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Famous Fictional Same-Sex Couples
on Television

© January 7, 2018, Demian

The same-sex couples depicted on the TV or in the movies are the only same-sex couples many people ever get to know, so they have a terrific opportunity to educate, or mislead. These couples show a wide range of types of relationships; from loving to abusive, from sexually constant to philandering. Interestingly, the couples have been presented, over-all, in a favorable light.

In many of these programs, weddings have been especially popular. The only downside to this has been that some viewers have drawn the false impression that these ceremonies bestow upon gay men and lesbians the status of legal marriage.

At the time most of these shows ran, legal marriage was not available. It was not until May 2004, in Massachusetts, that marriage was allowed in only that state. The whole United States did not have legal marriage until June 2015.

It is also interesting to note that the non-U.S. programs have had more regularly appearing gay and lesbian characters, and that when programs are imported into the U.S., they often are required to edit out the gay story lines.

One exception to the censorship of gay content and same-sex kisses is the show “Brothers & Sisters,” which offers the character of Kevin Walker:
“Although American network television had had gay and lesbian characters in both daytime and primetime, many of those characters only made guest appearances, were minor in importance, or received little storyline beyond coming out or other struggles related to their sexuality. Kevin was the rare gay character who was already out both to his family and in the workplace. The stated goal of the show to treat Kevin as an equal to, no better or worse than, the straight characters, received praise from critics such as Robert Bianco.

“Kisses between men had been especially rare on network television; “Melrose Place” edited out a gay kiss, “Dawson’s Creek” had a few small kisses every few seasons, “Will & Grace” (a show with two gay characters in major roles) was the rare exception and featured both gay kisses and relationships throughout its eight-year run, and “Thirtysomething” faced loss of ad revenues due to airing a scene of two men lying in bed together. In the first season of “Brothers & Sisters,” Kevin had a number of kisses with his love interests, even kissing Scotty two different times in the same episode (“Date Night”), and shared several bedroom scenes with Chad which clearly took place soon after sex. The lack of noticeable backlash from viewers or advertisers was hailed as a positive step forward in public acceptance of gay characters.

“Kevin’s commitment ceremony with Scotty, likewise, was only the eighth same-sex wedding ceremony ever presented on an American network television series, and the first one ever between series regulars. All prior same-sex weddings on American network television, including on “Roseanne,” “Roc,” “Spin City,” “Friends,” “The Simpsons,” and “Northern Exposure,” involved minor recurring or guest characters.”

To put all this in context, it is wise to remember that the first job of television is to sell products. Role models are a side effect. TV only occasionally manages to educate.

Program Fictional Couple
11 Cameras
Colin (Alex Campbell) and
? (?)
The lives of various characters are told through their web-cam conversations. Colin has a girlfriend, Amber (Leah Cudmore), before realizing he is gay. He hides his orientation from her, and has a similarly closeted boyfriend, who he met on-line.
    LWT for ITV
Rob Illingworth (Jeremy Bulloch) and
Michael (Peter Denyer)
Rob and Michael, a teacher, lived next door to Jane Lucas (Maureen Lipman), an “Agony Aunt” (advice columnist). A couple of stories dealt with gay issues directly, and this couple were in almost all the episodes. Michael eventually commits suicide, after his being outed on a live phone-in radio show, and subsequently fired and failing to find other work.
Agony Again
    LWT for ITV
Michael Lucas (Sacha Grunpeter) and
Will Brewer (Robert Whitson)
Maureen Lipman reprises the role of Jane Lucas from “Agony” (see above listing), this time with a gay son, college student Michael. Michael meets Will, the hunky star of an Australian soap opera called “Surfin’ Around.”
All My Children
Michael Delaney (Chris Bruno) and
Dr. Bradford “Brad” Phillips (Daniel McDonald)
In September 1996, highschool history teacher Mike and orthopedic specialist Brad had started dating, and moved in together in January 1997.
Bianca Montgomery (Eden Riegel) and (at different times)
    Sarah Livingston (Elizabeth Harnois)
    Lena Kundera (Olga Sosnovska)
While the popular character, Bianca, has been known to be a lesbian since she came out in 2000, she finally experiences her first serious romance in 2003. On April 22, 2003, she kisses Lena, perhaps making it the first fictional characters to share a same-sex kiss on U.S. daytime TV. Says Brian Frons, president of ABC Daytime, “They will actually have a sexual relationship. We will see the seduction.”
Amazing Race, The
Joe Baldassare (Joe Baldassare)
Bill Bartek (Bill Bartek)
Usually, teams of paired contestants travel and compete around the globe.
Joe and Bill were billed as “Life Partners” and finished third in the 2001 1st season. They returned in 2007 “All-Stars” series.
[Also, see Joe and Bill listed in our articles:
    Famous Same-Sex Couples
    Committed Couple Gallery: Bill Bartek & Joseph Baldassare]
Reichen Lehmkuhl (Reichen Lehmkuhl) and
Chip Arndt (Chip Arndt)
Reichen and Chip were described as married as they competed, and eventually won the 2003 4th season.
Lynn Warren (Lynn Warren) and
Alex Ali (Alex Ali)
Boyfriends Lynn and Alex competed in the 2005 7th season, eliminated in the 8th leg for a 5th-place finish.
Tom Rick (Tom Rick) and
Terry Consentino (Terry Consentino)
As Team “T & T,” Tom and Terry contested the 2006 10th season, but were eliminated after the 4th leg, for an 8th-place standing.
American Dad
    Comedy Animation
Terry (Mike Barker) and
Jeff (Jeff Fischer)
Stories about the Smith family; CIA agent Stan, his wife Francine, their children Hayley and Steve, and Roger, an outer space alien Stan rescued from Area 51. Terry and Jeff are the nice young bachelors who live across the street. Stan is oblivious to the nature of their relationship. Terry and Jeff’s dog is named “Heath Ledger.”
