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Openings of 2003
Archive Listings

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———— April 2003 Openings ——————

Galileo in the Underworld by Rebecca Lisa Nesvet

A dark, absurdist comedy about the revolution that happens in Lucifer’s domain on that day in 1992 when the Pope apologized to Galileo Galileo, leaving him free to exit. Is this the exception that proves the rule, or will all Hell break loose?

Part of Vital Signs, New Works Festival Series 3

April 27, 2003
Vital Theatre, NYC

A Perfect Relationship by Doric Wilson
directed by Mark Finley

Christopher Borg (Hank), Kevin Held (Barry), Eileen T’Kaye (Muriel),
Kurt Bauccio (Ward), and Frank Anthony Polito (Greg)

Produced by David Stern
Presented by TOSOS II (The Other Side of Silence) in association with Out Professionals

Two roommates find their friendship and apartment up for grabs thanks to a trick with a penchant for plants and bedtime stories.

April 12, 2003
Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, New York, New York

Shiva Arms
Written and performed by Doug Motel
Directed by Michael Michetti

Produced by Eileen T’Kaye

Welcome to the Shiva Arms, a run-down Hollywood apartment building that’s home to the most dysfunctional group of tenants in all of Hollywood. Actor and writer Doug Motel portrays 11 colorful residents; from a punk rocker and a “B” movie actress, to a crusty 86-year-old retired negative cutter. Based on a true story, Motel’s band of misfits takes us on a hilarious and touching spiritual odyssey.

The original 1998 L.A. production won an L.A. Weekly Award for “Best Solo Performance” for writing and acting, as well as a Theater L.A. “Ovation Award” for “Best Writing of a World-Premier Play.” It was also nominated for the Ovation Award for “Best Actor and Best Production.”

April 12, 2003
Abingdon Theatre Arts Complex, New York, New York

———— May 2003 Openings ——————

Hear My Song a benefit for Playwrights’ Arena
Presented by Ted Benito and Jeninifer Paz

A fun evening of songs performed by Kerry Carnahan, Kevin Chinn, Kym Hoy, Reggie Lee, Dina Moshita, Jennifer Paz and Alex Selma. Plus a special performance by the group At Last. And to spice it up, words by prominent L.A. playwrights will be read along the way.

May 3, 2003
Los Angeles Theatre Center, Los Angeles, California

Street Theater by Doric Willson

Boom Boom (Michael Lynch), Timothy (Jamison Lee Driskill), Ceil (Chris Andersson)
photo: © 2002, Blandon Belushin

Directed by Mark Finley

A depiction of events on Christopher Street, NYC, outside a gay bar, which triggered the beginning of the modern-day gay rights movement, and an end to putting up with second-class citizenship.

Cast includes: Chris Andersson*, Jonathan Cedano, Joe DeFeo, Desmond Dutcher*, Jamie Evermann, Ashley Green*, Douglas Gregory, Kevin Held, Michael Lynch, Terrence M. McCrossan*, Cheryl Orsini, Adam Raynen, Bruce Ward*, Chris Weikel* [*members of Actors Equity]

May 15, 2003
The Eagle, New York, New York

MotherSON written and performed by Jeffrey Solomon

A warm-hearted, semi-autobiographical play about the comically complex and wry relationship between Mindy Levy, a full-time Jewish mother, and her gay son Brad. A moving story about love and friendship. An audience discussion on coming out issues with the writer-performer follows the performances.

At the Columbus National Gay and Lesbian Theater Festival, MotherSON won “Best Solo Performer,” “Best Play-writing for a Solo Work” and “Audience Favorite.” Also, Solomon was nominated “Best Actor” by the Joseph Jefferson Awards Committee in Chicago.

Jeffrey Solomon wrote the Jim Henson/ABC-TV pilot for “CityKids,” as well as for “Tribeca” (FOX), “Davis Rules” (ABC) and original projects for Nickelodeon and the Children’s Television Workshop. He has appeared in “Growing Up and Other Heroic Deeds,” “Blues is for Boys” (Robert Patrick), “Men of Manhattan” (John Glines), and with the Italian folk theater Igullari Di Piazza.

May 17, 2003
Princeton University’s Frist Campus Center, Princeton, New Jersey

Stray Dog Story by Robert Chesley
Directed by Daniel Luna

Buddy is magically transformed into a human being when his Fairy Dog Mother overhears Buddy’s master confiding in the pooch about the improbability of finding a perfect mate in New York City. The story is a brutally shocking and a warmhearted fairy tale, following the wide-eyed hero into the complex world of human nature.

