julieanne Ehre
Produced by Greasy Joan & Co. Classic Theatre. Contemporary Edge

Power, desire, and betrayal brings a family to tragic ends. The play portrays how authoritarian repression of individual freedom destroys us.

Cast includes: Anne Adams, Marilyn Bielby, Lynn Hall, Salena Hanrahan, Katie Johnson, and Kristina Klemetti.

The play was Lorca痴 last, written two months before the Fascists shot him to death at the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War. He was targeted because of his left-wing politics, and also because of his homosexuality.

A world premiere translation by Pulitzer prize-winning playwright Nilo Cruz, and Karin Coonrod

September 25, 2005
Victory Gardens Theater, Chicago, Illinois

The Bubble

Tom Patterson, Guenia Lemos, Justin D. Quackenbush
Photo: Evan Sung  

Written and directed by Frank J. Avella
Produced by New Cockpit Ensemble

Phil is a repressed, closeted, gay playwright who creates a potpourri of colorful characters for his new stage play. Phil痴 creations give a glimpse into the crackpot mind of a randy scribe on the verge of a meltdown. During rehearsals, Phil seduces Lawrence, the twinkie actor who happens to be doing Xavier, the bombastic diva leading man.

This edgy, lunatic farce also explores Phil痴 equally colorful home life, which includes his cousin Steve, an Auntie Mame with a dick, and the crush he may have on his usually-naked, younger brother.

Cast includes: Joe Pistone, Guenia Lemos, Brian Townes, Marie Lazzaro, Justin D. Quackenbush, Wind Klaison, Tom Patterson.

September 27, 2005
Bank Street Theatre, New York, New York

SLAMBoston - Diverse Voices In Theatre

Emily Evans, Richard Roberts
in 典en Minutes with Julia Roberts
Richard played Julia. He is in 哲eitzsche Ate Here
Photo: Judy Sclarsky  

Produced by Another Country Productions

Eight, 10-minute works will be presented for the judges to score Olympic-style in a two-night celebration of multicultural theater.

With minimum set and props, plays by women, men, people of color, gay men, and lesbians compete to enter the Grand Slam the best of the best.

Sarah and Samuel
by K.L. Kaye - directed by Deidre Purcell
Cast: Dylan Levers, Bertie Payne-Strange

by Robert Mattson - directed by David Frank
Cast: DeWayne Nelson, Lanny Rubin

And All the Roses Falling
by E.M. Lewis - directed by Foster Johns
Cast: Darren Kersey, Dylan Levers

Maternal Instincts
by Sherry Bonder and Tim Deal - directed by Ava Geffen
Cast: Diane DeCoste, Chris Wolfskehl, Yvonne Murphy, Emily Evans

Brown Rice and OJ
by Brenda Bell Brown - directed by Will Luera
Cast: Cheryl Singleton, Shauday Johnson-Jones, Dimie Poweigha

Neitzsche Ate Here
by Roy Berkowitz - directed by Daniel Bourque
Cast: Richard Roberts, Debbie Friedlander

My Sister Underground
by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher - directed by Janet Neely
Cast: Lorna McKenzie, Amie Brehm, Will ___?

The Racing Life
by Steve Totland - directed by Adam Sussman
Cast: Russ Woron-Simons, Born Bi Kim

September 27, 2005
Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts


Colin Stuart, Scott Cox
Photo: Lois Tema  

Written by Terrence McNally
Directed by Ed Decker
Produced by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

A high-profile TV producer is violently murdered by a Jesuit priest. As the eleven diverse characters explore the events leading up to this tragedy, they discover a labyrinth of relationships, secrets and revelations that span from New York, to San Francisco, to Los Angeles. Using multiple story-lines, the play explores the interconnectedness between us all within the social networks of family, community, and faith.

Award-winning, gay playwright Terrence McNally was commissioned to write this gay-themed play by the New Conservatory Theatre Center for its Pride Season. Almost all the characters in Crucifixion are gay or lesbian.

Cast includes: Paul Araquistain, Camilla Busnovestsky, Lissie Calogero, Scott Cox, Brad Cooreman, Cheryl Smith, Patrick Michael Dukeman, Amanda King, Andrew Nance, Colin Stuart, and Rick Wixo.

September 28, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Seventeen [Anonymous] Women

Written by Carolyn Guillet
Directed by Diana Fajrajsl
Produced by Infinitheatre

Each one of these women is on the verge of apocalyptic discovery, outrageous revelation. Aged 17-71, these very different characters speak of hysterical truth and wild beauty. A vision of an acceptance of our noisy, messy, ever-evolving humanity.