Ken Hastings (Michael Howarth) and
Paul (Michael Troughton)
In this series about nurses, nurse tutor Ken campaigns to save the National Health Service from Margaret Thatcher, and the hospital from closing. Ken and Paul were lovers in a couple of episodes.
As the World Turns
Hank Elliot (Brian Starcher) and
Charles (face never seen)
Hank is a friendly fashion designer with an HIV-positive boyfriend, Charles, whose face is never seen. Hank was possibly U.S. television’s first openly gay male character.
Luke Snyder (Van Hansis) and
Noah Mayer (Jake Silbermann)
In 2007, Luke and Noah had a tentative, then tender and hot teenage kiss, which was perhaps the first fictional, male, same-sex kiss on U.S. daytime TV.
Babylon 5
Commander Susan Ivanova (Claudia Christian) and
Talia Winters (Andrea Thompson)
Susan and Talia had an intense relationship, cut short by the discovery that Talia was — because of brainwashing — a spy.
Bare Essence
Robert Spencer (Ted LePlat) and
Larry DeVito (Morgan Stevens)
Robert, friend of central character, has a pro football player, Larry, for a partner.
Barney Miller
Marty (Jack DeLeon) and
Darrell Driscoll (Ray Stewart)
Marty and Darrell had recurring bit parts.
Liz (Susan Gibney) and
Donna (Felicity Huffman)
Banker Liz and stage designer Donna reveal relationships during their bedtime conversations.
Beggars & Choosers
Malcolm Laffley (Tuc Watkins) and
Wayne (Alex Zahara)
Malcolm is VP of Talent at a struggling television network.
Between the Lines
Det. Sgt. Maureen Connell (Siobhan Redmond) and
Kate Roberts (Barbara Wilshere)
Police officer Maureen was a main character who became lovers with Kate, then later split up.
Box, The
    Network TEN
Lee Whiteman (Paul Karo) and
Wayne Hopkins (Ian Gilmour)
Lee was a TV station employee and stereotypically gay. The setting was one of bed hopping and other shenanigans at a TV station.
Felicity (Helen Hemingway) and
Viki Stafford (Judy Nunn)
Viki was a television producer. She and Felicity were bisexual.
Vince Donnelly (Simon Munro) and
Peter Hirsch (Vincent Atkinson)
Waiter Vince and boyfriend Peter are part of life in Bondi, New South Wales, Australia.
Lucy Hill (Louise Crawford) and
Kelly (Gabriella Maselli)
Journalist Lucy is bisexual, and tutor Kelly is her romantic interest.
Brittas Empire, The
Gavin Featherleigh (Tim Marriott) and
Tim Whistler (Russell Porter)
Gavin and Tim are partners and their employer, Mr. Gordon Brittas (Chris Barrie), is the only one who doesn’t know they are gay.
Gordon Collins (Nigel Crowly 1985, Mark Burgess 1986-1990) and
Christopher Duncan (Stifyn Parri)
Beth Jordache (Anna Friel) and (at different times)
    a neighbor
    a college lecturer
Lindsey Corkhill (Claire Sweeney) and
Shelley Bowers (Alexandra Westcourt)
    Shelly’s ex: Paula Heneghan (Jodie Draper)
Brothers & Sisters
Kevin Walker (Matthew Rhys) and (at different times)
    Scotty Wandell (Luke Macfarlane)
    Chad Barry (Jason Lewis)
    Jason McCallister (Eric Winter)
Complex family drama about two sisters and three brothers, and their family business. Stable lawyer Kevin has a rocky relationship with Scotty for years. Kevin has a rocky fling with closeted, handsome, soap star Chad. Kevin falls in love, with Jason, a Methodist minister, who is the brother of his sister’s fiance, and has a rocky relationship with him. Kevin eventually realizes how special his relationship with Scotty was. Finally, he proposes to Scotty, and, as of the 2nd season finale, they are married.
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
    on UPN from
    on WB from
Willow Rosenberg (Alyson Hannigan) and
Tara Maclay (Amber Benson)
Buffy’s reliable sidekick, Willow, was in a relationship with sister witch Tara. They became a couple in the fourth season (“New Moon Rising” 5/2/2000), and were happy for several seasons. In 2001, they kissed both passionately and romantically; possibly the first female same-sex on-screen kiss to air at night. They broke up and got together again before Tara was killed in the sixth season (“Seeing Red” 5/7/2002). Subsequently, in her grief, Willow invoked dark magic to avenge Tara’s murder, but was fortunately stopped before she destroyed the world.
City, The
Azure C. (Carlotta Chang) and
Bernardo Castro (Philip Anthony)
In 1996, super model Azure C. is revealed as a male-to-female transsexual, much to the shock of her Latino fiance Bernardo. Continuation of the 1983-1995 serial “Loving,” with the setting shifted to Manhattan.
City Life
Ryan Waters (Charles Mesure) and
Michael Lee (Kenneth Moraleda)
A large part of episode 5 is devoted to Ryan meeting his new boyfriend, Michael. This serial follows the lives of several yuppies who are bequeathed a small apartment block in Auckland city.
Class, The
Kyle Lendo (Sean Maguire) and
Aaron (Cristián de la Fuente)
Eight young adults have little in common, except they were all in the same 3rd grade class 20 ago. Kyle’s partner, Aaron, finds himself caught in the middle of antique highschool dating dramas.
Coronation Street
Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) and
Karl Foster (Chris Finch)
Karl maintained a long, slow, erotic seduction of Todd, alternating between pressure and backing off.
Long-running soap, set in a working class neighborhood of Manchester, U.K.
