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Marriage Project-Hawaii
Support for Baehr v. Anderson, the legal marriage suit

The Project expects to achieve equal marriage rights in Hawaii for all people, regardless of their sex or sexual orientation. It is expected that, due to the “full faith and credit” clause of the U.S. Constitution, same-sex marriage in Hawaii will facilitate successful legal recognition by other states.

Marriage Project-Hawaii was organized in 1993 to help fund the legal costs in Baehr v. Lewin (which became Baehr v. Miike and is now called Baehr v. Anderson). In this case, three same-sex couples filed suit against the State of Hawaii for refusing to issue them marriage licenses. The Project has since involved into three different organizations (see addresses below) that informs the public, the media and the legislature about the court case and about the civil rights issues involved in same-sex marriage.

While the Hawaii Supreme Court made a final ruling in December 9, 1999 which denied legal marriage to same-sex couples, the Project expects to continue fighting for all other forms of equal treatment and benefits in Hawaii. [note: For a review of the pursuit of marital legal status in the U.S., please see Legal Marriage Court Cases — A Timeline.]

The Lawyers

Dan Foley is a prominent civil rights attorney and partner in Partington and Foley. He served in the Peace Corps from 1969 - 1970 in Africa. After receiving his law degree from the University of San Franciso, he spent eight years in Micronesia working on sovereignty issues and helping to write Micronesian constitutions. In recognition of his work on the Baehr case, Dan received the American Civil Liberties Union - Hawaii Lawyer of the Year Award for 1993. Honolulu Magazine named him Islander of the Year in 1995. Evan Wolfson, senior staff attorney of the Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund, joined as co-counsel in June 1993.

The Plaintiffs

Ninia Baehr writes grants for a nonprofit organization and Genora Dancel is a pre-med student at John Hopkins. They have been together since 1990. Patrick and Joseph Melillo, partners since 1968, own silk-screen, floral-design, and catering business in Honolulu. Tammy Rodriguez & Antoinette Pregil live happily on Oahu.

  • Marriage Project - Hawaii
    Box 11690, Honolulu, HI 96828
    808-942-3737; fax: 808-262-9509

    Marriage Project - Hawaii is a 501-C3 tax deductible charitable organization paying for the Hawaii marriage case.

  • Friends of Marriage Project - Hawaii
    Box 11690, Honolulu, HI 96828
    Donation phone line: 1-900-97-MARRY; 808-944-6742

    Friends of Marriage Project - Hawaii is a 501-C4 (not tax deductable) organization working to stop a constitutional amendment.

  • Protect Our Constitution Box 235704
    Honolulu, HI 96823-3511

    Protect Our Constitution is a PAC and not a tax deductible charity. Contributions are limited by law to $1000 in 1998 in aggregate from any one person. Contributions in aggregate from any one person which are over $100 are reported to the Campaign Spending Commission with name, address, employer, and occupation.

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