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Openings of 2004
Archive Listings

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覧覧 January 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Burn This by Lanford Wilson

John Hillard, Trip Hope, Andrea Helene
photo: Carolyn Hauck  

Directed by Susan Han and Andrea Helene
Presented by Playhouse West

New York choreographer, Anna, grieves for her gay roommate Robbie, a brilliant dancer, who recently died with his lover in a boating accident. Anna now finds herself desired by two men, however, she is not ready for romance. The play explores grief, passion, emotional honesty, and the nature of art.

January 10, 2004
Playhouse West Repertory Theatre, N. Hollywood, California

Naked Will by Blair Fell

Hutchins Foster, Rey Howard
Matty Ferraro
photo: Maximillian Noah  

Directed by Derek Charles Livingston

An hilariously campy Oscar Wilde day dreams about William Shakespeare痴 堵ay phase. The play explores the theory that Shakespeare痴 sonnets were inspired by his love of his male muse.

Cast includes: Hutchins Foster (Oscar Wilde), Rey Howard (William Shakespeare), Matty Ferraro (Willie Hughes)

January 23, 2004
Celebration Theatre, West Hollywood, California

Texas Homos by Jan Buttram

In the hilarious aftermath of a police sting in a public restroom, three men face the music as the morning paper announces their arrests. A prominent doctor, Methodist preacher and young wannabe-superstar dispute the true details of their encounters as their lawyer prepares for the arraignment.

January 23, 2004
Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, New York, New York

Pull Me Up, Pull Me Down by Antonio Ramos

Excerpts from Ramos recent dance work 溺e, Me, Me. Experiments with hair as willpower and explores visions of his childhood in Puerto Rico, religion and spirituality, his life as a gay man in NYC, and his dancing life. Part of a 鉄hared Evening Performance & Discussion, featuring Division 13 Productions, Hoffbauer/Sanchez Works, and Antonio Ramos.

January 23, 2004
Brooklyn Arts Exchange, Brooklyn, New York

Cinderella: The Real True Story by Cheryl Moch and Holly Gewandter

Directed by Evan Lewis Johnson
Produced by The Lambda Players

An epic fairytale with a twist: in this version, Cinderella captures the heart of the beautiful Princess. A mix of contemporary themes and fairytale storytelling that creates a visually stunning feast, as well as a touching story of true love.

Cast includes: Lauren Thomas (The Princess), Trina Palmer (Cinderella), Matthew Abergel (King Phillip), Areyah Krause-Nadler (The Duke), Matthew Burlingame (Lady Ariadne), Brian Judd (Lady Meave), JJ Charlesworth (The Stepfather), Maureen Gaynor (Grand Inestimable Eagle), Susan Soesbe (Grandmother Clock), Michelle Ailusio (The Gorgon), Cynthia Hawes and Sarah Rowland (Evil Stepbrothers), Jason Oler (Sir Henry), and Shelly Crouse-Monarez, Steve Buri, Liz Todd (Revelers).

January 24, 2004
24th Street Theatre, Sacramento California

Screaming in the Wilderness by Vanda

A reading directed by Steven McElroy
Produced by TOSOS II
In association with Out Professionals

TV journalist Nadine Dwyer has only one passion: her career. When Father Allen presents a very different way of looking at things, Nadine sets out destroy him. Her attempts to ruin him turn her into the kind of TV journalist she never wanted to become; one who uses sensationalism to sell a story.

Screaming is a finalist for the Playwright痴 Center Jerome Foundation Grant. It was given a workshop production by Emerging Artists Theatre in June 2003.

Cast includes Tom Dusenbury, Jamie Heinlein, Kira Onodera, Jim Parsons, Ellen Reilly, Barbara Spence. Presents as part of LISTEN UP, the Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwright Project.

January 25, 2004
City Center, New York, New York

LIP Service: Lesbians in Power

Hosted by Monica Palacios
With Alison De La Cruz, D-Lo, Sandy Lawson, Maiana Minahal, Jennifer Pawlitscheck, and Claudia Rodríguez.

Monica Palacios - writer and performer, recently awarded a Rockefeller Fellowship. Tentaciones Magazine named her one of the 16 most influential LGBT Latinas/os for 2002 for her activism, achievements, visibility and leadership.

Alison M. De La Cruz - poet, performer, producer, and cultural activist. She will be performing an except from her new solo show 哲aturally Graceful.

D-Lo - Sri Lankan spoken-word artist and performer. She uses humor and hip-hop for part of her work.

Maiana Minahal - queer, Filipina-American poet and teacher. She recieved an Artist Award Grant from the Serpent Source Foundation, and is a founding member of the 適reatibo artist collective. Maiana痴 book of poetry, 鉄itting Inside Wonder, was published by Monkey Press in November 2003.

Claudia Rodríguez - writer and activist. She is a co-founder and board member of 典ongues, lesbians of color collaborating for social change.

Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek - writer, actor and college professor. She is currently developing 典he Physics of Love, which utilizes quantum physics to explore a love story.

Sponsored in part by the Liberty Hill Lesbian and Gay Fund, Astrea and Roots and Wings.

January 25, 2004
Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California

Homme Fatale:
The fast life and slow death of Joey Stefano
by Barry Lowe

Presented by Performing Arts Productions Australia and Midsumma
Directed by Robert Chuter

A startling dirty dialogue, savage voyage into the U.S. porn industry. This play charts the progress, and regress, of porn star Joey Stefano. Born Nick Iacona Jr. in Chester, Pennsylvania, he was entered a life of prostitution and substance abuse. But he had one of the most perfect bubble butts in America, which he used to become one of the hottest 澱ottoms in gay porn. As his career blossomed, so did his demons: the memory of sexual abuse by his father, his drug dependency, his erratic and outrageous behavior on set, his desperate search for approval and self-esteem through sex.

Cast includes: Christopher Pender as Stefano. Contains nudity, high-level sexual content and explicit language.

January 27, 2004
Theatreworks, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia

A Thousand and One Night Stands:
The life of Jon Vincent
by Barry Lowe

Presented by Performing Arts Productions Australia and Midsumma
Directed by Robert Chuter

From his first porn film in 1988, he was idolized and emulated as a paradigm of male sexual iconography. By 1990, he earned more than a hundred thousand dollars a year, and eventually made nearly 40 films. However, he was constantly intoxicated and difficult to work with. This play chronicles a life derailed, one that started with bright promise. The one-timer love of Joey Stefano, Vincent ended his life with heroin addiction and despair.

Cast includes Aaron Smith as Jon Vincent. Contains nudity, high-level sexual content and explicit language. Adapted from the book 鄭 Thousand and One Night Stands by Hope A. Carson.

January 28, 2004
Theatreworks, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia 3182

Loot by Joe Orton

Micah Sunshower Klatt, Leif Norby, Matt Higgins, Laura Faye Smith
photo source: Cayley Bell  

Directed by Buck Skelton
Produced by CoHo Productions

A dark comedy that sparkles with anarchic wit as it savagely smashes social conventions. Idealism masked with biting cynicism. Life, death, motherhood, religion, authority all explored through irreverent humor. Deadpan outrageousness.

Cast includes: Kevin-Michael Moore (McLeavy), Laura Faye Smith (Fay), Micah Sunshower Klatt (Hal), Matt Higgins (Dennis), Leif Norby (Truscott), and Spencer Conway (Meadows).

January 30, 2004
CoHo Theater, Portland, Oregon

Claymont by Kevin Brofsky

Directed by Derek Jamison
Presented by Emerging Artists Theatre

It is 1969 and soldiers are going to Vietnam, astronauts are landing on the moon, and Neil Greenglass is hopelessly in love with the rebellious neighbor boy who is temporarily crashing at his house. The radicalism rubs off and inspires Neil to create an art project for high school that shakes up this small town in Delaware. In this staunchly traditional neighborhood, Neil痴 true feelings must remain repressed, and for the younger generation, the American Dream seems far away and hard to reach.

Cast of this world premiere includes Wynne Anders, Jacqueline Barsh, Glory Gallo, Jason Hare, Aimee Howard, Jason O辰onnell, and Stephen Sherman.

January 31, 2004
Intar Theater, New York, New York

覧覧 February 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

The Wrestling Season by Laurie Brooks

Directed by John Jenkins
Produced by the Theatre School, DePaul University, and the Chicago Playworks for Families and Young Audiences
In partnership with the YWCA Loop Women痴 Services, rape crisis center

It is Matt痴 year to excel on his high school wrestling team, but innuendo about his friendship with Luke causes Matt to question himself and his priorities. The play focuses on everyday teen issues; peer pressure, the search for identity, and the destructive power of rumors.

Cast includes: Chameka Cole (Melanie), Wilam Fleming (Willy), Maris Hudson (Kori), John Lewis (Jolt), Calvin Marty (Luke), Danielle Syslo (Heather), John Walter (Matt), Lakeisha Woodard (Nicole) and Lauren Pretnar (Referee). Post-show discussions. Following the theatrical run, 展restling will be performed at selected schools and other locations.

Mature themes, recommended for 13 and older
YWCA Loop Women痴 Services: Chicago Rape Crisis Hotline 888-293-2080

February 2, 2004
Athenaeum Studio Three, 2936 N. Southport Ave., Chicago

Oh Sister, My Sister! by Jane Lynch
Co-written by Victoria Delaney and Laura Coyle

Directed by Jill Soloway
Produced by Sue Hamilton
Presented by the Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Program
at the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center

It痴 the murky waters of feminine self-discovery! Former TV journalist turned New Age darling Sandra Ragsdale (Lynch) expertly guides a bevy of damaged women to their own deeply feminine resources. Cast includes Jane Lynch, Victoria Delaney, Laura Coyle and Ann Lippert. With original music by Jane Lynch and Faith Soloway.

鉄tylish sendup refreshingly screwball inspired nonsense sidesplitting - Los Angeles Times

February 2, 2004
The Renberg Theatre, Hollywood, California

Young Stowaways in Space adapted and directed by Mark Finley

poster: Howard Cruse

from the book by Richard M. Elam
Presented by TOSOS II
Produced for by Barry Childs, Chris Stempky, Doric Wilson
In association with Out Professionals

Can orphan boys survive 鍍he deeps of space? A 1962 novel for boys is the basis and actual script of this loving homage to the sci-fi drive-in movie genre.

Cast includes: Helen Bessette, Shay Gines, Michael Hartney, Jimmy Maize, Joshua Polenberg, Brian Charles Rooney, Tony Tallon, Justin Tyler, Casey Weaver

Theater space provided by Emerging Artists Theatre

February 5, 2004
Intar Theater, New York, New York

The Gates of Helen by Murray Scott Changar

Directed by Murray Scott Changar
Produced by E-Merging Writers and The Razor Prophets

On a routine visit to her therapist, Helen Ransome reveals childhood betrayals, sexual awakening, and a chilling connection to a recent murder. Did she kill her husband that very morning, or didn稚 she? Helen has a bad habit of fabricating lies to suit her mood. Her therapist, Dr. Steve (Frank Blocker), has a difficult day ahead of him.

Cast includes: Rochelle Burdine (Helen Ransome) and Frank Blocker (Dr. Steve).

February 12, 2004
Whole World Theatre, Atlanta, Georgia

An Impersonation of Angels - or - The Enigma of Desire
by Dan Carbone

Erica Blue
Steven Patterson, Alison Sacha Ross
photo: John Sowle  

Directed and Designed by John Sowle
Presented by Kaliyuga Arts

The surrealist painter痴 incredible life provides background for exploring the dilemma of whether art (or an artist) can thrive once showered with fame and fortune. Dali痴 biography is explored, seeking the influences which shaped his vision.

In celebration of the centenary of Dali痴 birth, this premiere portrays a surreal, tragi-comic world in which Dali is bombarded by scenes from his past, present and future as he steams his way toward Manhattan for the first time. 鄭n Impersonation of Angels is an extensive re-working of Carbone痴 play 鉄alvador Dali Talks to the Animals, which won three SF Bay Guardian Upstage/Downstage Awards, and a Garland Award Honorable Mention from BackStage West. Brad Rosenstein of the Guardian called it 殿 叢aranoic-critical hallucination to rival Dali痴 own.

Cast includes Dan Carbone (Old Dali), Kathryn Trask (Lidia Noguer), Paul Gerrior (Dead Baby Salvador), Christian Cagigal (Federico Garcia Lorca, King Juan Carlos of Spain), Erica Blue (Gala Dali), Alison Sacha Ross (Cecile Eluard), Pavlos Psoinos (Senor Trayter), John Baumann (Cowman, Queen Sofia of Spain), Bill Parker (Pope John Paul I), and Steven Patterson [Actors Equity] (Young Dali, Jeff Fenholt).

February 19, 2004
EXIT on Taylor, San Francisco, California

The Guys by Anne Nelson

Directed by Frank A. Barnhart
Produced by Act Out Productions

Based on a true story, focuses on the lives of New York firefighters after the tragedy of 9/11. Cast includes John Kuhn and Cate Blair-Wilhelm.

的t gives credible and powerful voice to a very specific kind of pain that we crave these days to understand perhaps the keenest message to emerge is the assertion that writers and actors have a serious role to play in a grieving society. - The New York Times

The play is presented as a fundraiser for The Central Ohio Fire Museum. A complimentary block of tickets are set aside each night for firefighters and their spouses.

February 27, 2004
Shedd Theatre at the Davis Discovery Center, Columbus, Ohio

覧覧 March 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Michelangelo痴 Models by Robert Patrick

David Sandercott (model), Will Willoughby (Michelangelo)
photo: Tom Nelson  

Directed by Jamie McMurray and Italian Renaissance scholar Vincent Duclos
Produced by Jamie McMurray and Will Willoughby
Presented by Theatre for a Difference

A romantic comedy set in 1506 Rome. Michelangelo at 33 is the most noted artist in Europe, and must decide what to do with his talent, power, and life. Three older artists (Leonardo DaVinci, Sandro Botticelli, and Agnolo Bramante who designed St. Peter痴), and three beautiful young men (a hustler, prince, and peasant) offer possible 杜odels for Michelangelo痴 future life and loves. Pope Julius II, the painter Raphael, and beautiful Simonetta Vespucci who was the model for 典he Birth of Venus, become involved in the resulting romances and ruses of this Renaissance romp.

Cast includes: Howard Ferguson-Woitzman, Cameron Fife, Tim Karasawa, Flip Laffoon, Justin Martindale, Jonathon Mundale, David Sandercott, Maria Santucci, Jason Squire, John Strickland, Will Willoughby, plus understudy Cameron Fife.

For comments on this show, please see this report from Bill Kaiser and Doric Wilson: Bi-coastal Robert Patrick

March 4, 2004
Rose Alley Theatre, Venice, California

Hollywood at Sunset by Robert Patrick

Graham Fulmer (Aron), Kevin Held (Penn)
photo: Mike Doyle  

Directed by Barry Childs
Produced by TOSOS II in association with Out Professionals

Ambitious, closeted Hollywood screenwriter Penn repeatedly corrals his frustrated lover Aron into staying in the closet with him, in a non-stop battle of insults, endearments, and epigrams.

For comments on this show, please see this report from Bill Kaiser and Doric Wilson: Bi-coastal Robert Patrick

March 4, 2004
NativeAlien痴 Flatiron Playhouse, New York, New York

The Double Double Feature
Danny Casillas, Judi Evans, Cheryl Tsai  
Photo: Jodean Bifoss  

Written and directed by Danny Casillas and Steve Silverman
Produced by Good Dog Productions

A long time ago, in a place far, far away, a man named Jesus Skywalker embarked on a journey of self-awareness, all the while trying to figure out just who in the hell his father is. Pretty, naive Anna arrives in Siam ready to bring book learnin to the King痴 kiddies. But terror strikes her heart when she realizes she hasn稚 got the goods for the job. In desperation, she reaches out to gal pals (how do you solve a problem like) Maria, (the sun will come out) Annie, and (the very catty) Grizabella for help. Driving to town, they accidentally run over the King. They secretly bury the body, but when the letters start to arrive, there痴 no doubt that 典he King and I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Judi Evans (Days of Our Lives) plays Anna. This musical spoof blends two familiar tales, and also includes three 菟review trailers for future shows, and a Los Angeles Times mockumentary.

March 5, 2004
The Egyptian Arena Theatre, Hollywood, California

M. Butterfly by David Henry Hwang
poster: ome Design  

Directed by Doran Elias
Produced by Diversionary Theatre and Asian American Repertory Theatre

The incredible, true-life story of a French diplomat convicted for espionage because of a twenty-year affair with a Beijing Opera diva. Not only had the French diplomat failed to recognized that this lover was a spy, he壇 also failed to recognize that 都he was a he.

Cast includes: Jesse MacKinnon (Rene Gallimard), Diep Huynh (Song Lilang), Melissa Fernandes, Manuel J. Fernandes, Jonathan Dunn-Rankin, Kimberly Miller, Emily Ann Smith, Kathy Song, and Puay Kua.

At its debut in 1988 on Broadway, Frank Rich in the New York Times described M. Butterfly as 鄭 visionary work that bridges the history and culture of two worlds. In 1988, M. Butterfly won the Tony Award for Best Play, the New York Drama Desk Award, and the Outer Critic痴 Circle Award.

March 18, 2004
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 April 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Mommie Queerest conceived and adapted by Jamie Morris

Brooks Braselman (Christina), Jamie Morris (Joan)
photo: Mitch Soileau; Poster: Dustin Woehrmann  

Directed by Christopher Kenny
Presented by Tom Whitman and Joe Everett Michaels

A story of the Oscar-winning movie star Joan (clean-freak) Crawford, and her tumultuous relationship with adopted daughter Christina. But what if all those years Joan was really a man? And not just any man in drag, but the true Queen of Hollywood. For years she fooled the studio, her fans, her kids, and the world. That is, until Christina finds out, plots her revenge, and publishes a scathing tell-all entitled 泥addy Dearest. Even then, it痴 Joan who has the last laugh.

