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Private Employment Benefits
in the U.S., Canada, and Selected Other Countries
© September 29, 2011, Demian

Benefits vary widely, and are subject to change. Most, but not all, of these companies include same-sex as well as unmarried opposite-sex partners. All we know about the benefits are listed.

It is likely that there are even far more employers that offer benefits than we list. If you have information regarding additions or changes, please see below for the data we need.

Fifty-seven percent of Fortune 500 companies offer health care benefits to same-sex domestic partners, according to the Human Rights Campaign their an October 26, 2010 release.

The Federal COBRA law applies only to legally married, opposite-sex employees, not to employees with domestic partners. So it is up to an employer to continue benefits on the death of a partner, such as has been done in West Palm Beach, Broward County, Monroe County, Key West and Gainesville in Florida.

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U.S. Private Employers
Canadian Private Employers
Other Counties’ Private Employers
Benefits Offered, Then Denied
Benefits Denied, Then Re-Gained

U.S. Private Employers
3M Company (2006)
ACLU / National Offices
ACLU / San Francisco
Actors’ Equity Association
Actors’ Fund of America
Adamation, Inc., Oakland, California
Adobe Systems, Mountain View, California
    [A former employee reported to us that their original policy was typical, in that the burden
    of proof was much higher for domestic partner couples than legally married couples to get
    corporate benefits. The proof being items not required of legal marriage, such as
    living together, or being financially responsible for each other debts. “When I was
    still at Adobe, we got them to change their requirements such that a statement of a
    registered domestic partnership, civil union, or US-based same sex marriage was all that was
    required — basically the same as for married opposite sex couples.”]
Advanced Microdevices (AMD), Sunnyvale, California and Austin, Texas
Advance Publications, Staten Island, New York
    (Same-sex only; offered in most corporate divisions; implemented December, 2000 some earlier)
Advocate/Greenwich Time (Times Mirror)
Aetna Life and Casualty Insurance
Aetna U.S. Healthcare
Agilent Technologies, California
AGL Resources (parent of Atlanta Gas & Light), Atlanta, Georgia
Alaska Airlines
    (Travel allotment privileges offered to single employees called Employee Designated Guest;
    implemented October 1, 1999)
Allegient Media, San Francisco
    (Pays for individual medical insurance of employees’s domestic partners)
Allen Communication [Times Mirror]
Allina Health Systems
American Cyanamid
America West Airlines, Tempe, Arizona
    (Medical, travel benefits; for both same-and opposite-sex couples; effective January, 2001)
    [Must be together at least six months - not a requirement of legal marriage]
American Airlines
    (Same-sex couples only; medical, dental, life insurance, pension, bereavement, family medical
    leave; benefits announced August 5, 1999)
    [Previously employees could designate anyone (Formerly only a relative) to receive a pass but
    at higher surcharge; allotted 16 one-way passes per year]
American Automobile Association (AAA) - national
    [This has not been verified. Also, each state runs their own franchise-type opperation, and
    benefits can vary considerably from state-to-state.]
American Civil Liberties Union, Philadelphia, San Francisco, New York, New York
American Cyanamid
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
American Express
    (Same-sex only; medical, dental, vision)
American Federation of Teachers
American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA)
    (Implemented January 1, 1999)
    [Partners must present a notarized statement claiming they are at least 18, legally
    unmarried, unrelated to each other, cohabit for at least six months, agree to be responsible
    for each other’s living expenses, have an exclusive relationship - the last four
    items are not required of legally married couples]
American Friends Service Committee, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
American Home Products
American Institutes for Research, in District of Columbia and Palo Alto, California
    [Required to cohabit for a year and share finances - not requirements of legal marriage]
American Lawyer Media
American Motors
American President Lines
American Psychological Association, District of Columbia
American Red Cross, Minneapolis, Minnesota branch
American Speech-Languange-Hearing Association, District of Columbia
American States insurance, Indianapolis, Indiana
    (Medical, dental, group life insurance)
Amgen, Inc., California
Amherst H. Wilder Foundation
Amoco Oil Corporation (Now called BP Amoco)
    (Merged with British Petroleum)
Anderson Kill Olick & Oshinsky, P.C., New York, New York
Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield of Indiana, Indianapolis
    (Medical, dental, vision, life insurance; same-sex only; implemented January 1, 2000)
    [Affidavit requires having lived together for at least six months, and to plan on living
    together as a couple - these items are not required of legally married couples]
AOL-Time Warner, New York, New York
    (Same-sex only; effective 1994; family leave previously offered only to corporate staff)
Apple Computer, Cupertino, California
Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California
    (Medical, dental; same-and opposite sex couples; implemented 1999)
Archdiocese of San Francisco, California
Arent, Fox, Kintner, Plotkin & Kahn, District of Columbia
Arizona Cable
Arizona Public Service
Art Center College of Design
    (For full-time staff and faculty)
ASK Software Corp.
ASK/Ingres Corporation, San Mateo, California
Associated Press, New York, New York
    (Implemented June 2003)
Association for the Help of Retarded Children
    (In agreement with the Communications Workers of America and the International Brotherhood of
    Electrical Workers)
Atlantic Pictures, New York, New York
Atlantic Records (Time-Warner), New York, New York
Autodesk, Inc., San Rafael, California
    (Same-sex couples only)
Avon Products
Avaya Communications - Basking Ridge, New Jersey
    (Formerly the Enterprise Business Unit of Lucent Technologies)
    (Medical, dental, vision, relocation benefits, Employee Assistance Program; for same-sex only
    and their dependent children)
    [Employee needs to keep affidavit on file in case requested. Due to requirements inherited
    from some acquisitions, some units or departments may require the couple to have been
    together a year to qualify]
B. Dalton (Barnes & Noble)
Babbages (Barnes & Noble)
Bakersfield Californian, Bakersfield, California
    (Implemented 1996 or earlier)
Baltimore Sun (Times Mirror)
Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
    (For faculty and staff: medical, insurance)
Bank of America, San Francisco, California (1998)
    [Formed out of merger between BankAmerica and NationsBank Corporation in September 30, 1998]
    (Same-sex or any under 65 year old blood relative qualifying as employee’s IRS
    dependent; medical, dental, vision)
    [Covers domestic partner if in a committed relationship that has existed for at least six
    months and responsible for each other’s welfare on a continuing basis - the last
    two items are not required of legally married couples]
Bank of Hawaii
Bank One, Chicago
    (Same-sex or any under 65 year old blood relative qualifying as employee’s IRS
    dependent; medical, dental, vision)
Bankers Trust
Banyan Systems Inc., Westboro, Massachusetts
BARRA, Inc., Berkeley, California
Barnes & Noble
Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART), San Francisco, California
Bay Area Typographical Union
Bay Networks
Bayer Pharmaceuticals
BBN Advanced Computers Inc.
Beacon Journal, Ohio
BellSouth, Atlanta, Georgia
    (Medical and dental care, life and accident insurance, and family leave. spousal benefits
    non-union gay and lesbian employees only; effective July 1, 2001)
    [A Fortune 100 company with revenues exceeding $26 billion, the communications giant is the
    last of the so-called “Baby Bells” (created when Bell Telephone was divided up by
    the courts) to extend its benefits to same-sex partners. BellSouth vice chair Jere Drummond
    called the move “a strategic business decision” and expressed confidence that,
    “The return in recruitment and retention will more than offset the cost.” Similar
    benefits for unionized employees will need to be negotiated with the Communication Workers of
Berkeley Systems
Ben & Jerry’s Homemade, Waterbury, Vermont
Best Buy, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Beth Israel Medical Center, Massachusetts
Beth Isreal Medical Center, New York, New York
Black & Veatch
Blood Systems, Inc., Scottsdale, Arizona
    (Medical, dental, life insurance; for same-sex couples only; instituted November, 2000)
    [To qualify, couple is require to provide at least TWO of the following:
    a) Have lived together continuously for 12 months
    b) The employee has named his or her domestic partner as a beneficiary under his or her will;
       or the domestic partner has named the employee as a beneficiary under his or her wIllinois
    c) The employee has granted his or her domestic partner powers of attorney under a durable
       power of attorney; or the domestic partner has granted the employee powers of attorney
       under a durable power of attorney.
    d) The employee has named his or her domestic partner as a beneficiary on his or her life
       insurance; or the domestic partner has named the employee as a beneficiary under his or
       her life insurance.
    e) There is a joint bank account.
    f) They are cosigners of a lease or deed; and
    g) They are named on the same car insurance policy.]
Bloom, Hergott, Cook, Diemer & Klein
Bloomberg, L.P.
    (Implemented September, 2000)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan, Detroit, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, vision, prescription drugs, hearing; same-sex only; effective for non-union
    employees April 1, 2000, and for union employees January 1, 2001) [affidavit requires six
    months cohabitation and proof of shared expenses; this is not required of legally married
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of New Hampshire
Blue Cross HeathNet
Boeing Co., Seattle, Washington
    (Medical; same-sex only; salaried, non-union employees only; effective the second half of
Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN), Cambridge, Massachusetts
Bon Marche, Seattle, Washington
    (Same-sex only; affidavit requirement for “committed” and “long-term”
Bookstar [Barnes & Noble]
Bookstop [Barnes & Noble]
Booth Newspapers, Grand Rapids, Michigan
Borders Group Inc.(BGI), Ann Arbor, Michigan
    (Borders Books & Music, Waldenbooks, Planet Records)
    (Medical, dental, merchandise discounts; same-sex only)
Borland International Inc., Scotts Valley, California
Boston Children’s Hospital, Massachusetts
Boston Consulting Group
Boston Globe, Boston, Massachusetts
    (Management covered since 1993; unions added in 1997)
Boston Scientific, Natick, Massachusetts
Bostrom/Cybul Design
BP Amoco [British Petroleum and Amoco merged]
    [Benefit staus unclear - it was bought by G.E., which, as of June 2003, did not offer
Dominion Resources Inc., Virginia
    [Benefits depend on location]
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bronson, Bronson & McKinnon
Bureau of National Affairs (BNA), District of Columbia
Business for Social Responsibility
Cadance Computer Software
California Appellate Project
California Pacific Medical Center
California State Bar, San Francisco, California
Callaway Golf
CarMax Inc., Virginia
Cambridge Technology Group
Cambridge Technology Partners, Inc., Cambridge, Massachusetts
Capital One
Capsoft (Times Mirror)
CareerPath (Times Mirror)
CBS Corporation, New York, New York
    (CBS News, many television stations)
    (Medical; same-sex only; implemented January 1, 2000)
Celestial Seasonings, Colorado
Centigram Inc., California
Center for Collaborative Education, Boston, Massachusetts
    (Medical, sick and bereavement leave; same-and opposite sex)
Central Massachusetts Health
Centura Software Corporation
Charles Schwab & Co., San Francisco, California
    (Medical, dental, vision, bereavement and family leave)
    [Offered to all employees, worldwide]
Charlotte Observer, Charlotte, North Carolina
Chase Manhattan Bank, New York, New York
    (Medical, dental, bereavement.)
    [Offered to all employees, including dependent qualified adults such as an elderly parent;
    qualifications include cohabiting at least six months and financial interdependence -
    the last two items are not required of legally married couples]
Chevron, San Francisco, California
    (Medical, dental, dependent life insurance, relocation, bereavement and family medical
    leave, death benefit)
Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Chicago, Illinois
    (Medical; full-time administrative employees; both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented
    January 1, 1999)
    [Affidavit requires cohabiting at least six months, with intent to live together
    indefinitely and joint responsibility for living expenses - not requirements of legally
    married couples]
Children’s Hospital of Boston, Massachusetts
Chiron America, Emeryville, California
Chrysler (division of DaimlerChrysler AG), Michigan
    (Medical, dental, prescriptions; partner may keep benefits after employee retires; same-sex
    only; effective August 1, 2000)
    [Employee required to be in a committed relationship at least six months - not required of
    legally married employees]
    [Simultaneous announced benefits with General Motors and Ford; benefits negotiated through
    work of United Auto Workers, other labor unions, and aided by many gay-supportive groups]
Chubb Corporation, The
Cigna, New York, New York
    (Medical, dental; implemented summer 2000)
    [Affidavit requires that the couple cohabit at least a year, prove financial interdependence
    through co-ownership of real property, car, bank account or credit account, or designation as
    beneficiary of benefits, etc.; must register if there is a governmental registration in
    jurisdiction of residence - not required of legally married employees]
Circuit City Stores Inc., Virginia
Cisco Systems
CitiGroup (CitiCorp, CitiBank), New York
    (Medical, dental, eye insurance; for both same-and opposite-sex partners; effective May 2000)
    [Required to cohabit at least a year and be financially interdependent - not required of
    legally married couples]
City of Hope National Medical Center, San Francisco, California
Clear Channel Communications Inc. (2006)
CMP Media Inc., Manhasset, New York
CNET, San Francisco, California
    (Implemented 1998)
CNX Media, San Francisco, California
    (Formerly NewsNet Central)
Coca-Cola Co., Atlanta, Ga.
    (Medical, same-sex couples only; U.S. only; it is considering extending the benefit to its
    international work force in almost 200 other countries as well; effective January 1, 2001)
Coca-Cola Enterprises (the bottler), Atlanta, Ga. (2003)
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave; insurance only offered to unmarried opposite-sex
    in common law states.)
    See “Common Law States.”
Communication Workers of America, Washington, DC
    (Medical, dental, prescription drug plan; does not include pension plan)
    [Affidavit requires cohabitation and that they “intend to remain together
    indefinitely” - not required of legal marriage]
Communications Management Inc.
Compaq Computer Corp.
Computer Associates International
Computer Graphics, Inc.
Conde Nast Publications
Consolidated Edison
Consumers United Insurance Company, District of Columbia
Continental Airlines, Houston, Texas
    (Same-sex partners of flight attendants get the same benefits as married partners. They also
    receive a “companion travel” benefit under which any individual they designate
    receives the same flight discounts and benefits as do the employees themselves. As of May 1,
    2005, Continental treated same-sex partners of retired workers to the same benefits already
    available to opposite-sex couples. Couples must have a legal marriage, Civil Union, or
    registered partnership.)
    [Continental offers special discounts on fares in the event of a death or serious illness -
    requiring hospitalization or hospice care - of an immediate family member, which includes
    domestic partners. Compassion fares cannot be booked online; contact Continental Airlines
Contra Consta Newspapers, California
    (Contra Costa Times, West County Times, six weeklies in Contra Costa County, and Hills
    Newspapers (Oakland. California))
    (Implemented January 1999)
Cooley, Godward, Castro, Huddleson & Tatum Attorneys, San Francisco, California
Coors Brewing Co., Golden, Colorado
Corning, New York
Coudert Brothers
Counseling Service of Addison County, Vermont
Countrywide Financial Corp., Calabasas, California
Covington & Burling, District of Columbia
Cox Enterprises, Inc., Atlanta, Georgia
    (Atlanta Journal-Constitution, etc.)
    (Medical,dental; for both same-and opposite-sex partners; must “share the same household
    in a committed relationship.” implemented January 1, 2000)
    [Cox employs more than 55,000 people in print media, television, radio, telecommunications
    and auction companies nationwide]
Crate & Barrel, Chicago, Illinois
    (Medical, dental, life insurance)
Cray Research, Chippewa Falls & Rice Lake, Minnesota
    (Now a division of Silicon Graphics, Inc.)
Creative Artists Agency Inc.
Crum & Forster Insurance
Cummins Engines International, Columbus, Indiana
    [Covers opposite-and same-sex couples who are over 17 and live in a committed relationship]
CUNA Mutual Insurance Group, Wisconsin
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Boston, Massachusetts
    (Covers partner and partner’s kids)
David Sarnoff Research Center
Davis, Polk & Wardwell
Dayton Hudson (Dayton’s, Dayton Hudson, Marshall Field, Mervyn’s Terget)
    (Personal holidays only; used for whatever needed)
Debevoise & Plimpton, New York, New York
Dell Computer
Delphi Automotive Systems Corp., Troy, Michigan
Delta Airlines, Ga.
    (Same-sex only; effective 2001)
Democratic National Committee (DNC)
Dewey Ballantine, New York, New York
Digital Credit Union, Maynard Massachusetts
    (Membership for household members of Digital Equipment Corp. employees)
Digital Equipment Corp, Maynard Massachusetts
    (Medical, dental, life insurance, bereavement, pension, COBRA, relocation)
Discovery Channel
Disney, Walt, Burbank, California
Disney/ABC Inc., New York, New York
    (Was Capital Cities/ABC)
Dominion Resources Inc., Virginia
    [Unsubsidized benefits]
Donna Karan
Dorsey and Whitney, Minnesota
Dow, Lohnes & Albertson, District of Columbia
Dow Chemical, Midland, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, prescription drugs, employee assistance program, dependent life insurance,
    voluntary group accident insurance, dual career assistance, relocation assistance, pension
    survivor benefits, leave for family medical, illness, new parents (Birth or adoption),
    bereavement. Coverage includes any children of the domestic partner. In U.S., coverage is
    available to non-and union employees; offered to both same-and opposite-sex partners; In the
    U.S., couple must cohabit for a year (NOT required of legal marriage) otherwise varies by
    country; implemented May 2002)
Dow Jones and Co., New York, New York
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented September, 2000)
DreamWorks SKG, Los Angeles, California
Duke Energy, North Carolina (March 2005)
    (Bereavement leave, adoption assistance, relocation services. medical, dental coverage
    begins January 1, 2006. for both same-and opposite-sex)
DuPont, Del.
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
E! Entertainment Television
E.W. Scripps Company (Scripps Networks), Cincinnati, Ohio
    (Medical, dental; same-sex only)
    [affidavit requires one-year cohabitation - not required of legally married couples]
Eastern Mountain Sports, Peterborough, New Hampshire
    (Spouse discount cards only)
Eastman Kodak, International, Rochester, New York
    [required to sign affidavit attesting intent to maintain relationship, shared
    responsibilities, co-residence - not required of legally married couples]
Edison International, Rosemead, California
    (Medical, dental, vision, mental health/substance abuse, employee assistance program)
    [required to cohabit for at least 12 months, and intend to live together permanently -
    not required of legally married couples]
Edix, San Diego, California
Eddie Bauer, Inc., Redmond, Washington [The Spiegel Group]
    (Same-sex only; medical, dental, family leave)
Egghead Software
El Nuevo Herald, Miami, Florida
    (Medical, dental)
Electronic Data Systems (EDS)
Eli Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, Indiana
    (Medical; retirees are also eligible; implemented January 2004)
EMC, Corporation, Hopkinton, MA 
    (medical, dental, life, sick and bereavement leave; open to same-and opposite-sex partners)
    [required to cohabit - not required of legally married couples]
    [From their Special Benefit Programs page:
        “Domestic Partner Program — Join our benefit program for qualifying domestic partners if
        you are an EMC employee working at least 30 hours per week. Subject to insurance carrier
        limitations, the policy covers both same sex and opposite sex domestic partners residing in
        the United States who maintain a committed relationship and occupy the same residence.”]
    [From their Diversity page:
        “EMC is committed to creating an environment of inclusion that has many
        dimensions—cross-geography, cross-organization, and across traditional lines of
        differences, such as gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and race.”]
Entertainment Radio Network
Enron, Houston, TX
    (Medical, dental, life insurance; offered to both same-and opposite-sex couples)
    [required to cohabit for at least 6 months, and demonstrate financial and emotional
    joining with wills, beneficiary documents, etc. - not required of legally married couples]
Episcopal Church of the United States
Episcopal Diocese of California
    (San Francisco Bay Area; covers lay persons and clergy)
Episcopal Diocese of Minnesota, Minnesota
Episcopal Diocese of Newark, New Jersey
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Ernst & Young, Detroit, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, life; same-sex only; nothing to sign, however, couples are required to
    cohabit a year, and co-mingle finances in some way; applies to all employees globally;
    implemented January 1, 2002)
Estee Lauder Companies
Fannie Mae (Federal National Mortgage Assoc.), District of Columbia
Farella, Braun & Martel
Federal Express (FedEx)
    [The day before an August 20, 1999 deadline, FedEx notified San Francisco that it would
    comply with a court order to provide no-cost benefits to the domestic partners of its San
    Francisco employees, rather than appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court.]
Federal National Mortgage Association
Federal Reserve Bank of New York
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Field & Stream [Times Mirror]
Field Museum of Natural History, Chicago, Illinois
Finnegan, Henderson, Farabow, Garrett & Dunner, District of Columbia
First Bank System
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
First Chicago Corporation
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
First Tech Computer
First Union Bank, Charlotte, North Carolina
Focus Homes, Inc.
Ford Motor Corporation, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, prescriptions; partner may keep benefits after employee retires; same-sex
    only; effective August 1, 2000)
    [employee required to have been in committed relationship at least six months -
    not required of legally married employees]
    [simultanious announced benefits with General Motors and Chrysler division of
    DaimlerChrysler; benefits negotiated through work of United Auto Workers, other labor unions,
    and aided by many gay-supportive groups]
Forte Software
Fox Entertainment Group, New York, New York
    (Fox division News America/News Corp. handles its benefits separately. See separate listing.)
    (Same-sex only; implemented 1996)
Fox Inc., Beverly Hills, California
    (Fox Television, Fox Filmed Entertainment, Fox Family)
Frame Technology, San Jose, California
Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research, Seattle, Washington
French Press Agency (AFP)
    (Implemented 2000; French employees also are covered by the French domestic partners law
    implemented in 1999 (please see “Civil Solidarity
Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson, New York
Frito-Lay (2004)
Gannett Co. Inc.
    [99 newspapers, 23 TV stations; employs 53,400]
    (Medical; for both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented January 1, 2002)
Gap, Inc., The
    (Medical; same-sex only)
Gardener’s Supply, Burlington, Vermont
Gateway, California
Gay & Lesbian Advocates and Defenders
Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation
Gay & Lesbian Medical Association
Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund
GEICO Direct
    (Bereavement and family illness leave only)
Genentech, San Francisco, California
General Electric
General Mills, Minnesota
General Motors Corporation (GMC), Detroit, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, prescriptions; partner may keep benefits after employee retires; same-sex
    only; effective August 1, 2000)
    [employee required to have been in committed relationship at least six months - not required
    of legally married employees]
    [simultaneous announced benefits with Ford and Chryster division of DaimlerChrysler; benefits
