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Bi-coastal Robert Patrick
Reports from California and New York
by Bill Kaiser and Doric Wilson
March 2004

Bill Kaiser in California
  • Michelangelo’s Models by Robert Patrick

    David Sandercott (model), Will Willoughby (Michelangelo)
    photo: Tom Nelson  

    Directed by Jamie McMurray and Italian Renaissance scholar Vincent Duclos
    Produced by Jamie McMurray and Will Willoughby
    Presented by Theatre for a Difference

    March 4 was a Robert Patrick Celebration in Los Angeles with the opening night of his play Michelangelo’s Models at Theatre for a Difference, Rose Alley Theater in Venice, California. It was a delightful evening of romantic comedy on the “purple circuit” and how could it be less? You have Patrick dialogue and plot and The Renaissance too!

    The production was well directed by James McMurray who also played Leonardo. Will Willoughby shined as Michelangelo and the Models: Tim Karasawa (Ignudo), David Sandercott (Tondo) and Justin Martindale (Tomasso Calvalieri) performed superbly and were not hard to watch either! The rest of the cast of artistes: Jonathan Mundale (Bramante), John Strickland (Raphael), Flip Laffoon (Botticelli), and Maria Santucci (Simonetta) contributed admirably to the festivities and Howard Fergusson-Woitzman was a remarkable Pope Julius II.

    Don’t miss this fantastic production running through April 10, 2004! For Reservations call 323-650-3013

    Doric Wilson in New York

  • Hollywood at Sunset by Robert Patrick

    Graham Fulmer (Aron), Kevin Held (Penn)
    photo: Mike Doyle  

    Directed by Barry Childs
    Produced by TOSOS II in association with Out Professionals

    Thanks to Robert Patrick, Barry Childs, Kevin Held and Graham Fulmer (plus Mark Finley, Michael Muccio, Mark Barranco, Naomi Shvorin, Marry Louise Mooney, Morry Campbell, etc., etc.) TOSOS had a major and big time triumph! We are already scheduling a four week extension and are planning to take an option for a commercial run.

    Opening night was one of the last convocations of the Cino dinosaurs! Billy (As Is) Hoffman, Bob (The Bed) Heide, Harvey (The War Widow) Perr, and Doric (the octogenarian) Wilson. I almost expected that we would be met with a van down in the street and whisked off to a glass case in the Museum of Natural History — “Cino Playwrights, circa 1960.” Pity that Lanford wasn’t there — we will save him a space in the diorama, near the back, behind the stuffed moose. And if Tom Eyen thinks being dead is an adequate excuse for not attending, he is very much mistaken.

    Added to the Cino-ites were cabaret legend John Wallowitch, funny man Casey Wayne, gay lib political giant Ethan Geto, Patrick (Christopher Street Magazine) Merla, the list goes on and on and included most of the cast of Young Stowaways and Bernadette and Butcher of Broadway and the upcoming Movie Lover.

    In the meantime, to read one of the best interviews with Robert Patrick that I have ever read, go to: Robert Patrick’s Children: Interview with a Playwright

    Bill Kaiser is founder and editor of the Purple Circuit.

    Doric Wilson was one of the first playwrights at NYC’s legendary Caffe Cino. In 1974, Doric Wilson co-founded TOSOS (The Other Side of Silence), with Billy Blackwell, Peter del Valle and John McSpadden, the first professional theatre company to deal openly and honestly with the gay experience. June, 2001, Wilson, Mark Finley and Barry Childs resurrected the company as TOSOS II.

    Robert Patrick, Playwright on WordPress
    Robert Patrick (playwright) on Wikipedia

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