Sean Tully (Anthony Cotton) and (at different times)
    Sundeep “Sonny” Dhillon (Pal Aron)
    Tim White (Edward MacLiam)     Marcus Dent (Charlie Condou)
Sean’s interest in Tim is eventually returned, only to discover that Tim already has a boyfriend. Sean’s ex, Sonny, arrives in December 2006. In 2007, Sean started dating sonographer Marcus.
Rosetta Reide (Jenifer Lewis) and
Danni Gates (Cree Summer)
Rosetta is a judge in this ensemble drama set among judges and other courthouse workers. Ran 9 episodes, then cancelled.
Crapston Villas, SE69
    Comedy Animation
Robbie (?) and
Larry (?)
Robbie and Larry are upstairs residents in a fictitious forgotten London slum, Slumington. From the producers of Spitting Image.
    1964-1988 / 2001-2002
Tom Curtis (Toby Sawyer) and
Bradley Clarke (Luke Walker)
In a west Midlands hotel, internet cafe owner Tom and handyman Bradley are a couple.
Kit Mainwaring (Mark Wheeler) and
boyfriend (?)
Dante’s Cove
Toby (Charlie David) and
Kevin Archer (Gregory Michael)
The Dante Hotel is home to a diverse group of gay, straight, lesbian, and undefined young people, and the haunt of the supernatural witch Grace Neville (Tracy Scoggins) and her unfaithful fiancé Ambrosius Vallin (William Gregory Lee) whom she imprisoned in the cellar in 1840.
Toby lives at the Dante and works as a bartender on the beach. His boyfriend Kevin comes to live with him, but becomes ensnared in the jealousy between Grace and Ambrosius.
After 165 years in the cellar, Ambrosius is liberated by Kevin’s kiss.
Dawson’s Creek
Jack McPhee (Kerr Smith) and (at different times)
    Ethan (Adam Kaufman)
    David (Greg Rikaart)
    Doug Witter (Dylan Neal)
High school student Jack had a crush on Ethan, and they kiss in the episode “True Love,” (episode 58, season 3, May 24, 2000) which some claim as the first male same-sex kiss aired on U.S. network evening television.
True Love script excerpt:
    Jack McPhee: Then why me? I don’t want to be different.
        I didn’t ask to be gay.
    Mr. McPhee: No more than I asked for a gay son.
        But, boy, am I glad that I got one.
    Jack McPhee: You don’t mean that.
    Mr. McPhee: Yeah, I do. (Goes to Jack and hugs him)
        (Jack cries)
Jack met David in 2002.
In the (it-is-now-five-years-later) series finale, out of the closet Jack, now a high school teacher, and deeply closeted Doug, a policeman, have fallen in love and live together.
Degrassi: The Next Generation
    CTV and The N
Marco Del Rossi (Adam Ruggiero) and
Dylan Michalchuk (John Bregar)
Latest incarnation of the long running teen franchise. Some of the teens in the previous version are now teachers at Degrassi Highschool. Dylan is older brother to Paige.
Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins) and
Alex Nuñez (Deanna Casaluce)
“Good girl” Paige and “bad girl” Alex date for a time in season 5.
Desperate Housewives
Andrew Van DeKamp (Shawn Pyfrom) and
Justin (Ryan Carnes)
The families of Wisteria Lane became a hit of the 2004/05 season. Housewife Bree’s scheming son, Andrew, lives to torture his mother. Is having sex with Justin a genuine expression of his sexuality, or just part of goading mom?
Bob Hunter (Tuc Watkins) and
Lee McDermot (Kevin Rahm)
The first Wisteria Lane resident gay couple, Bob and Lee, appeared in 2007.
    BBC One
Dr. Greg Robinson (Ben Jones) and
Rico (Felix D’Aluiella)
Possibly the first, fictional, male same-sex wedding on British daytime TV, April 13, 2007.
Dream On
Mickey Tupper (Paul Dooley) and
Roger (Dion Anderson)
Roger and Mickey are occasional characters in this show about Mickey’s son, a divorced New York City book editor, Martin Tupper (Brian Benben).
    1981-1989, 1991
Steven Carrington (Al Corley 1981-1982, 1991, Jack Coleman 1982-1986) and (at different times)
    Ted Dinard (Mark Withers)
    Luke Fuller (William Campbell)
    Bart Falmont (Kevin Conroy 1985, Cameron Watson 1991)
    Samantha Josephine “Sammy Jo” Dean Reece Carrington Fallmont (Heather Locklear)
Ted was Steven’s ex-lover, who followed him back to Denver and was killed by Steven’s father Blake. During one season Steven and Luke courted one another and became lovers, until Moldavian terrorists killed Luke. In the four hour 1991 reunion show, Steven followed Bart to D.C., and they had become lovers.
The creators of this soap, Richard and Esther Shapiro, say that they were forced by the network to change Steven’s character to bi. In the process, they help perpetuate the myth that gay people can change orientation.
By the 1991 “Dynasty Reunion” miniseries, Steven is in a long-term relationship with Bart Fallmont. Steven and his father finally reconcile when Blake Carrington (John Forsythe) accepts Steven’s committed relationship with Bart.
Colin Russell (Michael Cashman) and (at different times)
    Barry Clark (Gary Hailes)
    Guido Smith (Nicholas Donovan)
Guppie graphics designer Colin moved into the gentrifying east end of London. There he met Barry, who moved in with him. After Barry joined the merchant marine, Colin met Guido, who eventually moved in with him.
Della Alexander (Michelle Joseph) and
Binnie Roberts (Sophie Langham)
Della and Binnie lived in the square for a time before moving to Spain.
Tony Hills (Mark Homer) and
Simon Raymond (Andrew Linford)
Tony broke off his relationship with his pregnant girlfriend Tiffany in order to take up with her brother Simon.