    negotiated through work of United Auto Workers, other labor unions, and aided by many
    gay-supportive groups]
Genworth Financial Inc., Virginia
Geordi Kajlor Pubs., (The Spectrum) Dayton, Ohio
    (Implemented 1985)
George Meany Center, The
Glaxo Wellcome, Inc.
    [U.S. subsidiary of Burroughs Wellcome]
    (Medical, dental)
Global Crossing, Madison, New Jersey
    (Medical, dental; same-sex only; implemented January 1, 2001)
    [Affidavit required stating a prior relationship of at least 12 months - not required
    of legally married employees]
    [This telecommunications company also has an extensive anti-discrimination policy]
Golden Rule, Indianapolis, Indiana
Golf Magazine (Times Mirror)
Golston & Storrs Law Offices, Boston, Massachusetts
Greenpeace International, District of Columbia
Greenberg, Glusker, Fields, Claman & Machtinger (Entertainment law firm), California
Group Health Cooperative of Puget Sound (HMO), Seattle, Washington
Gupta Corp. [Radius Corp.]
    [Harcourt Brace (publishers), Nieman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman (Retailers), and
    educational companies]
    (Same-sex only; implemented November 1998)
    (Use of on-site facilities)
Hartford Courant [Times Mirror]
Harvard Community Health Plan (HMO), Boston, Massachusetts
    (Domestic partner insurance to all groups and individuals)
Hawaiian Electric Industries Inc.
Health Systems Design Corp., Oakland, California
    (Medical, dental, vision)
HealthPartners, Bloomington, Minnesota
	(Medical, right to purchase life insurance)
Hearst Corporation, New York, New York
    [10,000 employees; owns 12 daily newspapers, eight TV and six radio stations; is a partner in
    ESPN, A&E, Lifetime; owns Cosmopolitan, Good Housekeeping, Esquire, Redbook, Avon Books,
    Pocketbooks, etc.; implemented 1997]
Hedges & Caldwell
Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe
Hewitt Associates
    (U.S. employees only; medical, long term disability)
Hill & Knowlton
Holland & Knight, Miami, Florida
    (Also in Ft. Lauderdale and West Palm Beach)
Hollywood Online (Times Mirror)
Home Box Office (HBO - Time Warner, Inc.), New York, New York
Home Depot, Atlanta, Georgia
    (Medical implemented in 2004; already in place: family leave, bereavement, relocation
    expenses, inclusion in the Employee Assistance Program and membership in the fitness and
    health program; for both same-and opposite-sex; implemented in 2000; Revised its
    nondiscrimination policy in May 2001)
Home Shopping Network, St. Petersburg, Florida
    (Same-sex only; medical, insurance)
Honeywell, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Hope National Medical Center
Horizan Airlines
    (Travel allotment privileges offered to single employees called Employee Designated Guest;
    implemented October 1, 1999)
Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Robertson & Falk, San Francisco, California
Howrey & Simon, District of Columbia
Hubbard Farms
Human Rights Campaign Fund, District of Columbia
IATSE Local 16
IBM (International Business Machines Corp.), New York, New York
    (Medical, same-sex only, U.S. and Canada only)
    [No longer offers benefits in Massachusetts because legal marriage is offered in that state]
ICM Mortgage Corp.
IDS Financial Services
Imation Corp.
Immunex, Mason, Ohio
Imperial Chemical Industries
    (National Starch, Quest International, Uniquema)
    (Implemented January 2001)
Independent Newspapers, San Francisco, California
    (SF Examiner (Newspaper Guild members), SF Independent)
Informix Software, Menlo Park, California
Innosoft International Inc.
Insurance Company of the West
Intel Corp., Santa Clara, California
    (Medical, dental)
Interleaf Technology, Boston, Massachusetts
InterMedia Partners (cable operators)
International Data Corporation
International Data Group, Boston, Massachusetts
    (Both same-and opposite-sex; implemented 1993)
International Flavors and Fragrances, New York, New York
    (Medical, dental, vision, life insurance; both same-and opposite-sex couples; required to
    cohabit for a year - not required of legally married employees)
International Medical News Group, Rockville, Maryland
    (Division of Harcourt-General)
    (Same-sex only; implemented 1998)
International Paper, Memphis, Tennessee
    (Medical, dental; both same-and opposite-sex couples; NO AFFIDAVIT required,
    NO time requirement, effective 2004.
Intuit, Inc.
Irell & Manella, (Entertainment law), Los Angeles, California
ISIS Pharmaceutical
Itron Inc., Spokane, Washington
    (Medical, dental, insurance)
    [Domestic partnership must have existed for at least a year - not required of legally married
ITT Hartford Group
    (Relocation, family leave, bereavement, employment assistance, medical, life insurance)
J.P. Morgan & Co., New York, New York
    (Medical, dental)
Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine
Jeppesen Sanderson, Inc. (Times Mirror)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California
Jewish Board of Family & Children’s Services
Jewish Community Centers Association
John Hancock
Johnson & Johnson, New Brunswick, New Jersey
    (Medical, dental, life and child life insurance, accident and child accident insurance,
    long-term care, health and care account (For elderly parent nursing home assistance, adoption
    financial assistance; partner’s children covered; both same-and opposite-sex;
    implemented April 1, 2003)
    [Requirements: 18 or older, cohabit for more than a year - not required of legally married
Journal News (Gannett Co. Inc.)
JP Morgan
Kaiser Permanente, Hawaii (HMO)
Kaiser Permanente, Northern California (HMO), Oakland, California
Kaiser Permanente, Southern California (HMO)
Kansas City Star, Kansas City, Missouri
Kaset International (Times Mirror)
Keynote Systems, Inc.
King & Spalding
    (Medical, dental)
Knight-Ridder Newspapers, Inc., Mountain View, California
    (Medical, dental; individual divisions could offer benefits as of 1997)
Kofax Image Products
KPMG LLP, New York, New York (Formerly Peat Marwick)
    (Medical, dental, spousal life insurance; same-sex only; NO AFFIDAVIT required, but city or
    state registration requested where available; implemented January 1999)
KQED, San Francisco, California
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented 1994)
Kraft Foods, Michigan
Krum & Forster Commercial Insurance
    (Not for same-sex couples; only for unmarried opposite-sex in common law states.
    See “Common Law States.”)
Kutak Rock LLP
Laboratory, Bar Harbor, Maine
Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund, New York, New York
LandAmerica Financial Group, Virginia
Lands’ End
Latham & Watkins
Lava Trading Inc.
    (medical, tuition reimbursement; for same- and opposite-sex domestic partners and
    their dependents.)
Law School Admissions Council
Leap Wireless International and Cricket Communications Inc., San Diego, California
    (Medical, dental, vision; both same-and opposite-sex couples; NO AFFIDAVIT required,
    NO time requirement, just notarized signatures; effective January 1, 2001.
Learning International (Times Mirror)
LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae
Lesbian and Gay Law Association of Greater New York (LeGal), New York
Levy, Ratner & Behroozi, P.C., New York, New York
    (Medical, dental, life insurance, illness and bereavement leave)
    [Applicant must submit valid domestic partnership certificate or equivalent. Not clear if
    applicable to opposite-sex couples.]
    [Firm also invites partner to company functions where spouses are invited.]
Levi Strauss & Co., San Francisco, California
Lexington Herald-Leader, Lexington, Kentucky
    (Knight-Ridder Corp.)
    (Medical, dental)
    [Affidavit required attesting that they are at least 18, cohabited at least six months, prove
    shared financial responsibility and cohabitation, and were committed for a long time - most
    items not required of legally married couples]
Lexmark International, Kentucky
Liberation Publications, Inc.
Liberty Mutual Insurance Group
Life USA Holding
Lighthouse for the Blind, Seattle, Washington
Lilienthal & Fowler, Attorneys, San Francisco, California
Limited, Inc., The, Columbus Ohio
    (Victoria’s Secret, etc.)
    (Medical, dental; same-sex only; implemented April 1, 1999)
Limited and Longaberger, The, Newark, New Jersey
    (Same-sex couples only)
Lincoln National Corp., Fort Wayne, Indiana
Livingston Enterprises, Inc.
Lockheed Martin
    (Medical; announced November 21, 2002, implemented early in 2003)
Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Center, California
Los Angeles Philharmonic, California
Lotus Development Corp., Cambridge, Massachusetts (Now IBM)
    (Includes on-site day-care center)
Lowe's (2006)
LSI Logic, Milipitas, California
Lucas Films, California
Lucent Technologies, Murray Hill, New Jersey
    (Medical, dental, vision, relocation benefits, Employee Assistance Program; covers children
    of partner; same-sex only; effective October 1997. Originally, relocation benefits were not
    offered, however, as of October 1, 2000, full relocation benefits were added.)
    [Employee needs to keep affidavit on file in case requested. Due to requirements inherited
    from some acquisitions, some units or departments may require the couple to have been
    together 12 months to qualify - not required of married couples]
MacTemps, San Francisco, California
    (Same-sex only)
Madlyn and Leonard Abramson Center for Jewish Life, North Wales, Pennsylvania
    (Medical, life insurance; no affidavit required; offered to both same- and opposite-sex
    couples; implemented July 1, 2002)
Magellan Health Services, Columbia, Maryland
    (Medical, dental, vision, behavioral health; children or other dependents of domestic
    partners are not eligible; domestic partners are not eligible for COBRA or
    Flexible Spending Accounts; same-sex only; effective January 2001)
    [Required to be financially interdependent, to have cohabited for a year and intend to
    continue doing so. Not required of legal marriage. Further, the couple must register with the
    state, if the state offers domestic partner registration.]
Maine Medical Center, Portland, Maine
    [Couples required to be at least 18 years old; in a “long-term, intimate and committed
    relationship” of at least a year’s duration, must cohabit the same permanent
    residence, and provide proof that they are financially interdependent - not required of
    married couples]
Mark Hopkins Hotel, San Francisco, California
Market News Service
Market News Service, Washington, District of Columbia
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented 1996)
Marsh & McLennan, New York, New York
    (Medical, dental, personal accident insurance, spouse life insurance, dependent children life
    insurance; offered to both same- and opposite-sex couples, plus partner’s dependant
    children; effective July 1, 2000)
    [Affidavit requires that the relationship must have existed for at least 12 months and
    intends to be permanent - not required of married couples]
Mass Mutual
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Matthew Bender & Company, Inc. [Times Mirror]
Mayo Clinic, Minnesota
MCA/Universal, Universal City, California
McClatchy Company, Sacramento, California
    (Individual properties allowed to offer benefits; both same-and opposite-sex couples;
    implemented 1999)
McCutchin, Doyle, Brown & Enersen, San Francisco, California
McGraw-Hill Companies, New York, New York
    (Medical, dental, bereavement leave; implemented 1998)
McKesson, San Francisco, California
    (Medical, dental, vision, life insurance (For employee, partner, and their children),
    long-term care, short-term disability, flexible spending accounts (health and dependant
    care), bereavement leave; for both same-and opposite-sex partners)
    [requirement to cohabit, no other domestic partner in the last six months, “Agree to be
    responsible for each other’s basic living expenses during your domestic partnership and
    also agree that anyone who is owed these expenses can collect from you or your domestic
    partner” - none of this is required of legal marriage)
McKinsey & Co.
Medco Health Solutions, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey
    (Medical, dental, vision, insurance plans, financial planning; same-sex only;
    implemented January 1, 2003)
    [Affidavit requires that the couples be jointly responsible for each other’s welfare,
    financial and other obligations, cohabit for a year - not required of married couples]
Medtronic, Fridley (Minneapolis), Minnesota
    (Medical, dental)
    [Required to cohabit for at least a year after registering for benefits before benefits kick
    in - not required of legal marriage]
Merck, Whitehouse Station, New Jersey
    (Medical, dental, vision, insurance plans, financial planning; same-sex only; implemented
    January 1, 2003)
    [affidavit requires that the couples be jointly responsible for each other’s welfare,
    financial and other obligations, cohabit for a year - not required of married couples]
    (Medical: implemented January 1999)