The play features an all-male cast: Jamie Morris (Joan), Brooks Braselman (Christina), Jeffrey Drew (Carol Ann/plus others), Bradley Griffith (Greg/plus others).

In March 2005, 溺ommie Queerest, as performed at the Cabaret Ultra Suede, was nominated for four L.A. Weekly Awards Brooks Braselman and Jamie Morris for Comedy Performance; Jamie Morris for Adaptation; and Christopher Kenney for Comedy Direction.

See video promo:

April 1, 2004
Cabaret Ultra Suede, West Hollywood, California

Cry Havoc by Tom Coash

photo: ?  

Directed by P. Marston Sullivan
Presented by Bailiwick Repertory

A British man and an Egyptian man struggle to make sense of their respective worlds when the latter is severely beaten in what looks like a needless political act. But is there a deeper reason for the attack? Is it justice to retaliate an eye-for-an-eye? Cry Havoc considers the scope of differences between cultures, nations and lovers, and to what lengths we are prepared to go in the name of our God and our country.

Cast includes: Suzanne Nyhan Anthoney, Raymond Kurut and Buck Zachary. Playwright Coash has won the Ensemble Studio Theatre痴 Hammerstein Emerging Playwright Award, The Kennedy Center痴 Lorraine Hansberry Award, and a Jerome Playwrighting Fellowship at the Minneapolis Playwrights Center.

Cry Havoc was named the Winner of the West Coast Ensemble痴 New Play Competition, Humboldt State痴 National New Play Award, and was runner-up in the Kennedy Center痴 David Mark Cohen Awards.

April 3, 2004
Loft Theater, Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Last Rites by Letta Neely
photo: Craig Bailey  
Poster Design: Elizabeth Hickok  

Presented by Theater Offensive and Wild Heart Press

Patrice packs her bags, leaves her girlfriend Asha, and crashes on Dutch痴 couch. But what痴 this ex-basketball phenom got up her sleeve? Patrice and Dutch have spent years eyeing other girls breasts, while binding their own. But this Sunday, their game is up: Patrice痴 clock is ticking against breast cancer, Asha痴 playing hard defense against love-gone-bad, Dutch is struggling to hold the 鍍eam together, and each one guards a stash of double-edged secrets.

Cast includes: Renita Martin, Naeemah A. White-Peppers, Abria Smith

April 3, 2004
BCA Black Box Theater, Boston, Massachusetts

The Poet by Jenny Yates
A staged reading
Directed by Kimberly West
Produced by Theatre OUTlanta

Rae the poet of this lesbian, romantic comedy attends an annual lesbian writers retreat. She has fallen in love, as she does every year. Rae is certain that the (anonymously addressed and written) poems she leaves about will bring the woman of her dreams into her arms.

Theatre OUTlanta is Atlanta痴 only theater dedicated to presenting lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered theater, and was created to truthfully reflect the experiences of everyone in the lgbt community.

April 8, 2004
Dad Garage痴 Top Shelf Theatre, Georgia

Stories to Tell written and performed by
Clara Alderman, Bill Dawson, John Fournier, Margaret Jensen, and Larry Rubinstein
Adapted and directed by Bob Baker
Produced by On Oral History Production
Presented by the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Community Services Center

A performance piece of personal stories. Dramatized stories of real life from the gay and lesbian elders who lived them.

Director Baker fashioned Stories to Tell from a year痴 worth of material from his ongoing Oral History Workshop. Graphics and sound designed by Larry Rubinstein.

April 15, 2004
Renberg Theater, Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Los Angeles, California

Pyrates! - The CourtShip Chronicles
Book and lyrics by Barbara Kahn
Music and musical direction by Jay Kerr

Poster: illuminage art & design  

Nicola Barber (Mary Read, passing as Mark),
confesses to Andi Hogan (Anne Bonney)
photo: Joe Bly  

Directed Lisa Marjorie Barnes and Barbara Kahn
Presented by Theater for the New City

This 1720 tale of love, lust and revenge among non-traditional people is told in the traditional American musical art form. Pyrates! captures the diversity of the Jamaican population, including an escaped slave (Maroon), a Sephardic Jew, a multi-racial tavern owner, a colonial bureaucrat and a gay male shopkeeper. Pyrates! is based on the exploits of real-life pirates Anne Bonny, Mary Read and Calico Jack Rackham in 1720 Jamaica.

Cast includes: Andi Hogan, Nicola Barber, Sean Seibert, Uzo Aduba, Andrew Fitzgerald Graham, Jesse Liebman, Tony Javed, Jonathan Ross, Iris Blasi, Janet Huege, Keith Batza, Nate Rubin and Shay Ansari.

April 15, 2004
Theater for the New City, New York, New York

50! Evolution of a Butch Lesbian written and performed by Laurie Wolf
Directed by Robin Magee
Music by Paul Whetstone
Presented by Manbites Dog Theater (Other Voices Series)
and Don稚 Ask Dont Tell 2004

A show about freaking out (登h my god I知 old and ugly), sex (渡ice to know I still need it), death, money, gender confusion, aging, and 澱y the way how is your millennium going so far? An eclectic collection of original monologues filled with comedy, song, laughter, tears, politics, and love.

Guest performer Jared Alexrod is also featured. Laurie Wolf wrote the award-winning play 的n the OUTfield, a semi-autobiographical account of her coming out.

April 21, 2004
Manbites Dog Theater, Durham, North Carolina

Cyberian Nights written and directed by William M. Hoffman

A play with music about people who lie on the internet. One of the characters is a gay man who likes straight men, so he attracts them by passing himself off as a woman. Unbeknownst to him, the straight hottie he is in deep cyberspace conversation with is really a lesbian.

World premiere. Mr. Hoffman has won a Drama Desk Award, a Tony Award nomination, a Guggenheim Fellowship and several National Endowment Awards. He is a Lehman College faculty member.

April 28, 2004
Studio Theatre, Lehman College, Bronx, New York

Varla Jean Merman痴 Under a Big Top
by Jeffery Roberson and Michael Schiralli
Starring Jeffery Roberson
Music by David Brunetti

Jeffery Roberson (Varla Jean Merman)
photo: Michael Wakefield and Matt Callaway  

Directed by Michael Schiralli
Additional material by Matt Callaway
Presented by The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center痴 Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Program
In association with Mark Cortale

A dizzying blend of circus, carnival, magic, and freak shows. This good-time jamboree employs Varla Jean痴 legendary vocal range, dazzling costumes by Philip Heckman, a touch of processed cheese, and the threat of death-defying aerial feats. The show boasts four new Varla videos and seven new songs.

Varla Jean Merman is the creation of actor/writer/singer Jeffery Roberson, who recently shared the 2003 Outfest Film Festival Best Actor Award, and the Aspen HBO Film Festival Best Actress Award, for his performance in Richard Day痴 feature film, 敵irls Will Be Girls. Jeffery made his network television debut last year on ABC痴 鄭ll My Children in the recurring role of lady-of-the-evening Rosemary Chicken.

April 29, 2004
Renberg Theatre, L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center痴 Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Los Angeles, California

覧覧 May 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Sweet Peace by Monica Palacios
Directed by Leo Cabranes-Grant
Presented by The Center for Chicano Studies, UC Santa Barbara and The Rockefeller Foundation

Only a cherished childhood father-daughter memory and the spirituality of the desert can save Paz from her nightmare. A sensual poetic love story about memory, survival and home. Both moving and funny, Sweet Peace gives a fresh new voice to the Latino and lesbian communities.

Cast includes: Diana Burbano, Jennifer Pagan, Joe Gonzalez, Mario Martinez, Jerry Oshinsky.

Writer and performer Monica Palacios is known for her one-woman shows, and has won dozens of awards from regional and national organizations, honoring her efforts to empower the Latino/a and LGBT communities. Ms. Palacios is an adjunct professor at UC Santa Barbara, UCLA and UC Riverside, and is the recipient of a 2003-2004 Postdoctoral Rockefeller Fellowship from the Center for Chicano Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

May 7, 2004
Center Stage Theater, Santa Barbara, California

Love Don稚 Need A Reason:
Songs In Response To AIDS

Presented by the Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project

During the Sarasota Pride Festival:
      Red Ribbon Diaries
      Love Don稚 Need A Reason: Songs in Response to AIDS
      The Reading of the Names

May 8, 2004
Clarke Building, Robards Arena, Sarasota, Florida

Salute to Pride Fest
Presented by the Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project
  • Bad Habits - Ravenswood by Terrence Mcnally Ravenswood is a posh sanatorium and retreat where Dr. Pepper doles out 電o-as-you-please prescriptions to troubled couples while drinking martinis. Among the couples are two men who seem to be firmly in tune with each other. A one-act play that explores themes of the human condition, though not very seriously.
    The cast includes: Ian Sullivan, Ben Turoff, Roberta Macdonald, Bob Turoff, Ann Marie Nester, Dylan Chalfy, Brad Wages, and Daniel Laporta.
  • Red Ribbon Diaries A ten-minute performance, after which a new quilt panel will be introduced to the community AIDS quilt.
The Sarasota AIDS theatre project is a group of people infected or affected by hiv/aids who perform and produce staged play readings to raise awareness and funds for P.W.A. service organizations. Proceeds from this event will assist the Healthy P.W.A. program at Trinity Charities, Inc.

May 10, 2004
Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, Sarasota, Florida

Sin: A Cardinal Deposed by Michael Murphy

Jim Sherman
photo: Johnny Knight

Directed by David Zak
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory

An investigation of Cardinal Bernard F. Law, the Catholic leader whose governance of the Boston Archdiocese was questioned and scrutinized when years of sexual abuse by diocesan priests finally came to light. This searing and emotional work is comprised entirely of testimony taken from the Cardinal痴 deposition in these cases involving hundreds of priests and victims; cases that still touch and continue to shape the lives of so many people.

The cast includes: Jim Sherman, Patrick Rybarczyk, Mark A. Steel, Steve Best, Naomi Landman, and Patrick Gannon.

May 15, 2004
Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois

As American As Apple Pie

Presented by That Uppity Theatre Company
Directed by Joan Lipkin, Sarah Shimshick, and Andrew Schneider

The focus is on GLBT culture from an intergenerational perspective, and includes reflections by PFLAG parents on moments of recognition, bravery, shame, pride and the arc of their parental journeys. It also features work by GLBT youth from 14-19 years old on gay icons, violence in the schools, family dynamics, self-mutilation, and love.

A groundbreaking collaboration between That Uppity Theatre Company, Growing American Youth (GAY), and Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays, Metro St. Louis chapter (PFLAG).

May 22, 2004
Contemporary Art Museum St. Louis, Missouri

Joan Lipkin, That Uppity Theatre Company
4466 West Pine Blvd. #13C, St. Louis, MO 63108
Office: 314-534-1454; fax 314-534-6591;

All New All Girl Review hosted by Jessica Halem
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory and the Lesbian Theater Initiative

A lively collection of Chicago痴 best comics, actors, musicians, and dancers. Featured comedians include: Dephina, Carolyn Law (Sunday only), Julie Paradise, Jen Slusser, and Sapna Kumar.

Monologues and scenes from the leading lesbian writers of the world, including Chicago痴 Claudia Allen, Linda Eisenstein, Paula Vogel, and Clare Chaffee. Spoken word performers include Kim Crutcher and Amy Olson.

Music by Pam Peterson. Choreographic works by Rachel Thorne Germond Dance and Jamie Horban.

May 23, 2004
Bailiwick Arts Center, Chicago, Illinois

Queer Theory by John O狸eefe

Elly Lichenstein, Laura Jorgensen
photo:Jeff Thomas  

Directed by John O狸eefe
Presented by Cinnabar Theater

A Brontë Conference is gearing up in Haworth, drawing to it Rebecca, a high-powered star of postmodern academia and Anne, a hard working farm woman with a terrible secret. Each, however, has a wildly different motive for her attendance at the conference: Rebecca is a guest lecturer in search of a few days of rest, while Anne has made the pilgrimage as a passionate devotee of all things Brontë. Hilarious, moving and thought-provoking, this play is for everyone who loves books, Brontës, whiskey, or women.

Cast includes Elly Lichenstein, Laura Jorgensen. Post-show discussion with the playwright and cast on May 28 and 29.

May 28, 2004
Cinnabar Theater, Petaluma, Calif.
Strong sexual language, not for under 16

Places to Touch Him by Guillermo Reyes

Directed by Jeffrey Ingman
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

A funny, sexy look at Anglo-Hispanic politics following a rising Latino politician as he chooses how much of himself to reveal to his voters; how much to reveal to his lover; and just whose side to take in the tangle of Latino, Anglo and gay cultures. Served up with Reyes fast-paced wit and sure-fire dialogue.

May 29, 2004
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 June 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

The Gay Naked Play by David Bell
Directed by Christopher Borg and Jason Bowcutt

Gregory Marcel
photo:Jack Slomovits  

Presented by Emerging Artists Theatre
in association with Theatrical Fare

A young married couple and their small midtown Manhattan theater company, 典he Integrity Players have sworn to produce only principled and sincere Art. Unfortunately, apathetic audiences and poor ticket sales are bankrupting the troupe. The desperate artists warily turn their fate over to a trendy trio of gay self-promoters with a recipe for a sure-fire hit: glitzy gay comedy and naked performers. A cautionary farce about the love/hate relationship between theater and money. A play you won稚 regret in the morning.

Cast includes: Christopher Borg*, Jessica Calvello, Brett Douglas, Desmond Dutcher*, Wayne Henry, Gregory Marcel, Ellen Reilly, Michael Silva, Christopher Yustin, Daniel Nardicio [* AEA members]

撤laywright David Bell is one of New York痴 greatest, funniest satirists. - Jonathan Warman, HX Magazine

June 3, 2004
Emerging Artists Theatre, New York, New York

Turbulence: Twisted Tales From The Cockpit by Frank J. Avella
Directed by Frank J. Avella, Justin Quackenbush, Brian Townes

top: Brian Townes, Elizabeth Gee,
Ernesto Altimirano, Daryl Crittenden;
bottom: Marie Lazzaro, Justin D. Quackenbush,
Daniel Stessen, Gus Ibranyi, Wind Klaison
photos: Frank J. Avella  

Produced by New Cockpit Ensemble

Six shockingly scandelous stories of the stunning, scary, surreal!

= A bigoted woman is judged by Satan!
= The last two men left on earth encounter a new form of mutant female.
= A conversation among four randy, gay guys.
= Two Italian-American sibs propositioned by the same guy at the beach.
= Two demented souls share their macabre tales.

Cast includes: Ernesto Altamirano, Daryl Crittenden, Elizabeth Gee, Gus Ibranyi, Wind Klaison, Marie Lazzaro, Justin D. Quackenbush, Daniel Stessen, Brian Townes.

June 10, 2004
Where Eagles Dare Theatre, New York, New York

4th Annual Outmusic Awards

      Namoli Brennet (Welcome to the Afterglow)
      Catie Curtis (Acoustic Valentine)
      KJ Denhert (Girl Like Me)
      Janis Ian (Working Without a Net)
      Pamela Means (Single Bullet Theory)
      Johnny Dangerous - Dangerous Liasons
      Brady Earnhart - Manalapan
      Adam Joseph - How I Seem to Be
      Nhojj - Someday Peace Love & Freedom
      Rufus Wainwright - Want One
      Andrea Bunch - Numinous
      Julie Clark - Feel Free
      Jen Foster - Everybody痴 Girl
      Kaz Mitchell - The Dinner Party
      Janell Rock - Quiet Thrill
      Johnny Dangerous - Dangerous Liasons
      Steven Franz - The One You Choosev       Adam Joseph - How I Seem to Be
      Andrew Spice - Pretty Demons
      Jim Verraros - Unsaid and Understood
      Girlyman - Remember Who I Am
      Junior Senior - d-d don稚 don稚 stop the beat
      Justus Boyz - Uh-Oh
      Testosterone Kills - War All the Time
      Wishing Chair and Kara Barnard - Dispan Brigade
      the bootLICKERS - Automatic Ball Cleanerv
      Danielle Lo Presti and The Masses - 22 Mountains
      D1 - The Music is so Beautifulv
      Skin Jobs - Burn Your Rainbow
      Super 8 Cum Shot - Super 8 Cum Shot Vol II
      Boston Gay Men痴 Chorus - Razzle Dazzle: The Broadway       Hits of Kander & Ebb
      The Women痴 Chorus of Dallas - Season of Dreams
      Heartland Men痴 Chorus of Kansas City - Let Heaven & Nature Swing
      Portland Gay Men痴 Chorus - Holiday Serenade
      Transcendence Gospel Choir - Whosoever Believes
      Terry Duggins and The Zither Band - The Coleman痴 March: A Jean Ritchie Tribute
      Metropolitan Klezmer - Surprising Finds
      Drew Paralic - Blue Passion
      Thomas Raniszewski - A Midnight at a Time
      Rothko . BLK w/Bear - Wish for a World Without Hurt
      Ashley Moore - Transcendence Gospel Choir: Whosoever Believes
      Cathy Richardson - Cathy Richardson Band: The Road to Bliss
      Rachael Sage and Andy Zulla - Rachael Sage Public Recordv       Eve Sicular - Isle of Klezbos: Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos
      Jinx Titanic - Super 8 Cum Shot: Super 8 Cum Shot Vol II
      Michael Holland - songs from Beach Toys Won稚 Save You (Micahel Holland)
      Deidre McCalla - songs from Playing for Keeps (Deidre McCalla)
      Rachael Sage - songs from Public Record (Rachael Sage)
      Rufus Wainwright - songs from Want One (Rufus Wainwright)
      Leah Zicari - songs from Pretty on Thursday (Leah Zicari)
      Crucify - Written by Kristina Jean; Performed by Sister Funk
      Don稚 Ask, Don稚 Tell - Written and Performed by Robert Urban
      Double My Wardrobe - Written and Performed by Steven Franzv       Flow with My Soul - Written and Performed by Adam Joseph
      Give It Up - Written by Tony Moran, Keith Fluitt, Guiseppe DiCaccamo Jr.; Performed by Kevin Aviancee
      He痴 on My Team - Written and Performed by Ari Gold and Kendra Ross
      Honest World - Written and Performed by Catie Curtis
      Proud and Free - Written by Jon Gilbert Leavitt; Performed by Deian McBryde
      Waiting For My Man - Written and Performed by Kris Landherr
      We Belong - Written and Performed by Namoli Brennet
      Freddy Freeman
      Skott Freedman
      Kris Landherr
      Alix Olson
      Robert Urban

      Jayne County
      Maxine Feldman
      Marsha Stevens
      Larry Flick
      Tom Robinson

Nominee Showcase
June 12, 2004
Fez Under Time Cafe, NYC

Marsha Stevens
June 12, 2004
Metropolitan Community Church of New York, NYC

Outmusic Awards
Production Direction by Jade Esteban Estrada
Hosted by Tom Robinson Jade Esteban Estrada Estrada directs for the second consecutive year. His debut, CD Angel, led to his involvement in Being Out Rocks, an historical CD compilation which included Cyndi Lauper, Sarah McLachlan, kd lang and the B-52s. He has appeared on 的n the Life and 鄭merican Family on PBS. He acts in Linda Breida痴 泥ead, and in Jordan Schachter痴 典he Legacy of Walter Frumm both feature films are due for 2005 releases. Estrada tours with his one-man show Icons: The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, vol. 1.