Widely produced, Robert Chesley’s plays include: “Hell, I Love You,” “Night Sweat,” and “Jerker, or the Helping Hand” The producer for the readings is Mission Theater Company (a.k.a. CO.Mission), Daniel Luna and Stephanie Bok, founders and co-artistic directors. Director Luna will be using the unpublished script, which includes a narrator not in the originally produced version, as well as casting and other changes.

Cast includes: Spencer Aste*, Sandra Berrios*, Stephanie Bok, Steven J. Clopper, Yuval David*, D. Rubin Green, Joey Wysokowski (*Actors Equity). Staged reading, followed by discussion.

May 19, 2003
South Oxford Space, Brooklyn, New York

Auntie Mayhem by David Pumo

Directed by Donna Jean Fogel
Produced by The Fourth Unity

The story follows five years in the lives of a former drag queen and his loving partner who take in three runaway teens — two gay and one transgender boy. While touching on the serious issues of these kid’s lives, the play is primarily a warm and funny look at this unconventional family.

May 29, 2003
The Bank Street Theatre, New York, New York

Love of Last Resort by Jerrold Rabushka and jeff schoenfeld
A Ragged Blade Production

Josh has spent three years trapped on a deserted resort island. Matt washes up on shore after escaping from an oversexed gay cruise. While the basics of survival are taken care of by following the directions in Martha Stewart Living, Josh has managed to cope with the loneliness by changing his persona … repeatedly. As he starts to grow feelings for Matt, Matt questions his stability, and wonders if Josh really likes him, or it’s just a Love of Last Resort.

May 31, 2003
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

———— June 2003 Openings ——————

Letters to the Quilt and Songs in Response to AIDS
Directed by Garry Allan Breul
Presented by The Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project
in conjunction with Sarasota’s Pride Fest 2003

Letters is a SATP original piece based on letters written by the loved ones of those who died to the AIDS Memorial Quilt.

Project members will perform and present “Songs.” Members include: George Box, Robert Richardson, John Russo, Donna Des Isles, Kate Bell, Tom Boles, John Russo, Brad Wages, Daniel La Porta, Michael Moshier, Milt Alter. It also features area artists, Michael Bajjaly, Jeff Kin, Catherine Randazzo, Nathan Rifenberg, Charlie Schwartz and Mary C. Turner.

All the panels from the Sarasota/Manatee Community AIDS Quilt will be displayed throughout the building, and the names of those that have died will be read.

June 1, 2003
Clark Building (next to Robards Arena), Sarasota, Florida Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project, Garry Allan Breul, director, 941-365-6348,

Boys in the Band by Matt Crowley
Presented by The Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project

This event is in conjunction with Pride Fest 2003 and will benefit the MCC POZ M4M Support Group, the Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project, and The Community AIDS Quilt (Bethesda House).

June 2, 2003
Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, Sarasota, Florida
Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project, Garry Allan Breul, director, 941-365-6348,

Post-Matinee Tristesse by Felix Racelis
Presented by Theatre-Studio, Inc.

The evening features the New York premiere of Racelis’ one-act, plus works by other writers.

June 4, 2003
Theatre-Studio, New York, New York

Hedwig and the Angry Inch
by John Cameron Mitchell, music and lyrics by Stephen Trask

Directed by Eric Selk

An East German girlie boy named Hansel, who lives in the hope of finding his “other half,” agrees to a sex-change operation in order to go to the U.S. with an American G.I. The operation is botched and Hansel, now Hedwig, is left neither man nor woman. His search for love as the “internationally unknown song stylist” is both hilarious and heart-breaking.

The show features Randall T. Stevens as Hedwig and Andrea Lang as Yitzak. The rock band, “The Angry Inch,” includes music director Rod Carlson on keyboards, Luann Cravens on bass, Bill Hoover on guitar, and Roselle Ledesma on drums.

June 6, 2003
Blue Barn Theatre, Omaha, Nebraska

Pretzels & Longing by Linda Eisenstein
Produced by Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Theatre Festival

Maddie, a femme lesbian dressed to maim, sits on a barstool and gives her two cents (and then some) about the dilemmas of the dating scene and the pressure from peers to be “PC.”