    [Also covers any designated family member]
MGM/UA, Santa Monica, California
Miami Herald/El Nueva Herald, Florida
    (Medical, dental)
Microsoft Corporation, Redmond, Washington (1993)
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy, New York, New York
Millennium Global Inc., Clearwater, Florida
Miller Brewing
Miller-Freeman, San Francisco, California
    (Implemented 1999)
Minneapolis Public Radio
Minneapolis Star-Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Minnesota Communications Group, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    (Minnesota Public Radio)
    (Implemented 1992)
Minnesota Star-Tribune, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Mintz, Levin, Cohn, Ferris, Glouskey & Popeo, Boston, Massachusetts
Monsanto Company
Montefiore Medical Center, Bronx, New York
Morrison & Foerster (All offices nationwide), San Francisco, California
Monitor Communications
Morning Call (Times Mirror)
Morningstar, Inc., Chicago, Illinois
    (Medical, dental, life insurance; same-sex only)
    [Required to co-habit and “Share welfare and financial responsibilities” -
    not required of legal marriage]
Mosaix, Redmond, Washington
    (Same-sex only; medical)
Mosby-Year Book, Inc. (Times Mirror)
Motion Picture Industry Health Plan
Mount Sinai Hospital
Museum of Modern Art, New York, New York
National Assoc. of Socially Responsible Organizations
National Center for Lesbian Rights, San Francisco, California
National Conference of Christians & Jews
National Equity Fund
National Federation of Community Broadcasters, San Francisco, California
    (Implemented 1999)
National LGBTQ Task Force [was National Gay and Lesbian Task Force], District of Columbia
National Geographic, Washington, District of Columbia
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented 1999)
National Grocers Association
National Organization for Women, District of Columbia
National Public Radio (NPR), District of Columbia
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented 1993)
National Starch (Imperial Chemical Industries)
    (Effective January 2001)
Nationwide Insurance, Columbus, Ohio
    (Able to select anyone with whom they share a home and financial responsibilities, including
    partners, blood relatives and roommates; implemented January 1, 2000)
Nature Conservancy, District of Columbia
NCR Corporation, District of Columbia
Ness Motley Loadholt Richardson & Poole, P.A.,
    (Home office in Charleston, S.C., the others are are in Barnwell, South Carolina, Providence,
    Rhode Island, and New Orleans, Louisiana)
    (Medical, dental, prescriptions, life insurance, bereavement and sick leave, etc.; for both
    same-and- opposite-sex couples; NO AFFIDAVIT required; effective January 1, 2001)
Netopia, Inc., Alameda, California
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Nevada Bell, Reno, Nevada
    (Management only; benefits phased in over 18 months; full medical benefits; implemented
    January 1999)
New England Medical Center
New York Life & Annuity, New York, New York
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
New York Times, New York, New York
    (Same-sex only; medical, dental, vision, hearing; covers children of partner, family and
    medical, bereavement leave; does not include life insurance for partner or partners children,
    which is available at low rates for married couples)
    [Previously, benefits available only to Newspaper Guild news and advertising union; required
    to cohabit for at least a year - not required of legal marriage]
News America/News Corp., New York, New York
    (A division of Fox Entertainment)
    (Same-sex only; effective 1998)
Newscorp, Inc.
Newsday (Times Mirror)
Newspaper Guild International, Washington, District of Columbia
    (Part of Communication Workers of America)
    (Medical, dental, prescription drug plan; does not include pension plan; offered to both
    same-and opposite-sex partners)
    [Affidavit requires cohabitation and that couples “intend to remain together
    indefinitely” - not required of legally married couples]
NeXT Computer, Redwood City, California
Nike, Inc., Oregon
Nims Associates, Inc., Decatur, IL
    (Medical, dental, offered to partners’ children as well; for same-sex couples only)
    [Affidavit requires couple to cohabit at least 6 months, are not legally married to or
    separated from anyone else, are each others’ sole life partners and intend to so
    remain - not required of legally married couples]
Nissan, Tennessee
    [Benfits were offered to legally recognized domestic partners in California where
    Nissan’s North American headquarters had been located. It announced offering benefits
    to Tennessee worker just after relocating to Nashville in late 2006.
Northeast Utilities System Inc.
Northern States Power, St. Paul, Minnesota
    (Non-union; medical)
Northern Telecom, North Carolina
Northwest Airlines, Minnesota
    (Non-medical coverage benefits; effective June 1, 2000)
Novartis Pharmaceutical Corp.
Novell Corp., Utah and California
NW Ayer PR
NYNEX Corporation (NY Telephone Co.), New York
    (Medical, dental, vision, beneficiary designations, leaves, relocation, life insurance,
    adoption reimbursement benefits)
Oakland Children’s Hospital
Octel America Inc.
O’Melveny & Myers
ON24, Inc., San Francisco, California
OneWave, Inc.
Oracle Systems Corp., Redwood City, California
Organic Online, San Francisco, California
    (Medical, vision, dental)
Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe, Attorneys, San Francisco, California
Ounce of Prevention Fund, Illinois
Outdoor Life (Times Mirror)
Pacific Bell, San Francisco, California
    (Management only; benefits phased in over 18 months; full medical benefits implemented
    January 1999; all union represented employees able to receive medical, leaves; effective
    [Required to be financially responsible for each other; required to cohabit for at least a
    year, and must wait a year after dissolving before another partner may be signed up - not
    required of legally married couples]
Pacific Corp. (owns Utah Power and Light)
    (Same-sex only; medical)
Pacific Gas & Electric, San Francisco, California
    (Medical, dental, vision, designated as beneficiaries of company life insurance and
    savings fund plans)
Pacific Mutual Life
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Pacific Stock Exchange
Pacific Sun Newspaper, Mill Valley, California
Pacific Telesis Group, San Francisco, California
    (SBC Communications, San Antonio, Texas)
    (Covers pensions, leaves, adoptions, dependent life insurance; implemented January 1, 1999:
    medical, dental, vision and medical-or dependent-care spending accounts)
    [Requires municipal registration; plus partner “participates in a mutual and exclusive
    commitment with the employee,” “is financially interdependent by sharing common
    assets and debts” - not required of legally married couples]
PacifiCare, California (HMO)
Para Transit, Inc., Sacramento, California
    [Company no longer exists: bought by IXYS, Corp. (Semiconductors), Santa Clara, California in
    September 1998]
Para Transit, Inc., Sacramento, California
Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, California
Park Nicollet Health Systems, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Pathmark Supermarkets, New York
Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler, New York, New York
Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker
Paul, Weiss, Rifkin, Wharton & Garrison, New York, New York
People First
    (Medical, includes fertility treatments; for same- and opposite-sex domestic partners)
PeopleSoft Inc.
Pepsico, Michigan
Petro Canada
Philadelphia Newspapers Inc., Pennsylvania
    (Same-sex only; medical)
    [Philadelphia Daily News, Pennsylvania (News Guild members); Philadelphia Inquirer,
    Pennsylvania (News Guild members); gained through a labor arbitrator ruling, August 1997]
Pillsbury, Minnesota
Pillsbury, Madison & Sutro, San Francisco, California
Pitney Bowes, Stamford, Connecticut
    (Same-sex only; medical, dental; effective January 1, 2001)
    [Requires a certificate attesting that the couple is financially interdependent and has
    cohabited at least 12 months - not required of legally married couples]
Pittsburgh Corning Corp., Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pennsylvania
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
PlanetOut/Online, Inc., San Francisco, California
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; effective 1997)
Planned Parenthood Federation of America (National Office), New York, New York
Platinum Technology, Oakbrook Terrace, Illinois
Polaroid, Cambridge, Massachusetts
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Popular Science (Times Mirror)
Portland Cable Access
Pride Fund, Seattle, Washington
Principal Financial Group, Des Moines, Iowa
Principle Mutual Life
Procter & Gamble (P&G), Cincinnati, Ohio
Progress Energy, Raleigh, North Carolina
    (Medical and life insurance; for same-and opposite-sex partners; implemented in 2007.)
    [The benefits plan had been under review for three years; ever since a lesbian worker
    requested benefits for her same-sex partner.
    Progress serves about 3 million customers in North and South Carolina and Florida. It is
    also involved in natural gas production and fuel extraction. The company has 11,000 workers,
    and is one of the largest private employers in the Raleigh area.]
Progressive Insurance Company, Cleveland, Ohio
    (Medical, Dental, Vision; offered to same-and opposite-sex couples; benefits also offered to
    parents, siblings, and grandparents;  effective January 1, 2001)
    [Affidavit requires co-owning a home, having a joint checking account, or providing a
    majority of support as well as being together for at least six months - not required of
    legally married couples]
Proskauer, Rose, Goetz & Mendelsohn, New York, New York
Providian Financial in Pleasanton, California
    (Medical, dental, eye; benefits begin 90 days after employment)
    [Affidavit requires cohabiting for a year - not required of legally married couples)
Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, New Jersey
    (Medical; offered to same-and opposite-sex couples as well as other dependents such as
    elderly relatives sharing the worker’s residence; effective January 1, 2000)
Public Broadcasting System (PBS)
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples)
Public Radio International
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples effective 1983)
Publishers Group West
Puget Sound Consumer Cooperative (PCC), Seattle, Washington
Qualcomm Inc., San Diego, California
    (Same-sex only; medical, dental, supplemental life insurance, vision, relocation, employee
    assistance program, use of sports and fitness facility, sick pay (for dependents), sick leave
    (for family members), bereavement leave)
Quark, Inc., Boulder, Colorado
Quest International (Imperial Chemical Industries)
    (Effective January 2001)
Raytheon Co., Massachusetts
    [No longer offers benefits in Massachusetts because legal marriage is offered in that state]
Reader’s Digest Association
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), Washington
Red Lobster
Reebok International, Stoughton, Massachusetts
    [The first sports shoe manufacturer to offer domestic partner benefits to same-sex employees.]
Regions Hospital, St. Paul, Minnesota [HealthPartners]
    (Medical; right to purchase life insurance)
Replacements Ltd., Greensboro., North Carolina
Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
Restoration Hardware, Corte Madera, California
    (Medical, dental, life insurance, other no-cost benefits)
Reuters, New York, New York
    (Only for Wire Guild members; effective 1995)
Rhode Island Counseling Association
Riggs National Corporation
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Riordan & McKinzie, Law Offices of
RJR Nabisco Holdings
    (Non-medical coverage benefits)
Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, Iowa (2005)
    (Medical; effective 2006)
Ropes and Gray
Rosenfeld, Meyer & Susman, LLP
Rush-Presbyterian-St. Luke’s Medical Center, Chicago, Illinois
Saddleback Memorial Center
Safeco, Seattle, Washington
    (Medical, dental, group life insurance; implemented January 1999; only same-sex and
Saint Paul Companies Insurance, St. Paul, Minnesota
Saint Petersburg Times, Miami, Florida
    (Medical; same-sex only; effective 1997)
Saint Vincent Hospital, Santa Fe, New Mexico
    (Medical, leave)
    [Criteria for eligibility includes committed for past 12 months, evidence of sharing of
    expenses, joint ownership of cars or houses, named as beneficiaries on insurance, will or
    retirement benefits - not required of legally married couples], San Francisco, California
    (Same-sex only)
Salt Water Sportsman (Times Mirror)
San Francisco 49’ers
San Francisco Chronicle, California
    (Newspaper Guild members only)
San Francisco Examiner, California
    (Independent Newspapers)
    (Newspaper Guild members only)
San Francisco Giants, California
San Jose Mercury-News, California
