Tall Timber Tales
The Time of Our Lives
by Debbie Levy
January 5, 2011

My brother Joel (who is three years older than me), and I went to camp Tall timbers from 1971-1973. Joel thinks it was 1970-1973. We had just come from a camp we didn’t like called Lake View Day Camp.

I remember quite a bit about Till Timber Day Camp because “Uncle Mel” and “Aunt Sylvia” were the most extraordinary people I have come to know. We had the time of our lives there. There would never be another camp like theirs.

I loved Aunt Sylvia as she used to keep an eye on me, as I was one of those kids who didn’t like to stay with her group! I always hung out with Aunt Sylvia while she did her crafts. I can’t remember if she was into knitting and crocheting.

I remember Norman, who I think was the only remaining son still at camp when Uncle Mel and Aunt Sylvia retired from Tall Timbers.

I remember all the campfires and the Friday Shabbat service where everyone wore their “dress-up” attire. I also remember the Pink House that was behind the pool. We also used to have the sing-a-longs by the tree near the pool entrance.

We still talk about Uncle Mel and Aunt Sylvia, and I still try to sing some of the songs. One of the songs had a dirty version that the boys sang called “Tall Timbers Raiders.” Does anyone remember the words?

I also remember Molly and Joe Marder and their grandson Bruce who used to visit. The other families that lived in the bungalow Colony that I remember were the Morotta kids (Jamie, Sal, Jody, and an older sister), the Nathanson kids (Tina and her brother, Nagel), Patty and Steve (who lived across the street).

I also remember a girl named Robin, who was my counselor and lived in the bungalow right across from the pool with her younger sister. Robin’s father passed one summer while I was a camper. My other counselor (I think) was Marge and her brother (I think) was Neil. Then there was a Jill and Mitch Green, I don’t know if they lived on the grounds.

Jay Schenfeld eventualy bought the Tall Timbers site, which went bankrupt in the 80s after trying to turn some of the old bungalows into a year-round residence. He had problems with squatters, among other things. I don’t remember the whole story.

The last time I was in the casino, was in 1980, and I was almost 17. Right by the snack bar counter, on the wall, were the Camp pictures from 1970s. I remove my group and Joel’s group pictures, as well as the whole camp picture.

Now knowing it was going to be the end of the entire Tall Timbers site, in order to preserve them, I wish I had removed all the other photos as well. As soon as I locate my box of pictures, I will forward them, so they can be posted to this Web site.

I would love to go to the next Tall Timber reunion, and share memories with the other campers.

Article © 2011, Debbie Levy

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