Freddie Martin (Roland Curram) and
Javier Fernandez (Iker Ibáñez)
Freddie is a retired nurse having an affair with town local Javier. Serial follows a community of ex-patriot Britons in Los Barcos, Spain.
Ellen Morgan (Ellen DeGeneres) and
Laurie Manning (Lisa Darr)
Will Ellen and Laurie get married? Will they ever stop arguing?
Peter (Patrick Bristow) and
Barrett (Jack Plotnick)
Ellen’s friend Peter talks about Barrett constantly.
Zoe Tate (Leah Bracknell) and (at different times)
    Jude Clayton (?)
    Emma Nightingale (Rachel Ambler)
    Susie Wilde (Louise Heaney)
    Sophie Wright (Jane Cameron)
    Rebecca “Becky” Cairns (Sarah Neville)
    Frankie Smith (Gina Aris 1999, Madeleine Bowyer 2000-2001)
    Charity Tate (Emma Atkins)
Originally titled “Emmerdale Farm” - 1972-1989. Serial from Yorkshire TV set in the Dales. One of its regular characters, Zoe Tate, came out as a lesbian in June 1993. Two of Zoe’s lovers appeared in many episodes. Suzie took Zoe away from Emma just as the two were about to get married. Since then, Zoe dated (previously straight) women, Sophie and Becky, followed by Frankie, etc.
Frankie Smith (Gina Aris 1999, Madeleine Bowyer 2000-2001) and
Maggie Cassidy (Juliet Ellis)
Partners before or after Frankie hung with Zoe.
Gavin Ferris (Robert Beck) and
Jason Kirk (James Carlton)
Gavin lost his fianceé, Bernice, when she caught him kissing Jason.
Paul Lambert (Matthew Bose) and (at different times)
    Enzo Bianchi (Daniel D’Alessandro)
    Ivan Jones (Daniel Brocklebank)
    Jonny Foster (Richard Grieve)
    Grayson Sinclair (Christopher Villiers)
Paul had a nine-year relationship with Enzo, then a on-off one with closeted Ivan. Paul and Jonny planned to marry, but then Grayson was “seduced” by Paul, who was guilt-ridden and told Jonny, who was enraged and left the village, but then cooled off and decided to … stay tuned.
Dr. Kerry Weaver (Laura Innes) and
Dr. Kim Legaspi (Elizabeth Mitchell)
Kerry and Kim, psychiatrist, had a relationship sometime during 2000-2001.
? (?) and
? (?)
A male couple figures in a story with a lesbian giving birth.
Family Affairs
    on British TV channel 5
    on Australia’s Foxtel
Susie Ross (Tina Landini) and
Holly Hart (Sandra Huggett)
Bisexual Susie went out with Duncan Hart, then later dated his sister Holly. Holly announced she was gay, but the pair later split and Holly went back to dating men. A year later, the pair got back together before splitting once more.
Javier Clemente Quintata (Ian Gomez) and
Samuel (Austin Tichenor)
Javier manages the coffee house where lead character Felicity and one of her romantic interests work. Javier and his boyfriend were married in the 1999/2000 season finale, episode 23, “The Biggest Thing Ever.”
Ryan Crane (Eddie McClintock) and
Alex (?)
Ryan (the brother of Felicity’s second boyfriend) and his boyfriend, Alex, plan a commitment ceremony.
Flipping Out
Jeff Lewis (Jeff Lewis) and
Ryan (Ryan)
Jeff and Ryan are business partners and ex-boyfriends. Jeff, an obsessive-compulsive, high stakes real estate speculator buys million dollar homes around Los Angeles, renovates and sells them for a huge profit.
Carol Wyllick (Jane Sibbert) and
Susan Bunch (Jessica Hecht)
Carol and Susan were married in the episode called “The One With the Lesbian Wedding” (January 1995). It is perhaps the first fictional female same-sex wedding depicted on nighttime TV. They make rare appearances. Carol was the ex-wife of “Friends” regular Ross Geller (David Schwimmer).
    BBC? (produced by Thames Television)
Paul Currie (William Armstrong) and
? (?)
Set in a Covent Garden fashion house. Paul holding hands with his boyfriend in a 1985 episode prompted a letter writing protest from scandalized viewers. Shocking, simply shocking.
General Hospital
Lucas Stansbury Jones (Ben Hogestyn 2005-2006) and
Guy Richardson (Nicholas DiNardo)
A character since his birth, during the winter of 2005/6, college student Lucas realized he was harboring a secret sure to distress his family. Guy and Lucas began dating in May 2006, and both made no further appearances.
    CityTV and Bravo Canada
Cordell (Michael McMurtry) and
Drew (Peter Wilds)
Set in the kitchen of a Vancouver restaurant. Cordell is a waiter with a roving eye, and his sometimes boyfriend, Drew, is a school teacher.
Grange Hill
    Children’s Drama
Tom Brisley (Adam Ray) and
Don West (Simon Pearsall)
Serial drama covers the lives of kids and teachers in an inner city school. Art teacher, Mr. B, is a gay man with no hang ups about being gay. His sexuality wasn’t discussed during the first year so that the audience would get to know him. Eventually his partner and home life were referred to regularly.
Calvin Owens (Paul James) and
Heath (Zack Lively)
Follows the fraternity and sorority crowd at a college.
Marilyn McGrath (Gail Strickland) and
Patti (Gina Hecht)
Marilyn, a lesbian nurse practitioner, and her lover Patti, a caterer, occasionally appeared.
Hearts Afire
Diandra (Julie Cobb) and
Ruth (Conchata Ferrel)
Diandra and her partner Ruth make three appearances in this show about Diandra’s ex-husband John (John Ritter), a conservative who falls in love with a liberal, Georgie (Markie Post).