Santa Cruz Operations, California
SAS Institute
Schiff, Harden & Waite, Chicago, Illinois
Scholastic, New York, New York
    (Medical, etc.)
    [Publisher of educational and children’s books, including the Harry Potter series.]
Schroder Investment Management North America Inc., New York, New York
    (Subsidiary of Schroders plc, U.K.)
    (Medical, dental; effective Summer 2000; must sign domestic partner registration if it is
    provided in jurisdiction of residence) [required to cohabit for at least 12 months, and
    demonstrate financial interdependence through ownership of real property, car, bank account
    or credit account, or beneficiary designation, etc. - not required of legally married
Schulte Roth, New York, New York
Screen Actors Guild-Industry Health Fund
Scripps Networks, Cincinnati, Ohio
    (Medical, dental; same-sex only)
    [Affidavit requires one-year cohabitation; - not required of legally married couples]
Scudder Kemper Investments, New York, New York
    (Merged from Scudder, Stevens & Clark Inc. and Zurich Kemper Investments - not known if
    they retained benefits)
Seagram Co.
Sears, Chicago, Illinois
Seattle Mental Health Institute, Seattle, Washington
Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Seattle, Washington
Seattle Times, Seattle, Washington
    (Same-sex only; effective 1994)
Segal & Associates
Segal Company, Boston, Massachusetts
Sempra Energy, San Diego, California
    (Enova & Pacific Enterprises merged in 1998; subsidiaries: So. California Gas Company,
    San Diego Gas and Electric)
    (Medical, dental, vision, life insurance beneficiary, status, 401k, contingent annuitant
    on pension plan)
Shaw, Pittman, Potts & Trowbridge, District of Columbia
Shearman & Sterling, New York, New York
Shell Oil Company
    [Requirements: being financially interdependent, jointly responsible for each other’s
    common welfare, cohabit at least 12 months, with the intent to do so indefinitely - not
    required of legally married couples]
Sherman & Sterling
Showtime Networks Inc.
Sierra Club, San Francisco, California
Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, California
    (Now owns Cray Research)
    (Same-sex only)
Simplex Time Recorder, Gardner, Massachusetts
    (Medical, dental, bereavement)
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom, New York, New York
Ski Magazine (Times Mirror)
Skiing (Times Mirror)
Smith & Hawkin, Marin County, California
Smith Kettlewell Eye Research
Snowboard Life [Times Mirror]
Sodexo, Inc., Gaithersburg, Maryland
Software AG Inc., Reston, Virginia
    (Medical; for same-and opposite-sex couples)
Software Etc. [Barnes & Noble]
Sony Music Co.
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Sony Pictures Entertainment [Columbia, Tri-Star], California
Southern California Edison
Southern California Gas Company, Los Angeles, California
    (Medical, dental, vision)
Southwestern Bell, Saint Louis, Missouri
    (Medical, survivor benefits includes a portion of retirement benefits, but no life insurance;
    offered to same- and opposite-sex couples; required to have a domestic partnership document,
    can be from any city; effective January 1, 2002)
Sovereign Bancorp, Wyomissing, Pennsylvania
Speech Language Hearing Association
Sporting News [Times Mirror]
Springs Industries
Sprint, Dallas, Texas
    (Relocation aid only)
Sprint, Overland Park, Missouri
    (For same-sex only; implemented January 1, 2005)
    [61,000 employees]
St. Paul Companies
St. Petersburg Times, Florida
Starbucks Coffee Company, Seattle, Washington
State Bar of California
Stein & Co., Chicago, Illinois
Steptoe & Johnson, District of Columbia
Sterling Commerce, Dublin, Ohio
    (Effective 2001)
Stream International, Canton, Massachusetts
    (Medical, dental, vision, life, and disability insurance; effective since the company’s
    founding in 1986; for same-sex couples only)
    [Affidavit requires couples to share financial interdependence such as joint checking
    accounts or housing contracts - not required of legally married couples]
Strong Memorial Hospital, Rochester
Sullivan & Cromwell, New York, New York
Sun Microsystems, Milpitas, California
SunTrust Banks, Georgia
Sunquest Information Systems
    (Medical, dental; same-sex only)
Supermac Technologies, Sunnyvale, California
Service Alternatives for Washington, Inc., Coupeville, Washington
    (Benefits offered to both same- and opposite-sex couples; medical, life insurance)
Subaru of America, Cherry Hill, New Jersey / Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    (Subsidiary of Japan’s Fuji Heavy Industries Ltd.)
    (Medical, dental; reimbursement of up to $5,000 for adoption-related expenses, or up to
    $6,000 if the child has special needs; instituted in May 2000.)
Swope Parkway Health Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Sybase, Berkeley, California
Target Corp., Minnesota
Tattered Cover Bookstore
TD Bank, N.A., Cherry Hill, N.J.
    (Same-sex partner benefits, diversity training, resource group for LGBT Employees, and policies that prohibit
    discrimination based on gender identity or expression.)
Teachers Insurance & Annuity, New York, New York
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Tele-Communications Inc. (TCI), Colorado
Telemon, Inc.
    (Bought by G.E., which, as of June 2003, does not offer benefits)
Teradyne, Inc., Boston, Massachusetts
    (Same-sex only; U.S. only; medical, dental, vision)
Texas Instruments, Dallas
    (Same-sex couples get same benefits that opposite-sex married and unmarried couples already
    get; NO AFFIDAVIT or any other documentation needed; implemented no later than Oct. 2000)
TDS/CS, Wisconsin
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Thinking Machines, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Thomas Jefferson University & Hospital, Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Timberland, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
Time Magazine Co., New York, New York
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Time Warner Cable of Northeast Ohio
    (Medical, dental, eye, prescription, life insurance, bereavement and family leave; same-sex
    couples only; costs $50/month for domestic partner benefits required to prove cohabitation
    (driver license) and that partners are financially co-dependent (joint checking) - not
    required of legally married couples]
Times Mirror, California (Los Angeles Times, Newsday)
Times Mirror Training, Inc. (Times Mirror)
Today’s Homeowner (Times Mirror)
Tower Records and Video Stores (MTS Inc.)
    (U.S. workers only; medical, dental, vision)
Towers Perrin
Townsend & Townsend & Crew, San Francisco, California
Toyota Motor Manufacturing Kentucky, Kentucky
Trans America
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Trans America Occidental Life
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Transworld Snowboarding (Times Mirror)
Tribune Company, Chicago, Illinois
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; effective 2001; offered at subsidiary Times Mirror Co.,
    since 1998)
Tropicana, Florida
Tyco International, New Hampshire
Union Bank
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, District of Columbia
Uniquema (Imperial Chemical Industries)
    (Effective January 2001)
Unitarian Universalist Association
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee
United Airlines, Chicago, Illinois
    (Benefits start in May 2000. Employees need to submit a notarized affidavit of a
    domestic partner relationship, proof of joint residence and financial interdependence - e.g.,
    a mortgage or lease agreement or checking account. Benefits vary circumstantially. For those
    who cannot legally marry and are not related by blood or law, benefits include: medical,
    dental, COBRA benefits, dependent life insurance, pension survivor benefits, bereavement
    leave, and travel benefits (pass and emergency travel). For employees who work in San
    Francisco, who have a domestic partner whom they can legally marry, benefits include: travel,
    paid bereavement and family medical leave. To employees outside San Francisco with domestic
    partners who can legally marry, benefits include travel and bereavement leave.)
    [United has been legally fighting the San Francisco ordinance requiring all who do business
    there to offer domestic partner benefits. A court judgement required them to offer some
    benefits. They are waiting on the outcome of the appeal of the case and may withdraw some
United Church Board for Homeland Ministries
  (United Church of Christ)
United Way of America
Universal Studios, Inc., California
University of Pennsylvania Health Systems
University Students Cooperative Association, Berkeley, California
UNUM Corp., Maine
Urban Institute
US Airways
    (Implemented August 6, 1999)
US BanCorp (U.S. Bank), Minneapolis, Minnesota
    (Medical, dental, life insurance; offered to both same-and opposite-sex couples, but only
    cover same-sex in some states; implemented January 1, 2000)
    [Notarized affidavit requires couple to be in a “marriage like” relationship for
    six months, share financial responsibilities, intend for the relationship to continue
    indefinitely - not required of legally married couples]
US West, Denver, Colorado
    (Same-sex only; medical)
USA Networks
USWeb/CKS, Santa Clara, California
    (Medical, dental, vision; for both same-and opposite-sex partners)
    [Eligible employees are required to cohabit, be in “an emotionally committed and
    affectionate relationship that is meant to be of lasting duration,” and to have
    “cohabited with the Eligible Employee in such a relationship for at least six months
    prior to enrollment in the Program” and “is anticipated (that they) will continue
    to cohabit with the Eligible Employee in such a relationship indefinitely.” - not
    required of legally married couples]
Utah Power and Light [owned by Pacific Corp.]
    (Same-sex only; medical)
Veritas Software Corp., Mountain View, California
    (Medical, dental, vision)
Verizon (Merger of Bell Atlantic and GTE)
    (For same-sex only; effective January 1, 2001)
    [Bell Atlantic, New York, New York, had offered benefits; GTE had not offered any domestic
    partner benefits]
Vermont Girl Scouts Council, Vermont
Viacom International, New York, New York
    [MTV, ShowTime Nickelodeon, Paramount]
Village of Oak Park, Illinois
Village Voice Newspaper, New York, New York (1982)
    [The first private business to offer benefits]
Vinson & Elkins, LLP, Houston, Texas
Visa International
Visa USA
    (Medical, dental, vision)
Vision Services Plan
Visteon Corporation, Dearborn, Michigan
    (Medical, dental, Vision, life insurance, sick/bereavement leave, prescriptions, legal plan,
    long-term care; same-sex only)
    [Requirements: 18+, must share continuous, committed relationship for at least six months;
    jointly share responsibility for welfare and financial obligations; cohabit, must not related
    by blood; must reside in state where same-sex marriage is illegal, not married to a third
Vivendi Universal
Vulcan Ventures, San Francisco, California
    (Owns TechTV (Formerly ZDTV))
Wachovia Corp., North Carolina (2001)
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz, New York, New York
Wainwright Bank and Trust, Boston, Massachusetts
    [Benefits instituted in 1994. The bank convinced the Massachusetts Bankers Association health
    insurance group to offer benefits to its 160 member banks.]
Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Walker, Richie, Quinn
Warner Brothers [Time Warner, Inc.], Burbank, California
Washington Post, Washington, District of Columbia
    (Medical, dental, prescription drugs; same-sex only; implemented January 1999)
Wells Fargo & Company, San Francisco, California
WGBH Public television, Boston, Massachusetts
    (Same-sex only; effective 1993)
Whirlpool, Benton Harbor, Michigan (June 2005)
White and Case, New York, New York
Whitman-Walker Clinic, District of Columbia
Whole Foods Market/Fresh Fields, Austin, Texas
    [Bread & Circus, Wellspring Grocery, Unicorn, Texas Health]
    (Medical, dental, vision, life insurance; both same-and opposite-sex couples; implemented
    circa 1997)
    [Required to cohabit for a year - not required of legally married couples]
Wild Oats
Wilder Foundation, St. Paul, Minnesota
Wiley, Rein & Fielding, District of Columbia
William Morris Agency
Woodward & Lothrop, Inc., Virginia
    (Bereavement and/or family illness leave)
Worcester Telegram
Working Assets Funding Service, San Francisco, California
WQED Radio, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Writers Guild of America West
Wyatt Company
Xerox, Stamford, Connecticut
    (Offers up to $1,000/year for health insurance)
Xerox Federal Credit Union
Yale-New Haven Hospital, Connecticut
    (Were required to prove cohabitation for past six months, not a requirement of legal
    marriage. Now required to register in a Civil Union.)
Ziff Communications, New York, New York
Ziff-Davis Publications, New York, New York
    (Both same-and opposite-sex couples; effective 2001)