June 11, 2003
Philadelphia Shakespeare Festival Theatre, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Pig Patter by Linda Eisenstein
Produced by Live Girls! - Quickies Festival IV

In a school bathroom, three teenage girlfriends deal with sexual innuendo and harassment from a popular boy.

June 13, 2003
Live Girls!, Pioneer Square, Seattle, Washington

Le Boudoir - 10th Anniversary
Written and directed by Miriam Ginestier

Produced by OUT Productions

Burlesque, bawdy, provocative and uproariously funny, Le Boudoir is a cultural institution for Montreal’s local lesbian community and an entirely unique performing arts experience. Le Boudoir celebrates burlesque and music hall traditions, providing an opportunity ripe for the reversal of normal social order and uncensored expression.

Burlesque, provocateur et hilarant, Le Boudoir est une pièce remarquable où le grand art et la comédie se rencontrent. Crée en 1995 par Miriam Ginestier, Le Boudoir est devenu une institution culturelle pour la communauté lesbienne de Montréal, mais aussi une expérience unique dans le monde de la scène artistique nationale. Au moment de sa 10ème édition anniversaire, ce spectacle anachronique et paradoxalement intemporel, reprend le style des spectacles de cabaret à ses heures de gloire, cíest à dire au moment où ils étaient un divertissement grand public.

Cast includes: Shelagh Albert, Mimi Blais, Annabelle Chvostek, Nathalie Claude, Miriam Ginestier, Mary Ann Lacey, Tonja Livingstone, Alexis O’Hara, Alyson Vishnovska.

June 18, 2003
Le Lion D’Or, Montreal, Canada

Scooter and Bootlick: A Queer Contract on America
Written, directed and performed by Gabriel Shanks and Pandora Scooter

Pandora Scooter, Gabriel Shanks

A seriocomic call to queer action and voting, Scooter and Bootlick examines new queer identity in the face of the post-gay political landscape. Deep in the doo-doo of Dubya’s Amerika, urban queer idealists Pandora Scooter and Babyman Bootlick stage a two-queer revolution! Scooter, an alterna-dyke poet/prophet, puts on her racing shoes to run for president. Bootlick, a reluctant bear who misses Queer Nation, straps one on for VP. On the campaign trail, our heroes search for hung chads and real bush in their struggle for White House happiness.

Premieres at the 2003 FUSE Festival: A Celebration of Queer Culture. After the New York performances, Scooter and Bootlick will be touring through the 2004 elections. Atlanta and Baltimore are planned.

June 28, 2003
HERE Arts Center, New York, New York

———— July 2003 Openings ——————

The Sum of Us by David Stevens

Charles Deitz and David J. Cruse

Presented by Center Players
David Sorin, director

Humor and emotion abound in a story about widower Harry Mitchell and his son Jeff. They live together and Harry plays a welcome matchmaker for his gay son. While the characters are haunted by loneliness and homophobia, their everyday lives are filled with universal familial joys, pains, loves and irritations.

Cast includes: David J. Cruse (Jeff Mitchell, the son), Charles Deitz (Harry Mitchell, the father), Karen Root (Joyce), and David Bilon (Greg). Recommended for mature audiences.

July 11, 2003
Center Playhouse, Freehold, New Jersey

Summer Shorts : Crossed Wires
Written by Tom W. Kelly, Anna Budd, Dawson Moore, Aoise Stratford, Mike Ward, Daniel Weiss, and G. William Zorn.
Conceived and connected by Mike Ward
Directed by Mike Ward, Shaun Landry and Robert A. Zick, Jr.

Three archaeologists exhume remnants of language, vestiges of relationships and cultural ruins from the ancient, lost civilization of Amurika.

The show consists of a diverse terrain of one-act plays, and highlighting the evening is Harold Pinter’s “Mountain Language.” The shorts feature the acting talents of Travis Bedard, Brad Cooreman, Micaelee Ellswythe, Kevin B. Johnson, Shaun Landry, Leo Lawhorn, Sarah Mitchell, W. Jay Moore, Chris Symonds, and Daniel Weiss.

August 1 and 2 are benefit performances for the Mary Mason Memorial Lemonade Fund (for critically ill Bay Area theatre folk). These two shows also include a comedy set by Shaun Landry, Oui Be Negroes, members of the Summer Shorts cast, as well as prize drawings.

