Tall Timber Tales
Photos from Robin Melasky Sloma
Shots from the 60s
June 16, 2009
Robin Sloma was at Tall Timber from 1965-1969. Her parents were Marty and Evelyn Melasky, and her brother’s name is Michael.

Robin’s favorite activities were playing paddle ball, dancing in the pink house to the juke box, peeking into the casino on Saturday nights when there was “racy entertainment” for the adults (i.e. strippers, x-rated movies), Saturday horseback riding, Wednesday night bowling, Color War at the end of the summer, Friday night camp services, and being with all the wonderful friends she made.

Here are some images Robin saved from 1965, 1967 and 1968. Robin shot them, unless she was in them.


Lounge Chair Lizards
Barbara Agatstein, Julie Rosenfeld, Roberta Agatstein, ___? Rosenthal, ___ ___?, Andrea Ellberger, Nancy Solomon
May 30, 1965

Pool Life Guard
Gordon Richard Beck
August 14, 1965

Two by the Pool
Sharon Oxman, Marla Ritterman
August 14, 1965

Heads Up
Gail ___?
___ ___?
Elana Nejman
August 25, 1965
(Robin recalls that Elana was Israeli and lived on the “Riveria”
side of Tall Timber, and that Gail’s parents owned D&M bungalows)
(Jeff Gilbert recalls that it was Gail’s grandparents,
Mike and Nellie, who owned D&M Cozy Spot.)

Raking Sand
Paul Leibowitz, the lifeguard from the Tall Timber side of Mohegan Lake
August 25, 1965

Two on a Bench
June Stockfield, Marshall “Mousey” Adelson
August 30, 1965

The “in” Crowd
Joey Taft, Allen Coburn, Susan Ellberger
Steve Radwin, Steve Appel, Henry Agatstein, Phil Glotzer, Barry Wexler, Carol Kornbluth, Muriel Baras, Shirley Asch
August 30, 1965

In front of the Casino
Mike Asch
Steve Appel, Allen Coburn, Paul Thaler, Steve Radwin
Shirley Asch, Barry Wexler, Carol Kornbluth, Susan Ellberger
Phil Glotzer
August 30, 1965

Three-and-a-half on a Bench
Michael Schlesinger, Susan Ellberger, Steve Appel, Phil Glotzer
August 30, 1965

Moving Day
Henry Agatstein, Robin Melasky
August 30, 1965

Car Hood Warming
Richie Waltzer, June Stockfield, Jackie Zemmerin
August 30, 1965

Before Retouching
In case you wondered what old images look like before Demian’s retouching.


Carnival Day
Phil Glotzer, Lance Sorel
August 2, 1967

Gang of Three
Phil Glotzer, Sandy Malkin, Marty Wohl
September 2, 1967

Camp Group: “The Cool Cats”
Ilene Durst, Ellen Malkin, ___ ___?, Ellen Lefkowitz
Beth Rizotti, Heidi Glotzer, Marge Gevirtz
September 2, 1967

Gang of Four
Andrea Ellberger, Steve Radwin, Susan Ellberger, Sharon Oxman
Might the book be “The Dirty Dozen?”
September 3, 1967

Gang of Four Guys
Marty Wohl, Phil Glotzer, Sam Litt, Lance Sorel
September 3, 1967

Gang of Eight Gals
Andrea Ellberger, Jackie Zemmerin, Susan Ellberger, Roberta Agatstein, Sharon Oxman
June Stockfield, Robin Melasky, Nancy Solomon
September 3, 1967

Pool Buds
Roberta Agatstein, Jackie Zemmering, June Stockfield
Marty Wohl
Nancy Solomon, Sam Litt
September 3, 1967

Field Trip
Mark Malowitz, Norm Coburn, Mike Melasky
cir. 1967

Seven Team Mates
Back Row: ___ ___?, ___ ___?, ___ ___?, ___ ___?, ___ ___?
Front: ___ ___?, ___ ___?
cir. 1967

Chorus Line
Robin Melasky, Jackie Zemmering, June Stockfield
cir. 1967

Cool Cats at Carnival
Back Row: ___ ___?, ___ ___?, Ellen Malkin, ___ ___?, ___ ___?
Front: ___ ___?, ___ ___?, ___ ___?, Beth Rizzoti, ___ ___?
Heidi Glotzer
August 2, 1967


Mug Shot
June Stockfield
cir. 1968

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