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Songs of Marriage
by Demian
© June 8, 2013, Demian

Marriage songs are nothing new, however, songs that directly address marriage for same-sex couples are. Remarkably, they have become abundant.

Not only does the issue of marriage equality directly touch many lesbians and gay men, — as well as their friends, relatives, and co-workers — there is a growing awareness among the general population of the dire necessity for access to legal marriage.

Here is a list of marriage songs, primarily in popular and folk music idioms, which have lyrics specifically about same-sex marriage. Some are concerned with the ceremony and the social, spiritual, and emotional aspects. Other songs are steeped in the timeless traditions of the protest, and political message.

Many of the artists listed here are lesbian or gay, however, like those who supported the women’s and black equality movements, not all are part of this minority.

Some of their songs are available as downloads from their Web sites.

Author Song Name Year Notes Album Name Label Contact Info
Traci Adams “You are Not God” 2004 Lyric sample:
I always thought marriage was a sacred institution,
Between two people who love each other;
Committed to one another,
And want to spend their lives together.
What does it matter if they are the same-sex?
If you’re not a part of the couple,
Then why do you object?
Why are you bothered and care what others do?
It’s not hurting you.
It doesn’t matter your opinion,
or if you think that it’s odd.
You are not God.
“You are Not God” West Coast Swing
Jamie Anderson “A Love This True” 2001   “Listen” Tsunami Recordings
Jamie Anderson “Wedding Song” 1993   “Bad Hair Day” Tsunami Recordings
Eric Lane Barnes “I Do” 2004 Performed by the Heartland Men’s Chorus of Kansas City “Heartland Pride” label ?
Sandy Baron “Do You Take This Man?” 1972 Comedy skit
Sandy died in January 2001
“God Save the Queens” A&M No site
Jeffrey Beringer “Tiki Tiki Tembo” 2003   “Raise Hell, Raise Babies” label ?
Addie Brownlee “The Gay Marriage Song” 2006 More an anti-assimilation song than pro legal marriage. album ? label ?
Russ Buchanan “Love Chantey” 2004   album ? Midnight Graffiti Music
Donna Burke “Wherever You Go” 2005 Lyric from the Book of Ruth 1:16,17 “Blue Nights” Dag Music
Capitol Steps
(Brian Ash, Bari Biern, Mike Carruthers, Andy Clemence, Kevin Corbett, Nancy Dolliver, Morgan Duncan, Mark Eaton, Mike Forrest, Janet Davidson Gordon, Brad Van Grack, Anne Willis Hill, Ann Johnson, Mike Loomis, Jenny Morris, Elaina Newport, Richard Paul, Jack Rowles, Ann Schmitt, Tracey Stephens, Bill Strauss, Mike Thornton, Mike Tilford, Delores Williams, Jamie Zemarel)
“I Want a Guy Just Like the Guy” (Who Married Dear Old Dad)
2004 Lyric sample:
Marriage should be well-respected,
And it should properly be;
Entered by two folks selected,
By viewers home watching Tee Vee.
But I have a dream of a different sort,
If I can convince the Supreme Court;
To do these things the Canadian way,
I hope that someday you will hear me say …

[Parody of the original song -
“I Want a Girl (Just Like the Girl)”
by Harry Von Tilzer and William Dillon]
“Papa’s Got a Brand New Bagdad” label ?
Chixie Dix (Hedda Lettuce & Yolanda) “Marry Me” 2004 50% of the wholesale price of the Marry Me compilation benefits the ACLU Lesbian & Gay Rights and AIDS Projects. “Marry Me” Figjam Records
Brian Cook “Never Getting Married” 2004 Cook was formerly of the band “Roy.”

