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Event Submission Form

As our mission is focused on gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and feminist content.
This type of content must be mentioned in the description field, or we have no reason to publish an item.

If you are only making an addition or correction to an existing listing, send a plain text e-mail to: Demian

Please use standard English capitalization — do NOT write titles in all caps.

                     Submitted by: 
                                  Submitter’s E-Mail: 

                               Name of Production:  Use standard English capitalization.
                                                     Writer:  Include composers and lyricists here.

                            Brief Play Description: Include gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual, and/or feminist content in play or event description.

                                         Cast Includes: Just list actors, NOT character names.

                                              Run Dates: 
                                          Curtain Time: 

                              Wheelie Accessed?:  Yes  Yes, with obstacles  No
                Sign Language Interpreted?:  Yes  No

                                               Ticket Cost: 
                                               Info Phone:  With area code.
                                               Info E-mail: 
                                  Reservation Phone:  With area code.
                              Web Site for the Play: 
                           Web Site for the Author: 
                             Web Site for the Actor: 
                         Web Site for the Theater: 


It is in a show’s best interest to offer quality, “acting moment” photos for use in all publicity routes.
We welcome photos that are of cast members, and prefer acting moments, rather than head shots.
Photos need be be sent via a separate e-mail to Demian, or write your press page URL in the space below.

If sending photo by e-mail:
                    Name of Person(s) in Photo: Always list L-to-R, top row first.
                              Photographer Credit:   We always credit those who help sell the show.
                                Poster Artist Credit:   We always credit those who help sell the show.

Attach photo files to an e-mail and send to: Demian
      Do NOT send a Word doc or PDFs containing photos; image resolutions are too compromised, and it will look like crap.

If press photos are on a Web page:
                              Photo Web Location: 

If you cannot send photos now, please send them along with the names of the actors, and the photographer, as soon as possible. Even after the event is over, we can place the photos with the play or event in our permanent Archives.

                             Additional Comments: 


For press release suggestions, please see our article:
How to Write a Press Release: So they get read and released