June 13, 2004
Knitting Factory, NYC

Glad to Be Gay Benefit Performance Featuring:

  • The Jayne County Five!!!
  • Tom Robinson
  • Robin Renee (full band)
  • Keyth Lawrence and The Purple Circle
  • Justin Tranter and the Justin Tranter Band
June 13, 2004
Knitting Factory, NYC

Outmusic is a network of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered performers, composers, lyricists, producers, recording artists, activists, promoters, press/media and even non-musicians who believe in LGBT music.
Outmusic, PO Box 376, Old Chelsea Station, New York, NY, USA, 10113-0376

Thor痴 Day by Edward Crosby Wells

John Rengstorff (Philip), Adam Mervis (Buck)
photo: Jim Crosby  

Directed by Steve Thornburg
Presented by Wings Theatre

A middle-aged insurance salesman, Philip, brings home a gorgeous young man, Buck, for an afternoon tryst. The (perhaps supernatural) Buck takes Philip on a breathtaking, life-altering journey into long-suppressed and hidden desires. Intelligent, erotic, powerful, provocative, and terrifying.

Cast includes Adam Mervis and John Rengstorff. This critically acclaimed play was originally produced by The Glines in 1997.

展ells successfully charges his story with an intriguing mixture of the erotic and dangerous, nicely pairing seduction sequences with harsh, uncomfortable dialogue - HX Magazine

June 18, 2004
Wings Theatre, New York, New York

Bruhs and Gean by Tom Wilson Weinberg

Gean Harwood and Bruhs Mero, together 66 years
On the boat to Fire Island in 1937

Directed by Jason Summers
Musical director and accompaniment by Tom Wilson Weinberg
Produced by Michi Yamaguchi

A lively one-hour musical that traces the remarkable relationship of Bruhs Mero and Gean Harwood, two gay icons of the Twentieth Century. The couple met in 1929 when Bruhs was 18, and Gean was 20, and remained together until Bruhs痴 death in 1995. With courage, determination and humor they weathered the often-repressive social climate of the 1930-50s.

Can people change and come out after decades of hiding? Their devotion to each other is an inspiration to straight and gay people alike.

Cast includes Scott Evan Davis, Robert Gonzales, Jr., and Jason Summers.

An earlier version, commissioned by the New York City Gay Men痴 Chorus, was performed at Carnegie Hall and Lincoln Center and was featured on 的n The Life (PBS). The lives of Bruhs and Gean are chronicled in Harwood痴 book, 典he Oldest Gay Couple in America (Birch Lane, 1997).

June 18, 2004
The Duplex, NYC

The Arts Project of Cherry Grove

June 26, 2004
The Community House, Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY

Pure Imagination: an Evening of Gender Bending Cabaret

Pure Imagination brings together local singers as they provide new takes on classic songs from the American stage, screen and song book. Confirmed participants include: Adam Blankman and Dana Lewenthal, Jessica Fisher, Gina Green, Kim Larsen, Lisa Peers, and Eric Starker.

的t is an honor to give singers the freedom to perform whatever songs they want, without attention to gender or pronouns. It is obviously a liberating experience for the singers, and we hope for the audience. - theatre Q managing director, Dale Albright

The mission of theatre Q formerly of Chicago, founded in 1997 is to bring 途ealistic portrayals of gays and lesbians in theatre to the greater Bay Area. The benefit and silent auction will help launch the company.

June 19, 2004
Glenview Center for the Performing Arts, Oakland, California

Tops and Bottoms by Kevin Brofsky

Directed by Bob Cruz
Produced by TOSOS II in association with Out Professionals
Under the The Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwright Project

Brad and Linus are friends. Linus has a new boyfriend - James. James has eyes for Brad. Will Brad survive Linus痴 love life? Is friendship thicker than water?

The play will be read by Jarrod Cafaro, Scott Phillips and Andrew Thaman.

Play and screenwriter Brofsky has written nearly 50 one-act plays, which have been performed in New York, Los Angeles, Orlando, and Overland Park, Kansas. His 泥ancing Straight was presented in TOSOS II production of 溺ovie Lover last April. His 鼎laymont was performed recently by Emerging Artists, will have a full, off-Broadway production later this year.

June 19, 2004
Emerging Artists Theatre, New York, New York

Beyond Therapy by Christopher Durang

Tom Daddario, Brad Letson, Forba Shepherd
Marlene Wallace, Kurt Bauccio
photo: Ron Peaslee  

Directed by Mark Cannistraro
Presented by SourceWorks Theatre and Gizmo Productions

After their disastrous first date, Prudence and bisexual Bruce retreat to their respective analysts. Prudence痴 therapist is a lecherous bully who insists she learn to accept imperfection. Bruce痴 scatterbrained analyst gleefully suggests another, though much-revised ad. Again, Prudence answers the call. Chaos ensues as the Bruce痴 live-in boyfriend becomes jealous of the budding lovebirds, taking matters into his own hands.

Cast includes: Kurt Bauccio, Damian Buzzerio, Tom Daddario, Matt Fraley, Brad Letson, Forba Shepard and Marlene Wallace.

泥urang seems to take particular pleasure in toppling traditional comfort zones, and if the events of 腺eyond Therapy which chronicle little more than just the very beginning of one relationship seem to be a trial for the characters, it痴 certainly not the case for the audience, which is rewarded time and time again with great humor of both the broad and subtle varieties. - Matthew Murray (Talkin Broadway)

The play premiered off-Broadway in 1981, with Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Collins. It then moved to Broadway in 1982 featuring Dianne Wiest and John Lithgow.

June 20, 2004
Cabaret Theatre at Dillons, New York, New York

Music in My Mother痴 House
Vox Femina Los Angeles

Features songs about our heroes, mentors, friends, and family. Music by Holly Near, Cris Williamson, Margie Adam, and Meg Christian. There will be a special appearance by Sue Fink, composer, founder of the Los Angeles Women痴 Community Chorus and current artistic director of Angel City Chorale.

Vox Femina Los Angeles is a women痴 choral ensemble dedicated to the performance of quality choral literature with an emphasis on music by women composers. Through music, VFLA celebrates women and builds bridges within and beyond the lesbian and gay communities.
Vox Femina Los Angeles, 3341 Caroline Ave., Culver City, California 90232

June 25, 2004
Zipper Theatre, Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles, California

Street Theater by Doric Wilson

Directed by Craig Campbell and Lloyd Steele
Produced by The OffCenter Theatre Group

A witty take on events on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village on June 27, 1969 the day that would later become known as the 鉄tonewall Rebellion the symbolic start of the modern gay liberation movement.

Performers include: Grafton Banks, Koa Boyd, Branden Boyer-White, Robert Burgess, Craig Campbell, Peter Donath, Steve Fisher, Bob Harrison, Andrew MacLaine, David Meyers, Michael Olton, Rebecca Renish, Kurt Schauppner, Vinny Stoppia.

This performance commemorates the 35th Anniversary of Stonewall. Celebrate with us and be proud. A reception and 杜eet the cast follows the show.

June 25, 2004
OffCenter Theatre Group, Palm Springs, California

覧覧 July 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Invasion of Pleasure Valley
by Kim Hoff, Karen 溺al Malme, Jess Martin
poster: Kimmee Heatley  

Directed by Renée C. Farster
Produced by Queer Soup

Suzie Longstaff guides her unsuspecting fellow citizens out of the 50s suburbs of repression and into the bedrooms of self-satisfaction. Taking a cue from B-movies, this is a comedy of extra-terrestrial proportions, in which even the simplest of kitchen tools will elicit a dramatic response from whoever wields it. Is it an invasion or liberation?

Cast includes: Irene Daly, John Dupuis, Lauren Hall, Kim Hoff, Becca Lewis, Lorna McKenzie, Karen 溺al Malme, Guy Noyes.

Queer Soup will also have gender-blending workshops on drag performance, writing and improvisational acting.

July 9, 2004
July 29 benefit for youth at IMPACT
Boston Playwrights Theatre, Boston, Massachusetts

BrotherHoods by Alan Sharpe

Brock G. McClung, Marlon Anthony Russ,
David Richardson, Monte J. Wolfe, Eric Nicholson

Directed by Alan Sharpe

A violent, anti-gay attack polarizes a respected, 塗istorically black, university in Washington, D.C. The aftermath jeopardizes the academic and personal lives of a young, gay professor, and the endangered freshman student he attempts to protect. That痴 when we learn that 鉄ometimes, seems like it痴 nothing but secrets around here secrets and lies.

The dramatic reading of the full-length script will be performed by Brock G. McClung, Eric Nicholson, David Richardson, Marlon Anthony Russ, and Monte J. Wolfe.

Excerpts of the work-in-progress were presented at the Warehouse Theatre during Black Lesbian and Gay Pride on May 25 and 30, 2003.

The reading is the season finale of 鉄econd Saturdays, a monthly showcase series presented by 撤layground, the playwrights workshop sponsored by Woolly Mammoth Theater.

July 10, 2004
Touchstone Gallery, Washington, D.C.

Love of Last Resort by Jerry Rabushka and jeff schoenfeld

Jerry Rabushka and jeff schoenfeld
photo from previous production  

Directed by Jerry Rabushka and jeff schoenfeld
Presented by Ragged Blade Productions

Josh has spent three years trapped on a deserted resort island. Matt washes up on shore after escaping from an oversexed gay cruise. While the basics of survival are taken care of by following the directions in 溺artha Stewart Living, Josh has managed to cope with the loneliness by changing his persona repeatedly. Matt questions Josh痴 stability, and wonders if Josh痴 growing affections are based on really liking him, or is it just a love of last resort.

Cast: Jerry Rabushka and Cameron Cummings. The show premiered in West Hollywood, Calif. on May 2003. It also played in St. Louis and Springfield, Missouri in January 2004.

鏑ove of Last Resort is a beautiful and riveting play. Rabushka and schoenfeld have created a moving masterpiece. - Jade Esteban Estrada, actor

鄭 most unusual drama-comedy which plays with form in a most entrancing way. - Robert Patrick, playwright, screenwriter

的 was immediately fascinated by its complex discussions that include mind-game playing, role playing, conditions of denial, loss and grief, relief, misunderstood charity, imagination and hope. I commend this piece. - Will Conyers, director, musical director, Melbourne, Australia

撤ainfully funny and a delight to watch. - Eric Janssen, Intermission, St. Louis, Missouri

= Shows had to be canceled due to unavoidable circumstance.

July 15, 2004
Nightingale Theatre, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Part of the proceeds were to benefit the Regional AIDS Interfatih Network

July 23, 2004
Labels Night Club, St. Joseph, Missouri

Eat Me by Jacqueline Wright

David Ojalvo, Tony Forkush, Jacqueline Wright
photo: Joe Foster  

Directed by Chris Fields
Music and sound design by Martin Carrillo
Produced by Mildred West and Rosemary Boyce

Two lost souls, Bob and Tommy, search for release from their own individual 杜onsters. Riddled by pain, pity, and despair, they embark on a twisted and brutal journey together to connect, and perhaps forgive each other and themselves. The play examines, in a brutal and strangely beautiful way, the concept that monsters are made, not born.

Cast includes: David Ojalvo, Jacqueline Wright, Tony Forkush.

A world premiere, Eat Me was originally developed through EST, The LA Project, and was eventually performed in New York as a workshop production. Eat Me is an absurd and violent exploration of redemption and, ultimately, peace.

Contains nudity, sex, graphic violence. No one under 17 admitted without an adult.

July 23, 2004
Theatre of NOTE, Hollywood, California

Razzle Dazzle with Carol Channing

Carol Channing

Directed by Karen Cadle
Musical direction by David Dial
Carol Channing accompanied by Tom Griep
Produced by Karen G. Cadle and Richard Gordon,
in association with the Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

This multi-media show has Carol Channing playing herself, as she regales the audience with stories from a long and amazing career, and performs a mixture of both her trademark musical numbers as well as a few additional surprises.

Toni Morrell

Also featured in this exclusive performance is the British sensation singer/actress/comedienne Toni Morrell in a glittering tribute to some of the legendary ladies of song, from Marlene Dietrich to Judy Garland.

The program is a benefit for the L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center痴 comprehensive array of programs and services.

July 23, 2004
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Renberg Theatre, Los Angeles, Calif.

Cupid痴 Tequila Arrow by Odalys Nanín
Directed by Johanna Siegmann
Produced by MACHA Theatre Company
      (Mujeres (Women) Advancing Culture History and Art)

Broken-hearted Lyse is about to commit suicide, when Isis the Goddess of Love sends her a Pancho Villa Cupid who promises to take her all the way to the altar, except he doesn稚 have an arrow.

July 24, 2004
Inside the Ford Theatre, Hollywood, California

The Lazy Susan of Love by Ana Marie Castañon
Directed by Pamela Forrest
Produced by MACHA Theatre Company
      (Mujeres (Women) Advancing Culture History and Art)

Take a spin and sample the many flavors of lesbian romantics.

Cast includes: Kipleigh Brown, Susan Wilde, Lisa Costanza, Allison Allain, Lily Sauvage, Amy London, Lisi DeHaas, Monica Todd, Ellen Williams, Carolyn Ozimok. The play was developed from a Macha workshop facilitated by Chicana Playwright Cherríe Moraga.

July 31, 2004
Inside the Ford Theatre, Hollywood, California

覧覧 August 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Help is on the Way X
Broadway and all that jazz

Bruce Vilanch

Directed by David Galligan
Musical Direction by Ron Abel
Executive Producers: Ken Henderson and Joe Seiler
Produced by The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation

An amazing evening of quality performers who come together for this AIDS benefit concert. This is the tenth annual concert. It is the largest such event in northern California.

Cast includes (as of May 18, 2004):       Lucie Arnaz - stage, TV, film
      Brian Boitano - Olympic Gold Medal ice skater
      Mary Jo Catlett - stage, TV
      Franc D但mbrosio - stage, film
      Carole Cook - stage, TV
      Tyne Daly - stage, TV
      Nancy Dussaut - stage, TV
      Jill Eikenberry & Michael Tucker - TV, film
      David Friedman - composer, recordings, conductor
      Florence Henderson - stage, TV
      Lucy Lawless - TV, stage
      Jane Lanier - stage
      Meg Mackay - cabaret
      Sean McDermott - stage
      Bruce Vilanch - stage, comedian, writer, TV
      Paula West - cabaret
      Mary Wilson - recordings, stage
      Music by Billy Joel
      Dance by Twyla Tharp
      The Leading Ladies - three sopranos

Lucy Lawless

The Richmond/Ermet AIDS Foundation (REAF) raises funds for AIDS service provider agencies, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, through the production of quality entertaiment events. Currently REAF produces three primary events, 滴elp is on the Way, 滴elp is on the Way for the Holidays and our 徹ne Night Only series of cabaret nights with the touring casts of Broadway shows appearing in the Bay Area as tour schedules permit. Almost all events include special silent and/or live auctions as part of the event.

Concert beneficiaries include: BAY (Bay Area Young) Positives, Center for AIDS Services, Oakland, Meals of Marin, New Leaf: Services for Our Community, UCSF AIDS Health Project, Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS.

August 2, 2004
Palace of Fine Arts Theater, San Francisco, California

The World of Bill Solly (Musically Speaking series)

Eric Schneider

Conceived and Directed by Igor Goldin Musical Direction by Tim Herman
Produced and stage managed by Naomi Shvorin
Presented by TOSOS II, Doric Wilson, Mark Finley, Barry Childs
A Billy Blackwell Musical Theatre Project

This musical revue celebrates the world of composer and lyricist Bill Solly, from his youth in Ontario, Canada, to a young man in London痴 West End, and through his later years in New York City. His fresh, biting words, and beautifully crafted melodies take us through love, laughter, heartache, and loss all with an unlimited optimism. Mr. Solly痴 own lyrics sums it up best: 吐ancy free panache! The play guides us into an urbanity, at once exuberantly innocent, and fiendishly clever.