Lyric sample:
Our day is coming,
Just wish it would hurry up;
Because we’re never getting married,
Unless half of the population comes around.
The city seems ready,
So let’s move on to the suburbs and small towns;
We’ll do it on front porches,
Shamelessly for everyone to see.
“Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption” Fueled by Ramon No known Web site
Alan Cumming “Married” 2006 Fund raiser for Freedom to Marry.
Other artists include: Lou Reed, Lady Bunny, le Tigre, John Cameron Mitchell, Margaret Cho, Bob Mould, Sandra Bernhard, Ben Jelen, Moby & Laura Dawn, Sleater-Kinney.
“Wed-Rock” Centaurmusic
David Dub “These Same Things” 2006   album ? label ?
Lynn Deeves “Some of My Best Friends” 1997   “Soul Food” label ?
Thomas Donovan “What Our Love is Made of” 2004 Lyric sample:
I’m so happy now that I told you how I really feel.
I’m so happy holding his hand ’cause our love is real.
I’m not a freak fairy fag pansy poof homo.
I’m just a good hearted dude.
What are you?
I'm a man with a lover who’s a man.
Your stamp of approval don’t mean a damn;
When you’re way too gone to understand,
What our love is made of.
“The Lonely Show” Digital Dreams Music
Peter Donnelly “Love with Me” 1998 Lyric sample:
Have faith in me, I’ll calm your fears.
Trust in me, And know I’m here.
Look to me, For strength and peace.
Comfort me, When I need you.
Learn with me, Throughout the years.
Grow with me, As the seasons pass.
Pray with me, To the God we know.
Love with me, Be forever mine.
“A Sure Thing” (1998)
“Marry Me” (2004)
label ?
Tori Fixx “Marry Me” 2004   “Marry Me” A.C.R.O.N.Y.M.
Scott Free “Battle Hymn of the Intolerant” 2004 Lyric sample:
This great nation has shown Herself in all Her glory,
Up on high flies the truths and tenets of this land.
Built Her fortress upon the wisdom of the mighty,
We must fight for the principles for which She stands.
Gays shouldn’t be allowed to marry,
Ladies shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
And negroes shouldn’t be allowed to be free,
they shouldn’t be.
“They Call Me Mr. Free” Leather/Western Rec.
Tret Fure “The Wedding Song” 2003   “My Shoes” Tomboy Girl Records
Gayco “Gospel” 2005 Comedy sketch album ? label ?
Joel Gibb “Ban Marriage” 2003 A negative take on marriage performed by Hidden Cameras

Lyric sample:
But I continued past the pews,
And met my angel in a suit with a smile.
And, as I looked him in the eye,
I heard my best friend cry;
That we aren’t fools to fall in love,
But let “coupledom” die.
Ban marriage, ban marriage.
“The Smell of Our Own” Rough Trade
Green & Root “Marrying You” 2004 Lyric sample:
The straight people say:
“Huh, two women getting married, how unusual.”
And the gay people say:
“Why do you want to imitate straight culture anyway?”
If they tell me that I’m brainwashed, I’ll
say it’s washed alright;
With so much warmth, I couldn’t stay cold;
So much comfort, I couldn’t stay alone;
So much love I just couldn’t say no.
“Down that Road” Cozy Goat Records
Dave Hall “Biff ’n Tony’s Wedding” 1999 Lyric sample:
Biff’s Dad, who picked out the rings,
Is thinking, “Who can tell what any life brings?”
He’s blinking a tear from his twinkling eye,
Biff says, “C’mon Dad, you're gonna make me cry!”
“Places” Giuseppe Joe Records
Judith Hanlon “On My Honor” 2003 Vocals by Vincent Davis and Johnnie Wheeler

Lyric sample:
On my honor, I will love you,
I will keep the dinner on for you.
Together we’ll grow old,
We’ll turn the album pages,
And a history will unfold.
And all the states,
And all the powers,
That fashion, shape and name;
Will pale and seem so powerless,
When I today bring nothing less than my honor.
“Colors of Love” Passages Music Ministry
Dan Hart “Marry Me” 2005 Lyric sample:
Marry me, Jerry Falwell
I know deep down inside you love me
You’re so cute with your jowls
and your homophobic howls
It can only spell matrimony

