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Bill Kaiser
founder, publisher, editor
photo: Demian  
The Purple Circuit Newsletter was founded by Bill Kaiser in 1991. Bill was the writer, editor and publisher, and contacted other writers across the U.S. for reviews and opinion articles.

As a printed quarterly, the Newsletters continued until 2003. Back issues of the Newsletter can be seen via the Purple Circuit Archive page. Issues posted to the Web date from March 1999-December 2003.

Bill has been a long-term gay rights advocate placing a lot of emphasis on cultural perspectives. He has been on the One board of directors, running monthly theater events through this Los Angeles organization that included readings, lectures and the Oscar Wilde Festivals.

associate editor, Webmaster
photo: Brook Avedon  
Since 2000, Demian has supplied the Web programming, image retouching, and copy editing for all Purple Circuit listings and article.

Demian proposed placing the Purple Circuit Newsletter contents on the Internet in order to gain a wider readership. Once on the Web, and limited print space is not an issue, the Purple Circuit contents greatly expanded. As of May 2014, there were more than 140 articles.

Demian produced and hosted the nation’s second gay radio program, called “Gaybreak,” in Amherst Massachusetts for four years during the early 70s. He has run workshops and discussion groups on liberation issues, as well as writing scores of articles for the gay and general audience press. He co-founder Partners Task force for Gay & Lesbian Couples in 1995.

In 1996, Demian directed and co-produced “The Right to Marry,” the world’s first video documentary about the struggle for same-sex legal marriage.

His theater and movie experience includes acting on stage, radio, film and video since the mid-60s. He ran more than 100 theater workshops during the 70s as research material for his Doctorate in Education. He has written numerous plays and movie scripts, and currently provides scripts, script doctoring, directing, movie, and still photo services via his company Sweet Corn Productions.

Demian on: LinkedIn || IMDb || Vimeo || YouTube

All volunteers, the staff periodically supplies articles and research.
  • Demian
          Associate editor and Web programmer
          Seattle - Sweet Corn Productions -
  • Bill Kaiser
          Founder, publisher, editor
          Los Angeles -
  • Kandi Slack
          Purple Circuit Researcher
  • Tom W. Kelly
          San Francisco
  • Michael Van Kerckhove
          Columnist, playwright
          Chicago - -
  • Jim Russell
          Former Purple Circuit associate editor
  • Steven LaVigne
          Minneapolis -
  • Doric Wilson (1939-2011)
          Columnist - playwright,
          New York City
  • Barbara Voller
          Purple Circuit Researcher
          New York City

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