Cast includes Anthony Apicella, Allison Beck, Katy Frame, Eric Schneider.

典he World of Bill Solly is the first in an ongoing series of revues celebrating the contributions of gay composers and lyricists that TOSOS II plans to present under the collective title 溺usically Speaking. That we begin with Bill Solly is only appropriate, as it was Igor Goldin痴 highly successful concert performance of the ground braking 釘oy Meets Boy that first initiated the TOSOS II Billy Blackwell Musical Theater Project. That we are presenting The World of Bill Solly at the Duplex is also fitting as the late Billy Blackwell was a star of this club in its previous location as half of the cabaret act 釘illy & Tiffany in the 1970s.

August 2, 2004
The Duplex, New York City

The Stops
A fundamentally fabulous musical comedy

Marc Willis, Paul Rosenberg, Brandon Whitehead
photo: Chris Bennion Photography  

by Eric Lane Barnes and Drew Emery
Music and Lyrics by Eric Lane Barnes
Book by Eric Lane Barnes and Drew Emery
Directed by Karen Kinch
Music direction by Eric Lane Barnes
Presented by DramaQueen, Karen Kinch producer

A trio of lady, church organists tours the country crooning the songs of their mentor, the church organist and songwriter Dale Meadows. When they learn he faces expulsion as music minister, due to being outed as a 菟racticing homosexual, they decide to take their show, and their cause on the road. The lovely ladies are united in their love of song, but deeply divided in their views of homosexuality. Therefore, each lady has a vastly different idea as to how Dale can be 都aved.

The Stops features Barnes irreverent and delectable contemporary Christian music send-ups. The show takes the debate, between Christian fundamentalists and homosexuals, and turns it on its head-all, all the while serving up heaping church potluck portions of wicked fun and honest-to-God joy.

Cast includes: Paul Rosenberg, Brandon Whitehead, and Marc Willis.

鄭 fiendishly clever cabaret event-a gleeful send up of all things holy and good. - Seattle Weekly

典he Stops packs more laughs and talent into two minutes than most shows pack into two hours. Who knew spending a Saturday night with a bunch of church ladies could be so much fun? - Houston Voice

August 5, 2004
Empty Space Theatre, Seattle, Washington

The Dixie Queen Road Show &
Dixie Queen: The Movie

Lady Bunny, Lady Chablis

Directed and produced by Miles Christian Daniels

An unprecedented, gender-bending on-stage extravaganza and film event. Live performances by America痴 most renowned drag queen divas, Lady Bunny (star of Wigstock : The Movie and official drag queen for 鉄ex and the City) and The Lady Chablis (the empress who upstaged Clint Eastwood痴 feature film Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil).

The two-hour show includes screening the documentary film, 泥ixie Queen, a behind-the-scenes look into the life of North Carolina drag legend, Tara Nicole, and into everyday lives of small-town America drag queens. Gay or straight, liberal or conservative, viewers will find timeless themes in Tara痴 amazing story: the flight of a free spirit, the bonds of family, and - most of all - courage amid adversity.

Whether your taste is edgy, sophisticated, family oriented, or wild and reckless, 典he Dixie Queen Road Show has something for you!

In Seattle, these drag stars appear at The Dixie Queen Road Show:

  • The untouchable Mark 溺om Finley
  • Seattle痴 legendary LaTrina Bidet
  • Avonna Starr - Whose 轍ueen of Soul impersonation would make Aretha do a double-take
  • Shaka Kwan - Her resume reads like a who痴 who of drag queens: Current Imperial Princess, past Miss Gay Seattle, Miss Gay Washington, and La Femme Magnifique Pacific Northwest
  • Sylvia O担tayformore - named the Drag Queen to look out for in 2002 by OUT Magazine
  • Terra Hymen - A new, young fresh underground talent who wows her audiences with intense dance moves and make-up skills
  • Poison Waters - Portland, Oregon痴 #1 performer/MC
  • Joan E. - Vancouver, BC痴 lady of drag, seen most recently in 鼎onnie & Carla listed as Robert Kaiser

August 6, 2004
Paramount Theatre, Seattle, Washington

12 steps to a More Dysfunctional Musical- Part 4
written and performed by Rob Nash

Rob Nash

Directed by Jeff Calhoun
Music compositions by Chad Salvata, Johnny Edson, and Edmund Pantuliano
Presented by Vortex Repertory Company

Mildred is haunted by Harvey, the ghost of her late ex-husband. Fred juggles anxiety and depression medications while teaching theatre camp. Windsong becomes a Muslim (Sufi) and changes her name again, this time to Leila. Margot becomes addicted to the euphoric effects of Ambien. Matt busts rhymes and gets into fights. Puberty has turned Ashley into a stunningly gorgeous bitch. And everyone performs a nifty little ditty!

Rob Nash has been featured on 天H-1 Stand-up Spotlight with Rosie O奪onnell, Comedy Central痴 徹ut There in Hollywood, and he has emceed HBO half hour comedy specials for Bob Smith and Suzanne Westenhoeffer.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

August 13, 2004
The Vortex, Austin, Texas

Breakfast with Scot by Michael Downing

Javier Galita, Scott Cox, Sam Garber
Photo source: Lois Tema  

Directed by Ed Decker
Produced by The New Conservatory Theatre

A gay couple inherit a child and blanch when he turns out to be a budding queen. Scot is an 11-year-old Truman Capote or Quentin Crisp, limp wrists and all. Scot shows up with a musical hairbrush, a pair of lacy white socks and two makeup kits. His interest in school sports is limited to baton twirling and cheerleading.

Breakfast is a premiere. Downing was commissioned by New Conservatory to write the play based on his novel of the same title.

August 14, 2004
New Conservatory, San Francisco, California

Body/Works by Michael Z. Keamy
Directed by Curt Miller
Presented by The Provincetown Repertory Theater

A highly physical, comedic-dramatic performance piece detailing one man痴 search for balance of mind, soul and body, within a culture in desperate need of integration. Using his own body as a filter, Michael puzzles his way through personal revelations, body language, the fitness craze, yoga, art, death, and sex in a fascinating, funny search for wholeness.

Playwright and actor Michael Z. Keamy has appeared in dozens of productions in Boston and Provincetown. A graduate of Emerson College, he most recently wrote and directed 填nlaunch壇 Voices: an Evening With Walt Whitman which has been performed throughout the U.S.

August 16, 2004
Provincetown Repertory Theater, Provincetown, Massachusetts

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde

cast ?
photo: ?  

Directed and adapted by Hugh Hysell
Produced by Wild at Last Productions

This all-male version is set in modern-day Chelsea and the Hamptons, where butlers become muscular 塗ouseboys, Lady Bracknell becomes over-protective gay father who frequents The Townhouse, and packs of rich, gay men assume false identities to marry the men they love.

Cast includes: Adam Beckworth, Lee Blair, Gary Hilborn, John Kudan, Joe LaRue*, Gerry Marsini, Ricky Oliver, Kila Packett, and William Reinking. The all-male Earnest originally debuted with a sold-out, critically-acclaimed run in the 1998 NYC Fringe Festival, followed by a successful run at the Duplex from 1998-1999. Hugh Hysell is an adjunct professor at Columbia University.

徹scar would be delighted! - Merlin Holland, Oscar Wilde痴 grandson

August 16, 2004
Sanford Meisner Theatre, New York, New York

Not the Boy Next Door:
The Darker Side of the Music & Lyrics of Christopher Jackson
by Christopher Jackson
Directed by ?
Presented by Bailiwick Repertory

A relationship between two men, one older, one younger, gradually sours. The story is told entirely in song, and emotionally covers passions, such as jealousy, envy, lust, love, romance, and leads to murder.

Cast includes Damien Brett, Gary Cox, with Christopher Jackson at the piano.

Composer and lyricist Christopher Jackson authored many musicals and musically directed several national Broadway tours for Dodger Productions. He toured his cabaret show coast to coast, and has contributed music to films including 典he Big Brass Ring with William Hurt, and 典he Road to Broadway, a documentary featuring Scott Wise and Kitty Carlisle Hart.

August 20, 2004
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois

Thief River by Lee Blessing

Directed by Jeffrey Ingman
Produced by Diversionary Theatre

In 1948, Gil and Ray must choose between life in a small town, or a freer life in the city. Ray marries and remains closeted in the town where they grew up. Gil moves to the city to seek his freedom. We follow them as events draw them back together over the decades, and see the cumulative effect people痴 choices have on their lives.

August 28, 2004
Diversionary Theatre, San Diego, California

覧覧 September 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

The Gay Naked Play by David Bell

Michael Ciriaco, Douglas Gregory, Ryan Berit
photo: Christopher O. Banks  

Directed by Christopher Borg and Jason Bowcutt
Presented by Emerging Artists Theatre/Theatrical Fare
Produced by Shay Gines and Paul Adams

A young, married couple and their small, midtown Manhattan theatre company, 典he Integrity Players, have sworn to produce only principled and sincere Art. Unfortunately, due to apathetic audiences and poor ticket sales, they are bankrupt, and will close for good without some quick cash. They turn their fate over to a trendy trio of gay self-promoters who have a recipe for a sure-fire hit: a glitzy, gay comedy with naked performers.

Cast includes: Ryan Berit, Jessica Calvello, Michael Ciriaco, Douglas Gregory, Wayne Henry, Ellen Reilly, Aaron Wimmer, and Dan Zalevsky.

The Gay Naked Play is a cautionary farce about the love/hate relationship between theater and money. Playwright David Bell first collaborated with Borg on his 鉄tarfuckers, which was further developed and coupled with another Bell play, 擢uck Off!, to make the evening 展hat The Fuck! They again joined on the critically acclaimed 釘ernadette and the Butcher of Broadway, which parodied Broadway hype and the New York media, earned a GLADD Award nomination for Best Off-Off-Broadway Production.

September 1, 2004
Emerging Artists Theatre, New York, New York

Street Theater by Doric Wilson
Directed by Hal Harmon
Presented by Emerald Theatre Company

A witty take on events on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village on June 27, 1969 the day that would later become known as the 鉄tonewall Rebellion the symbolic start of the modern gay liberation movement.

Cast includes: Vincent Astor, Deshon Gales, Gina Garrone, Charlie Green, Larry Griffin, Michael Hoots, Christopher Hulett, Mark Mattingly, Steve Napier, David Shipley, Den-Nickolas Smith, Melinda Swofford, Ruben Tapp, and Cary Vaughn.

September 10, 2004
Theatreworks, Memphis, Tennessee

Southern Gothic Novel
written and performed by Frank Blocker

photo: David Ford  

Directed by Gabriel Shanks
Presented by
in benefit performances for Creative Mechanics, NY

鄭 theatrical tour-de-force reminiscent of 賎reater Tuna crossed with 羨 Prairie Home Companion. Blocker痴 writing is sly, sharp, erudite and unerringly funny, and his talent for voices and characterization is simply wonderful. - David Hurst, Next Magazine

釘oth archly satirical and sweetly ingenuous wry sophistication and gleeful, childlike abandon that痴 certain to satisfy the cranky inner toddler of even the most jaded New York theatergoer. - Terri Galvin,

September 11, 2004
The Sky Bar, Mount Washington Tavern, Baltimore, Maryland

Street Theater by Doric Wilson
Directed by Barry Steinman
Presented by Creative Arts Enterprises
Part of the 2nd Annual Lavender Footlights Festival

A witty take on events on Christopher Street in Greenwich Village on June 27, 1969 the day that would later become known as the 鉄tonewall Rebellion the symbolic start of the modern gay liberation movement.

Cast includes: Joel Kolker, Paul Lasa, E.L. Losada, Lisa Manuli, Joanne Marsic, Ricky J. Martinez, Rich Simone, and Doug Williford.

September 11, 2004
Newton Building, Miami, Florida

Love and Marriage - A reading series
Presented by Theatre OUTlanta and Marriage Equality Georgia

Readings of plays celebrating LGBT marriage and family, followed by information about Georgia痴 proposed marriage amendment. Benefits Marriage Equality Georgia and Theatre OUTlanta. Each evening features different plays. Marriage Equality Georgia will be on hand to answer questions about the marriage amendment on the November ballot.

September 13, 2004

  • Raincheck by Claudia Allen
    Two women who were best friends in high school, get a second chance at love with the help of grandmother.
  • Defense of Marriage by Jeffrey M. Cordell
    A gay male couple talk about whether they should get married.

    October 4, 2004

  • Blowing Out the Candles by Tony Lewis
    An African-American gay man comes out to his parents.
  • A Bushel of Crabs by Kathleen Warnock
    A woman asks ex-boyfriend to father child for her to raise with her female lover.
  • Child Support by Joe Godfrey
    A gay male couple tells their best friends they池e going to adopt a baby.
  • Father痴 Day by Matt Heftler
    A gay man goes to see his state senator, who is also his ex-girlfriend痴 father, to ask him to vote for a bill allowing gay people to adopt.
  • Dig a Little Deeper by Shirlene Holmes
    A lesbian discovers her daughter may also be a lesbian

    October 25, 2004

  • Cinderella: The Real True Story by Cheryl Moch
    Cinderella and the Princess fall in love, marry, and live happily ever after.
Theatre OUTlanta, Onstage Atlanta, Decatur, Georgia

Dangerous by Tom Smith

Simon Money, Phil Price

Directed by Dan Skili
Produced by Peter Bull
Presented by Eureka Theatre Company

Marcus痴 boyfriend has been caught cheating with Jason, a young gym trainer. Angered, Marcus prompts his friend Alexander Valmont to have sex with Jason, thus humiliating his boyfriend and claiming revenge. Alexander agrees, noting that he himself is trying to win the affections of Trevor, a not yet ordained priest. 泥angerous presents a game of love, lust, seduction, and betrayal. A raunchy, modern day, all-male, gay version of 鏑es Liaisons Dangereuses.

Cast includes: Adam Blake, Dominic Coddington, Emil Freysson, Andrew N. Hill, Simon Money, Phil Price, Graham Townsend, Oliver Wallace.

Dangerous had a sell-out world premiere season at Barons Court Theatre in London, early in 2004, before it was transferred to the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton, part of the Pride in Brighton & Hove Festival where it was again hugely successful.

September 14, 2004
Camden People痴 Theatre, London, U.K.
Information: Eureka 020-7381-4187;

10 Naked Men by Ronnie Larsen
Directed by Ronnie Larsen
Presented by Caryn Horwitz and Jay H. Harris, LLC

Set in Hollywood, California, three hustlers, two producers, two agents, a banker, photographer, and actor seek fame, fortune, and happiness.

Cast includes Ronnie Larsen, Preston Britton, Mark Cirillo, Thomas Colby, Marcus DeAnda, John Fava, JP Hubbell, John LaDue, Aaron Misakian and Brian Sheridan.

10 had a six-month run Off-Broadway, a three-month sell-out run in both San Francisco and Los Angeles, and also played for a limited run in Boston and Philadelphia. Larsen also wrote Making Porn, which had a successful 16-month run Off-Broadway, and continues to play in its seventh year across the country.

Contains nudity and strong language.

September 23, 2004
Cast Theatre, Los Angeles, California

A Question of Attribution by Alan Bennett
Directed by John Fisher and Jeffrey Hartgraves
Presented by Theatre Rhinoceros
Single Spies - An evening of two one-act plays

Libby O辰onnell and John Fisher
photo: Kent Taylor  

  • An Englishman Abroad
    In a 1958 squalid flat in Moscow, double-agent Guy Burgess , once thought to be the most dangerous homosexual in the world, interrogates actress Coral Browne about English society gossip.
  • A Question of Attribution
    Knighted in 1956, Professor Anthony Blunt was a pillar of the establishment, surveyor of the Queen痴 pictures, an international art historian and director of the Courtauld Institute of Art. In the corridors of Buckingham Palace, The Queen happens upon him replacing one of her favorite Titians with a fake. Is Her Majesty aware that her enigmatic servant is more than what he seems: a Communist spy, the infamously traitorous 吐ourth man?
Cast includes: Jeffrey Hartgraves, Libby O辰onnell, John Fisher, Matt Weimer, Greg Lucey, and Dominick Marrone.

Both Bennett one-act plays are based upon real people and historic circumstances in the early years of the cold war, and relate the real-life experiences of the infamous 鼎ambridge Spies. It is the first time, a reigning British monarch had ever been portrayed as a character in a play on stage. Single Spies opened to rave reviews at London痴 National Theatre in 1988. Subsequently a huge West End hit, these two witty, intelligent plays delighted a public intrigued by espionage and forgery.

September 23, 2004
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

Farm Boys by Amy Fox and Dean Gray
Directed by Jim Pelegano

John unexpectedly inherits a small farm in his central Wisconsin hometown. Leaving New York City, John finds ghosts from his past, including a relationship he had with the farm痴 original owner when John was a teenager. A shadow is cast over his current relationship with his partner Kim, a native New Yorker and choreographer. Judged by a community fearful of homosexuality, and pressured to sell the property to a corporation that slowly extinguishes small farmers, John must ultimately question where he and Kim can create a home.

Cast includes: David Drake, Joan Grant, Craig Jorczak, Jim Madden, Thomas James O鱈eary

An adaptation of Will Fellows痴 seminal book 擢arm Boys: Lives of Gay Men from the Rural Midwest.