Written, directed and performed by women, this new creation addresses issues that all women, straight, gay, and transgendered can relate to. Every woman will see herself on stage. Men will see a play that is completely unwilling to vilify or degrade men.

Cast includes: Jane Gilchrist, Michelle Girouard, Alexandria Haber, Djennie LaGuerre, Adrianne Richards, Renée Madeleine LeGuerrier, Felicia Shulman.

September 29, 2005
Bain St-Michel, Montréal, Québec, Canada

Before I Disappear

Alexandra Billings
Photo: Jennifer Gerald  

Written and performed by Alexandra Billings
Directed by Mary Beidler Gearen
Produced by Lampkin Music Group & MBG Productions, Inc.

A roller coaster journey from boyhood, to womanhood to the center of the world of transgendered rising star Alexandra Billings. The performance builds bridges through humor, drama, and song, however, it is not for the faint of heart. Fasten your seat belts.

September 30, 2005
Avery Schrieber Theatre, North Hollywood, California

覧覧 October 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Family Jewels: The Making of Veronica Klaus

Veronica Klaus
photo: Kent Taylor  

Written and performed by Veronica Klaus
Directed by Jeffrey Hartgraves
Produced by Steinbeck Productions with the Theatre Rhinoceros

A depiction of a personal revolution from Midwestern small town, schoolboy, husky boy to voluptuous, glamorous, Bay Area chanteuse. Veronica Klaus has been a featured artist in concerts, theatre and cabarets since 1989.

A special benefit to raise money for beloved theater director, playwright and actor Jeffrey Hartgraves as he battles bone cancer.

滴andsomely created with and directed by Jeffrey Hartgraves Klaus is indeed a legitimate singer you値l adore Family Jewels - Bay Area Reporter

Veronica Klaus was named 釘est Chanteuse by the San Francisco Bay Guardian in 2004.

October 2, 2005
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

Dark Horse, Indiana
Written by Eric Barry

Directed by Eric Barry and ensemble
Produced by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

Using allegory and fantasy to dissect the notions of the American family, media and politics, we see a world where homosexuality is the norm, and being straight is a crime.

A biting social satire, the play comes directly from its world premiere at this year痴 Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland. This production is the U.S. premiere.

Cast includes: Eric Barry, Josh Forum, Jay Kerzner, Olivia Rosaldo-Pratt, Rachel Schlessinger.

October 15, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Building Houses on the Moon
Written by Jeffrey Solomon

Carlo D但more, Emily Weiner
photo: Amy Elliott  

Directed by Jeffrey Solomon
Produced by: Houses on the Moon Theatre Co.

A remarkable mosaic of stories that evoke the isolation, as well as the courage and hopefulness of youth on the frontier of inclusion.

Inspired by internet posts from lesbian, gay, bi and trans youth, the play has been embraced by student groups and educators as a powerful tool for change. It was featured at the National 2003 GLSEN 典eaching Respect for All conference. This production won the Awards for 釘est Playwright and 釘est Male and Female Performance for an Ensemble at the 2004 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival.

Cast includes: Carlo D但more and Emily Weiner

典houghtful, at times funny, and often extraordinary theater piece! - Inside Out

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

October 19, 2005 - North Huntington High School, New Jersey
October TBA, 2005 - Miss Hall痴 School, Massachusetts

Things You Shouldn稚 Say Past Midnight
A comedy in three beds
Written by Peter Ackerman

  Davie Neufeld, Sally Clawson,
Dracy Brown-Martin, Robert Anthony Peters  
photo: Dale Albright  

Directed by Bobby Weinapple
Produced by Dale Albright and Bob Miller

Three pairs of lovers try to enjoy a night of romance, each in their own unique way. However, each couple is blocked from satisfaction by a mixture of circumstance, honesty, stubbornness, identity, and selfishness. A disagreement during sex leads Nancy to believe that her boyfriend, Ben, may be gay. He sends her out of his bedroom and into the apartment of her friend Grace.

Grace is being visited by a hit man at the time, but that痴 a good thing. Nancy痴 arrival prompts Grace to call Gene痴 brother Mark, a gay therapist of questionable repute, who has an interesting visitor of his own. All three couples end up connected by an uproarious conference call with hilarious results.

Cast includes: Remi Barron, Darcy Brown-Martin, Sally Clawson, David Neufeld, Robert Anthony Peters and Chris Yule.

