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Purple Circuit Theater Directory - 2012
Gay/Lesbian/Feminist-Supportive Theater Companies
The Purple Circuit lists gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, or “queer” theater and performance events, as well as “Kindred Spirit” organizations that produce such work. Our directory indicates which venues accept scripts, sponsor visiting performers, and which have specific criteria for submissions. Most venues have volunteer, or small reading staff, so replies may take a long time. In many cases, an exploratory letter with synopsis may be preferred rather than sending full scripts.

Past Directories are located in our Archive.
To be included in this directory, please send the following to
        Company Name
        Web Site
         Wheelie Accessed? or access with obstacles?
        Contact Person(s)
        Identity (GLBT, Feminist or Kindred Spirit)
        Brief Description
        Accepts Scripts?
        Accept Visiting Performers?
    2517 N. 4th St., Columbus, OH 43202
    614-263-9448; fax 614-263-9448;
    Contact: Frank A. Barnhart, exec. dir.
    Identity: GLB
        On temporary hiatus

    Address: ? Vancouver, BC Canada
    Contact: Terry Costa, founder, artistic producer;
    Identity: GLBT
        AQT is an artist run (non-profit) company that produces,
        presents and supports performance works of a queer nature.
        AQT’s work is about gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgender,
        transsexual, two-spirited individuals or written and
        presented by such human beings and their allies (non-queer
        but queer friendly). AQT Vancouver is about educating,
        provoking and celebrating our world.

    12 Alexander St., Toronto, ON, Canada M4Y1B4
    416-975-9130; fax 416-975-9293; box office 416-975-8555;
    Contact: David Oiye, artistic director
        Established in 1979, Buddies is a Canadian, not-for-profit
        professional theatre company dedicated to the promotion
        of gay, lesbian and queer theatrical expression.
        Buddies produces mainstage theatrical productions, outrageous
        special events, youth initiatives, play development programmes,
        and late night weekend cabarets.

    205 John Street North, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada L8L 4P4
    Contact: Sky Gilbert, AD and LM
    Identity: GLQBT
        No scripts or visiting performers.

    7985 Santa Monica Blvd. #109-1, West Hollywood, CA 90046
    Celebration Theatre 7051-B Santa Monica Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90038
    323-957-1884; fax 323-957-1826;;
    Michael C. Kricfalusi, Executive Director,
    John Michael Beck, Artistic Director,
    Identity: LGBTQQI
    Accepts submissions in full. See the website for instructions.

    Ocean Grove and Asbury Park, NJ
    Adm./fax 732-807-4052; cell 617-512-6066
    Contact: Marjorie Conn, AD
    Identity: GLQBT
        Presents the Provincetown Fringe Festival in Asbury Park, N.J. all
        year round. There are no admission requirements. Anyone who wants
        to a part of this theater is welcome. We have an open door policy
        in the spirit of giving everyone a chance.

    4545 Park Blvd., San Diego, CA 92116
    619-220-6830; Box office 619-220-0097; fax 619-220-0148
    Contact: John E. Alexander, Executive Director
    Identity: GLQBT
        3rd oldest continuously producing GLQBT theatre in the US.
        Play submissions meeting posted guidelines accepted year-round.