July 11, 2003
Exit Mainstage, San Francisco, California

The Men from the Boys
Written by Mart Crowley

top: Alan Safier, Robert Pine, John Durbin, Brian Carpenter, Georg Stanford Brown
front: Seamus Dever, Loren Freeman, Steve Doss, Adam Huss
photo: Ed Krieger

Directed by Stephen Sachs
Produced by Simon Levy

A 30-year reunion brings the “boys” together for a serious occasion. They may be older and wiser, but they are every bit as sharp-tongued, hilarious, outrageous and entertaining as ever. Three new, younger men force them to deal with generational issues, aging, loss, alcoholism, sexual liaisions, friendship and, most importantly, love.

Mart Crowley’s long awaited, and highly-anticipated sequel to his landmark play, “The Boys in the Band,” is finally here.

July 18, 2003
The Fountain Theatre, Hollywood, California

———— August 2003 Openings ——————

Special Delivery written and performed by Harry Hart-Browne

photo source: Jack Magee  
A 20-Character, One-Man Play About Remembering the Spirit While Doing the Earth Gig.

Harry is excited because a director just offered him a role in a new play. The director, however, is his “higher self,” and the play is “this lifetime on earth.” Will Harry get trapped in his role, or will he remember his Spirit?

Hart-Browne has received two LA Weekly Awards, two AGLA Awards, and seven other theater awards for excellence in acting. This hilarious and thought-provoking, powerful adventure of one gay man’s spiritual journey tours nationwide.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

August 16, 2003
Foothill Center of Religious Science, Sierra Madre, California

Southern Gothic Novel written and performed by Frank Blocker

photo: David Ford  
Directed by Gabriel Shanks
Produced by

One actor hilariously performs twenty citizens of Aberdeen, Mississippi, a Twin Peaks-ish town of secrets and mystery. When Viola Haygood is kidnapped, everyone’s got motive, opportunity, but who’s the culprit? Journey into small-town psyches, and big-time dreams.

Part of the 2003 New York International Fringe Festival (a production of The Present Company)
Frank Blocker:

August 9, 2003
The Red Room, New York, New York

Penny Penniworth by Chris Weikel

art by Howard Cruse  

Igor Goldin, Jamie Heinlein  

Directed by Mark Finley
Produced by Barry Childs and
TOSOS II in association with
Out Professionals as part of
FringeNYC 2003

A four person cast portrays a cavalcade of comic characters in this riotous send-up of Dickens. A story of great good fortune with Christopher Borg*, Igor Goldin*, Jamie Heinlein*, Ellen Reilly (*courtesy Actors Equity).

Aug 10, 2003
The Linhart Theatre, New York, New York

———— September 2003 Openings ——————

3rd Annual Night of Alternative Theatre
Produced by Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project

A staged reading of Terrence McNally's “Love! Valour! Compassion!” will be presented (by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service). This very funny, Tony award-winning play, gathers eight gay men at a summer house to celebrate the holidays. Also on the program will be “Voices of People with AIDS,” a 20-minute theatrical compilation, and selections from “The Gay 90s Musical.” Plus, there will be additional surprises throughout the evening.

The Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project, is a group of people who are infected, or affected, by HIV/AIDS. All proceeds benefit the Bethesda House Quilt Project, AIDS Manasota, and the Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project.

September 5, 2003
Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, Sarasota, Florida

Bernadette and the Butcher of Broadway by David Bell

Brett Douglas, Ellen Reilly, Desmond Dutcher
photo source: Mike Doyle  

Directed by Christopher Borg
Presented by TOSOS II - The Other Side of Silence
in association with Emerging Artists Theater and Out Professionals

Lurid hype and vicious headlines are generated by professional rivalry. Things turn ugly when a bet between highly influential theatre critics, Morgan Rydell and Brian Bradley, degenerate into a no-holds-barred war for control over public opinion. Part homage to Broadway legend Ms. Peters, and part commentary on the power of the yellow press, no one is spared in this over-the-top satire.

Playwright Bell won a 2003 OOBR Award for “What the F**k!” Directer Borg won a 2003 OOBR Award for “What the F**k!” and “A Prefect Relationship.” The cast includes Ron Bopst¹, Brett Douglas, Desmond Dutcher¹, Ellen Reilly, Mark Ruggiero¹, Michael Silva, Dayna Steinfeld¹ (¹Actor’s Equity Association members.)