October 20, 2005
Phoenix Theater, San Francisco, California

Love Scenes
Written by David Pumo

Directed by Donna Jean Fogel
Produced by the New Conservatory Theatre Center

A sexy, funny look at gay New Yorkers falling in and out of love. Among the multitude of characters solo performer Moe Bertain portrays, there is a twenty-year old hustler falling for his kinky mentor, a fifty-something martini drinker whose partner wants to have a sexually open relationship, and a drag diva ending her search for a rich husband, only to settle for true love.

Cast: Moe Bertain

October 22, 2005
New Conservatory Theatre Center, San Francisco, California

Written and performed by Dan Guerrero

Directed by Diane Rodriguez
Produced by Brava Theater Center

A father and son relationship, as well as a treasured boyhood friendship with Carlos Almaraz (who became a internationally renowned artist before dying of AIDS in 1989), drive the piece through decades of Chicano history and the gay experience from a unique perspective.

Dan Guerrero, son of Chicano music legend Lalo Guerrero, takes us on a remarkable fifty-year journey in story and song from Cesar Chavez to Sondheim from East L.A., to NYC痴 敵reat White Way, and back to Hollywood.

When Dan痴 father was composing classic Mexican anthems like 鼎ancion Mexicana and 哲unca Jamas, little Danny was lip-syncing in the basement to Ethel Merman and Judy Garland records. And when Lalo finally made it to Broadway with his music for Zoot Suit, Dan had moved from song-and-dance man to Broadway agent.

October 28, 2005
Brava Theater Center, San Francisco, California

Coffeehouse Chronicles Robert Patrick
Written by Robert Patrick

Robert Patrick
1967 / 2005
photos: Fred W. McDarrah / Ross J. McLean  

Coffeehouse Chronicles directed by Chris Kapp, Michael Arian
Produced by Ellen Stewart

Mirage directed by Robert Dahdah

First, a one-hour videotape of the life and career of playwright Robert Patrick.

Second, a live production of Robert Patrick痴 first play at the La Mama, 溺irage (1965).

Cast of 溺irage includes: Sasha Painter and Brian Trybom.

October 29, 2005
La Mama E.T.C., New York, New York

Naked Boys Singing!

Josh Schumaker, Anthony Huntoon, Jeffrey
Trowbridge, Josh Perkins, Josh Wetzel
Photo: Melody Caranza  

Conceived by Robert Schrock
Directed by Mark Hooker
Produced by Uncommon Theatre Company

Naked men sing for you.

The long-running, hit, all male musical revue finally can be seen in Milwaukee. In August of 2005, the show was closed by the Milwaukee Vice Squad, but not because of the content of the show. No, the charge was neglecting to file a particular permit; one that was never required in the first place. The boys now return hopefully unmolested for a two month season.

Phil Price

Cast includes: Josh Perkins, Jeffrey M. Trowbridge, Josh Schumaker, Josh Wetzel. British actor Phil Price, of London痴 Shamelessboyz Theatre Co.) joins the cast for the performances on December 8 and 9, 2005.

October 29, 2005
Milwaukee Gay Arts Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

覧覧 November 2005 Openings 覧覧覧


Nathan Frizzell, Cesili Williams
Michael A. Shepperd, Blaine Vedros
Photo: David Elzer  

Written by Christopher Shinn
Directed by Michael Matthews
Produced by Allain Rochel

On Independence Day, a black, closeted, married man dates a 16-year-old white boy he met on the internet. His teenager daughter dates a 20-year-old low-level drug dealer. The two couples discover the limits of desire, and the possibilities for transcendence.

Cast includes: Nathan Frizzell, Blaine Vedros, Michael A. Shepperd, Cesili Williams.

November 4, 2005
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California

It痴 Murder, Mary
Written by Patricia Milton and Andrew Black
Directed by Christopher Jenkins
Produced by the San Francisco Playwrights Center

Nine gay men are trapped in an old, dark house next to the rising Russian River, and the bodies begin piling up and not in a good way. It痴 a scream. It痴 Murder, Mary! One part Agatha Christie, and two parts Bruce Vilanch, add up to a farcical, one-hour, murder mystery comedy staged reading.

Cast includes: Trauma Flintstone, Greg Gutting, Howard Miller, Ed Kimak, Kenyon Brown, Joe Rende, Jason Jeremy.