Rick Silardi (Joseph Gian) and
Rudy (Rod Gist)
Occasional stories concerned Rick and Rudy. Rick was a police officer. Series set in San Francisco.
Hot L Baltimore
George (Lee Bergere) and
Gordon (Henry Calvert)
All characters were eccentric. This couple’s eccentricity was that they were a same-sex couple.
I Now Pronounce You …
Hosted by comedian Trevor Boris, this show follows same-sex couples before, after and during their marriage. Once the couple is pronounced husband and husband, or wife and wife, they are given a video camera to record their daily lives for three weeks.
The program promised to cover several high-profile weddings including:
Four Israeli male couples who traveled to Canada to marry with the hope of challenging Israeli marriage law;
A Winnipeg wedding of two men who raised 21 foster kids over 10 years;
The Ottawa wedding of Alex and Lynn from “The Amazing Race” [See show listing above];]
A Memorial Day marriage between a woman and a transsexual woman at the Gay Las Vegas Chapel.
Steve Stethakis (Emmanuel Castis) and
Luke (Gary D’Alessandro)
Steve married Luke, on-screen, within days after South Africa legalized same-sex marriage in December 2006.
South Africa’s most popular soap opera, Isidingo is set in the worlds of South African Mining and broadcasting. Originally titled “Isidingo: The Need,” and shortened in 2001.
It’s All Relative
Simon Banks (Christopher Sieber) and
Philip Stoddard (John Benjamin Hickey)
Simon and Philip are father to Liz Stoddard-Banks.
Sharia and
Ms X
The show examines the lives and sexual kinks of various individuals.
Sharia and Ms. X maintain a dominant-submissive relationship.
Derrick and
Derrick and Dave explore adding BDSM to their relationship.
Jeanne and
Jeanne and Kate are into leather.
L Word, The
Bette Porter (Jennifer Beals) and
Candace Jewell (Ion Overman)
Lisa (Luciana Carro) and
Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig)
Cherie Jaffe (Rosanna Arquette) and
Shane McCutcheon (Katherine Moennig)
Alice Pieszecki (Leisha Hailey) and
“Lisa” (Devon Gummersall) a man who thinks he is a lesbian
The lives of a diverse group of lesbians in Los Angeles. Just when you thought life could not get more complicated.
Liberty Street
Nathan Jones (Billy Merasty) and
James Wilder (Keith Knight)
Nathan, an ex-bicycle courier, introduced his new boyfriend, James, a banker, at the start of the second season. Nathan is one of the tenants in this Generation-X drama about the inhabitants of a warehouse converted into apartments.
Live Shot
Lou Waller (Thomas Byrd) and
Sports anchor Lou is totally closeted, maintaining a separate apartment from his lover. Lou came out in the last act of the last episode broadcast; the fallout of this event was never aired.
Like every other program on UPN that year, except “Star Trek: Voyager,” “Live Shot” did not survive a full season. The show centered on a TV news program in L.A. and was an ensemble piece.
Mad About You
Debbie Buchman (Robin Bartlett) and
Dr. Joan Golfinos (Suzie Plakson)
Occasional characters. Debbie’s lover Joan became gynecologist to Paul’s wife Jamie.
Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman
Ed (Larry Haddon) and
Howard (Beeson Carroll)
Then were minor characters.
Melrose Place
Matt Fielding (Doug Savant) and (at different times)
    Jeffrey Linley (Jason Beghe)
    John Rawlings (Tom Schanley)
    Paul Graham (David Beecroft)
    Alan (Lonnie Schuyler)
    Dr. Dan Hathaway (Greg Evigan)
So many men. So little time.
Mission Hill
    Comedy Animation
Gus Duncz (Nick Jameson) and
Wally Langford (Tom Kenny)
Gus and Wally are the older gay couple living in the apartment next door to the main characters, the French brothers.
My Fabulous Gay Wedding
    Global TV Network
Planning a wedding for a same-sex couple. In the 1st season, the show featured marriage extensive planning by a team. The show focus was on fun. In the 2nd season, the stories concentrate more on the couples than the wedding planning. Through interviews with the family members, the show also explored the issue of same-sex marriage, and its effect on the social fabric.
Hosted by Scott Thompson in the 1st season, and by Elvira Kurt in the 2nd. Re-broadcast in the U.S. in 2007 on Logo under the title “First Comes Love.”
My So Called Life
Richard Katimski (Jeff Perry) and
English teacher had a male partner.
Noah’s Arc
Noah (Darryl Stephens) and
Wade (Jensen Atwood)
Four best friends navigate relationships, dating and friendship. Noah is an aspiring hollywood script writer. Wade is Noah’s “straight” friend, and, secretly, his boyfriend.
Alex (Rodney Chester) and
Trey (Gregory Keith)
Alex is an HIV educator and Trey his boyfriend.
Chance (Doug Spearman) and
Eddie (Jonathan Julian)
Chance is a university professor trying to make a home with his boyfriend Eddie.
Northern Exposure
Roslyn (Jo Anderson) and
Cicely (Yvonne Suhor)
Roslyn and Cicely founded the town of Cicely in a 100-year historical flashback. The story appeared in the third season episode “Cicely.” (aired May 18, 1992)
Ron Bantz (Doug Ballard) and
Erick Hillman (Don R. McManus)
Ron and Erick had many appearances (1991-1995) as owners of a bed & breakfast. They were married in the fourth season episode called “I Feel the Earth Move.” (aired May 2, 1994)
Number 96
Don Finlayson (Joe Hasham) and
Dudley Butterfield (Chard Hayward)
Life in and around a block of flats in Sydney, NSW. Don Finlayson, lawyer, and Dudley Butterfield, chef, were residents and lovers. They also were in the 1974 feature film by the same name. Through the show’s run, Don Finlayson also had relationships, of varying lengths, with Simon Carr (John Orcsik), public relations, Grant Chandler (Michael Howard), chauffeur, Rob Forsyth (John McTernan), American architect on holiday, Joshua (Shane Porteous), religious cult leader, Paul Mathews (David Whitford), journalist, and Bruce Taylor (Paul Weingott), photographer. Don also was the object of the affections of Brad Hilton (Terry Bader), flight attendant, Dr. Alistair Pascal (Raymond Duparc), psychiatrist, and Phillip Chambers (Henri Szeps), high school teacher.