September 24, 2004
Blue Heron Theatre, New York, New York

What to Say by Tim Mullaney
Directed by Bob Cruz
Presented by TOSOS II - The Other Side of Silence
In association with Out Professionals

After three years together, Hunter and Tyler seem to have things figured out. However, their relationship thrives on a delicate mixture of pleasure and pain, and after Tyler痴 mother dies, and his father comes to stay with the couple in their loft, Hunter must confront the doubts that have been plaguing him. 展hat to Say is about the power and strange allure of pain, exploring the burden of living with it, and the sometimes helpless longing for it, and the difficulty of communicating in a world where 都top might mean 堵ive me more.

Cast includes Steven Hauck, Michael Lynch, Jimmy Maize and Justin Tyler.

A reading presented as part of The Robert Chesley / Jane Chambers Playwright Project

Tim Mullaney was awarded the T. Stephen May Award for Excellence in Scriptwriting in 2001. His play Close Your Eyes has been workshopped at the StageLeft Theatre in Chicago. He is also an actor and has appeared the Mary Zimmerman-directed Philip Glass opera Galileo Galilei.

The Chesley/Chambers Playwrights Project is the TOSOS II forum for playwrights to have their work read to an invited audience. It is named in honor of Jane Chambers (1937-83) and Robert Chesley (1943-90), two of the most original and impassioned voices to contribute to gay theater.

September 24, 2004
CAP21, Studio #6, New York, New York

Produced by Village Scene Productions
Montreal G.L.B.T. International Theatre Festival

Au cours de cette soirée au style cabaret, haute en couleur et pleine dénergie, des extraits des spectacles du festival seront présentés, des séances déchanges auront lieu avec les auteurs et metteurs en scène et plusieurs présentations auront lieu. Une vente aux enchères aura lieu, des prix de présence et des lots seront offerts lors de cette soirée de levée de fonds.

Festival participants will perform extracts from their productions, talk back sessions with the playwrights and directors, and variety acts will round out this cabaret styled soirée. There will also be an auction, raffle and door prizes at this fundraising event.

September 25, 2004
Bar Le Tube, Complexe Bourbon, Montreal, Canada

Boston Marriage by David Mamet

photo: ?  

Directed by Luis Q. Barroso
Presented by DRAMA!

Anna, mistress to a wealthy man, and Claire, her lover, exchange barbs and take turns taunting Anna痴 hapless Scottish parlor maid. Claire痴 other lover suddenly appears, setting off a crisis that puts all at risk. A wickedly funny comedy of tart dialogue, impeccable plot, and spiced with 展ildean wit.

Cast includes Diane E.H. Shortes, Melissa Hall and Wendi Berman.

泥evastatingly funny. - NY Times

展ickedly, wittily entertaining - The Boston Phoenix

September 23, 2004
Cowpokes Theatre Space, New Orleans, Louisiana

The Looking for Mr. Right Comedy Tour
written and performed by Jason Stuart

Openly gay comic Jason stuart headlines his new stand-up comedy show.

Jason tours throughout the U.S.

September 27, 2004
Laugh Factory, New York, NY

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

By the Short & the Curlies by Barry Lowe
Drycleaning the Shroud of Turin by Barry Lowe

Directed by Robert Chuter
Produced by Russell Sims
Presented by Performing Arts Productions Australia

By the Short & the Curlies is a celebration of the sexual and theatrical rule-breaking British playwright Joe Orton, and his 16-year life partnership to Kenneth Halliwell. Orton was one of the 60s golden boys: a working class Leicester lad, sexual innocent, and penniless student, who became a national celebrity, grinning satyr, and icon of swinging London. The play also chronicles his sexual escapades: at his mother痴 funeral, a pissoir on the Holloway Road, in sun-smitten Tangiers, and with a dwarf in Brighton. While his black comedies, such as 鏑oot, 展hat the Butler Saw, 擢uneral Games and 摘ntertaining Mr. Sloane were hugely successful, his private life was sometimes sordid, often farcical, and ended tragically. In July 1967, Orton wrote in his diary, 的 have high hopes of dying in my prime!

Cast: Paul Canlan as Joe.

Drycleaning the Shroud of Turin begins with Axel, a young street hustler, confiding he has kidnapped his asthmatic son from his heroin-addicted, former girlfriend. We learn of his street friends and enemies, people such as Magoo, Baby Love and his various male and female tricks. He and his son are dodging the authorities. Every night, Axel drugs his son with diluted Valium and Serapax in warm milk so he can prowl the streets for rough sex and survival money. However, the authorities have caught up with them, and have his son. Alex has taken the only course left open to a loving and devoted father. As he reveals the hideous truth, his large shopping bag of all his worldly possessions begins to leak blood.

Cast: Christopher Pender as Axel.

Both plays are world premieres and part of 2004 Melbourne Fringe Festival.
September 29, 2004
Fitzroy Gallery, Fitzroy 3065, Australia

Women in Love
Adapted and directed by Chuck Cannon
Produced by The Living End Theatre Company of Philadelphia

The story of two young, post-World War I British sisters who fall in love with Rupert and Gerald. They experience the fluctuations of romantic love, including a mutual attraction between Rupert and Gerald. An intriguing character and period study, this stage adaptation includes a male, nude wrestling scene, and combines comedy, romance, and tragedy.

Cast includes: Peter Damian, Natasha Kelly, Jonah Cohen, Janine White, Leah Walton, Ben Lovell, Christine Emmert. World premiere of the new stage adaptation of D.H. Lawrence痴 controversial Edwardian novel.

September 29, 2004
The 2nd Stage, Adrienne Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

覧覧 October 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Enter Alice by Jim Hornor
Music and musical direction by Kevin O奪onnell

Amanda Christensen, David Scott
photo: Jim Hornor  

Directed by Mikhael Tara Garver
Presented by Uma Productions

60-year-old Alice finds herself lost backstage at Wonderland, a bawdy burlesque show. On her way home, she encounters The Queen, Wonderland痴 resident diva, an interlude between a leading man and a chorus boy that gets a very steamy, and cross dresses which results in a big kiss from Wonderland痴 sexiest stripper.

This rowdy comedy, with live, original music, burlesque performances, and brief nudity, is an adaptation of Lewis Carroll痴 鄭lice in Wonderland.

Cast includes: Amanda Christensen, Stephanie Jacobs, Kate McDermott, Elaine Robinson, Julie Mitre, Chrissy Benner, Ashley Bush, Cynthia Castiglione, Lauren Creel, Eric Evanskaas, Jason Fleitz, Brad Gallagher, Laura Hooper, Nick Lewis, Steve Lund, Meghan O樽alley, Brian Rickel, David Scott, Matt Shallenberger, Adam Silver, Candace Thompson, Cassie Wooley, and Rani Waterman.

October 1, 2004
Chopin Theatre, Chicago, Illinois

Snakebit by David Marshall Grant

Dale Albright
photo: David Allen  

Directed by Russell Blackwood
Produced by theatre Q and ACT Now!

Social worker Michael is forced to move from his home after a break-up with his boyfriend. His best friends, Jonathan and Jennifer, visit him from New York. They harbor a secret that will have life-changing results, should it be revealed. They are stuck, and their old game plans don稚 work anymore. All their assumptions and conceits come to a crossroads in a moment of courage. Or not.

Cast includes: Dale Albright, Laura Jane Bailey, Jeffrey Hoffman, and Robert Anthony Peters.

October 1, 2004
Dean Lesher, Walnut Creek, California

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

Lauren Jill Ahrold, Virginia Baeta, Zainab Jah
photo: Bob Pileggi  

Director, Rebecca Patterson
Producer, The Queen痴 Company

A king defies his queen and country to pursue his passion for a common man. This riveting tale of the struggle for the heart of a king is filled with twists and turns that will surprise and tantalize. Will love survive the jealous fury of an intolerant nation? Are we free to follow our hearts? Can conventional power and unconventional passion share a throne, or must the ensuing tension tear a leader and his country apart?

The Queen痴 Company is a premier, all-female classical theater company.

October 9, 2004
Connelly Theatre, New York, New York

WildeWeek Festival
  • Faking Oscar - lecture by C. Robert Holloway
    October 10, 2004
  • The Importance of Being Dolly by Lily Sauvage
    October 13, 2004
  • Wilde Birthday Party
    October 16, 2004
  • Albee Damned by Kevin Brofsky
    Directed by Derek Jamison
    Produced by Spotlight on Prods

    College music professor Bill and his wife Hilary, invite a sweet, innocent male couple home for drinks after a cocktail party. The ensuing cat-and-mouse, song-and-dance evening of mind games includes making the gay couple kiss in front of them, and bringing up Bill痴 affair with someone (or something) called Tiny Alice.

    A 20-minute parady of 展ho痴 Afraid of Virginia Woolf? But this time, the visitors are gay, and the games Bill and Hilary play may, or may not, include a kid (as in, a goat). The ending reveals something about Bill and Hilary which even Edward Albee never dreamed of .

    Cast includes: Carol Monda, Scott D. Phillips, Tom Dusenbury and Jeffrey J. Bateman. Albee Damned played at the 2004 Fresh Fruit Festival, NY, and at the Halloween Spotlight on Festival.

    October 10, 2004
    Greenwich Theater, New York, New York

Now She Dances! by Doric Wilson
Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by David Stern
Presented by TOSOS II / The Other Side of Silence
This reading is part of Oscar Wilde痴 150th Birthday Celebration

A nightmarish fantasia on the trial of Oscar Wilde, blending characters from Wilde痴 Salome and The Importance of Being Earnest, with a Post-Modernist America. The denizens of Herod痴 decayed and corrupt court discover themselves constrained in the lace and frippery of a polite Victorian comedy of manners where they sit in deadly judgment on a contemporary stand-in for Wilde.

Cast includes Jamie Heinlein, Casey Weaver, and Chris Weikel.

Now She Dances! was originally presented at the Caffe Cino in 1961. It has gone through many revisions since. Wilson spent more than another 20 years rewriting. In 1976, it played for six months at the original TOSOS, and was invited to a Fordham University Arts Festival. In November 2000, Steve Bottoms presented the world premiere of the (absolutely) final version in Glasgow, Scotland.

October 16, 2004
theater to be announced

Hyenas -or- The Monologue of Theodore-Frederic Benoit
by Christian Simeon, adapted by Paul Verdier
Directed By Paul Verdier
Produced by Tim Wright

A labrynthine trip through the deeply felt and intensely lived emotion, that makes us doubt our own certainties and destroys our logic. The play is a cry, the same cry that hyenas howl in the desert.

Hyenas is based on an historical event, the death sentence of 22-year-old Theodore-Frederic Benoit for the murder of his male lover and his own mother. But was he innocent?

Cast: Eric Szmanda

October 16, 2004
Stages Theatre Center, Hollywood, California

Agrippina by A. Giovanni Affinito

Beth McKenzie
Craig T. Brown, Sara Montblanc
photo: Ellis Gaskel  

Directed by Alexis M. Hadsall
Presented by Theatre Rats

Rome痴 most powerful woman was emperor Nero痴 mother Agrippina. As he ascensends to power, can he, keep all the power and not share with his lovers, his 澱oy slaves, and expecially keep power from the woman with whom he also had a sexual relationship his mother.

The play blends elements of classical tragedy, contemporary satire, music, and dance.

Cast includes: Beth McKenzie, Lindsay Kitt Wiebe, Michael Catangay, Ridley Parson,Tim Shestak, Jason Shoulders, Craig A. Brown, Brad Caswell, Sara Montblanc, David Holt, Jedediah McProud, Miral Kobt, Natalie C. Bridges and Jina Curtis.

October 16, 2004
Shetler Theatre, New York, New York

Eisenstein痴 Monster shorts by Linda Eisenstein
Directed by Mark Finley and Rebecca Longworth
Music composed by Morry Campbell
Produced by Naomi Shvorin
Presented by TOSOS II (Doric Wilson, Mark Finley, Barry Childs)
in association with Out Professionals

A monstrously poignant, hauntingly hilarious collection of six short plays and monologues by Linda Eisenstein, each dealing with one monster in particular: desire.

Eisenstein痴 plays:

  • Zombie Grrlz from the Crypt - A passionate Goth girl slam-dunks a poetry slam.
  • F2F - A seemingly routine F2F stirs the soul of a passionate on-line dater.
  • A Rustle of Wings introduces a mysterious film noir angel with a very personal message.
  • Acme Temporary Services advertises its unique employment opportunities.
  • Gentrification - A lesbian couple are urban pioneers.
  • That Was No Lady from the Sea - Thwarted desires and repressed emotions erupt with style in this Ibsen spoof.
Cast includes Anne Ashby, Morry Campbell, Bob Cruz, Liz Davito, Stephanie Deliani, Kelly Fisher, Mary Louise Mooney and Holly Sheppard.

Linda Eisenstein痴 plays and musicals have been performed throughout the U.S., England, Australia, Canada, South Africa, and the Philippines. She received the Ohio Arts Council Individual Artist Fellowships for 典hree the Hard Way and her musicals 鉄tar Wares: The Next Generation and 泥iscordia. Her works have appeared in anthologies published by Dramatic, Vintage, Penguin, Smith & Kraus, Heinemann, and Meriwether, as well as in journals such as Blithe House Quarterly, Anything That Moves, and the Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly.

October 19, 2004
Duplex Cabaret Theater, New York, New York

Fall of the House of Usher adapted by Steven Berkoff

Frank Blocker
photo: Debbie  

Directed by Gabriel Shanks
Produced by Creative Mechanics

The Usher twins, Roderick and Madeline, carry the tormented history of their cursed family name inside the macabre walls of the House of Usher. As their incestuous relationship sinks them deeper into madness, they employ the help of Roderick痴 estranged friend Edgar to alleviate their pain. However, Edgar is only drawn into their nightmare. When Madeline dies, the two men must bury her in the family crypt below the manse. There痴 only one problem. Madeline is still alive.

A woman playing a male character has stylized sex with a man and a woman. An experimental adaptation of the terrifying psychological horror writing of Edgar Allan Poe.

Cast includes: Frank Blocker, Shannon Maddox, Janice Herndon

October 21
Independent Theatre, New York, New York

Last Summer at Bluefish Cove by Jane Chambers

Libby West, Nicole Marcks
photo: Sue Hamilton  

Directed by Sue Hamilton
Produced by Jon Imparato
Presented by LIT! (Lesbians in Theater), L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center痴
Lily Tomlin Jane Wagner Cultural Arts Center

Eight women, at an out-of-the-way Long Island vacation spot in 1980, encounter awakening, love and personal tragedy. Eva, newly separated from her husband, stumbles onto the enclave without knowing its special nature. She is befriended by Lil, who harbors a secret. The summer unfolds as the women laugh, love, and say good-bye. The women are flawed, funny, and, ultimately, a family.

Cast includes: Peggy Goss, Libby West, C.B. Spencer, Nicole Marcks, Leslie Upson, Cerris Morgan-Moyer, Cathy Ladman, Chantel Rosade. An extened run replaced Chantel Rosade with Laura Philbin Coyle.

The 25th anniversary production at the Center.

October 22, 2004
The Davidson/Valentini Theatre, Hollywood, California

Three by Patricia Cotter
Directed by Michael Angelo Stuno
Presented by Apartment A Produced by Peter Soby, Jr. and Miranda Morton Yap

Three New York couples find their lives changed in one evening. Karla and Brian bring home lesbian Megan for what should be just 殿 sex thing whoever invented the term 田asual sex, never tried it. After Danny has sex with an acquaintance, he and Jonathan take a stab a monogamy rhymes with monotony. Emily wants a kid, however, Rachel wants lots of hot sex in a mythical commune what痴 the world coming to when even the lesbians can稚 keep it in their pants?

Cast includes: Jennifer DeMartino, Mike Gallagher, Marissa Hall, Jay Huguley, Ian Jensen, Heather Long, and Casey Siegenfeld.

A world premiere. 鄭partment A is a theater collective dedicated to the fearless exploration of the writer.

October 22, 2004
Electric Lodge Theatre, Venice, California

The Eyes of Babylon written and performed by Jeff Key

Directed by Yuval Hadadi
Associate produced by Debi Hall

Jeff Key stops lying about his sexuality and uses the military痴 anti-gay ban to exit the Marine Corps, thereby avoiding the taking of innocent life for corporate gains. He struggles to reconcile participating in an illegal, immoral war, and his profound commitment to being a marine. A psychological and emotional journey that culminates in spiritual epiphany.

To propel the story, Key uses excerpts from his Iraq journals; from his 2001 Iraq tour, to his return to a life of political activism and philanthropy. More than a documentation of the war, this piece is a profoundly personal look inside the conscience of a man faced with nearly impossible decisions.

October 25, 2004
Tamarind, Hollywood, California

Rocky Horror Show by Richard O達rien

Adam McKinstry as Frank N. Furter
photo: Janey Miller  

Renee Gawlik as Riff Raff
photo: Janey Miller  

Directed by Chris Garcia Peak

A sweet transvestite and his rock-and-roll disciples do the 鍍ime-warp.

Cast includes: Adam McKinstry, Renee Gawlik.

October 29, 2004

Dorothy Menker Theater, Moraine Valley Community College, Palos Hills, Illinois

覧覧 November 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

Dear Mr. Klein by Bruce Chambers
graphic source: Eric Dyck  

Directed by Chris Cinnamon
Produced by The Stubble Jumpers Quartet in association with Teatro Berdache

A lonely gay Calgary man, and a handsome rural Albertan cowboy, write to Premier Ralph Klein with differing views on civil rights for gay people. Sparks fly in this dark comedy where the two men are caught in bigotry and misunderstandings. The play is set in the wake of the ruling in Vriend v. Alberta (1998), where the Canadian Supreme Court said that gay men and lesbians were covered by Alberta痴 Human Right Code.