[The song goes on to ask for the hands of Rush Limbaugh, Pat Robertson, Ricky Santorum, and Dicky Cheney.]
“Santa God & Other Blasphemies” label ?
Kiya Heartwood “Outlaw Wedding” 2005 The song has been described as a “convincing piece of hard-edged folk-rock.” The lyrics are about same-sex marriage in general, and the wedding of songwriter Kiya and her multi-instrumentalist partner Miriam Davison in particular. “Underdog” Wishing Chair
Colleen Jameson “Revolution Now!” 2006   demo label ?
Nedra Johnson “Forever with Me” 2005   “Nedra” Big Mouth Girl
Jody Kessler “Ballad of Chris and Pat” 2000   “No Solid Ground” label ?
Kinsey Sicks “Locked Out of the Chapel of Love” 2002 An a cappella drag act, featuring Ben Schatz (Rachel), Irwin Keller (Winnie), Chris Dilley (Trampolina), Jeff Manabat (Trixie). “Sicks in the City” label ?
Janice Leber “Goin' to Massachusetts with Love” 2004   “The Chopping of the President” Chopped Liver
Gene Lees and Lalo Schifrin “The Right to Love” 1963 Performed by Peggy Lee, Tony Bennett, Holly Near, Carmen McRea, Rebecca Parris, Pamela Enders, Gail Wynters, Rebecca Parris, etc. Many artists on many albums Many artists on many labels Many artists on multiple Web sites
Philip Littell, words
Robert Seeley, music
“Marry Us” 1998 Performed by the Boston Gay Men’s Chorus

Lyric sample:
I who would serve you, I your love would earn.
I who would love you, I would be loved in return.
I who am created, Lord, by your touch and word,
Perfect image of my God, I would be seen and heard.
What we promise is our prayer; Let us love, for aye,
Each other care for all our lives. Marry us today.
In the sight of God and man, Two are now as one.
We affirm this visibly, Man is not alone.
To our Father’s house we come to rejoice and pray.
We live and die like all your sons, Marry us today.
“Best of the BGMC Live” (2004) label ?
Dan Martin & Michael Biello “Song for Joy” 2005 Musical play “Breathe” label ?
Mark Mercer “Chapel of Love” 2004   “Nothing Like It” label ?
Jeff Moxcey “Who Gets to Throw the Garter” 2004   “Lots of Moxcey” label ?
David Maddux (along with a co-writer) “Getting Married” 1999 Performed by Pro Homo Voci
Maddux is music director
“It’s a Queer, Queer, Queer, Queer World” label ?
(Maryl and Dominic)
“Wed in San Francisco” 2004 Lyric sample:
And some they claim it injures nature,
While their big cars burn the skies,
With your pizza box and your TV screen
While the good green earth around you dies.
And so it was with education,
Women’s suffrage, slavery.
“Rights for us but not for others -
God and Nature both agree!”
album ? label ?
Robin Renee “My Bride” 2002   “All Six Senses” Menage a Music
Jimmy Roland “Partners for Life” 2006 Lyric sample:
I want to be loved by you
For the rest of my life
Hand-in-hand by your side
Until we grow old and die
It was meant to be
That we be married
Become partners for life
I want to be loved by you
For the rest of my life