    2085 Monroe Ave., Memphis, TN 38104
    Wheelchair accessible
901-272-0909; Contact: Hal Harmon, Den-Nickolas Smith Identity: GLBT Producing works focused on GLBT issues for Memphis and the mid-south. Accepts scripts and visiting Performers. ENSEMBLE VOCAL GANYMèDE Contact: Nicolas, C.P. 476, succ. C, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H2L 4K4 514-528-6302; Identity: Kindred Spirit Ensemble Vocal Ganymède was founded in 1991 by director Yves Sabourin for the Montreal community. The ensemble has its roots in Montreal’s gay community, and has taken on the task of performing music specifically written for an all-male chorus as well as promoting tolerance and respect for different life-styles. Festival International Montréal en Arts Contact: Stéphane Mabilais, director C.P. 653, Succ. “C,” Montréal (QC) Canada H2L 4L5 514-522-4646; Identity: Kindred Spirit Yearly 5-day summer event. The main goal of FIMA is to promote art works of québécois and canadian artists and give them access to the public, business community, private investors, both federal and provincial levels of government, as well as local and foreign gallery owners. More than 170 artists specializing in the visual and performance arts participate. FIRST STAGE PO Box 38280, Los Angeles, Ca 90038 323-850-6271; fax 323-850-6295; Contact: Dennis Safren, literary manager Identity: Kindred Spirit Accepts scripts with contact number. If you want script returned include SASE. Allow 2-6 months reply time. Will sponsor visiting performers, if it is a work-in-progress. KALIYUGA ARTS 520 W. 50th Street, #D4, New York, NY 10019 212-400-7571; Contacts: John Sowle and Steven Paterson, co-A.D.s and founders Identity: Not exclusively GLQBT Independent theatrical production company which presents sporadically, generally no more than once a year. Not currently accepting unsolicited manuscripts. No visiting performers. LEGION ARTS 1103 Third St., SE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52401-2305 Adm./reservations 319-364-1580; Contact: F. John Herbert, executive director Identity: Kindred Spirit Visual and performing arts presenter based at CSPS, a community arts center in a landmark, century-old building. Member: NAAO and NPN. Committed to diversity, regularly presents solo performers, small companies, and musicians. Rarely produces outside work. THE LOS ANGELES WOMEN’S THEATRE PROJECT 10061 Riverside Dr., #528 Toluca Lake, CA 91602 818-471-9100; Contact: Dee Jae Cox, co-founder, artistic director Identity: Kindred Spirit Accept scripts: contact us first by e-mail. Feel free to contact us if you would like to be a volunteer or for further information. The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project is a 501(c) nonprofit organization, that supports and creates opportunities for women in the performing arts. MANBITES DOG THEATER PO Box 402, Durham, NC 27702 919-682-4974; reservations 919-682-3343; Contact: Edward Hunt, managing director Not currently accepting scripts. NEW LINE THEATRE 3802-A Keokuk Street, St. Louis, MO 63116 314-773-6526; reservations 314-534-1111; Contact: Scott Miller, AD Identity: GLQBT Accepts scripts for issue-oriented, full-length, small cast musicals. Send script and tape or CD. Time for reply varies. No visiting performers. NEW YORK THEATRE WORKSHOP 79 E 4th St., New York, NY 10003 212-780-9037; fax 212-460-8996; Contacts: Jerry Manning, artistic assoc. Jim Nicola, AD; Mandy Hackett, literary manager Identity: Kindred Spirit Accept scripts. Send a 10-page synopsis and writing sample with SASE. Perhaps interested in sponsoring visiting performers. OUT PRODUCTIONS / LES PRODUCTIONS OUT Studio 303-372 St. Catherine St. W., Montreal QC H3B 1A2 Canada Contacts: David Allan King, AD; Miriam Ginestier, assoc. AD Identity: GLQBT Not accepting unsolicited scripts at this time. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. --- Out Production´s Pink Network Links Canadian producers of GLBT performing arts together for visibility, mutual support and pride in our arts and communities. The Network´s Québéçois home also taps into producers of French-language performing arts. Out provides the network free of charge to Canadian companies and individuals involved in queer creation in the performing arts. PRIDE FILMS AND PLAYS 3023 N Clark 327, Chicago, IL 60657 Wheelchair accessible
