Tall Timber Tales
Tall Timber All Camp Mug Shots
by Demian
March 31, 2006
Here are some of the group shots that were made at Tall Timber Summer Camp, Mohegan Lake, N.Y. by a commercial photographer. “Uncle” Mel Coburn, assisted by his wife, Sylvia, ran the camp from 1961-73.

1961 ————

Camp Tall Timber 1961
Photo courtesy Allen Coburn

1962 ————

Camp Tall Timber 1962
Photo courtesy Allen Coburn

Anyone have the group shot for 1963?

1964 ————

Camp Tall Timber 1964
Photo courtesy Allen Coburn

1965 ————

Camp Tall Timber 1965
Photo courtesy Allen Coburn

If you have a mug shot photo for other years, please either send it for me to scan and return to you - or - provide a scan that is captured at 300 dpi (highest resolution).

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