September 5, 2003
The Duplex Cabaret Theatre, New York, New York

Post-Matinee Tristesse by Felix Racelis
Directed by Peggy Chane
Presented by Theatre-Studio, Inc. (TSI)
as part of their Seventh Annual Bicoastal Playwrights Festival

A flamboyant academic pulls out all the stops in an attempt to hold on to a delectable young waiter with a mind of his own. The play has also delighted audiences in Los Angeles and San Francisco.

September 17, 2003
Theatre-Studio, Inc., New York, New York

Gay Times Requiem by Eli Glazer

Steven Mason and Wes Ferguson
photo: John Bernard  

This performance piece is about the gay experience of the 80-90s: growing up gay, adjusting to homosexuality, contracting AIDS, dying, and the relevance of God in light of the horrors of this disease. The piece has nudity, no dialogue, and uses chorale music.

Cast includes: Brandon Bateman, Hunter Lee Hughes, Marc Cameron, Rayne Aspengren, Regan Forston.

September 18, 2003
Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica, California

US by Tim Miller

US is an hilarious — and pissed-off — exploration of American contradictions. The piece careens from the eight-year-old boy who stripteased to “Gypsy” on the record player, to the plans a ten-year-old makes to escape the Vietnam war, to a guide of how not to be angry, to a wedding day tug-of-war at the edge of America as Niagara Falls rushes between Tim’s legs!

Fundraiser for Durham’s AIDS Community Residence Association/ACRA, Includes a post-performance conversation with Tim Miller and Prof. John Clum.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

September 18, 2003
Manbites Dog Theater, Durham, North Carolina

Unaccessorized written and performed by Rich Kiamco
photo: Geoffrey Goodridge  

Directed by Dan Bacalzo.

An autobiographical decathlon of laughter and tears performed by Rich Kiamco. This romp exposes how a queer, Filipino boy escapes the cornfields of Illinois to the streets of New York City, and embarks on a global odyssey among fashionistas, millionaires, and con artists, in search of love, enlightenment, and the perfect shade of beige.

The play is part of the Seattle Fringe Festival

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

September 18, 2003
Northwest Actors Studio, Seattle, Washington

All Tied Up in Love by Matthew Ethan Davis

Directed by Matthew Kerns
Presented by the BackStage Theatre Company

Kenny is head over heels in love with Paul, the man of his dreams, but not only does Paul still claim to be “straight,” he won’t even tie Kenny up! A story of love, friendship and the pursuit of handcuffs. A world premiere, this romantic, sexual comedy explores true love, growing up, and “tying the knot.”

September 19, 2003
Cornelia Arts Building, New York, New York

———— October 2003 Openings ——————

High Aesthetic Line An Oscar Wilde Birthday Event
Presented by The Purple Circuit

Performers include: Kevin Dulude, Kevin Rettig, Lily Sauvage, and singer Steven De Muth. The focus is on parodies of Wilde’s work and life, and his response to them. A benefit for The Performing Arts Collection of the ONE Institute.

October 11, 2003
ONE Institute & Archives, Los Angeles, California

Thor’s Day by Edward Crosby Wells
photo: Jim Crosby  

Directed by Steve Thornburg
Presented by Spotlight on Productions in association with The Glines

A middle-aged insurance salesman, Philip, brings home a gorgeous young man, Buck, for an afternoon tryst. The (perhaps supernatural) Buck takes Philip on a breathtaking, life-altering journey into long-suppressed and hidden desires. Intelligent, erotic, powerful, provocative, and terrifying.

Cast includes Adam Mervis and John Rengstorff. This critically acclaimed play was originally produced by The Glines in 1997.

October 18, 2003
Chashama Theatre, New York, New York

">Miss Coco Peru is Undaunted
Written and performed by Clinton Leupp

Directed by Michael Schiralli
Musical direction by Howard Hill
Produced by Howard Hill and Jon Imparato

All her life she dreamed of fame and fortune. She’s still dreaming. Join Coco in an evening of song and monologues as she ponders her life, travels, obsession with the Little Mermaid, and continues her pursuit of Truth, Beauty, Freedom, but (above all) Cash.

October 23, 2003
The Renberg Theatre, The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Los Angeles, California

Dracula by Mac Wellman

Emily Sarpa (Vampyrette), Lisa Joyce (Dracula), Alexandra O’Daly (Vampyrette), Ana Berry (Vampyrette)
photo by Maxwell Graham  
Directed by Chris Garcia Peak
Presented by The Theatre School, DePaul University, New Directors Series

Bizarre and offbeat, this version of Dracula completely re-vamps Bram Stoker’s classic novel. First produced in 1987, this is the story of two sexually repressed women who find the freedom and passion of the vampiric world in the late days of Victorian London.