Cast includes: Chad Nobert and Steve Gin. Course language and implied sexual situations.

World premiere
Nov 3, 2004
Pumphouse Theatre, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Significant Others by Tom W. Kelly

Parker Baltimore, Eric Rice, Leo Lawhorn
photo: Lois Tema  

Directed by Alan S. Quismorio

These five one-act plays explore love between men with lots of good humor, as well as raw emotional honesty. A kaleidoscope of gay male relationships: from young love blooming on the night of the prom in the school janitor痴 closet to infidelity in a long-term relationship to the bitter-sweet reunion of two former lovers tracing the history of their relationship. A powerful collection of inspirational tales on monogamy, ageing, community, friends, and finding a soul mate, as well as an investigation of the complex dynamics of love, and how we construct the 途ules of our relationships.

Previews: November 5, 2004
New Conservatory Theatre Center, 25 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, California

The Maids by Jean Genet

Dawn Greenidge
Inger Tudor, Sofie Calderon
photo: Katherine Donahue  

Directed by Stuart K. Robinson
Presented by CGT Productions
Produced by Lisa Kenner

A story of two maids and their mistress that examines class structure from the perspective of the contemporary woman of color, observing social, emotional, and sexual tensions born from the unique, intimate relationship between master and servant, employer and employee, privileged and impoverished.

Cast includes: Sofie Calderon, Dawn Greenidge and Inger Tudor.

Based on the crime that shocked France in 1933, 典he Maids is Genet痴 rendering of the incestuous Papin sisters who savagely murdered their employer and her daughter. Their brutal act became a symbolic revolt by the oppressed against the tyranny of class structure, and they were catapulted to heroic status in the struggle against the bourgeoisie.

Playwright Jean Genet (1910-1986) was an orphan, thief, homosexual, and outcast. The details of his personal life, and the scandalous subject matter of his writings, have often overshadowed the enduring artistic achievements of his most challenging works, which include: 徹ur Lady of the Flowers, 典he Thief痴 Journal, 典he Blacks, 典he Balcony, 轍uerelle de Brest, and 撤risoner of Love.

November 5, 2004
Stage 52, Los Angeles, California

Arrangement for Two Violas by Susan Lieberman

Stephen Rader, John Sanders
photo: John Beckman  

Directed by Ann Filmer
Presented by Visions & Voices Theatre Company

In a small, conservative Wisconsin town in 1938, Dr. Peter Chase discovers love for the first time. He meets, and has a passionate affair with, Henry Meegan, a nationally-known Milwaukee specialist. The two men are avid amateur violists. When their secret love is accidentally revealed, the consequences exact an immense emotional price.

鄭rrangement contains topical same-sex marriage issues, from a 1938 perspective.

Cast includes: Gene Cordon, Marssie Mencotti, Stephen Rader, John Sanders.

November 5, 2004
Chicago Dramatists, Chicago, Illinois

Get Your Feet Wet written and performed by Monica Palacios

More righteous rants of nationality, sexuality, and flab. Experience silly and profound empanadas of life from the creator of 敵reetings From A Queer Señorita. Plus, special guest Andrew Carrillo.

徹ne of the great funny women of our queer culture. - Bay Area Reporter

撤alacios rises above the run-of-the-mill. - LA Weekly

典errifically funny. - LA Times

Ms. Palacios received a Rockefeller Fellowship and an Indie Award for her play 鉄weet Peace, has written several one-person shows, and has been included in many anthologies. She is an adjunct professor at UCLA, U.C. Santa Barbara and U.C. Riverside.

November 5, 2004
Casa 0101, Los Angeles, California

Seduction by Jack Heifner

Richard Gee, Lewis Morton, Phil Price, Peter Sundby, Gareth Watkins
photo: Juhani Naukkarinen  

Directed by Tim McArthur
Produced by Peter Bull and Juhani Naukkarinen

A rent boy, sailor, handyman, student, businessman, teenager, professor, writer, actor, producer who are all skilled in the art of seduction. A sexy, raunchy all-male, gay interpretation of 鏑a Ronde by Arthur Schnitzler.

Cast includes: Richard Gee, Phil Price, Peter Sundby, Lewis Morton, and Gareth Watkins.

First European production. Premiered in San Francisco in 2004. Mr. Heifner痴 previous plays include 天anities, which ran for more than five years Off Broadway, and the Broadway musical 鏑eader of the Pack, for which he received a Tony Award nomination.


November 9, 2004
Barons Court Theatre, The Curtains Up, London W14, UK

looking4sex by Jonathan Kronenberger

Jason Alan Griffin, Robert Maisonett, Brian Patacca
photo: ?  

Directed by David Murray Jaffe
Presented by Wings Theatre Company

One man looks for love online and fears he might accidentally invite his boss over for a quickie. Another joins a couple for a ménage à trois, only to discover he has interrupted a screaming match. And then there is the submissive man who wants to clean the apartment wearing only a jockstrap and demands payment in the form of humiliation.

Six interrelated vignettes explore the follies of men searching the Internet for love, while settling for something far less. Candid, comical, send ups of the pursuit of sex in the age of chatrooms and Internet hook-ups, while examining the human heart that beats beneath our sexual desires. A comedy of manners for the 21st Century.

Cast includes: Jason Alan Griffin*, Robert Maisonett, Brian Patacca*, Dan Salyer, Andrew Shoffner, Brad Thomason*, Karen Stanion, Phoenix Walker. (*Actor痴 Equity members)

Jonathan Kronenberger was presented with an award in the 2004 Everyday Uncomfortable Play Festival for his one-act, 擢amily Night. His other plays include 鼎all Me Mom, 敵entlemen Prefer Rope, 滴appily Ever After, and an adaptation of John Steinbeck痴 鉄weet Thursday.

Nudity, strong sexual content.

November 12, 2004
Wings Theatre, New York, New York

A Queer Carol by Joe Godfrey
Directed by Den-Nickolas Smith
Produced by Emerald Theatre Company

Ebenezer Scrooge is a stuffy, interior designer, hell bent on being an old troll. Ebbie痴 childhood memories allow a glimpse into how he ended up this way. He is visited by Marley, who bears the sadomasochistic chains of their former relationship. Bob Cratchitt and his lover, (not so) Tiny Tim, show the way to Ebbie痴 redemption.

The action takes place in Memphis, with many references to local gay and lesbian establishments, some of the cities better (and not so better) locales, as well as a few local celebrities. A modern retelling of the Dickens classic.

Cast includes: Vincent Astor, Charlie Green, Steve Napier, Gina Garrone, Derek Stanley, Madison Swofford, Michael P. Hoots, James Swindle, Genevieve Imhoff, Hal Harmon and Mat Henderson.

November 12, 2004
Theatreworks, Memphis, Tennessee

Santaland Diaries and
Season痴 Greetings by David Sedaris
Adaptation by Joe Mantello

Robert Throckmorton, Jackie Jones
photo: John K. MacLellan  

Directed by T. Ross Aitken
Produced by Richmond Triangle Players

An out of work slacker decides to become a Macy痴 elf for the holidays. Humiliated, embattle weary, and bitter, our elf-for-hire grins and bears it. When yet another Santa joins the crew different from the lecherous or drunken ones before he finds this Santa cares about and loves the children who come to see him. A moment of goodwill, just before his employment ends.

Hearing the family 殿nnual holiday newsletter will make you thankful for your own normal, happy relationships. Two holiday comedic, staged sendoffs, starring two of Richmond痴 most accomplished and delightful actors.

Cast includes: Jackie Jones, Robert Throckmorton.

November 17, 2004
Fieldens Cabaret Theater, Richmond, Virginia

Special Delivery written and performed by Harry Hart-Browne

Harry Hart-Browne
photo source: Jack Magee  

Harry is excited because a director just offered him a role in a new play. The director, however, is his 塗igher self, and the play is 鍍his lifetime on earth. Will Harry get trapped in his role, or will he remember his Spirit?

A 20-character, one-man play about remembering the spirit while doing the earth gig.

典he most exciting piece I致e seen all year! Once again, this performance art pioneer reinvents theatre with a unique mixture of heart and art
     - Robert Patrick, playwright, author

滴art-Browne has an ingenuous warmth. The show has a genuine charm. He has enough energy and enough gift with character voices to fill any sized stage all by himself. 全pecial Delivery is heartfelt it contains a sincere spiritual understanding.
     - Frances Baum Nicholson, Pasadena Star-News

典heatrically savvy charming enlightening magic. - Dale Reynolds, Frontiers Magazine

Hart-Browne has received two LA Weekly Awards, two AGLA Awards, and seven other theater awards for excellence in acting. This hilarious and thought-provoking, powerful adventure of one gay man痴 spiritual journey tours nationwide.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 21, 2004
Foothill Center of Religious Science, Sierra Madre, California

Christmastime is Queer 3 - A Naked Christmas

L.K. Avelar, Robert R. Manning, Jr., Mona Eadington, Kimberly Crowe
photo: Larry Dean Harris  

Five new, comedic one-act plays by Laura Black, Larry Dean Harris, Amy Heidish, G. Bruce Smith, Amy Tofte

Directed by Laura Black, Jonathan Levit, Sarah Nina Phillips, Sharon Rosen, David Watkins.

Produced by Playwrights 6

More naughty than nice. Festive nudity and a queer eye on the holidays.

Cast includes: L.K. Avelar, Kimberly Crowe, Mona Eadington, Michael Gabiano, Joshua Grant, Daniel Hepner, Eric Jorgenson, John Huntington LaDue, Jr., Robert R. Manning, Jr., Morris Nash, Jon S. Robbins, and Lily Sauvage.

Plays include:

  • 溺y Date on Christmas Eve by Amy Heidish
    Drew and Curtis must convince their roommate Brandon that Brandon痴 Christmas Eve date is really the devil.
  • 典he Doctor is Out by Laura Black
    A woman with a 田ondition visits a lady doctor on Christmas Eve and gets a very thorough examination.
  • 哲aked Truth by Amy Tofte
    The lover and the fiancee meet: bad very bad!
  • 典he Pleasure Pod by G. Bruce Smith
    Adam and Steve, living in a future dystopia, get a surprise visitor Christmas Eve, and a chance to regain their identity.
  • 鏑ittle Drummer Boyz by Larry Dean Harris
    Ever wonder how porn stars spend the holiday?
Playwrights 6, founded in 1999, is a playwright-managed theater company in Los Angeles. Its productions have earned several L.A. Weekly Theatre Award nominations, Backstage West Garland Award honorary mentions, made several 鼎ritics Top 10 lists, and garnered several 鼎ritic痴 Picks.

November 26, 2004
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

覧覧 December 2004 Openings 覧覧覧

The Santaland Diaries and
Season痴 Greetings
by David Sedaris

Cathy Fithian, John Michael Beck
source photo: Topher Busenberg  

Adapted for the stage by Joe Mantello
Directed by Richard Ryan
Produced by SteinBeck Presents

Santaland is an evocation of Christmas as seen through the eyes of a Macy痴 elf.

Season痴 Greetings follows a housewife whose Christmas traditions are slowly being altered against her will. Just how far will she go to return things to the proper order?

Cast includes John Michael Beck and Cathy Fithian.

December 2, 2004
Shelton Theater, San Francisco, California

The Phacts of Life by ???
Directed by Christian McLaughlin
Produced by Jon Imparato, John Pardee, and Christian McLaughlin

Tootie is menaced by a teen prostitution ring, Natalie becomes insufferable while taking a college course at Langley, and Eastland痴 hunky French teacher develops a 鍍hing for Cousin Geri!

Actual, word-for-word episodes of the notorious 80s chick-comedy. Barely repressed lesbian subtext, mind-boggling wigs, and jaw-dropping story lines. Three complete episodes at each show, including a special Christmas episode that taps into everything awful about 80s holiday TV.

Cast includes: Sam Pancake, Steve Sobel, Madeline Long, Julie Brown, Daniele Gaither, Terrence Michael, Mink Stole, Kate Flannery, and Mike Hitchcock.

December 4, 2004
L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center, Renberg Theatre, Los Angeles, California

Christmas with the Crawfords by Richard Winchester and Mark Sargent
Produced by Shelterbelt/SNAP! Productions

Christmas Eve, 1944. Joan freshly fired from MGM, looks forward to a live radio broadcast from her Brentwood mansion, as a way of keeping herself in the public eye. The broadcast, hosted by her friend Hedda Hopper, does not go well. Never-ending arrivals of uninvited celebrity guests hog the spotlight with their carol singing, and the broadcast ends in disaster. A surprise present from the children puts mommie over the edge. 鼎hristmas is a musical 溺ommie Dearest drag romp.

December 9, 2004
Shelterbelt/SNAP! Productions Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska

Harley & Handel and Top of the Tree by Maureen Bogues
Homosexual Panic and My Life on the Cross by Tom W. Kelly
Staged readings
  • 滴arley & Handel
    A gay man goes toe-to-toe with Mom when she barges into his holiday baking bliss looking for a missing urn.
  • 典op of the Tree
    Sparky the angel ornament decides this is the year that he will ascend from his bottom branch to the top of the tree, where he belongs.
  • 滴omosexual Panic
    Three horny construction workers run amok.
    Directed by Tom W. Kelly
    Cast includes: Jon Gale, Brad Saget, Leo Lawhorn, and Tom W. Kelly
  • 溺y Life on the Cross
    A coming-out story with a wild, new twist.
    Directed by Tom W. Kelly
    Cast includes: Adrienne Krug, Leo Lawhorn, Parker Baltimore, John Atwood, and Tom W. Kelly
December 13, 2004
Off-Market Theater, San Francisco, California

A Queer Carol by Joe Godfrey
Directed by Richard Sabellico
A play reading

Cast includes Malcolm Gets and others.

A benefit for the Manhattan GLBT Center.

December 20, 2004
Harvey Lerner, The Center, New York, New York

覧覧 2004 Ongoing Events 覧覧覧

GayFest 2004
Presented by Bruce Robert Harris and Andy N. Sich of
SunnySpot Productions Inc.
May 5-22, 2004
A cutting edge series dedicated to producing exceptional works of theatre by up-and-coming authors and playwrights connected to the LGBT community.
Directors Company Theater 3, NYC
SunnySpot Productions Inc., One River Place, Suite 917, New York, NY 10036
212-868-5570; fax 212-868-3196;


  • 108 Waverly book and lyrics by Dan Clancy

    Music by Lynn Portas
    Directed by Sammy Viverito

    Brian and Matthew live during the early part of the century. Sixty years later, Chris and Robbie, live at the same address. Each couple explores the struggles of being gay in America in their respective eras. Topics of same-sex marriage, adoption, and homophobia all play a large part in this groundbreaking new musical.

    Cast includes: Jamie McGonnigal, Alexander Quiroga, Patrick Porter and Chris Weikel.

Andy Phelan, Chad Ryan
photo: Michael D. Jackson  

  • A Taste of Heaven by Michael D. Jackson

    Two men challenge conventional thinking to realize a deeper connection, and go on a journey of innocent exploration that shows us a love with no limits.

    Based on the 1885s diaries of F.S. Ryman.

    Cast includes: Andrew Phelan and Chad Ryan.

Susan Jeremy

  • PS 69 by Mary Fulham and Susan Jeremy
    Directed by Mary Fulham

    A comedic portrait of the diversity and difficulties inherent in an overcrowded, understaffed, under-funded inner city school. We see an entire school system: jive-talking, fourth-grade hip-hoppers; burned-out, embittered teachers; over-protective mothers with allergy-ridden children. Through it all we see Molly DeKowski, New York City public school substitute teacher who finds herself in love. Susan Jeremy plays all 24 characters, based on her real life experiences as a teacher in a Brooklyn public elementary school. PS 69 won 釘est Comedy at the 2002 Montreal Fringe Festival.

  • Joseph & Napoleon by Russell Bouthiller
    Directed by Drew Geraci

    A concerned father explores the unfamiliar territory of Fire Island gay society to better underestand his homosexual son. How far will a father痴 understanding and unconditional love take him in order to identify with his son?

    Cast includes: Chris Arruda, Jack Garrity, Darin Riggi and Stephen Zinnato.

2004 Provincetown Fringe Festival
Presented by Conn Artist Performance Event, Inc.
June 20-September 5, 2004
Provincetown Inn, 1 Commercial St., Provincetown, Mass.
Produced by Marjorie Conn
Information: 508-487-2666


  • First Annual Susan Glaspell Play Reading Marathon

    Susan Glaspell

    Directed by Karen Maloney

    Plays to be read include: 典he Verge, 典he Outside, 典rifles, 的nheritors, and the 1931 Pulitzer Prize-winning play 鄭lison痴 House.

    The Marathon was inspired by Cheryl Black痴 book, 展omen in Provincetown and is supported by The Susan Glaspell Society. Susan Glaspell co-founded, with her husband, the legendary Provincetown Players, where many of Eugene O誰eill痴 plays had their first airing. Susan also premiered her own play Trifles, which has been published, in short story format, as 鄭 Jury of Her Peers.

    Part of the proceeds from the Marathon will go to the Provincetown Public Library.

    June 26, 2004

  • Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler


    Directed by Dian Hamilton

    Using outrageous humor, this show explores how various women view their vaginas, and is complex and realistic without sensationalizing. Interviewing more than 200 women about their vaginas, Ensler says that, at first, they were reluctant and shy. Once they got going, you couldn稚 stop them.