November 8, 2005
Off-Market Theatre, San Francisco, California

SLAMBoston - Diverse Voices in Theatre
Produced by Another Country Productions

Eight, 10-minute works are presented for the judges to score, Olympic-style, in a two-night celebration of multicultural theater. With minimum set and props, plays by women, men, people of color, gay men and lesbians compete to enter the Grand Slam the best of the best. This is the second in its 2005-2006 monthly SLAM Series.

Satan Offers Lassie a Room of Her Own by Bill Johnson
Directed by Adam Sussman
Cast includes: Emily Evans, Diane DeCoste

Partners by EM (Ellen)Lewis
Directed by Melissa J Wentworth Cast includes: Lyralen Kaye, Angela Gunn, Steve Falcone

Anointed: Verse II by Renee Lucas Wayne
Directed by Ava Geffen
Cast: ?

Something Short of Balance by Roxanne Linnea Ray
Directed by Jeffry Gray
Cast includes: Sheryl Johns, Karen Katz, Bernice Sim, Kelly McCabe

Moving Day by Sandra Perlman
Directed by Bill Doscher
Cast includes: Jeanette Lake Jackson, Paul Shafer, Diana Raiselis, Maria Schaedler

Tough Stains by Roy Berkowitz
Directed by Will Luera
Cast includes: Dylan Levers, Garbin Molina

Checkmate by Edith Weiss
Directed by Deidre Purcell
Cast includes: Born Bi Kim, Don Foley, Emily Evans, Yvonne Murphy

Next by Jewel Seehaus-Fisher
Directed by Krista D但gostino
Cast includes: Amie Brehm, Natasha Carter, Lorna McKenzie, Sheryl Johns, Jackinson Mena

Another Country Production痴 mission is to create a new standard of excellence in theater and film through an absolute commitment to original, innovative and multi-cultural work. Named for the James Baldwin novel that examines cross-race and cross-gender relationships, we are committed to producing new and under represented voices.

November 8, 9, 2005
Devanaughn Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

Upcoming Slams:
January 17, 18, 2006
February 21, 22, 2006
March 28, 29, 2006
April 18, 19, 2006

Written and performed by Todd Milliner and Rob Mello
Produced by Celebration Theatre

In 1985, Gorbechev took office, new Coke came out, and so does the lead character in Celebration痴 first sketch comedy show. A sometimes hilarious, mostly funny, and periodically amusing journey about gay life in 1985. Or just come for the wine.

Todd Milliner was executive producer of 鉄ituation: Comedy on the Bravo channel. Rob Mello was a veteran of The Second City and Improv Olympic in Chicago.

November 11, 2005
Celebration Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Tara痴 Crossing
Written by Jeffrey Solomon

Aundré Chin, Jeffrey Solomon
photo: Ryan Jensen  

Directed by Steve Satta
Produced by Houses on the Moon Theatre Co.

A transgender refugee from Guyana mounts an uphill battle to prove her claims of persecution from within the confines of a U.S. Immigration detention center. The play is one of the first to deal with political asylum for sexual minority refugees, and was inspired by interviews with asylum-seekers from around the world.

Cast includes: Aundré Chin, Emily Weiner, Ian Eaton, Nysheva-Star and Jeffrey Solomon.

迭evealing and Tender - The Village Voice
迭emarkable, Moving and Captivating -
鄭 marvelously poignant story. This one deserves a big audience! - Kate Bornstein

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 17, 2005
New York University, New York, New York

A Queer Carol
Written by Joe Godfrey

Directed by Danny Ducello
Produced by Georgie痴 Alibi and the Wilton Manors Theatre Group

Ebenezer Scrooge is an interior designer. His stern and rigid ways have cost him the love of his life, which makes him a 砺ery rich and very dull, middle-aged man. Tim, Cratchit, and the rest of the characters in Scrooge痴 circle come to life with the help of the Ghost of Christmas Past (Marilyn Monroe) and three more unbelievable 都pirits designed to make you laugh, cry, and love again.

A year 2000, gay version of the Dickens classic set in Manhattan. This wonderfully funny and poignant play about relationships, delivers with colorful, wacky characters. Merry Christmas!

Cast includes: D. Ducello, Tom Lacey, Brandon St. John, Steve Soto, Sean Muldoon, Dwayne Tuttle, Bill Ellis, Nelson Vianey, John Hernandez.

November 30, 2005
Studio at Fort Lauderdale Children痴 Theater, Fort Lauderdale, Florida

覧覧 December 2005 Openings 覧覧覧

Suzanne Westenhoefer

Suzanne Westenhoefer
photo: ?  