773-250-3112; 773-281-4844 Contacts: David Zak, executive director John Nasca, Patrick Rybarczyk, Allison Fradkin, artistic associates Identity: GLBT Pride Films and Plays fosters excellent writing for the stage and screen that speaks to both the GLBT and worldwide community. Offering human stories of parenting, marriage, faith, and love can become a cultural bridge to understanding. Pride Films and Plays links an international network of writers with professionals working in film and theater through readings, contests, classes, screenings, productions, and development, to create great artistic experiences. Scripts must be submitted via the contests: Pride Films and Plays Contests Visiting performers on case by case basis. RAGGED BLADE PRODUCTIONS PO Box 221012, St. Louis, MO 63122 Adm./reservations 314-276-8693; Contacts: Jerrold Rabushka, AD; Skip Hardesty, managing director Identity: Kindred Spirit No scripts; occasional visiting performers. RAVING THEATRE Contact: David Blue, artistic director 1220, 736 Granville St. Vancouver, BC, Canada V6Z 1G3 778-836-7283; Identity: GLBT Raving Theatre is a non-profit company committed to encouraging and developing new works by local gay and lesbian playwrights and supporting all aspects of live theatre including theatre, dance, music, video, film and performance art. Raving Theatre accepts script submissions year round. RICHMOND TRIANGLE PLAYERS 1300 Altamont Ave., Richmond, VA 23230-4714 Wheelchair accessible
804-346-8113; fax 804-342-8015 Contacts: Philip Crosby, managing director: John Knapp, artistic director: Identity: GLQBT We are the only full-time professional theater in the mid-Atlantic regions presenting plays and performers of relevance to the LGBT community at large. We accept scripts and visiting performers. SNAP! PRODUCTIONS 3225 California Street, Omaha, NE 68131 Wheelchair accessible
402-341-2757; Contact: Todd Brooks Identity: Kindred Spirit - Tolerence/Diversity Theater Accept scripts and visiting performers Our Mission is to provide educational and humanistic support of AIDS-related programs and to promote understanding and acceptance of all members of the community through artistic expression. STAGEQ, INC. PO Box 8876, Madison, WI 53708-8876 Adm./reservations 608-661-9696, ext 3; Contact: Tara Ayres, AD Identity: GLBT Accept scripts; require synopsis with full script upon request. Prefer electronic copies. Resident company at the Bartell Theatre, 113 E. Mifflin St., Madison WI Occasionally produce visiting LGBT performers. Contact: with proposals. TAPIT/NEW WORKS, ENSEMBLE THEATER 1957 Winnebago St., Madison, WI 53704 Adm./reservations 608-244-2938; Contacts: Donna Peckett and Danielle Dresden, producing artistic directors Etta Gasport, tour coordinator Identity: GLBT and Kindred spirit No scripts. Possible interested in co-sponsoring visiting performers. THAT UPPITY THEATRE COMPANY 4466 W. Pine Blvd., #13c, St. Louis, MO 63108 314-534-1454; fax 314-534-6591; reservations 314-995-4600; Contact: Joan Lipkin, AD Identity: Kindred Spirit No scripts. Sponsors visiting performers and/or also refers them to other appropriate area companies and venues. Send e-mail, or postcard describing the work, and how we can get in touch. We also create original work with various groups we initiated including The Louies, an ensemble of gay men, Apple Pie, an ensemble of LGBT youth and The DisAbility Project. THEATRE ASKEW PO Box 1603 Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276-1603 646-338-3057; Contact: Tim Cusack, artistic director Identity: GLBT Theatre Askew was founded to explore a radical new approach to the representation of “queerness” on stage; one that embraces a spectrum of relationships and identities. We propose a definition of queerness that serves as a metaphor for all those who stand outside of, challenge, or reject mainstream consumer-based models of gender or sexuality. This is the community for whom we make our work, gay and straight. Since 2004, our productions have attempted to straddle categories often set in opposition to each other: accessible and experimental; gay and straight; pleasing and provoking; popular and alternative. We search for the connections between queer experience and issues of the broader culture. We draw from our rich theatrical and literary heritage to inspire exciting new work. We are committed to creating theatrical events that confront political concerns and that have social impact and moral consequence. No scripts or synopses accepted. No visiting artists. Notices of NYC-area productions or readings are welcome THEATRE OFFENSIVE 565 Boylston St., Boston, MA 02116 617-661-1600, fax 617-266-1601; Contact: Abe Ryebeck, artistic director Identity: GLBT The Theater Offensive’s mission is to form and present the diverse realities of queer lives in art so bold it breaks through personal isolation and political orthodoxy to help build an honest, progressive community. Accepts scripts and visiting performers. TOSOS - The Other Side of Silence 688 10th Ave., #4N, New York, NY 10019 917-697-3344; Contacts: Mark Finley, artistic director; Barry Childs, administrative director Identity: GLQBT No scripts or performers. Revival of TOSOS, NYC´s pioneer professional gay theater company. Original founder: Doric Wilson TRIANGLE CIRCLE PLAYERS c/o The Pride Center of New Jersey, 85 Raritan Ave., #100, Highland Park, NJ 08904-2701 732-595-7529 Contact: Darren L. Nye, managing director, Identity: LGBTIQ The mission of the Triangle Circle Players is to educate and inform New Jersey area residents about issues and topics that relate to the LGBTIQ community by producing plays, musicals and other productions. Accepts scripts. TRIANGLE PRODUCTIONS! 1785 NE Sandy Blvd., MB #2, Portland OR 97232 Wheelchair accessible