    Cast includes: Abby Krenrich, Cassie Hultin, Deborah Peabody, Dian Hamilton, Linda Posage, Maebush, Marissa-Lena O辰onner, Marj Conn, Ruth Greenblatt, and special guests. All performances are followed by lively discussion with cast and audience.

    Sundays - June 20-September 5, 2004

  • Deviant Women 2004
    by Elyse Nass, Kate Walbert, Marjorie Conn

    Marjorie Conn

    Directed by Karen Maloney

    When you come see strong, independent women choosing to live life on their own terms, you will be likely to see Aileen Wuornos, notorious lesbian serial killer; a cross-dressing whaling woman; a woman pondering a fortune cookie message; an hilarious lesbian rap song celebrating the joys of sisterhood; Eve and her ventriloquist friend, Pinky, discussing an S/M wonderland; Jeannette Rankin, the first congresswoman in the U.S.; and a woman reuniting with her lesbian lover, 40 years later.

    Cast includes: Christopher Noel Hall, Ellen Mulroney, Karen Maloney, Lee Siegel, Marj Conn. In 2002, Deviant Women performed to full and enthusiastic houses at the famous Chashama Theatre, NYC, was the runaway hit of the Provincetown Fringe Festival, and the recipient of the 摘xcellence in Performance-Ensemble Cast Award.

    Mondays - June 21-August 30, 2004

  • Lorena Hickok & Eleanor Roosevelt: A Love Story by Pat Bond

    Lorena, Eleanor

    Performed by Marjorie Conn

    A chronicle of the amazing 30-year relationship between the First Lady and the top woman journalist.

    Based on more than 2,000 letters written by Eleanor to her 澱eloved Hick, who actually lived in the White House. Eleanor wrote: 的 wish I could lie down beside you and take you in my arms. I can稚 kiss you so I kiss your picture good night and good morning. Hick wrote: 的 love the feeling of that soft spot just northeast of the corner of your mouth against my lips.

    Tuesdays - June 22-August 31, 2004

  • Honeymoon Years of Eleanor Roosevelt & Lorena Hickok

    Marjorie Conn
    photo: Marian Roth  

    Written and performed by Marjorie Conn

    The early years of their relationship, as Hickok talks about FDR and his reaction to her relationship with his wife. Other highlights include: Eleanor and Lorena痴 travels in Canada and San Francisco; the Lindbergh kidnapping; what it was like living in the White House before and after Pearl Harbor; and letters sent between the two women that confirm the passion, caring, and love that these two phenomenal women shared.

    Every word of this play is from Lorena Hickok痴 books, and material that Hickok donated to the FDR library.

    Wednesdays - June 23-September 1, 2004

  • Shirley Valentine by Willy Russell

    Marjorie Conn

    Performed by Marjorie Conn

    Shirley Valentine talks about her life as a suburban housewife who finds herself middle-aged without the slightest idea how she got there. Russell痴 writing is funny and moving as it holds up familiar aspects of life for inspection and enjoyment. He is an instinctive feminist, and expresses a radical desire for people to improve their lives. Truly a delightful and heart-warming play.

    This play was a hit in London and New York. When Conn performed it in Provincetown, in 1991, it won an Evelyn Lawson Award for best actress.

    Thursdays - June 24-September 2, 2004

  • In Love with Her by Laura DeCesare

    How do you tell the world who you are, when you池e just finding out yourself? How can the most magical thing a person can experience be the most unsettling? Does something that seems to explain so much always raise more questions than it answers?

    This staged reading of a new full-length play follows a 17-year-old high school senior as an unexpected romance changes everything in her life.

    July 31, 2004

  • I am Not a 12-Year-Old Boy

    Kelli Dunham

    Performed by Kelli Dunham

    Not your typical houseboat-dwelling, gender-queer, ex-nun dyke stand-up comic, Dunham weaves complex and comical tales of being mistaken for her own son, hassled by cops for not being in school, and explaining to sexual conquests why they致e heard her say the 滴ail Mary in her sleep.

    Mixed with slightly off-center observations about the state of queer life today, Dunham invites us to celebrate the community of laughter that is a revolutionary gesture.

    August 2, 2004

  • Sub-City by Seraphina Richardson

    Performed by Seraphina Richardson and Holly Nanes
    Directed by Patrick McMahill

    Two drug addicts struggle for escape, ruthlessly manipulate each other, and discover what they are capable of, when rejection and jealousy feed desperation to frightening extremes. Everyone is lying. The graphic language and sex serves the piece well in exposing and communicating the rawness and desperation of urban survival.

    A multi-media, indy-film/theatre mind screw, with an original score, religious undertones, and plot twists that are pleasurably disturbing.

    Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays - August 4-28, 2004

  • Slap&Tickle
    Fridays and Saturdays - August 6-August 28
    Written by David Parr
    Directed by Eric Amburg
    Produced by West 50th Street Productions, NYC

    In a contemporary New York City bathhouse, the towel-clad characters re-examine their sexual behavior and attitudes 30 years after gay liberation, 20 years into the AIDS epidemic, and 10 years after political correctness. Raw and unapologetic, Slap&Tickle serves as a intergeneration portrait of those who grew up knowing about AIDS before sex; condoms before kisses; first kisses underwater; a men痴 room assault; high school gyms; and public parks. Slap&Tickle veers beyond sex to explore interrelated issues of promiscuity, intimacy and homophobia for a unique and poignant exploration of contemporary sexuality.

    Cast includes: Robert Driemeyer*, Brett Hemmerling, Jesse Johnson*, Paul Tena, Bradley Vieth, Marcus Woollen* (*Actors Equity).

    溺r. Parr writes with a gritty lyricism well-tuned to the nuances of language that run the gamut from shocking to comforting, from intensely intimate to defensively self-protective. Good theater should provoke and astonish through the forthrightness of its characters, an aim Mr. Parr accomplishes. - Christopher Byrne, Gay City News

  • SlamBoston slams Provincetown!
    SlamBoston, Diverse Voices in Theater, opened as Boston痴 first 10-minute play slam in October 2003. Seven slams later with full houses every performance and rave reviews the slam is coming to Provincetown, featuring all gay plays. Five-to-six plays compete for a cash prize, judged by five volunteer audience members (and their cheering and/or booing peers). Come experience a wildly entertaining, thought-provoking, and rowdy evening.

    August 10, 2004

  • Park Bench Encounters: Lesbian, Gay, Straight
    • Alphabet of Flowers by Elyse Nass
      Read by Marjorie Conn and Karen Maloney
      Two women meet for a planned reunion, having been lovers many years before.
    • The Cat Connection by Elyse Nass
      Read by Karen Maloney and Ellen Mulroney
      A humorous and touching play about two women meeting accidentally while awaiting the arrival of a stray cat who they have both been feeding.
    • Strictly Platonic by David Mauriello
      Directed by Karen Maloney
      Cast: Paul Roberts and Beau Babineau
      An encounter between two men, a sensitive philosopher, and a virile carpenter who play cat and mouse with romance.
    August 21, 2004

Speaking Bravely II

Threshold Theatre
Charlestown Working Theatre, Charlestown, Mass.
The theme of this year痴 Threshold Theatre festival of new works focuses on the bravery it takes to love and survive in the modern world as a whole human being, complete with mind, soul, and body. As the second new works festival Threshold has produced in its 14-year history, it marks a new mission for this Boston theater. A commitment to audience partnership is shown through interactive, post-show discussions with actors, directors, and playwrights. Threshold artists hope to involve audiences in the process of discovering and developing the new shows.


  • Body/Works by Michael Z. Keamy
    Directed by Curt Miller
    June 25, 2004
    If man is created in God痴 image, is 21st Century humankind really what the Creator had in mind? This play is one man痴 sexy, sad, funny search for balance. A workshop production.
  • Pandora痴 Box: Curiosity, Love, Power and Hope by Kate Caffrey
    Directed by Kate Caffrey
    June 24, 2004
    In trying to grapple with an underlying current of anger in her life and relationships, Nessa痴 curiosity, like that of Pandora in the myth, releases a wave of pain, nightmares and undecipherable images from her childhood. Convinced she is losing her mind, she struggles to make sense of the senseless. In her search, she discovers a little girl named Crash who is locked in Pandora痴 box. Through love and acceptance of her personal power, Nessa discovers life-sustaining hope. A staged reading.

Women痴 Week
October 8-17, 2004
Presented by Conn Artist Performance Event, Inc.
Provincetown Inn, 1 Commercial St., Provincetown, Mass.
Produced by Marjorie Conn
Information: 508-487-2666


  • Let痴 Laugh about Sex Reality Show
    Written and performed by Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    How many lesbians does it take to have one good date? Come find out with comic host and special guest Karen Williams, star of 鏑aughing Matters. From role play, to foreplay, to playing games, Karen will have you rolling in the aisles as she shares her hilarious episodes of being a 鉄ex Goddess, Femme Playa Playa and Lesbo Libertine. Are these tales fact, fiction, or just plain fun?

    October 8-12, 2004

  • You Must be Kidding! with Karen Williams

    Karen Williams

    Karen痴 newest stand-up show, a comedy warrior痴 tribute to human rights, world peace, and the pursuit of happiness. Curve Magazine called Karen Williams 殿 laugh riot! The Sydney Morning Herald called her 吐erociously funny, with perfect pace, timing and structure. Currently featured in the hilarious comedy-documentary, 鏑aughing Matters, produced by AllOutFilms, and 展e池e Funny That Way, shown on HBO, Karen Williams was nominated for a 1999 GLAMA Award for her 滴uman Beings: What a Concept CD.

    October 8-12, 2004

  • Lorena Hickok & Eleanor Roosevelt: A Love Story by Pat Bond
    Performed by Marjorie Conn

    Lorena, Eleanor

    A chronicle of the amazing 30-year relationship between the First Lady and the top woman journalist. Based on more than 2,000 letters written by Eleanor to her 澱eloved Hick, who actually lived in the White House. Eleanor wrote: 的 wish I could lie down beside you and take you in my arms. I can稚 kiss you so I kiss your picture good night and good morning. Hick wrote: 的 love the feeling of that soft spot just northeast of the corner of your mouth against my lips.

    Celebrating it痴 11th year in Provincetown.

    October 8-17, 2004

  • Honeymoon Years of Eleanor Roosevelt & Lorena Hickok
    Written and performed by Marjorie Conn

    Marjorie Conn
    photo: Marian Roth  

    The early years of their relationship, as Hickok talks about FDR and his reaction to her relationship with his wife. Other highlights include: Eleanor and Lorena痴 travels in Canada and San Francisco; the Lindbergh kidnapping; what it was like living in the White House before and after Pearl Harbor; and letters sent between the two women that confirm the passion, caring, and love that these two phenomenal women shared.

    Every word of this play is from Lorena Hickok痴 books, and material that Hickok donated to the FDR library.

    October 8-17

  • Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler
    Directed by Dian Hamilton

    Using outrageous humor, this show explores how various women view their vaginas, and is complex and realistic without sensationalizing. Interviewing more than 200 women about their vaginas, Ensler says that, at first, they were reluctant and shy. Once they got going, you couldn稚 stop them. An award-winning, groundbreaking play into the forbidden zone at the heart of every woman.

    Cast includes: Cassie Hultin, Deborah Peabody, Dian Hamilton, Diana Fabbri, Linda Posage, Maebush, Marissa-Lena O辰onner, Marj Conn, Ruth Greenblatt, and Special Guests.

    October 8-17, 2004

  • A Strange Present by Sara Ceibas Heron
    Directed by Sara Ceibas Heron and Karen Maloney

    It痴 Christmas among the dunes of the Outer Cape. A former lover shows up wanting closure, or, perhaps, more. Should the passions of the mind and the passions of the body meet, at least occasionally? A thoughtful, funny play straight from the heart of our sexy, smart, secret culture. Fully staged reading.

    Cast includes: Judith Partelow, Susan Grilli, Dian Hamilton, and Deborah Peabody. Discussion follows.

    October 9-17, 2004

  • Sex Sells? Presented by Angry Jellow Bubbles

    A fun-filled, action-packed insiders look at what its really like to be a woman. Brave, daring, and willing to take all the right risks. The show celebrates what it means to be a woman by creating theater from real life experiences. Since 努hat it means to be a woman is in constant flux, the performance is unique from night to night, and combines song, dance, comedy, and drama.

    October 13-17, 2004

Out on the Edge: 2004 Summer Pride Festival
Bailiwick Repertory
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois
September 9-18, 2004


  • The Last Sunday in June by Jonathan Tolins
    Directed by Jay Paul Skelton
    Previews June 19, 20, 2004
    June 21-July 25 - on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sundays
    This comedy follows a group of friends as they prepare for the Pride Parade. Tom and Michael, the perfect couple, navigate the social obligations and opportunities of this year痴 festivities. When an old friend arrives and announces that he will be marrying a woman, Tom and Michael痴 friends reevaluate their understanding of what it is to be gay, proud and in love. Cast includes: John Cardone, Stephen Rader, Page Hearn, Scott Carlson, Sarah Hayes, Jeremy Hodges, and Gerrit O誰eill. Jonathan Tolins is chiefly known for his Broadway play The Twilight of the Golds, which was made into a film with Brendan Fraser, Garry Marshall and Faye Dunaway. He is also a television writer, having written for Queer as Folk and two Academy Awards ceremonies.
  • Justin Tranter Band!
    Mike Herklots, Brian Nash, Neal Persiani, and headed by Justin Tranter
    July 2, 3, 2004
    Tranter, a graduate of the Berklee College of Music in Boston, has performed in Chicago, New York, and in such venues as the Pride Lights Festival, the off-Broadway show Rockstars NYC and Sidewalk Café in the East Village. His band will play songs from his two albums, 鉄cratched and 典ear Me Together.
  • Living Inside Myself written and performed by Jamie Black
    Directed by Rob Chambers
    Previews July 10, 11, 2004
    July 12, 14-August 1 - on Wednesday Saturday, Sundays
    Jamie tells it like it was, as a young girl, who always felt like there was a little something missing in her life, and how she finally found it as a man. This touching show is funny, poignant, musical, and engaging. Jamie is not female. He was just born that way. Mr. Black has performed with Imagination Theater, TinFish Theatre, Noble Fool Theatre, Murder Mystery Players, Factory Theatre, Emerald City Theater, and National Theatre for Children in Minneapolis, MN. He was most recently seen in 滴omey for the Holidays at Second City and as Puck in 鄭 Midsummer Night痴 Dream with ComedySportz.
    July 19, 20, 26, 27, August 2, 3, 2004
    In the annual festival of one-act plays, GLBT issues are explored in plays that range from absurd-to-dramatic to comedic-to-abstract. They are presented by Chicago痴 up-and-coming directing talents and seasoned veterans who enjoy the one-act form.
  • Kilt by Jonathan Wilson
    Directed by Bo List
    Previews July 31, August 1, 2004
    August 2, 5-September 5 - on Thursday, Saturday, Sundays
    Mac fought in the 堵reat war, his grandson, Tom, is a stripper. In this quirky comedy, both men (played by the same actor) come to terms with themselves: Mac with his wavering sexuality, and Tom with his family heritage and pride in himself. Uniting them both is the same plaid tartan worn by Mac as a soldier and Tom as a dancer and a secret. Kilt has been performed in San Francisco, Dublin, Ireland, and elsewhere, including a 2002 off-Broadway run at the Director痴 Company. A feature film version is currently in development. Wilson wrote the Chalmers-nominated 溺y Own Private Oshawa, which has been produced as a feature film, and the HBO sketch comedy pilot 的n Through the Out Door. He is also an accomplished stage performer.
  • Anatomy of Revenge written and performed by Michael Rougas
    Directed by David Zak
    Previews August 7, 8, 2004
    August 9, 13-September 19 - on Friday, Saturday, Sundays
    Roger Lang is a successful artist, living slightly on the wild side of drugs and promiscuous sex. When a fling with the sexy young Voltaire turns into a vicious gay-bashing, an injured Roger takes justice into his own hands, crafting a plot that will lead Voltaire down the same seductive road that he had led Roger down, before exacting a horrifying revenge. Michael Rougas is a veteran television and film actor, having worked with directors Sidney Poitier, John Landis and Michaelangelo Antonioni. He also collaborated frequently with actor/director Michael Landon.
  • Meaningless by Peter Sinn Nachtrieb
    Previews August 14, 15, 2004
    August 16
    Two friends, a young gay man and his lesbian roommate, graduate college, enter the workplace, and fall in and out of love. Taking place in the 90s backdrop of ultra-safe sex, the rise and fall of the wacky dot-com industry, and a Starbucks culture of disposable relationships. Funny, witty and wise, Meaningless won Bailiwick痴 2nd Annual GLBT College/University Playwriting Contest.

Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
25th Silver Anniversary Season

You Made Me Love You: The Music of Judy Garland
July 9, 10, 11, 2004
Alex Theatre, Glendale, Calif.

Gay Men痴 Chorus of Los Angeles
26th Season

Bruce Mayhall, artistic director
Brian Wyatt, executive director
  • Swing Santa, Swing!
    This year痴 holiday production features the 200-plus voices of the chorus performing a 都wing a-long that includes 笛ingle Bell Rock, 展inter Wonderland, 釘oogie Woogie Hanukkah, as well as a Broadway holiday medley, and El Nino Perdito (from 纏at You, Santa Claus?)
          December 17-19, 2004
  • Have I Reached the Party to Whom I am Speaking?
    Concert with guest Lily Tomlin
          April 1-3, 2005
  • They Had It Coming: The Music of John Kander and Fred Ebb
    With guest Susan Egan
          July 8-10, 2005
During the past three years, the Chorus has appeared on TV shows 溺ad TV, 展ill and Grace, 鉄ix Feet Under released two compact disks 笛erry痴 Boys: the Music of Jerry Herman, 迭ed, White and Blues: An American Music Celebration and has had appearances by Jerry Herman, Nancy Dussault, Malcolm Gets, Joanna Gleason, Marilynn Lovell Matz, Vox Femina Los Angeles, Albert McNeil Jubilee Singers, the Southeast Symphony Orchestra, and the Chinese Classical Music Ensemble.