Many sales sites quote Jimmy Rolland: “I have many fans within the GLBT community who have been so supportive of me throughout my career, I want to do something special, ‘give-back’ to them for their support. I’m making a second version of this song specifically for the community, especially since there’s so much talk these days of gay marriage.” The original song, “I want to be loved by you” used the folloing lyric:
That we be married
Become husband and wife
I want to be loved by you
For the rest of my life
The Singles
[Also on the albumn G2 (G= Global) from Woobie Bear Music]
JyRo Entertainment
Ron Romanovsky “The Sanctity of Marriage” 2006   mp3 available label ?
RuPaul “Love Is Love” 2004 Lyric sample:
All I know is love is love.
In this world there ain’t enough,
So why you wanna mess with us?
When you know love is love;
Really ain’t no difference,
The why or what or who you’re with;
So why you have to question it?
Don’t you know love is love.
“Red Hot”
“Marry Me”
label ?
Maryann & Ron Sfarzo “I Do” 2004 Lyric sample:
The road that led us to this moment,
Was not an easy climb.
The world would not accept us as we lived our lives as one.
But we stood by each other,
And here is where we’ll stay,
Our love is true and faithful as I say, “I do” today.
album ? label ?
San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus “Marry Us” 1996   “Naked Man” SFGMC-7-96
Second Union
(Dave Bastien and Susan Van Ham)
“It’s about Time” 2004 Lyric sample:
Our love’s the same as anyone’s,
Our rights are all we seek.
We want to be a family,
And so these words we speak.
“Songs for Equality” Second Union Music Old site, no longer valid:
Second Union
(Dave Bastien and Susan Van Ham)
“It’s about Time” 2004 Lyric sample:
Women’s rights, blacks and Jews,
We’ve seen it all before.
It’s right there in our history,
A hundred years or more.
“Songs for Equality” Second Union Music
John Paul Sharp “Battle over Love” 2005   “We’ve Got Problems! (But We’re Doing OK)” JPS Records
Doug Stevens & the Outband “Miracle in White” 2000   “Christopher to Castro” Red Hill Records No known Web site
Rex Strother “Sneakin’ in the Back Door of Love” 2004 To the tune of “Chapel of Love” mp3 available label ?
Lisa Rogers
(The Therapy Sisters)
“Tying the Knot in Vermont” 2004   “Let’s Put a Folksinger in the White House” label ?
Lisa Rogers
(The Therapy Sisters)
“Holy Matrimony, Robin” 2004   “Let’s Put a Folksinger in the White House” label ?
The Wedding Party 18 song compilation 2005 No marriage lyrics, but a number of song intros address access to legal marriage.
Artists include: Lisa Jackson, Justin Tranter, Sean Wiggins, Dare2B Different, etc.
“From the Heart” label ?
Tom Wilson Weinberg “Wedding Song” 1987 Musical play “Ten Percent Revue” Aboveground Records
Roy Zimmerman “Defenders of Marriage” 1998 Lyric sample:
Every time we think about same-sex marriage,
Makes us sick to our guts.
I mean, two people who want to commit to a stable monogamous life-long relationship,
What are they, nuts?
“Faulty Intelligence”
“Comic Sutra”
Metaphor Records

Additions or corrections are welcome. Please provide:
Song Name
Year Released
Notes (on song, artist, and especially a lyric sample)
Album Name
Recording Label
Contact Information


While this list was in the works for years, it was not until adding the copious data collected by musicologist J.D. Doyle that it was substantial enough to publish.

         From J.D. Doyle: Outradio

Governments that offer Full Legal Marriage

Netherlands (2001)
Belgium (2003)
Canada (2005)
Spain (2005)
South Africa (2005)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Iceland (2010)
Argentina (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Denmark (2012)
France (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
Brazil (2013)
Uruguay (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
United Kingdom
(England, Wales, Scotland) (2013)
Luxembourg (2014)
Finland (2014)
Ireland (2015)
United States (2015)
Colombia (2016)
Germany (2017)
Taiwan (2017)
Malta (2017)
Australia (2017)
US States & Territories
U.S. Supreme Court, June 26, 2015 Ruling: All U.S. States must allow same-sex couples legal marriage.

Massachusetts (2004)
California (2008)
Connecticut (2008)
Iowa (2009)
Vermont (2009)
New Hampshire (2009)
District of Columbia (2009)
New York (2011)
Maine (2012)
Washington (2012)
Maryland (2013)
Rhode Island (2013)
Delaware (2013)
Minnesota (2013)
Illinois (2013)
Utah (2013)
New Jersey (2013)

Hawaii (2013)
New Mexico (2013)
Michigan (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Oregon (2014)
Wisconsin (2014) Arkansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Pennsylvania (2014)
Indiana (2014)
Nevada (2014)
Virginia (2014)
Oklahoma (2014)
Idaho (2014)
West Virginia (2014)
Alaska (2014)
Arizona (2014)
Wyoming (2014)
Kansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Florida (2014)
Colorado (2014)
North Carolina (2014)
South Carolina (2014)
Montana (2014)
Alabama (2015)
Native American Tribes

Coquille Tribe, Oregon (2009)
Mashantucket Pequot, Connecticut (2011)
Suquamish Tribe, Washington (2011)
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Washington (2013)
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Minnesota (2013)
Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, Michigan (2013)
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, Michigan (2013)
Santa Ysabel Tribe, California (2013)
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation, Washington (2013)
Cheyenne, Oklahoma (2013)
Arapaho, Oklahoma (2013)
Leech Lake Tribal Court, Minnesota (2013)
Puyallup Tribe, Washington (2914)
Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming (2014)
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Michigan (2014)
Colville Confederated Tribes, Washington (2014)
Central Council of Tlingit, Alaska (2015)
Haida Indian Tribes, Alaska (2015)

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