503-239-5919; Contact: Don Horn Identity: GLQBT Founded in 1989, Triangle has produced “Hedwig/Angry Inch,” “Bent,” “Beirut,” and will be producing “Avenue Q.” E-mail to inquire before sending any scripts. We sometimes have visiting performers, depending on time of year and our budget. VILLAGE PLAYWRIGHTS LGBT Community Center, 208 West 13th St., New York, NY Adm./Tickets: 212-645-1514; Contact: Emanuel Gavales Identity: GLQBT New and developing plays read on the 2nd and 4th Weds. Playwrights have opportunity to self produce plays that have been workshopped at economical cost. VILLAGE SCENE PRODUCTIONS PO BOX 142, Station “C,” Montreal (QC) H2L 2H0 450-550-7782 (voice/fax); Contact: Davyn Ryall, artistic director; Identity: GLQBT Founded in 2002 by artistic director Davyn Ryall, Village Scene Productions (V.S.P.) is a not for profit, community spirited organization. Its mission is to use drama to effect change in our diverse society by developing original work and promoting new talent. V.S.P. produces plays and events in both English and French. Producers of The Harvest - The Montreal GLBT International Theatre Festival.   VORTEX REPERTORY COMPANY 2307 Manor Road, Austin, TX 78722-2135 512-478-LAVA; Contact: Bonnie Cullum, AD Identity: ? ———————————————————————— The following did not respond to our requests for update verification. ———————————————————————— ABOUT FACE THEATRE 1222 West Wilson Avenue, 2nd Floor West, Chicago, IL 60640 773-784-8565; fax 773-784-8557; Contact:  Jane Beachy, marketing dir. Identity: GLBTQ About Face Theatre creates exceptional, innovative, and adventurous plays to advance the national dialogue on gender and sexual identity, and to challenge and entertain audiences in Chicago, across the country, and around the world.  Accepts scripts: Accepts visiting performers: BAX / BROOKLYN ARTS EXCHANGE 421 Fifth Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11215 Adm./Office/Reservations: 718-832-0018; fax 718-832-9189 Contact: Marya Warshaw, Dir. Identity: GLQBT 75-seat theater presenting dance, theater, performance, video with lbgt themes and by lbgt artists. Artist in Residency program, space grants to develop new work for Brooklyn based artists. Also offering professional workshops to the field and the general public. Occasionally sponsor visiting performers. DIXON PLACE AT VINEYARD 26 161A Chrystie St., New York, NY 10002 Adm./Res.: 212-219-0736; fax 212-219-0761; Contact: Ellie Covan, director and founder Identity: Kindred Spirit Accept scripts only from artists based in NYC. Are looking for works of performance and theatre in new forms. Especially encourage women and minorities to submit. Send script and/or video with SASE and brief letter. Allow 8-10 weeks for reply. HALLWALLS CONTEMPORARY ARTS CENTER 341 Delaware Ave., Buffalo, NY 14202 716-854-1694; fax 716-854-1696 Contacts: Edmund Cardoni executive director; Polly Little, development dir.; John Massier, visual arts curator; Joanna Raczynska, media program, Steve Baczkowski, music program; Carl Lee, technical director Identity: Kindred Spirit No scripts. Hallwalls offers programs in visual arts, film, video, new music, jazz, performance, and literature. HIGHWAYS PERFORMANCE SPACE 1651 - 18th St., Santa Monica, CA 90404 310-453-1755; reservations 310-315-1459; Contacts: Mary Milelzcik, administrative dir./gallery curator; Leo Garcia, artistic director Identity: Kindred Spirit No scripts. Primarily a performance art space for LA-based artists. HOWIE BAGGADONUTZ PRESENTS PO Box 14912, Portland, OR 97293 Contact: Howie Baggadonutz, Identity: GLQBT No scripts. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers who have a Press packet and a video of the entire show. JUMPSTART PERFORMANCE COMPANY 108 Blue Star, San Antonio, TX 78204 Fax 210-222-2231; Contacts: S.T. Shimi, A.D., company programming; Lisa Suarez, A.D., guest artist programming Identity: GLQBT NEW CONSERVATORY THEATRE CENTER 25 Van Ness Ave., Lower Lobby, San Francisco, CA 94102 415-861-4914; fax 415-861-6988; reservations 415-861-8972 Contact: Ed Decker, AD Identity: GLQBT Accepts scripts through agents only. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. PERFORMANCE SPACE 122 150 First Ave., New York, NY 10009 212-477-5829; fax 212-353-1315 Reservations: 212-477-5288 Contacts: Kari H., office manager Mark Russell, exec. director Identity: Kindred Spirit Accept scripts. First get flyer "How to get a Gig at PS122." Allow 4-6 months for reply. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. PLAYWRIGHTS´ ARENA 514 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013 Adm./box office 213-627-4473; Contact: Jon Lawrence Rivera, AD Identity: Kindred Spirit Playwrights´ Arena is the only theatre dedicated to discovering, nurturing and producing works for the stage written exclusively by Los Angeles playwrights. We do not produce one-act and one-person plays. Accept scripts that must be written by Los Angeles playwrights and that have never been produced. Allow six months for reply. No visiting performers. THEATRE Q 1872 Grove Way, Castro Valley CA 94546 Wheelchair accessible