Canadian Private Employers
It has been reported that about a third of Canada’s large employers provide medical coverage to workers’ same-sex partners. Unlike the U.S. Internal Revenue Service, Revenue Canada treats same-sex couples the same as married opposite-sex couples by not taxing them on employer-paid spousal medical benefits.

The Canadian Supreme Court ruled that all federally regulated employers providing benefits to common law spouses must do likewise for same-sex couples. Also, in a ruling from an appeals court, privately administered pension funds may benefit same-sex partners without suffering tax penalties.

3M Canada, London, Ont.
A & W Food Services of Canada
A.K.A. Gallery Inc. Saskatoon, Sask.
Accuride Canada
Air Canada, Toronto, Ont.
Air Ontario
Air Transat
Alberta Health Care Association
Alcan Smelters & Chemicals Ltd.
Alfred D’Allaire
American Express Canada Inc., Markham, Ont.
Andersen Consulting, Canada
Art Gallery of Ontario
Atlantic Lottery Corporation, Moncton, N.B.
Bank of Montréal, Montréal, P.Q.
Bank of Nova Scotia; ScotiaBank, Ont., Toronto, Ont.
Bell Canada, Ottawa, Ont.
Bell-Northern Research Ltd. [Northern Telecom], Ottawa, Ont.
Boeing of Canada
Bristol Aerospace
British Columbia Telecom
Brock University, St. Catharines, Ont.
Budd Automotive Company
Cablevision Videotron Limitée
CAMI Automotive Inc.
Canada Post Corporation, Toronto, Ont.
Canadian Airlines
Canadian Broadcasting Corp. (CBC), Toronto, Ont.
Canadian Council for International Co-operation
Canadian Crossroads International
Canadian Hearing Society
Canadian Offshore Financial Services SA, Edmonton, Alta.
Canadian Press/Boadcast News [wire service]
Canadian University Students Overseas
Casino Windsor, Ont.
Catholic Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton-Wentworth, Ont.
Catholic Social Services, Edmonton, Sask.
Central Committee of the Canadian Federation of Students
Centretown Community Health Clinic, Ottawa, Ont.
Children’s Aid Society, London, Ont.
Children’s Aid Society, Thunder Bay, Ont.
Chrysler Canada
    (Chrysler resisted offering benefits in Canada until it lost an arbitration case in 1997.)
Cineplex Odeon Corporation
Coldstream Products Corporation
Collins & Aikman
Co-operative Housing Federation of Canada
Co-operative Housing Federation of Toronto
Community Health Services, Saskatoon, Sask.
Desjardins-Laurentian Financial Group
Dilex Corporation
Dow Chemicals
Dufferin Child and Family Services
Elizabeth Fry Society, Ottawa, Ont.
Falconbridge Mine
Family Service Association of Metropolitan Toronto, Toronto, Ont.
First Air
    (Effective in 1999)
Ford GLOBE, Markham, Ont.
Form Rite Limited
Fort Nelson Women’s Resource Centre, B.C.
GE Canada
    (Implemented in 1993)
General Motors of Canada, Toronto, Ont.
Globe and Mail
Green Shield
Guelph-Wellington Family and Children’s Services, Ont.
Hamilton Spectator
Harbourfront Centre
Health Labour Relations Association, B.C.
Honda of Canada
Honeywell Limited
Hotel Beausejour (CP)
Hudson’s Bay Company, Montréal, P.Q.
IBM Canada, Toronto, Ont.
Imperial Oil Limited, Toronto, Int.
    (Medical, dental, survivor benefits; same-sex only)
    [After an eight year struggle, engineer Dave Mitges gained benefits for himself and other
    same-sex couples. The Ontario Human Rights Commission mediated a confidential settlement on
    April 7, 2000, aided by the new provincial law requiring benefits for same-sex couples.]
Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC)
    (Same-sex domestic partners and dependent children)
    [couples must be together two years before making an auto claim]
John Howard Society of North Island
  (Campbell River, BC)
Langara Students Union
Law Society of Upper Canada
Lear Seating, Oakville, Ont.
Legal Services of British Columbia
Levi Strauss Canada
London Drugs, Vancouver, B.C.
London Health Sciences Centre, London, Ont.
London Life Insurance, London, Ont.
London Webmasters, London, Ont.
Lotus Corporation
Lucent Technologies, Canada
    [Legal definition of spouse by insurance carrier includes same-sex domestic partners; some
    benefits, such as survivor’s pension rights, are excluded because of Canadian Federal
    law, which was likely to change with legislation during 2000]
Maclean’s Magazine
MacMillan Bloedel Limited
Metropolitan Toronto Children’s Aid Society, Ont.
Metropolitan Toronto Police, Ont.
Molson Brewery
Montreal Bank
Nelvana Ltd.
Nestle Enterprises Ltd.
New Brunswick Power, Fredericton, N.B.
Newbridge Networks, Kanata, Ont. 
North American Life Assurance
Northern Telecom, Toronto, Ont.
Ontario Hospital Association
Ontario Northland Railway
Ontario Public Interest Research Group
Oracle Corporation Canada Inc., Toronto, Ont.
Ottawa Citizen, Ont.
Ottawa-Carleton Police Service, Ont.
Pacific Legal Education Association
Parkwood Hospital, London, Ont.
Peel Finishing
Petro Canada
Princess Auto Limited
Pollution Probe Foundation
Public Service Alliance of Canada, Ottawa, Ont.
Purolator Courier
Riverdale Hospital, Toronto, Ont.
Robbie Sane Architects Inc., Toronto, Ont.
Royal Bank Financial Group
Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, Ont.
Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto, Ont.
Saint James Hotel
Saint Stephen’s House, Toronto, Ont.
    (All benefits except pensions)
Shell Canada, Toronto, Ont.
SHL Systemhouse, Ottawa, Ont.
Siemens Electric Limited
Southam Publishing
Spar Aerospace
Starbucks Coffee, Ltd., Toronto, Ont.
Stentor Resource Centre
Students’ Union of Ryerson Polytechnical Institute, Toronto, Ont.
Telecable Videotron, St. Hubert & Levis, P.Q.
Toromont Industries
Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto, Ont.
Toronto Hospital Postgraduates, Ont.
Toronto Life Magazine/Key Publishers, Ont.
Toronto Stock Exchange, Toronto, Ont.
Toronto Sun, Ont.
Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, Ont.
United Church of Canada
United Way of the Lower Mainland
Vancouver Mental Patients Association Society, B.C.
VIA Rail
Victoria Hospital, London, Ont.
Warner Brothers
Wellesley Hospital
Windsor Star, Ont.
York County Hospital, Toronto, Ont.
York Federation of Students
Young Men’s Christian Association, Toronto, Ont.
Young Women’s Christian Assoc., Toronto, Ont.
Youth Services Bureau of Ottawa, Ont.