When first aired, the show created a sensation dealing graphically with homosexuality, drug and alcohol addictions, ambitious and promiscuous people, insanity, rape, and lots of sex.
An American version of the show ran on NBC (1980-1981) and was much tamer. Notably, it did not include any gay characters.
Abby Sullivan (Paige Turco) and
Kathy (Lisa Darr)
Abby is a police officer, appearing during the 1996/97 season.
Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit
Jess (Charlotte Coleman) and (at different times)
    Melanie (Cathryn Bradshaw)
    Katy (Tania Rodrigues)
Three part drama about Jess, a lesbian growing up in an evangelical christian environment. Jess’ relationship with Melanie ends when the church discovers their relationship and Melanie is cowered into repenting. Jess then becomes involved with Katy.
Tobias Beecher (Lee Tergesen) and
Christopher Keller (Christopher Meloni)
In a prison culture of extreme violence, Toby and Chris manage to maintain an intimate relationship described, at best, as dysfunctional.
Pacific Drive
    Nine Network Australia (9NA)
Zoe Marshall (Libby Tanner) and (at different times)
    Margeaux Hayes (Virginia Hey)
    Dior Shelby (Clodagh Crowe)
    Kay West (Brigid Kell)
    Sondra Westwood (Helen Dallimore)
    Gemma Patterson (Katherine Lee)
So many women. So little time.
    NBC 1999-2007
    DirecTV 2007-2008
Chad Harris (Charles Divins) and
Vincent Clarkson (Phillip Jeanmarie)
This daytime drama, mixed complex, interrelated families with a 300-year-old supernatural meddler.
In early 2007 Chad had a secret affair with Vincent. It was later revealed that Vincent was a hermaphrodite and Chad was having sex only with Vincent’s female anatomy. So, maybe it wasn’t really a gay relationship? Still later, we learn that Vincent was a serial killer, and (using his male parts) a rapist, which brought new meaning — and dread — to the term “versatile.”
Norma Bates (Marianne Muellerielle) and
Edna Wallace (Kathleen Noone)
In its last months on cable, Norma and Edna were married.
Phillip Castallack (Rupert Frazer) and
Alun Trevose (John Patrick)
In this multi-generational series set in British mining, Phillip, about to be married, falls in love with mining engineer Alun. Alun is killed in a mining accident, and Phillip eventually commits suicide.
Playing the Field
Angie Gill (Tracey Whitwell) and
Gabrielle “Gabi” Holmes (Saira Todd)
A womens’ football team — “The Castlefield Blues” — in Northern England. Angie and Gabi split at the end of the first series, but, by the end of the second, were back together.
Portrait of Marriage
    1990 - US release 1992
Vita Sackville-West (Janet McTeer) and
Violet Keppel Trefusis (Cathyrn Harrison)
Biographical series about British author Vita Sackville-West.
Practice, The
Joey Heric (John Laroquette) and (at different times)
    ? (?)
    ? (?)
In 3 episode guest appearances, Joey was cleared of the knife murder of his lover, only to be charged with the knife murder of his new lover several months later.
John Larroquette reprised his Emmy-winning role as the enigmatic and disturbed Joey Heric, who, while acquitted twice, actually committed the murders.
Queer as Folk / Queer as Folk 2
    Channel 4
    1999 / 2000
Nathan Maloney (Charlie Hunnam) and (at different times)
    Stuart Alan Jones (Aidan Gillen)
    Vince Tyler (Craig Kelly)
This is the original British eight-part series, taking place in Manchester, U.K.
Briefly, public relations executive Stuart and student Nathan were sexual partners. Vince, a supermarket manager, later forged a relationship with Nathan. Relationships are forged and broken before you can say “I’m doing it, I’m really doing it!”
Romey Sullivan (Esther Hall) and
Lisa Levene (Saira Todd) solicitor
They parent a newborn son.
Siobhan Potter 1999 (Juley McCann) and
Susie (Sarah Jones)
Queer as Folk
Brian Kinney (Gale Harold) and (at different times)
    Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison)
This show is a copy of the British series by the same name, taking place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Advertising executive Brian and supermarket assistant manager (and later comic book store owner) Michael Novotny (see below), were technically not lovers, but had sex in their early teens, and are now (sometimes) best friends. In spite of his sex-them-and-leave-them personality, Brian and student Justin become sexual partners, split, becomes lovers, etc. They, and many of the other characters, go in and out of relationships more frequently than a station breaks for commercials. Can any of them keep a good relationship going for more than three episodes?
Michael Novotny (Hal Sparks) and (at different times)
    Dr. Dave Cameron (Chris Potter)
    Ben Bruckner (Robert Gant)
Michael, forever longing for Brian, becomes lovers with chiropractor Dave, and later professor Ben.
Justin Taylor (Randy Harrison) and (at different times)
    Brian Kinney (Gale Harold)
    Ethan Gold (Fab Filippo)
Justin’s boyfriends are Brian and violinist Ethan.
Emmett Honeycutt (Peter Paige) and
George Schickel (Bruce Gray)
Boutique manager Emmett finds George, the pickle magnate.
