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Committed Couple
Timothy Mathis and Katsuyuki Tatemichi

They first contacted each other, via writing, in May of 2002.
Their first meeting was in North Carolina in November 22, 2002.
Katsu stayed until February 2, 2003, and have
considered themselves a couple ever since.

Because there is no process by which a U.S. or Japanese
same-sex couple may sponsor each other for citizenship,
their family is torn apart.

“This photo was taken while Katsu visited me in the
U.S.A. for Thanksgiving and Christmas of 2002.
Ain’t he handsome?
Thank you for allowing us to join the many couples that
share a common bond of love and devotion to each other,
no matter where they are from, or how far apart they are.”

“Sometimes I shed tears, sometimes I felt angry,
sometimes I anguish. Sometimes, people have to face
something they have to give up. But one thing I can’t
give up is my life partner. Yes, Tim is all to me. It’s
impossible for me to live without him. He is my spouse.
Even though we still live apart, in our own countries,
he is my life partner. I love him with all my heart.”

Tim and Katsu may be reach via:

For information about immigration, please see our Table of Contents,
and, in particular, our article: Immigration Roundup

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Contents © 2003, Partners Task Force

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