510-326-8197; Contact Persons: Dale Albright Identity: GLBT Theatre Q is committed to bringing the evolving images of gays and lesbians in theatre to the greater Bay Area. We accept scripts. Performance address varies, but we are committed to being wheelie accessible. THEATRE NEW WEST 1415 California, Houston, TX 77006 Adm./Off./Res.: 713-522-2204 Contact: Joe Watts, AD Identity: GLQBT. Accept scripts for full length or one-acts. Allow one month for reply. Maybe will sponsor visiting performers. THEATRE RHINOCEROS 2926 - 16th St., San Francisco, CA 94103 415-552-4100; fax 415-558-9044; reservations 415-861-5079 Contact: John Fisher, AD Identity: GLQBT Accept scripts. Allow one year response time. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. THE VILLAGE 1125 N. McCadden Pl., Los Angeles, CA 90038 Wheelchair accessible
323-860-7393; fax 323-308-4090 Contact: Matt Walker, coordinator Jon Imparato, cultural arts dir. Identity: GLQBT Accept scripts. Info: 323-860-7336 (Sue) Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. Proposal Form: WINGS THEATRE COMPANY, INC. 154 Christopher St., New York, NY 10014 212-627-2960; fax 212-462-0024; reservations 212-627-2961 Contacts: Jeffrey Corrick, AD; Trish Gilbert, literary mgr. Identity: Kindred Spirit Accept scripts for full-length plays or musicals. Include a SASE. No synopsis or letters of inquiry, etc. Scripts read by May 1st get a reply in summer. No visiting performers. WOW CAFE THEATER 59-61 East 4th St., New York, NY 10003 Adm./reservations 212-777-4280 Identity: Lesbian, All Women. All women are welcome to join The Collective. ———————————————————————— The following are defunct, or have changed their mission. ———————————————————————— BAILIWICK REPERTORY [Note: Closed it’s doors in November 2009 and re-organized as Bailiwick Chicago. Bailiwick Chicago’s new mission statement: “We tell stories that stimulate our audience and celebrate our diverse community, enhancing our understanding of ourselves and others.” No specific mention of GLBT concerns.] 6201 N. Hermitage, Chicago, IL 60660 773-969-6201; C.J. PRODUCTIONS [Note: Now Defunct. Christopher Jackson reportedly now deseased.] 199 Gilla Dr., St. Louis, MO 63011 Contact: Christopher Jackson, president Identity: GLQBT Accept scripts. Allow 2-3 weeks for reply. Interested in sponsoring visiting performers. LAMBDA PLAYERS [Note: Now Defunct. They went dark after their 22nd season in April 2011.] 1028 R Street, Sacramento, CA 95814 916-444-8229; Contact: Tom Swanner, Artistic Director Identity: GLBT Accept scripts, new works welcome. Prefer full-length pieces. We prefer e-mail submissions in MS Word, RTF, PDF, or HTML format. Please provide brief bio, previous performance listings (if any) and all relevant contact information. If sending by postal mail, please know we do not return scripts, we donate them to the theatre section of our GLBT library. Reply time 4-6 months. We are open to booking traveling performances - submit inquiry with VHS/DVD and relevant press material. PHILADELPHIA GAY & LESBIAN THEATRE FESTIVAL [NOTE: Now Defunct. This group closed shop after their 7th season in March 2010.] PO Box 1164, Philadelphia, PA 19107 215-627-6483 Contact: Matthew Cloran, artistic dir.; Bill Esher, managing dir. Identity: GLQBT Presents gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender plays, musicals, one- acts, one-person shows, cabarets and young audience plays. The Festival takes place in June, running a week and a half. We´re especially interested in producing new works. Submissions are accepted year-round; however, the deadline for each Festival is October 31. $10 submission fee. Mail submissions to above address. The Festival also brings in visiting performers and theatre companies to be presented along with plays they produce. WALK & SQUAWK PERFORMANCE PROJECT [Note: Web site not active -- -- no way to reach them.] Contacts: Erika Block and Hilary Ramsden, co-ADs, founders Identity: Kindred Spirit Creates original physical and visual performance. No unsolicited scripts or videos.

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