Written and performed by Suzanne Westenhoefer

Produced by Brava Theater Center

摘xpect a break from reality and a lot of jokes about everyday life. It痴 not memorized, and it痴 all true, told the way I feel that night. - Suzanne Westenhoefer

This award-winning, comedian presents her solo show for one night only.

Touring for the last 14 years, Suzanne has three best-selling, comedy CDs that have received rave reviews. She was the first openly lesbian performer to have an HBO special show; it was nominated for a Cable Ace Award. She has appeared on 典he Late Show with Dave Letterman.

December 3, 2005
Brava Theater Center, San Francisco, California

Eula Mae痴 Beauty, Bait & Tackle

Will Trice, MaryAnn Walsh,
Frank Blocker, Frank Blocker,
Will Trice

Written by Frank Blocker and Chuck Richards
Directed by Murray Scott Changar
Produced by E-Merging Writers

Eula Mae is expanding her roadside business by adding 礎eauty to her title and to her community. And she is going to have to finally give longtime boyfriend, Carl Joe, an answer to his never ending marriage proposals. Meanwhile, her niece, Rita Mae, is making her ninth attempt at Miss Alabama as her Tammy-Wynette-wannabe mother, Eva Mae, battles it out with alcoholic pageant coach Sue-Sue Daniels. Eula Mae痴 aging, saucy mama provides her pearls of wisdom, 釘eauty is in the eye of the beholder, and if his eye offendeth thee, pluck it out.

鏑augh so hard your stomach will hurt. - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

溺r. Blocker has more than his share of Dame Edna Everage moments. - The New York Times

Cast incudes: Frank Blocker, Will Trice, MaryAnn Walsh.

December 7, 2005
The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, New York, New York

The Breakup Notebook: The Lesbian Musical

Christine Lakin, Deb Snyder
Lori Scarlett, Heidi Godt, Patrick Bristow
photo: Michael Lamont  

Book by Patricia Cotter
Music and lyrics by Lori Scarlett
Directed by Sue Hamilton
Musical direction by David Manning
Produced by Rose Marcario

33-year-old Helen Hill is heartbroken because her girlfriend recently dumped her. Even though stunned, she is determined to find a new partner. With the support of her best gay boyfriend Bob, and her butch/femme gal pals Monica and Joannie, she jumps back into the dating pool.

Cast includes: Whitney Allen, Patrick Bristow, Melody Butiu, Jodi Domenick, Heidi Godt, Christine Lakin, Kara Maguire, Jacqueline Maloney, Amy Reiss, Lori Scarlett, Deb Snyder.

December 10, 2005
The Hudson Backstage, Hollywood, California

Marga Gomez痴 New Year痴 Eve Spectacular
Written and directed by Marga Gomez and Nick Leonard

Marga Gomez
photo: David Wilson  

Produced by Theatre Rhinoceros

Marga will exhaust all remaining civil liberties as she dissects George Bush痴 brain, Karl Rove痴 penis, and propositions Pat Robertson in a salacious, audacious, and brazen display of stand-up comedy. 2005 brought many CIA operatives into Marga痴 boudoir and she will be prepared to leak this information to the audience.

Both shows include a fake midnight countdown, and a real balloon drop. One of the worst years ever will end up bubbly and gay, thanks to the queer comedy stylings of Marga Gomez and her special guest, the dry, loveable Nick Leonard.

Cast includes: Marga Gomez and Nick Leonard.

Before opening her work Off-Broadway in 2006, Marga Gomez will hereby raise a glass (and cash) for the Theatre Rhinoceros.

December 31, 2005
Victoria Theatre, San Francisco, California

覧覧 2005 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

Fresh Fruit
International Festival of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Arts & Culture

From 鄭int We Got Fun by Michael McFaden
Photo: ?  

Artistic Direction by Carol Polcovar
Produced by All Out Arts

This year痴 Festival brings you to the villages of Africa, the punk rock scene, the mean streets of Brooklyn, a speakeasy in Chicago, to Calamity Jane, to the 屠ourney of the soul. Enjoy the wonder and diversity of LGBT lives and talent.

Central to the Festival is the belief that the 吐ruit, 賭ueer, 吐reak, and 努eirdo are essential to the creation of art.