All shows at the
Alex Theatre, Glendale, California

Dyke Nytes
Produced by Bailiwick Repertory痴 Lesbian Theatre Initiative
The Lesbian Theatre Initiative mission: to develop audiences for lesbian arts. The Initiative showcases a different talent each evening in Bailiwick痴 intimate Studio Theater, for evenings of solo, stand-up, cabaret, poetry, and dramatic spoken word performances.
Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinois


  • Elizabeth Whitney

    Elizabeth Whitney

    The remarkable one-woman show Pop Culture Princess, written and performed by Elizabeth Whitney. Sexy and subversive, Pop is loosely based on three narratives: A monologue delivered by 釘arbie, in which she critiques and then reinvents herself as a postmodern, performance artist; a poetic-style piece concerning role-playing, sexuality cues, and the 70s hit television show 展onder Woman; and readings from the author痴 own adolescent journals, which indicate how compulsory heterosexuality shapes narratives of desire.

    July 26, 2004

    Also, see our article: Touring Performers

  • Hysterical Women

    One of the Hysterical Woman

    The HW mission is to represent lesbian diversity through entertainment, and these funny lesbians are diverse! They are: Delphina, a Latina beauty from San Antonio, Texas; the Indian-American Sapna Kumar, 40 years young butch Carolyn Law; and 50-something former disco teacher Julie Paradise. Any one of these women alone is hysterical enough, but together they are, according to Curve Magazine, 鼎hicago痴 outrageous lesbian standup troupe!

    July 27, 2004

  • Pam Peterson

    Pam Peterson

    An intimate evening of cabaret with songstress Pam Peterson and her one woman show, Pamme Fatale.

    Sultry and sexy, Pam will serve up a number of her hottest (and funniest) songs that reveal the trials and tribulations of being a sweet and single songbird in search of a beautiful butch babe, and her life on the prowl (any takers?). Sassy and brassy!

    August 2, 2004

  • Sapna Kumar

    Sapna Kumar

    An evening of poetry, storytelling and spoken word performance with three of Chicago痴 most varied and captivating performers:
    Sapna Kumar, Indian-American solo performer
    Kim Crutcher, African American storyteller and actor
    Rose Tully, poet

    Each will create a distinct and entertaining performance.

    August 3, 2004

2004 Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival

September 9-18, 2004

Theater and entertainment companies and performers from across the country will converge on Columbus, Ohio in September 2004 for the 2nd Biannual Columbus National Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival. Hosted by Act Out Productions, a gay and lesbian theatrical company in Columbus, the ten-day event will include participants from New York, Chicago, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Austin, Boston, and Columbus. During the past eight years, Act Out has maintained an artistic mission of providing Central Ohio with theatrical experiences representing the best of current Broadway and off-Broadway shows.

Frank Barnhart, Festival Director
Act Out Productions, 2517 N. Fourth St., Columbus OH 43202

Shows and Performers:

  • Clearly Marked - S. Bear Bergman (Northampton, MA)
  • Gay Couplings - Cetacean Love Theatre Group (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Not the Boy Next Door - CJ Productions (St. Louis, MO)
  • Deviant Women - (C.A.P.E.) Inc. (Provincetown, MA)
  • Anna, Leona and the Lady Luck - GBD Unlimited (Sarasota, FL)
  • Icons Volume 2 - Jade Esteban Estrada (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Building Houses on the Moon - Houses On The Moon (New York, NY)
  • Confessions - Buffalo United Artists (Buffalo, NY)
  • Cucumber Dreams - Michael Burke (Brooklyn, NY)
  • Lounge-Zilla! - The Oops Guys (Orlando, Florida)
  • Empty Closets - RaggedBlade (St. Louis, MO)
  • Miss Gulch Returns - Richmond Triangle Players (Richmond, Virginia)
  • Innuendo - The Puppet-Queers (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Pop Culture Princess - Elizabeth Whitney (Milwaukee, WI)
  • The Book of Boyhood Joey Schultz (Columbus, Ohio)
  • Southern Gothic Novel - Emerging Writers (New York, NY)
  • Quintessential Image by Jane Chambers - Red Headed GRRLS (Baltimore, MD)
  • Christina: King of Sweden - Kevyn Radcliffe (Madison, WI)
  • Who痴 That Lady? - The TAPIT Sisters (Madison, WI)
  • Labors of Love - 2Co痴 Cabaret (Columbus, Ohio) - shorts:
          Class Dismissed by Rich Orloff
          People Who Need People by Roy Berkowitz
          Oh, Happy Day by Rich Orloff
  • Essentially - Karen Williams (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Anticipating Miles - Lost in the Cove Productions (Minneapolis, MN)
  • Living Inside Myself - Jamie Black
  • Do Not Pass Go - Bobaloo (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Broken - Rogue Theatrics (Columbus, Ohio) - shorts:
          Lesbian Last Pizza
          Frozen Dog
  • Stillwater State: A Gay Oddessey Into a Bible College - by Paul Ricciardi (New York, NY)
  • From Darkness to Light - Journey Light (Fullerton, CA)
  • Shakespeare on Love - Actors Theatre (Columbus, Ohio)
摘mpty Closets by Jerry Rabushka

Anne Smith, Randy Arndt, Melissa Byers,
Jerry Rabushka, Gerald C. Ortiz, Jenn Bock
photo: Rob Shipman  

The WildeWeek Festival & Series

October 10-16, 2004
Produced by The Purple Circuit

Celebrating The Sesquicentennial of Oscar Wilde痴 Birth.

  • Faking Oscar - lecture by C. Robert Holloway

    C. Robert Holloway
    photo: Louis Sahuc  

    Oscar Wilde痴 fascination with forgers and forgery form the basis of a talk by Author and playwright Holloway.

    He will also discuss his own book, 典he Unauthorized Letters of Oscar Wilde, which won the Hemingway award.

    Following the lecture, there will be an opening reception for the 展ilde Family Values exhibit, which chronicles the Wilde family history.

    October 10, 2004
    ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, Calif.

  • The Importance of Being Dolly by Lily Sauvage

    Lily Sauvage

    Directed by Pamela Forrest

    Down-on-her-luck L.A. actress Marguerite Davis hasn稚 had a juicy part all year, so she decides to create one for herself, in the form of a fabulously tragic one-woman show based on the life of Oscar Wilde痴 heartbreaking niece, Dolly. Brilliant, sexy, drug-addicted, and famously gay, Dolly promises to be the break-through role of Marguerite痴 career. However, on the final rehearsal night, Marguerite has a break through of a very different kind.

    Premiere; staged reading. Cast includes Lily Sauvage, Barry Saltzman, Ursula Schmidt, Ray Akin, Joey Bell, Paula Fins, Erin Treanor, Nancy Hendrickson.

    October 13, 2004
    Globe Playhouse, West Hollywood, Calif.

  • Wilde Birthday Party

    Paula Fins
    photo: Peter Martin  

    Celebration includes a performance piece written by Bill Kaiser about Oscar痴 mother, Speranza.

    Cast included: Paula Fins, Bill Chrisley, Ron Edwards, with singer Steven De Muth.

    The piece is followed by the Wilde Birthday Party in the ONE Archive garden. Proceeds benefit the ONE Archives.

    October 16, 2004
    ONE National Gay & Lesbian Archives, Los Angeles, California

See: WildeWeek Festival

Ordinary Miracles
Presented by Women Playwrights Outreach Project
Produced by the June Mazer Lesbian Archives and the generous
support of the West Hollywood Arts and Cultural Affairs Commission

Emerging women playwrights explore the miraculous nature of the ordinary in staged readings of recent plays developed as part of the ongoing weekly meeting of the Women Playwrights Outreach Project.

October 16, 2004
Celebration Theater, Hollywood, Calif.

  • Seeing the Elephant by Mary Casey
    Tales of death and beauty in the golden West. Directed by Ann-Giselle Spiegler
    Cast includes: Arigon Starr, Tohoru Masamune, Sharline Liu, Peter Jessop, Susan Brindley, John-Michael Herndon
  • Commitment to Excellence by Angela Bolton
    A humorous look at a lesbian relationship invaded by self-improvement propaganda. Directed by Deb Loftis
    Cast includes: Lisi DeHaas, Carmen Mitchell
  • Celibacy is Good by Helen Slater Hughes
    A celebration of the virtues of wanting less. Cast includes: Lisi DeHaas, Carmen Mitchell
October 23, 2004
Celebration Theater, Hollywood, Calif.
  • The River Keeps Rollin On: The Story of the Bearded Irises
    a musical by Anita George and Catherine Rahm
    A troupe of saucy girl singers clash in pursuit of their dream. Directed by Joseph Bell
    Musical Direction by Catherine Rahm
    Cast includes: Renee Laramore, Marty McCambridge, Vicki Rovel-Kirk, Monica Todd, Dean Ricca, Steven Kirk, Janice Allen, Goreti DaSilva
  • St. Rosemary by Kathleen Cecchin
    We revisit our heroine Marybeth and her heavenly helpers, as they nearly complete their quest to canonize a favorite aunt. Directed by Kathleen Cecchin
    Cast includes: Terry Amy, Roberto Bacalski, Kathleen Cecchin, Lorrie Oshatz, Caitlin Shannon, Benjamin Sprunger
  • The Lazy-Susan of Love by Ana Marie Castanon
    A single-gal helps herself to the many flavors of lesbian romance. Directed by Pamela Forrest
    Cast includes: Allison Allain, Lisi DeHaas, Pamela Forrest, Sandy Lawson, Amy London, Carolyn Ozimok, Lily Sauvage, Monica Todd, Ellen Williams
October 30, 2004
Celebration Theater, Hollywood, Calif.
  • The End of the Boesmani Rainbow by Sibyl O樽alley
    In the final moments of his life, a painfully ordinary man meets with a force he can稚 explain. Directed by Lisi DeHaas
    Cast includes: Steven Caldwell, Steven Keys
  • Shatterproof Objects by Lisi DeHaas
    A freefalling ride through the surreal universe of a circus family in transcendental transition. Directed by Lisi DeHaas
    Cast includes: Pamela Forrest, Lily Sauvage, Monica Todd
  • Kiss of Death by Judith Resell
    Chronicles a young woman痴 journey through the world of AIDS.
  • Phone Booth Confessional by Barbara A. Younker
    An exploration of how one woman痴 attempt to join a larger community of woman yields unexpectedly mixed results.
November 7, 2004
West Hollywood Park Auditorium, West Hollywood, Calif.
  • Womyn Power! by Gail Heitman
    Three heroines move from impressionable co-eds just discovering the 70s women痴 movement to material girls not sure if they should exit the 80s closet to the contemporary moment of 鏑esbian-Chic where the struggles of the past are not-quite-forgotten history. An hilarious herstory of the lesbian movement in southern California.

    Produced in collaboration with the June Mazer Lesbian Archives

Women Playwrights Outreach Project: 展e are a community of women playwrights who meet weekly. We write and produce theater for fully dimensional characters whose stories are often marginalized and forgotten in our society. We aim to enlighten, inspire, and entertain our audiences. Our hope is that in making the invisible come alive on stage, we celebrate the diversity of our collective humanity.

Le festival de Théâtre Int値. G.L.B.T. de Montréal
The G.L.B.T. International Theatre Festival of Montréal
October 28-November 7, 2004
Presented by Village Scene Productions
Held at Station-C, on Ste-Catherine St. East, Montréal, Canada
Davyn Ryall, Directeur Artistique
Les Productions Village Scène, B.P. 142, Succ. C., Montréal, Qc. H2L 2H0

Us written and performed by Tim Miller

Tim Miller
photo: Yvonne Boyd  

填s intertwines Miller痴 life-long love affair of Broadway musicals with explorations of same-sex marriage, exile, and the injustices lesbian and gay people face in the U.S. He recalls a ten-year-old痴 plan to escape the Vietnam war by fleeing to Canada (Man of La Mancha) meditates on why a Southern California child spoke in an English accent (Oliver!) and recounts a surreal tug-of-war at the Canada/U.S. border on Tim and his partner Alistair痴 Canadian wedding day (Don稚 Rain on My Parade!).

Tim takes us on a whirlwind journey that re-thinks the american musical as inspiration for radical politics and queer identity.

Tim Miller, an internationally-acclaimed solo performer, has been hailed for his humor and passion. His performance works have delighted and emboldened audiences all over the world, including shows at the Yale Repertory Theatre, London Institute of Contemporary Art, Walker Art Center, Actors Theatre of Louisville, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music Next Wave Festival.

Tim Miller
photo: John Aigner  

He is the author of 鉄hirts & Skin and 釘ody Blows. Tim teaches performance at the U. of California, Los Angeles, School of Theater, and co-founded Performance Space 122 in New York City, and Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, California.

Touring: April 9, 2004
      Bailiwick Repertory, Chicago, Illinios
July 16, 2004
      N. Miami Beach Performing Arts Theatre, N. Miami Beach, FL
July 21, 2004
      Payomet Tent Performing Arts Center, North Truro, Mass.
September 9, 2004
      Tim leads a gay men痴 Performance Workshop, Sept. 11
      PS 122, New York, NY
October 21, 2004
      Out North, Anchorage, Alaska
November 12, 2004
      Center for Contemporary Art, Glasgow, Scotland
      Part of the Glasgay Festival
      Tim leads a Gay Men痴 Storytelling Workshop
November 17, 2004
      Drill Hall, London, UK

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 1

The Lesbian and Gay History of the World, Vol. 2

by Jade Esteban Estrada
photo: John MacLellan  

A one-man musical comedy
Vol. 1 directed by Jeff Wills
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Vol. 2 directed by David Miguel Estrada
Additional musical arrangements by Tracy Stark
Produced by Vicarious Productions

In Volume 1, meet Sappho, Michelangelo, Oscar, Gertrude, Sylvia, and Ellen. One day, they decided to make history. From the island of Lesbos to the Sistine Chapel to the Stonewall Inn to 添ep, I知 Gay on the cover of Time Magazine. Vol. 1 debuted September 12, 2002 at the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival in Columbus, Ohio.

Volume 2 is a musical journey of LGBT history using the voices of Alexander the Great, Queen Christina of Sweden, Susan B. Anthony, Billie Jean King, Harvey Milk and 9/11 hero Mark Bingham. Vol. 2 won the 鄭udience Favorite Award in Solo Performance at the 2004 Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theatre Festival.

Jade Esteban Estrada as Billie Jean King
photo: Angel Hess  

摘strada takes his audiences on a hilarious whirlwind tour! - New York Times

鄭n irreverent, funny and moving solo musical. A feel-good session for gay people - Tom Sime, Dallas Morning News

Jade Esteban Estrada is a playwright, composer, singer, actor, choreographer and director. From 1996 to 2000, he was chief choreographer to Latin TV star Charo. He founded and is artistic director for the Experiencia Dance Company, New York.

2004 Tour Dates:
June 20, 2004
      Limelight Theatre, St. Augustine, Florida
      Proceeds benefit St. Augustine Pride
July 8, 2004
      AGCMCC, Minneapolis, Minnesota
July 18, 2004
      Where Eagles Dare Theatre, New York, NY
October 28, 2004
      Greenwich Street Theatre, New York, NY
November 4, 2004
      Alley Theatre, Indianapolis, Indiana
December 1, 2004
      Pride Center, North Brunswick, N.J.
December 3, 2004
      Limelight Theatre, St. Augustine, Florida
December 10, 2004
      Cafe Ole, Trenton, N.J.
December 11, 2004
      Black Box of Asbury Park, Asbury Park, N. J.
December 19, 2004
      Angel Hess Studio, New York, N.Y.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

Monday Night Gay Comedy
2nd Monday of the month - ongoing series
QComedy痴 溺onday Night Gay Comedy is San Francisco痴 only ongoing gay comedy showcase.
LGBT Community Center, San Francisco, Calif.
Information: 415-541-5610

August 9, 2004
Talent included: Lisa Geduldig (host), Supervisor Tom Ammiano, Carla Clayy, Sean Heatherington, Doug Holsclaw, Larry, Hall, Jack Aimee Simplee McPhearsome (Max Kincora), Julia Query, Bridget Schwartz
The comedy showcase originally began in 1982 at the 天alencia Rose, on Valencia Street in San Francisco. It was owned by Ron Lanza and Hank Wilson. The showcase took off in 1983 when Donald Montwill was hired as talent scout, and Dennis Powers as publicist.

In 1984, the late Randy Shilts wrote in a San Francisco Chronicle article that the Valencia Rose had become 殿n epicenter of gay comedy. During this time the showcase featured comics such as, Tom Ammiano, Lea DeLaria, Marga Gomez, Doug Holsclaw, and Whoopi Goldberg.

The showcase continued, in 1990, at Lanza痴 笛osie痴 Cabaret & Juice Joint. The current showcase incarnation began with QComedy producers, Nick Leonard and Larry-bob Roberts, in January 2000, shortly after Lanza痴 10-year cabaret closed.

Since then, QComedy produced more than 150 shows with such seasoned comedians as Marga Gomez, Scott Capurro, Bob Smith, Mark Davis, Betsy Salkind, Lisa Geduldig, and Karen Ripley. QComedy has also provided an opportunity for new comedic talent to find an audience.

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