Theodore “Ted” Schmidt (Scott Lowell) and (at different times)
    Blake Wyzecki (Dean Armstrong)
    Kip Johnson (Barna Moricz)
Accountant Ted goes with Blake and Kip.
Lindsay Peterson (Thea Gill) and
Melanie Marcus (Michelle Clunie)
Lindsay, an art teacher, and Melanie, a lawyer, have a child sired by Brian. As a result, their lives become entwined and very complicated.
Real World, The
Pedro Zamora (Pedro Zamora) and
Sean Sasser (Sean Sasser)
Pedro and Sean (1994 San Francisco edition) were a real-life couple, and were married in one installment of this series. While the people on this show were playing themselves, the situations were artificially constructed, throwing house mates together who would likely never have lived together. Also, living under the ever-present eye of a camera would alter behaviours.
Danny (Danny) and
Paul (Paul)
Danny appeared with the digitally obscured Paul, his military boyfriend. (2000 New Orleans edition)
Steve (Michael Ian Black) and
Tony (Ken Marino)
Hardware store employee Sam sends escaped souls back to hell, thanks to his parents selling his soul to the devil before he was born. Sam and his friends are rattled to learn the new neighbors are no ordinary gay couple; Steve and Tony are demons in league against the devil.
Robson Arms
Geoff McAlister (David Richmond-Peck) and
Stanley Wasserman (Kevin McNulty)
The tribulations of the residents of a run-down, Vancouver apartment building. Other than the caretaker, tenants and cast members disappear after a while. Geoff and older Stanley have a difficult relationship.
Russell Emerson (Richard Roundtree) and
Chris Daily (Stephen Poletti)
Possibly the first interracial male couple. While they never had an on-screen kiss, Russell married Chris before moving to Paris in the episode: “Can’t Help Loving That Man.” This couple appeared in two episodes.
    Oct. 1988-May 1997
Nancy Bartlett (Sandra Bernhard) and
Marla (Morgan Fairchild)
Nancy and Marla were seen kissing a lot in the last two of the three episodes they appeared in. (Episodes 8, 9, 12: Season 5, 1992)
Leon Carp (Martin Mull) and (at different times)
    Jerry Gimble/Steven (Michael Des Barres)
    Scott (Fred Willard)
Leon and Scott were married in one episode. (Marriage episode Dec. 1994) ABC delayed airing this episode until 9:30pm, rather than the usual 8pm.
Bev Harris (Estelle Parsons) and
Joyce “the velvet voice” Levine (Ruta Lee)
Roseanne’s mother, Bev, found Joyce, a lounge singer.
St. Elsewhere
Kevin O’Casey (John Scott Clough) and
Brett Johnson (Kyle Secor)
Kevin was the latest generation of a family of hereditary patients at St. Eligius. His lover, Brett, had AIDS.
Santa Barbara
Channing Capwell, Jr. (Robert Brian Wilson) and
Lindsay Smith (Joel Bailey)
In the course of finding the real killer of Channing Capwell Jr., it is discovered that Channing’s past included affairs with his father’s mistress and a Lindsay Smith. Later, it is discovered that Lindsay was another man.
Secret Life of Us, The
Richie Blake (Spencer McLaren) and
Charlie (Nathan Paige)
Richie finds boyfriend Charlie during the 2003 series.
Ensemble drama about a group of 20-somethings, most of whom live in three flats in the same Melbourne apartment building.
Sex and the City
Stanford Blanche (Willie Garson) and
Marcus (Sean Palmer)
Ian Gallagher (Gerard Kearns) and
Kash Karib (Chris Bisson)
Life in the strangely functional Gallagher family, with Frank, his six children and their various friends and relationships. Middle child, Ian, has an after-school job at the local convenience store, where he is also having an affair with his married boss Kash.
Monica Gallagher (Annabelle Apsion) and
Norma (Dystin Johnson)
Frank once told Ian: “Your mother [Monica] never once looked at another man, before she ran off with … Norma.”
Shortland Street
Jaime Forrest (Karl Urban) and
Isaac (Frank Tautali).
The show is set in a privately run emergency clinic. In 1993, ambulance officer Jaime was in a relationship with Isaac.
Jonathan McKenna (Kieran Hutchison) and
Jamie Forrest (Karl Urban)
Jonathan, lab assistant and medical student, is the son of the owner and has relationships with a variety of characters including his first boyfriend, ambulance driver Jamie.
Ewan Douglas (Craig Muller) and
Jordan Crombie (Cameron Smith)
In 1997, receptionist Moira Crombie discovered her son, Jordan, a navy sailor, in bed with clinic chemist Ewan.
Maia Jeffries (Anna Jullienne) and
Jay Copeland (Jaime Passier-Armstrong)
Over a four-year period, the two women, Maia and Jay, have a turbulent courtship and relationship and have been seen kissing, in bed together, getting married, and planned to have children. Maia gave birth to baby Jay late 2007.
Gerald Tippett (Harry McNaughton) and
Lindsay Reynolds (Dwayne Cameron)
In April 2008, TVNZ was accused of trying to censor “Shortland Street” by asking producers to pull the Gerald and Lindsay storyline. South Pacific Pictures producer Jason Daniel claimed the state broadcaster wanted the storyline dropped, but eventually accepted re-edits of scenes with the two men in bed together. TVNZ has denied asking for the storyline to be withdrawn, but paid for the one scene to be re-edited because it could cause “parents some unnecessary difficulties in explaining it to their children.” The show is a PGR [parental guidance recommended] program, and has always dealt with adult themes.
Simpsons, The
    Comedy Animation
Wayland J. Smithers (Harry Shearer) and
Charles Montgomery “Monty” Burns (Harry Shearer)
A possible couple: Wayland’s interest in his boss, Mr. Burns, often is romantic and erotic.