Other Countries’ Private Employers
Air New Zealand
    Introduced “registered nominees” in 1991. Employees can have anyone they want
    - without fear of recrimination - fully accessing their staff travel benefits. They
    can change that nominee to someone else every 12 months.
    (All full-time workers regardless of orientation or employer’s business)
    Quantas (2006)
    Quantas had refused to update a staff member’s marital
    status on his employee records because his legal Canadian marriage
    was not between opposite-sex partners. The airline relented, on
    May 26, 2006, after reading an email from former Chief Justice of
    the Family Court, Alastair Nicholson, endorsing the validity of
    man’s legal marriage. Wrote Nicholson to the employee:
    “There is nothing to stop a private employer permitting
    your husband to be described as your spouse on its
    documentation and I can see no legal impediment to it doing so.
    Indeed it would, in my view, be an appropriate step for it to take.”
Great Britain
    South West Trains extends spousal travel benefits to same-sex partners. Announced in
    Oct., 1999. (It is expected all the rest of the railway companies will follow suit)
    The House of Lords, on October 28, 1999, ruled that same-sex partners are to be considered a
    family, for the purposes of the Rent Act laws. This allows a partner to claim residency in
    the event of the official renter’s death.
International Monetary Fund
    The IMF is also an international organization, comprised of 183 member countries, that was
    founded to foster economic growth and high levels of employment.
    (Similar benefits package to the World Bank; approved January 2002)
    El Al Airlines
The Netherlands
    VNU, Inc., a multinational company
    (Same-and opposite-sex couples; effective 2001; acquired Miller-Freeman, San Francisco,
World Bank
    International institution comprised of 182 countries that loans money to developing countries
    (Insurance, mobility/expatriate benefits, reassignment and pre-assignment benefits on change
    of duty station, survivor benefits, home-leave; same-and opposite-sex couples; sworn
    affidavit required; approved February 7, 2002; effective March 1, 2002)
    [had offered limited benefits to same-sex partners since 1998]

