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Purple Circuit Theater Directory - Canada - 2006
Gay/Lesbian-Supportive Theater Companies

The Purple Circuit lists gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or “queer” theater and performance throughout the world, as well as “Kindred Spirit” organizations that produce such work. Our directory indicates which venues accept scripts, sponsor visiting performers, and which have specific criteria for submissions. Most venues have volunteer, or small reading staff, so replies may take a long time. In many cases, an exploratory letter with synopsis may be desirable, rather than sending full scripts.

Past Directories are located in our Archive.

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To be included in this directory, please send the following to
        Company Name
        Web Site
         Wheelie Accessed? or access with obstacles?
        Contact Person(s)
        Identity (GLBT, Feminist or Kindred Spirit)
        Brief Description
        Accepts Scripts?
        Accept Visiting Performers?
AQT Vancouver - A Queer Theatre
AQT is an artist run (non-profit) company built to produce,
present and support performance works of a queer nature.
AQT’s work is about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender,
transsexual, two-spirited individuals or written and
presented by such human beings and their allies (non-queer
but queer friendly). AQT Vancouver is about educating,
provoking and celebrating our world.
      Terry Costa, founder, artistic producer

The B-Girlz
Glamourous and entertaining, this hilarious Toronto trio
offers its large fan base a unique blend of comedy and
theatre that incorporates live singing (no lip-synch) with
a large dash of campy medleys .They have performed across
North America including two fabulous seasons at The Post
Office Cabaret in Provincetown, M.A. and a run at The Palm
in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Along with film and television
appearances, the B-Girlz have produced, written and composed
a series of sitcom-based musical works which follow their
day to day lives: Millennium Baby (Buddies in Bad Times,
Toronto); The Girl Most Likely to “B” (Talullah’s Cabaret,
Toronto); Planet “B” (Toronto Fringe Festival); Bloodbath at
Aunt Fruellah’s (The Rivoli, Toronto); and The Girlz of Cell
Block “B” (Talullah’s Cabaret - Toronto). The B-Girlz are
recognized nationally for both their hilarious Showcase
Pride Week ads as well as their Homopalooza and
Instructional Film commercials for Showcase’s “Queer as Folk.”

Blood Sisters Project
Menstrual politics, craft sales, open mike nights, “Urban
Armor Gear,” workshops, art exhibits - blood sisters is a
totally polyvalent grassroots organisation with a refreshing
approach to art and activism. Their Montreal activities
include publishing zines, weaving a web girl network,
terrorizing bathroom walls, giving healthy health workshops,
organizing art exhibits, distributing affordable, alternative
products, sharing and boycotting, tabling and lobbying,
stitching and bitching.
      c/o Elle Corazon and l’Arterie’s Artisanal Co-Op
      176 Bernard Street West, Montréal (QC) H2T 2K2
      514-273-3933; 1-877-733-0663;

Buddies In Bad Times Theatre
Established in 1979, Buddies in Bad Times Theatre is a
Canadian, not-for-profit professional theatre company
dedicated to the promotion of gay, lesbian and queer
theatrical expression. Over a given season its 12 Alexander
Street home in the heart of Toronto's queer village springs
to life with mainstage theatrical productions, outrageous
special events, youth initiatives, play development
programmes, and late night weekend cabarets.
      David Oiye, artistic director
      12 Alexander St., Toronto, ON M4Y1B4
      416-975-9130; fax 416-975-9293; box office 416-975-8555

The Cabaret Company
Novelist, playwright, poet, filmmaker, director, actor, and
drag queen extraordinaire Sky Gilbert is one of Canada’s most
controversial artistic forces. He was the co-founder and
Artistic Director of Buddies in Bad Times Theatre in Toronto,
Ontario, Canada, for 18 years. The Cabaret Company, founded
in Spring of 1997, produces the work of Sky Gilbert -
everything from drag musicals to murder mysteries to
documentary biographies. The work is always personal and
immediate, controversial, political, dangerous and sexual
(elements Sky defines as “cabaret”). The work has a quality
critic Ray Conlogue once described: “there is palpable
excitement and a shared, passionate understanding of the
issues at stake.” In other words, the opposite of museum
theatre. The work of The Cabaret Company achieves its
immediacy and danger in varied ways: sometimes by knocking
down the fourth wall and other times by presenting pro-sexual
content without judgement. But ultimately, the work doesn’t
resemble “literature” or “drama.” It is alive, and breathing,
and a little scary.
      Sky Gilbert
      P.O. Box 306, 31 Adelaide St. East, Toronto, Ontario M5C 2J4

Ensemble vocal Anamnese
Quebec City’s choir, founded in August, 1996, Anamnèse
continues to pursue its goal of offering a place for the
male voice in an environment of both respect and tolerance.
The company is both social and diverse, and regularly seeks
participants for its cultural and musical activities.
      Yves Potvin, Musical Director -or-

Ensemble vocal Ganymède
Ensemble vocal Ganymède was founded in 1991 by director Yves
Sabourin for the Montreal community. The ensemble has its
roots in Montreal’s gay community, and has taken on the task
of performing music specifically written for an all-male
chorus as well as promoting tolerance and respect for
different life-styles.
      Nicolas, C.P. 476, succ. C, Montreal, Quebec H2L 4K4