Cast includes: Ana Berry (Vampyrette), Stephanie Bratnik (Mina), Jason Fleitz (Simmons), Lisa Joyce (Dracula), Leslie Kies (Lucy), Micah Lane (Seward), Cobey Mandarino (Van Helsing), Alexandra O'Daly (Vampyrette), Blair Robertson (Various), Emily Sarpa (Vampyrette), Seth Unger (Harker) and John Walter (Quincey).

October 22, 2003
Athenaeum Studio Three, Chicago, Illinois

M4M4NOW by Frank J. Avella

Brian Townes, Gus Ibranyi, Paul Domineske,
Justin D. Quakenbush, Danny Stessen

photo by Bernie Doyle  
Presented by The New Cockpit Ensemble

The scheduled bill includes rock and cabaret artist Jeanine Tolve, Mac Award winner Michael Vaccaro, Jonathan Hoop, and singer Brett Russo.

There will be an auction, and, as part of a look at the cyber boy world of M4M4NOW, you will meet its hot boys Mike Del Bene, Paul Domineske, Gus Ibranyi, Justin Quackenbush, Danny Stessen and Brian Townes.

October 26, 2003
The Web, New York, New York

———— November 2003 Openings ——————

One World — Many Voices
Vox Femina Los Angeles
Dr. Iris S. Levine, Artistic Director
Lisa Edwards, Pianist

A concert focusing on peace and harmony in the world, featuring traditional folk music from South America, Asia, Eastern Europe, South Africa and the Middle East. ASL Interpreted.

November 7, 2003
Zipper Concert Hall, Colburn School of Performing Arts, Los Angeles, California

Sharing a Dance: Sixty Years with Bruhs & Gean
written by Tom Wilson Weinberg

Bruhs Mero and Gean Harwood
Derek Travis Collard, Scott Evan Davis, Jason Summers

Composer and Musical Direction: Tom Wilson Weinberg
Producer: Michi Yamaguchi

A one-hour musical that traces the remarkable real-life relationship of Bruhs Mero and Gean Harwood, who met in New York in 1929, and remained together until Bruh’s death in 1995.

Gean, now 95, has offered his full support and keen interest to this project, and will be honored at the opening night performance.

Cast includes: Derek Travis Collard, Scott Evan Davis, and Jason Summers.

November 17, 2003
The Center, New York, New York

Spilt Milk by Tim Miller
Presented by Experimental Performance Institute of the New College of California

A performance crafted from several pieces of Tim’s earlier work, as well as brand new material, honoring the Harvey Milk’ influence through several generations. Marking the 25th anniversary of his assassination.

Also, see our article: Touring Performers

November 22, 2003
New College of California Theater, San Francisco, California

Christmas with the Crawfords by Mark Sargent

Hedda Lettuce (Joan Crawford), Jef Valentine (Christina)
photo: Billy Douglas  

Directed and choreographed by Donna Drake
Created by Richard Winchester
Presented by Theatre Rhinoceros and Artful Circle Theatre

A parody of, and a tribute to, the Golden Age of Hollywood, when movie stars were the most important people on earth. On Christmas Eve, 1944, Joan has recently been fired from MGM, and is looking forward to the live radio broadcast from her Brentwood mansion, to be hosted by her friend and gossip monger, Hedda Hopper. The broadcast goes badly as Joan is plagued the never-ending arrival of uninvited celebrity guests such as the Andrews Sisters, Judy Garland, Gloria Swanson, Hattie McDaniel, Carmen Miranda and Ethel Merman, who take the spotlight singing their favorite holiday songs. The broadcast ends with a surprise present from Joan’s children, which puts “Mommie Dearest” over the edge.

Cast includes: Hedda Lettuce (Joan), Jef Valentine (Christina), David Bicha (Christopher Crawford), Mark Enea (Maxine Andrews, Carmen Miranda), Trauma Flintstone (Patty Andrews, Gloria Swanson), Matthew Martin (Baby Jane Hudson (Bette Davis), Judy Garland), Mark Sargent (Laverne Andrews, Edith Head, Ethel Merman), Tom Shaw (Liberace), Nikki Starr (Hattie McDaniel) and Drew Todd (Hedda Hopper).