Benefits Offered, Then Denied

Boston Medical Center, Boston, Massachusetts
    [No longer offers benefits in Massachusetts because legal marriage is offered in that state]
Mitretek Systems, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia - changed name to Noblis in 2007
    Correspondence with an employee states that HR indicated that they never offered benefits.
Mobil Corporation
    [After merging with Exxon, Exxon Mobil Corp. announced on Dec. 4, 1999, that it will end new
    enrollment for same-sex spousal benefits previously enjoyed at Mobil]
Perot Systems, Dallas, Texas [1996-1998 R.I.P.]
    [Once Ross Perot finished running for U.S. president, he returned to the business of
    demoralizing his own workers.]
Salvation Army Western Corporation
    (Includes 13 states)
    [The Army announced, on Nov. 2, 2001, that it would extended benefits - which could take
    up to two years to be enacted - to any one adult in an employee’s household; that
    could be a domestic partner, spouse, roommate, or another family member. “This decision
    reflects our concern for the health of our employees and those closest to them, and is made
    on the basis of strong ethical and moral reasoning that reflects the dramatic changes in
    family structure in recent years,” said Col. Philip Needham, chief secretary for the
    Salvation Army’s Western Corporation.
    Ten days after the announcement to offer benefits, Salvation Army leaders distributed a
    written statement, on Nov. 12, that stated none of its United States divisions would be
    allowed to grant domestic partner benefits.
    It has been widely assumed that the new policy, which reverses their previous, anti-domestic
    partner posture, is a result of San Francisco’s requirement that companies that do
    businesses with the city offer domestic partner benefits. The Army had given up $3.5 million
    in city money that was used for drug rehabilitation services, a senior meal program, and a
    homeless shelter. The programs didn’t close, but were pared back. The Army has contracts
    in other cities with domestic partners laws and will likely face a cutoff of money if it
    doesn’t changed its policy.]
System Resources Corporation (SRC), Burlington, Massachusetts
    (Titan Industries, San Diego, California)
    [December 1997, removed medical and dental benefits them for “lack of interest” and
    alleged cost]

Benefits Denied, Then Re-Gained
    [Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine refused to give regulatory approval for
    insurance policies that included benefits for unmarried partners. Only companies large enough
    to at least partially self-insure, or were headquartered outside Georgia and thereby fell
    outside Oxendine’s authority were able to offer benefits.The city of Atlanta sued
    Oxendine for refusing to approve benefits for city employees (After their first domestic
    partnership benefits ordinance was declared unconstitutional, and their second one was
    approved). On September 22, 1999, the court ordered Oxendine to lift his statewide
    prohibition against insurance companies issuing policies covering domestic
Additions and corrections are welcome. Please tell us:
• Company Name
• Employer’s Home City
• Specific Benefits (I.e., medical, dental, life, sick/bereavement leave)
• Same-sex Only, or Both Same-and Opposite-sex Couples
• Affidavit Required?
• Affidavit Restrictions (I.e., couple must cohabit X months before eligible)
• Effective Date
• Verifying Web or News Article

For a vast survey, please see our:
Legal Marriage Report: Global Status of Legal Marriage

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Governments that offer Full Legal Marriage

Netherlands (2001)
Belgium (2003)
Canada (2005)
Spain (2005)
South Africa (2005)
Norway (2009)
Sweden (2009)
Iceland (2010)
Argentina (2010)
Portugal (2010)
Denmark (2012)
France (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
Brazil (2013)
Uruguay (2013)
New Zealand (2013)
United Kingdom
(England, Wales, Scotland) (2013)
Luxembourg (2014)
Finland (2014)
Ireland (2015)
United States (2015)
Colombia (2016)
Germany (2017)
Taiwan (2017)
Malta (2017)
Australia (2017)
US States & Territories
U.S. Supreme Court, June 26, 2015 Ruling: All U.S. States must allow same-sex couples legal marriage.

Massachusetts (2004)
California (2008)
Connecticut (2008)
Iowa (2009)
Vermont (2009)
New Hampshire (2009)
District of Columbia (2009)
New York (2011)
Maine (2012)
Washington (2012)
Maryland (2013)
Rhode Island (2013)
Delaware (2013)
Minnesota (2013)
Illinois (2013)
Utah (2013)
New Jersey (2013)

Hawaii (2013)
New Mexico (2013)
Michigan (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Oregon (2014)
Wisconsin (2014) Arkansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Pennsylvania (2014)
Indiana (2014)
Nevada (2014)
Virginia (2014)
Oklahoma (2014)
Idaho (2014)
West Virginia (2014)
Alaska (2014)
Arizona (2014)
Wyoming (2014)
Kansas (2014) - stayed pending legal challenge
Florida (2014)
Colorado (2014)
North Carolina (2014)
South Carolina (2014)
Montana (2014)
Alabama (2015)
Native American Tribes

Coquille Tribe, Oregon (2009)
Mashantucket Pequot, Connecticut (2011)
Suquamish Tribe, Washington (2011)
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Reservation, Washington (2013)
Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, Minnesota (2013)
Little Traverse Bay Bands of Odawa Indians, Michigan (2013)
Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians, Michigan (2013)
Santa Ysabel Tribe, California (2013)
Confederated Tribes of the Colville Nation, Washington (2013)
Cheyenne, Oklahoma (2013)
Arapaho, Oklahoma (2013)
Leech Lake Tribal Court, Minnesota (2013)
Puyallup Tribe, Washington (2914)
Wind River Indian Reservation, Wyoming (2014)
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community, Michigan (2014)
Colville Confederated Tribes, Washington (2014)
Central Council of Tlingit, Alaska (2015)
Haida Indian Tribes, Alaska (2015)

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