July 11-31, 2005
Multiple locations in New York City

  • Opening Gala at the Museum of Sex - Bananas and Apples, Oh, My!
    Food from the best restaurants in New York, drinks, and a walk through the galleries of sex featuring 溺en Without Suits plus a chance to mingle with the stars of this year痴 Festival.
    July 11, 2005
    Museum of Sex, New York, NY
  • Fresh Fruit Play House and Open Mic - Hosted by Didi Delicious and Clover Honey
    Bring your talent and celebrate the opening of the Festival. 5-6 minutes of anything you want. Arrive fifteen minutes before show time to sign up. Performers who bring a friend are addmitted for free.
    July 12, 2005
    Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
  • The Girl that I Marry starring Elaine St. George
    Soprano Elaine St. George takes a new look at old standards as she sets out her funny, tender, and satiric point of view in favor of same-sex marriage. Tunes by Arlen, Berlin, Kern, Mercer, and Sondheim.
    July 13, 2005
    The Duplex, New York, NY
  • Fresh Fruit Cocktail conceived and directed by Bob Ost
    All un-natural ingredients. A Benefit for the Festival
    MAC award-winning LGBT cabaret artists include: Fred Barton, David Gurland, Marieanne Meringolo, Carolyn Montgomery, Richard Skipper, Marcus Simeone, and John Wallowitch break stereotypes and expectations as they perform songs by the best contemporary LGBT songwriters including: Tom Anderson Fred Barton, Karen Benedetto, Gerry Dieffenbach, Dick Gallagher, Michael Holland, Jeff Matson, Jim Morgan, Bob Ost, and John Wallowitch.
    July 13, 2005
    The Duplex, New York, NY
  • Cocktails with Coward by Daniel Lavender
    的致e been to a marvelous party,
    We didn稚 start dinner till ten,
    And young Bobby Carr,
    Did a stint at the bar,
    With a lot of extraordinary men. - N. Coward
    Sophisticated, witty, brilliant and gay Mr. Coward lit up stages from London to Broadway.
    July 15, 2005
    Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
  • Trans/Gender/Rock Explosion hosted by Robert Urban
    Presented by The Fresh Fruit Festival and Urban Productions
    Party with the girls that rocked rock. Lisa Johnson, Georgie Jessup, Vibralux, Temptress and Buck Shot and Bebe Gun.
    July 16, 2005
    The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
  • Fruit à la Mode, an evening of LGBT poetry curated by Vittoria repetto
    Vittoria heads the Italian-American Writers Association, and hosts Bluestockings Bookstore痴 Women痴 Poetry Jam. Poets include: Ayin Adams, Cheryl B. Ahimsa, Timoteo Bodhrán, CA Conrad, Carol Polcovar, and Vittoria repetto.
    July 19, 2005
    The Bowery Poetry Club, New York, NY
  • Pen Pals by Barbara Kahn
    Imagine an America with right wing Christians in power, and thereby civil rights are destroyed. In this America, two women, one a Christian fundamentalist, the other a radical lesbian, navigate a friendship begun in adolescence.
    July 21, 2005
    The Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Waafrika by Nanna Mwaluko
    In a Kenyan village, a white women and a black women fight to survive where being gay is punishable by death.
    July 21, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Low Brow written and performed by Pedro Angel Serrano
    A gay, skin head, punk rock, elder encounters the gay and punk rock culture, which illuminates a world of hilarious complexity.
    July 31, 2005
    The Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Somewhere in Between by Ronny Almog
    What sex is God? What is a man? A woman? And do we have to choose up side, or is there something in between? Transgender Israeli playwright Ronny Almog and his troop of talented performers challenge our ideas about 鍍he other sex and our own in this clever, funny, multimedia assault on cherished gender notions.
    July 24, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Diagnosis: Jew Pain written and performed by Michael Feldman
    What does a nice Jewish boy do when both the boy and girl next door look equally appealing?
    July 27, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • What痴 Your Problem?! by Hector Coris and Paul L. Johnson
    Saving the world from rampant stupidity is the goal of this fun-filled musical revue. Snappy tunes look at celebrity, love, sex, and the afterlife.
    July 25, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Ain稚 We Got Fun book by Michel McFaden
    In a Chicago prohibition era speakeasy, two boys are in love. They dance, sing, and kiss, all the while fighting obstacles that keeps them apart, including a stock market crash, gangsters, bootlegged alcohol, and the closet. 20s songs include: 敵ay Love, and 滴e痴 a Good Man to Have Around.
    July 28, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Homo Hip Hop Poetry Jam 2 curated by baron
    Top spoken-word LGBT artists amaze with their verbal acrobatics, while revealing the courage and desperation of growing up different in a hostile world.
    July 29, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Master/Bate by Aprilija Luzôr
    Slovenian artist-activist talks about women痴 bodies and sexuality.
    July 30, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
  • Fruit Melange: An evening of short works by women
    July 29, 2005
    Blue Heron Arts Center, New York, NY
    • From Brooklyn to Maui written and performed by Ayin Adams
      African-American poet and performer Ayin explores these Who are we? How do we learn to be ourselves? Where do we belong? as she struggles to find her own place in the universe.
    • Calamity Jane Sends a Message to Her Daughter by Carolyn Gage featuring Leslie Bernardini
      Hear the real Calamity Jane: vulgar, debauched and raunchy. Jane is, as you always imagined, a feisty butch woman.
    • Woman痴 Taxi video by Slovenian artist-activist Aprilija Luzôr
      Women talk about their experiences with rape, violence and its aftermath.
    • Pamachene Belle by Carolyn Gage - featuring Leslie Bernadini
      Cornelia 擢ly Rod Crosby, a 19th century lesbian and first hunting guide in Maine was not the 19th century痴 ideal of womanhood. While she knew and loved Annie Oakley, we witness her struggle to find a place in an inhospitable terrain.
    • Tender Hooks written and performed by Colette Paige
      It isn稚 easy being a mafia wife, especially when your daughter chooses an 殿lternative lifestyle. Collette Paige hilariously takes you through the ins and outs of marriage, divorce, and child-rearing mafia-style.