November 20, 2003
Theatre Rhinoceros, San Francisco, California

Monologues by Michael Kearns
Directed by Michael Kearns
Sponsored by Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS
Staged reading to benefit LA Shanti

Actor-activist Michael Kearns, who has chronicled AIDS for the past twenty years, will honor World AIDS Day (December 1, 2003) with a compilation of his monologues. The cast includes Carol Ardura, Bill Chrisley, Ed Evans, Zo Harris, Tim Mack, Ric Parish, and Tony Zarrillo. Reading is followed by a question and answer with Kearns.

November 30, 2003
Studio A, Silverlake, California

———— December 2003 Openings ——————

Presented by The Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project

An hour full of passion, courage, pain, and love. Hear stories of the human experiences of people that have suffered and survived AIDS.

These dramatic readings are a commemoration, and immediately follow the Annual World AIDS Day Candlelight Vigil in 5 Points Park across the street from the Theatre.

The Sarasota AIDS Theatre Project is composed of people that are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS, and present materials that are concerned with the welfare of people with AIDS.

December 1, 2003 - park vigil and theater readings
Golden Apple Dinner Theatre, Sarasota, Florida

An Intimate Evening with Michael Kearns
In honor of World AIDS Day
Sponsored by Oxy Out, Student Life, and Remsen Bird Fund

Actor-activist Michael Kearns will perform monologues from 1988 to the present, depicting the disease’s insidious trajectory. One of the first artists on record to respond to the AIDS crisis, Kearns has addressed the plague in his work during the past two decades. He has amassed an unparalleled body of work that encompasses theater, film, television, and publishing.

“I wish there was a reason to stop doing what I’m doing,” says Kearns. “But, more urgently than ever, AIDS needs to be in our consciousness. People are still becoming infected and dying.”

December 1, 2003
Mosher 1 hall at Occidental College, Eagle Rock, Calif.

An Intimate Evening with Kate Clinton

Kate Clinton

Comedy sensation Kate Clinton has long been regarded as one of the hippest, smartest, most outspoken comedians working today. She has appeared on Good Morning America, Nightline, Entertainment Tonight, numerous news and talk shows on Comedy Central, Lifetime, Oxygen, MSNBC, CNN and C-Span, and has played to sold-out crowds in concert halls nationwide.

Ms. Clinton offers her scorchingly funny take on America’s insane politics, crazy families, and the sometimes crazy-making experience of being gay in America.

December 5, 2003
The Renberg Theatre, The L.A. Gay & Lesbian Center’s Village at Ed Gould Plaza, Los Angeles, California

Christmastime is Queer Again

Kimberly Elaine Crowe, Jodi Kirkpatrick, Michael Gee
in “Christmas with the Reagans”
part of “Christmastime is Queer Again”

photo source: Larry Dean Harris  

Directors: Laura Black, Jonathan Levit, Ken MacFarlane, Sharon Rosen, and Darryl Theirse.
Presented by Playwrights 6
in association with Celebration Theatre.

A comedic and dramatic collection of short plays that take place on Christmas Eve in a Los Angeles gay and lesbian bar. The shows are filled with romance, satire, and feature cross-cultural, cross-generational connections, plus a full variety of traditional and nontraditional families.

Cast members include: Jerry Banks, Guy Bracca, Kimberly Elaine Crowe, Carolann Dipirro, Mark A. Espinosa, Michael Gee, Darrell Geer, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Steve Howard, Jodi Kirkpatrick, Derek Charles Livingston, Susie McCarthy, Johnny Smith, John Strickland, Lisa Temple, Brian Van Vranken, and Alecs Vildosola.

Christmastime offers new works by Playwrights 6 principals Laura Black, Larry Dean Harris, Amy Heidish and G. Bruce Smith, as well as guest writers Nathan Clum and Steve Luther. Playwrights 6, founded in 1999, is the first, and possibly the only, playwright-managed theater company in Los Angeles.

December 5, 2003
Celebration Theatre, Hollywood, California

Holiday In and Out
by the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles

With guest artists Joanna Gleason and Vox Femina Los Angeles, and the more than 200 voices of the Chorus. This concert will feature some of the most-loved holiday production numbers seen during the past 25 years, including the final appearance of the imaginative “12 Days of Christmas” with the larger-than-life puppets, “The Foamettes.” This is the first of three shows in the Chorus’ “25th Silver Anniversary” season. (See “Festival” section below.)

December 19, 2003
Alex Theatre, Glendale, Califorbia

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