Festival International Montréal en Arts
The main goal of FIMA is to promote art works of québécois
and canadian artists and give them privileged access to the
general public, the business community (sponsoring of artists
to help them achieve top sales potential), private investors
and both levels of government (federal and provincial) and
local / foreign gallery owners. (Canada, USA, Europe). More
than 170 artists specializing in the visual and performance
arts will again this year be part of the Festival.
      Stéphane Mabilais, director
      C.P. 653, Succ. “C,” Montréal (QC) H2L 4L5

Guys in Disguise
Guys in Disguise began as the in-house drag troupe at the
legendary Flashback club in Edmonton. They burst onto the
scene at the 1987 Edmonton Fringe and over the next 17 years,
with a mandate to explore the Art of Drag. Writer/drag icon
Darrin Hagen and producer Kevin Hendricks have created,
produced and toured more than 15 productions to theatres and
festivals across Canada and the U.S. Tornado Magnet remains
their favourite. Guys productions have been nominated for
several awards, been adapted into books and short films, and
a comic book is in the works.
      Kevin Hendricks, producer
      Box 932, Edmonton, Alberta T5J 2L8

a little bit BONKERS Productions
A production company that gets plays written and then
performs them (or tries to get them performed!). Its main
playwright (so far) is David E. Bonk (hence the title). It is
crazy about any kind of theatre, but has a fondness for
“gay” theatre.
      David E. Bonk

Mim Productions
Based in Montreal, MIM Productions presents (informally)
queer performing arts, with a preference for original,
avant garde lesbian work. The company mostly presents
short pieces (15 minutes or less) in a cabaret setting
(ie “Le Boudoir,” “Meow Mix”) as well as in Studio 303’s more
theatrical annual showcase Festival International Edgy Women.
      Miriam Ginestier, director

Ottawa Gay Men's Chorus
The Ottawa Gay Men's Chorus (Le Choeur gai d’Ottawa) is a
local, indie, not-for-profit organization performing quality
choral music. The Chorus achieves its mission by providing an
opportunity for gay men to affirm their identity, providing
mutual support for members, promoting lesbian and gay artists
and their works, broadening musical tastes, developing
musical skills, building a bilingual repertoire, and
co-operating with other elements of the gay and lesbian
community to foster a positive gay and lesbian image.
      Stephen Alexander, music and artistic director
      P.O. Box 3010 , Station “D,” Ottawa, ON K1P 6H6
      613-237-9872, x2079 (Capital Xtra's Community Xtensions)

Radical 5
The expertise of company Radical 5 lies in creating shows and
visuals for nightlife night owls. The company includes:
Radical Queens; Radical Dancers; Radical Multimedia, Mistress
Verushka and G-Force Acorobats. The company has fast become
the object of the club-goer eye and, led by Jean-Pierre
Pérusse, has produced more than 50 shows across Canada
since 1998.
      Jean-Pierre Pérusse, artistic director
      375 St. Paul Street East, Suite #2, Montréal (QC)

Raving Theatre
Raving Theatre is a non-profit company committed to
encouraging and developing new works by local gay and
lesbian playwrights and supporting all aspects of live
theatre including theatre, dance, music, video, film and
performance art. Raving Theatre accepts script submissions
year round.
      David Blue, artistic director
      1220, 736 Granville St. Vancouver B.C. V6Z 1G3

Teatro Berdache
Teatro Berdache exists to lend voice to the history, current
realities and aspirations reflected in Calgary’s gay, lesbian
and two-spirited community. Through performance and staged
readings of works drawn from a canon of gay and lesbian
playwrights of many backgrounds, Berdache is dedicated to
performance of visionary works that confront homophobia,
challenge the prejudices both outside and inside our
constituency, demonstrate outstanding artistic merit, and
embrace the diversity of our community.
      Steve Gin, creative director
      #317, 535 - 8th Ave. SE, Calgary, Alberta T2G 5S9

Tone Cluster
Tone Cluster is a unique vocal ensemble amidst the many
chorus of Ottawa. The ensemble was founded in March of 1994
by a group of friends interested in forming a mixed chamber
choir for gays, lesbians, bisexuals and their friends. It is
devoted to performing a wide-ranging repertoire of sacred and
secular works drawn from the domain of both traditional and
contemporary choral music. Tone Cluster is a member of GALA,
the Gay and Lesbian Association of Choruses, Inc.
      Jane Perry, musical director
      59 Sparks St., P.O. Box 1133, Ottawa ON K1P 5R2

Village Scene Productions
Founded in 2002 by artistic director Davyn Ryall, Village
Scene (V.S.P.) is a not for profit and community oriented
organization. Its mission is to use drama to effect change in
our diverse society by developing original work and promoting
new talent. V.S.P. produces in both English and French and
also offers professional training with its ACTOUT program.
Producers of The Harvest - The Montreal GLBT International
Theatre Festival, held annually in September.
      Davyn Ryall, artistic director
      P.O. BOX 142, Station “C,” Montreal (QC) H2L 2H0
      450-550-7782 (voice/fax);

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