The 2005 Women痴 Performance Festival
March 11-20, 2005
BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange Brooklyn, New York

March 11-12

  • Ballroom by Danielle Abrams
    Upon retirement, Bob, a ballroom dance teacher, and government employee, hoarded office supplies and Duane Reade痴 out-of-season stock. This is a site visit to Bob痴 garden apartment in Bayside, Queens; a granddaughter痴 inheritance of birthday lists and show tunes, of cleaning up the mess, and of memories as illusory as dancing on clouds.
  • New Work by Melissa Briggs
    BAX Dance Artist in Residence Melissa Briggs presents a new trio with two adult dancers and one young dancer. This piece abstractly examines the idea of age in the female experience.
  • In Heat by Lisa Haas
    Directed by Jocelyn Sawyer
    Cast includes: Kent Gibson and Sally Sockwell
    A satire of a culture where sexual fluidity has more rules than the NFL, and anyone who deviates is thrown into in the penalty box. A lampoon of 斗esbos and their toys, 堵rrls, and 澱ois, and other things that make sex-crazed noise.
March 13, 11
  • The Gathering: A Circle of Women Unbroken
    FREE adult workshop
    Bring: Bare feet, comfortable clothes, journal
    Choreographer Marlies Yearby (Movin Spirits Dance Theater)
    Composer/cellist Nioka Workman
    Video artist Michelle Halsell
    Songs of power, gesture dances, voicing, and breath are tools to illuminate the dynamics of women working together. Participants experience the strength of the circle, building on the dynamic of a group at creative work. Limited to 16 women.
March 18-19
  • Cherry Pie by Jen Abrams
    Cherry Pie is a new dance/theater work that follows the anatomy of a lesbian relationship, from the awkward initial pursuit to the giddy-flirty first dates to settled-in comfort, progressing to nitpicking arguments, conflict over plans, and eventual breakup. An entire watermelon is consumed onstage, a hundred cherries falling from the sky, and we witness a hefty dose of ironic references to lesbian stereotypes.
  • Honey Toes Makes a Scene by Amy Jo Goddard
    HoneyToes is a fierce, Goddess-worshipping mistress, known for her succulent toes and worship-worthy feet. HoneyToes, with her queer self-love and a propensity towards a healthy sort of torture, allows the audience into her laboratory her dressing room, where she concocts the perfect scene for a client with unique requests. The audience is invited to participate in her plan-making, and provides a bit of education on the feminine Divine that wholly embraces all faces of sexuality.
  • New Work by Melissa Briggs
    BAX Dance Artist in Residence Melissa Briggs presents a new trio with two adult dancers and one young dancer. This piece abstractly examines the idea of age in the female experience.
March 20
  • (Woom弾n)n In Performance
    Directed by Marlies Yearby
    Choreography by Marlies Yearby
    Composer Nioka Workman
    Video installation by Michelle Halsell
    A multimedia work driven by the potent interplay of live music, video, language, gesture dances, and environment. This work, built with herstories gathered through videotaped interviews and community workshops, examines women痴 ever-shifting identities redefined by age and experience. Power, rites of passage, blood, mothers voices, the first time, the last time, fathers words, private dances, abuse, and aging woven into a tapestry/celebration/deconstruction to locate women痴 true voice.

Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
26th Season

Bruce Mayhall, artistic director
Brian Wyatt, executive director
Alex Theatre, Glendale, Calif.
  • Swing Santa, Swing!
    This year痴 holiday production features the 200-plus voices of the chorus performing a 都wing a-long that includes 笛ingle Bell Rock, 展inter Wonderland, 釘oogie Woogie Hanukkah, as well as a Broadway holiday medley, and El Nino Perdito (from 纏at You, Santa Claus?)
          December 17, 2004
          December 18
          December 19
  • Have I Reached the Party to Whom I am Speaking?
    Concert with guest Lily Tomlin
          April 1, 2, 2005
          April 3
  • They Had It Coming: The Music of John Kander and Fred Ebb
    With guest Susan Egan
          July 8, 9, 2005
          July 10
During the past three years, the Chorus has appeared on TV shows 溺ad TV, 展ill and Grace, 鉄ix Feet Under released two compact disks 笛erry痴 Boys: the Music of Jerry Herman, 迭ed, White and Blues: An American Music Celebration and has had appearances by Jerry Herman, Nancy Dussault, Malcolm Gets, Joanna Gleason, Marilynn Lovell Matz, Vox Femina Los Angeles, Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, the Southeast Symphony Orchestra, and the Chinese Classical Music Ensemble.

Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1
Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 2
by Jade Esteban Estrada

photo: John MacLellan  

A one-man musical comedy
Vol. 1 directed by Jeff Wills
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Vol. 2 directed by David Miguel Estrada
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Produced by Vicarious Productions

In Volume 1, meet Sappho, Michelangelo, Oscar, Gertrude, Sylvia, and Ellen. One day, they decided to make history. From the island of Lesbos to the Sistine Chapel to the Stonewall Inn to 添ep, I知 Gay on the cover of Time Magazine. Vol. 1 debuted September 12, 2002 at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Volume 2 is a musical journey of LGBT history using the voices of Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Jean King, Harvey Milk and 9/11 hero Mark Bingham. Vol. 2 won the 鄭udience Favorite Award in Solo Performance at the 2004 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival.

摘strada takes his audiences on a hilarious whirlwind tour! - New York Times

鄭n irreverent, funny and moving solo musical. A feel-good session for gay people - Tom Sime, Dallas Morning News

Jade Esteban Estrada is a playwright, composer, singer, actor, choreographer and director. From 1996 to 2000, he was chief choreographer to Latin TV star Charo. He founded and is artistic director for the Experiencia Dance Company, New York.

For engagement dates, see our article: Touring Performers

Monday Night Gay Comedy
2nd Monday of the month - ongoing series

QComedy痴 溺onday Night Gay Comedy is San Francisco痴 only ongoing gay comedy showcase.
LGBT Community Center, 1800 Market St., San Francisco, Calif.
Wheelchair accessible
Information: 415-541-5610

January 10, 2005
Talent included: Scott Capurro (host), Dolores Trevino, Erin Souza, David Guiney, Lisa Geduldig, Bob Douglas, Grace White, Nick Leonard, and Bridget Schwartz (show痴 regular closing monologue)
February 14
March 14
April 11
May 9
June 13
July 11
August 8
September 12
October 10
November 14
December 12

The comedy showcase originally began in 1982 at the 天alencia Rose, on Valencia Street in San Francisco. It was owned by Ron Lanza and Hank Wilson. The showcase took off in 1983 when Donald Montwill was hired as talent scout, and Dennis Powers as publicist.

In 1984, the late Randy Shilts wrote in a San Francisco Chronicle article that the Valencia Rose had become 殿n epicenter of gay comedy. During this time the showcase featured comics such as, Tom Ammiano, Lea DeLaria, Marga Gomez, Doug Holsclaw, and Whoopi Goldberg.

The showcase continued, in 1990, at Lanza痴 笛osie痴 Cabaret & Juice Joint. The current showcase incarnation began with QComedy producers, Nick Leonard and Larry-bob Roberts, in January 2000, shortly after Lanza痴 10-year cabaret closed.

Since then, QComedy produced more than 150 shows with such seasoned comedians as Marga Gomez, Scott Capurro, Bob Smith, Mark Davis, Betsy Salkind, Lisa Geduldig, and Karen Ripley. QComedy has also provided an opportunity for new comedic talent to find an audience.

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