Six Feet Under
David Fisher (Michael C. Hall) and
Keith Charles (Mathew St. Patrick)
This couple had a good relationship, but it was sabotaged by David’s fear of the social stigma of being gay.
Sleeper Cell
Salim (Omid Abtahi) and
Jason (Michael Rady)
An investigator infiltrates a terrorist cell. Salim is a gay Muslim terrorist, who begins a relationship with Jason.
Jodie Dallas (Billy Crystal) and
Dennis Phillips (Bob Seagren)
During the first season, Jodie was involved with Dennis, a closeted pro football quarterback. Jodie was a regular character throughout the run of this show, and eventually was involved with women.
Spin City
Carter Sebastian Heywood (Michael Boatman) and (at different times)
    Spence (Luke Perry)
    Isaac Mizrahi (Isaac Mizrahi)
    Nate (Lou Diamond Phillips)
    Bennett (Clayton Prince)
Michael J. Fox plays the deputy mayor of New York. His staff includes gay activist Carter. Carter’s relationships included ex-lover Spence, fashion designer Isaac, navy officer Nate, and boxer Bennett.
Star Trek: Deep Space 9
Lt. Commander Jadzia Dax (Terry Farrell) and
Dr. Lenara Kahn (Susanna Thompson)
Lenara, a Trill host-“symbiont” meets up with her former lover Jadzia, who was male and is now female. The two still feel love for each other, and, while they are both now female, their only concern is with the prohibition to be romantic with former symbiont partners. (1995 episode “Rejoined”)
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Ensign Freeman and
In an un-produced first season script, Ensign Freeman (Dr. Crusher’s orderly) was slated to be gay. A 1991 promise by series creator Gene Roddenberry to introduce minor regular gay characters during the 1991-92 season was reneged on by Paramount after Roddenberry’s death.
Suddenly Susan
Pete (Bill Stevenson) and
Hank (Fred Stoller)
Pete works in the mail room.
These Arms of Mine
Steven Armstrong (Conrad Coates) and
Adam (Evan Adams)
A diverse group in Vancouver includes florist Adam and drama teacher Steven who begin dating.
Russell Weller (David Marshall Grant) and
Peter Montefiori (Peter Frechette)
Occasional show characters Russell, a painter, and Peter, an art designer, had a brief affair. During the show’s last season, it looked like Russell and Peter were getting back together.
In 1990, an episode was aired that had two gay men in bed. Due to pressure from the radical right-wing group American Family Association, run by Donald Wildmon, the episode was pulled from re-runs. Wildmon threatened a boycott, which, in all likelihood, would have been inefective.
Captain Jack Harkness (John Barrowman) and (at different times)
    Captain Jack Harkness (?)
    Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd)
“Torchwood” (an anagram of “Doctor Who”) is a “Doctor Who” spin-off, following a group of investigators working for the secret organization investigating aliens. Jack is the bisexual leader of the secret “Torchwood” agency.
In the episode called “Captain Jack Harkness” (broadcast January 1, 2007) Jack falls into a time rift, and discovers his namesake, falling in love with him. In 2008, the episode was nominated for the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation, Short Form.
Ianto is described by another character as Jack’s “part-time shag.”
Tracey Takes On
    Periodic airing 1996-ongoing
Chris Warner (Tracey Ullman) and
Midge Dexter (Julie Kavner)
Chris is a lesbian, born again Christian. Midge is her golf pro girlfriend.
Trevor Ayliss (Tracey Ullman) and
Barry (?)
Trev is a competent, kind, British airline steward.
Tracey Ullman Show, The
William (Sam McMurray) and
David (Dan Castelleneta, aka Homer Simpson)
This couple, along with William’s 14-year-old daughter, Francesca (Tracey Ullman) were recurring characters.
Very Peculiar Practice, A
    1986, 1988
Dr. Rose Marie (Barbara Flyn) and
Greta Gretowska (Joanna Kanska)
Set in a university health service. Rose was bisexual and occasionally had sex with Greta.
War At Home, The
Kenny (Rami Malek) and
Dylan (Jackson Rathbone)
Kenny’s first boyfriend, Dylan, appeared in two episodes in February 2007.
Will & Grace
Will Truman (Eric McCormack) and (at different times)
    Matthew Moshea (Patrick Dempsey)
    Vince D’Angelo (Bobby Cannavale)
    James Hanson (Taye Diggs)
Will finally dated someone during the 2000/01 season, closeted sportscaster Matthew (3 episodes). In season six (March 2004), Will meets future boyfriend, police officer Vince. On-again/off-again through 2004/05 and 2005/06 seasons (15 episodes in all), the series ended with them on again. Will dated James in 2006 (5 episodes).
Jack McFarland (Sean P. Hayes) and
Stuart Lamarack (Dave Foley)
Jack dated Stuart in 2004 (5 episodes).
Karen Walker (Megan Mullally) and
Martina Navratilova (Martina Navratilova)
While usually married to or dating a man, Karen always seems to be running into former female lovers, including Martina Navratilova (herself), who claims it was Karen that made her a lesbian.
Beverley Leslie (Leslie Jordan) and
Benji (Brian A. Setzer)
Closeted Beverley Leslie appeared in 11 episodes, twice with his “business associate” Benji.
Xena: Warrior Princess
    Aired 1995-present
Xena (Lucy Lawless) and
Gabrielle (Reneé O’Connor)
This couple comes extremely close to declaring themselves lovers. They often profess love for each other and are frequently in very intimate settings.
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Sources for this article include:
       • Wikipedia
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       • “Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Television Characters” by David A. Wyatt
       • “Queer in America: Sex, the media, and the closets of power” book by Michelangelo Signorile

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